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12:01 AM
12:14 AM
oh hey @Cerberus, welcome to Gaming chat!
Also, I love Kongregate games <_<
@FallenAngelEyes Greetings, and thank you!
Yeah they have some good games.
I like Kongay and Tyrant a great deal.
I think I'm level... 19? Something like that.
There's this "game" I play called Anti-Idle that I leave open in my browser all the time :x
There's not even badges for it, but it amuses me
I played that one for a while.
It's sort of like a flash game version of IdleRPG, if you've ever "played" that on IRC
Then I realized that I hated myself.
Hated what I had become.
12:18 AM
I'm sad that they don't have the card challenges anymore :(
It is so stupid of them.
They are depriving both themselves and Kongai of traffic.
@Mana I am amused that you are using punctuation
I blame @Cerberus and his EL&U aura
Oh? Surely he isn't doing it for me...
12:22 AM
I use punctuation sometimes!
I keed, I keed
I mainly omit it when I'm being dry/sarcastic
Usually, I tend not to use periods at the ends of sentences for chatting
So how is your boyfriend's perception of language and accents going?
but I do in the EL&U room because I'm afraid of making people subconsciously cringe or something
12:23 AM
An excellent idea!
Even on Kongregate there are several rooms where the regulars demand that you use proper punctuation.
I realized a couple years ago that I tend not to use perfect punctuation unless I'm angry
Funny... it feels like a weapon to you?
A friend ended up pointing this out to me. He could tell when I was upset by the way I typed.
It's to avoid ad hominem attacks on what I'm trying to say
If my spelling/grammar/etc. is perfect, then someone can't be like "lulz, you spelled <such and such> wrong" and avoid the actual crux of the argument
oh maaaaan, I hate that
Likewise! Thus, my typing habits become more precise when I'm being serious
In general, the people I'm around know me well enough to know that my lack of perfect punctuation isn't indicative of a lack of intelligence
so it doesn't matter much if I leave it off
12:27 AM
@FallenAngelEyes Very true. It is just hard to argue seriously with someone who is, say, picking his nose. Fallacies are on the lookout to grab you.
Also I often tend to think and thusly type in short fragments
It would be interesting to find a chat log of mine from ten years ago. I have no idea how I used to type in chat. I do know I used proper punctuation in e-mails; but I did use "lol" and such.
What is the oldest chat log you have of yourself?
I didn't even get on IRC til 2001, so probably from then I think
I didn't have internet til like 1999
and was on dialup til 2007, which is when I moved to the Netherlands
I joined my first online forum when I was 12...so...2004?
I have journal entries and such from 2001/2002, and I used a lot more excessive punctuation then, I've noticed
like "My mom is driving me crazy!!!!!!!"
12:30 AM
I was a lot more hyperactive, sensitive, gullible, was obsessed with japanese stuff, and liked the emoticon XD
The latter two were mainly the influence of the people who I met on said forum.
@FallenAngelEyes Cute!
I still use several emoticons, just not here though
They are also the people who ultimately shaped me into the lovable, incredibly intelligent person you talk to today.
@Mana Yeah we take over things from our peers. I used to use emoticons too when I began my journey on the Internets.
12:32 AM
I've used some often enough that it's easier to convey the feeling/meaning of what I want to say just through those rather than explaining, with some friends at least
@Mana And incredibly modest too?
Like - or ``
@FallenAngelEyes Incidentally, where do you live exactly?
@Cerberus Oh man, I am just the most modest guy.
@FallenAngelEyes Is that an emoticon too, these days?
12:33 AM
@Cerberus Delft
Those both are, yes. :) - is an upside-down face, mostly used to convey a feeling of exasperation and `` is 2 eyes that are kind of peering at someone in feigned innocence usually
oh I just realized that the first one isn't coming through
@Mana You radiate modesty like an irradiated sack of nuclear waste! But I think I am your superior in that. I am so modest that I boast it a great deal, which makes you seem more modest in the end.
There should be 2 underscores surrounding the -
@FallenAngelEyes Ah, yes, I remember.
@Powerlord where are yooooo
@FallenAngelEyes Ah! That explains something.
1:03 AM
insert coin
extends paws
Heh. Have you tried typing that yet?
insert coin
Q: Help me find an old DOS game "Detective"

WarfaceI don't know if some of you guys played that game where you are a detective and need to find all the golden coins hidden in the house. I remember the house was red and it was a point and click game. I was 5 when i've played this so it could be around 1987 that this game has been release. Maybe i...

