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12:21 AM
Q: Can anything be done to fix the lag in Terraria Multiplayer?

RachelSingle player runs just fine, but multiplayer seems to lag for me and my two friends. It doesn't matter who hosts it. Our computers are fairly decent - good video cards, cpu, lots of ram, etc, but Terraria still seems to lag for us. I've seen some solutions online to limit framerate, adjust pr...

12:39 AM
Q: Are all officially recognized Scrabble words English?

drm65Looking at the official complete two-letter Scrabble word list, I cannot help but wonder whether they are even based on real English words. Are they? Note: I realize the answer to this question may start going into more of a Boardgames realm, so feel free to restrict your answer to a rigidly EL...

1:21 AM
Q: Where are the savegames stored for Mario on the DS Lite

UriI was a few worlds into Mario for the DS Lite when we moved and I somehow lost the cartridge. I've been thinking of rebuying the game to finish it, but I don't know if my savegames are in the system or in the cartridge itself. Where are they stored? And if they were on the cartridge, are thei...

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2:38 AM
Trailer: Dead Block (Candygun Games/Digital Reality) http://bit.ly/mBmNwK
2:52 AM
Q: Games installed from repos won't start

ShaunaI'm running Natty (upgraded from Maverick) with Gnome 3 (from the Gnome 3 PPA, Unity removed), and have recently found that some of my games from the repos no longer work. When I go to start them, I get the message Failed to launch [app name]. Failed to execute child process [app name] (no such f...

3:20 AM
Get your Google+ invites...half price...more hype...gettcha inviiites
waves around invites
3:44 AM
> Tomislav spin-up reduction has been reduced from 75% to 40% (so it now spins-up slower)
also my internets work again, yay
5:37 AM
Q: What is an old game (LieroX Old) that had mining, building, weather...

Charles BroughtonIt was a really fun building game, two dimensional and it had mining, weather systems, ( rain ), the ability to build things, people drowning from weather... I had it on my old computer ( and I had LieroX, hence why I think this game is that old. ) If anyone has any idea what game I am talking ...

5:54 AM
@ThomasMcDonald Spin-up-reduction-reduction.
6:29 AM
By the way the language of the person who invites you to Google+ matters.
A dutch fella got me in and accepting his invite brought the entirety of Google to use Dutch by default.
6:55 AM
Now some pages such as 'Change your Google account password' only show up in Dutch.
Adding an ?hl=en to one of those page URLs seems to have helped.
7:45 AM
@badp The moral of the story of course being not to trust the Dutch
@TimStone Them pesky Dutch and their kid kidnapping capabilities
Q: What is a "ladder match"?

RagnarI've noticed that some games have the option of a "ladder match". Logic would tell me that it's a game in which you can climb to a higher rank, but if that is the case, then what is the difference between a "ladder match" and a "ranked match"? If I interpreted it incorrectly, what does a "ladder ...

3 hours later…
10:22 AM
user image
Sorry, the original is taking too long to download
well that didn't help either
Shows fine
@badp The imgur CDN is slow where you are?
11:08 AM
shears for cutting leaves
Q: Is there anything out there similar to Kuru Kuru Kururin?

vrinekKuru Kuru Kururin was a GameBoy Advance puzzler where you controlled a duck inside a helicopter kind of vehicle whose blades are a lot larger and rotate really slow. The goal is to navigate the various levels without hitting the edges of the level and reach the end. There was a story in it about...

12:12 PM
Q: Is it worth it to get blink so quickly?

tenfourI see a lot of Protoss going blink early, maybe due to HuK's popularity and his innovative blink play. I usually see twilight council after the first gateway. Usually they will have blink researched before they even begin attacking. I feel that this is TOO early but I am not at the level to be cr...

