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4:00 PM
gonna go to bed, I guess
I couldn't bring myself to install uPlay when A3 was up for free.
I was at the "download installer" page and everything.
@Yuuki don't have to install, just log in with the account
it will add them to library for future
@Chippies On the second day (I think), I logged into this to get the free game. I was told that it was no longer available, despite the third day not being opened. Gave up.
@JasonBerkan it was 6 months, not days...
1 game a month
@JasonBerkan This is different than the advent calendar thing
4:02 PM
wut, windows has even lower performance
from 15 to 18 you can get all the games at once
Then I'm thinking of something else. Wasn't uPlay running an advent calendar?
@JasonBerkan eh, idk
@Arperum it's literally because she has zero hobbies/never knows what to do with herself. She gets free time and wanders like a lost child. She also runs every decision past my friend because she's completely indecisive and everything decision is treated like a life altering super important decision
@BlueBarren Hey man, you try to decide between Code: Red and Live Wire.
> Today's giveaway is WATCH_DOGS 2 WALLPAPER!
that's pretty lame to say the least
I don't think I'll be checking it again
wow, all of the boxes that contain wallpapers or gifs can be opened and the stuff can be downloaded, even if the date is still in the future
@Yuuki I pick Live Wire and I don't even what these options are
Because no one cares about wallpapers.
@BlueBarren Then she should learn to do something with herself. He'll end up reselnting her if she keeps him implicitly "locked away" from any and all hobbies ever. Try telling them it's a good thing for both of them.
4:06 PM
The first one was free Rayman Classic on mobile, I got that one
Q: Is ranked and "normal" (quick play) MMR separate?

Mage XyI play almost exclusively quick play, but I did do some ranked matches just to get placed to see where I end up. As far as I can tell, my opponents in ranked were about the same skill level as the people I was facing in quick play. Since I did so few ranked matches, I was wondering if my quick pl...

@TimStone still available for download.
BREAKING: China's navy has seized an unmanned, underwater U.S. Navy vehicle in international waters of South China Sea.
the whole page seems to be a mess
Oh look 2016 might still kill us all yet
4:08 PM
@BlueBarren Mountain Dew is srsbsns. cc RIP @twobugs
@TimStone welp, #WW3 time it is, it was nice knowing you all
@TimStone Well. F--k.
Except @Wipqozn, that guy is a jerk
@TimStone you don't even have to go through the advent calendar to get it for free
Sierra bundle is $20.61 on Steam http://bit.ly/2gJ8wQf https://t.co/Dy8J3YSS7d
4:13 PM
Ooh. That is ridiculously tempting. Where's @StrixVaria? I forgot adventure games as a genre of games I love.
aight, 15fps on 720p. But with a gt820. Will test and report with gtx965 later today
@JasonBerkan I have never heard of any of these games :P
First game I owned.
Look at those graphics.
EGA!!!! Kids these days.
CGA only had four colours.
Actually, by "owned", I believe I mean "copied my friend's disks".
4:17 PM
Something something @Sterno is old
@JasonBerkan obligatory meme song.
@JasonBerkan VGA was out when I was born. Even the fact that I know cga and ega are a thing is considered good imo.
@Arperum My friend is too much of a rage head to bother giving advice. I usually try to keep things as un-conflicty as possible. They did go through a period where my friend would try to be able to do his own thing but something changed and whenever she asks him something or needs something he always pays attention now.
@arda I remember when Wing Commander came out and we all scrambled to buy VGA cards and monitors, because damn that game looked awesome.
@arda how long does it take to load for you?
I downloaded it, ran the 1080p version and it just kinda 'got stuck' on that last hieroglyph
@Chippies a minute or two, even with an SSD.
4:22 PM
@Yuuki what?
@arda it really doesn't matter if it's SSD or HDD, cause it's 64kb
It's one read regardless
@KevinvanderVelden well... yeah.
hm, windows defender is being very adamant about removing the .exe's...
which is odd, because I have real-time scan disabled
I even excluded the folder...
that's weird, it didn't cause any issues with defender on me
I think I have defender completely disabled though, through shutup10
(My windows partition is mostly airgapped)
okay, it seems that excluding the folder did help, I just had to re-extract the .zip. I guess it removed the files before I excluded it
the wait is too long :(
I wonder if the decompressing actually uses gpu processing, because my gpu is at 100% load with literally nothing going on
and it's been more than 2 minutes now...
meh, I guess it doesn't work on my system
it goes through the loading bar within like 5 seconds and then the loading bar disappears and only the last hieroglyph remains and it stays like that indefinitely
anyways, gonna go to bed
4:38 PM
Q: Unlocking all worlds in Super Mario Run in multiple iOS devices

DouglasJoseIs it possible to purchase Super Mario Run's "Worlds 1-6" once, and reuse it across multiple iOS devices that share the same Apple ID (e.g., buy it once and use it in your iPhone and iPad)? I know it is possible to purchase an app in the App Store once and install it in all devices associated wi...

