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12:06 AM
Q: Point of Cable Lift Hill

MaxpmI noticed that giga coasters in RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 can have cable lift hills. Instead of a chain running the length of the hill, a train-length cable travels from the top of the hill, picks up the train from the station, carries it back up, and drops it off the other side. What's the point ...

So, gaming, I have a question.
What is this third panel referencing?
@RavenDreamer It's clearly a reference to how unfunny Penny Arcade is.
If that were an answer, I'd down vote you. :(
Amelia Jessica 'Amy' Pond is a fictional character portrayed by Karen Gillan in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. Amy is the companion of the series protagonist the Doctor, in his eleventh incarnation. She marries Rory Williams and gives birth to a daughter Melody, who is revealed to be the recurring character River Song. Appearances Television Amelia Pond is introduced in the first episode of the 2010 series, "The Eleventh Hour" as a seven year old girl living with only her aunt, Sharon. At the end of Flesh and Stone, Amy reveals to the Doctor her u...
Are questions regarding legal game emulation on topic?
And yes, there is such thing as legal emulation
12:17 AM
@SimonSheehan Seems like it:
@CruelCow Awesome, thanks.
People often think emulation is immediate piracy, but it isn't always ;)
Anyways, hows it going guys?
@SimonSheehan It's going very y.
Had some bacon earlier, was delicious xD
@SimonSheehan actually there is a meta question about it: meta.gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/102/…
@CruelCow Thanks. +1 for yous.
12:24 AM
@CruelCow there doesn't seem to be a totally definite answer... I mean, what i'm doing is legal, but for others its usually the opposite
So although my question may be OK, I think this may be a bad place to post it
That's the first time I've actually encountered a bones file...
@ArdaXi bones file?
@Powerlord In Nethack, if you die, there's a chance it saves the level you died on, together with your ghost and the enemy that killed you to a file.
Then, in a later playthrough, you can stumble on it again and gain access to your old belongings.
Most of it is cursed though.
@ArdaXi Yesserday.
@GnomeSlice I find it easier to take your seriously now.
12:39 AM
@ArdaXi To clarify, do you mean 'less un-seriously' or actually 'seriously'?
@ArdaXi Also 'your seriously'.
@GnomeSlice Exactly. Think about it.
@ArdaXi Haven't you taken enough from me?
You need my seriously too?
@GnomeSlice No.
@GnomeSlice Yes.
Someone intervene.
@GnomeSlice Like who?
12:41 AM
@ArdaXi Someone non-@Arda
@GnomeSlice Nobody is truly non-@Arda.
@ArdaXi I sure am.
@GnomeSlice How sure?
@ArdaXi Verily.
@ArdaXi You're like one of those people who dangles vegetables in front of animals to make them unconsciously do work for you.
@GnomeSlice takes your vegetable
12:45 AM
@ArdaXi =[ Defence Grid looked pretty tasty man.
@ArdaXi Jerk. QQ
I wish I could see the starred list right now.
takes your vegetable - 57s ago by Arda Xi
Someone intervene. - 5m ago by GnomeSlice
Yes. - 5m ago by Arda Xi
No. - 5m ago by Arda Xi
It's clearly a reference to how unfunny Penny Arcade is. - 37m ago by Powerlord
Also, I'm on a Linux machine right now. No Steam for me.
@ArdaXi That's a great list. We need to get rid of @Powerlord though.
Star the one about taking vegetables.
@GnomeSlice If you get rid of me, I will rise up with slightly less hit points and backstab you!
It doesn't have quite the same ring to it as "more powerful than you can possibly imagine" does it?
I must be missing the reference.
12:51 AM
@Powerlord I figured as much.
Sounded spy-ish.
@Powerlord I don't see how this relates to those, other than that it's spy-ish.
                      /          \
                     /    REST    \
                    /      IN      \
                   /     PEACE      \
                  /                  \
                  |      Arda Xi     |
                  |      716 Au      |
                  |   killed by a    |
                  |   yeti, while    |
                  |     helpless     |
                  |                  |
                  |       2011       |
                 *|     *  *  *      | *
Are you happy now?
Q: How to beat the final boss from Momodora II?

Denilson SáMomodora II is a 2D-platformer metroidvania-style game. According to TIGSource, it was inspired by Cave Story. And I'm having trouble with the last boss fight. Warning, spoilers ahead! I'm now at the final room (at least I think it is the final one, it is the one with red stairs and a red c...