12:54 PM
@Lazers alert!
Kuru kuru?
1:12 PM
I just found out tf2 is now free to play. I want my money back.
@StrixVaria You're not the only one.
I paid $10 for this game 3 years ago (April 2008). I want my money back!
I paid $50 for the Orange Box 4 years ago!
I am actually losing faith in Valve. I never thought that would happen.
@ArdaXi I was factoring the cost of TF2 out of the Source 2007 bundle I bought, which included all HL2-based games available at the time.
I would have been better off buying Orange Box, which was $20 cheaper, but didn't have CS:S or the HL1 port.
1:16 PM
@StrixVaria Seriously? You didn't see it coming?
I thought it wouldn't be out till late July. Either way, I'm quite happy.
I stopped playing TF2 when they introduced micro-transactions.
I haven't paid much attention to it in a while.
@StrixVaria Well, the thing about Microtransactions is that there are only 5 useful items in the game that are hard to find... the Polycount set hats.
Speaking of which, why hasn't Valve updated those sets to remove the hat requirements for them?
That's odd.
I restarted my PC and my second drive disappeared.
@Powerlord Because they probably make money off them
@ArdaXi Yes, but they apparently realized this was a mistake with later sets. The three other item sets released in the Medieval update didn't have hat requirements, then the Uber update sets don't have set bonuses.
1:26 PM
@Powerlord Well, yeah, but there are people who paid for the set bonus.
They wouldn't make something free which other people paid for, right?
@ArdaXi sigh Probably not, no matter how stupid that decision is and how much it hurts their credibility keeping it in the game.
@Powerlord You... err.. you did get what I meant, right?
@ArdaXi Unless you were being sarcastic, then yes, I did.
@Powerlord By implying it would be unlike Valve to make something which other people paid for free? I'm pretty sure that was sarcastic.
I'm saying that keeping it that way hurts their credibility now, because the Polycount set bonuses are something that the F2P players can never have, because they can't get hats.
1:29 PM
So, in a way, it adds something to the premium accounts.
Speaking of which, I have 2 extra Grenadier's Softcaps and 2 extra Milkman hats up in my trade stuff. Maybe I should list them on SPUF or tf2tp.
By the way, did I read it correctly that you can only receive trades as a free user?
@ArdaXi Yes... and I thought the implication was that, even if someone else initiates the trade, free players can't give them anything. But I could be wrong.
@Powerlord So... that means you can only gift stuff without getting anything back.
@ArdaXi This plugin is being installed on pretty much every trade server everywhere for that very reason.
It amuses me: The SourceMod team abused their own review process to ram that into the Approved plugins list as quickly as possible.
1:34 PM
@Powerlord Neat. How's that work?
Checks for the hat?
@ArdaXi It checks if they have the TF2 Premium DLC.
Is that meta-DLC or the hat?
Requires the SteamTools extension to work, which is a SourceMod extension for accessing the Steam API.
@ArdaXi meta-DLC. If you owned TF2 before the update, or bought something from the Mann Co. store (Hi Juan!), you'll have it.
@Powerlord Or registered a retail copy later.
What about giftable copies you have left over?
@ArdaXi That too.
1:36 PM
I still have a giftable copy from the golden potato deal I think.
@ArdaXi It appears that you can still give it away.
Also premium I presume.
I assume an f2p player can use it, but I haven't tried it.
But yeah, it'd be a premium one.
Does that plugin add a tag too?
@ArdaXi No, but there are others that do.
1:37 PM
I paid £5.66 for the orange box. Probably the best value purchase I've ever made.
I meant a tag to the server.
@ArdaXi Oh... nope.
Meh, I'm enjoying F2P.
@ThomasMcDonald It was all the way down to $5 during a sale once (that'd be, what, £2.50?). I gifted copies to 3 friends before my Credit Card company started blocking transactions.
If they did something like that again, I can use Steam Wallet now to get around it.
1:39 PM
Q: Call of Duty 2 1.3 Patch on Windows 7 64-Bit

blackbull77I'm new to this forum, so please forgive me if this question has been answered before. I have any old copy of Call of Duty 2 from it's release (version 1.0) and I got it to install on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit OS, but when I try to install the 1.3 patch, I get an error message that it can't ...

