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12:28 AM
Nevermind, I'm stupid
12:43 AM
@michaelpri about...
What did you do?
@Zizouz212 I didn't realize that there was a moderator nomination post already, and I suggested that we post one
@michaelpri Ah
You and your darn mod nomination posts... :)
Did you have anyone in particular that you were thinking of?
Well, Undo, but I just thought that it'd be a good time to post one
Don't forget to vote for me (positively!)
Aha, lol. I can't vote for you :)
12:53 AM
I voted so you dont have to.
It's not just based on votes, though
That is true.
I realize that. It was just a lame attempt at a joke.
Im just happy that there are people here
12:55 AM
Ooh, I just thought of an idea
Just wait...
Do you think we should use location based tags?
Like on Zizouz's last question use the [canada] tag.
I always assume USA unless stated otherwise.
No, it won't really do much
The goal of the site is to recommend a product, not necessarily say where to buy it
My thinking is that some products may not be available everywhere
@Cfinley And how the heck did you know I'm from Canada?!?
I quote "It should be under 400 Canadian Dollars."
I guessed
Also, in your profile
Toronto, Ontario
1:02 AM
Makes sense
Regardless, you may want to start a meta post about that.
I am thinking about it.
I know there was a question about a laptop, but it had to be purchased within Germany.
Lets see if I can find the question...
I can see multiple arguments that go either way for that.
Q: A good monitor as the main one of a two-monitor setup

MoritzLostI'm searching for a good monitor for my PC. I currently own a 21,5" ASUS monitor, which is fine; I'm planning on using the one I currently own as a second monitor and get a new one as my main monitor. I'm willing to pay up to 200 €. I want something that's a little bigger than my current one, may...

I will ask that question later. It is time for me to start to build my desk.
Well, have fun with that :D
2:08 AM
any news on DDR4 for AMD ?
2:24 AM
Not that I know of.
6 hours later…
7:59 AM
Morning, all.
We go public later today, I believe.
8:53 AM
That we do, @ArtOfCode. Exciting day!
9:35 AM
Q: Should location be required or recommended in questions?

AdamI've seen this topic come up a few times here and there over the past week or two, but I guess no one asked yet. Location can sometimes make a big difference in what hardware is available in a certain region, so my thinking is we should start strongly encouraging the inclusion of a general locat...

@HardwareRecommendationsMeta @Adam have an answer
1 hour later…
11:07 AM
Yayy, That's great news @ArtOfCode
2 hours later…
1:29 PM
Things that make me giggle: Annihilating a planet
In related news, if you've not played Planetary Annihilation, and like RTS games, it's fun
1:44 PM
And in further related news, today's Disaster Drill has begun. I am "victim" and I'm not allowed to work. The idea is to simulate a massive loss to the work force.
We need more of these drills.
So, you get a free day off, but still have to be at work?
Nope, wasn't allowed to show up to the office.
Can't sign into the VPN either.
"No working"
It's a free vacation day
Which gives me plenty of times to start raking leaves
How many drills do you do a year?
Wow, that's kind of awesome
2:05 PM
I just got the beta badge. Does that mean public beta is coming soon?
it's public! if you open the site in incognito it shows up
Cheers people. We are public.
Hardware Recommendationshardwarerecs.stackexchange.com

Beta Q&A site for people seeking specific hardware recommendations.

Currently in public beta.

It says it is public
Its official!
Got a shiny beta badge too :)
Q: We're "graduated" to public!

enderlandIf you open the site incognito mode it shows up now :) http://hardwarerecs.stackexchange.com/questions We can celebrate with whatever!