Why would that make me happy.
I don't know, schadenfreude?
@ArdaXi I have a video game with an ATV called schadenfreude.
It's really fast.
12:58 AM
@GnomeSlice ATV?
I'd never actually known the definition of the term before just now. I like it.
It's relevant.
1:12 AM
@Powerlord This is amazing.
@GnomeSlice You didn't know Avenue Q?
@ArdaXi Then, you think he's never heard... The Internet is for Porn?
@Powerlord Impossible.
@ArdaXi You're right, but just in case....
1:14 AM
@Powerlord And rapidly getting more inappropriate.
@GnomeSlice This musical was designed as an adult parody of Sesame Street.
@Powerlord One of the guys sounds like Kermit the Frog.
@Powerlord listening...
@GnomeSlice I think he's supposed to be a parody of Ernie.
@Powerlord I was actually talking about the other song.
Q: How can I get a random redston output?

WillSo here's the situation: I have x amount of redstone outputs, and I want that when I press a button, one of those redstone outputs to be on, and the rest off. When I press the button again, the output will turn off and a new one will be chosen. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!

1:29 AM
@Powerlord I think Rod is supposed to be Bert and Nicky is supposed to be Ernie.
2:15 AM
Damn you autocorrect...
user image
2:33 AM
Q: WoW Frost Mage help!

Dima Thefencingdude LukhtaiI have a blood elf frost mage level 19 and every time i level my frost bolt take just a bit longer to cast, right now normal cast is about 2.1 sec and with a special ability 1.5. I am confused please explain it to me!

I forget if I'd linked this to anyone but @Mana so here goes. Don't blame me if you spend over an hour reading these customer reviews.
2:53 AM
Grim Fandango is a personal computer game in the graphic adventure genre released by LucasArts in 1998 and primarily written by Tim Schafer. It is the first adventure game by LucasArts to use 3D computer graphics overlaid on pre-rendered, static backgrounds. As with other LucasArts adventure games, the player must converse with other characters and examine, collect, and use objects correctly to solve puzzles in order to progress. Grim Fandangos world combines elements of the Aztec belief of afterlife with style aspects of film noir, including The Maltese Falcon, On the Waterfront and Cas...
I need to find somewhere to download this.
Indie Game Links: Fantastical Indies http://bit.ly/p8VoCC
3:43 AM
@GnomeSlice Such a good game
I seem to recall it glitching out on any OS beyond Win 9x though
"Well look at you! - Input the petaphile code to play with Tofu Boy"
Q: How often can you clean a friend's buildings for Paradise Island?

ElvisI know how to clean your friend's buildings for the new achievement just recently added but how often does the cleaning brush appear? is it time based?

4:30 AM
Q: What are the differences between the Golden Ship and the standard ship?

Denilson SáDuring the Steam Summer Camp sale in 2011, Beat Hazard received a new gear called Golden Ship. (if you didn't unlock it during the summer sale, then you can't unlock it anymore) So, I've unlocked the golden ship, but what are the differences between it and the normal ship? Are they just cosmetic...

@Mana O_o
I've been spending a lot of time on TVTropes.
At first I thought Jeff Atwood was stalking me, then I realized that he just has the same avatar that they use for the "High Octane Nightmare Fuel" subtropes.
5:20 AM
@sjohnston =[
2 hours later…
7:25 AM
Q: Internal view Mod for X3: Terran Conflict ?

dysocoAnyone knows a Mod for a Internal View in X3: Terran Conflict ? I mean, from inside the Ship. Sorry for my crappy English.

1 hour later…
8:31 AM
Q: Movement speed differences with different object in hand?

TomI was wondering, are there any movement speed differences if you hold specific objects in your hand? I'm interested even in a small movement speed difference, like, in decimals.

3 hours later…
11:05 AM
game-development perhaps?
let me check
@badp Exactly. Why?
@ArdaXi I actually have no clue, because I didn't add that tag.
11:08 AM
Your tag set only includes and .
That was very much intentional.
I can only assume that tag sets now do stemming.
Can you add a not rule too?
so if it contains or and !?
Q: Do tag sets now do stemming?

badp's sockpuppetI use this tagset to feed game-related questions on the Gaming room: games and gaming questions from all sites. However, we recently got a bunch of questions that don't have either tag, but are tagged game-development. Those don't pertain our interests. Do tag sets now do stemming? Can this b...

