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3:01 PM
You have physical access to the laptop, of course you can install software =p
You have a laptop whose sole purpose is to access email?
@PrivatePansy They think I'd use it for development, but I just use my own laptop for that because that way I can actually install scary hacker software like Notepad++
@KevinvanderVelden Clients are generally not happy if you try to bypass their group policies
That's a different thing =p
Q: Can I upgrade my attributes for my character later in game in Pillars of Eternity?

k0pernikusWhen creating a character I can invest points in six attributes: Might Constitution Dexterity Perception Intellect Resolve Can I upgrade those when leveling up or do they remain the same over the whole course of the game? And in case it's not: Is it possible to build trap character, as in: ...

@Sterno ...what even... why.
3:17 PM
Model Railroading

Proposed Q&A site for all hobbyists intrested in model railroading and toy train collecting. This includes, but is not limited to, planning, constructing and wiring layouts, building and detailing models and scenery, operations, automation and train control.

Currently in definition.

@sterno I never liked Lotus Notes.
@Sterno Pfft, who needs software? Real programmers write their bits directly into the hard disk
@Sterno I wish I could do that
(not because I can't use scary hacker software like notepad++ in portable form)
Hmmm, how could the display resolution be different from the resolution?
Non-square pixels?
resolution at which the stream is being displayed?
(actually notepad++ is preinstalled)
3:22 PM
Resizing the window doesn't seem to affect it
@badp I didn't realize you had started driving a truck in real life!
@SaintWacko But can he park like in that image from earlier?
@SaintWacko Wait, what?
3:23 PM
Yup. Definitely him.
@SaintWacko that looks like a perfectly normal maneuvre
@SaintWacko yep, merging straight into the overtaking lane
What's the big deal?
LadyWacko and I were stuck for about 5 minutes behind this guy who was trying to back into the lot. I wish I had taken a video of it
3:24 PM
Wait, he's trying to go backwards?
@PrivatePansy This is why I wish I had taken a video
@PrivatePansy well yes, you merge straight into the overtaking lane to line yourself straight and park like a champ
He's attempting to back into that driveway behind him
He tried a lot
And knocked a branch off a tree
when he finally managed, did the white tiles come off the truck to reveal an ad for 'Murica Truck Simulator?
Can you use coconut bread for the same shit as just like werebread
3:27 PM
American Truck Simulator is an upcoming vehicle simulation game. It is being developed by SCS Software, and is the parallel video game to Euro Truck Simulator 2. == Development == SCS Software first announced the game on September 6, 2013. On April 11, 2014, SCS Software announced that there will be more than 100 cities in the game and released screenshots of the game. Truck brands included on American Truck Simulator so far are Kenworth and Peterbilt, but more will follow. The game will start off in California, and expand from there. So far Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, Oxnard...
White bread
I want to try some, apparently it's like an Asian thing? I've had bits of it out of the slicer a few times and its tasty
Not sure if its like dessert bees or something you can use for everything
New autocorrect!
dessert bees!
Ooh, and werebread
3:30 PM
He appears to be a normal man, but when the full moon rises...
I hate you
Seriously thigh goes smug nice know about coconut bread?
@gnomeslice internet seems to think either it's like cake and you just eat it, or you can make it into Sandwiches and things if you want.
Oh cool you can make sandwiches out of it?
It's kinda yellow in the middle does look a bit like cake
3:33 PM
@gnomeslice Yeah, people say it works good for Sandwiches if you keep in mind it's sweeter than normal bread and stuff
But I have only ha only bits off the edges
From bungled slices
Apparently a thing to do, says a bunch of links, is to take two slices, stick a Jamaican patty between them, and eat.
Jamaican party?
Patty is not recognized by apple as a word I guess
Those bright yellow meat pastry things - usually beef, I think, kinda spicy? Like a Jamaican meat pie.
Where do you get those that sounds interesting
3:36 PM
I see them a lot at convenience stores or groceries with good international sections. They're often with frozen things
They're quite yummy on their own
I will have a look after work in my store
Now I wanna see if I can get coconut bread.
@AshleyNunn i remember having coconut syrup in hawaii. it was delicious
i would also be interested in a recipe for coconut bread, if you can find one
The Internet has many, apparently. Not sure which ones are good, but I know Smitten Kitchen posted one and I have baked a lot of her stuff and it always turns out great.
3:46 PM
it looks like it has a lot of butter, lol
Q: Easy way to mark UAV targets on the map in Arma 3?

