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Wow, the 2019 election Q&A page is off to a mixed start. I considered adding my own humorous take, but it's probably just my fever talking, so I thought better of it. I know a couple good candidates, though!
1:39 AM
i have read through it too and there is one answer in this Q&A wich makes me feel uneasy but i cannot directly put a finger onto it why
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5:22 AM
@JeffSchaller You have fever?
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6:42 AM
I hope there are good candidates, recent moderator elections on other sites have been a bit disappointing
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8:34 AM
Q: What’s it like being a Unix & Linux moderator?

Stephen KittInspired by this SF&F meta question, and given the upcoming moderator election, I thought it would be interesting to ask current and past moderators what it’s like to moderate U&L. (Blatant copying and pasting follows. All credit to TheLethalCarrot, Snow, and Monica Cellio.) To be absolutely cle...

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11:09 AM
Ah, a groff question. Thank you :-) unix.stackexchange.com/questions/504645/…
11:31 AM
@FaheemMitha had, hopefully; been in bed since Saturday. I think I'm turning the corner, though.
@JeffSchaller Oh. Sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better soon.
@FaheemMitha thank you!
11:50 AM
So, I use find . -name '*tax*' to tell me all files with 'tax' in their names. But how do I exclude the .hg directory and all files contained therein?
Never mind, should have googled. Looks like -prune would work.
Or maybe not. This is all a bit confusing. Looking at
Q: How to exclude a directory in find . command

helion3I'm trying to run a find command for all JavaScript files, but how do I exclude a specific directory? Here is the find code we're using. for file in $(find . -name '*.js') do java -jar config/yuicompressor-2.4.2.jar --type js $file -o $file done

Never mind, the second answer works.
@FaheemMitha I wish there would be a better solution do to that. It's so complicated when you need it
12:18 PM
@FaheemMitha \( -type d -name .hg -prune \) -o -name '*tax*'
... or something
12:39 PM
Is there a precompiled dbus-x11 binary for Arch Linux? All I find is PKGBUILD file from AUR.
core/dbus should do that for you or do you need explicit that package, this is not available normally
1:03 PM
@Biswapriyo ^
1:14 PM
@FaheemMitha just do find . -name '*tax*' | grep -v '\.hg'
Assuming your file names are sane (no newlines) and none contain .hg as part of their name.
@terdon this isn't a solution when you're trying to search / and want to avoid a network drive mounted in some strange place :D
btw it's often quicker to use find | grep than find -name
@Kiwy No. But I don't think that's what Faheem is doing.
1:43 PM
the pain of "this attempts to answer the question" versus "not an attempt to answer the question" when it takes the question very literally (and apparently is untested) -- unix.stackexchange.com/review/low-quality-posts/285256
@JeffSchaller ha ha yes that’s a great example
I should remember these lessons and write them down for some better guidance in learning the art of the LQP queue. Some heuristic questions to help decide which button to push
I was just reading
Q: Flagging for deletion

jasonwryanI flagged this answer for moderator attention: it suggests aliasing rm to rm -f which, in every possible use case that I can imagine, is a spectacularly inadvisable course of action. The flag was declined with this note: declined - flags should only be used to make moderators aware of content t...

and that would be an appropriate example
@Kusalananda That gives me:
  (: command not found
But don't worry about it.
@FaheemMitha I was on a phone. I left find out from the start of the line.
1:46 PM
@StephenKitt yes - if the reviewer can speak to any technical deficiences, a comment is best; a downvote from someone who can spare the rep, if needed
@terdon That's an option, certainly. But isn't.
find . -name '*tax*' -not -path "./.hg/*"
better? That's that second answer, and I think I could almost remember "not path".
@FaheemMitha That will still make find enter the .hg directories.
Better, as in more bulletproof.
@Kusalananda Oh. Not ideal, ceratinly.
@FaheemMitha Almost. Try this instead: find . -name '*tax*' -not -path '\./\.hg/.*'
find \( -type d -name .hg -prune \) -o -name '*tax*'
1:47 PM
-path tages regular expressions, not globs, so /* means "0 or more /"
Also what @Kusalananda said.
-prune properly stops find from considering the current path at all
@Kusalananda you might need to add -print explicitly, otherwise -prune will also print
@terdon Ok. But now we are entering the Dreaded Realm of the Regexp.
@StephenKitt Ah, yes. To the end.
@Kusalananda I see.
1:48 PM
So find \( -type d -name .hg -prune \) -o -name '*tax*' -print
with all sorts of unobvious traps in find
... and probably -type f after -o if it's regular files you're looking for.