@Andy what does your company call these? are they just "disaster days?" I'm going to suggest them to my company, we have some serious weak links but since turnover has historically been quite low those haven't derailed things too badly yet
2:10 PM
@enderland It's a regional thing. I'm fairly certain the Feds are involved too. It tests the area's response to a large scale disaster. There are several hospitals and companies involved
Ahhh, interesting
It's the first time I've got to be a "victim". Previously I've been on the business continuity side.
ah darn.... I lost my edit privileges...
I can't see vote counts anymore either. I kinda forgot the privileges become harder to get during public beta.
@enderland Why is your meta question tagged with "closed-questions"?
@Cfinley I figured it'd get closed :P
Do we have a meta question about alternative hardware that doesn't meet requirements? Ie. user asks for a laptop and answer recommends a desktop?
2:21 PM
downvote the crap out of it?
Well, that's easy. But, I was going to do that anyway since it doesn't really answer the question in this case. I was wondering if we'd had any recommendations that tried to persuade the user into something completely different than that they requested.
On my motherboard question I asked awhile ago, someone tried to get rid of the gaming aspect of the computer I am going to build. It was down-voted and deleted.
Woop :) Congrats, all.
2:51 PM
Meanwhile, the Website Recommendations proposal is getting committed at a neat pace.
1 hour later…
3:52 PM
That's great, but do we have a scope yet? — Undo 1 min ago
Real question, I'm trying to catch up on what I missed while sick
@Undo I reckon we do. Robert's proposal seems to have been met with general approval - so "computer-related hardware and pre-purchase inquiries"
@Andy I came across an answer yesterday that ignored the recommendation question the OP asked but answered another part about compatibility. I attempted to have it removed.
@ArtOfCode Wonderful, I can agree with that
@Adam Got a link? Enough flags should draw a CM
@Adam I may have just found it - this one?
Spot on.
4:02 PM
Q: Recommendation for a cheap and small computer for USB webcam microscope

March HoI require a cheap and small computer to act as the monitor of a webcam-microscope. The computer must be able to display the output of the USB webcam microscope with as low a time delay as possible (<50ms delay) and display the output on a monitor with a wired connection (HDMI, DVI or VGA). The ...

