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I haven't, no.
Roguelike game, I prefer it over nethack.
I've already spent lots of time figuring out how to not die on the first 5 levels of NetHack.
Oh look at that, Google Code finally supports Git.
12:35 AM
The last Metroid is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace.
The last thing I said was a lie.
Ooh, spawned with a ring of slow digestion. Arnie's liking me today.
@ArdaXi Oh nice. That's the hardest thing about nethack in my opinion. Not starving to death.
@Wipqozn The hardest thing is surviving, really.
I usually don't starve because I keep a good relationship with Anhur.
1:00 AM
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2:25 AM
Q: What city is like Stomwind but except for horde?

Dima Thefencingdude LukhtaiLike stormwind where can i buy the pvp armor and a city that has everything but is on the horde side?

1 hour later…
3:33 AM
Q: Will making a grass bridge wider increase the speed at which grass covers it?

FambidaI'm building a mob grinder and want to get grass to grow on it. I've built a bridge for grass to spread to it from a nearby island. If I make the bridge wider than 1 block will the extra blocks allow the grass to spread to my grinder faster? An explanation of the algorithm the game uses would be ...

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Q: What Boss’ Weakness is their Pancreas?

Synetech inc.In Plants vs. Zombies, Crazy Dave says that he knows the Zomboss’ weakness and says to hit him in the pancreas, but then he says no, that was a different guy. What guy/boss is Dave alluding to?

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7:16 AM
@ArdaXi In fun news, you don't need to be a breathing being to die from that
Q: Definitions of "Result" and "Codename" given on completion of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

YellowMegaManCan anyone tell me where I can find definitions of the various "Result" and "Codename" values given on completion of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops for PSP? On completing the game last night, I was given the result "Alpha" and the codename "Kerotan", but I have absolutely no idea if they are goo...

7:38 AM
@CruelCow The medals are in the item schema now
@ThomasMcDonald ohhh that's one slippery slope.
You're a slippery slope
I dunno about the GWJ tourney but I recognise the other two from blog-promoted events
I'll rip a page off @Mana's book.
7:46 AM
We were going to enter the other one until we realised it was an NA event.
(LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, interjection, 1. Gonna kill you and I'm keep killin' you and I never, cause you're be dead and then I'm gonna kill you.)
meeh, anyways, I guess I should get up now
8:24 AM
apparently there's been an update
And our growth is actually on target this quarter.
makes a nice change
9:01 AM
Q: If your WoW subscription expires, do you go back to "Starter Edition"?

William Lawn StewartI've currently got a WoW account that's in "Starter Edition" (or whatever it is they call the free neverending trial, that seems to be the name they use). I'd like to know what happens if I subscribe and then let my subscription lapse - Can I continue playing with any sub-level-20 characters? I...

10:00 AM
I now get a weekly email with a random excerpt of the Bridge chat...
10:22 AM
@CruelCow Well, somewhat random.
@Arda The last email to you from SE chat that has been sent through Gaming happened on April 30th
@badp I didn't say it was from SE chat.
oh right. Google Alerts.
You lazy vanity searcher.
I'm delegating my vanity search.
@Arda Can I borrow a sydney sleeper from you for the time of a screenshot?
10:26 AM
@badp Do I even have one?
I haven't checked.
At any rate, I don't have TF2, Steam or Windows here.
Nor a computer capable of running Steam, let alone TF2.
I'm on a very, very crippled laptop atm.
the store slots have a different background color than the backpack slots
Can you tell it's "photoshopped"? :/
actually mspainted but.
10:42 AM
Why are you trying to shop a backpack? And not even with special items
Because I lack a sydney sleeper
and I need a sydney sleeper.
I lacked four more items that @ThomasMcDonald borrowed me.
If you're willing to spare a scrap, I'm pretty certain you could trade for it.
10:58 AM
@badp want it still?
@ThomasMcDonald sure.
Q: 688 Hunter/Killer torpedoes not finding their targets

Luke QuinaneI'm trying to complete the training missions in "688 Hunter/Killer" and I'm having trouble hitting the training submarine targets. I've turned on active sonar and I can see the target, I load two ADCAP torpedoes and: Set the target Set the floor to be 1500ft Set them to enable before they reach...

@badp oi.
11:41 AM
Q: How can I make a (horizontal) tunnel through sand?

Mike CooperI want to build a large, horizontal underground tunnel that spans my world, for quick travel. Unfortunately, if I tunnel under a dessert all the sand falls down and I just make a giant hole wherever my tunnel is. I could put a layer of stone above the tunnel to support the sand, but I can't find ...

