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8:01 AM
Hullo Periodic Table!
@LordStryker Talk about weekend!
The weekends in Iran are Fridays, but
$\Huge{\text{MY EXAMS ARE OVER!!!}}$
8:38 AM
Hullo @san!
how are you?
Fine, thanks.
Only had 4 ice creams for today though.
only 4??
Yeah...I might get some more. Soon enough.
I wonder how much organochem @Martin does.
Oh speaking of...
Hullo @Martin!
8:48 AM
hmmm question - promethium exists in tiny amounts naturally according to some websites.... why is it listed in the periodic Table as artificial?
OK while you're at it, talk about the love for B3LYP... I'm going to help my mom at the pharmacy.
@santiago You answered your own Q!
@M.A.Ramezani eh?
Just like At, the natural minute existence counts as 0.
aaah but At is listed as natural?
8:51 AM
ah, no its not
got it now
Talk to @Wildcat, I'm leaving now.
have a good rest
hi @Wildcat @Martin-マーチン
i scared them off!
9:32 AM
Copy Editor.... boom!
@M.A.Ramezani May I ask what? ;)
@santiago Congrats!
Thank you thank you
10:36 AM
3 hours later…
1:24 PM
Ah ha, it's lovely to be able to sleep in and wake up without an alarm. :)
Thank you for your insightful question @user223679
3 hours later…
4:19 PM
typed out a lengthy answer to a question only to find out somebody else has written the exact same answer. sigh!!
@Papul Yeah I hate it when that happens.
1 hour later…
5:41 PM
@Papul That's ruining your day. :(
LordStryker did it to me once, never forgive
Hear that @Lord? You have a personal fan!
Hullo @Nicolau!
Hello MARamezani
How're you? @Nicolau
I'm fine
And you? What about all those tests
5:54 PM
They're over! Yay!
That's good
@NicolauSakerNeto I did?
I remember it @Lord!
Yes, it was a question about nuclear decay I think
Or something to do with kinetics
I was going to write up an answer, but then you copy-pasted a bunch of stuff from somewhere and completely outdid what I wrote
You meanie!
I'm joking, of course
6:02 PM
Oh the homework question that got closed?
I didn't copy/paste :(
It was a few weeks ago now, not sure
Well I apologize for that.
A: Carbon Dating: What to compare the new value against?

LordStrykerLarge elements of my answer is drawn from my own notes that I use for teaching General Chemistry II. What is −0.693? Radioactive decay processes follow first-order kinetics. A first-order reaction is one where the rate depends only on the concentration of one of the reactants raised to the f...

Again, I just meant that as a lighthearted joke, no way I'd resent someone for typing an answer to a question I was working on
The pic is perfect for the situation.
6:03 PM
Just to be safe, I don't want people thinking poorly of me without good reason!
Yeah yeah, let make that clear though.
@Lord he was JOKING!
@NicolauSakerNeto You should have done what Ringo did, submit anyway :)
I was still at the start, no point in wasting another hour or two typing essentially what you already had
Yeah you know, the other room I'm in, just suffered a misunderstanding.
Lighthearted stuff turning into a crazy fight.
It's somewhat risky, I don't want to sound toooo serious all the time, but I am afraid of people not taking a small joke the right way
So my default stance is boring and robotic
6:08 PM
Well, I'm usually not serious 95 percent of the time.
Scratch that; 95.03% of the time.
If I add smileys to everything I say, it'd be a laborious work for me and boring for others.
So I only put a smiley when I could be misinterpreted.
Unfortunately jokes are generally not well conveyed in text
The curse of projecting an idea into a limited string of words
Harding than interpreting NMR stuff.
@NicolauSakerNeto Sometimes typos occur too in text. chat.stackexchange.com/messages/21634567/history
Interesting typo.
6:12 PM
@Lord he was talking to me the other day, crying LordStryker was so mean to me.
Reminds me of this @M.A.Ramezani bash.org/?5300
@M.A.Ramezani You know, someone might look at that and say shame on me... but seriously, they have no idea.
Hah I'd forgotten about that one
If it were up to me, I'd hand out a site/chat-wide permaban.
@Lord all I could do was say yeah, @Lord is @Lord, he can say whatever he likes, there's no stopping him and stuff like that.
But that is just... you know... my own opinion.
6:14 PM
Let me find the real message.
Good catch.
Hmm, I've got some cleaning to do. What album should I spin?
We better keep an eye on this user.
Damn that spammer!
@LordStryker Asking music advice from me? That's...
@M.A.Ramezani You want to help me pick? :)
6:26 PM
Well, whaddya wanna listen to?
Give me some choices, I tell you which one.
And my choice would TOTALLY not depend on coin flipping.
Readies coin
OK I'm ready. Hit me @Lord!
I need one of these
To put on this
Lets go with a "Feel Good" type of genre :)
I might throw on some Stereophonics and go from there
Man, I've had no coffee today :( ugh
My coffee press is in the wash
6:31 PM
No chemistry?
How can life even continue without chemistry?
@Lord second column, first row.
The one that has some green hues in its view from here.
I mean the colorful one, ya know.
That could cheer you up.
@M.A.Ramezani You certainly have a sharp eye!
Thats Stereophonics!
Coincidence or what?
@LordStryker Or what.
I don't know, supernatural? Did you sell your soul to the devil? Are you a Stereophonics fan?
Or was it simply coincidence?
6:39 PM
Is there an option all of the above?
Be real here. I'm totally curious!
Haha - That was just coincidence man!
Q: What is the purpose of UV-VIS Spectroscopy?

