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Q: How do you make a colored wool block fall?

ToxicatedI'm trying to make a colored wool block fall, like if you place a green wool down, it will fall and place on the ground, I know how to do all of this, but I don't know how it works with blocks like the colored wool. What I mean by that is the id is 35:1-15, but it doesn't work.

@Wipqozn not sure how that's weird, sure i've never experienced anything bellow -5 C at night but the temperature difference over 2 days isn't all that odd. i had a day which was +30 C then the very next day after it was 12 C
not that i'm complaining since cold weather generally = no bush fires. no bush fires = less paranoia for my stuff when i'm at work
(successfully plugged in USB RFID breakout board, successfullyish obtained reading)
(it's just that apparently b'\r' != '\r')
hooray the difference between bytes and characters and whatnot
12:30 AM
@Ash utensil twist is pretty badass low level
Ok I forget.. what is the protocol when you dont agree with how someone edited your Answer?
also entangling noodles are strong
@James rage on meta and call out @Downvoters
@James rollback, although if it turns into a rollback war, stop and flag it for mods and we will poke sticks
I suppose that is what generally happens but I was more looking for the proper way to explain that the information is misleading because it rarely if ever happens that way :D
12:32 AM
@GodEmperorDune that and start an edit war
oh wait, @ash beat me to it
@James you can always edit your answer after rolling back to explain why $SimilarThingThatItwasEditedTo is not quite accurate
@James ROllback, leave a comment?
Done and Done
Just hope the guy checks the comment since he didnt leave one himself :)
@James nah @Wipqozn doesn't read comments, he just blindly edits
... Ben is Wipqozn?
12:38 AM
not sure, but i can confirm that @Wipqozn is to blame for all of your woes
Nah, if it wasnt for google and Wipqozn's socks I would never find my way back to the bridge.
@James If you ping them, they should see it in their inbox
... So i guess if I am the cause of your woes then Wipqozn is to blame :D
On a completely unrealted topic.. just a few hours until the new star wars movie :D
I have plans to see that with friends eventually :D
@GodEmperorDune Okay, entangling noodles is helpful. Just right now if anything gets the jump on me, it pretty much one-shots me
@Ash what level are you?
12:44 AM
Got an invite from a friend.. he got tickets through work.. Not a huge star wars fan but still.. we shall see :)
@James i'm seeing it on friday
yay for more ass kicking lady leads
Another female lead? Kewl.. I know next to nothing about the movie
I'm likely not seeing it til NYD
Just that its supposed to be a bit more adult targeted than the last one.
because that's the first time my friends and I have aligning schedules
12:46 AM
Yeah we had to cancel all of our group get togethers so far .. We are now aiming end of Jan :/
Between work and the holidays it makes things complicated
Sure does
Q: Need help using a command block to replace another command block while putting in the same /testfor item command

BrolovisI have a command block with a command similar to this below, and it works fine. /testfor @p[r=10] {Inventory:[{id:"minecraft:emerald",Count:1b}]} But when trying to use a command block to replace it with another one I get errors about uneven quotations. The goal here is to trigger a comparator...

@Memor-X Yeah but talking about how weird nova scotia weather is is a nova scotia tradition
@Wipqozn what about talking about how weird urmom is?
@Wipqozn it still seems to suffer from somewhat poor camera control, but other than that it does look good
12:55 AM
sees the snow has stopped, debates walking 20 min to the farther bus
checks phone, it feels like -25C
is totally waiting for the closer, later bus
@Ash feels like more kol
@GodEmperorDune haha yep that's how I am killing time
anyway, one of the early familiars helps with your initiative to get the jump
oops i lied, its a level 6 spell, springy fusilli
1:37 AM
Q: Demonsteel Questline WOW

johnocosAre there any specific requirements as far as what level you are in blacksmithing in order to get the quest " The Art of Demonsteel"? I have went to the Iron Horn Enclave in High Mountain and tried to talk to the blacksmithing trainer, "Muirn Ironhorn"....and he has nothing to say to me about the...

1:54 AM
@fredley I'm not a dick! yay1
Q: Can I lose Toads?

WolfI got a bundle of Toads from the Toad ticket event, and now I can purchase some items for the town, but it's unclear whether I lose these Toads when I purchase the item (with coins). Are Toads just a condition for unlocking those items, or will I lose them upon purchasing the town item?