StoopWhen I am controlling the turret of an auto-hovering UAV darter, and I spot an enemy player from the view of the turret, how can I then easily mark that enemy player on the map so my teammates can see the location on the map and set a waypoint to it? (Not talking about laser-designating. This wou...

@MattGiltaji around 2 sticks looks like
Which is fairly standard depending on the quantity of other things
@Unionhawk i guess this is why i am not so great at cooking... poor estimation ability
Q: Where is Marceno's missing crate?

Mad ScientistI'm doing the "All Hands on Deck" quest, but I can't find the crate anywhere in Ondra's gift. Where exactly is that chest?

Q: gta 5 money making

bring back Nico BellicI play gta5 in ps3 I try to earn much money BEFORE Lester's missions, so when they come I will be able to invest big and profit bigger. The problem is that after losing money from hospitals after being killed or by buying weapons, when Lester missions begin, I only have a few thaousand to inves...

Shades and Spectres are by far the worst enemies so far, they teleport instantly and move around, making my AoE damage mostly useless
3:56 PM
@MattGiltaji Nope, no sense was made on this day.
@MadScientist THey're weak to fire and tend not to go after anything that hasn't hit them yet. Solution: Open with fire.
@LessPop_MoreFizz everything is better when using fire
@LessPop_MoreFizz I started with a fireball, but there are too many in the lighthouse and too scattered at first. And once they attack they're all around my own people
I did finish them, but it was far harder than most recent battles
@MadScientist yeah, they're definitely tough. What difficulty are you playing?
@LessPop_MoreFizz normal
3:58 PM
A friend tried Path of the Damned and couldn't get out of the tutorial.
Still haven't figured out if my Ranger actually does anything useful, but my Chanter felt rather useless, so it can't be much worse
is there a good place to farm money? i blew most of mine on the stronghold
And I just wiped at the top of the lighthouse
@MattGiltaji Just play the game and do some sidequests, I have aroun 18k now and quite a few upgrades for my stronghold
@MadScientist The Chanter owns. Give him a nice big two hander with reach and have him stand behind a tank and smash shit.
@GraceNote I also hate it when I finally find a parking spot and some jerk comes flying in and graps it
4:08 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I have everyone but Edér on ranged, he pins the enemies down and then I nuke with AoE and everything else from the back. Works very well for anything but those damn ghosts
@MadScientist Kana in the middle with a polearm helps a lot, IME. He's too slow to do anything useful from the back anyway, and... more to the point, his songs still run at full speed and actually do quite a bit.
I'll have to check out how much the songs actually do, the ranger doesn't really do much so I'll probably switch back
lol, time to fight a "dank spore"
@MadScientist Also, summoning skeletons every time they come up goes a long way too.
@MattGiltaji Yay Kickstarter backers?
4:11 PM
@Unionhawk not sure yet, it seems kinda subtle for the backers
usually they are all "here lies lolduuuuuuuude, nuff said"
@LessPop_MoreFizz @MadScientist do you guys use potions much?
@MattGiltaji Not one so far
yeah i am usually potion stingy, was just wondering if that was hampering my ability to progress at all
@MattGiltaji yes. Also food.
Food is surprisingly potent and lasts quite a while.
@MattGiltaji The cave at alstroms compass?
If so, be sure to turn on scouting in the back of the cave afterwards; there's a Fine Pistol hidden.
@LessPop_MoreFizz yeah i got it
i scout pretty much everywhere i'm not in combat
@MattGiltaji Same, but it's nice to know that there's a thing that I should actually be paying attention to scout for.
I'm sure I've missed some things just by not scouting the right exact spot.
4:22 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz the range on scouting tends to be good
@MattGiltaji Yeah, especially because I am pumping mechanics.
yeah my main is at 7 or 8 mechanics
4:46 PM
Scouting is annoying. I hate moving slow
@Sterno use fast mode
There's a fast scouting mode?
yeah, hit d
Oh. That speeds up the rest of the game world too, but I guess that works
@Sterno It turns off automatically in combat
Also, you can hit s to go slow mode in combat, which is similarly useful.
(Or out of combat, I guess, but whyyyyyyyyy)
4:50 PM
Q: Cities: Skylines - UI Mods Not Working