bandicoot12I understand the purpose behind infrared spectroscopy and mass spectroscopy, but UV-VIS doesn't make much sense to me. Through research, I see that it has to do with electron orbitals, and it has a relation to Beer's Law. But what exactly can I learn about a molecule from its absorbance/trans...

Well that is certainly quite a coincidence!
> Through research, I see that it has to do with electron orbitals, and it has a relation to Beer's Law.
In heaven, people call Beer-Lambert's law Beer's.
@M.A.Ramezani There you go!
6:48 PM
@LordStryker Seriously! Muslims believe in a very delicious "beer" to exist in heaven.
@LordStryker Thumbs up
Oh. Hmmm, well I certainly hope if I ever ended up in a heaven, it would contain a delicious beer.
What's wuantum?
Q: Question about quantum mechanical model of atom and the quantum numbers

Shashank KumarI studied bohrs model of atom and then the drawbacks of it and then wuantum mechanical model of atom. Now quantum model is according to uncertainty principal and dual nature of matter and it says we can not talk about fixed orbits (uncertaity principle) and can only talk of an area of maximum pr...

Notable typo.
Wauntum is the Chinese version of Quantum.
Haha guess what @Lord!
My meta score in discussion is more than my top tag's score in the main site.
Oooh! My top tag is .
Congratulations :)
I thought it was gonna be organochem though. How did I end up being a physical semi-chemist?
You certainly take an active part in this community.
6:53 PM
The Bohr model is completely wrong and really shouldn't be used for anything other than a historical account of how Quantum Mechanics came about. It did okay for explaining the atomic emission line spectrum for the Hydrogen atom but that is about it. — LordStryker 1 min ago
Cool comment!
Haha what's uncertainty principal?
That Q is a full basket of phunny typos.
Its a principal that states that you will never be too certain about the principal.
I don't necessarily agree with this closure.
A: After completing an experiment, a student finds that the percentage yield exceeded 100%. What could have occurred to the sample to lead to this?

LordStrykerBelow is a basic example. If percent yield is based on a mass, then a >100% yield can result from a product contains materials that should not be there. For instance, a product that should be anhydrous may not be completely dry and water would add mass to the product increasing your yield. O...