2:17 AM
neither am i....can't be a dick if you don't exist
There are some embryos suing their mom, so maybe
@Sterno seriously? how do they communicate with their lawyers?
It's some nonsense about some dude has custody of them (somehow) and he really wants her money so this is a thing
Hopefully the judge will throw it out as "wat no this is stupid"
@Unionhawk so it's not the embryos doing the suing but the subject of the case
@Unionhawk IANAL just a watcher of Law and Order but haven't there been cases of mothers being charged for neglect of their embryos because of lifestyle choices...like drinking and smoking
No, they produced them together, and they are frozen
or something
I don't fucking know
2:25 AM
@Unionhawk i think when it involves the same line of questioning as "are abortions murder" then no one does
if Rogue One does not include a scene where 300 Bothans hold a strategic pass while the Death Star plans get away, I will be very disappointed
Home, thawing under all the blankets, have a bowl of cheese grits and a giant mug of tea. Garbage and compost and blue box are at the curb, I am going to stay where it is warm now.
@KutuluMike does the trench to the exhaust port count? i'm betting there's going to be a shot of that
Oh hey, it's MLG Vegas this weekend
with Overwatch and CoD
2:49 AM
Oh cool. My internet went from 85Gbps to... 25Kbps. <_<
Paragon is dank now
I probably wouldn't like it as much now if I hadn't tried League in between
definitely more competitive
Also, limited edition free skin if you play ten MP games between now and the 31st
@GodEmperorDune @arda
Q: My Pixelmon World Wont Spawn Any Pixelmon

VeitchJacobi have the latest 1.10.2 beta 12 Pokemon Minecraft mod and I lets me select a starter Pokemon but then no Pokemon spawn anywhere else in the world. I have already tried to up the Pokemon spawns in the config and nothings working at all. is there another 1.10.2 version of Pokemon I need or is the...

3:11 AM
Q: How do I get past poisonous snails?

VemonusWhen I first encountered the snails that radiated a poison cloud, they weren't too bad, since they were easily avoidable. However, after floor 10, these poisonous snails have been showing up a lot more frequently, usually in very tight quarters, where I'm forced to just man up and run through the...

3:25 AM
@Fluttershy that's terrible.
@Ash Yeah... I dunno wtf is going on. Upload speed is still fine, but download speed is borked.
@Fluttershy someone hit their download limit
@Memor-X I don't have a download limit. :P
@Fluttershy i call bull. there's no ISP that's dumb enough to not limit customers
@Memor-X You can call bull all you want, but we don't have download limits here. <_<
3:30 AM
@Fluttershy and where's that?
Q: Is NOVA 3 and Dead Trigger 2 required an internet connection?

Engkus KusnadiIs that true? Do you have a recommended free and offline FPS games for my iPhone?

@Memor-X SE Missouri.
We've never had download limits here.
@Fluttershy seriously? odd considering that you guys have the better Netflix and the like so would be downloading a whole lot more.
in Australia most of our ISP Deals are either charge for excess usage (ie. go over your 250GB limit and you pay for the extra data) or a Speed Cap (ie. you go over your 250GB limit and your internet slows down to dial-up speed)
@Memor-X We have a number of ISPs that don't cap
(Or they have packages without caps)
@Ash there has to be catches to those non-cap packages otherwise everyone would get them and download the internet
3:39 AM
@Memor-X shrug Well, the speed is a cap, you can only download so much :P
@Ash so the un-capped ones are generally slower are they? probably makes sense then
No, that's not it
4:01 AM
I don't think the US has download limits on regular internet service for the most part
Except maybe rural
4:21 AM
Well... looks like I get to have a tech come out on Sunday to try and fix the issue.
Q: A way to view recent played with?

Lins0rIs there a way to view players i recently played with except the steam overlay? I know there was a year ago in the log files but they fixed it by now. I tried to use the steam webinterface but i won´t show recent players i played in rocket league. It only shows up a list in the steam overlay. Is ...