Tom ThorogoodI subscribed to a few UI mods in the Steam workshop including: Cities Vital Watch No More Purple Pollution Extended Public Transport UI And none of them work. However, other mods such as Randomized Building Names and Auto Line Color are working just fine. These are all the mods I've got, a...

@LessPop_MoreFizz PoE slowmode% speedrun obviously
(which sounds even worse than AC 100%)
@Sterno Ahahahaha if you slaughter the caravan and then go into gilded vale you can go tell calico's sister that you murdered her sister in graphic detail and get points towards 'Cruel' disposition.
@GraceNote Y'know, if someone's going to go to the effort of tricking into a spot like that, I'm just gonna go with, "Yeah, you deserve it. Enjoy."
> So after reading that you could kill the prologue caravan, I rolled a might/dex/int barbarian and tried it out (also switched difficulty to easy, since calisca leaves the party as soon as you start attacking and I just wanted to see how different it makes the story). Biawec happens once everyone's dead, go through the ruins, etc. I go through Valewood, murder the guy who killed his friend via bear, murder the bandits and also the Inn's cook and finally go to Gilded Vale.
> Turns out, there are dialogue options for Calisca's sister, the innkeeper, and the one dude's wife to go "Surprise! I killed the shit out of your sister/cook/boyfriend. Hahaha!" (their response was to go "You killed them? And then sought me ought to brag about it?!" and attack me), which resulted in me having to kill an inn full of people, a grieving wife, and a pregnant woman (and her cat ).
> The resulting reputation drop was enough for the village to basically attack me on sight, so now Gilded Vale's a ghost town littered with gibs of villagers and backer NPCs.
4:54 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz that sounds so fun
I've been sad that the guy obviously murdered his friend via bear but I haven't seen options to do anything about it
(though I have not yet killed the bear, so maybe that triggers something)
@Sterno Kill bear, there's a quest trigger in the cave.
And yeah, it's hilarious when you first visit the house in the town and you see this dude with the dead guys wife furiously packing.
Sadly, [spoiler spoiler spoiler]
@LessPop_MoreFizz i made them buy my silence
@MattGiltaji If you refuse the money she gives you a baller Magic Ring instead.
@LessPop_MoreFizz dammit ><
I wonder if D Simpson will write an awesome gamefaq for this
@Sterno Somebody will, I'm sure.
massive cat
dammit, bandits stole my gold at my keep... time to eff someone up
5:08 PM
I... Is that video as nsfl as the thumb?
@Unionhawk No, because dude is superhuman
But if he wasn't, then it would be very very nsfl and I probably wouldn't have posted it because gross.
Q: my Housecarl disappeared

mackenI have the follower reya. I entered the lost knife hide out, turned around and immediately exited and she was gone. there was no fight so she didn't die. how do I find her

Need a mod to delete these "reach for their soul" people
@Sterno stupid kickstarter.
So, I hem and haw about whether or not to break into this room at the inn
So hard to resist in RPGs, even when playing a paladin
Finally, I hand Aloth 2 lockpicks and since he has mechanics and I don't, and he picks the lock. What's inside? Aloth's armor
5:18 PM
@Sterno actually better than deleting them, a mod that makes killing them not cause reduced reputation and/or not aggro nearby NPCs.
Or, I just can't read the compare text correctly.
Q: What's the right term for the list of "X killed Y with Z" messages in a multiplayer shooter?

