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6:16 PM
There, I think this is wired up properly, now I can get down to the actual work of figuring out when I need to add the vote hook.
6:37 PM
@Wipqozn Yes.
Q: Get notified if you are mentioned in an answer

CruelCowIf somebody mentions you in a comment with @my_username, you get notified. However, this doesn't seem to be the case with answers. While this should happen less often, I still feel a notification would be a good thing. For example, I didn't get notified for this answer.

@Powerlord yeah but last years summer sale started a bit earlier. Im hoping they do another scavenger hunt. I want another sweet hat.
Hope your right about it starting tomorrow
Odd. I just got 100 reputation out of nowhere and it doesn't show up in my reputation log.
@CruelCow Do you have an account on another StackExchange site?
Oh wait, you're not a new user, so linking accounts wouldn't give you a bonus.
He jumped from 971 to 1071
6:47 PM
Well, I just logged in to the main site with steam, but I did nothing with it.
@CruelCow Well, basically, if you link two StackExchange accounts, you get 100 rep on one... or is it both?
So... if I did this on all 40(?) sites I could swim in rep?
Q: Should all linked accounts get the 100 bonus?

FigBugShould all linked accounts get the 100 bonus? My stackoverflow account has about 1300 points, I created accounts on all the other sites. My meta.so, and stackoverflow got a 100 bonus, but my superuser and serverfault didn't get bonuses. Is this correct? I'm asking because of this question that I...

No, you only get the 100 once on each account.
It seems kinda weird that if you create an account on any other SE site, instant 100 rep. :P
Hmm, vote up only requires 15 rep, so you could abuse this to easily create voting sock-puppets. Weird design decision...
7:04 PM
Well, there is a catch: One of the accounts also needs 200 or more rep.
Oh, and the accounts must have the same OpenID.
@Powerlord The idea is that you should be able to use stuff like comments on any SE site once you've proven yourself on one.
Posted by Alex Miller on June 29th, 2011

Jeff & Joel are joined by Steve Karantza, better know as Shirlock Homes, our #1 user on the DIY Stack Exchange.  Steve is also our first non-programmer oriented guest on the podcast!

Join us next Tuesday for a special surprise guest!  Not to mention, audio mixing provided by our very own Jason Punyon.

Stack Exchange Podcast – Episode #10 w/ Steve Karantza by Stack Exchange

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7:30 PM
Q: How to find all the blocks in a circle, in a grid, fficently?

AshthekingI am trying to create a server plugin for the popular Indie game Minecraft. What I have so far is a non recursive method of finding all the blocks 2 spaces away from the player's location. I am looking to create a method to do this efficently. I would like to be able to specify a distance. Here i...