@FaheemMitha is this inside a Mercurial repo?
@Kusalananda Not quite right.
@StephenKitt Correct.
I hope @StephenKitt and @Kusalananda are considering running the upcoming election!
(What happy luck that you're both recently in chat) :)
@StephenKitt Yes, that works. But then I have to remember it. Or reconstruct it correctly on the fly.
1:51 PM
@FaheemMitha save it as a function in your shell initialisation script
@FaheemMitha would you consider some sort of helper script or function that pre-populated the ".hg" exclusion part for you, so you would just call findspecial '*tax*'?
@JeffSchaller If you mean save shell scripts as helper functions, I guess one could do that.
I was hoping hg would have something like git ls-files but apparently not
@StephenKitt It might.
@FaheemMitha just trying to find a way to save your memory to disk :)
1:52 PM
It does have 'hg locate'. But by definition those functions only know about files that are under version control, of course.
@FaheemMitha right, whereas git ls-files combines tracked and untracked files
Dinner time. Thank you for the help, everyone.
@StephenKitt It does? Huh. Weird.
@FaheemMitha well, it can ;-)
@StephenKitt Ah. Does it do so by default?
@JeffSchaller YESH! I hope so very much. I also really hope you are thinking of running. You're already doing half the janitorial work of the site!
1:56 PM
@FaheemMitha no, you need to explicitly ask to see untracked files (-o)
@terdon why is an election being called? Five years, or is a current moderator stepping down?
@StephenKitt Neither. We just felt we needed more mods.
@terdon ah right, that’s a good reason ;-)
@terdon I appreciate that, but I do not trust myself with this one gold hammer, so I think my limited powers are good for now. I promise to continue mopping the floors no matter who has the diamonds :)
maybe "dusting the tabletops" is a better analogy, since I let the zero and negatively-score posts "go"
@JeffSchaller You need to get over this misconception of yourself as an SE newbie.
@JeffSchaller knowing all the questions (which is the main problem with the dupe hammer) isn’t a requirement to be a good moderator, IMO
2:01 PM
@terdon I do feel unqualified, though. not only for the "3 years" part, but because it's honestly not a life goal to keep all of Stack Exchange in my brain.
What i wonder is which persons will nominate themselfes
@JeffSchaller Nor do you need to. As a mod you would just continue doing the cleanup you already do and then help deal with any drama that might arise between users.
so what you're saying is, I could continue cleaning up and not deal with drama?
maybe that's just what I'm hearing ;)
guess drama is pretty rare on UL and AU
I seem to be in the middle of some of it, apparently. Or, in the crosshairs of it.
I do want the site to succeed and to have a great moderation team; I just hope Stephen & Kusalananda will consider doing it.
2:07 PM
@JeffSchaller Ha! Fair enough :)
If there would be an election for AU I would consider nominating myself, but im not active enough on UL to feel comfortable moderating it
@Videonauth um...
There's a fair amount of drama on AU. Less so here, but there's some here too.
@terdon or at least thats what i experience, maybe simply good filtered my the mod team
Mods try to deal with most of it in ways that won't affect the site.
2:28 PM
@JeffSchaller I'm allowing those thoughts to simmer at the moment. That's all I'm saying.
@Kusalananda fair enough; thank you for considering it!
2:43 PM
@StephenKitt ok
@JeffSchaller I think you would be a good mod. If you are already doing the work, you might has well have the title.
@JeffSchaller Also, as a moderator, you would be able to correct most errors that you (or any moderator, invariably) makes. Moderators are humans, and as humans they are fallible.
I wonder if getting drunk with power is an issue, and if so, how often. I heard distant rumors of what sounded like a fairly ugly dispute over in SF & Fantasy (I think it was).
@FaheemMitha thank you for the kind words; although I would split hairs with you and say that I don't think I'm doing the work of a moderator (that only they can do)
I would hope anyone who is a technical guru not running for mod
@JeffSchaller As I understand it, it's mostly janitorial work. And there is the occasional issue with breaking up fights. But that doesn't happen often here.
2:57 PM
Just be a tech guru, that is good
@Kusalananda granted; I just feel like I constantly struggle to understand the ins & outs of Stack Exchange, so I'd hesitate to put myself in that group
I've been around here for a while. It's mostly quite quiet.
don't touch the mud of politics
Tim, I'd say all of our current moderator team are pretty technical people; do you think they shouldn't be moderators because of that?