Q: Best way to grow on Tiny Tower (iPhone)

WarfaceDo you guys know the best way to get money and make everyones happy in Tiny Tower. It's very addicting and need some help to get money fast and build more floors.

1:43 AM
Evening everyone
Hullo hullo.
hows it going?
What's up @Simon?
@Mana Oh nothing much, just hopped on TF2 and thought I'd visit. I visit often but rarely chat, so hello world!
oh cool!
1:51 AM
Yeah :D so whats up with you @Mana?
Q: Earning Experience Faster in BC2

Simon SheehanI currently own Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on my PS3, and was just getting started on the game. It seems that between each level there is a HUGE experience gap, making leveling very difficult. I'd like to unlock more weapons, but getting a few thousand XP can take me up to two hours. What are som...

Yep, thats mine :D
Not too much man, chat randomly went down for me. I am debating rooting my android phone.
I hear good things about rooting it. my friend overclocked his even
@Mana ^
Yeah, I was reading up in 2600 about how you can use some applications along with being rooted to set up a Wi-Fi network that other people can connect to, and then see all the stuff they send over it.
That sounds kind of neat.
Also, what the heck lol. That's awesome.
2:00 AM
Haha, yeah. There seems to be a lot you can do rooting it
@Mana So what kind of games are you into?
Seeing as this is the gaming area ;)
Yay, two more of my servers had crashes.
@Powerlord Game servers? If so, what game?
Heh. Well, I don't really game so much anymore. I used to play them all the time and then one day I just got really bored so I deleted all of them off my computer.
But I used to play mainly RPGs and Rhythm Games, along with the occasional FPS.
I mainly hang out here because I find the people interesting.
@SimonSheehan Team Fortress 2.
Yesterday's update makes servers crash a lot.
@Powerlord And what game modes are they running? Sourcemod?
2:05 AM
I've had 3 server crashes in the last 24 hours.
I havent had too many issues so far
Only one crash so far
@SimonSheehan Yes, but this sounds like it happens on all servers since yesterdays update... at least that's what the reports on hlds_linux say.
Which is the Linux server mailing list.
@Powerlord I am subscribed to it, havent read anything yet today. I am an admin in a community running 4 servers, we didn't have too many issues. As long as SM isnt broken, its good
Because if Sourcemod breaks...big problems happen
@badp @GraceNote So I'm not sure if this is going to ping either of you since you haven't spoken in a bit, but I recall that we were trying to remove the tag entirely. But every question needs a tag and there are some game-rec questions that don't have any other applicable tags, at least as far as I can tell. How do we handle these?
@SimonSheehan There has been a lot of traffic on hlds_linux, including a message from Valve asking for crash dumps to diagnose these crashes.
2:17 AM
@Powerlord Valve helping us? Oh my. At least their helping today
Hopefully it gets resolved in a small update
Freeware Game Pick: Gang Garrison 2 (mrfredman/MedO/Many Others) http://bit.ly/pp1zrD
Team Fortress 2... parody? Fan game? I dunno but it looks like fun.
All I know is that I've had four crashes: 1 on my primary (nocrits) server, 2 on my secondary (crits) server, and 1 on the new server I'm setting up to replace the other servers because of the sheer amount of lag they're getting lately.
Wow, I remember playing that two years ago @GnomeSlice
Actually, I just added a few IPs that were allocated to me to the server as aliases to eth0.
Fan game. And yeah it is.
2:19 AM
@Mana Really?
@Powerlord good luck then o.o
I'd never bothered to set up those IPs before, because this server literally hosts one website and that's it.
Truly. Or maybe it was Gang Garrison 1.
@Mana There is no Gang Garrison 1 as far as I know.
The 2 is because it's a demake of Team Fortress 2.
Yeah, it was Gang Garrison 2. I played it back in '08.
2:20 AM
Hell, Valve mentioned it on the main TF2 site in like mid-2009.
David Hayter (the voice of Solid Snake) has a voice acting role in The Old Republic. #SDCC
oo. I'm an absolutely MGS fanboy, and i like star wars. Might have to try that once its out!
@SimonSheehan It's an MMO, in case you're not aware. Something to consider.
@GnomeSlice Im hoping they have a trial (like most MMOs) as currently the only packages to choose from while buying the game now dont mention anything.
2:44 AM
Swapping to my iPod for now. I'll probably be over in the Super User room. Cya guys later!
@SimonSheehan Ciao.
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4:00 AM
Q: Why are there difficulty levels in games with progress independent power gain?