So... yay for garbage internet until then. :\
lol, roommate wants to go skiing tomorrow, but I don't even have $50 for a lift ticket
4:58 AM
Not really
I'm really just surprised a lift ticket costs that much because holy shit it's not worth that much
You've got 400 vertical feet and 100 acres, get over yourself
@Fluttershy That sucks so hard
I was like "Nope!" and then I looked at the clock and was like "Yep"
@Yuuki I don't know why this makes me laugh so much but it does
5:34 AM
Q: How do I manually trigger a disaster?

ecnepsnaiI want to manually start a disaster in my city to see what happens and test my escape routes, how do I start a disaster on demand rather than just waiting for one to randomly happen?

5:49 AM
Netflix tells me there's new episodes of Fuller House
As in, they made some, and then they decided it was so good they'd better make some more.
@Sterno I watched it. It was not so good
@Frank I somehow am 2 Mercedes Lackey books behind and IO am not sure how that happened. I am trying to rectify that now :P
6:12 AM
ugh so cooold
Hell yeah santa https://t.co/XDwKikp719
Q: Benefits of Toad houses

WolfI have a few red Toads and a Toad is just hanging out in town. I see an option to buy a red Toad house, ostensibly for him. Are there any added benefits of purchasing this or are the colored Toad houses just cosmetic?

While I appreciate the spam moving in a way - can we make sure that it's seen by a mod person? Because we can destroy spammers, and that's kinda a helpful thing.
7:46 AM
apparently super mario run costs 10usd after 3 levels
I'm not an asshole, I'm just alt-nice.
@arda yes
It's a glorified demo
8:02 AM
@arda yep and people are mad.
I mean if it's a decent game I don't see a problem with charging for it.
People need to stop expecting things to be free
Q: With crafting writs, what determens the required materials?

VahxAt first i thought they were set to the type of area you were in, but i noticed in Auridon that the crafting writs switched from maple to oak as required material for woodworking. Is the material type reliant on the character level or the skill level?

Q: Dragon Priest Reno - Ysera or Alexstrasza?

BobbyI'm about to finish my Dragon Priest Reno deck and I'm wondering whether I should craft Ysera or Alextrasza. I find it a solid deck so far, the other legendaries included are Ragna, Sylvanas, Raza, Thaurissan, Nefarian, Curator, Justicar, Brann and Kazakus. The rest is dragons and removals. Any h...

@Ash How was the game presented/advertised? That might have something to do with it.
All the blog posts and articles and such I saw about it mentioned the 9.99 price
@Ash I thought they were mostly about about the always-online thing?
@MadScientist nope, before that hit.
And during, actually.
I mean I don't have an iDevice so I don't know how deep the game is or anything but Id likely pick it up if Android got it
In the meantime, Run Sackboy Run is pretty good
8:14 AM

Proposed Q&A site for anyone interested in or learning about the France.

Currently in definition.

Indian Law

Proposed Q&A site for legal professionals, students, advice seekers and others with experience or interest in Indian law.

Currently in definition.

8:26 AM
@Ash Then people should stop going insane about it.

Proposed Q&A site for all Countries' facts relating to It's new/old maps, description related to flags, national-things, geography, culture, people, tribes, mountains, rivers, landscapes, geopolitics,‌ inhabitants, and the phenomena of Earth (restarting this proposal)

Currently in definition.

@arda One thing that I find kinda weird is that Github has a fake oval office
9:01 AM
@MadScientist I know that's why I won't be playing it
9:14 AM
It's all sorts of insane and fucked up.
Although the Russian police can and will probably come and arrest you if you do.
@Arperum wat
@GodEmperorDune Exactly my reaction.
@KevinvanderVelden You have just been promoted to Bridge informer first class for this event.
@Arperum it starts the 26th of december, I may just dig out a laptop to dedicate to watching that
@KevinvanderVelden I have a free week that week :D
9:29 AM
Same :D
Watch civ V and play civ VI? =p
@KevinvanderVelden Maybe, my girlfriend will be over at my place, but she'll have to study at least some days for her two remaining exams on 2 & 3 january.
The dutch exam system is insane.
Right, that's the second week of januari
As in: this week: lessons as usual, next week: four exams. then a week christmas break and then the other 2.
and then rest of january is second chances if you failed at one or more exams.
Where lessons as usual is generally exam prep lessons
like: spread those exams a bit more? no?
@KevinvanderVelden Belgium has those too, before two weeks christmas break, and then exams spread out over an entire month.
second chances are in august/september.
9:34 AM
Meh, cramming everything into one week at least has the advantage of getting it over with =p
@KevinvanderVelden Seriously stupid if you want to have some bit of time of going over all the stuff you should know.
Hmm, is a valid ip address
It's a korean IP address! Nice
9:51 AM
@Arperum wat
26 mins ago, by Arperum
@GodEmperorDune Exactly my reaction.
How is this legal? Afaik, under international law, your right not to be raped/killed is not something you can sign away
for obvious reasons
Basically what they're saying is "We won't ban you from the program for doing these things", which is legal (and grossly unethical)
Also: "if you get mauled by a bear: please do so in a way that is entertaining to watch."
@Arperum I first read that as "if you get mauled by a pear"
9:54 AM
@KevinvanderVelden cc @badp for "this pear"
I blame @badp for that as well
@KevinvanderVelden What if there now happens to be some half pear 3 incident?
Then I'll blame you for that
Stardew Valley Killed Rome And Now It's Killing America
10:03 AM
@fredley You're a bot.
10:22 AM
@Arperum we're all bots. just super advance ones inside a virtual reality we created after we killed our creators
Sunless Skies pre-production lore dump - failbettergames.com/… cc @RedRiderX
11:20 AM
Q: What is the difference between fighters and bombers?

