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7:16 PM
@Iszi I heard it was pretty eh, but a lot of people seem quick to call decent things eh these days.
Yay, ETF2L badges are coming out "in the next update or so"
Which could be another year or thereabouts I guess
@ThomasMcDonald source?
Need to see if the remnants of my team are up for 6v6 sometime
7:28 PM
or we could get a g.se team. :)
Hell, it's about time
even for Valve standards they are long overdue :(
Yeah, I mean, my team did pretty terribly
g.se 6v6 team would be awesome though.
@Badp - I just got IMPETUS.FLAWESS . I think I officially have no life.
@badp will play for us I guess :)
7:47 PM
I just came across an ROT13 app with both an encode and a decode button.
@Arda Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!
@Mana Did you just nerd-gasm over a ROT13 app?
@Iszi There was some sarcasm intended. Or, well, not really sarcasm, but more just kind of being silly.
Q: Can I start with Plants vs. Zombies Game of the Year edition?

AndyI've never played any Plants vs. Zombies games. The PopCap site says this on their: Plants vs. Zombies page: Get ready to soil your plants! Again! PopCap's fun-dead game of the year is updated and expanded with 20 new achievements and the interactive Zombatar™. Make your very own zombie, then...

8:30 PM
@RavenDreamer What chapter of BTB Runner is that?
Well done at any rate
@ThomasMcDonald I find the idea of 6v6 boring honestly
8:57 PM
@badp you're boring honestly.
I know. How on earth can I dislike soldier demoman and scout?
@Thomas Do you have any idea how many times I looked over at that message and had to resist saying that? DO YOU??
I find the idea of all of you boring.
Scout is awesome
@Arda Boring honestly. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!
8:58 PM
Scout is awesome when his meatshots actually land
@Mana Do you have any idea how many times I looked over at you and had to resist? DO YOU??
when I hit the broad side of a heavy and miss, that's not fun
then you missed, not hit it
Oh I hit him on my monitor.
@Arda Whoooooa, okay, Arda, is there something you're trying to tell me?
8:59 PM
That, or I hit him like I hit that scout/demoman combo from that video.
Got some good replays of heavy kills tonight
Mostly using the fan o'war
but if you come frontal with a heavy, you're doing it wrong
@Mana Never.
9:02 PM
drops dead and gives @badp twenty
@ThomasMcDonald There's no other way really!!
@badp yes there is
round the back
double exclamation point = joke
3 shots point blank
9:10 PM
dead heavy
alternatively, fan o'war, two shots in the back
dead heavy
@badp Impressive.
Engine Error
GetDynamicBaseline: FindStringIndex(212-CTFRocketLauncher_DirectHit) failed.
This is ever so slightly worrying
@badp Missing with the DirectHit crashes your game now? Sounds like good balance
9:19 PM
Yup, this replay makes TF2 crash.
Since I titled it 'hah' I'm kinda sad about that.
This replay is even wierder
it shows the heavy aiming upwards but the bullets coming out at a different angle
ah well, I'll render it anyway
also, question_count++
Loadout server not available :/
9:23 PM
is there a way to stich takes together in the replay editor?
you should be able to use Youtube for that however
this replay is so much more rewarding watching it being rendered in slow motion
I guess I'll have to stich em together then
9:27 PM
I have reason to use iMovie for the first time ever
@badp - the first
be aware that then you won't get achievements for it
And also, in my opinion, the most boring.
oh man
I saved a replay 'hah'
5 minutes, 1 kill, 4 destructions as spy.
9:31 PM
I do not know why I took a replay of that
Q: Turn off Hardcore Mode on Mount&Blade

RobertoI regret being playing Mount & Blade in hardcore mode. Is there a way to turn it off?

Q: What does the "Enable Glow Effect" checkbox do?

Thomas McDonaldI'm about to render a replay, and amongst the advanced options in the modal dialog there is a checkbox to "Enable Glow Effect". What is this, and what effects will it have on my replay if I enable it?