tonlapThis is very common, and the only difference is always more DMG/Health on the NPCs. Is this not useless? When you approach an enemy you can't beat on hard mode, you slay for example more mobs to get to a higher level and beat him with better stats. But if you had easy mode on you would be able t...

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6:55 AM
So @ArdaXi really is a mimic octopus?
7:27 AM
I just modded Dwarf Fortress so that all animals share the same skin.
It was harder than that sounds.
@RandallMunroesxkcd I live in Southeast Asia and what is this...
@Cerberus I do, although it's not that fun anymore until they release their next update
7:54 AM
Q: What's wrong with my mob trap?

DanieLI have made a 50x50 mob trap as specified in the tutorial here but everytime I enter the area, mobs spawn inside of the trap, but after they die, no more appear. What am I doing wrong? The floor of the trap is at y = 67 and the collection point is at the side of one of the edges of the trap at y...

8:24 AM
Q: [Spoilers] How does Wheatley...

jSepia...reassemble himself after GLaDOS crushes him when she awakes? I have looked all over chapters 2 and 3 but I must be missing something.

8:40 AM
Q: Is Ragnarok PvP better on Private Servers or Retail Servers?

Gio BorjeI've heard that it's better on private servers from some friends but this conflicts with me as a WoW player. In WoW, it's common knowledge that PvP on retail is better than on private server. Is this true?

@Mana It's a good question; @Grace wasn't happy with my tagging game-recs before deletion and thus I stopped. I guess we could add the tag once the question is deleted, but...
Oh jeez
Altitude changed its logo again
I still liked the first better
8:58 AM
Yo @badp
Do we need OpenTTD in the title of most of these questions?
@badp I'm not Southeast-Asian. :O
9:00 AM
The problem is that until a tag grows large enough you need the game name in the title
I removed one. baby steps...
I wish I properly understood signals in OpenTTD
too many options
I know. Concurrency is a bitch
We should know, right? :)
9:08 AM
oh yeah
The wiki isn't exactly an easy place to start
but it gets easier once you agree to connecting a place with two tracks, one per direction, if you want more than one train on it.
Then it's the problem of being willing to play the industries' bitch
9:25 AM
@Lazers Can haz remove tag in title and add tag to eh... tags?
9:40 AM
@YiJiang Nope
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10:46 AM
Q: Duke Nukem Forever - more than 2 weapons

edemI'm playing DNF...I know it isn't that good that it supposed to be, but I loved Duke Nukem 3D. My problem is that I can only have 2 weapons on me. What a nonsense. Duke can fire 5 weapons at the same time while kicking and moving. So do you know any workaround here to be able to have more than ...

I keep meaning to try Dwarf Fortress.
> A normal person looks at ♠§dg and sees gibberish, but the Dwarf Fortress initiate sees a tense tableau: a dog leashed to a tree, about to be mauled by a goblin.
Actually, I've never tried restraining a dog to a tree - tying it to the ground almost always works out better.
11:40 AM
@badp Fancy trying some survival SMP some time? We could repurpose the gaming.se server for a weekend or so and try to kickstart Game On.
Infact, we could start it this weekend. goes to see if the room is unlocked
11:53 AM
and by survival I mean PvE
12:07 PM
Q: Why are there difficulty levels in games with progress independent power gain?

tonlapThis is very common, and the only difference is always more DMG/Health on the NPCs. Is this not useless? When you approach an enemy you can't beat on hard mode, you slay for example more mobs to get to a higher level and beat him with better stats. But if you had easy mode on you would be able t...