VitalyAnd also, how to use "invade" modified bombers and fighters?

11:31 AM
Q: What are white numbers at grandmasters icons in char select?

klm123What are these white numbers at grandmaster icons in char select? I belive they should be connected with their place on ladder, but what exactly are they?

12:24 PM
RIP Alola room
@KevinvanderVelden I can unfreeze it if you actually plan to use it
I'm not
I'm just in it for reasons I don't remember
Okay, because that's one dead chat
@fredley Excellent
12:27 PM
That works too.
I would actually possibly even star that if i could.
@Arperum Well if you were a room owner, and it wasn't already unpinned then -wait maybe
wait fuck
Try to pin this message @Arperum
I think it'll yell at you saying it's been unpinned, but I'm not sure
12:36 PM
@Wipqozn Nope. I had to do an extra refresh to get the option though.
@Arperum Yeah that's a thing
but yeha, pinning something results in you giving it a star, even if it's your own message
@Wipqozn I know
Funny side effect is that the only way to remove the star is to manually clear all stars
@Wipqozn Nope. I just removed the star caused by pinning.
But that might be because I was still within the time frame for unstarring?
@Arperum weird
suppposed to say you can't star your own shit
does that for me
12:46 PM
@Wipqozn Ah yea, maybe if I had pinned my own post. I pinned yours.
@Arperum oh right
Was going to work from home, instead, calling in "sick"
Time for overwatch?
Well, I haven't eaten yet, and I'm waiting for an appliance repair guy to show up as well.
And I'm thinking more along the lines of Oculus Touch.
12:59 PM
Also works
@Wipqozn :(
@arda Heh. I claimed @A before you. @Ash was significantly earlier though.
Turkish economy, collapse so you can make 2016 even worse. (usd/try rate is high and is getting higher and higher, also euro is getting higher)
1:16 PM
1:29 PM
@Arperum Didn't remove @Wipqozn as owner? What is the world coming to...
@fredley I didn't have the time :(
The tools required another refresh to appear, and then I had just enough time to hit the "pin this message" thing, and then I was deownered already.
@fredley Yeah his failure to deowner me right from the get go is why I removed his ownership
@Wipqozn like that would have stopped you
Hmm.I can still take one roomownership away from @fredley. But I kinda don't want to bring Bridge nonsense out of Bridge...
Man I'm starting to get really concerned that we might get Trump in the next Canadian election
1:39 PM
@KevinvanderVelden 2016 became 2016 well after the world became the world with me in it
I mean the entire world is in "everything is shit mode", and if some racist asshole is all "I'll make things less shit!" with empty promises then well
aka it's the time for hitlers to rise
I guess what I'm saying is the new dads need to check their bundles or joys for signs of them actually being the antichrist
though. does being the antichrist mean that the child would die on day 3, then come back to life for 33 more years. or is that just reverse jesus.
@Arperum minecraft?
@KevinvanderVelden yup
@KevinvanderVelden ssshhh
1:43 PM
@arda just because it's possible there doesn't mean it's what @arp was thinking about =p
@KevinvanderVelden It was. I'm not a room owner anywhere else.
I can owner and deowner him on Maid Cafe...
I'm not sure what is worse for him though, being a RO on Maid Cafe or not being a RO on Maid Cafe.
2:02 PM
Wait, can ro's even remove mod ro'nership?
I do not remember this search
It doesn't make a difference but you can
Also editing my messages to point to friday is getting annoying @fredley
@fredley well, a mod is implicitly an RO in every room, so in practice, no... but they can be removed from the "owner list"
2:08 PM
@fredley one way to know ;)
@Ash @Ktash (RIP @Ktash) Samuel L. Jackson has started recording sessions for The Incredibles 2.
steven universe will have 3 holiday eps, according to zach
@KevinvanderVelden Not the biggest Dark Sarah fan.
@Arperum this collab is pretty great though
@KevinvanderVelden I think I listened last time.
2:12 PM
Mhkay =p
Q: I now have 10 Atlas stones but no way to locate another atlas station