IxrecIt's probably obvious from the title, but I'm specifically thinking of messages like ProGamer64 [image of shotgun] L33tCamper that appear in the bottom right corner when a kill happens, then fade away after a few seconds. Is there a standard term for these messages or the list of them?

This game is too good.
I am mad that I'm not playing it right now.
(About to go out and get some work done.)
I don't like complex RPGs
5:31 PM
You will not like this game then.
Wasnt planning on getting it
For that reason
I'm more of a Drive Very Fast and Blow Up Everything gamer
Speaking of which, just cause 3 is coming to both ps4 and PC
@Ironic Robot did you figure out what's casting your Salem to not log in?
It's some steam integration bug
Mine has still never caused problems
I can log in to my actual Salem account fine
Wonder why yours is fuct and mine isnt
I use the steam one too though
5:43 PM
Q: How great is the effect of trees on noise pollution?

kalinaI keep getting told that science tells us to use highway sound barriers and trees to reduce noise pollution. The effect that highway sound barriers has is quite immediately obvious but no matter how many trees I plant there never appears to be any noticeable effect on noise pollution. How grea...

@Flyk is back!
Don't trees help with actual pollution, not noise?
@GnomeSlice trees irl act as sound barriers
They can disperse sound waves like any other physical object.
Your Mormon can disperse sound waves
Ducking shell
@GnomeSlice Idk if I should link you to the "please no more urmom jokes" message or star this...
5:48 PM
I mean I guess so but are they actually used as such?
@Chippies Why not both?
@Yuuki effort. Too much.
It was a ur mormon joke
@GnomeSlice Yeah. Some communities in Houston, for example, use trees instead of concrete barriers.
5:49 PM
They don't work as well as concrete barriers, but they're prettier.
And they make more oxygen than barriers
Also kill you better if you hit them
@GnomeSlice I read somewhere that trees actually use up more oxygen than they produce
but then again, I read it on the internet
so don't take my word for it
Your mom jokes rank 6/10 obnoxiousness, urmom jokes rank 12/10
Q: how to avoid white in the distance after alt + tab

AlexSometimes I need to alt + tab out of the game to do stuff, and I've noticed that after doing this the distant view turns completely white. For example in stormwind where the boats are, the background in the distance on the horizon goes white and this even reflects on the water, it doesn't look ri...

@Unionhawk Your mormon jokes rank over 9000/10
5:51 PM
Walk to work
@LessPop_MoreFizz Need a mod that renames all these spells to D&D names
6:07 PM
@BoltClock If I added you to an answer of mines, do I get bonus points?
Whoa, those bounties from the Warden's Lodge give out massive XP, 11000 for one bounty. I suspect I wasn't supposed to be able to take down that one already
Is it just me, or are the spells just horribly unbalanced. Most of them seem pretty crappy, and a few are extremely strong
@Sterno is this you requesting to be renamed to "Gaseous Form"?
@badp That would not be equivalent to Sterno
Q: Servers don't load for me

Reese TolbertWhen I click on multiplayer on the minecraft home page then it loads for the servers but they never come up they just load and load. Can someone help me plz?

@Sterno I don't think D&D has old enough spells
6:25 PM
oh what should I get for supper today... decisions, decisions
@Wipqozn did you have pasta for lunch?
@badp No
I don't feel like doing anything that involves leaving the apartment though, so I'm going to order in.
Right now I'm leaning towards a small donair and onion rings...
Maybe I'll get poutine...
Man, decisions are tough.
You could get all of that.
6:27 PM
or you could make yourself pasta with what you already have bought.
Stop encouraging him to be responsible. We don't do that here.
I'm encouraging him to have pasta.
@badp Don't have anything. I need to go grocery shopping.
@Wipqozn Do you have pasta?
@badp I do, but nothing to go with it
6:29 PM
@Wipqozn do you have garlic?
@badp No
do you have pepper?
do you have salt?
6:29 PM
cheese, any kind of meat
@djsmiley2k No
do you have tuna?
oilve oil?
/me loves plain pasta :/
@badp No
6:30 PM
@djsmiley2k No
@badp No
You can't not have oil
That is just unacceptable
I deserved that.
Q: What's the difference between a 'task' and a 'quest'?