@Powerlord Why did they?
my average kdr is sitting at 3 over the past week
huff...do we have any estimated System Requirements for Battlefield 3, apart from Vista/7?
I was lucky to break even before.
@ArdaXi Suspected Fraud. You can't gift items to different people in the same transaction.
So, I kept having transactions for the same amount from the same company...
I called them to try to get them to remove the block, but no....
Since it was a weekend sale, I tried again on Sunday (the first transactions were on Friday), but it was still blocked.
1:42 PM
In other interesting non-gaming related news, I have 5 more prospectuses winging their way to me to add to my ever growing pile.
Actually, the irony is that one of my friends that I got OB for, after not touching for a year and a half or so, now plays TF2 more than I do.
And he pulled another one of my friends back in to it, too.
@Powerlord Luckily I have many ways to buy stuff.
I have PayPal, and if that for some reason doesn't work, I can still use iDEAL.
@ArdaXi Steam added a lot of new stuff since then... like Paypal as a payment option. Also, I have a Debit Card as well these days.
I don't want to use a Debit card online if I can help it, but eh...
@Powerlord PayPal has been a payment option for aaaaages.
@ArdaXi And this sale was aaaaaages ago.
1:44 PM
I'm pretty sure I pre-ordered the OB using PayPal.
The irony is, I told one of my coworkers about the OB $5 sale, and he said "Nah, I'll get it for that price the next time they sell it that cheap." That was two or so years ago and it's still never been on sale for that price again, not even after having lowered its price to $20.
Does the OB still include TF2 anyway?
@ArdaXi It did last week. I assume it still does.
It does.
> Genre: Action, Free to Play
2:24 PM
@yij nope, it was slow regardless
@strix why the hate? It's not like team fortress is pay-to-win. There is lamer stuff in tf2 than that.
And they can't be bought.
Finally yes non cosmetic hats are retarded. I like the new sets instead that only make the relevant hat easier to obtain.
Finally @powerlord do you have extra mad milk to go with the hat?
@badp I might, I'd have to check.
Finally Third time is the charm.
Looks like I do.
Of course, I'm at work right now, so I can't do any trading for a good long time (it's only 10:30am here, I'll be here for another 7 hours, then the time it takes to get home)
Q: Is it possible to lift a block from the bottom of the map to the top using pistons?

fredleyCan you raise/lower a single block by an arbitrary distance using pistons? Will this work with chests?

@Lazers I guess 1.7 is out then
2:40 PM
I'll leave it until at least 1.7_02
Time to update all the TNT questions I guess
@powerlord how much will you ask for that?
Yeah 1.7 is out
came out maybe an hour ago
I shall continue my general housekeeping due to todays strike
crash with pushing leaves with levers apparently
2:42 PM
i.e. continue through this mess on my desk until I hit desk.
@cruel what happen to tnt?
and some other error.
tnt can only be set off by redstone or fire
@badp Need a redstone input to make it go boom
which is a great change imo
I must have missed the note
2:43 PM
Also, I'm gonna wait until Bukkit is updated to 1.7 before I look at getting the gaming.se server back up again
So you can remove without detonating now? (I'm on mobile)
@badp How does 2 refined sound?
2:49 PM
@powerlord deal.
@ThomasMcDonald Seems like a sound strategy: twitter.com/#!/notch/status/86442916926603265
does sheep drop wool when killed?
@bckbck apparently, but only 1
@RonanForman the minecraft wiki says the opposite
3:01 PM
i also tried killing it, and it dropped 1 wool
wiki's wrong then!
@bckbck I need scissors! 61!
I'm sorry, I was thinking about Metal Gear Solid 2 again.
Oh wow, Bukkit is updated already
That buggers my plan up of using Bukkit as my cover for not getting the server back up for a while.
3:13 PM
@TimStone Did you say you might be able to sort some hardware out for us?
Q: Is there a maximum limit to the number of blocks a piston can push?

KurleyFor example: could you effectively push a line of blocks off into the distance? Is it limited by the loaded chunks? Or a shorter upper limit countable in blocks?

Bukkit is updated? To 1.7?
Ok time for lot of gaming.SE pistons questions ?
3:31 PM
@Mvy They've already started in case you haven't noticed.
@ThomasMcDonald I wonder how much delay has this video actually caused
Without even clicking load older messages, I can see Lazers posting two questions about Minecraft pistons.
@ThomasMcDonald Yeah, depending on what you need.
Q: What are special spells?