@badp good job?
Most of my replays seem to have about 10 seconds of good footage
actually, I think one of these is a frontal heavy kill
@Thomas Time to make a poorly edited montage, set it to heavy death metal music or Linkin Park and upload it!
9:36 PM
I'll do the poorly edited bit
I'm thinking more wububububzzzzbuwubuwbuzubwub for the music
oh true
haha, ragdoll expressions and postures are priceless
wait for the drop, yo
Oh no, all the thumbnails are broken! :( That must hurt.
Rendering is painfully slow.
9:49 PM
When I want these clips like, right now
and my computer says nonono wait we're gonna take 5 minutes to render 9 seconds.
Where's that spell of create monster when you need it? :/
@ThomasMcDonald 5 minutes? That's fast!
@badp fast? I should turn down all the dials and see how fast it is then. ;)
also, apparently you can do some trickery with file swapping to upload a modified video through tf2
9:59 PM
not that I can be bothered
um, TF2 gives me 15-60 minutes to render a six minutes movie on lower than lowest settings
it crashed in much less however
TF2 estimates are way too high
btw @ThomasMcDonald how about that sydney sleeper?
Keep in mind I'm holding your tomislav
it said it would be 59-140min for that 9 second clip
@badp ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿
10:01 PM
That's why I want to get this screenshot done fast. :)
I also want to reassemble my backpack
I was about to go to bed
Fine, let's keep it til tomorrow then.
and by that, I mean I've just turned my desktop off and can't be doing with it's 5 minute startup time
10:06 PM
alriight, montage is looking sweet. now for @man 's favourite music
> Tinning a corpse is clearly one of the most action-packed turns a player [of NetHack] will ever experience.
I love the NetHack wiki.
Q: What are Glyphs and how to get them in WoW?

Dima Thefencingdude LukhtaiI am a Blood Elf Frost Mage lvl 21 and i was wondering what are glyphs? Where do you learn them in horde area and what should i be doing with them.

10:22 PM
Now what?
Hug the walls and search.
Alternatively dig downwards.
@badp Yeah, managed that. Eventually died due to blindness.
10:43 PM
Oh, I can publish to YouTube from iMovie
11:06 PM
Also, Valve knows there's a bunch of crashes and freezes they're trying to fix in TF2.
We'll see how many days it takes them.
The known bugs are: Bug in libcurl when DNS times out. Causes crash? not sure.
Random "memory scribble" (their words, not mine). Results in a memory corruption. Crashes server.
Server randomly hangs. Maybe be related to "memory scribble."
@Powerlord good times
They asked server admins to send them crash dumps earlier today, which some did... Valve said they have enough crash dumps for now.
Also, the player count bug was supposedly fixed in the last update.
However, having disabled replays, I can't tell!
11:24 PM
@ArdaXi oh my
Are those non-ASCII graphics?
For shame @ArdaXi, for shame. I used to think you were cool, and now? Well now I just don't know what to think anymore.
Someone needs to make an ASCII version of The Legend of Zelda.
@Powerlord That's quite possibly the smartest thing you ever said
@Wipqozn No, not really.
After all, it doesn't involve
@Powerlord Exactly.
btw, I intentionally didn't log on from work today. Thought it'd be less distracting if I didn't.
11:28 PM
So, I worked on my TF2 extension instead... starting at 3:30pm.
So much for finishing it!
Lots of changes to make in the simplification process.
But...@ThomasMcDonald Where was the music?????
@Wipqozn I had ASCII on first, but that client doesn't work properly.
@ArdaXi Ah I see
@Wipqozn I don't mind the text sometimes, the images it shows. Running from the D's and L's and killing all the o's.
11:36 PM
I love ASCII graphics myself. They just look so awesome.
I am crazy though, so I may not be the best judge of such things.
I usually use ASCII whenever there's a possibility someone will see my screen.
"What are you doing?" "Hacking into the Pentagon, why?"
It does make you look more awesome.
I hope I didn't just fire some kind of an alarm at the FBI for saying that.
Oh you're pretty much screwed. I assume the Men in Black will be at your door in a few minutes.
There are no Men in Black where I am. Trust me.
needs OTR for SE chat
11:53 PM
This is awesome.
Playing the original Metroid after playing Zero Mission makes you realize exactly how old that game really is.'
And also how much more difficult @Powerlord!
I'm not gonna say it this time. @Mana, it's all yours.
@Mana Yeah
@Arda What are you talking about now maaaaaan?
11:57 PM
@Mana You don't see it? Really?
I just tried opening a color-patched Metroid 2 game in VisualBoy Advance M... it was hideous
Oh, apparently there's something I should be looking for in the history.
er... I mean... playing it on... a real... gameboy
Have you played ADOM @ArdaXi?
Oh! @Arda Is it a joke about Powerlord's age??
11:59 PM
KIGB also is hideous on this color hack. :/
@Mana Show some respect for your elders!
@Mana Finally.
grabs his cane and whacks Arda with it
@Wipqozn A what?
@Powerlord Abuse! Abuse!
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