SeiyriaI don't quite get the difference, some NPCs give quests, but others give tasks?

6:31 PM
@badp I have canola oil, but not - oh, wait, I might have olive oil
let me check
Nope, no olive oil. Just canola.
@badp: If I have pasta later this week, can I be a room owner again?
I do not know what this is
Oh, place doesn't deliver for another 30 minutes. I'll go pick it up. I'm hungry now.
@badp Canadian magic.
As far as I know, canola oil is also a common cooking oil in America
At least, my family always has a big bottle of it
@murgatroid99 It is, but @badp seems very confused
I think his Itlianness doesn't allow non-olive based oils to exist.
I am not confused. We just have either olive for general cooking or peanuts for frying.
6:41 PM
Canola oil is the common cooking oil in North America
I emptied my car for a bit. I had 27 CD's in there, I expected only about 20.
@badp Doesn't peanut oil have a rather strong flavor? Canola is used mostly because it works at high temperatures and is a pretty neutral flavor
See, that is why I have an USB stick for music
@MadScientist We only use it in place of olive for frying because olive oil gives off a lot of smoke in that scenario.
That is what I know
@KevinvanderVelden My next car might be able to use that, I'll see wednesday.
6:45 PM
Q: Why aren't AoE ranges appearing (Pillars of Eternity)

andallfordI've seen that there are supposed to be red/yellow circles indicating AoE range in Pillars of Eternity, but when I hover to cast a spell, nothing appears. Are there any graphical options that might cause this? Thanks.

Also, I like CDs. There are like 30 or so who should arrive next week.
CDs are pretty awesome, just not for in the car
@KevinvanderVelden I can agree with that, but if you don't pay for the car you don't have much choice...
That is true
Since I'm not paying for my next car either, I still don't have a choice in the matter.
6:47 PM
Where are you getting those free cars from? :o
@KevinvanderVelden Work.
New job, new car.(second hand, but whatever)
It does mean I have to clean this one, and that is all kinds of bleh.
Alternatively: You should have cleaned it earlier before it became all kinds of bleh to clean =p
Course, noone ever does that =p
@KevinvanderVelden Doesn't matter, cleaning is just boring and tedious work. I don't like it.
6:57 PM
Hmm I should probably go make dinner
@KevinvanderVelden heh, I had waffles and pancakes the whole afternoon.
Hmm, I have the choice of jumping down the last part into the sacrificial pit, or taking the stairs. I think I'll take the stairs ;-)
Jump down headfirst, extra cool factor and same effect
@MadScientist Woman up, make the jump.
Would be a bit embarrasing to die in my own Stronghold, I'll take the option where I can always turn back and run
7:24 PM
Q: Pokemon Leafgreen Gameboy Rare Candy

askerIs there a way to get infinite rare candies in Gameboy Advance Leafgreen ? It would be wonderful to have many.

Q: I cant figure out whats wrong with this command in minecraft

DinitriXThis command I've been trying to perform. I got the code from minersneedcoolshoes.com I used the banner maker, made a bunch of banners, and clicked export to chest. It says that there is unbalanced curly brackets. My eyes have issues focusing on all the brackets, which makes me unable to see the ...

7:43 PM
Even I'm starting to get sick of minecraft questions that aren't really About the game
Q: Hudl & Samsung minecraft PE can't connect??