I take Drukqshttp://nethackwiki.com/wiki/Spellcasting This chance of failure is affected by intelligence (or wisdom), experience level, skill level, innate magical ability of the role, armour: especially metal but also shields and robes, whether it is an emergency spell or your special spell.

I saw a humerous regression bugfix for Firefox the other day... something about single letter domains having some issue with the JavaScript engine.
3:40 PM
@Powerlord I saw that... and I think it's just starting
Seems pretty interesting thing to try BTW
@badp Which what huh
@TimStone Well, it was running with 1gb allocated to the server before.
@ThomasMcDonald Those three people surely needed some time to release the video
@badp Oh, they already had a build of 1.7
@ThomasMcDonald Oh, well that should be no trouble. I'll take a look tonight and ping you with what I've got.
3:45 PM
@ThomasMcDonald Yeah, but how much time did they have? They didn't build trivial stuff
@TimStone Awesome
In C++, say I have a class that has a virtual method. In the child of that class, I don't override that method. Can I still override it in the grandchild?
@badp I would guess two or three days?
(I'm assuming yes here, but my C++ is sorely lacking)
3:46 PM
^ that explains it
I'm going to invoke Wipqozn's law. You know what needs pistons? Team Fortress 2.
After all, it already has trains and sawblades to kill you.
Oh wait, they had a day in which they made it
Unless his law meant Minecraft or TF2, in which case pistons is already Minecraft.
@Powerlord Correction: It needs a piston hat
@CruelCow Ooh, good point.
Maybe they are adding it already and it's in the Refreshing Summer Cooler.
4:04 PM
Q: [Bug] CSS for mobile does not load.

tzenesThis is not striped down CSS this is no CSS... The site is largely unusable. DroidX 2.3 browser. Virizon, Seattle. Steps to reproduce: Navigate to gaming.stackexchange.com Expected: site with stripped down css (no colors) Observed: no css (poor layout)

