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12:01 AM
For company holidays, we get 4-day weekends for Christmas and New Years, and I took the rest of the time off as vacation time
very nice
Plus, I sort of spent the last couple of days at work playing Nethack
The server got 3.6, and I wanted to see if I could be the first person to beat it
Q: What is the point of Toad Houses in MARIO RUN

myhouseI purchase a blue and red toad house in Mario Run. What is the point of purchasing those houses? Does it give you more toads or anything?

@MBraedley I do that all the time. Also the user.
The user is always the problem
12:13 AM
@Wipqozn especially when the user is @Wipqozn
@GodEmperorDune You're mom's the problem
cc @GodEmperorDune @fredley @YourMom on that sick burn
cc @GodEmperorDune on that sick burn'
man that weather
-15 c, feels like -24c
I hope @MBraedley didn't turn into an icicle
@Wipqozn No, but my beard nearly did
@Wipqozn urmom feels like -24c
> The recommended moose viewing distance is 30M. Sound a car horn or use
your remote door alarm to deter moose to regain access into your vehicle. Do
not attempt to push moose away from your vehicle while on foot.
they forgot to mention that you need to apologize profusely to the moose while doing so
it is canada, after all
@GodEmperorDune Well, they didn't mention it because I would think it's assumed that you'd do it.
1 min ago, by GodEmperorDune
it is canada, after all
12:28 AM
@Yuuki fair point; eh for effort
@Yuuki That looks so complicated
But also delicious
so they are going to cheaper ammo that is only $250,000 per round
I recall the republican presidential debates where the candidates complained about the woeful state of our military
we have cannon shells that adjust their aim midflight now
with mini rockets and everything
it won't be long before we have sharks with lasers
12:44 AM
@GodEmperorDune you mean it shoots rockets from the cannon shells? That is awesome!
soon we will weaponize sharknado
@Chippies no they are like course correction jets
cluster bombs are an old thing
@GodEmperorDune but what if it would shoot guided missiles from the cannon shell that flies over a wide range? It's like carpet bombing, but without requiring an aircraft and it's guided
inb4 USA already has that
@Chippies so dropping missiles from drones? we already do that, but the drone is retrievable
@Frank Reading Closer to the Heart and I forgot how much her writing Mags' accent kinda makes me crazy. :/
12:53 AM
@Ash Figuring out his words was frustrating, sometimes.
@Frank Indeed. I mean it's still decent, I just think it'd be better if she didn't do the accent.
Q: What are the accents of the main characters in the english dub of Xenoblade Chronicles?

user1821961Please keep it spoiler free, I can't tell if it's British or Australian but somehow there's a goofy charm to it all.

Q: How can I get a list of all DLCs I own in a list on Steam?

SkallosI don't want to look through every game I own (200+ games). Is there a way to pull up a list that shows every owned DLC?

1:15 AM
Q: How do I find out if a player is walking into an armor stand-Minecraft

NinjaPixelsI was wondering if someone could help me with my problem. What I am having is that I want to make some way if a player walks into an armor stand structure then they will /TP to a certain location. I know this has been done is several instances e.g. , http://www.the...

1:45 AM
Q: Why does this keep saying "Did not match required data structure"

MunchWhy is this not working? /testfor @p {SelectedItem:{id:minecraft:prismarine_crystals,tag:{display:{Name:Plague,Lore:[What Have, You Done,, You Herbalist You]}}}} I am holding the exact thing

1:56 AM
Q: Where do I get HM01 Cut?

LouisI have been back to the Parfum Palace to look, but I can't find it. Where do I get HM01 Cut?

2:12 AM
Q: How do I use the other elevators?

VemonusI noticed a red elevator symbol in Wanoki (floor 2) and a dark green elevator symbol in Uge (floor 15), but I can't use the elevator on either of these floors. What do they do? They aren't part of the main elevator that is attached to the lobby.

2:51 AM
Q: Ditto has 0 power in transform move

AkashI happened to catch a ditto, but I was a level 7 when I caught it. The transform stat is 0 in mine, is this normal? and will it remain 0 always, no matter the number of times I power it up? And ita cp is just 52, so if I use it in a gym battle, wont it faint before it even gets a chance to tran...