HeidiDoes any one know why we can't connect minecraft worlds on a tesco Hudl & Samsung Galaxy 3? Both worlds have connected via iPad & iPhones before & multiplayer is switched on, on both tablets?

anyone in miami? how is the weather?
@Alex Not in Miami, but guessing nice.
Sunny with a chance of girls in bikinis
Isn't that what it's always like there?
7:56 PM
16 perception and I still can't seem to find secrets the internet says should exist :(
Now you know how I feel playing Ziggurat
Q: Can you do anything with the third copy of a card other than disenchanting it?

Gin-SanSo you can only have 2 copies of each individual card in your deck, so if you get a third copy of a card, you can only disenchant it ... right? Or is there anything - like, really anything - you can do with it other than disenchating it? Or can I safely disenchant every third copy of a card I get?

Shot up lazes
Hack to sign
Q: Why am I having trouble finding secrets?

SternoMy main character has a Perception of 16, which while not maxed out, seems pretty decent. However, he was unable to detect the secret described here. I've also read that there's a Gleaming Silver Key on the first floor of the Temple of Ethos, but despite using scout mode and standing on top of wh...

Q: any idea why these mods wont load?

Jackso guys, im trying to get resonant rise (the current one on the ATLauncher main page) to work, and have selected these mods: http://pastebin.com/agEfVwEb but i get this error: "Forge Mod Loader has found a problem with your minecraft installation The mods and versions listed below could not be f...

Q: Is there a way to modify/disable the setup timer in TF2 as a server owner?

Mikey T.K.Not to be confused with the "waiting for players" timer or the "end of round" timer, the setup timer is the one where, during payload race, control point, or KOTH games, the defending team is locked inside their spawn while the attacking team gets the run of the map to set up turrets and otherwis...

8:50 PM
Q: Can Terraria on mobile devices play multiplayer games?

BeccyMy sister and I would like to play terraria together, me on my Samsung tablet and her on her Microsoft surface pro. However, neither of us know how to host, or join a game, can someone help?

Q: Binding Special Keys

Michael NancarrowCurrently I have three separate .cfg files for CS:GO and two default "buys" I execute when playing. On a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate there are 5 "special keys" labelled M1-5 down the left of the keyboard. I want to bind these keys in game to execute commands automatically however I'm unsure as ho...

Q: My minecraft game wont open when I click "play"

Potato13I've recently not been on minecraft lately, but when I have, it worked perfectly, but now I am very upset. Yesterday I opened my minecraft launcher, (which is the normal one that requires java) and it worked normally, then when I click play the launcher loaded the data for the game, closed, and n...

9:12 PM
Q: Will characters not in my current party gain experience?

DavidYellI currently have one party member who is at the Inn, presumably quaffing ales, and not in my active 6 player team. Will this character accrue any experience points whilst they are 'sidelined'? Or will I have to add them to my team and essentially seek out some easy experience to level them up to...

9:27 PM
We need to do something about
Maybe we should ban all questions about mods as a start
And only support vanilla minecraft
That would at least get if of all of the 'mods won't load pla halp' shit
Text file hidden away in PoE game directories.
What does the ASCII header say?
9:43 PM
Q: What's the best PSP to buy for playing downloaded games?

justaguestIf I buy a PSP to play downloaded games which model makes that least hard to do? Based on restrictive/prohibitive system (firmware?) vs neutral/easy system. I want a 2000 but I'm not sure which one I should buy. Thanks for you help.

Hardware rec?
@GnomeSlice "Trial of Iron"
Oh I see it
Well escort for the cut off bit
Not cut off I think
Just wordwrap
10:01 PM
Fridge can grapple triton ring cards
Save Russian Jews collect valuable prizes
wat seconded.
Is it 1988 again?
I remember Saving Russian Jews being a Big Deal when I was a small child going to Hebrew school for the very first time.
Q: How long do Oil Urns last?

SaturnsEyeHow long does an Oil Urn last after hitting an enemy with one? And also if I used a Molotov on them after covering them in oil, does the oil burned away after inflicting more damage or does it stay until they're dead?