@JeffSchaller But you should compare notes with other mods. I'm sure @terdon would be happy to tell you his experiences. And he's been doing it a while.
2:58 PM
I don't have good impressions with them. They do whatever they like
@FaheemMitha I do hope that the current mods spend a few minutes answering Stephen's meta question; that would help anyone considering a run
Over the years, I've seen him trying to reason with people. He's more patient with them than I would be. But I also don't think that's actually something that is required of a mod.
@JeffSchaller Agreed.
becoming a mod will burn you out, and we will lose good answers
@FaheemMitha that’s what unix.meta.stackexchange.com/q/5218/86440 is about
@JeffSchaller Personally, I'm rather limited in my use of SE. I only ever come to U&L, and I rarely follow what happens on the larger scale (SE outside of U&L). That may well change, obviously.
3:00 PM
@JeffSchaller In my experience, trying to talk people into behaving reasonably if they are not doing so is of limited utility. It might work sometimes, but can also be time-consuming and frustrating. And SE attracts its share of wack-jobs. Even in U&L.
Unless you like drama, are interested in moderator power, don't try to become one.
@StephenKitt Yes, I get that. If you don't mind me asking the question, are you considering standing for mod?
Being a mod will mean a lot of dedication to meaningless stuffs
@FaheemMitha my current position is similar to Kusalananda’s ;-).
@StephenKitt Hmm. That was neither a yes, nor a no. :-)
3:02 PM
@FaheemMitha exactly, because I don’t know.
@FaheemMitha very true; you get people who try to write scripts to interact with an editor and get all excited about monkeys
Leave mods to political enthusiatists
@StephenKitt Ok. So you are thinking about it?
@JeffSchaller Let's leave monkeys out of it. Please.
35 mins ago, by Kusalananda
@JeffSchaller I'm allowing those thoughts to simmer at the moment. That's all I'm saying.
@FaheemMitha sorry to bring it back up :)
3:03 PM
Mod positions are good for whoever interested in office politics
it is commitment
@Tim Oh man, you have no idea. That is the worst part of being mod. That and having the users you try the hardest to help thinking you're not doing anything.
@terdon Um, what's the worst part of being a mod? I'm not following.
@FaheemMitha the second line above terdons response
The office politics bit. And the ungrateful users who think you don't do anything to help them when in fact you're doing everything you can.
@Videonauth If you mean the office politics bit, I don't know what that means.
3:06 PM
People seem to think mods have access to things like who votes and how, and can change everything on the site. We only have a slightly better collection of tools than regular users do.
To be a mod, you also have to make sure that your bosses don't mind you are spending working time on work unrelated stuffs
Only if you do it while working
@FaheemMitha me neither as its a very broad therm
Ah, working. Thanks for the reminder. Need to write a Perl script...
@JeffSchaller Bear in mind that (as far as I can tell) mod positions on SE enjoy quite a wide range of latitude. If you don't want to be involved in dispute x, nobody is going to force you do so.
I mean, you don't work for anyone here, so how could they?
3:14 PM
@FaheemMitha well, as a moderator, I'd want to uphold the guidelines of the community (which means having a clear view of them and standing up for them)
@JeffSchaller That sounds rather ambitious. You realise that even the President and Congressmen of your home country don't actually do their jobs much of the time, right?
Seriously, it's mostly a janitorial position. But that's really fine.
@FaheemMitha I admit to being a bit bewildered by politics, so I can't say what their job really is
@JeffSchaller Everyone is bewildered by politics. My point is that you don't need to take this so seriously.
@FaheemMitha I guess I'm too serious a person, then :)
@JeffSchaller Hmm. Nothing wrong with being serious. But it's not a necessary part of SE. No life and death decisions being made here.
3:18 PM
@FaheemMitha true, true
You don't sound very convinced.
@FaheemMitha Jeff would probably make a good moderator, just like a few others here, but let him make up his own mind about it.
@FaheemMitha well, I couldn't say much more to that -- I completely agree it's not life & death, but -- for me -- I'd need a clear mental grasp of the community guidelines and how to respond to misbehaviors
@Kusalananda I'm sure he will.
@JeffSchaller I don't know if you are actually required to respond to misbehaviors. Though did you mean verbally, or just in terms of what penalties to impose?
Because interacting with people is of course very different from just imposing a timeout.
3:23 PM
It is better find someone else who is liberal and democratic
:49337179 What interpretation? That was a question.