That should be moved to game-dev and re-opened.
obviously I forgot Lion ships without a Java runtime...
Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun.
I can't help but notice this article about counter-strike has a team fortress 2 picture
@Wipqozn I didn't even know CS had backstabbing
okay, server is good to go if we want to do minecraft game on tonight or tomorrow
12:14 PM
I should do this the next time a spy back stabs me. That will teach them!
So we're enjoying a national strike for public transport services
Trains will be guaranteed between 1630 and 1959
Buses will be guaranteed between 1200 and 1600
I need to take the bus after the train
Oh my, I completely forgot about this one.
Here in Canada, our postal service just recently stopped striking, due to being forced to.
This was at the same time that nurses and Air Canada employees were threatening to go on strike.
Although every time you turn around in Nova Scotia it seems like our nurses are threatening to strike.
At any rate folding bikes don't seem very commute friendly
I wouldn't especially put them in my laptop bag, with my laptop.
Why are the transport services on strike ?
Just money?
Hell if I know
Oh, trouble with the new national contract
Trains, buses, metros, airplanes, everything's involved.
12:31 PM
Damn. I'm assuming you don't have a car either.
@Wipqozn Not here.
@ThomasMcDonald I actually thought it would be fun to have a Creeper Caturday.
During the entirety of Saturday, mobs are turned on and the daytime is locked to night.
Sounds... great fun.
Then you decide whether to stick with the result of the attack (and what was built during the day!), or revert everything
That would actually be pretty interesting.
12:34 PM
Well, I was meaning to start with a new world and see where we get in a weekend of collaborative work
@badp They're pretty popular here in the NL
Also top 15 damnyouautocorrect.com texts. I recommend not reading while you're drinking anything.
@FallenAngelEyes The only person I've ever seen with one is my native English teacher.
I usually see at least a few people with them when I go to the station
@FallenAngelEyes If I could star that 100 times. I would.
@Wipqozn ...Do you mean the link? Cuz I didn't think me seeing people with folding bikes at the station was all that interesting...
12:42 PM
@FallenAngelEyes ...yes lol
replied to the wrong message
12:57 PM
@ThomasMcDonald We'd need some projects to stop it ending with an assortment of half-finished things
@RonanForman You could construct a statue of me.
@RonanForman true
@Wipqozn I'll put it in the maybe pile...
@RonanForman That's all I ask.
And I'll just move the maybe pile over here...
1:04 PM
What's that burning sound?
I'm bored, does anyone want anything drawing?
minecraft skin maybe?
Well, I would like one of the eleventh doctor. Wearing a fez. Since fezzes are awesome.
1:26 PM
It only took 20 years, but Linux finally hits 3.0.
@Powerlord Impressive.
Is it sad that I can't tell if this comment is serious or sarcastic? I'm assuming sarcastic.
@FallenAngelEyes #6 is hilarious
@badp I know, I almost died laughing on that one
auto cucumber?
1:34 PM
@badp where are you at where the strikes are happening?
I mean country
ah ok
been hearing alot about Italy on the news lately
The walk from the destination train station to home is luckily 30-40 minutes, so easily doable if not pleasant
1:35 PM
yeah thats not too bad fortunatly
I forgot how awesome ARMA II is.
I forgot how awesome kicking you off the side of a cliff is
kicks off side of cliff
@Mana airblasts Mana off side of cliff
P.S. Best reason to play Pyro in TF2 on pl_upward or plr_hightower. ;D
It's just some sections aren't particularly walking friendly
@Mana I love how that's how you introduce yourself into the converastion.
1:38 PM
@Powerlord WHEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....
@Wipqozn Hey man, I gotta find some way.
@Mana Well here we are again.
Oh dear, these autocorrects.
What class would Mana be playing, that is the question
I'd totally see @Mana as a pyro
Oh yeah, btw, those of you who play on OCR's servers, the new ones are now a fully armed and operational battle station.
Some people just want to watch the world burn, you know?
1:39 PM
@badp I would see him more as scout.
@Wipqozn Annoying as many people as fast as possible? Nah
That's more Arda.
@badp Excellent point.
@Mana Somebody wanna wrassle up a teleporter right here?
or rather