Q: Can you sell any of the new import/export special vehicles? Such as the ramp buggie

Holly SinkI bought the ramp buggy thinking it would be amazing but after about 10 cars go over it it starts smoking. Is there any way to sell it? I looked it up and someone said that you can't own more than one because it will trade the first one in but now I have 2... HELP!

3:03 AM
Q: Optimal strategy for winning Rallies

hairboatAs far as I can tell, Rallies are "scored" in some combination of these three aspects: "Fanciness" (how much you jump and twirl and impress the audience) Coins collected Speed? Being ahead at the mid-level flag or at the end of the countdown seems to help Some of those factors come at the e...

3:39 AM
Norbert is totally ready for Christmas shenanigans.
4:41 AM
Q: Is there a way to tell which chests are mimics?

VemonusI've seen videos of players getting eaten alive by mimics and I'm trying to avoid that as much as possible, since I die enough as it is. Is there a way to differentiate which chests are mimics before I risk my life trying to open it? I know I can attack the chests, but I've heard that this could...

5:32 AM
@Ash norbert looks like he is plotting something
@GodEmperorDune He is - he really wanted to get that jingle bell.
Q: What does the Longsword's rage attack do?

VemonusNormally rage attacks (triangle button + either R2 or L2) will make you perform a very strong attack at the expense of your rage gauge. However, when using the Longsword, it appears that I enter a countering stance, but I've never countered an attack while doing it, nor have I ever dealt damage w...

3 hours later…
8:22 AM
Q: Enchanting symbols, oblivion

FennekinWhat do the the symbols mean? I know that the lightning is charge but there are 2 values one of which is in parentheses. the other one is candle. I don't know what it means.

1 hour later…
9:31 AM
Eff that, I will not be playing chapter 2
The end of the game is so buggy
and the devs make poor design choices to stretch the game out
so grindy
so annoying
Q: Far Cry 3 Screen Covered with HTML

Bravetheif I have rebooted my PC and restarted my game several times and the problem persists. I am running Windows 10

Q: How to get new textures without sacryficing the vanilla ones?

technikfeSo I saw this command block thing where it added bunch new blocks mechanics etc. I wonder, is it possible to add new textures without getting rid of the vanilla ones? Thank you <3

9:47 AM
Society of Creative Anachronism

Proposed Q&A site for the general public who wish to learn about the SCA and medieval history, SCA members who want to ask about the Society itself and specific SCA topics, and anyone interested in the medieval world.

Currently in definition.

2 hours later…
11:24 AM
Q: Global Challenge Ridiculousness

TeresaFor most recent challenge "Long Run", I completed challenge with goal of 10,000m, then by evening, winning goal became 14,000m. I completed goal AGAIN at 14,000m, woke up this morning and new crown winning goal is 16,000. What kind of ridiculousness is this??

11:52 AM
Q: How to choose and equip armor in Suikoden

SamWhat's the best way to choose and equip armor in Suikoden, and how do I know if a character can wear a specific armor? I just bought a karate Uniform for Tai Ho in Kouan. His name was green in the store when I bought it, but for some reason, I can't equip it. The same happened with Leather Armor...

12:14 PM
Q: I sold the best fishing gear rod and all can i get it back

Cody WilsonI didnt mean to sell the fishing gear ive tryed to get it back at the shop i sold it at but its not there can anyone help me out i dont really wanna start a new game just yet

12:25 PM
Q: How do I reach the car park platform (Pennsylvania Plaza)?

user598527A toolbox I have to open is located on the upper platform (see purple icon on map, the game did show the exact location). I can't climb on top of cars or approach from the sides and I don't know if I can reach the apartment's roof on behind. Location on the map:

12:37 PM
Q: Quantum Game Pad is not working

CheckI bought a new Game Pad Quantum QHM7468-2VA. I have donwloaded Airbone 8 Free App but I am not able to get the control with Game pad. Drivers are also displayed as working properly. Can anyone suggest?