@ThomasMcDonald sorry, lunch.
@badp I guessed
11:55 AM
Dwarf Fortress keeps closing when I select embark...
@RonanForman I just started playing that myself.
The fortress is called beercyclone of the balls of ages
"a section of the cavern has colasped" I've been playing for 2 seconds
I always heard the game was pretty bad ass.
Guess that just proves it.
I think i need a tile set, anyone know of any good ones?
Real men use ASCII graphics for everything. Including real life.
this looks to be a nice one
12:16 PM
This is a good introduction guide if you're having trouble.
i'm using the one on the wiki
Oh the wiki is up again?
It was down yesterday, for some amount of time.
Q: How to unlock locked tables in Williams Pinball Classics

Mehper C. PalavuzlarI've just started playing Williams Pinball Classics for Xbox 360 (Release date: 17/06/2011). In the Arcade mode, I found a locked table named "Jive Time" in the Back Room. Are there any other unlockable tables in the game? As far as I know, I need 100 credits to unlock a table in the game. At th...

12:37 PM
@Wipqozn I started following that but never quite finished it
I no longer like DF
@ThomasMcDonald Yeah, I have yet to finish to myself. I have not not had much chance to play at all :/ Unexpected plans came up last night and messed up my plans to play DF.
@RonanForman Too complicated?
they wont chop down trees or move the stuff into the stock pile, also I don't like the whole 3D but on a 2D map
not complicated just there's too much stuff
and it explains none of it
@RonanForman Are you sure your dwarfs are even capable of chopping down trees?
They need to be a woodcutter to do that.
I think one is...
and I definitely have an axe
12:42 PM
Did you just Play Now! with a default set-up of Dwarfs?
no, I chose the skills
someone downvoted my trade thread for no apparent reason.
@ThomasMcDonald link?
@RonanForman You should double check that one of them is a woodcutter.
If he is, maybe he's busy doing another task.
trying to get 5 keys for my bills, not likely I guess
12:44 PM
@Wipqozn I DON'T KNOW HOW!!!!!
that's the point
press "u", then press "c" on a dwarf
you can see what each of their skills are.
you scroll with the +- and move around with the arrow keys. If you hover over a dwarf it will show you their skills as well.
@ThomasMcDonald Isn't Bills cap highly sought after and rare?
@Wipqozn Yeah, but it's been declining in value recently
Okay but if I have to ask every time I wan't to do the simplest thing, it will get very difficult when it comes to the hard parts
No obvious reason either
@RonanForman The game does apparently have a very steep learning curve.
@ThomasMcDonald Well that must be annoying. Assuming you were looking to trade it anyways.
1:05 PM
Not enough TF2 in here anymore, doesn't anybody obey the law?
@CruelCow I approve.
1:25 PM
Good afternoon all
1:50 PM
What's up man?
not much, getting some music onto me phone for holiday
woo music
1:58 PM
mr blue sky, quality track
Oh shit, ELO? That's going way back.
I love their song "Fire On High"
Yeah, I know. I think my parents were more impressed with it than I was when I bought their greatest hits.
yeah my dad's a big fan
but then I think a lot of the music I enjoy is influenced by what my dad likes.
2:04 PM
@badp pfft, I wouldn't use that many LOLs. That's just arrogant.
@Mana He only used one LOL, followed by a series of OLs.
Q: How wide is the arc which the Spy can perform a backstab?

Augustus ThooCan anyone provide facts or stats on how wide at the back of an enemy player which a Spy can perform a successful backstab? Personally, I manage to inflict one at the side (90 deg, side-stab?).