Is @Wildcat a principal?
@LordStryker Let me see.
It could have been reworded but I think the question is legitimate and a good one to be honest.
Under normal circumstances to think of something being > 100% would be thought provoking because it goes against what we generally understand as possible.
6:59 PM
I don't think it's HW.
But it is primarily opinion based, or unclear what he's asking.
I'd be curious to hear why @Martin-マーチン voted to close.
This isn't the first time I've disagreed with a closure but alas, it is what it is.
@LordStryker He did? He did!
@LordStryker If the asker provided more details, the correct answer could've been only one. Now that they don't, there are too many answers.
If it wouldn't get closed, it'd gotten protected anyways.
Not all questions can be asked with specific criteria... or should have to be.
Anyhow, I need to get off my lazy butt and get some stuff done around the house.
@LordStryker Like doing chemistry?
@LordStryker Yes, but they somehow have to eliminate at least some of the possible answers.
Well cleaning and washing (and eating) involves chemistry so yeah! I guess so!
7:05 PM
It's like saying x + y =1.
@M.A.Ramezani Honestly I think all the answers but brian's should be downvoted into oblivion and/or removed.
Because brian answer that question very thoroughly without receiving much detail.
Oh, the spectroscopy answer thingy?
His answer was the best. The others are very repetitive and unnecessary.
To which Q?
The one that got put on hold for being homework.
7:08 PM
Looking back
I'm considering deleting my own answer.
I'm considering studying the mechanism of ATP synthesis in a cell, now that my exams are over.
@LordStryker NOOOOOOOO! Just chill and listen to some stereo-somethings.
I dont know why you care so much about my answer lol
Oh you have no idea...
7:13 PM
You rather not know...
I'm just playing though.
Oh. Hmmm, interesting.
Meow! =^.^=
@LordStryker, I have another crappy geom opt! :D
tight optimization is tough :(
displacements are nowhere close to convergence...
7:21 PM
Well certainly you're sisplacements are a bit off :)
python + matplotlib
terminal hydrogens have relatively big displs
when i freeze them it quickly converges
but then when defreeze
i got this cr@p
So i decided to give correct instead of estimated Hessian a try.
CalcFC to the rescue! :D
@Wildcat that your brother?
@M.A.Ramezani, currently i.imgur.com/sZ6Hey2.gif
Them damn thing doesn't converge does it?
oh, yes...
7:35 PM
So much that it gives your selfie a blurry shade.
Ah yes, are you getting a lot of rotations with those Hs?
Yeah :\ I hate it when that happens.
C6H5 terminal radicals are rotating around C-C bonds.
just slightly
So we both are computational chemists working with organometallic complexes. That is interesting.
Still my favorite comment (see Tom) chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/4877/…
7:48 PM
@LordStryker, actually, I'm beginner in this area. Before I did calcs only for small organic molecules. :D
Well I only started working with metals last year :\
And before that I didn't do calcs at all. :)
I'm used to big calculations on very, very small molecules.
Like diborane(6)-hydrogen chloride.
I started to do quantum chemistry only when I already was a PhD student.
And decided to switch to this area.
Before I did GED and MS.
7:56 PM
@LordStryker FWIW, it's the most upvoted comment in chem.SE.
@Wildcat :) Thats wonderful!
And its also nice to see you open up and tell us a little about yourself :)
8:12 PM
@Lord could you tell me your idea 'bout this answer?
Q: What is the order of the following compounds based on polarity?

carolina $\ce{HCl}$, Methanol, Hexane, Petroleum benzene from more polar to less polar? So I know, $\ce{HCl}$ has the most polarity. Hexane I guess has the less. I guess the order should be like : $\ce{HCl}$>Methanol>Petroleum benzene>Hexane But I'm not sure of the place of Petroleum benzene

I mean the one Ian wrote.
It is okay to refer to comments within an answer in some situations.
Emphasis on some.
OK OK, gather your thoughts... Ah I mixed up.
Carbon Dioxide isn't polar.
Why does @Martin say it is?
Well he certainly doesn't answer the question...
I think he meant to say that CO2 is easily polarizable, which is very different than saying that something is polar.
Yes... Polar != polarizable.
Sorry I was taking food out of the oven.
I need to read though this carefully and figure out what exactly is happening...
8:21 PM
Take your time!
I've weighed in.
Oh no... :]
I just don't agree with the statement that "CO2 is polar" simply because its easily polarizable.
Tick tack tick tack... Two days to the big event...
I'm off to sleep!
By that same token, I could say that H2O is non-polar...
Given a special set of circumstances you could probably make H2O non-polar but I'd never go around saying that it wasn't polar because of it...
see ya @M.A.Ramezani
2 hours later…
10:09 PM
Q: Formulae with charge and number of atoms (e.g. sulfate ion) aren't displayed properly

MolxI just noticed that there is a problem when using mhchem to display structures such as sulfate's. According to its manual, they should appear as But using $\ce{SO4^2-}$ results in $\ce{SO4^2-}$ which isn't that bad, but is not the IUPAC recommended display. A workaround is $\ce{SO4{}^{2-}}...


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