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3:42 AM
Q: Dockerfile - Unexpected token error in mocha

overexchangeBelow is the dockerfile which is stored as image tag somehub/someapp-specs: FROM ubuntu:trusty MAINTAINER Developer team <developerteam@abc.com> # Prevent dpkg source ENV TERM=xterm-256color # Set mirrors to ca RUN sed -i "s/http:\/\/archive./http:\/\/ca.archive./g" /etc/apt/sources.list # I...

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8:21 AM
@cas I'm thinking I should undelete that midi keyboard question that you found. I want to leave a comment describing why it's a valid question, but since I don't know anything about the topic I don't quite know what to write.
Well, I'll get to it in an hour or so. Doing it from a phone on a bus is suboptimal.
8:56 AM
@Kusalananda i don't know much about midi either, but I do know that the commands mentioned are linux commands, and that working with midi on linux is pretty common (esp for musicians, obviously).
I've undeleted and left a comment anyway. I don't know what happened to your flag though (it disappeared from my interface, hopefully it was resolved as "helpful" and not "declined").
part of the reason i flagged the comment was that i'd seen the same user making similar dismissive comments not long before I saw that question. someone was asking about whether google chrome needed gtk3. the comment was a bit of pedantic snark about it not being required on windows. i replied that the comment was irrelevant and pedantic. some time later the comment was deleted, so i deleted mine.
yep, just reloaded my profile page and "helpful" has incremented.
i thought maybe the commenter needs a mod to tell them to stop being rude to newbies, especially when the rudeness is unwarranted arrogance about stuff they don't understand themselves.
9:29 AM
@cas Thanks! Yes, we do have a handful of these users that tend to leave dismissive/rude comments while not writing many answers themselves. Do flag these types of comments if you see them.
6 hours later…
3:40 PM
@Kusalananda Which MIDI keyboard question? I know a tiny bit about the topic...
Q: Note number using aseqdump on my midi controller varies

madpropsI'm programming a Launchkey MK2 25 to control my Linux system. I've set up some key listeners for the white and black keys to perform some actions. This works. The problem is that sometimes the first (white) key will be 48, or 51, or maybe something else. I thought it was the Octave setting, so...