I suppose the other blog has a better description -- stackoverflow.blog/2009/05/18/a-theory-of-moderation
@FaheemMitha I must be misunderstanding you, then. I wouldn't want to avoid any responsibility as a moderator
@Tim moderation is inherently undemocratic, because when moderators have to get involved, they don’t ask for the people’s opinion
@JeffSchaller I don't think it's a question of avoiding responsibility.
@Tim I assume I would not get your vote, then? I'm not sure if you're addressing me, since Faheem and I are talking about moderation.
3:26 PM
someone else
You used the term "responding to mishebaviours". I wasn't sure what you meant by that.
Personally I'd hate getting dragged into arguments with some nutcase.
@Tim thank you; I'm not very good with reading chat logs, so I wanted to be sure.
It is already very hard to live with conservatives and xenophobia in real life.
hope there is a better place on the Internet
@FaheemMitha that was a job description that jumped out of my head, perhaps too quickly
it was meant as a summary for being the "human exception handler", or "place users in timed suspension, and delete users if necessary" or "check for flagged posts, and decide if further action is warranted"
3:41 PM
@JeffSchaller Yes, all of the above.
But my point (insofar as there was a point) was that it can involve actually trying to reason with people, vs not.
I would nominate, but like i said I'm more familiar with AskUbuntu and the 'special snowflakes' roaming there as I am familiar with UL :)
but on the other hand AU has already a fairly big mod team
@Videonauth I say go for it, if you are willing to do the work. But that's a big IF.
Like I said, it's mostly janitorial work.
well i have plenty of time on my hands due to being pensioned
Not much glamor.
@Videonauth Oh. Sorry to hear that. But is that the kind of work you really want to be doing?
Actually moderating on discord the protondb chat server
Let'S put it that way, i would feel more comfortable doing it on AU :)
3:46 PM
@Videonauth How many mods does AU currently have?
many :D
@Videonauth Then here would be more useful.
But of course you'd have to be comfortable with the idea.
yes, well I'll think about it but on the other hand i have not much of activity on UL
3:48 PM
@Videonauth 12
As I'm mainly using Ubuntu I close in to almost 25k on Au while on Ul im only at well 1046 :D
@Videonauth It's definitely desirable to have experience on a site before trying to be a mod.
All sides have their own distinct culture.
yep this is why i said earlier what i said :D
maybe we can hand back @terdon as AU mod :P and free a place for me over there lol
well kidding
@Videonauth Your chance might be coming sooner than you think...
@terdon really?
3:53 PM
well if theres another election on AU i definitively will nominate
even tho there might be still very hard concurency on the market
4:14 PM
@JeffSchaller Do you have much experience with Linux networking?
Quick question. I have a piece of software that I maintain. Its version is "3.2.7" and we just made that release. We've now noticed that the manual is out of date and we're making a hotfix. What should the new version be? "3.2.8" seems unwarranted, and "" seem unnecessarily long.
Or even 3.2.7a.
I was thinking "3.2.7p1" or something, but "3.2.7a" may be good too.
@Kusalananda Or that.
Debian offers a variety of options for example.
4:22 PM
@Kusalananda I guess I had this (or similar) in mind - debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-controlfields.html#version
Though probably not so useful for you.
Something like p1 is probably good, I'd say. Assuming that stands for "patch 1".
@FaheemMitha Not really as it has more to do with downstream from me.
@Kusalananda Yes.
@Kusalananda unless you fear running out of numbers, I see nothing wrong with 3.2.8; I suppose it comes down to what you've set for expectations on version numbering -- does it mean something special for 3.x to 4.x, or 3.2 to 3.3, or then for 3.2.7 vs 3.2.8?
@Kusalananda any of your options would work fine with downstream tooling
I’d go with 3.2.8 personally but then I tend to follow semantic versioning principles
@FaheemMitha pretty vanilla experience; no wifi or IPv6 to speak of
4:32 PM
@JeffSchaller What about working with VM networking?
@JeffSchaller I think that for a very minor hotfix with no code changes, using "3.2.7a" is the best option for us. When there are code patches, we flip over to "3.2.8".
@FaheemMitha sure
Thanks for the input, all
@Kusalananda You could always make it "Version XP" or "millennium"
Sees myself out
@Jesse_b Yeah, because we noticed that the manual was outdated....
4:35 PM
@Kusalananda It was a joke on Microsoft's Windows versioning, which is not reasonable at all >.>
@Jesse_b I know :-)
@StephenKitt huh! it's been codified -- semver.org at least one place; thanks for the nudge!