JonWI went to my 10th Atlas station expecting to get given my 10th Atlas Stone. However the only option was a greyed-out one to hand my 10 stones over. As I only had 9 stones (I guess I must have missed one / lost one along the way or something) the only option was to explore the galaxy again. So I...

Also: I discovered yesterday that the labyrinth thing in Path of Exile has a seriously difficult boss. And optional mini-boss I accidentally unleashed on myself.
cc @PonyAvatars
@JasonBerkan Well, that came out of nowhere.
2:16 PM
that mini-boss hits like a truck driving at full speed into your face.
@Arperum erkt
@fredley also rekt
@JasonBerkan Serve the computer. The computer is your friend.
@fredley Yes. I survived it somehow, had to go run around the level to find other enemies to refill my health flasks though(the potion system requires X kills per potion use)
@Yuuki Random Facebook post.
2:19 PM
I did not survive the third boss encounter. That one killed me very much.
The fights with that boss were 80% "panic", 10% "oh shit, need more panic" and 10% "running away".
Stupid fucking fuses! There's a reason I wanted a house with a breaker panel.
@Chippies So is this a Steam code?
@MBraedley your house has a fuse panel? Is it even legal to sell houses with fuse panels anymore?
It says "DRM: Steamworks", but I just want to be sure.
@Chippies Oh yeah, as long as they pass inspection. They're grandfathered in.
2:23 PM
@Yuuki I have bought other games from them previously (a while ago) and it gives a steam key if drm is steamworks, so yeah
I mean, I don't think SoM is available on any other platform anyway
I am a little surprised they got away with not replacing it when they tore out a wall and did some electrical work.
Q: Varying ship prices?

bugfixrI noticed while I was traveling around that the same ship can vary in price from station to station. In this specific instance, the Keelback, which is normally 3.1 million credits (as seen on the referenced site), was for sale in a station/system I had never visisted for 2.6 million. What accou...