Ah, thanks. Looks like OP found his/her own answer.
@derobert Yeah.
4:00 PM
Hi @derobert
Good... errr, evening there?
4:21 PM
@derobert Yes. Coming up to 10 pm.
(Assuming you're addressing me.)
@FaheemMitha Yep. Merely half past noon here.
Are we having more SE drama?
I haven't dared look at meta.SE today
Sensible choice.
That bank situation containues to be fraught. The Sikh community is now getting involved in protests, for the first time.
The Bombay Gurudwaras have called a protest for tomorrow. If the Sikhs are involved, it's likely to be large.
(That bank is largely a Sikh bank.)
And Maharashtra just had elections today.
Seems like the day after the elections is a bit late for the protest...
Did the bank failure influence the elections?
4:25 PM
@derobert There have been protests for weeks. But till now, the Sikhs have not been involved. I don't think the elections matter that much, one way or the other.
Interestingly, my evil cousin is apparently tangentially involved in this bank thing. At least, there are connections.
I guess it's a small world if you are a white-collar criminal in Bombay.
I'm on one of those Whatsapp groups related to the bank scam. And someone just mentioned him by name. And I told whoever it was that his information was wrong. So he asked me how I knew.
"Well, he's my evil cousin, but he isn't that type of evil"
I really hate freaking Whatsapp. But installed it because of this catastrophe.
@derobert Well, it was said he works for someone who clearly he didn't work for.
They were just repeating what was in the newspaper. I've known about the matter in question for years. It was even in the papers years ago.
But it seems that India's law enforcement spends much of its time in deep slumber. Useless people.
I mean, I remember talking about it with people in 2016.
Anyway, I guess I could wander along to the protest for a bit. It's not far from here. Though it's not likely to be fun. Lot of yelling and screaming and slogan chanting in the hot sun.
I went to one of them - last week it was. After a while, my feet started to hurt. I guess I'm not hardy enough for India.
But I think I already mentioned that here.
That's probably part of why they're at all effective. You have to actually care to show up and march. Unlike say complaining on Facebook.
@derobert Yes, I get the point.
It would be interesting to see the Sikhs out in full force, though. That doesn't happen often. They seem like fairly peaceable people.
It seems like everyone is currently out protesting. Except here.
4:34 PM
But this business has got them very upset, understandably so.
@derobert Presumably even the US has protests.
And if the Gurudwaras have called the protests, they'll turn out. They're a pretty tight-knit community. Though until now, I barely registered that Bombay had Sikhs. They all live north of here. Around here it's more Muslims.
Some places said 10 am. Some said 10.30 am. I think I'll turn up around 11 am. Last week I came at 10 am as announced, and there was nobody there.
Yeah for quality organization work, there.
@derobert That's typical for India. But that was a small protest. This one is likely to be much larger.
I don't know what happened, but it seems likely the Sikhs have been trying to work it out behind the scenes, and it hasn't been happening. They're not talking, but that would be my guess.
And it's now been a month, and they are probably getting fed up.
At least, they've been remarkably silent till now.
I thought I'd try to get there around 11 am. Maybe stay till 1 pm, then go home for lunch.
5:02 PM
Wow, it's raining again. This monsoon has broken all records, and it still appears to be going.
Maybe we're going to turn into England.
@FaheemMitha You'll first have to join the EU, so you can argue about leaving it endlessly.
@derobert I think the geography might be a bit of an impediment.
Sounds like it's really coming down.
I was on the terrace a bit earlier, and saw a lightning flash, but dismissed it as a hallucination.
@FaheemMitha I'm not sure being in Europe is technically required. Seems like one of those things they may have forgotten to put down on paper. So it might be OK.
@derobert Someone should put it to the BJP. I'm sure they'd be thrilled at the idea.
That's clearly great policy, "join the EU so we can subsequently start arguing over Inexit"
5:15 PM
@derobert I don't think that India could ever become England. The food isn't bad enough, and the people aren't rude enough.
Thankfully those aren't requirements to join the EU. So they won't foil the Inexit plan.
In other topics, did you check out Mercurial?
Not yet
5:41 PM
@FaheemMitha check out Signal App.
Q: Bash: Globbing and file conditions

AlexDI am trying to check wether a file exists or not: This works as expected: if [ -e "/tmp/test.*.lock" ]; then echo "exists!" fi This does not: if [[ -e /tmp/test.*.lock ]]; then echo "exists!" fi The filename could be something like /tmp/test.123.lock I could not find a way to make it w...

This is an FAQ, but I can't find a good canonical question
Q: How to check if a glob has an expansion?

WildcardIs there a good clean conventional way to do this? For example, if there are any ".gz" files in a certain directory, I want to unzip them. But if there aren't, I don't want to see any error. If I use gzip -d /mydir/*.gz, I get the error: gzip: /mydir/*.gz: No such file or directory If I fir...