@Mana It's so quiet in here lately, isn't it?
I mean, compared to what it used to be.
We are closing in on the year
Being active about lack of activity won't bring activity
If you want more chat just chat
uh oh, he got mad
7:43 PM
@badp seems more angry lately!
I'm not mad, I wrote that matter-of-factly
Also @Juan seems more active on the chat lately.
Two great things!
yes, he's mad alright
I'm having a little more free time lately
let's see how long it lasts
You know, sometimes I still wonder if closing down game-rec questions was the right decision. While it may have increased the quality of the content on here, I can't help but feel like it also hurt our traffic quite a bit.
The core problem was that it wasn't a fit for Q&A format
7:48 PM
wait what the hell am I saying; if we were concerned about just traffic we wouldn't close anything at all and just let the place become a discussion-filled zoo
@Mana Speaking of which, we should talk about TF2 now.
punches self in the jeans
I'd rather not know what part of the genes you punched.
@Powerlord relevant: tf2b.com/?id=kromak
Huh. That icon's the same as Juan's!
What a coinkidink.
7:50 PM
@Mana I can't see icons on there... blocked or somethin'
Well, user icons. I can see the items.
That's not @Juan's backpack. It belongs to a close friend of him however.
<strike>There goes my secret identity</strike>
quick, everybody look up all the information you can on kromak
it might lead us to Juan's account name
@JuanManuel You bought a Pickelhaube? :O
7:52 PM
What do the "levels" on items mean?
@JuanManuel They're mostly a joke on Valve's part.
Most hats have random levels, as do certain Vintage items. However, everything else has a level based on the item itself.
Stupid Valve.
They're cosmetic.
I had no idea what to buy, I wanted to upgrade to premium
Kritzkrieg is always level 8.
@JuanManuel Oh, I thought you had an account since 2010... since that's what your badge says
7:53 PM
@Juan Was it true that the main screen nagged you to upgrade?
eyes Mercenary Badge that has a join date of Oct 8, 2010
@Powerlord Could it be a free weekend?
You had a popup pointing to the store every time you entered the game
@badp I'm metachatting.
@badp Oh, could be. That'd be an interesting bug. :P
7:54 PM
Yes, it was a free pass I got somewhere
has the lowest join-date on TF2
@JuanManuel But yeah, buying a starter set's not a bad idea if you're buying something. Some of them have sucky hats (Heavy set) some of them have nice hats (Spy set).
Seriously, Football helmet for Heavy versus Fedora for Spy?
I can always buy more stuff later
(The Fedora hat isn't just cosmetic.)
I still think the Fedora is one of the best Spy hats.
7:56 PM
@badp has a lot of unopened crates
He should clearly give them all to me.
Yeah. Crates need keys to open. Keys cost money, or can be traded for.
Dear god, is it possible for me to stumble upon a discussion on SQL injection where XKCD isn't mentioned?
I'm too lazy to treade however
@Mana No.
I actually have that comic printed out and hanging on the wall of my cube. :D
7:57 PM
It's like everywhere I go: "loololololololololol Bobby Tables lololololololololololololo"
And the crate contents are random?
There's a 99% chance of getting one of the items listed when you hover the crate
@JuanManuel Not completely... there are a certain set of items that each has. Or a random unusual hat.
I don't think that site shows the lists, but you do see them ingame.
In the remaining 1% you get a "completely" random hat with special effects.
@badp The TF Wiki page for Mann Co Crate also lists them.
7:58 PM
It reminds me of peter griffin trading the boat for the mystery box
Also, if I haven't said it, The Enforcer = Best Spy Gun ever.
Also I'm annoyed that I've been crafting dupes for so long, when crafting tokens and smelting them requires half as many weapons.
Before, I had to aim well for the first shot to two-shot a Razorback Sniper. Not any more!
I had a Spy who had a slight overheal bitch when I one-shotted him with a crit-shot from The Enforcer. :D
(Enforcer crit = 144 damage)
The spy got the most important buffs, with pyros getting a nerfed detonator that's no good for spychecking and the engineer getting nothing.
@Powerlord You know anywhere you can find high-res versions of them for free?
8:01 PM
@badp Really? I thought tokens took 3 weapons of the same slot a piece.
@Powerlord Three of the same class, or slot
I still want a print of Duty Calls.
Three tokens give a reclaimed.
@ArdaXi No, sadly. I have several comics just printed on a sheet of paper.
@Powerlord Ah. Well, I guess I could trace it in Illustrator.
8:02 PM
@badp That's 9 weapons versus the 6 it takes to make 3 scrap.
So it's a reclaimed for 9 weapons, instead of 3 scrap from 6 dupes wtf
Okay, I've done it right so far. Phew
It's not like xkcd comics are terribly detailed.
@Mana s/XKCD/xkcd/g
The TF2 wiki must have confused me there for a moment.
The 3 I have printed are Bobby Tables, the Windows Copy Dialog guy, and rectangle full of little lights one.
@Arda It's a meaningless acronym; does (a lack of) capitalization really matter?
8:03 PM
@Powerlord Computer Problems.
@Mana That makes nitpicking about it even more enjoyable.
> It's not actually an acronym. It's just a word with no phonetic pronunciation -- a treasured and carefully-guarded point in the space of four-character strings.
In other words, it was an open 4-letter domain? :P
> For those of us pedantic enough to want a rule <---- me, here it is: The preferred form is "xkcd", all lower-case. In formal contexts where a lowercase word shouldn't start a sentence, "XKCD" is an okay alternative.
Likely the first one he found when he created the comic.
8:04 PM
It went okay.
Unless you're German, you don't just capitalise words mid-sentence, except proper nouns.
btw @Juan if you're playing TF2 localized and want to suggest a few localization fixes, send 'em my way.
localized as in "not in English"?
@ArdaXi erm... In English, it is a proper noun since it's a name.
8:06 PM
@Powerlord Not really, because it's stylised.
The same thing goes for eBay, iPhone, etc.
Nah, I really hate translations
in games, movies, books, tv, I consume everything in English when possible
@JuanManuel Me too. If I see a Dutch UI, I can't use it. I can only laugh.
I also do, that's why I joined the Steam group for improving the Italian localization.
@badp Why would you want to improve that which you hate?
In order not to hate it
I guess
8:07 PM
So that I can see for myself how hard can it be to do localization properly
and for pity to my fellow italians and to stop it and for the promise of a hat.
@badp Oh, I know that. Call me back when you've tried subtitling a film from scratch.
Hate leads to suffering
I subtitled Clear Skies 2 in both Dutch and English.
In priority order. Whichever of the two.
Oh, that's the other thing. The TF2 server knows what language you're playing TF2 in. SourceMod will use it for plugins if they have a language file for the appropriate language.
8:08 PM
@ArdaXi That's not even the same, you don't really have space contraints in a movie.
@badp Oh?
For example, if you play TF2 in Italian, on my server, all the voting phrases should appear in Italian.
You do actually have to make the subtitles short enough to have the audience read them before they disappear.
Well sure if you use too many words people won't manage to read the subtitle in time
Exactly. Idem if you make them too complicated.
8:09 PM
(Note, I didn't do the Italian translation, it was submitted to me by a user)
but you don't have situations where you need to figure out how to lose a couple inches on "NESSUN USO"
Fair enough.
But subtitling is a hell of a lot more work.
Oh sure.
Seriously, it's one of the most under-appreciated jobs that exist.
BTW, Meet the medic is also on the Steam translation servers
I fixed a few lines of the italian subtitles, but found most of the work already done for me.
8:11 PM
the world should just have one language
Someday we'll all speak the Juan.
yisi bi yabidi
@JuanManuel Doubleplusgood.
It is kind of going towards everybody being able to speak english at least as a second language
8:12 PM
@CruelCow I wish. I don't know how it is near you, @badp, but when I was in Italy, the average English was horrible.
That's perhaps because we dub too well.
(I mean, obviously you're very good at it, but that didn't seem like the norm.)
@badp Everyone does. Everyone except the Dutch.
@ArdaXi even for the younger generation?
According to the documentaries from the future, the united federation of planets is near... there, they all speak English
@CruelCow Yes. We did an exchange with them. (15/16)
@JuanManuel They speak Federation, actually.
8:14 PM
The Tardis translates it for you
The documentaries are dubbed in English.
@CruelCow Wrong future.
Hmm, my spellchecker doesn't know TARDIS. Time to rectify that
I've never even watched a single episode of Dr Who.
@ArdaXi Time travel, parallel worlds and bad fan fiction will easily marry everything together.
@CruelCow Especially the latter.
8:16 PM
drop kicks Arda in the face YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED DOCTOR WHO?!?
@ArdaXi I'm glad, because I won't really manage to learn Dutch in 6 months.
I haven't watched Doctor Who either.
Come to think of it, I haven't seen any either. :(
@badp Dutch is easy!
Am I really the only one? I'm around too many british people it seems
@Mana Why do you hurt me so much? :(
8:17 PM
Tough love. :/
My vowels still hurt.
Do you have any idea how much it hurts to say queuing now?
cringes Oh, god.
I'm sorry. I had no idea.
3.7 megahurts?
(xkcd reference)
Well, thanks for that relationship advice.
8:19 PM
That alt-text is wrong by the way. In the word voyeur, y is a consonant.
So it's really two consecutive vowels at most.
Also, I really wonder what database he ran that on.
shakes head
I have no words. I'm gonna go do stuff.
xkcd text search used to be so good. But I can't find the comic by searching for "queueing"
shifts eyes
@CruelCow I could.
8:22 PM
And by do stuff I mean watch this
@Mana 9 words to describe how you have no words. Way to defeat your point.
Ahh, chrome still has the old search engine cached for me.
@Mana That link froze Flash for me, which broke chat.
(Yes, this chatroom uses Flash)
Q: The form for flagging an answer obscures the answer being flagged