What's so annoying about this is that I would play TF2 if my internet didn't suck so much
but because it does the only feasible time for me to play TF2 is when I'm in university and can't afford to waste time playing it
1:43 PM
@Mana Yeah, I want to play now too, but I'm at work.
Gotta move that gear up!
Oh right, OCR's new servers are blu.ocrtf2.com:27015 / and red.ocrtf2.com:27015 /
I accidentally forgot to fix stats on the server I updated this morning.
I'll move that gear up. Into your face. BLAAAM.
Finally set up nemrun on my new servers, so it auto-applies updates, then once it's done, auto-restarts the servers.
1:45 PM
Although I just realized that may make replays flake out... Last time I tried starting two servers simultaneously that don't have their own installs, replay would throw errors on startup.
kicks off cliff
> "In less than a week, our Steam revenue has actually exceeded over a year and a half of XBLIG revenue for us," Boyd told Ars. "We're still a little stunned at how well it's been selling. I can't say how it's doing on Gamersgate yet, but I imagine it's selling well there also."
€1.79 for two games is pretty much impulse buy
This Boyd guy is the author of Cthulhu Saves the World
Yeah, I've read the piece already
He should totally answer my question dammit!
1:48 PM
argh, download faster Unity. I want to make dem vidja gaemes now!!
user image
@badp I'm so bored
Did you draw that @Ronan?
man you are the coolest guy
@Mana wrong
1:51 PM
@ThomasMcDonald :(
<3 qxc
Is that like Bel'Shir Beach but gray?
...How do you know about Bel'Shir Beach, but not about Metalopolis?
It's been like a map forever.
I know they're both maps
by looking at your screenshot
1:56 PM
I don't even know what that game is.
World of Warcraft? Meeeeeh.
It's Starcraft 2.
1:57 PM
@RonanForman Yeah, it looks good.
1:59 PM
I'm not really wanting to play anything though. Except Starcraft 2, but I can't play that for the same reason that I can't play TF2.
@badp oi.
Can't you play Starcraft 2 offline more meaningfully than you can play TF2?
Against the AI, yeah, but that's not cool.
2:02 PM
You could do lan parties maaaaan.
Any competitive game loses a lot of it's enjoyability against the AI.
You can't really lan party TF2.
@badp Yeah @mana, I could totally drive to Toronto and everything. I only live in Nova Scotia, it's not that far.
you can
Well, you need 12 people at the bare minimum, and then there's no room for the interesting classes.
(I find soldier to be boring.)
2:04 PM
Cool, so you guys are all flying/driving up to Toronto to have a LAN party with me.
@Mana Basically, yeah.
I assume you are paying for everyone's gas/tickets/hotels/food/et cetera?
Yeah, and my university tuition. So I'll have $-2000000 by the end of it all.
But I'll have played TF2 with fwends!!!!!!
Oh, you mean us
uh, yeah... totally...
All this has done is serve to make me want to play TF2 even more. Drat.
2:09 PM
Valve really wants me to attack people with mailboxes.
@Powerlord I guess you could say they are giggle giggle GOING POSTAL!!
@Wipqozn done!
@Ronan It's...a blob?
@Mana ???
2:15 PM
@Ronan That last image you posted.
it's a Minecraft skin...
It appears like a Min-------------
@RonanForman Thanks! Appreciate it. I have not got around to skinning my character yet, so this is perfect.
2:32 PM
posted on July 22, 2011 by badp

Originally posted on Reddit in a moment of frustration. Check the comments for some helpful gunslinger tips. Also check out my previous post on the topic. tl;dr: Teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports. Teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports teleports! …yes! If you are defending Place a teleport entrance (43) right outside the spawn, go b

Uh-oh. Moment of frustration? Sounds like this is going to be an interesting articl
You wrote this thing!
2:42 PM
Silly @badp, ignoring the power of mini-sentries on 5cp.
How did I put it before on cp_badlands? "My mini-sentry shouldn't be getting nearly as many kills as it is."
Although, it really shines when you're the second engy. Help the first build up his sentry gun, then go place a mini somewhere that will kill low-HP enemy classes as they go by.
(cp_badlands is great for that, if you can set a mini in the little hallway leading to mid that has the recess in one of the walls)
2:58 PM
Anyone here play L4D/L4D2 lately?
Does it really have a vote to disable flashlights?
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