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6:00 PM
Sorry for still remaining off-topic, but … Gotta work tomorrow; damnit .__.
For a refreshment
Yes, I'm having a xkcd tab open in my browser.
@M.A.Ramezani And THAT is why I don't use my phone as an alarm clock except in emergencies!
Ahhh...The buzzer alarm.
The beauties of being the last one in the lab in the evening: Having music and singing loudly \m/
@M.A.Ramezani this patent looks good ..
sorry, my boss came in so had to listen what he had to say ..
6:16 PM
Anybody who does organic chemistry: is triethyl phosphite a chemical than can go bad quickly when in contact with oxygen? Tributyl phosphane does but then again that can be oxydised a lot more easily …
@Jan Wikipedia's this sentence is all I know about triethyl phosphite.
> For example triethylphosphite is known to reduce certain hydroperoxides to alcohols formed by autoxidation.
so, it seems like no one ever tried electroless plating with Hg
=D Not exactly much ;)
@Muzammil Heh. Now I want a shirt that says do the needful.
Anyone here obsessed with Sigma-Aldrich?
> Sigma-Aldrich.com will be down for scheduled maintenance Saturday, June 13, 2015, at 3:00 p.m. (15:00) Central Daylight Time U.S. for approximately 4 hours. Please note that you will still have telephone and email access to our local offices.
ha ha .. :D
6:30 PM
@Muzammil Well, yes: See this: google.com/…
We tried accessing the Sigma site during our seminar this morning (like eleven hours ago … damnit, today is a twelve-hour day already ~.~) and it wasn't accessible xD
I haz 1337 skillz in Googling. :{}
Well at least a dark bottle in the closet is pretty safe from both light irradiation and singlet oxygen xD
@M.A.Ramezani You like my graph? chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/9743/…
LaTeX rocks :)
@LordStryker I remember doing those exact same calculations in quantum chemistry class xD
6:39 PM
@LordStryker It's so red as sht I f**ing love it! (Reference to the image above)
@Jan Its a very useful exercise.
@LordStryker Oh yes, definitely!
Oh wow I didn't realize 9 people favorited that question!
@LordStryker Don't worry. It needs 25 for a silver badge.
@M.A.Ramezani You certainly know your badges.
6:43 PM
I've been here 3 years and I only have 45 badges, no gold.
I suppose I'm not much of a badge chaser.
I was...But my chase only ended up in my getting only one badge.
Guess which badge.
Fanatic would likely be the easiest gold to chase for; electorate the easiest gold to get passing-by.
@Jan Yes.
Only some twenty more days for me on German.SX until I get Fanatic \o/
And then I want the loonatic badge x3
6:45 PM
@Jan I was 1 day away from getting fanatic
@LordStryker Ouch, that hurts =C
I was at home in FL during the last few days. I thought I had logged in from my tablet but it hadn't unfortunately.
After which I decided screw it.
Q: Editing gone wild

ronIt seems that editing posts has recently gone out of control. There is certainly a need for editing and it has always been occurring. In the past it seems like one person at a time was responsible for making 10-15 edits everyday. Now, there are several people doing this throughout the day. Af...

It says you need to be 'active' … maybe being online is just not enough ;)
6:46 PM
And I'm 63 upboats away from electorate
@Jan Active is what I meant.
@Jan I'm aiming at Copy Editor.
So loonatic badge (colour: tin) for 100 pointless edits? 8D
I'm just over 55 % for electorate and half way for Copy Editor on German ^^
Yeah, I've seen dozens of pointless edits from badge chasers....
On the other SX's I'm not going to actively pursue anything. I still am damn surprised about my four or so bronze badges on Ask.ubuntu yesterday xD
Well, let me tell you my SE timeline.
About 10 months ago, a curious learner joined chem.SE.
6:55 PM
And I'm seeing someone going for a badge with 2.6k rep on Anime & Manga right as we speak xD
He had no idea what these Q/A sites were.
He asked some questions, and got 37 rep for them.
Three months later...
He had a tough test going on.
One of the questions, he thought, could be asked in chem.SE.
<censored> <censored>
Lemme guess: 'This is a homework question! Go away, silly nooby idiot!'
'Unclear what you're asking'
Never closed though.
Because it wasn't terribly unclear.
6:58 PM
Good morning!
Just that some people thought it was a bad question.
Anyways, Morning @san!
@santiago Need us vampires be scared now?
Vampires always should be scared
Bottom line is, I'm no hero dudes! @Lord @san @Martin @Nicolau @Jan everybody else.
I am 2 upvotes from a necromancer!
7:00 PM
One of the main reasons I didn't nominate.
@M.A.Ramezani yup, you are a hero
Only one? heh heh heh
Ah @M.A.Ramezani, so overdramatic as always :)
Seriously though, my aim at first (or second since it was after 4 months of "membership") wasn't to help chem.SE grow.
You know Martin left in a meta post something about how he loves getting a ton of pings.
We should all ping @Martin-マーチン
7:01 PM
rejoice that the ground state chromium question is answered
@santiago Link please?
promise not to laugh
A: Ground state electron configuration of chromium

santiagoWebElements page about chromium (and a number of resources) agree with the comment by @Philipp: The ground state electron configuration of ground state gaseous neutral chromium is $\ce{[Ar]}3d^54s^1$ Which can be written as $\ce{[Ar]}4s^13d^5$ According to the Royal Society of Chemistry...