@Wildcard thank you
@Gilles you're welcome. Actually the dupe target of that one is a better canonical version: unix.stackexchange.com/q/79301/135943
duplicate of a question with an accepted answer by Stéphane. Ok, I'm declaring the one that Stéphane answered to be canonical.
5:46 PM
@Gilles actually, I just looked again; both of those are answered by Stephane. :D
@FaheemMitha signal.org
@derobert for several days I found the limit on comment votes to be helpful at getting me to stop reading once I ran out of votes.
6:12 PM
@Wildcard you've got more fortitude than I do! I open the main page and close it about 4 seconds later
@JeffSchaller fortitude is a nice word for it. I thought I was spellbound by watching the trainwreck.
trainwreck is good; the active posts right now have words like "Is SE safe", unresolved, problem, outrage, pressure, disappointed, disentagle, deleting.... a far cry from "Is there a site for City Planning and/or Road Traffic Management?"
@Wildcard How is that better?
I'm oldfashioned. I think phones should be used for calling people. And receiving calls.
@FaheemMitha well, for one, it's open source. For another, Whatsapp is supposedly using Signal protocol (I say supposedly only because they're closed source), so there is no chance that Whatsapp is more secure than Signal.
@Wildcard Hmm. Ok. But the only reason I'm using Whatsapp is because of my bank debacle.
Though of course, I expect people will start sending me stuff unasked via Whatsapp.
As it is, I have to constantly tell people to send me stuff by email, not Whatsapp.
@Wildcard So you use this Signal thing?
6:19 PM
@FaheemMitha there's another advantage of Signal—less people use it. ;)
@FaheemMitha yep. Mostly for written messages, not calls.
@derobert BTW, if you want an amusing, witty, and insightful commentary on India, you could do worse than read what Arundhati Roy writes.
Then again, you might not actually be interested in India. I'm not sure.
Anyway, it's a general recommendation for anyone who is reading this.
@Wildcard Is that an advantage?
@FaheemMitha well, if you don't want lots of people to send stuff to you that way, it is.
Usage might be regional, though. I don't know.
@Wildcard What do you do with it that you couldn't do with email?
Personally, I like email.
Even though it doesn't seem to cope with the spam problem very well.
@FaheemMitha share a password with someone.
@Wildcard Oh. Because it's encrypted?
6:23 PM
I like email too.
@FaheemMitha yup, end to end.
@Wildcard I see. Whatsapp also claims to have end to end encryption.
@FaheemMitha yeah, they use the Signal protocol.
But the Signal app is actually open source.
So I prefer it.
@Wildcard Yes, you said they claim to use it.
@Wildcard Naturally. Though consider using the term "free software". I realise it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.
@FaheemMitha aha, you DO have opinions about that. :D Okay then. I know all about the difference, I just mostly keep to the more broadly understood term.
Whatsapp is gratis to download and use.
@Wildcard Yes, of course. I have opinions about lots of things. Though often, I keep them to myself. Particularly in India. And also online.
Well, less online, I suppose.
@Wildcard So it seems - for the moment. Though they could change that at any moment. Such are the joys of proprietary software.
6:29 PM
@FaheemMitha right, but most people get confused if you say that Signal is free software, and will just say, "Oh, Whatsapp is free also!"
@Wildcard I think we can agree that it's unfortunate that English doesn't have two different words for the two different meanings, like gratis and libre.
But I'm not sure that it would have helped things if Stallman had decided to use the term libre software.
They would probably have found new ways to insult him. Being a pretentious French speaker, perhaps.
@FaheemMitha yes, agreed.
For some reason, English-speaking people seem to associate French with elitism.
Though it's spoken by like 100 million people, or whatever it is.
Large chunks of Africa, and stuff. Not to mention Canada.
@FaheemMitha yeah, that sounds like a good question for History SE.
Might be too subjective, but it's definitely a real cultural association. So there are probably historical reasons for it.
@Wildcard Hardly. I bet they would throw it out in a heartbeat.
@Wildcard Well, historically the British were suspicious of foreigners. And very insular.
That probably doesn't explain anything, though. So never mind.
