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also, don't aspire to be bleach; aim higher :)
disinfectant means to remove bacteria so technically antibiotics are disinfectants
again it is not the right word to use in that sentence but it also isn't technically wrong
@jesse_b Killing micobes without spores.
@terdon yes, because I guess my lungs was infected because of mixing Bleach with dish washing liquid
and it was hard to breathing at that time, I didn't know I should not play with these, or even bad, not mix them together
but after I said this issue to my brother, his reaction was just like 🤦🏻‍♂️
@jesse_b it really doesn't. Antibiotics would never be called disinfectants (they aren't, they are metabolic poisons for the bacterial cells). In any case, it's the basic premise that is flawed and dangerous: the fact that something does a good job cleaning a surface does not in any way imply that it could be, should be or could safely be injected.
even if it were safe, it wouldn't do the same thing
So we are discussing alcohol(Sharab). This is now maikhana.
5:03 PM
@terdon You have to look at context man, he was never talking about any kind of cleaner and the word "disinfectant" does not actually mean surface cleaner. It literally means "cause the destruction of bacteria". He was talking about actual research being done and made an uneducated statement about injecting something that hadn't been invented yet
@jesse_b As you wish. I really don't want to argue, but I just cannot see that at all.
@jesse_b Rationalize it that way if you will, but it requires redefining several words from common usage.
@Kusalananda Which word?
It seems you all are the ones redefining words ;)
@jesse_b come on. Do you disagree that "disinfectant" is normally used to mean "chemical substance used to clean surfaces"?
A "disinfectant" is a surface cleaner.
5:07 PM
@terdon It is but that doesn't mean it can only be used that way
@Kusalananda really because I can't seem to find that in any dictionary
@jesse_b That's the only definition I can find.
the word especially there is used to indicate that this is a common usage but not the only usage ;)
@PrabhjotSingh you know persian?
@jesse_b I think "common usage" is exactly what Kusalananda was pointing out
5:09 PM
again if you call antibiotics a disinfectant you aren't technically wrong
or India has the similar words in persian? @PrabhjotSingh
@jesse_b These things would not work on the lungs or anything that is further inside the body than a couple of millimeters.
@Kusalananda I never said he was medically correct I just said he clearly wasn't advocating injecting household cleaners
@jesse_b You are. Very wrong. They do not disinfect, they kill specific classes and/or species of bacteria.
:58029205 Yes. I know 400(or so) Farsi words. I say Farsi not Persian. I read Urdu in my free time. I watch Sairbeen on BBC URDU.
5:11 PM
@terdon When used as an adjective it means "causing the destruction of bacteria."
@PrabhjotSingh good! yes, Farsi
@Kusalananda He was on a rant about some stuff he had heard about and didn't understand and was literally asking in the form of a question if there is anything we can invent to "disinfect" (Not the right word but also not technically incorrect) the body
If anything people should make fun of the fact that he basically said "Hey can't we just invent something that we can inject in our body to magically cure all illness?" instead of being hung up on the disinfectant word
@jesse_b The issue with his statements were the fact that it was the presidont of the USA making them, and that by making them (and others, for example the ones about the malaria medicine), he inspired several people to make ill-adviced attempts to protect or cure themselves or others, which ended up killing and hurting people.
"Presidont" was actually a pretty good word... I'm keeping that.
@Kusalananda anyone that drank or injected disinfectant either because of his statement or for any other reason hopefully did so before they reproduced because that is just natural selection in progress
And if anything I blame the media that twisted those words more than Trump himself
5:20 PM
@αғsнιη I said Shab Khair. But this is Shab b Khair. I have a dictionary. See
they gave that sentence way more attention and meaning than it ever would have had otherwise
@jesse_b AFAIK, the ones listening to media's regurgitation of his words would not run the risk of making any mistakes, as most of media was horrified by what he seemed to suggest. Well, that's if you count the media sources that Trump didn't like.
@jesse_b Sorry, but this seems to say "serves them right".
@Kusalananda The extreme pro trump people will do the opposite of what anti trump media said
@Kusalananda Sort of. I don't think I've ever met someone that needs to be told not to drink bleach
@PrabhjotSingh yes, that's shab b khair
@PrabhjotSingh wow! this is Indian language? I had some Indian friend but never saw their handwriting
that looks like to me that page is mirror up-down : )
if I didn't see Fasi words
5:28 PM
@αғsнιη This is urdu to Punjabi-Hindi dictionary. ( 2 volume). I know many Farsi and Arabi words( Alfaz).
@αғsнιη You don't see Farsi words. This starts from Shab-b-khair.
I saw, I meant the style of that language "Urdu", it's like that page is turned up down, because all words up edge is mostly all in same position like underlined
you are not alone. Someone else have said similar words in Tavern.
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