5:10 PM
@terdon sure why not im great
sorry late reply to the question am I feeling ok\
what is the difference between the term "machine code" and "machine language"?
@Adam they are the same
5:26 PM
I want to learn about the fundamental principles of an "engine" the javascript tutorial just says they are complicated, and there is V8 and spider monkey, but I don't particularly want to become accustomed to a particular "engine" I want to study the basic principles of a generic one if you understand me for curiosity sake, im too old to be thinking of learning anything to the point that it gives me a worthwhile point, like what is the IDE for making one of these "engines"
@Adam Machine code would be written in some machine language, just like shell code would be written in some shell language.
It's the difference between a language and something written in that language.
ok no problem so "language" more reference to an instructive version for which "code" is the executed actions of
@Adam If I write a sentence in Swedish, that sentence is a Swedish text (code) written in Swedish (language).
Detta är en mening skrivet på svenska
@Adam If you want to reply to a particular message in the chat, use the arrow at the far right of the message that you are replying to to link the new message to it.
@Jesse_b s/skrivet/skriven/ But otherwise tots cool
5:30 PM
Google translate fails me again!
@Jesse_b Big surprise.
@FaheemMitha Hello Faheem, how are things?
The -n and -t thing is something that takes years for people to learn.
did google translate ever really worked reliably ?
5:31 PM
ah got it thanks it was invisible until I hovered. not great at non face value honest subjects which I guess is a synonym for idiot
@Jesse_b Ok, I guess. How about you? An overwhelming number of things to deal with, and very poor progress.
@Videonauth well it detects everything ive tried I couldn't find Dwarfian which was suprising since I had assumed it was Dwarfian tech
i mean, don't worry about it i am quite an insane person
i cant get the disability pension for it because i satire everything and most public officials look at me with an angry face but its all bubble wrap now
@FaheemMitha Do you have a checklist?
@Jesse_b Kind of. But very imcomplete.
its just humour puts me in a good mood ie awake and cognitive and well it doesn't sit well for serious discussion which i shall exit on and go back to my reading time
5:37 PM
@FaheemMitha Life is generally overwhelming but if you can make any progress at all it will leave you in a better position than if not
@Jesse_b That's very philosophical.
Get your list put together and you are now in a better position than you were without the list, and then start attacking that list. If you can only accomplish one thing a week it's still better than stressing out about the overwhelming amount of work and not accomplishing any of it
I need to make a list too
I usually find a lot of motivation to accomplish tasks but then I'm disorganized about it
@Jesse_b I have a list. It's just not complete. And everything keeps mutating.
@Jesse_b divide and conquer in its purest form :)
I guess I could find some value in a good organizational system.
There are books that walk you through getting more organized. Actually, I think I own one like that.
Productivity books, I mean.
5:41 PM
@FaheemMitha I recommend listening to some speeches by Dr Eric Thomas. He gets me fired up and ready to do stuff, but he may not be for everyone as he is pretty aggressive
I have his channel in my pandora shuffle mix so every once in a while his stuff comes on and gets me going
@Jesse_b Ok.
5:58 PM
@Jesse_b whew! not what I was expecting from a "Dr. Eric Thomas" -- very passionate! reminds me of Jocko Willink a bit -- "get after it"
@JeffSchaller Yeah, good workout motivation
Motivates me in life generally though. When he starts talking about having someone you care about is all the motivation you need type of stuff it makes me want to work 7 days a week
6:16 PM
@Jesse_b Motivation helps, but it's only a part of the story. Often a small part.
People talk about it a lot, because realistically it's the only part you can really change. But there are many other factors that are far more important. And for the most part they are outside ones control.
@FaheemMitha Yeah, I've also heard people say that motivation speeches/books work but only temporarily. You hear one of those speeches and you will be more motivated for a short time but it wears off. Which I totally agree with
@Jesse_b No, that's not what I was talking about.
But maybe that's not what you meant.
yeah I know, there are things outside our control but sometimes motivation helps with that too ;). Some people certainly get more bad breaks than others but I've never heard of an unsuccessful person that never gave up. I think as long as you keep getting up it doesn't matter how many times you are pushed down
@Jesse_b It's not about getting up. And I'm not a fan of triple negatives. They're too much for my tiny brain.
And what does successful mean, anyway?
@FaheemMitha Being happy
6:24 PM
@Jesse_b I don't think those are the same things. :-)
6:54 PM
@Kusalananda talk about same wavelength! (unix.stackexchange.com/a/504790/117549)
@JeffSchaller :-)
@FaheemMitha So, you can be successful and unhappy? That doesn't sound too successful to me ;-)
@Kusalananda Definitely.