@Wildcard Are you active on History SE?
6:35 PM
@FaheemMitha nope.
I read it, sometimes. I checked. I've never asked or answered any questions.
I suppose in part because I don't want to get drawn into arguments.
Also, I don't know much history. And probably much of what I think I know is wrong.
@Wildcard Since (I think you said) you're American, did you hear about them pulling down the statue of Silent Sam on the UNC campus?
@FaheemMitha nope, but I don't follow the news much.
@Wildcard Ok.
Whereabouts do you live?
@FaheemMitha golden state.
@Wildcard CA?
6:43 PM
It's kind of interesting that Arundhati Roy seems to be very popular and sought after in the West. But in India, as far as I can tell, she can't write a line without someone attacking her.
7:36 PM
So where are these site analytics tools, now that I've hit 25K?
7:49 PM
@Wildcard congratulations! Lower your expectations, but I think you're looking for unix.stackexchange.com/site-analytics
@JeffSchaller yup, that's the one, thanks. Is that linked to from somewhere?
Feb 12 '18 at 4:36, by Michael Homer
The site analytics page has virtually no useful information. It's basically just "which search engines are popular" and some question trends
I mean from somewhere on site, of course. :)
Dec 19 '17 at 20:45, by Stephen Kitt
there should be a hat awarded for finding the analytics ;-)
@JeffSchaller that's kinda funny. The only place it's linked to is from the page telling you about the privileges you get?
7:51 PM
@Wildcard that's the second place I went to, after my first guess was wrong
Dec 19 '17 at 20:42, by ilkkachu
but speaking of 25k and the site analytics... are they linked to from somewhere? Other than the privileges list, that is. I couldn't find it elsewhere.
you are not alone :)
I should make 25k in a bit myself. I expected to be thrown a party. Was I misinformed?
we spoke ilkkachu's name and they showed up
Huh, I'd never even heard of yandex.ru.
@FaheemMitha depends on who you think is throwing the party
@JeffSchaller indeed, I was just wondering if quoting a chat message sends a ping.
@FaheemMitha oh wow, I passed you? I hadn't realized. :)
7:56 PM
I'm hoping it's just coincidence, and it's not random moderator powers slipping through my fingers
ye shall not use my name in vain
@JeffSchaller I'm good with anyone.
@ilkkachu can I use it in vein?
@Wildcard I haven't been active here for a long time.
...but this case was a coincidence, I promise
7:57 PM
@JeffSchaller now I'm not sure if I picked the wrong word anyway
@ilkkachu you did; I was just playing with English
a homonym that happens to make no sense
@Wildcard Though, regardless, it's not exactly a news item. I've never been particularly active.
@FaheemMitha the party will look a lot like this: "Congratulations on your new milestone. Here are some more numbers and charts that aren't useful for much." 🎉
8:00 PM
@FaheemMitha well, you were active enough in chat that I didn't notice that.
@JeffSchaller actually, not even that.
@Wildcard sorry I didn't give you a party hat. Here: 🎉
@JeffSchaller sob
@Wildcard I ramble on here, yes. I've done so for years. Not really sure, why, though.
You'll then struggle to find the link; someone might find it, and ... the moment will pass
@JeffSchaller oh, my mistake, I DID get a notification about it. I just missed it at the time.
Alas. Also, alack.
8:01 PM
@Wildcard wild and crazy milestone parties here at U&L
It's kinda funny that the highest level privilege you can get is that
"we have this leftover thing we can dangle; where can we put it?"
--"we have a few people at 20k, how about at 25k?"
@ilkkachu well in the U.S., when you're 13 you can see PG-13 movies and get online accounts. When you're 16 you can drive (earlier with a permit but whatever). When you're 17 you can see R rated movies. When you're 18 you can have sex and vote and do legal stuff. Oh, and smoke. When you're 21 you can drink and gamble.
And when you're 25, you can rent a car by yourself.
great analogy!
"this boring thing I have never ever wanted to do .... now I can do it"
@JeffSchaller bingo.
8:05 PM
@Wildcard :D
Actually, renting a car sounds quite handy. Though I've never done it myself. Though you need a credit card to do it. At least, that used to be the case.
Being able to rent a car isn't that useless, though. Except that in the States there's probably enough cars to go around even without renting. But I can understand that a rental company might have some reservations about renting their cars to teenagers (or college students, if TV and movies are anything to base on ;)