1:04 PM
Q: Minecraft - How to duplicate things on laptop?

Riana4How can I duplicate things/fireworks/heads in minecraft 1.11 on laptop

Q: Why can't I save or exit game in multiplayer mode on terraria Wii U edition?

TheLittleCoderI was playing terraria on the Wii U and with my friend and when I wanted to exit both character's settings had the 2 buttons unusable. I am still in the game because I want to save it so any help will be appreciated as soon as possible!

1:16 PM
Q: How do I get the 2nd key in the level 5?

Jakub SimacekI think I will be a word puzzle on the place just before the second chest but cannot sort it out. Thanks for any help.

1:45 PM
Q: Terraria HelpPlease!

Scampy CatFirstly,i need help on what to do next.On my current stage,im at the Crimson stage,(eg Crim tools and special heart crim wep).I also have the Corruption armor,Starfury,Minishark,Boomstick and also next to NADA!!!! dung weps.I also need help with another thing.Do you need a Reinforced Fishing Pole...

2:18 PM
Q: Build forests with builders

WillI once was able to build forests with builders in game but forgot how. I suppose there's a certain tech that enabled me to do that or not. Any ideas?

2:29 PM
Q: Skins not showing in game in Minecraft 1.11

MangleBabyI've tried all kinds of things to fix my skin problem but none of them show up no matter what I try. I'm using the newest update which is 1.11 so my skins should show up. Do I have to have a certain skin that is up to date with my game?

2:48 PM
@GodEmperorDune wow, I can't believe you were still playing
3:05 PM
Q: Can I see which Games With Gold games for Xbox One I've acquired, without an Xbox One?

calum_bI don't have an Xbox One, but I do have an Xbox 360 and an Xbox Live Gold account. Every month since it began, I've been collecting the Games with Gold for both platforms on the off-chance that I eventually upgrade to an Xbox One. But so far, of course, I've never downloaded any of the XB1-only ...

Q: Can I Steam's Controller Configurations section for a controller that isn't from Steam?

user400424The Big Picture on Steam has an option to configure controllers. I want to know if I can use it to configure a non-Steam controller?

3:19 PM
Q: Can you give an item a specific slot and set an attribute to it?

William JelgrenI have tried to give an item a specific slot in my inventory but I can't set an attribute to it! How do I do that?

Quiet morning for chat
3:37 PM
aaaa the new su ep is amazing
Q: Do I need to get bad endings in Radiant Historia to get the best ending?

BlackVegetableI'm replaying Radiant Historia but am trying to avoid getting any "bad" endings along the way. I have previously gotten the "best" ending by completing every possible bad ending as well as side-quest. Do you need to get every node completed, including bad endings to get the best ending? Addition...

4:14 PM
@Frank Boom.
Hoping for a quietish day at work today.
4:26 PM
Q: Can I leave my base to look for spadonium?

John DoSo I built the construction terminal and if I understood correctly, the next step is to build a science terminal, for which I require Spadonium. It doesn't exist on any planet in my base's system, and I can't build a beacon since I need the Science Terminal to get the required Voltaic cell. So m...

4:37 PM
Q: Is there a way I can avoid imperial ships?

WondercricketWhenever I am traveling on foot, imperial ships will fly by and drop down troops for me to fight. In a normal situation, this is no big deal and I will fight or flee to continue with my travels. However this will also occur when I am doing a quest that requires me to locate and pick up items. Th...

@GodEmperorDune Entangling Noodles is a godsend. I can actually kinda kill things now.
4:55 PM
@Yuuki This cracks me up
5:09 PM
Q: What are these Negative Lumps for?

AshI seem to get a lot of Negative Lumps while cleaning up my Chakras. I can't use them from my backpack - do they serve any sort of purpose? Or can I just sell them for Meat?

5:25 PM
@Yuuki I mean they need to pass the time somehow
what do dogs even do most of the time
other than panting
Q: How i can host a rust server

PedroI would like to know how can i host a online rust server. I have been researching how i can make that my friends and strangers join on my server without programs like hamachi or evolve, but i only can find tutorials for lan servers. My objective with this is learning, i know i cant host a world W...