@Powerlord Fairly sure Hammer already supports them.
Oh look at that.
I think I just won that t-shirt. I just have no idea what it is.
Free clothing is free clothing.
4:41 PM
Yay TMI is updated
@ArdaXi Given that Portal has pistons, I assume so.
Also, not enough TF2 chat to balance the MineCraft chat.
Also, this isn't my coding window.
5:00 PM
No, this is your password manager.
Did it save my password there? :P
Yup, see:
42 secs ago, by Powerlord
we can only see stars.
Error: No username and target site specified
Work is boring today. And it'll be just as boring during my 3pm meeting.
Wish I had brought a pillow.
But you brought the internet! Certainly that should keep you busy
5:03 PM
@CruelCow They block all the gaming sites
cracked.com etc.?
So... anyone know what that t-shirt is?
@ArdaXi No... that would be... your mother!
slams folder on desk
@ArdaXi It seems familiar, but I can't put an name on it.
5:18 PM
Hrm. Well, I'll see when it gets here.
Anybody get their gaming stackexchange swag pack yet?
@Rapida No, Jeff seemed to imply that they're still being put together.
@bwarner That's good, I was worried the awesome Alabama postal service had failed me or something
Has anyone else gotten access to Magic & Magic Heroes 6?
5:33 PM
@IvoFlipse No... and stickied post?
@Powerlord I want to see if anyone else plays it, so we can come up with questions to ask
and test the multiplayer part
if I don't sticky it, its gone in no time. I can easily unsticky it in a week or so
@Ivo It is on the list of betas to try to get people into, but that would basically require us to declare it as the next promotional game, since the way into the beta is purchasing the game.
@bwarner I got free access to it, through some promotional stuff
and there's no reason we can't have multiple promotional games
@IvoFlipse Nice.
@IvoFlipse I just meant that it isn't one where we can just ask to have people put into the beta, we likely need to buy it for them.
Obviously if people are buying it for themselves, everything is great
@bwarner I know, but that's not a problem as long as sufficient users want to play it
@bwarner I was actually hoping others managed to get into the beta (without buying the game)
5:39 PM
@IvoFlipse Do you have any free beta keys? Because if you did, I would play it and help out. I just don't want to buy the game since I'm hesitant on it (since it's not HOMM3)
@Wipqozn that's the idea behind the promotional grant as I see it, you would play it if you didn't have to shell out the money for it
@IvoFlipse This certainly makes it seem like we're favoring one game's beta over other games (let alone other betas).
@IvoFlipse ah ok, gotcha
@Powerlord well I can favor things all I want, in the end the community needs to decide. So no need to worry
I think we need more questions about the Dating MMO beta
5:44 PM
but if we always only pick one game, the majority always get's to pick what to play :)
hehe, you mean Facebook? :P
@IvoFlipse You'll have to excuse me as to wonder why Super User's mod gets to decide which games Gaming favors.
btw if anyone desperately wants to get a Google+ invite, let me know :)
2 mins ago, by Powerlord
@IvoFlipse This certainly makes it seem like we're favoring one game's beta over other games (let alone other betas).
I may be a SU mod, but I'm just as well a Gaming user
@IvoFlipse Yes, and you used your Super User mod status to promote a game in Gaming's main chat room.
Ergo, you're not just another user in this instance.
5:47 PM
I don't see the problem, I could have asked Grace or Badp
@IvoFlipse Yes, and they could have rejected it.
But you just bypassed that.
They can unpin it if they disagree
I just don't see what your problem is really
I could spam Meta if you think that's a better idea
@IvoFlipse In that case, you won't mind if I subscribe you to a bunch of newsletters, since you seem to prefer opt-out over opt-in?
@badp: Hey, do me a favor and pin every message about TF2 being free that you see.
I guess I have no choice!
looks at the screen
um I see nothing...
Or better yet, make it so everyone can pin random messages, because that'll work real well.
5:50 PM
oh well.
@Powerlord Still, what's your problem? I'm only trying to get some attention to that beta, so we can ask questions and blog about it
Here's an idea
If you have anything useful to share, what's stopping you
I'll star the message and unpin it; with Ivo's star that should make two and it'll stay on the sidebar for at least one day
pokes the pin list
@IvoFlipse If I may be very blunt, this is not the first time you've abused moderator status in this chatroom without actually being a Gaming moderator.
5:52 PM
Oh there it is. Beeutiful.
@Powerlord so you say this message is more useful than my request? :P way to go
@IvoFlipse I can't star my own messages. I'm not a mod.
@ArdaXi I'm a Chat moderator, if you are being annoying I can act on that. If you disagree, email team@stackexchange.com
@IvoFlipse I was merely pointing that out.
hey there
5:53 PM
@Powerlord That's not a reason to dislike my message. So I still don't get what your problem is
By the way you don't need to be a moderator to pin your own stuff
@IvoFlipse To be honest, it seems like diplomacy is rather lost on you.
@badp You need to be a moderator or room owner.
Being neither, I can't pin my own stuff.
I distinctly remember making you a room owner until you asked me to remove it
I may be wrong
Do you want it?
@badp I remember the same thing.
5:55 PM
@Powerlord You know this only makes you sound jealous right? Its not like I'm pinning SU messages or anything, so again what's your problem
@IvoFlipse If you haven't seen me complaining about in the past, you haven't been looking.
@IvoFlipse This seems to be his problem.
9 mins ago, by Powerlord
@IvoFlipse Yes, and you used your Super User mod status to promote a game in Gaming's main chat room.
@ArdaXi using != abusing
@IvoFlipse Abusing was the word I used.
@Powerlord Or I'm just not interested
5:56 PM
@IvoFlipse And that's what I meant.
This room was placed in timeout for 1 minute; the topic of this room is "of Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, wherein we charge our lazers in the nyarragabaldic attempt to murder bacon, or at least adorable animals. If all else fail, we'll give bacon to bacon and murder to murder. Either way, murder shall be had." - conversation should be limited to that topic.
@ArdaXi I have to put up with a ton of complaining on all the other sites that I'm not going to respond to every single user that has a complaint. Yours included
> conversation should be limited to that topic.
Ahh, that's what that was.
@IvoFlipse I think I'll take you up on your offer.
5:58 PM
So. Gaming.
So, , which is apparently on topic since it's in the topic.
@ArdaXi Funny how you get slapped in the face on the one hand, but are expected to remain nice on the other.
@IvoFlipse You're a moderator. Deal with it.
@Powerlord Still haven't gotten any baconmarmelade :(

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