@ilkkachu Well, even in the US, if you want a car after a long flight, you probably need to rent one.
Though it's pretty expensive with the insurance and stuff.
yeah, that would be one
@FaheemMitha true, although with Uber and Lyft that is far less vital than it used to be.
8:15 PM
@Wildcard Wouldn't that be even more expensive?
Depends how much independent motion you need, I guess!
@FaheemMitha depends how much you're going to drive around. I don't really know what car rental prices are like, broadly speaking, but Uber is far cheaper than a cab.
@Wildcard Yes, I guess it depends.
@FaheemMitha but my point was more that it's not vital to be able to rent a car after a flight. There are a lot more ways of getting around these days.
And I suppose that driving around a place you don't know is never easy. Particularly at US highway speeds.
@Wildcard Well, using a taxi, basically. Unless you consider Uber to be different from a taxi.
8:18 PM
@FaheemMitha it's a LOT cheaper. And the app makes it more convenient to summon than taxis. Also taxis are unionized so they're an effective monopoly, with the attendant price increases that implies.
@FaheemMitha well, if you can drive in Los Angeles I think there is nowhere in the U.S. that will give you trouble. Except possibly Manhattan.
@Wildcard Unionised across the US?
@Wildcard I was briefly in CA once. Visited a friend in Pasadena. Caltech.
But we never made it to LA, because my friend didn't own a car. Also, possibly, didn't know how to drive. At the time. He learned to drive later.
@FaheemMitha I don't think so. But look up "taxi medallion."
But it's unlikely LA traffic is worse than big Indian cities. Bombay traffic has to be seen to be believed.
@FaheemMitha yeah, that's why I limited my statement to the U.S.
But I take it that LA traffic is relatively bad for the US? And I suppose you've driven there, then?
8:31 PM
@FaheemMitha oh yeah.
Though people probably don't dance on the tops of their cars, there.
8:43 PM
@FaheemMitha I once got a snack out of my trunk in the middle of the freeway, after being stopped for 20 minutes. But that was unusually bad.
Stop and go traffic is not unusual, though.
And then when the traffic clears up, everybody goes 80-90 mph (unless a cop is nearby), making up for lost time.
@Wildcard Well, that sounds safe.
9:11 PM
lawsuit.org/robotrump-an-ai-trump I'm not sure how the average on that is 4/10 ... surprising (got 9/10 myself). But I think Trump being easy to confuse for computer-generated text says more about Trump than AI progress :-(
(I also wonder how much they must have paid for that domain...)
@derobert Humans aren't particularly good at reading comprehension.
I'm not much good at it myself.
The did pick some interesting ones in there. Like one of the (real) trump quotes was one where he was staying on-script... that made it easy to figure out it must be real. "Doesn't sound like Trump, sounds like profession speech writer", so probably not AI trained on Trump.
Mostly, though, it seems the AI stuff doesn't flow right. It jumps topics, err, somewhat randomly and unnaturally. More than even Trump. That gave away a lot of them.
@derobert But you got one wrong?
I can't imagine AI is that good. Unless there is some revolution I didn't hear about.
@FaheemMitha Yep, got one out of ten wrong. Annoyingly, it was towards the end so I was hoping for a perfect score.
@FaheemMitha They claim the average is 6/10 wrong!
@derobert Yes, I read what you wrote.
But to be clear, people guessed 4/10 right on average? Presumably a self-selected online sample?
9:25 PM
@FaheemMitha Probably. I didn't look into it.
It also shows you the portion that answered each way as you go through it, that was interesting. Some of the ones I found pretty clear got near 50-50. I guess the average person must not be evaluating them like I am (well, also, to get such different results)
I must say the media pile into Trump more than is reasonable. I actually think Obama is a much better target, just for example.
Apparently he was once a professor of constitutional law, or something like it. And a community organizer.
Going from that to being President, it's like something out of Faust.
@derobert I guess it depends who those people are.
Yeah. It just says 1000 people, not how they were selected. Anyway, gotta run...
Take care.

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