@RonanForman Not ostensibly
11:27 AM
@badp is a synonym for on SO.
very non elegantly
12:02 PM
satisfying spy round
prevented engies from getting teleports by painstakingly awkward teleport entrance sniping
loved how they really didn't hunt for me
'oh yeah that might be a red spy on the stairs opposite the teleports, who cares.'
not sure how they sap there though
I dreamt about the website
Steam was doing another type of achievement promotion thing and I was posting a question on the site for it to help traffic
12:18 PM
@FallenAngelEyes So, you're obsessed with us?
@Wipqozn You aren't?
@Wipqozn Admittedly, this isn't the first time I've dreamt about the site!
@ArdaXi Nah, too busy being obsessed with myself.
@FallenAngelEyes Next you'll dream about having a dream about the site.
In fact... you could be dreaming right now...
12:22 PM
slow-mo trombone blast
Still have yet to see the movie, nor do I intend to. I hear it's good though.
I quite enjoyed it. Makes you think.
Also, huh, dunno if anyone linked it here yet, but the NY Times did a 6 page article on Dwarf Fortress
@ThomasMcDonald You know Inception is already about dreams, right?
@ArdaXi yes.
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah I think someone linked it on friday.
Really need to play DF. I keep meaning to.
12:26 PM
We had a chat room for it but I think it's been frozen
There was even a succession game going on for a bit
Check out some of the blog backlogs
Yeah, I've been trying to get into it
failing, admittedly
Yeah, I started it once but only only played for a few minutes. It was just on a break at work, and it seemed too complex to just pick up and play so I've been meaning to do it at home.
It's pretty well known for its steep learning curve
I was following a guide somewhere
12:31 PM
but it didn't have any obvious hats anywhere, which was disappointing
This really makes me want to play DF.
@ThomasMcDonald NO hats!??!?! Jeez, why even bother.
Well, there probably is somewhere, such is the apparent complexity of DF
but they will be ASCII hats. I mean, come on
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah I figured. Which in fine, I like games with a steep learning curve. Just wasn't the ideal game to pick up in the last 15 minutes of a break
Haha definitely not
12:34 PM
C'mon Windows, hurry up and install
Reading that article, I'm kind of afraid that Tarn (DF's creator) is gonna like, keel over and die before he ever gets 1.0 out
he lives on a diet of soda and one meal a day from like, Quiznos o_O
heavens to betsy
that sure is intense
There. DF is now on me flash drive.
Along with ADOM, Nethack, and Zork.
Re: DF: The wiki is your friend, consult it religiously
Thanks for the advice.
They've also got "Starting Out" articles there
and there's quite a few questions on our site as well
12:46 PM
I like the sounds of adventure mode. Sounds like it would be really fun to play after something terrible has happened and all your dwarfs died.
I've never dipped into that part m'self
I just think it would be cool to explore your abandoned fort. If it's possible to start it, say, 100 years after you abandon it that would be even cooler.
hehe yeah
Not sure how it works exactly
The biggest issue I had was finding a place to start
because there's so much advice on what makes a good starting location
12:52 PM
Ask a question?
and it seemed to be really difficult to find one without an aquifer.
You can download an addon that eliminates aquifers I believe
@FallenAngelEyes That's a good idea. Could prove a nice way to get people to our site too.
@ThomasMcDonald can I get some peer review? gaming.blogoverflow.com/?p=1770&preview=true
@badp Page not found
12:56 PM
@FallenAngelEyes same here
I don't think you can link to previews
@FallenAngelEyes if you are a blog editor you might need to login
Dunno, Ivo opened that link just fine
Ah, does need login
@badp Do you mind if I make a spelling/grammar pass?
@FallenAngelEyes Not in the slightest
FaN? Really
1:01 PM
Fan o'war is basically a straight upgrade, in most play
@ThomasMcDonald Keep in mind I only suggested 43 items.
it's not like the FaN is keeping other items out.
Wow, Demoman section is short
He actually doesn't have a lot of items
once you overlook all the crap melee options
I could've mentioned the Persian Persuader perhaps
Demoknight is generally awesome all round.
Demoknight is the cancer that is killing TF2 warrgarbl.
(not really but still)
Demoman is also one of the classes I play the least
together with Sniper and Heavy
1:07 PM
@badp Ah, that's what I figured
Finished my pass and saved edits
@FallenAngelEyes um, all weapons hit on demand :)
but the original was wrong too. Well spotted
@badp Ah. It was the phrase "which trades the knockback with guaranteed minicrits" that I was looking to clarify
Oh, also, don't forget to put the TF2 tag on it :)
it currently has no tags
Thanks so much @Fallen :)
No prob! :) I've been slacking on editing passes the last month and a bit cuz I've been going through some personal life stuff, but I'm trying to get back in the swing of things now.
I wish I had all the items I was talking about or suggesting
then I could just arrange them in a loadout page and take a screenshot.
1:19 PM
Yeah, from a reader POV, it's very informative.
I haven't played TF2 really since the store was introduced, so I found all the information there very helpful
okies, afk for some housework (bleh), laters all
1:43 PM
jumps in
@Mana Yeah you would.
I thought it was a cool enough entrance.
oh wtf
tf2b updates in real time
my precious drop order
lost forever
pats badp on the shoulder It's just a gamebro.
@badp hahahahaha
1:55 PM
It's not the game. IT'S THE DROP ORDER :(
I thought it was more of a feature than anything else
what's one of those with some kind of history?
user image
1:56 PM
@ThomasMcDonald Yeah, I have a snapshot there that's kinda old but not terribly old
Thanks so much.
interface is not so nice though
can I burrow a few items for you for the screenshot? I need tomislav, splendid screen and perhaps something else
if you must
tf2b.com/?id=lamb021 get picking, I'll be on in half an hour :)
Okay, I need a 17, a 21, a 50, a 44 and 45
so a Splendid Screen, a Tomislav, a Syndey Sleeper, a Liberty Launcher and an Atomizer
and I need to reboot Steam to English.
2:21 PM
@Mana There can only be one response to that
don't bring me down, bruce.
heehee adjusts glasses inteeeeeeeenseeeee
It's clearly the best commercial ever made.
Although this comes close
2:26 PM
@Wipqozn LOL
ELO greatest hits is possibly the greatest album ever
(at the zelda rap)
@Wipqozn I was about to link that one actually
Man, Nintendo has made some strange commercials.
Also the japanese have made some strange commercials.
Smash Bros. commercial is a classic
although that edit sucks
2:28 PM
@Mana yeah I copied the wrong video
the above is the correct one
oh my god, such passion.
I really need to play through paper mario again
Actually I never did play through thousand year door. Keep meaning to do that.
glares at ever increasing list of backlogged games
one day... one day...
3:00 PM
Q: Is Urn of Shadows in DotA affected by Magic Resistance?