@Chippies I can vouch for gamersgate.com too, bought some stuff from them in the past, had no issues.
@MBraedley our house guy (I forgot all of the terms since we moved in) said that their company doesn't close deals for houses with fuse boxes
@MBraedley I didn't even know you could still buy the oldschool fuses
@Chippies Realtors can say that. Fuse boxes are considered a liability over breaker panels. That doesn't make them illegal.
Now the laws in Newfoundland might be a bit different.
2:27 PM
@MBraedley I may have overexaggerated when I said illegal :P
@Chippies That was why I replaced my electrical panel. It had breakers, but really old ones that cost $65 and required me to go to a specialty store.
I mean, if they were illegal, there would be no houses with them, so realtors wouldn't have to not-close deals with them
but from what I understand, realtors really don't want to deal with fuse box houses
@Chippies Oh yeah. Canadian Tire has the ones I need if I ever need to replace any.
I've been wanting a google nest since @MBraedley said he bought a smart'ish thermostat, but it would be of no use to us, since we only have on thermostat for the whole house anyway and we got forced air
@Chippies There are very few things that can't be grandfathered into a sale of a house (but can be grandfathered for owning a house). Asbestos and some electrical, but the panel isn't one of them.
2:30 PM
although having some sort of advanced ventilation system where the air ducts would open and close depending on the temperature in the room would be wicked awesome
@Chippies Actually that's the perfect use case for a nest
@MBraedley how though?
@Chippies If you had more thermostats, you'd need multiple nests
As long as the thermostat is somewhere you pass by at least daily, you're good.
@MBraedley yeah, in that sense it's perfect, but I'm not really understanding how it would work, considering the heat goes to all rooms at the same time unevenly when it's on
@Chippies But it's doing that already...
2:32 PM
@MBraedley yeah, so what exactly would the nest do that a static temperature doesn't do already?
Save you money by intelligently turning the furnace on and off.
I guess the main point of it is to change the temperature up/down depending on when we're home or not
but we always have someone home, so that's somewhat useless
NEST is too expensive. It would never save me enough money to pay for itself (versus the regular programmable thermostat I already use).
Do you have a programmable already?
So part of the thing for me was that none of my thermostats were even programmable when I bought the house.
2:49 PM
so i just closed 2 doors in the house
can run whole house heating 2C lower!
@JasonBerkan It's impossible to know really. We have one, it seems to work well, but we had windows replaced at similar time so hard to tell if it would have made a difference.
user image
@Ash I really enjoy these comics.
@fredley pff, some scientist you are, not even controlling your variables
The following comic is funny in a different way.
It is my great fear that we'll get halfway through 2017 and it'll be so shit that a popular meme will be "can we have 2016 back?"
3:01 PM
@Yuuki I should send this to my girlfriend.
@Arperum I should get a girlfriend
@BlueBarren Well, that's really up to you. You shouldn't feel forced to get one.
Girlfriends lead to less time for video games.
@StrixVaria This is a True Fact.
3:15 PM
@StrixVaria unless the girlfriend is also a gamer, though maybe even then
@Yuuki I'm pretty sure having someone commit themselves to being with me isn't just up to me, it should probably include them too ;)
@StrixVaria a friend of mine is only allowed to play after his girlfriend goes to sleep because she is incredibly dependent.
@BlueBarren Well, I mean it starts with you at least.
@KevinvanderVelden At some point it leads to kids, and for the first few years they don't game much.
@JasonBerkan not everyone wants to have kdis
@Yuuki mmm looking at my history I think it starts with them
3:20 PM
Overheard at my office just now: "The most metal person gets the skull"
In reference to me, and an anatomical skull poster that was suddenly hung beside my computer when I came back
Hey, the cafeteria at work has a bacon grilled cheese today. CC @Yuuki.
@StrixVaria hmmm bacon
@fredley you can't even control your brexit
@StrixVaria That's a weird way to spell bacon cheese melt.
Or bacon melt.
3:26 PM
Well, the menu clearly says "bacon grilled cheese", and the menu is made by actual chefs who know more about food than I do, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt here.
nope. The Bridge has expert knowledge on all topics
We're like the expertsexchange.
Can confirm

Source: I am an expert
except instead of money for our answers we get a false sense of superiority
I'm reminded of people who list their school on Facebook as "School of Hard Knocks".
3:28 PM
@StrixVaria "So basically you just failed a lot"
Dammit. I'm literally waiting outside a sandwich shop to get lunch because it opens in two minutes but now I want a grilled cheese
@StrixVaria I wonder if mine is still listed as "School of Rock"?
@BlueBarren That sounds like a case of bad controlling personality.
Hmm... I forgot my wallet at home.
and remembered it at work?
3:40 PM
@djsmiley2k Yeah, but it's also still at home.
I could either drive home to get it during lunch break or just eat downstairs where they'll charge it to a tab.
The whole video is a 64kb program, btw.
Anyway here's what @arda linked before @fredley:
I wonder if it's realtime or offline rendered
@KevinvanderVelden let me test
At that quality too?
at least my terrible rig can run it at acceptable frame rates for realtime (24fps). Better rigs (even a 750ti) would be able to render that at 1080p 60fps
I'll test with gtx965 later
Also, I'm running it through wine which probably also hurts the fps
3:52 PM
Superhot VR is super hot
@arda should be mostly GPU bound a thing like that
So probably not much
wine can't access my gpu.
At least it couldn't the last time I tested
let me boot into windows real quick
I'm a Trump supporter. But, that doesn't mean I'm going to agree w everything he does. I'm not @seanhannity.
Photographer in today, taking pictures of developers being developers. As well as doing the standard nmap + htop + build script routine, I made sure to put a small fsociety ascii art in one corner of my screen.
I wonder if it'll make it to the company home page.
3:59 PM
testing in windows
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