or a series of LOs followed by a LOL.
@Thomas And it's still one LOL too many!
2:09 PM
@Ronan If you want to learn Dwarf Fortress, you pretty much have to constantly consult the wiki (at first) and accept that it'll take a few games to get a fortress really working
I like the Mike Mayday graphics set, which comes in a nice package, already set up with DF
I was trying hard to learn Dwarf Fortress until the concept of layers popped up. Then I decided that that was enough.
Phoebus also seems to be a popular option
I would also recommend Dwarf Therapist. I only started using it recently, but it makes the game so much better. Shows all your dwarf's skills in a nice grid for comparison, and lets you change them in a tenth of the time it otherwise takes
@Mana It's okay, I'm making a TF2 replay now. With an XKCD reference. I just need to figure out how to throw some Portal 2 reference in it.
or not.
@Mana it does take a particular (possibly skewed) personality to enjoy DF.
I happen to like games where figuring out how to play is part of the challenge
2:14 PM
It also takes a particular (possibly skewed) personality to enjoy torture.
@Mana Skewed is more interesting than straight!
It also takes a particular (possibly skewed) personality to enjoy you.
@badp :|
(is this a more appropriate amount of OLs?)
2:17 PM
It is so funny to me
@badp Reminds of the command "enjoy" from Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, where you can say "enjoy <person_name>" and the game scolds you for thinking this is a porno
@Mana :|
Not sure what trying to say
@Mana well, this is a dating sim, right?
points in @Grace's general direction.
2:19 PM
@Thomas Check my reaction to badp's post and you'll see that I'm saying pretty much the same thing you are
Oh no. Oh no no no no
No @badp, she's going to hound me some more :(
also if you guys are wondering where Grace is, she's in the English chat chilling
@Mana traitor!
@Mana Blasphemy!
In other news, I'm about to get ~100 translation proposals applied on the translation servers!
As you can guess I changed one small thing all over the place. :P
2:30 PM
Are you a translation moderator yet?
I don't think you can become one just by amount of strings submitted
Sort it out, you get yersen a community weapon
2:32 PM
half of em are for translation
I think
close enough
that's 24%
ooh, the cow-mangler must have dropped in my last life
2:38 PM
@ThomasMcDonald I now hate you.
@RonanForman Why?
Q: Is it possible to see which Oblivion mods a save relies on?

WhirlwinHaving transferred my Oblivion save file from the old computer to the new one, I don't remember all mods I had on the old computer (which I don't have access to anymore). Apart from guessing, is there any other way of knowing which mods was used with the save file? P.S. AFAIK, I didn't use Obli...

