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7:15 PM
You beat me to it, @EthanBierlein.
I think this room is usually created by CMs
@Vogel612 Shhh
This room will suffice
Quite the invasion.
7:16 PM
Imcoming users!
Close the flood gates!
Even if they use this one they're going to strip you of your room ownership :P
@EthanBierlein - don't take this per....
that ^^^
Aaand pow.
7:18 PM
@StackExchange You added yourself?
Wait a minute...
@Mast moderators can do that
It doesn't actually mean anything, though
Now that this room has been created, there seems to be no talk.
7:18 PM
Well, they can shut people up, which is nice.
doesn't SE create a room when they start the election?
This room may or may not be the official election chat room...
... but until we know, no point in having any favourites.
I think it's automagically created
that is what I thought, or something like that
I believe so to. At which point I will move all things in here, to in there.
7:21 PM
sounds good
Select * From Users Where Clue > 0;
0 Rows Returned
getting increasingly impatient
refresh interval down to 3 minutes...
It's not automagically created unless I turned into a witch again some time in the past few years.
I make them manually but since y'all made this one, I'm pretty much going to just usurp it.
7:28 PM
great. Thanks ;-) And Hi, @GraceNote !
This room was created automatically.
room topic changed to Code Review Moderator Election 2015: Open Discussion for (no tags)
@nhgrif Nope
I willed it into existence.
@nhgrif No, I created it.
7:28 PM
I know.
Per my will.
I'm a .
Well, okay then. :D
Welcome all! This room is intended as a place to converse with candidates, discuss moderator traits, etc. For general discussion related to Code Review, go here:
If you have questions about the election process itself, please ask your question on the Code Review Meta Site. Remember, folks stepping up to lead this community are committing a significant amount of their time, please keep all discourse civil and constructive.
okay now that the formalities are finished...
@GraceNote what do you expect in this election?
I expect nominations, candidates, & votes.
7:31 PM
lots of votes
is there a character limit to the nomination post?
@Mat'sMug Probably 30k, just like the rest.
Yes, you may only nominate one character per post.
You're on form today, @nhgrif
7:34 PM
25 minutes.
No LOL autostar in this room, for the record !
Hello @Pops
@rolfl In form, not on form. On form would hurt the form.
Coming for the ?
@EthanBierlein Hi!
7:35 PM
@Quill That was @Undo 's excuse
@nhgrif ...did I wander into the Code Golf election room?
I suppose this is old for you guys.
I mean, @Pops and @GraceNote.
@Pops Nope
@Pops I meant an alternative definition of "character"... like character from a play... it was punny.
for some values of "punny"
7:36 PM
@nhgrif Some people would just invent a language in which every regular user of CR would represent a character.
#define regular
@Vogel612 That would be puny
@Vogel612 s/p/f
@Hosch250 which is ... exactly what I had in mind, you know??
7:38 PM
@rolfl s/n/r
What are we, the ELU election room?
Well, we're not the perl room, all those regexes suck !
ok kids. enough small-talk.. we're T minus 20 minutes... community managers and @rolfl aside, is everyone in this room going to be a candidate?
7:39 PM
@rolfl I thought that was Linux?
kids these days ^^^
Maybe post, and tell if you're not going to be a candidate
I am, becoming a candidate
@Mat'sMug Not unless you kick @Pops, @GraceNote, and @QPaysTaxes.
@Mat'sMug no, I'll pass from my side
And @rolfl.
7:40 PM
s/nn/n should be s/nn/n/ and s/n/r should be s/n/r/
@rolfl Thanks for the correction.
then again this isn't perl :)
'cause I hope we have 11 or more good candidates, so that our first election requires a preliminary round
I know this community has more than 11 good candidates
that being said the CMs seem awfully quiet... #lurking :)
7:41 PM
@Mat'sMug We should.
@Mat'sMug We could rig it and nominate everyone. But wouldn't that be taking gamification too far?
I wonder if mjolka, Janos, and Loki will accept nomination?
@Hosch250 Janos is online, out of the three
I was originally just following along by reading the transcript and refreshing, but I quickly realized that would wear out my F5 key.
and mjolka is in the same timezone as me, where it's 5:30 here
7:42 PM
Oh, I've got to nominate Donald McLean.
@Pops Ctrl-R spreads the wear over two keys.
And I haven't started my nomination post yet.
I have a draft waiting in Notepad
@rolfl No, you still have to press both keys each time, so you just wear out two keys at the same rate.
@rolfl Or just spam click the circle-arrow
7:43 PM
@rolfl You're aware you're just doubling the trouble, not actually spreading it?
just use the right-ctrl key, nobody uses that one
I use them about evenly.
People forget to check my chat profile ....~ o.o ~... <sarcasm /> .....
@Mat'sMug Hi, my name must be nobody.