...TIL emote only mode is a thing on twitch
Like, you can only send pure emote messages
It's basically "I'm fucking tired of answering questions for a bit" mode
4:44 PM
I should add a @Wipqozn emote if I ever get into streaming. It'll be a picture of socks.
4:57 PM
@Yuuki My misery
@Wipqozn :pear:
@GodEmperorDune :despair:
...there is a chinchilla in my house now
@Unionhawk Uh oh.
5:04 PM
His name is Optimus Prime
@Unionhawk ... Why not Rodimus Prime?
Soooo, I've lost 2 hubcaps
Everybody always goes for the low-hanging fruit when naming things after Transformers.
Why not Arlee or Barricade?
Q: Steam not downloading games

JellyHello I have a few games on Steam that I had downloaded, i downloaded space engineers yesterday, today I log on and need to update it. I try to update it but it get's to 98.0mb/2GB and it stops. If i press pause or try move a different game to the top of the queue it just resets back to 0mb/2GB a...

Q: How to put sticky pistons on a delay?

Davey McGinnisHi guys so I'm pretty new to messing around with redstone and I have concocted a pretty simple hidden door with sticky pistons, as shown here: It works fine, pull the lever and the pistons pull the blocks back. Moving forward, however, I would like to somehow implement a way for me to close the...

5:21 PM
user image
@GnomeSlice that's about right
Source: I'm IT, Front-End and Back-End
ive worked in that office
also been IT and been expected to fix lightbulbs
> Keep calm and blame frontend
We get similar requests
@GnomeSlice can confirm
5:35 PM
Oh hey, I can order food with bitcoin for reasons
@GnomeSlice 10/10 the it guy is moss
5:46 PM
@arda clearly he's roy
6:13 PM
all the internet* is asking for donations :/
Creative commons, wikipedia, archive.org...
*not all.
6:29 PM
Q: Is there a bank or ATM in Pokemon Sun?

Yoshi24517Is there some kind of bank or ATM in Pokemon Sun? I have about 30,000 Poke dollars and I'm trying to save money without having that much in my pockets just in case I get defeated. Thanks!

6:39 PM
Q: What are the exact requirements to get MVP?

YuuI've just returned to playing Heroes of the Storm since I left it during Alpha/Beta, when I noticed that they have an MVP feature now. This image was taking with a phone camera with very little time to focus (that screen persists for only 5 seconds or so), so please forgive the bad image quali...

Aue, aue!
@Yuuki Hi?
@Arperum I've been listening to the Moana soundtrack almost non-stop.
Q: What is the simplest observer/piston contraption that won't loop?

John OI've tried to figure this one out on my own, but every configuration I can think of has the piston re-triggering the observer, which re-triggers the piston, etc. Very noisy. I've tried googling, but 95% of the relevant links are videos, and the videos inevitably either talk about Pocket Edition ...

Q: Skyrim: Is it Really Worth it To Be A Vampire Lord? Or Is It Better To Be A Dawnguard?

CoderGirl101I love Skyrim, and I'm always looking to better my character. I've heard about the vampire lords and the Dawnguards, but which is one is said "better"? I think getting a Death Hound would be pretty cool, but are the armored huskies better? And is a vampire lord worth it? Any information on the Da...

@Yuuki Aha, you're going into a disney trance again.
6:54 PM
@Lazers2.0 It's really worth it to not capitalize every single word dammit.
@BlueBarren Sounds like a very bad situation.
@Arperum Yeeeeeep.
Zootopia was all right, but I wasn't nearly as enamored with its soundtrack.
@arda @Yuuki never let's disney movies go.
7:09 PM
I watched Frozen again last month!
i watched it two days ago
@GodEmperorDune will know this pain soon
I... don't have any kids?
@Yuuki You are your own child.
I should run a Bridge movie babysitting services. I'll watch Frozen and other Disney movies with your kids so you don't have to.
7:11 PM
She'd love that
@Yuuki why would we not want to?
1 min ago, by djsmiley2k
@GodEmperorDune will know this pain soon
As a big brother, I know the pain.
@GodEmperorDune I don't know. I don't understand it, but apparently it's a warranted service.
I recall my sister watched The Lion King so much the VHS started to stretch
7:12 PM
@arda there are far worse songs
22 hours ago, by Sterno
> How to Sync Google and Outlook Calendars: pick just one
use a blackberry xD
> "Oh hey, a link!"
> reads text
> moves cursor away
Maybe I shouldn't click that at work.
@Yuuki I mean it's from a child's movie and it is rated PG, but you shouldn't ever click that, not just in work.
7:30 PM
Q: Nintendo account with Super Mario Run

Yoshi24517I'm thinking of spending $10 to buy the Super Mario Run upgrade. If I link a Nintendo account to Super Mario Run, (I already did.) and if I buy the upgrade, will it sync to my Nintendo account and transfer over multiple devices?