@GnomeSlice I know autocorrect on mobile platforms can be aggressive, but slow the heck down and proofread
10:24 PM
No never proofread.
First thought best thought.
Now I am imagining Kerouac having an iPhone to write on instead of the typewriter and 50 foot continuous scroll of paper he had when he locked himself into a room, took a lot of benezidrine and wrote On The Road in a sleepless frenzy.
Q: What happens when your message is considered "foul"?

DomWhen you create a message using the notebook, I noticed you can get it rated as either "fine" or "foul". I know getting a "fine" rating restores health. What happens though when you get a foul rating? Does it have any negative consequences?

Q: Minecraft Super Secret Settings

TacticalNukeI've tried everything and nothing will work. It's stuck at "normal/regular" settings. Anyone help me turn it back to normal?

Q: Is using a shield effective?

DomWhile playing, I came across a pretty crappy wooden shield. When I played Dark Souls, I used the shield like my life depended on it. Not using one would pretty much lead to instant death, so it was invaluable. Bloodborne, although similar to Dark Souls, seems to be more focused on combat rather...

10:43 PM
@GnomeSlice i dunno who is on the right
me neither
it's still funny
Q: In Minecraft, How do you make an infinite water/lava source?

sensiwooDo you just pour water/lava around in a hole randomly? I tried that but it still didn't work.

Q: Does anyone know why my dragonite is ban?

CoakieSo I have this really old Dragonite from Soul Silver and I can't use her in any online battles or against my friends or anything. She's has like 2 pages of ribbons and really good stats (I think) and I can't use her which is really annoying. I haven't used any hacks or action replay or anything...

@spugsley yo
today has been a wonderful Sunday
10:56 PM
@spugsley what happened?
I had a shoot today :) With a model. And she was amazing. The weather is gorgeous. This is my fifth day in a row running and I felt less like death and was able to run/fast walk for 20 minutes nonstop :D
which is the best
AND AND AND I have Chipotle for dinner
@spugsley :D
@spugsley You didn't even have to use your AK?
@LessPop_MoreFizz nope, no AK to be had
@spugsley Ice Cube would Approve.
@spugsley Did you perhaps fuck around and get a triple double?
11:03 PM
dem mid 90s rap lyrics
@LessPop_MoreFizz all the doubles
(I have no idea what that is)
@spugsley So a triple double is a basketball thing that means you put up double digit quantities in all three major counting stats (points, assists, and rebounds). It basically means Played A Really Great Game Of Basketball.
But in this case, I'm just referring to one of the greatest rap songs of all time:
also video lies this is not the explicit version of the song goddamnit.
@LessPop_MoreFizz yeah i was disappointed as well
@Sterno Also, beat another boss today
@Sterno Also, do any chalice dungeons yet? I think I'll do one for the first time tomorrow. Didn't realize it, but there are chalice exclusive bosses.
11:20 PM
Q: Strategies for beating Pumpking as a Mage?

Jonah BishopI'm playing through Terraria using nothing but magic weapons, and I'm having a really difficult time with the end-game events. Virtually all of the ideal mage builds I see on the internet involve the Bat Scepter, which is dropped by the Pumpking. But, no matter what weapon combinations I try, I j...

Q: Is there a way to determine if specific micro is worth it?

ayckosterIn Starcraft you can use your attention to either hit the perfect timings on your macro or to micro manage your units. The first one guarantees that your money is invested as soon as possible and you do not lose build cycles. The second increases your effectiveness of your units beyond what the...

Q: Do abandoned buildings sort themselves out eventually if you just leave them?

kalinaI seem to have a lot of abandoned buildings, I'm working on why but they still seem to be around. Do abandoned buildings sort themselves out eventually if you just leave them or do I have to demolish them in order for new buildings to build in their place?

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Q: Can you liberate a city that you captured, via gifting to a third party?

QueueHammerIn Civ5 I have read there is a process to capture a city and then trade it, recapture it, and then get a liberation bonus. What are the conditions for this. Is there a waiting period that the city must be held. Does it work for non capitals?

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