Oh, Nobody.... I wonder if he will nominate
7:44 PM
@Mast that makes you a sock puppet!
@rolfl shame on you, that self terminating tag isn't helpful :)
then we can say, @Nobody ran for moderators.
@Mat'sMug That escalated quickly.
random question for @Grace..
@Vogel612 Try parsing it with regex.
7:46 PM
your avatar around here is Kongou Yamato from Kancolle, right?
Something just hit me:
Are there any rules for nomination posts or can anyone just nominate anyone?
@Vogel612 I never actually set my chat "about me"..... some other mod ( cough @hichris123 cough ) did that for me.
oh right, mods can clean up people's chat profiles
@Mast I'd like nominees to be self-nominated
@Mast That would be bad.
7:48 PM
question: can you also do that with people's about me?
@Vogel612 Yeah <!-- summary: *whatever* -->
In your about me
I mean, if you don't know there's an election going on, you've been hiding under a rock right? (@Lyle'sMug)
@Quill no that's not what I'm talking about
@Vogel612 yes.
(even though I forgot that feature exists)
7:48 PM
@Vogel612 Apologies, then
@Mat'sMug This election has not started yet.
eh no worries. Also I'm quite content with my current summary
T minus 10 minutes
@Pops - the "word on the street" is that e-mails to site-members who have voting privs should go out when there's an election, but that this has not been happening for recent elections. Is that true, and can it be fixed?
hey @Jamal
3 minutes
7:56 PM
wow this is so much more exciting than I had anticipated
waits for Caucus badge
Is @duck gonna miss the party?
he's not running
Oh, okay
7:57 PM
@Mat'sMug Neither am I, your point?
for the record, I'm currently sitting. so, not running either.
1 minute!!!
How many of us are currently running?
hopes to refresh when it says "just now"
40 secs
7:59 PM
I have no intentions of nominating myself by the way... if no one nominates me, I'll take that as sign enough.
@nhgrif prepare to get nominated then
waiting for page to go down under the heavy load
nomination period begins

nomination period begins

8:00 PM
Happy Election, everyone!
@nhgrif you can't nominate other people
@Vogel612 nice!
8:00 PM
Why is it called a nomination then?
Darn, I'm too long by 400-odd characters!
@Pops - never mind - just got an e-mail
@rolfl I didn't.
@Mast probably gonna get sent in batches
> too long by 1881 characters
8:02 PM
@rolfl Me, too
> Your temporary moderator appointment is ending
oh, this room was a real thing
@Jamal ;-;
@janos well it became, when Grace Note made it the real thing
@Vogel612 What do you mean?
Q: 2015 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

Grace NoteIn connection with the moderator elections, we will be holding a Q&A with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the community to pose questions to the candidates on the topic of moderation. Participation is completely voluntary. Here's how it'll work: During the nominati...

8:03 PM
your profile pic... isn't that from Kantai Collection?
@Pops - please mind again
Done. I've nominated myself. Feel free to poke any holes in it.
@Vogel612 Is that any good, I was never sure whether to watch it
I never did watch it..
I'm just a proficient ID-Request answerer on anime..
8:05 PM
which is why I sent the whole thing through google reverse image search and copied the suggested kanji into google translate to keep searching
@Jamal - I regret to inform you, but even as moderators we cannot edit nomination posts.
How much rep is required to vote in election?
@rolfl No Jamalising?
150 ... I believe
8:06 PM
Welcome maybe to the young moderators' club @Ethan :)
@EthanBierlein Sure?
@rolfl D:
@rolfl that's not true, according to the @Jamal facts
@rolfl Yes, 150.
@EthanBierlein For starters: why should we vote on you instead of any of the other candidates? (Assume candidates here, you being the first to nominate doesn't invalidate the question)
@Mast easy: he's the only candidate !
8:09 PM
@janos Not for long though.
@janos (Assume candidates here, you being the first to nominate doesn't invalidate the question)
Where's my [badge:caucus]...
the candidate score box is interesting
@janos What's interesting about it?
@EthanBierlein nice summary
8:13 PM
@janos Thanks! :)
@Vogel612 Yes, but it's picked because game.
wow, I'm not so good on this chart
@Mat'sMug I was on vacation alright! lol
@QPaysTaxes Did you mean to post this in the 2nd monitor?
@QPaysTaxes This is the election room, not The 2nd Monitor, just in case you are about to post in the wrong room.
8:15 PM
You should instead be identifying the image I use for Code Review though
I'm up.
I'm going to practice driving, but I will address any and all comments when I come back.
I'm gonna go rent interstellar. Then I'll be gone for about two once I start it. I'll make sure to address all comments on my nomination though.
@QPaysTaxes I'm not going to say it.
