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2:08 AM
Q: How should we deal with questions asking about what hardware to use for something?

AdamThis question was just asked. The OP is asking about how to achieve something and needs a recommendation of what hardware to use in the first place rather than a recommendation of a certain product. Firstly, at the time of writing this, the question doesn't have much to work with, so it should b...

3 hours later…
5:32 AM
We seem to have agreed that we want Software Recommendations standards for questions and answers. We have a Meta discussion about Answers already (SR equivalent...we may want to add more to ours ). Should we have the question equivalent?
3 hours later…
8:13 AM
I don't think we can just copy that over. Hardware Recs involves many other types of questions as we've seen, so it would need to be largely expanded upon.
2 hours later…
10:16 AM
@Adam Why you so moderative? :D

2 hours later…
12:31 PM
Some people take positive criticism to be hate speech.
Why did you find it was terrible? What are your criteria for a replacement? What is your budget? What specifically are you wanting to find? "any replacement at all regardless of budget, quality, or resolution/clarity" is not likely what you want, but seems to be what you are asking. — enderland 18 secs ago
12:51 PM
@enderland That's not my question.

I found that comment on @Adam amusing, so I put it up on chat.

The OP even edited the title, even after I set it right.
1:38 PM
@Adam I'm not proposing a copy/paste, but more of a "here are our guidelines" that we can point users to when we get a low quality question. We are using some of SR's guidelines though, so some copying may be appropriate.
2:11 PM
First pass below. If anyone wants to edit the answer, I made it a CW
Q: What is required for a question to be high quality?

AndyThis is the question version of What is required for an answer to be 'high quality'? (It is modeled off of What is required for a question to contain "enough information"? from Software Recommendations) One of the problems that Hardware Recommendations has had during it's short beta period is ...

heh @Andy I was just about to delete the auto-post :)
Just barely made it into the edit window :)
oh...wait...mod. nevermind
2:23 PM
mods can do lots of things in chat
2:38 PM
Q: Merge [notebook] into [laptop]

AndyI propose merging notebook into laptop and making an appropriate synonym. There are currently 3 notebook questions and 5 laptop questions. All are referring to the same type of hardware.

3:30 PM
I'm surprised this was re-opened, you guys don't think it remains too broad?
the resolution/megapixels thing is still unclear to me
@JohnB there was a meta discussion somewhere (or in here, I can't remember)
I can't vote to close it again. I closed it the first time. It still seems broad to me.
@enderland right, the meta discussion seemed to point towards the decision "leave it closed" as I understood it
20 hours ago, by Undo
I think this question should be closed. It's too much general, and the meta-post make me think that this is not needed here. Yes I can do some research and find some webcams, then make a question about comparison of hardware to make sure which is better. — Francisco Cabral Sep 24 at 1:36
Q: Best way to handle low-quality questions?

AdamI started to wonder this after I saw this question just now. I'm asking this because we've never actually discussed what to do if there is a low-quality question in terms of requirements. In the question, only one requirement was given originally. The question itself was great, but the contents...

3:36 PM
starting around there @JohnB
all those meta answers were posted after the edit to that question had been made, and there were no new edits to tighten the focus
@JohnB, I agree. To me, the requirements list barely narrows the list from all web cams to a very large subset of them. The "one that identifies the background and removes it" is most certainly software and should be usable by any web cams. I'm pretty sure that Google Talk has the ability to change backgrounds in a video chat, and that will use whatever web cam is plugged in.
I mistakenly retracted my original close vote forgetting that I couldn't re-vote after retracting, otherwise I'd VTC again
@Andy perhaps the OP cannot install software on the machine he is using and needs a way for the webcam to do it automatically
I think it's safer to assume that he just didn't understand how that worked
3:48 PM
@enderland Perhaps, but I'd be concerned they couldn't install other software then too - like web cam drivers.
In either case, a clarification would help in the question
Specifically when he wrote "so... I don't understand nothing about webcans ... about the chroma keying, thanks."
(cut out the middle of the comment)
Ok. Just so I don't sound stupid... How the hell is a darn notebook a darn laptop?!?!?
I always thought they were interchangeable, aren't they?
I thought so
3:54 PM
That looks like a laptop... What the hell?
It is a laptop
So then why call it a notebook?
It's cooler?
I'd guess it's an advertising gimmick of some sort
That's a notebook.
3:55 PM
Maybe I like my trees to be digital instead of dead.
YAY! Saving the trees with my notebook computer!
Seriously, they couldn't call it something else...
here's what Wiki has to tell us
> these were marketed as notebooks to distinguish them from bulkier laptops. Regardless of the etymology, by the late 1990s, the terms were interchangeable.
Who on earth thinks of these messed up names?
your factlet for the day
"late 90s"...so only a few years ago right?
3:57 PM
but yeah I don't ever see myself voluntarily using the term 'notebook' instead of laptop
3 hours later…
6:36 PM
I'm less active here than I'd like to be because I have some weird stomach bug, but I'm still alive.
I think
@Undo you too? I've been sick all weekend
nice to be feeling better right in time for Monday work :(
1 hour later…
7:59 PM
@Andy Clarified some things in your high-quality question post
8:50 PM
How can I slack off at work if there is no new activity?
9:15 PM
@Cfinley sounds like a Workplace question ;)
9:41 PM
@enderland You sly dog.

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