Dave DuPlantisI've been noticing something about flagging answers that I forgot to put into a question until today ... when you flag an answer, the modal form that appears is covering the answer that was flagged. Sometimes the answer is so clearly in a certain category that it's enough to click a single ra...

8:36 PM
@Arda It's an interesting talk about the tools that are available to a hacker, but I'm not very impressed with the speaker so far
Q: Is this question about the history of cinema and game-console design decisions on topic?

StrixVariaI hate to be the one always making meta questions arguing that things are off topic, but this case is particularly bad. As usual, it has nothing to do with gaming and everything to do with something tangentially related to gaming. Why do video game framerates need to be so much higher than TV a...

9:17 PM
Whoa, I just noticed that the Splendid Screen is listed as having styles.
I feel special now.
@ArdaXi I don't get it.
So, anyway, who thinks I should renamed my Enforcer to Die Another Day? :)
Since most of my Spy items are named after James Bond movies and references.
Darn, I'm out of Description tags, according to tf2b
Anyway, going home time.
9:41 PM
@Powerlord I named my domain "Xi Industries"
Q: What do the different statictics related to a pursuit represent?

DragonLordNote that this question is relevant to several recent Need for Speed games, which use similar pursuit mechanics I just got busted in Need for Speed: Undercover, and I'm been wondering for a while what the different statistics after a pursuit mean. I know what Cost to State is, but I'm not sure ...

Y'know, I just realized...wouldn't it be crazy if @tzenes turned out to be the internet version of Calvin's Dad?
And we're like Calvin, reading his long amazing explanations and thinking "Wow, this guy knows everything"?
I'm debating changing my icon to one of those faces and spending the rest of my gaming.se life trolling with barely plausible, but long, answers.
Wait that's what I do already. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
@Mana Sans the barely plausible.
9:50 PM
They're totally plausible!
Haha, suuuuuuuuure, that's what you meant.
Dude, I'm still so bored. Why can't I get an e-mail challenging me to a duel or something like that?
because we don't have your email duude.
then we'll challenge you to come up with a challenging challenge to challenge the challenged with.
(Challenge is now an amass of letters with no meaning.)
sigh, I've played my hours already.
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11:39 PM
Q: How do you quit during hero selection?

StrixVariaYes, I know it gives me a 5-minute penalty before I can try to join another lobby, and that it's a horrible unsportsmanlike thing to do. But the only way I can figure out how to do it is to close the entire application and re-launch. Is there no better way to quit a lobby than this? (I'm tryin...

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