> candidate score 36/40
@Mat'sMug Yea, where's your nomination?
8:20 PM
nice score
@Mast on the nomination page. right-ctrl+r ;-)
@Mat'sMug Ah, good.
For those interested:
I didn't score too well ;-;
@GraceNote challenge accepted
okay was it really that easy??...
@Vogel612 Google knows everything.
8:26 PM
Cave Story's Curly Brace
@Mast How far down am I? I have almost none of the badges on Code Review.
Literally right click 'Search Google for this Image'
@nhgrif You have 24 points
Ah, that's not bad. I thought it would be way worse.
> @QPaysTaxes and an open source project. The guy is superhuman I think. – RubberDuck 3 mins ago
8:33 PM
For those who can't find themselves in the list and want to see their candidate score:…
Fill in your own CR UserID
@Vogel612 They aren't meant to be hard
Currently 4 candidates, anyone else?
tehee, I like challenges, though
And yes. I picked Curly Brace because that seemed to be a very fitting choice for Code Review.
how thoughtful of you
8:35 PM
@janos soo... where's your nomination post?
If you want, this is outdated so for example my Maths avatar has since been swapped to someone actually math-related, but otherwise is accurate enough. Parens indicates no thematic ties to the site in question.
I haven't decided to run yet
Again. Not meant to be hard. But it's a fun pursuit all the same.
@GraceNote it's very nice you're fully using SE features like that
if there are only four candidates at the end of nominations I'm going to get ten points and nominate myself, just to make it interesting
8:38 PM
@Undo You need 150 to vote but can nominate at 10?
That seems off...
nomination phase is a whole week
I like to think we're getting 4 candidates per hour
@Undo If there were only 4 candidates, we'd extend the nomination phase by 1 week and I'd have to ask myself how that even happened.
has @200 announced anything yet?
@GraceNote I have the feeling that many regulars around here don't want to step up, because they feel others are more suited to the job
@Vogel612 cough
8:41 PM
At least for me that's a big reason to not run...
@Vogel612 Some sites like to host a thread where people can try to goad others into nominating by naming them and saying "Oi I think you should run for these very many awesome reasons"
oh Hi
@Vogel612 I completely agree.
@Mat'sMug your Score is one point higher than mine, I think because of the reputation difference
@GraceNote Why didn't we think of that...
8:42 PM
@Mast I'm at 289 right now
@Mast You've had all of 42 minutes so far to think about elections
@Lyle'sMug saw that
Aside from my generally dwindling and inconsistent activity time and my personal assessment of my personality.
Hi @GraceNote! nice to see you again!
Hi again~
8:43 PM
hi @tim!
in The 2nd Monitor, 6 hours ago, by Mast
@Undo Shows up in CR chat. Gets CR rep. Nope, nothing suspicious going on here.
@GraceNote As well as the last two weeks of speculation
◄◄ Formerly Malachi
@GraceNote No, we've been aware of this for a while.
@Lyle'sMug Nice triangles.
I see
8:45 PM
@Mast alt + 17
@Lyle'sMug at the end, there can be only one [mug]
@Lyle'sMug ◄↕►
@Mat'sMug if we both become moderators I will change my avatar and nick back
@Mat'sMug Battle of the Mugs.
@Mast ◄▼▲►
Maybe I should do it now.....
let me find where I hid the old graphic
8:48 PM
@Lyle'sMug Also, when you edit your profile, I think it remembers previous images
@GraceNote Well, no fear there. Five candidates already.
@rolfl I have it on this Machine. it's already done. everyone refresh! lol
@Donald.McLean Are you sure you won't be running?
You've had plenty of times to find your shoes.
@Donald.McLean 6
8:49 PM
there we go. took me a couple of Refreshes and force Refreshes
@Mast No, I'm not sure. If there are an adequate number of people running who are qualified then I'll be happy to just vote.
@Malachi's back!!!
@Donald.McLean Define 'adequate number' and 'qualified'.
@Mat'sMug I still have stars in here!!!!
@Malachi Lyle, you're ugly.
8:52 PM
@Mast Well, let's wait a couple of days and see what the nomination situation is.
I totally feel like the killjoy, with all the hard questions I ask our young candidates...
I liked the picture of your mug better.
I like having Malachi back
@Vogel612 Don't, it's probably the best preparation you can give them.
hmm. now who deleted that..
8:55 PM
@Vogel612 $2 on he who owns the lawn in question
Was not me ... promise, and I don't own the lawn ;^)
kids these days!
@Jamal adjust your editing? Sell out! JK LOL
@Malachi he doesn't say if that's adjusting up or adjusting down ;-)
@Malachi nope.
@Malachi ask @Doorknob
8:58 PM
13 and you're good to go, since 13 is the minimum age
I was appointed when I was 14
There are a couple others that have done it younger
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