6:01 PM
Q: How to get other coloured Toads

George WillcoxAfter getting the basics of Super Mario Run, I've found that my amount of red Toads is rising steadily. However, I do not have any other coloured Toads and these are needed to unlock the other buildings and decorations. How do I get the other coloured Toads, there just seems to not be any?

A mod not on mobile is welcome to text link that for me if they want
See? 2016 isn't so bad!
Free mod abuse
@Sterno 3 cheers!
> Browser
> Bowser
Choose one.
6:25 PM
So apparently Passengers did really poorly among critics.
Which is disappointing because I think Keanu Reeves might have made it work.
But they picked Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence instead.
Q: What sidequests are achieveable during Wicked Eyes, Wicked Hearts if you want the public truce?

Tai M.Basically what the title says - I know there's a Halla statue limit, and I know going in what kind of ending I'd like to achieve, but I'm not sure what sidequests this ending will allow me to do - does anyone out there know?

6:43 PM
@Yuuki They seem to like brussels sprouts a lot more than I do!
@Yuuki what browser does bowser use to browse the bowserweb
is bowser's browser browser's favourite browser, too?
can browser browse the bowserwebs without bowser's approval
Dutch Language

Proposed Q&A site for students, teachers and linguists wanting to discuss the Dutch language. This proposal includes Flemish and Afrikaans.

Currently in definition.

Q: Player icon stuck in the same position on skyrim map

jason crellI was playing Skyrim and I tried to go to a quest but I could not find it because my player icon was stuck in the same position no matter where I go. I already tried to go back to another save but the icon stays the same. I also tried to fast travel some where else it moved to where I fast travel...

@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment kunt browsijr browijs het bowsijrwebben met geen bowsijr approvijtich
@Ash Idk if you know this channel or not, but I think you'd enjoy it even more than I am enjoying it
7:00 PM
I did not! I will have to check it out later :D
7:18 PM
@badp what?
7:43 PM
@KevinvanderVelden lekker
Is that how that works?
Because I don't think that's how that works.
(this is on the humble book bundle page)
Q: What is the maximum level skills can reach? Some skill levels appear to cross 100

Alex martinWhat is the max level skills you can reach in skyrim?

Q: How many miles can I drive before running out of gas?

WondercricketFinal Fantasy 15's map is large and sometimes it takes quite some time to drive from point A to point B, even while Ignis is driving automatically. Sometimes it can take up to 10 minutes (without fast traveling) to get to my destination. If I wanted to make a long drive, how many miles can the R...

7:59 PM
@RedRiderX That sentence feels really broken
@Ash You're right
I guess it is a rule that whenever you hastily correct someone's phrasing you make a mistake yourself.
Oh well the past is in the past
Are you saying my sentence is broken or theirs?
Because looking at it again I don't think I broke any grammar rules.
Not yours, sorry
Ah well then
Sorry, I meant to link my reply to the image, I must have misclicked :P
8:06 PM
Not just pocket kitty, but sleepy pocket kitty.
Awwww <3
> He's instantiating a list, traversing it twice!
His decision problem yields int NAUGHTY || NICE.
Santa Knuth is parsing, top-down.
Q: If I log into a PS3 with another account, will it forget the old user's password?

MudI know somebody with a PS3 and I want to log into my old PSN account but I'm scared it'll log him out and he doesn't know his PSN password.

8:27 PM
Q: Jackal Drifting in Infinite Warfare

DrewThe SetDef A-Jak is pretty fast at turning, so after you get behind them it can be difficult to stay behind them, at least without boosting. When I boost behind them, I release the movement keys and start drifting past the engines. I use this opportunity for a fly-by attack on them, but it'd be e...