For getting items in TF2
you have a max head, you could get almost anything you wanted
2:40 PM
but I'd lose the max head!
I'll give ya 2 cow manglers for that head :P
I'll give you an alien swarm parasite & ellis cap for it
I mean, 2 hats has got to be better than one
Hmm, I should probably idle the last few hours of this weeks drop cap now
I don't think I'll hit it tonight before I go away
2:49 PM
Actually, @Ronan, where are all your hats?
You only have a max's head worth wearing
I declare thee poor and Irish
3:02 PM
i know, i don't play enough to get hat drops
I think the only hat drops I've had was a Gentleman's Gatsby, a Chieftains Challenge & a Bombing Run
I'm on a dungeon level where every door is hidden.
Arnie hates me. :(
Hm, pondering what game to play.
Get a DS emulator and Bangai-O! Spirits @FallenAngelEyes
@Mana What kind of game is that?
3:09 PM
Very fast-paced action game by Treasure with robots.
Huh, funky.
it's so fun. Treasure is probably my favorite game developer
Oh? What else have they done?
Name doesn't ring a bell off the top of my head
Gunstar Heroes, Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun, Sin & Punishment
Oh, Ikaruga!
3:12 PM
Did they make TF2?
Did they make Minecraft?
I have the GC version of that. I need to get the XBLA version.
And I've heard of the rest, but never of Bangai-O, huh.
I really really want to play Anno 1404 but it's not available on Steam anymore :(
I just feel like playing around with a good resource management game.
@Mana Ikaruga? Oh man
I love that game
@FallenAngelEyes It's not? Heavens to betsy.
Have you tried searching for "Dawn of Discovery"?
Yeah anno 1404 is on there still (in canada anyways). I think they just changed to the american name
@Wipqozn It says it's not available for purchase on Steam anymore when I go to the store page
@FallenAngelEyes oh, well then.
That is annoying :
I own it myself. Didn't play it as much is I would have like. Other games...
3:24 PM
Yeah :( And from reading the forum, it sounds like there was some sort of patching issue or somesuch and it's probably not coming back.
there really are too many games. They should stop making them. IT would be easier for me.
Checking game number 33210?
"Notice: The game is currently not available for purchase."
@Fallen What I'd suggest is I can either give you a very inconclusive idea of what you generally have to do to solve the puzzles, or I could tell you where to find in-game hints, where you could grab one for a single stage and use that to realize what it'll be like for all the rest of them.
I don't recommend purchasing all the hints at once, since half the fun is trying to figure out how devious EGS was.
@GraceNote Hmmm. I haven't actually sat down and given it an actual try yet, so I think I'll bang my head against the wall first before I ask. :)
3:30 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Definitely wise. That said, I don't actually know if hints are available in the demo.
@GraceNote I've no idea. I don't even know what constitutes a hint, hehe.
Once you find out a couple on your own, though, you should get into a zone where you'll realize just what you have to do for a whole lot of them. And possibly cry, too.
@FallenAngelEyes The hints are just a short description that kinda says what you might have to do.
Some of the later ones are so devilishly vague that you don't know why you bought it.
Gotcha and haha, awesome.
So they're purchaseable ingame?
Yes. I can tell you where... on Gaming. ♪
(Again, I don't know if it is available in the demo, but it'll definitely be where I say it is for the full version)
Hehe, gotcha.
3:33 PM
Oh, right, before I make a fool of myself, by the way, what is the item that increases your maximum health called in English?
...in general?
@badp It has a base name that really just gets a G or an X appended after it.
At least, in Japanese, that's how it goes.
I don't know, I don't think there's a specific name for it.
Now, if you were asking about a specific game, that'd be different.
Woah. Hullo @Grace.
@badp What does it call itself in the shop?
@badp We're talking about Chantelise.
3:36 PM
Yeah, then I don't know.
@GraceNote I... don't know. I don't think that shop is open to me yet.
Or at least I haven't seen one ingame. I'm currently hunting down the fortune teller.
@FallenAngelEyes You live in an item shop
Or does the place... yeah
It is named "Ferromin"
3:38 PM
"A basic mineral health supplement [Max HP Up]"
So wait, are we talking about Chantelise the 2006 game? Was it re-released or something?
@Mana It gets a translation on the 29th.
The demo came out, though, so I don't have much time to organize everything so that I can snipe every question as they come.
Was there a fan-translation or something?
3:40 PM
@badp Would you call health, ammo & metal attributes?
@Mana Not to my knowledge, no.
@ThomasMcDonald Context?
In the context of TF2 pickups
> They provide either health, metal or ammunition, and can only be collected if the player does not already have the maximum amount of the respective attribute.
3:41 PM
Doesn't feel quite right
@Thomas You should ask on English...;)
Usually, like badp indicates, you just specify the container, like say gauge or bar.
Also, I'm really enjoying using LaTeX now.
Though you'd probably rephrase it more like "only be collected if the player's respective <counter> is not at its maximum amount"
3:44 PM
Apart from the fact I tend to sprinkle ampersands all over my writing, and I'm always forgetting to escape them.
Hrm, ok, windowed problem with Chantelise is only if I'm using my gamepad.
Time to test if this is just limited to Chantelise now.
I don't have a viable gamepad to use. Which is saddening.
@GraceNote True, I'll probably use resource.
"if the respective resource"
I have a Logitech Rumblepad 2 which I quite like. I found Chantelise a bit frustrating to play with the keyboard because of the camera controls, so it's easier for me to use the gamepad.
3:45 PM
That sounds good, though calling "health" a resource, while wholly accurate, is a bit nesslig.
@FallenAngelEyes I have an old Logitech gamepad of unknown degree whose directional pad is horribad.
Eep. I just assigned my movement to the analog stick and it seems to work just fine.
Ok, so not a problem with Chantelise then, probably with gamepad. Crap.
rewrites question
I've been meaning to pick up a wired Xbox 360 controller, since you can apparently connect it to a PC.
@Powerlord It has to be a specific kind of wired, though, I think. Mine is wired for charging, so that doesn't quite work for using it as a gamepad on a computer
@GraceNote You've followed the directions here?: support.microsoft.com/kb/906347
If it's a Wireless controller, then it needs this instead:
@Powerlord No, because mine is wired for charging, not for transmitting the signal.
Hence why I'd need the aforementioned adapter.
3:56 PM
@Powerlord Huh, somehow I didn't know they made that. Nifty
Although reading some of the reviews, it sounds like the one listed there isn't actually by Microsoft, despite claiming to be on the page.
It looks like the official one, but says "XBOX 360" where the official one says "Microsoft"
I was hoping the how to connect an Xbox 360 wireless controller to your computer page would have a link to the MS Store with the official one or something
Amazon doesn't sell these products directly. That's strange.
I'd rather not deal with a third party, kthx, especially if reviews claim it's a third-party device rather than the official one.
4:15 PM
Q: Semtex Launcher in Call of Duty Black Ops

BrianSo what's the setup for launching semtex in call of duty: black ops? Semtex as the lethal and what else? Is it the china lake secondary? Thanks.

I can't decide whether to up- or downvote the new E.T. answer :D
A: How do I finish E.T for the Atari 2600?

