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12:11 AM
Q: Does bash support forking similar to C's fork()?

Cory KleinI have a script that I would like to fork at one point so two copies of the same script are running. For example, I would like the following bash script to exist: echo $$ do_fork() echo $$ If this bash script truly existed, the expected output would be: <ProcessA PID> <ProcessB PID&...

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5:04 AM
Q: Message box in C in Linux

Robertewhi, I want to get a pop up message "SUCCESSFUL" after the execution my program in C in Linux? the thing is that , it should run on both KDE and GNOME. How can i do message box here?

5:34 AM
Q: vim search around line breaks

Bryan WardWhen I am editing a LaTeX document in vim, often times I want to search for a phrase. Because I have LaTeX setup to wrap lines, sometimes half of the phrase will be on one line while the other half is on the next. In such a case, the search does not find what I'm looking for. So for example b...

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8:59 AM
@UnixandLinux interesting question
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10:26 AM
Q: Edid information

SHWHello, I want to gather the Edid information of the monitor. I can get it from xorg.0.log file when I run the X with -logverbose option. But the problem is that If I switch the monitor ( plug-out the current monitor and then plug-in another monitor ), then there is no way to get this informatio...

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12:05 PM
Q: How to build a long command string?

BarunHi, I've a sequence of commands to be used along with lot of pipings, something like this: awk '{ if ($8 ~ "isad") {print $2, $5, "SE"} else {print $2, $5, "ANT"} }' "/var/log/apache2/other_vhosts_access.log" | grep -v '' | tr '[' '\0' | tr [:lower:] [:upper:] | sort -t' ' -s -k3 Thi...

12:41 PM
Q: 7z command line add file to a flat directory 7z file

ghee22I would like to compress file "./data/x.txt" to path "./data/x.7z". When running 7z a ./data/x.txt.7z ./data/x.txt The file "./data/x.txt" holds data/x.txt as opposed to just (what I want) x.txt However, I would like 7z to ignore the path "./data" directory inside of the x.7z file. To ...

1:05 PM
Q: error booting the custom compiled kernel 2.6.37 on ubuntu 10.04 : gave up waiting on root device

atharvaHi, I know this is very common problem and there are many threads discussing it. However after trying many solutions my problem still persists :( I have installed ubuntu Lucid which works fine.Then I downloaded and compiled kernel 2.6.37 from git tree and compiled it using normal compilati...

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2:20 PM
Q: Installing multiple packages with one yum command

whoamiIs there a way to install 2 or more packages using one yum command yum install mysql php vsftp

2:53 PM
Q: Download and install latest deb package from github via terminal

mooseHi, I would like to download and install the latest .deb-package from github (https://github.com/elbersb/otr-verwaltung/downloads to be exact). How can I download the latest package (e.g. otrverwaltung_0.9.1_all.deb) automatically with a script from github? What I have tried so far: wget -O- ...

Q: Connections to my server from non-local users are too slow

user4880Hi I have a CentOS server based in Chicago which doesn't seem to be providing fast bandwidth connections to non local users. Is there anywhere on the server where this limitation may be configured? I am relatively new to Linux so please forgive my ignorance on the matter. Thanks.

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4:14 PM
Q: How to do a binary install of Python 2.7 on Suze Linux Enterprise Server 11?

zr01My SLES11 box came with Python 2.6 installed. I would like to upgrade to 2.7. What is the easiest way to do this?

4 hours later…
8:38 PM
Q: How to check accurately the remaining disk space on a partition?

MachaI have my /home partition formatted as ext3. Occassionally, some program that is part of GNOME is giving notifications about there only being 700mb of space left. Nautilius tells me I have 5.6GB. Disk Usage Analyzer tells me I have 10GB. Which of these is most accurate, or is there another prog...

Q: How does bash interpret the equal operator with no surrounding spaces in a conditional?

Cory KleinThe following script does not behave as I would have expected. Adding spaces around the '=' in the conditional made it perform how I wanted, but it got me thinking, what is it actually doing inside the conditional? #!/bin/bash S1='foo' S2='bar' if [ $S1=$S2 ]; then echo "S1('$S1') is equal ...

Q: Linux: Writing a watchdog to monitor multiple processes

Justin EthierA few years ago, a coworker came up with an elegant solution for a watchdog program. The program ran on Windows and used Windows Event objects to monitor the process handles (PID’s) of several applications. If any one of the processes terminated unexpectedly, its process handle would no longer ex...

9:14 PM
Q: Reroute one URL

Alexandre CassagneHello, I am looking to reroute one particular URL to another, for example : "http://website.com/page1.html" to "http://website.com/page2.html" on a third party server only on my machine. But I still want it to reply as if it was page1.html. Is there a way to do that on a client UNIX ? Alex PS : I...

9:44 PM
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9:55 PM
@UnixandLinux @MichaelMrozek finally. migrated questions appear
Except not at all formatted. That was weird
maybe still testing
I think this is the first

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