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Welcome to chat for: Hardware Recommendations
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Here we go again >:D
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@Undo Whatever could you mean? :)
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Gilles has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
Gilles has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
Oooh, what feeds have we got?
@ArtOfCode meta and bounties
Aaah good.
Anybody who's new to private betas: please read The Real Essential Questions of Every Beta (and ignore the Stack Exchange blog post from 2010, it's obsolete and misleading)
Q: Should we have SR-style quality guidelines for questions and answers?

UndoThis site is different than most - we're an opinion based site. This topic is the reason 'shopping recommendations' were banned on Stack Overflow. If we don't want to become a spam center, I think we should have some fairly strict quality guidelines. Software Recommendations seems to be doing fa...

Q: Are "X vs. Y" questions allowed?

UndoOn SR, we decided that "X vs. Y" is not a good question. Thumbing through the example questions for this site on Area 51, I see a few of them: Do mechanical keyboards have any real advantage over traditional keyboards? DDR3 vs DDR2 -- is either better than the other? If so, why? Help t...

Q: Are "What should I consider when buying" questions allowed?

UndoShould we allow questions that ask "what should I consider when looking for an x"? Or do we only want to provide recommendations for specific hardware meeting specific needs? The advantage I see to allowing these questions is that they won't go out of date as fast, which will probably be a fair...

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I guess beta meta-spam is pretty common in the early stages...
@enderland 'Specially when you don't set the feeds up until after a lot are posted.
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Q: My account has been banned after 3 questions, where only 1 question has negative votes

kenorb You've asked 3 questions recently, some of which have not been received very well by the community. I've asked 3 questions, 2 questions with 0 votes, the 3rd with -4. Is it really enough to get the ban? How long does it stand?

@enderland Nobody can review those yet, apart from team or OP
@ArtOfCode oooh right, well, the OP accepted the edit :)
@enderland Mission accomplished, then. It's 500 to review edits at the moment. Closest user is just over 200.
@ArtOfCode is mentioning the how optical zoom changes the perspective distortion off topic for this answer?
A: What should I look for besides pixel when choosing a smartphone with a good camera?

ArtOfCodeGeneral guidance for buying cameras alone can be applied here. There are several important aspects: Pixels This is the resolution that the image sensor is capable of capturing. The greater the number, the more detail you'll get in your image. This does, however, combine with the next point: Sen...

6:27 PM
@TARDISMaker Sorry? I don't think I have, have I? Well, unless you count "brings the image apparently closer to the sensor". More to the point, it's to do with the question, and answers an important facet of it - I thought it was important to include.
@ArtOfCode I feel like pixels is the most overrated thing for cameras nowadays
I'm not arguing with what you included, I'm just wondering if it's too much to include how changing the focal length (zooming in on optical zoom) changes the perspective distortion
I would add an edit for it, but I'm not sure if it's too in depth for that answer
@enderland Yeah, sensor size is much more important
@TARDISMaker 5 megapixels is 2,592x1944 resolution, and nearly every camera is bigger than that now
@enderland It is. Camera choice is entirely dependent on what you want and all the other factors, rather than pix. Pix combines with sensor size, anyway, to get image quality.
Maybe that person should just be told to buy a point and shoot :)
6:32 PM
@TARDISMaker Ah right, sorry. My bad. Um... I'd probably err on the side of leaving it out - the optical/digital distinction is only relevant as far as it's a consideration in choosing a camera, which a basic description should cover. Feel free to add relevant details, though.
Q: Pricing as a requirement

MastHow do we handle pricing requirements stated in questions? Do we: Consider them hard limits? Expect proof of sale-price in all answers? One of the problems is that pricing differs all over the world. A piece of hardware in the USA may be 30% more or less expensive than on the other side of t...

Q: What should we call our chatroom?

ArtOfCodeWe have a chatroom. It's currently called "Hardware Recommendations", which is the default name for a new site's chatroom. What better names are there? As one of the Real Essential Meta Questions, this is something we can tackle now.

@ArtOfCode made an edit
@TARDISMaker Approved said edit
Thanks :)
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Q: Are appliance-related questions on-topic?

scubaFunI think someone asked this on the commitment phrase, but I do not remember the responses. Are we going to allow questions related to appliances? An example could it be: Which washer/dryer allows me to control it using my smartphone? In this case, it is asking for a appliance, but the feat...

Q: How do we promote our site?

belfordBecause some of the private betas are not active enough, it'd be nice to talk about promoting our site. Do you have any interesting proposals?

7:16 PM
Now this is what an answer should look like
I'm flattered <3
7:41 PM
Q: Should we use [sound] or [audio]?

UndoI just asked a question with the audio tag, on top of an existing question using sound. Which should we use?

A: Sound board to replace a GL2200 in a house-of-worship FOH setting?

EEAABroadly-speaking, it would be silly to consider anything other than a digital desk at this point. That said, there will be a learning curve for people that are used to analog desks. I've been operating a Yamaha LS9-32 at church for the past four years or so, and have found it to be an excellent ...

is pretty close too
@Undo wtf is a house-of-worship FOH?
@Gilles Front of house
@Undo wtf is a house-of-worship front of house
mixer in a church?
7:53 PM
Q: Aside from aesthetics, is there a benefit to water cooling?

JordanI see many people talking about how they have built water cooling into their system. Is there any real benefit in performance by doing this or is it purely for aesthetics?

On topic?
I'm guessing the tag is probably the type of meta tag we want to avoid
@JohnB Yep
Into what system? Their homes? Because I immediately thought of geothermal systems installed into homes when reading this question. — enderland 39 secs ago
heh. Cars can also be liquid or air cooled :)
8:11 PM
I feel like alot of the questions which are low quality here could easily be edited into something good
@JohnB a lot of churches have this, if they have a contemporary band you basically need it
Been a long time since I've been involved in a private beta like this. Forgot how fun it was.
8:24 PM
@Undo This is the first time I've actually been involved in one
I'm on a few, but I'm not active on them at all
I have no idea how they're doing
I am pretty active on the Blender Beta though, but that's getting pretty close to graduating
8:41 PM
Q: are DIY hardware recommendations allowed?

TanMathNow, I have been interested in the maker and hacker community for a long time. I have learned about the Arduino and Raspberry Pi, etc. Are recommendation questions about such DIY hardware platforms allowed on this website? For example - "What are some good touchscreens for the Raspberry Pi?" or ...

9:15 PM
Great! Late getting home from school... And this has already started without me... -_-
@Zizouz212 It's the nice mod! :)
What? Oh...
Hey @Tardis :)
Q: What to do when a question has an answer in another SE?

Franck DernoncourtWhat to do when a question has an answer in another SE? E.g. the question Should I find a processor with "hyperthreading?": The Intel Core i7 processor has a feature known as "hyper-threading." Quoting their website: Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel® HT Technology)1 uses...

Q: How are we going to handle questions / answers becoming outdated?

DoorknobThis was brought up on Area 51, but I don't think it was sufficiently addressed. Taking into consideration the following: The primary goal of a Stack Exchange site is not to simply provide an answer only to the user who has asked the question—the "mission statement" of all Stack Exchange sites...

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Q: How can we detect (and deal with) spam?

HDE 226868The premise of Hardware Recommendations is that Person A is looking for one or more product(s) that will satisfy certain criteria or complete a certain task. Persons B, C, D, etc. may write answers giving the details of products that can help Person A. The problem is that there is a bit of a hol...

@JohnB I edited, no one will delete your comment if I flag it as obselete though :)
no one will flag it if I've already deleted it!
lol, that works too

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