8:45 PM
@Ash do you have some mobile game suggestions?
Any genre.
Cc @GodEmperorDune
9:08 PM
@Arperum Hm. Japan Food Chain (food serving time management game), Run, Sackboy, Run (endless runner), PinOut (endless pinball game)
@Arperum best fiends forever is a decent incremental
polytopia is a great (if very simplistic) civ clone
and there was this super difficult terraforming game i played for a while but it chewed through battery like nothing else
"terragenesis" was the name of that one
i think its ios only though
When you accidentally search "Corgi Ship" instead of "Cargo Ship" https://t.co/jgeQA0gcR5
9:25 PM
@Ash I had tried pinout before, downloading the others
Disney Emoji Blitz is a pretty decent match 3 sort of game if that's something you're into
@GodEmperorDune Yes thats another good one
@GodEmperorDune seems to be iOS only indeed
Q: How to earn Crew Credit?

ManoIn The Crew how do you go about acquiring Crew Credit? I have noticed it's another form of payment (instead of cash) which you can use to purchase upgrade or new vehicles, I just don't know how to get them

@Arperum Oh oh can I reccomend some? Layton Brothers Mystery Room was good, Pinball Arcade is a great pinball simulator with a horrible ui, and I'll still always recommend Hungry Cat Picross.
9:38 PM
@RedRiderX I agree with the Layton suggestion.
Q: Board purchasing stadium twice, is it a bug or what does it mean?

MagnilexAfter last season, the board asked me if buying the stadium was a good idea, and I agreed with it. Now, after the season, the board asked me the same question again. I didn't want to mess with the board, so I agreed with them. Now, I have the following two active board requests: Is this a bug...

@RedRiderX That picross is the puzzle game where you earn sardines? I got all achievements in that one
@Arperum Oh nice, that should be the one.
I played tons of it then got a new device and realized they didn't add cloud saves :(
I just couldn't start over at that point.
Well instead of picross I'd recommend Cytus then.
It's the best Guitar Hero type thing on mobile
9:44 PM
@Ronan what kind of thing is Layton?
Even though the song selection is very Japanese.
@Arperum Mystery deduction point and click kind of stuff
@Arperum That game's a sort of puzzle crime novel thing.
It's a lot less puzzly than the main Professor Layton games.
I think the first chapter is free and then you have to buy the rest of them.
10:00 PM
Q: Old online fps, humans vs aliens with base building

ISunI remember playing an old PC game where you had humans playing against aliens in first person (I pretty sure you were playing in first person with both races). As humans you could construct static defense and some contraption where you and your team mates could buy new weapons. On the other side ...

10:25 PM
Wow- a recruiter from amazon inmailed me to invite me to a "Private Hiring Event". I'm %100 going to be denied if I apply, but am considering replying with my resume...
Q: Are there any graphics cards i can use for the Inspiron 15r 5537?

A guestI am Hoping to get a graphics card so that i can play games at higher quality however i can not seem to figure out which graphics card i can use for it.

10:55 PM
@arda if they invited you the chances aren't 100%
It's relocation only- I'm a minor, and it's probably illegal to ask me to relocate. %100.
you'd still be allowed to the event?
11:08 PM
> My name is Ignacio Melchiori, I´m a Recruiter with the Amazon’s International Consumer team. We are holding an "INVITATION ONLY" recruiting event in Istanbul on January 23rd-27th 2017. Upon invitation, we will invite you for a half-day of interview meetings on one of the days. We’re currently seeking experienced Software Development Engineers and Software Development Managers for several new teams across our offices in Berlin (Germany), Madrid (Spain) and Luxembourg City. All successful candidates at this Hiring Event will receive offers to work in one of these locations and Amazon provid
It's not much of an event, it's more like "We're sending a couple of interviewers to istanbul on these dates, we might want to interview you, send us your resume for us to be sure."
I think I may have lost my continuous streak :(
Yep. Rip
Rogue One is all right.
11:31 PM
My name is Ignacio Melchiori, Father of a murdered child, husband of a murdered wife...
@Yuuki All right? That's it? Rogue One was pretty damn good!
So good, we're going to see it again, but this time in IMAX
I am going to see it New Years Day I think
11:48 PM
@MBraedley Discord, because spoilers.

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