DecencyIt's relevant to Maledict, I need to find out whether the damage from Urn is flat HP loss (true/pure damage or if it's reduced by 25% or more. Thanks. =)

3:18 PM
@ThomasMcDonald I take it I can't take your credit to team?
3:33 PM
@Wipqozn that's a scary preview picture
Q: what is the right way to use a water candle?

ProSayI have been wondering do water candles work if you place them on the floor or on the table, or if they only work if it is in your hand.

3:49 PM
Q: What is an effective counter to lategame Protoss balls in TvP

DecencyI'm a Diamond Terran frequently matched up against Masters level players. If a TvP ends before 15 minutes, I'm usually the one winning it, but in lategame I rarely do as well. I usually focus on Maraduer+Ghost+Viking as I've seen top players do so very effectively, but it rarely works for me due...

Q: How Background mode works ?

dysocoI just enabled "Run Game in Backgroun" in X3: Terran Conflict. But I don't know how it works, I just minimize... or what ? Thanks.

4:24 PM
@badp My what
2 hours ago, by badp
so a Splendid Screen, a Tomislav, a Syndey Sleeper, a Liberty Launcher and an Atomizer
@badp Yeah, when Operation Arrowhead has finished downloading
This didn't look too hot.
You don't look too hot.
4:26 PM
@Mana Surprised you want the Sydney Sleeper. I thought you didn't play sniper?
@Wipqozn I need it for a blog post.
I am not badp.
Ive got 4 of those :?
4:27 PM
@Mana You are now.
Bastard. :/
Let's go merge me and... me then.
Can you make @mana a tag synonym for @badp?
@Wipqozn When there'll be those tags to synonymize
Speaking of the Sydney sleeper, it's an interesting gun. I'm not a fan of it for traditional sniping, but it offers a different way to play. Instead of killing opponents yourself you just jarate them to make it easier for others to kill them.
4:40 PM
Q: How to finish E.T on Atari

WarfaceI've just bought that game and I can't figure out how to play this. I fall into holes all the times and get stuck there. Please help !!! I think this game have potential but need some finish to it.