So this question is confusing. Hopefully it isn't just me.
@Adam Seems ok to me - what's up with it?
The title asks for a computer, but one of the requirements implies that a monitor is needed.
I guess I'll just comment about the <50ms part.
@Adam Assume laptop, then they come together
Though that price maximum is rather low...
@ArtOfCode I'd like to think he's not going for a laptop because he's mentioning things as parts rather than all-in-one.
4:09 PM
@Adam shrug There's also a requirement about fans - which monitors alone don't usually have
@ArtOfCode That's true, but then what kind of laptop is fanless?
@Adam A liquid-cooled, very expensive one.
Hah, so I'm just assuming it's not a laptop then.
@Adam damn beating me to it
5 seconds ahead of me with your comment
@ArtOfCode Two is better than one. :)
4:12 PM
@Adam Yep. They can stay.
Yours is worded differently so we're good.
It sounds like (to me) that he has the monitor and webcam already. He is just looking for something to combine the two.
That could be it but computers don't decide the monitor latency, which he's asking for here.
It could be that he wants something to process the video feed fast enough. Something that a Raspberry Pi might struggle with.
But since we dont know for sure what he wants, asking him to clarify is a good idea.
Surely that webcam has a line out, which could be converted to a monitor input. That would completely remove the need for a computer.
4:17 PM
Yeah, I guess if we're talking about a Raspberry Pi vs. mega computer difference here, then monitor latency would be linked to the computer itself.
Direct cables are always going to be faster than putting something in the way
@ArtOfCode That's true. Someone ask about it.
I don't know if I have ever seen a webcam that has its own line out. But even then that alone wouldn't meet his requirements of integrated Wifi and Bluetooth
Questions, questions, questions.
@Cfinley Well, the webcam must have some method of connecting to another device, somehow. If that's wired, it can be patched through some adapters to the monitor. If it's wireless it's a bit more tricky. But yeah, true it doesn't actually fit...
4:22 PM
woo - public beta! and I got my beta badge (I know I am behind, traveling this week for work so severely curtailed time for casual browsing)
This is a great question and very unique, but I'm starting to think it's too broad or just needs clarification.
@AdamC We'll hold the fort down for you.
@Adam new MacBook is fanless.
@Undo Forgot about that one. Even then, too expensive here.
@Adam True
I have a cubox i4 Pro and that meets the reqs (if no display required)
and you can buy it as a board if you don't want the case
so it's flexible
just not sure about the 50ms
4:32 PM
@AdamC I completely forgot those exist.
It'll be interesting to see when SE appoints moderators for this site. On SR it was a day or two after public beta started, on most other sites it's been at least a week.
@Adam - I use it as an openelec box - works really well
built in IR/BT/Wifi (though I use wired)
@Undo OS had a good 2-3 weeks without them
@ArtOfCode I think most sites have at least a week
@AdamC - give it a recommend, see what they say
4:37 PM
@ArtOfCode Probably depends on how easy it is to find people that accept and they're comfortable with
@Undo The first 3 people contacted accepted. They were just a little delayed in doing the contacting, for us.
Part of the reason for longer private betas might be to give them more time to look at folks, too
@Undo Possibly. Well we're the guinea pigs, so let's see what happens.
On another note, does this room have an owner yet?
No, no it doesn't.
Does it really need one?
We're all blue :P
Anyone around here up for that job?
4:40 PM
Cfinley and Adam have the most messages among not-blues
@Undo Rooms should have owners, IMO. Gives another level of moderation before the blues. <see rref="Mos Eisley" />
@Undo Job done.
4:41 PM
(you guys are free to remove yourselves if you don't want the post)
It's not like there's really any responsibility associated with it for a room like this, where there aren't any crazy people
Reporting for duty, sir!
@Undo Not really, true. Moving the odd off-topic conversation somewhere else, very occasionally kick-muting the crazies.
ROs can kick-mute?
Oh, right, yeah
No banning, but kick-muting. For the real problems, there's mod flags to get us involved, and lots of kick-mutes get reported.
4:44 PM
I'm looking for a piece of hardware that can torch leaves on the ground but not light my house or the trees on fire.
@Andy Call Mr. Spanners and give him a flamethrower.
Try this.
@Andy What kind of leaves?
@Undo The ones that fall off trees ;)
4:45 PM
I recommend two devices: A flamethrower and a really big fire extinguisher.
And maybe a bucket of water, might be handy too. But optional
Or just call in the deforestation team. Attack the source.
I like the wooded area I live in 9 months of the year. The 3 that cover "autumn" though, I hate trees with a passion.
@Andy Why torch them? Leaf blower?
Alternatively, leaf vacuum, put the result in a fire and toast some marshmallows.
To many. I have had some high powered leaf blowers, they aren't powerful enough. A vacuum is horrible. I can fill a bag in under two minutes.
Beam them into space maybe?
4:51 PM
I'd accept hardware that does that
Any recommendations? :)
Scotty, beam my leaves up!
@Andy Call an electronic engineer, get them to modify the leaf blower. Remove some resistors, add a capacitor or two, add a threshold clock switch, and plug the blower into two power sockets. The power draw is insane, but the power is just as insane.
I suppose I can replant the grass in the spring...
I go out for lunch and come back as a room owner.
What new things do I have access to?
Pinning messages, kick-mute stuff, etc.
4:53 PM
Last time I went out for lunch Stack Exchange changed its name. I try to use my lunch powers responsibly now.
Oh yeah, I forgot pins.
Boy, we're on fire today with these jokes.
No offense to your leaves though @Andy.
Must be in CA
We've almost completely renewed the star board in the last hour ten minutes
One of you ROs can probably unpin HDE 226868's message over there, since we are public now.
4:55 PM
Enjoy your new feeling of power!
I was trying to find it
Oh yeah, you can also clear stars
Power! >:) Excuse my alternate personality.
@Cfinley Hover over the message on the star board, click the dropdown arrow, find the relevant option.
I clicked the arrow and it disappeared. Adam is too fast