@Arperum it kind of is. Sometimes it seems like they stay together because they're so used to it. They've been together probably 5 years now.
@BlueBarren I was together for longer and broke up. Sure, was not an abusive relationship, but still, that is not a valid excuse.
@Arperum Well I'm only speculating, I have no idea why they're still a thing. Sure relationships have lasted longer but 5 years is still a long time (as far as relationships go for young adults)
7:47 PM
@BlueBarren Eh, I was 26 when that relationship ended. Counts as young adult.
@Arperum 5 years is still a long time
especially compared to my zero seconds in a relationship
@BlueBarren Yes. Even if they were together for forever, an abusive relationship is never good. But let's stop talking about it.
True and true
So does anyone feel like we might be entering another Cold War?
with this whole Obama and Putin thing
@BlueBarren Not the best segue.
@BlueBarren You expect it to stay cold?
7:55 PM
@StrixVaria I'm everything but smooth
@Arperum I do expect to stay cold because I live in Canada. I love Insert Game
@BlueBarren Ha! I don't. insert game is terrible. It looks like two people tried to paint it in completely different styles. At the same time, using the same computer.
insert coin
@Arperum you're totally misinformed. They purposely made insert game* in two different art styles as a new hybrid art styles. Any true coinsure of art could see that.
(I have no clue if there is a game that looks like that, if there is one, I now want to see it)
Q: How much data will Super Mario Run use?

AlexHow much cellular data does Super Mario Run use? Does anyone have a rating of MB/H? I need to know because I am mostly on cellular, and not wifi.

8:00 PM
@Arperum borderlands art style combined with pixel art style
RIP you magnificent bastard https://t.co/brD0DtQ6X9
@Unionhawk 2016! shakes fist
8:32 PM
@BlueBarren coinsure?
Q: How do I effectively use cloaked units?

santyclauseOne of the biggest threats to an unwary player are cloaked units as, without any detection, they can ravage entire armies and bases without any retaliation. My main problem in their use is that players that have ever played a Starcraft game and AI know to build detection of some sort. Because of...

8:49 PM
@Ash connaiseur I think.
or however you write the word.
Q: What is this item used for?

DanmakuGrazerIn the first level of Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, there's a mysterious item highlighted in the pictures below To me it looks like some kind of training dummy, but I can't interact with it in any way. Why is it highlighted and what is its purpose?

@Ash conesuir?
idk how to spell
well I was far off
@Arperum was least wrong, but that's to be expected. His country is tainted by french
9:02 PM
so anyone here play hots?
CC @Yuuki @Fluttershy
are you telling me they do or are you doing something else?
I am telling you they do and I'm pinging them
ah okay, I figured

Proposed Q&A site for people who want to exchange their knowledge, questions and ideas about the concept of degrowth.

Currently in definition.


Proposed Q&A site for blockchain Developers, Experts, Evangelists of different platform Blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin Blockchain, Hyperledger, Corda, Multi-chain, Ethereum, etc.

Currently in definition.

9:10 PM
Q: How are defeated enemies counted?

Anthony MastreanI noticed the defeated enemies count at the end of a level are not adding up. I very carefully counted stomping on over 7 paratroopers. They went into their shells, stopped flying, and toppled off screen. Is that not a "defeat?"

Q: What is the difference between ref ID and base ID in Skyrim?

Sam CIn Skyrim when adding an item to my player via the console I will search the item online and then I type: player.additem 00000000A 1 A lot of Wiki sites list both the baseId and the refId, but the above command only works with the refId. What's the difference, and where is baseId used?