@Lazers not sure if troll or not
@Lazers That looks like a troll post to me.
If someone can answer the question though, let them do it. If he's serious, then we've helped him. If troll we won't give him the satisfaction.
Actually he has no history of trolling, so I think he's just joking around. Really have a hard time believing he's serious.
@Mana I remember saying that before.
Was that Legendary Team video linked in here yet?
4:59 PM
@ArdaXi No idea what you're talking about
I've just played the four most horrible rounds of TF2 in a long while
even with a server change in the middle
@ArdaXi ah yes, that. That is awesome.
Hey, the Chantelise demo is out. From Carpe Fulgur, the group who localized Recettear.
so. many. failstab.s
5:14 PM
@badp and you just made a type too. This is not a good day for you.
Shattered Horizon is 75% off. Good game. Disorienting though.
Note to self: do not #rub magic lamps with unknown beautitude.
on a team fortress related note
GOing to completely change my sniper layout. I've been using Bazaar Bargain, Razorback and Tribalman's Shiv but I'm planning to switch to the SNiper rifle, jarate, and bushwacka.
Yeah, I just need to play a different game today
everything I tried failed in a way or another
why do you have to lose to make wins fun?
if your team plays miserably 60% of the time, the 40% when it doesn't will feel 60% better perhaps?
I find the razorback is rarely useful if you're being observant, and it can be easy to not notice the sound when you're really focused on a target. As for the bazaar bargain, I do like the gun in theory, but in practice it's a huge handicap. It really reduces my ability to snipe, since you really never want to make a shot which isn't a headshot. Ideally that's what you want to do, but at times you can't see an enemies head anyways.
@badp lololol Yeah. I hate when you're not playing that great, and every single team you play with is terrible as well.
:1437375 Fixed. Meant to say 'in practice'
@Wipqozn What you need to remember is that the bazaar bargain starts at -3 headshots in practice
where 0 is the normal sniper rifle
5:29 PM
Yeah exactly, another problem I have with it :/
only after three headshots in a row you'll start having advantages.
Just like the eyelander starts at -2 heads
Except the eyelander doesn't lose heads for hit hitting or hitting them in the body.
The bazaar bargain certainly has potential, but they just need to remove some of the negatives. If it didn't remove heads for bodyshots, and instead had no effect on number of heads it would be balanced in my eyes.
Chantelise seems fun so far
@ThomasMcDonald ?
5:38 PM
@badp could be worth a watch
Nah. The footer has no engineer. Nothing good can come up out of it.
Yes it does...
@FallenAngelEyes what's the premise?
Also, I need to acquire a strange scattergun
@ThomasMcDonald How strange.
5:40 PM
oh. The engie is the open armed guy saying "kill me now I am unarmed"
Isn't that how TF2 is anyway?
yes, yes it is.
I need to watch some more casts anyways
@FallenAngelEyes Oh. it's just a typical hack'n'slash RPG? That's disappointing. I was hoping it was something unique, like recettear.
@Wipqozn I guess? Not sure about other gameplay elements yet. Ask @Grace, she's played the original version
5:44 PM
@FallenAngelEyes I was reading up on it.
Actually, that footer is awesome
May have to sneak that onto my desktop
Think this'll be easier to play with a gamepad
@Wipqozn I'm acutally surprised we don't get more of these based on how many votes "How do I do a barrel roll" got. I must be the only person on the site that downvoted that question.
@bwarner Never seen that question before (just searched it though). I have to agree the barrel roll question was a joke, but at least the question was well formatted and had proper grammar.
5:49 PM
@bwarner You can't have downvoted it
It has no downvotes
@ThomasMcDonald I was just thinking the same thing :P But I assumed he got drunk one night and forgot about it.
Actually, it occurs to me there is no question actually being asked in the E.T. one. Excellent. I can now vote to close without having to consider whether he is being serious or not (which I highly doubt she is).
Bah, I swear I had. Oh well.
It's okay; it just means you're a liar and a fraud and we'll never believe anything you say ever again.
Yeah, definitely liking Chantelise better with a gamepad
6:16 PM
Q: Can you reorder magic stones after you pick them up in Chantelise?

FallenAngelEyesI can't find anything in the manual regarding this. I know that certain stone combinations will create different spells, so I'm wondering if I need to adjust my current "strategy" of just running around and picking up whatever stones are lying on the ground, or if there's a way to arrange them af...

Sheesh, Arnie really hates me today.
I appear to have been made driver for my unit
6:54 PM
Has anyone here played the MoH reboot? How is it? Worth a buy?
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