@Martin-マーチン I recently found this functional. I thought you might like it. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hybrid_functional#B3LYP
@Martin-マーチン @LordStryker found a functional thingie
But I can tell you, after 350 rep, when I got to review first posts, I have cared and loved and cared again about chem.SE.
7:04 PM
You know once @Martin is elected, we'll have to be careful because he will be able to ban all of our sorry butts...
@Martin @Martin!
@Lord told me to ping you.
prepares bribes and tributes
1 away from a necromancer (and a few away from copy editor)
@Martin-マーチン @santiago will upboat all of your digs if you don't ban him :)
You first!
omg omg omg
7:07 PM
Well, I've seen worse answers to mediocre questions ;)
you mean, I can do worse??? dang have to try harder
@santiago No worries...You're learning.
The question could have been a lot better with a bit more effort, though xD
oh yes, the question was very ...flat
but I thought, meh, I would give a bit of a chunky answer
7:10 PM
Which makes me think … Say somebody wrote a real good question asking why chromium 'violates' the aufbau principle; would that be pointed there and closed as a duplicate? If so, that would be a shame …
@Jan no it wouldn't be a dupe, related but not a dupe
@Jan Don't worry...We have a guy named @Martin in chem.SE.
And we have a place named meta.Chem.SE.
and the article I linked doesn''t really explain why chromium violates the aufbau principle
7:12 PM
All hail chemistry's god Martin-マーチン xD
That only begins to explain him.
@Martin-マーチン is chemistry
What did my supervisor say some time ago? 'What do calculations prove? Do they replace the experiment? No!' xD
@santiago Have you seen Ron's activity? That man is a machine I swear...
@LordStryker I agree … I see his work everywhere o.o'''
7:15 PM
yup, @ron is super-chemistry
@Jan To belittle the contributions from either theory or experiment only detracts from the overall goal...
It's simple: @Ron = Organochem 100% pure.
@M.A.Ramezani I'm strictly computational and I am very comfortable with that. :)
level necromancer achieved!
Any future doctoral-candidates in here?
7:16 PM
Possibly the experiment counts just a wee bit more in a total synthesis lab? ;)
I am.
puts hands up
In a little far future.
Within twelve months.
Very cool! :)
Prepare thyself :)
7:17 PM
In 20 years.
Don't remind me X__X
No no, that's my post-doctoral.
I have a doctorate
@santiago You should put that in your profile then :)
7:21 PM
@santiago What does it mean exactly?
What was your thesis on?
@LordStryker How to lol effectively in SE chatrooms.
How to vaporise angry homework vampires
I hear stakes are effective
7:22 PM
And get 15 meta upvotes outta their limb
@Jan Haven't read @san's thesis.
they work, however for more fun, using UVB and UVC imaging really enhances the slaughter
Just speaking from experi… no wait …
Good to hear that @santiago only had to do with weak-breeds then phew!
Did you have the occasional sparkling disco-ball, too?
B3LYP is the best density functional in the world!
yup, and my disco ball shoots out lasers!
7:24 PM
He had! HE HAD! Alert the media!
I'm confused. Why are some stars hollow?
@Jan Because they are lonely.
@Jan They're a pin.
If anybody finds a box of star-shaped pin board pins, notify me, I'll buy them! =D
@Jan I found it! I found it!
yesterday, by M.A.Ramezani
We are having elections, visit meta.chemistry.SE for more information or check the parent chat room.
7:26 PM
they taste like chicken
Who? Pins? Homework vampires? Stars?
@santiago Where are you from?
Homework Twilight's disco balls? (Sparkle in the light ;) )
See you around, guys. Gonna go shopping now and home after that o/
@LordStryker originally, Chile - but are ell travelled, currently in the wilds of Brisbane, Qld
Ba bye @Jan!
7:28 PM
See ya @Jan :)
Bye @Jan!
Oh wow. You certainly moved a lengthy bit.
Brisbane! I did a school exchange with the Gold Coast =D (But now I'm really gone)
have lived in Sweden, France, South Africa, Singapore, Japan and now Australia
the car accident a while back put a temporary halt on my travel
@santiago Where were you born?
7:31 PM
in a cave on a mystic hill
@santiago Oh!
@santiago Inside a coffin?
you got me, I am the anti-homework-vampire vampire
I take that as a yes.
7:34 PM
@M.A.Ramezani I love the link to 'your website'
@LordStryker Thanks!
Or tanks.
@santiago My profile. Visit my site, and give feedback!
Its got what we like to call... attitude
very pretty pictures
Hey! Even if it was a real thingy it was most probably going to be Persian, so doesn't matter anyways.
7:40 PM
Well we have Google Translate so you're right, it wouldn't matter.
I almost decided to be snarky and say
nd @Martin-マーチン would his superpowers and translate
"Well we would never bother to visit so you're right, it wouldn't matter."
Google translate translate stuff like Charlie Chaplin would do.
Man... I need a drink...
7:45 PM
Is that sleepwalking?
@M.A.Ramezani does sleep-chemistry
Akh, you forgot to kbdicize it! It's !
I am still proud of
Sad What was I thinking? I should've not retagged that Q...
I've done a treason to cat kingdom.
what a catastrophe!
8:01 PM
:) What a great day.
A dear friend of mine just got her PhD a few minutes ago.
I know. We used to work in the same lab when we were both just undergraduates.
That's a good feeling...
@LordStryker epic!
Oh something ruined my day though. Some chat message that I saw now.
8:04 PM
No no, not here.
Some other room.
Don't follow @SAN!
8:26 PM
OK good slash cool people! I'm off to sleep!
\o @M.A.Ramezani
Sleep tight.
2 hours later…
10:13 PM
@santiago You've certainly been around!
yup, more travelling soon... maybe
Only places I've spent extensive amounts of time (i.e. more than a month) are England, Germany, Finland and Australia.
Still dreaming of a post doc in Japan, though ^^
Japan is epic
The accident a while back has slowed me down temporarily
1 hour later…
11:47 PM
5 beers in. Good times.
Friday night son! Get your weekend on!

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