@KevinvanderVelden Well, @BlueBarren's country also has a french taint.
@Arperum I would get rid of it if I could
I joke but Quebec isn't actually that bad
It's fun to poke fun at them
Well, "play".
I've played it before and I plan on playing it some more, but I don't really mess around HotS enough to know that much about it.
@BlueBarren Too many people over here are not joking when they say they want to get rid of it.
Like I have no clue how the meta works.
9:16 PM
@Arperum where are you? (don't worry you don't have to get specific)
It's listed in his profile =p
@Yuuki do you have map awareness and understand objective is king?
@BlueBarren Belgium.
@Arperum I thought Belgium was supposed to be friendly and like everyone via waffles
@BlueBarren We do, but there is a significant part that hates the other part.
9:19 PM
@BlueBarren The problem is that there are always nuances to "objective is king".
As far as I understand, experience gain in HotS is shared amongst the team.
Belgium has the most complex relation with Belgium. If it was on facebook, it would be "It's complicated."
@Arperum man sometimes I wish stereotypes were true because then there wouldn't be any hate
So even while you try to capture event objectives like shrines, you want to have someone in each lane to maximize experience gain.
Or at least set up wave management such that you minimize experience waste while you're not in lane.
@Yuuki of course there's nuances but it's still the primary objective. The shared xp thing is great because your team should always be on the same level.
This is also the case with Overwatch. Objectives are advanced at their maximum speed with 3 players on it. You actually don't want to stack everyone on the payload or objective because getting picks before big teamfights are important and clustering leaves you vulnerable to area damage ults.
9:23 PM
@Yuuki in that situation objective is king, you'd only want to leave if your lane is in danger, ie mercs pushing a fort or something. Just for a little context I ask if anyone plays because me and my friend need more people to play hero league since solo league is only 1 person now and queuing in duo is god awful
However this is optimal strategy and really should only be used by teams with good communication.
In other cases, grouping on the objective is usually good enough.
@BlueBarren I can't remember the last time I played PVP, so I might not be much help there.
@ash this is your daily KOL crimbo reminder!
get cleansing those chakras
@Yuuki I think the optimal strategy is just don't focus on kills. it's fine if you don't want to I just thought I would "shop around" for more teammates.
Well I'm off for the weekend, I'll talk to you all on monday
This keeps happening I don't get it
Surely you'd at least remember your bloody email data
9:34 PM
@KevinvanderVelden i have like 20 email accounts, how am I supposed to remember which one i used on this game?
@GodEmperorDune don't have 20 email accounts you use for games. Done, simple
@KevinvanderVelden #LIFEHACK
9:47 PM
@fredley yussssssssss
but what about all the wild wackiness that happens in the next 2 weeks?
@fredley this is going to be depressing
@GodEmperorDune its so hard, i die pretty much always
9:59 PM
@Ash you'll have to use spells, their stats scale up so normal attacks are not going ot be effective
Q: Why can't I launch Terraria

George WillcoxI've just purchased and installed Terraria on my laptop from steam. The first time that I ran the game, there was no issue and it worked perfectly. However, now when I try to launch the game I'm presented with and error message that I can't make anything of. What is this error, and what can I do ...

i'd send you a care package, but you're in ronin so :S
don't forget that you can pull 20 items a day from hagnk's if you're in softcore
@Wipqozn he did that months ago though
@GodEmperorDune oh then it continues
I wonder how many assassination attempts a president gets on average
10:09 PM
@GodEmperorDune oh, right :)
@Ash you can also buy things in the mall using meat from hagnk's then pull the purchased item as part of your 20
Q: How to spawn on a squad member by clicking their name?

MkalafutI remember in previous Battlefield games you'd be able to click their name in your squad menu on the map rather than their little dot. Sometimes it's kind of hard to click on their little dot especially if there are objectives, vehicles or other squad members nearby. Has this changed? Is it bug...

Just shoveled my driveway in the cold and dark. -1/10, would never recommend.
@GodEmperorDune Oh, smart
10:46 PM
For all your snow shoveling needs.
10:58 PM
@Fluttershy portrait recording :/
@Fluttershy If the snow is light enough that that works, you didn't really need to shovel.
11:32 PM
Q: Turn off general chat

WolfIs there a way to leave the white general chat on the Overwatch main screen? It's mostly garbage and I'd rather not see it. Alternatively, is there a way to disable chat view altogether?

grumbles darkly at Mac Mail
11:48 PM
Q: When is the "Match Finish" XP actually awarded?

ZackarottoCan you quit during the Play of the Game and still get it? Or when the cards are shown, but before the XP screen? Or do you have to wait past everything?

I am now officially on vacation until January
@murgatroid99 \o/
Q: Can't get connected on XBOX Live

ZarathustraxI can't get online on the xbox 360. I´m not quite sure what's the problem is, I get all the time this error 80151901. Also, it tells me I can't get and IP. Any thoughts?

Q: What does the witch on the other side of the bridge do?

Matthew ZulloHow many lollipops before she does anything? Do you have to click something? also how do you use the third house key

is that a whole company holiday policy or just your leave?
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