@FaheemMitha You can be?
I mean I guess you can be successful in a particular venture and unhappy in general but in this instance I was referring to successful overall
@Jesse_b Definitely. Throw a stone at a random lawyer.
@Jesse_b Successful overall? What does that mean?
@FaheemMitha Happy
7:03 PM
Successful has a standard/conventional meaning.
@Jesse_b Again, not the same things.
@FaheemMitha Success: a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity.
In American terms, success conventionally translates to a better standard of living/more disposable income.
@Jesse_b Agreed.
Prosperity is not everyone's definition of success, although it is most people's
For some people living in a van down by the river is success
nobody to answer to, can pick up and move anytime they are bored, etc
@Jesse_b No, but it's the conventional/standard one. That's what most people refer to when they use the term. In the US, it's the vast majority. Like 90%+.
Of course, Americans are a bit screwy in some ways.
@FaheemMitha Yeah but that isn't the definition of the term, the definition is accomplishing your goal
And anyone who says happiness is not their goal is lying
7:08 PM
@Jesse_b Agreed, it isn't. But, again, that's the standard usage.
But I forgot what we were talking about.
:49340666 :)
Oh, possibly about motivational speakers and success.
When those people talk about that, they are normally using that definition of success.
@FaheemMitha SFF had 1) a mod get sacked for slightly iffy stated reasons when there were pretty solid actual reasons, 2) a controversial replacement moderator election, followed by 3) one of the existing moderators deleting his own account in response to the result, and 4) multiple other users, including Gilles, leaving the site for the same reason. I'd hope it wouldn't be similar here
7:26 PM
@MichaelHomer Let's hope not.
@Jesse_b Of course, some people may confuse "material" success and happiness because they are, of course, strongly correlated.
At least, lack of money guarantees varied and unpleasant sources of misery.
But of course, that's so obvious it hardly needs saying.
@FaheemMitha Not always but generally yes
Honestly I think most people are able to find misery in any situation and will always think the grass is greener on the other side
when it almost never is
@Jesse_b Some people are good at making themselves miserable, yes.
@FaheemMitha I always love when people at work talk about how everything was better at their last company
@Jesse_b Perhaps it was.
They thought they can move on to the greener grass but then find out all the grass is patchy and fertilized with shit
7:35 PM
@Jesse_b Yes, it's easy to think that the other fellow has it better.
Of course, some of the time it is true.
7:58 PM
@Jesse_b Starred!
@@Fabby ping
@Fabby Almost in holidays here....anything nice for dinner?
Went out to chinese...
Duck with 7 treasures...
@Fabby There is chinese and chinese....lol
@Fabby I prefer your cookings.
8:08 PM
Yeah, but it was good to get out of the house...
@Fabby For sure!
@Fabby Here chicken soup/broth with ginger
@Fabby She does it often a while at winter time.
Yeah, it heats you up...
@Fabby I went out to the mall next door to my work....lunch time
@Fabby was in a queue to get hamburgers, saw "harburger with ham....and PT cheese from the mountains"....
got out of queue and got a steak instead
@Fabby Here they put that damn cheese in any kind of food for tourists...no good. The strong flavor kills any other taste.
8:23 PM
@RuiFRibeiro :D
@Fabby If you want a double vomit, you can also find cod+that damn cheese, or even Rissoles + cod + it too....
Fish & Chips: Yes!
Fish & Cheese: Rather not!
@Fabby lol
No one has a sense of humour here:
A: 2019 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

FabbyOn a scale of 0-10, where: 0 = "none" 10 = "I could be a professional!" What is your sense of humour? :-)

@Fabby You probably do not have privileges to see the other one at -10 that I voted to delete ;-P
8:27 PM
Not a single upvote and the only one that attracted a delete vote!
@RuiFRibeiro For me it's a movie and probably fall asleep halfway through it
@Fabby Talking about movie, have not finished my 12 monkeys yet lol (serie)
@Fabby Hmmmm.....so you do not see a -10 question?
@RuiFRibeiro lemme look again...
@RuiFRibeiro I can't see any delete votes on that one....
@Fabby Got it, you do not have privileges to see delete votes, you only see them if it affects you....
@Fabby -11
@RuiFRibeiro Ah... Not used to having sop little rep as here...
@Fabby I also have low rep on Ubuntu SE lol
8:34 PM
@RuiFRibeiro :D
@Fabby Eating raw garlic
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