4:57 PM
@Cfinley Heh. Try the one I just pinned.
Paging @Cfinley. Paging Cfinley.
Sorry, I didn't see the pings
What message did you pin?
@Cfinley The one on top of the star board right now :)
The pinned message will have an outline on the star.
That one?
5:01 PM
Yep, that's it. Yep, that one
Yep, that one
You also get to kick annoying people, which is fun. I'm ArtOfCode's sock. Kick me!
Off to abuse, I mean, test the new powers
@Cfinley You only get 'em in this room :)
And the kicked user gets a message saying "you are currently banned from participating in this room" for 1 minute.
So I kicked KarmaBot. Should that message disappear or not?
5:05 PM
@Cfinley Nope, but KarmaBot can't chat for a minute after you kick it
That minute is now up
KB usually gets used for running a bot, but also useful for testing things out on.
So, from my limited reading on room ownership, a moderator (not room owner) on any site also has special powers for all chat rooms. Is that right, or did I misread that.
@Cfinley Correct. Mods are basically enhanced room owners, everywhere.
I can do things like this:
ArtOfCode has frozen this room.
ArtOfCode has unfrozen this room.
5:08 PM
And, clearly, I can add room owners without being a room owner myself.
I think we get 3 extra options on rooms: timeout, freeze, delete. RO's can do everything else that we can, like events, access, feeds, and moving messages
Plus mods get all the user actions as well.
But we like RO's, because they can deal with issues without having to escalate them straight to mods.
Interestingly, I had to refresh to make it realise it was unfrozen
@AdamC Aye, it does that. It refreshes automatically when it freezes, not on unfreeze.
I am reminded of the days of IRC when I was a mod, haven't kicked anyone in ages......next I will be reading my mail in Mutt or pine and logging into MOOs and MUDs
I think I am still a mode on the MongoDB IRC channel
Oh the days of IRC. Such beautiful days.
5:14 PM
I do wonder, sometimes, what it would be like if we did a "mod for a day" thing - gave people mod powers for a day, and see what they do.
some would go power mad
not that it would not be entertaining
but there are some people on SE that would be horrendous as mods
@AdamC You mean we're not?
The site would turn into something resembling @Andy's front yard.
@ArtOfCode mad, yes, but I don't think taking away the power would help
@AdamC Hm. True. Mwahahahaaaa runs away
5:16 PM
I recall meeting a particularly troublesome person from the MongoDB tag on SO - he seemed so reasonable in person - but on SO he was a nightmare - rude, a little racist, mean
@AdamC Those are the kinds of people that make our job worthwhile :)
Such self-satisfaction when you ban such bigots.
he had multiple bans on different accounts and then eventually gave up - we (I worked for MongoDB at the time) even called him to discuss it, see if we could get him to tone it down
@ArtOfCode I proposed that on mSE years ago
Sounds like fun.
it didn't go down well and I think I deleted it :P
5:19 PM
@Undo You expected it to fly?
It was years ago
Heh. Excuses ;)
I was young(er) and dumb(er) than I am now
Wouldn't that mean you were under 13? Or were you just scraping the limits?
I think I was like 13 yrs 2mo at the time
5:20 PM
funny story: the current #2 all time MongoDB contributor is perma banned for toxic behavior (not the racist guy I mentioned, more run of the mill rudeness and rage) - pretty sure he is back on another account, but pretending (no really) to be his own girlfriend that is being coached by the person that got banned
@AdamC Um. Who?
@ArtOfCode stackoverflow.com/users/2313887/neil-lunn. I didn't realize they finally suspended him.
@Undo Aye, I was wondering who the other is, and if the SO mods know of it
5:24 PM
well, at the moment, no way to prove that "Kira" is not in fact who she says she is
and I think there has been no repeat of the toxicity
though I am not as vigilant in that tag as I once was
Hm. Well, if he behaves he can pretend to be Flargleblork from outer space as far as I care :)
Kira's old profile used to say this:
you may draw your own conclusions
Hm. Yeah, conclusions drawn. Fishy-smelling conclusions.
5:45 PM
><> Fish... Fish everywhere. <><
1 hour later…
6:51 PM
it's funny being in the top 10 users for rep and being in the "top 29%"
8th and top 19% for me
I'm top 3% for SO and way down the list, just outside top 50 on DBA and top 4% - goes to show you the difference in terms of user count
on SU, I am in the top 10% at 1.4K rep
same percentage for me on SU
and in the 1300's for rank
serverfault - top 5% and #400 ranked, so that's an easy way to calculate total users :)
I'm top 4% on EL&U with only 1.3k
7:11 PM
That disappointment when your edits no longer automatically go through...
glares at Adam YOU! You are blocking my edit
shrugs I'll just assume you can spell better than I and give up on my edit
I like how we all just jumped on the new question to try to edit it first
Hah sorry :)
You can trust my editing skills, don't worry.
With your profile pic, its hard to trust you at all :)
I still read half of what you write in his voice
cough "write"
Sorry...must be coming down with something
7:15 PM
I don't know what you are talking about
please ignore the pencil icon to the left of my comment.
Wow. That article headline seems straight out of The Onion.
Sorry guys, can't review your edits :) need 3 more upvotes I think
@ArtOfCode Race you to the top. ;)
@Adam Quick, someone upvote me 3 times!
8:00 PM
Edit approved by OP, @Adam.
8:13 PM
Check the late answer reviews on the other sites you are active in. Super User has 6.3K in the queue.
That's a pretty big change. I'm surprised they went through with it.
@Cfinley SO is down to 100
It does seem to have pulled a lot of crap out of the system, though.
3 hours later…
11:24 PM
Just pulled my MacBook apart and used an air duster on it.
Amazing how much crap a machine can accumulate in a few years
And turning it back on and bumping the fan to full was fun
I love cleaning computers. It's so satisfying to breath life into old machines.
11:45 PM
Beta Badge. Cool. Now just waiting to get my 50 rep on Area 51 and I'm out :)
@Zizouz212 not exactly the attitude that breeds healthy sites :/
lol, there's not much I can really do for this site to begin with anyway. I'm not really sure why I committed in the first place :/
But at least, I did fulfill commitment, out of the average what, 5 percent?

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