KatieK Get a shovel. Dig a hole. Put E.T. cartridge in the hole. Fill the hole. Continue living.

@CruelCow I am similarly torn, though I know it must be removed.
Should I act as the arbiter of justice?!?!?! OR DO I VOTE WITH MY HEART?????
Heart @man.
Someone will clean it up anyway
Woohoo, finally an answer - and a great answer - to this good but old question:
A: What is the average rate at which sufficiently lit grass spreads in a line?

ChristopherWatching grass grow will not help you tell the time. Digging through the minecraft source code to find an answer to your question revealed the following problems with calculating an average time for grass to grow: It checks for grass two blocks in the North and East direction but only one bloc...

@CruelCow It's not a real answer, ergo it doesn't deserve an upvote. Amusing or otherwise.
@Mana Upvote away, maaaan.
4:32 PM
22 bundles sold
@badp heh, you jerk
@ArdaXi Oh neat. I have... 2 out of those already, but I'll dish out anyway.
You did the right thing.
@FallenAngelEyes Me too. Maybe I can finally play some games then here.
@badp Framerate affects grass growth? FFS notch!
4:33 PM
I'll buy it when I get back from holiday. Someone remind me in 7 days.
I'm only sad because I'd already bought VVVVVV.
@badp You realize it's free, right?
I'm happy that I didn't now.
@Wipqozn It isn't.
Why does @Gnomeslice never work.
@Wipqozn What? It's not.
4:34 PM
anyway, he can play Cogs now
Woo, I should be the purchaser #100.
@ArdaXi It used to be anyways, before it was on steam.
@Thomas Huh? Like, a job?
@Wipqozn Nope.
It's free just like most PopCap games are.
@ArdaXi Could have sworn it was free BACK IN THE DAY.
4:36 PM
@Mana no, like pinging him
it never comes up as a suggestion
@Wipqozn Just like most PopCap games. Free online version, premium version for download.
oh, heh
@ArdaXi I'm talking the full blown game being free.
I must be thinking of another game :/
4:37 PM
VVVVVV is the "jump button flips gravity" one
I know the game, I've played through it.
btw the bundle comes with Steam keys.
I just thought it was free.I got it when it first came out last year, so I must just have forgot I paid for it.
Trying Hammerfight first because it's smallest.
@badp Does it include all games though?
@ArdaXi yep.
I didn't however get a gift copy of VVVVVV as expected.
4:39 PM
@badp 1st bundle: Steam keys after 6-8 weeks
2nd bundle: Steam bundle completion after 6-8 weeks
3rd time's the charm I guess.
I think it actually was a few months on the first bundle
@badp 6-8 weeks is a generic term.
Yeah, it was a few months
@ArdaXi How is that a generic term? It's 6-8 weeks.
@FallenAngelEyes MSO
@ArdaXi ...Meta.Stack Overflow?
4:41 PM
A: The Many Memes of Meta

Robert CartainoMeme: 6 to 8 Weeks Originator: Jeff Atwood First Heard: May 13th, 2008 Cultural Height: In about 6 to 8 weeks Definition: The time estimate given "off the top of my head" when the Stack Overflow team has only a vague idea of how long a task will take because they have little-to-no formal sche...

Jeff said that Stack Overflow would take six to eight weeks to build during a podcast
Ah okay.
Joel (of Fogbugz) immediately busted him because he didn't actually do the math.
He didn't do any math.
4:43 PM
gah, still 16 minutes of rendering
Q: Mech build order for Squadron TD (Starcraft 2 mod)?

pcg79Does anyone know a good build order for the mech race in the Squadron TD mod for Starcraft 2? I've read through their forums. There's one thread for Mech and the BOs listed in there don't work.

waits for Notch to pay another $1000 for the bundle
Now uploading 466MB. :/
@ArdaXi Who is this "Notch" person you speak of?
@ArdaXi This is the fourth Indie bundle, not the third.
4:58 PM
@Powerlord They themselves advertise it as the 3rd.
@Wipqozn Minecraft developer.
at 50 kB/s, that should be 2 more hours and a half.
@badp The Frozenbyte bundle did so poorly they want to forget it, eh?
@Powerlord MInecraft? Never heard of it. What is it, a movie or something?
@Powerlord I guess they discounted it as a special case, but I don't remember reports of it being that poor.
4:59 PM
@Wipqozn Isn't it that one game where you play like Orcs or Humans and fight against whichever one you don't choose?
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