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12:02 AM
@Razetime uses BQN a lot, I believe
Welcome to the fourth Learn You A Lang For Great Good event! Today's language is BQN, a recent addition to the APL family. For this event, feel free to ask about BQN, post CMCs to solve in BQN, and anything else related to the language. You can run BQN code online here.
:O did email notifications actually help for once?
12:18 AM
Most important question: Bee Queue En, Bacon, or something else?
Nice, the BQN site actually has tutorials
> You can pronounce it "bacon", but are advised to avoid this unless there's puns.
CMC: Implement factorial in BQN.
the B, Q, and N are silent
except it can be pronounced totally differently if you expand the acronym differently
or how about the Q and N are silent and you pronounce the B like BQN
@Wezl Exactly what I came up with (except I hadn't put it in a function)
Huh, I expected it to have a factorial builtin
I guess factorial is too specific for a general purpose language
Yeah, especially a language that can take product(range(x)) quite easily
12:32 AM
the ! character is for assert anyway
@DLosc ×´1+↕
Dang got ninja'd
didn't realize that would work tacitly
Idk if it's valid on its own though
Probably needs to be wrapped in a function
Yeah, that. (ninja'd)
12:37 AM
{𝕩<2?1;𝕩×𝕊𝕩-1} with recursion (probably suboptimal)
CMC solve try-it problems 1-4 on pages 130-132
As a Greek aficionado, I do have to say I'm a bit disappointed by the choice of 𝕨 and 𝕩 instead of and
I understand x, but I would've expected y like in J
@DLosc Those two characters look too much like a and w, and I can't speak for everyone, but x and y feel more intuitive to me than alpha and omega
^^+^, plus double-struck w is a pain to squish into a monospace font
There's bqncrate to help look up idioms and stuff
12:52 AM
CMC: Given a number 𝕩, return the first 𝕩 rows of Pascal's triangle in any reasonable format.
1:15 AM
bqn just confusing with 2 modifier
Fanatic gang
Bout time.
@AaroneousMiller imagine only visiting 100 days in a row
I feel like a big shot now
Made by visited 789 days in a row gang
Jul 10 at 9:26, by lyxal
I'm such a fanatic that I've visited 694 days in a row
Imagine being on the site for 789 days
1:24 AM
@AaroneousMiller I take it having that badge pulls the strings and makes them ring
We should totally make a cult of CGCC Fanatics
Wait, isn’t that what I just joined?
Anyone who doesn't agree to having their code and belongings golfed will have their life golfed
@AaroneousMiller It's the ticket to join, but I'm afraid we haven't made the actual cult yet. Would you like to be a founding member?
Sure why not
@user can we golf the beginning? I don’t remember much of it, so I won’t be affected too much
1:27 AM
@DLosc First (successful) attempt, 16 bytes
@user if you golf the later parts of my life, I might miss out on some stuff
1:39 AM
@AaroneousMiller Three more weeks....
1:55 AM
@DLosc Nice, looks like an entirely different approach from the bqncrate one (tho I can’t read bqn
@user It's a vague attempt at porting my Pip and Husk solutions. I wish I could get rid of the curly braces and 𝕩, though.
I want it to be tacit, yeah.
I'm not sure if BQN has an "unfold" operation where you start with a value, iterate a function over it, and collect the intermediate results. That might be helpful.
It probably does, and if not, you can modify fold to get similar results
nvm I thought you wanted scan
Repeat might work
That's what I'm using, but the "collect intermediate results" part is where I'm stuck.
Instead I make a "repeat x times" function, apply it to ⟨1⟩, and then pass a range as the input x. But that's a bit clunky and I don't know if it's possible to do it tacitly.
Scan is probably my best bet, but setting up the input list is going to be a bit tricky...
Okay, got it working... now to see how many of those parentheses I can get rid of.
2:29 AM
Wow, a rapid cabin depressurization looks nothing like you'd expect
It just gets all foggy
Personal experience, or video?
I would say I'd be slightly more panicked if it was personal experience but then again I'd probably just not care
People'd probably ruin it by freaking out and stuff
Could you please pin the LYAL announcement?
2:40 AM
@RedwolfPrograms What’s a rapid cabin?
Woo-hoo, 13 bytes! (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Scan)
Still hope I can golf the (⟨1⟩¨↕) part some more, though
2:58 AM
Tip: If you ever get accused of academic dishonesty, just call it "high efficiency tutoring". You give me $20, I give you the answers, we cut out all that boring fluff in the middle.
Nah. It's not tutoring if the student didn't learn the material. High-efficiency test-passing, maybe.
That's the joke :p
You're just paying me $20 to do your homework
Poe's law strikes again. It's hard for me to appreciate a joke when I know there are people who would say the same thing in all seriousness.
Never assume anything Redwolf says is serious
@user hey no fair that's my rule
@lyxal Well I was joking but sure you can have the title of Least Serious User
@user no, you weren't JoKing
you were Original Original Original IV
was it not VI?
For some reason I read VI and IV
I can never read VI as VI, perhaps lyxal does the same thing
@hyper-neutrino yeah ojay it was
3:20 AM
you IVgor
@RedwolfPrograms nah I forgor 💀
@hyper-neutrino Yes, thank you for remembering
VI because six is perfect
Q: Lean golf: List Game Lv2 (is_in_append, is_in_rev)

BubblerThe title is an homage of the Natural Number Game, which is a nice interactive tutorial into proving certain properties of natural numbers in Lean. The definitions used in Lv1 will be reused here. I've done some improvements: Now it starts with import tactic, which means you can freely use powe...

I really like these challenges, the only problem is that once one person does it, it’s hard for beginners
Spoilers like on puzzlingse would be nice
Kinda yeah, it's actually like a programming puzzle
3:53 AM
BQNMC: Given a character matrix with odd width and height, replace the center character with an "X".
is that under i smell
@UnrelatedString Bulls eye!
4:07 AM
wow this under actually does work the way i envisioned it for perhaps
this feels good
@DLosc Hello, serial BQN user here
@Bubbler Test case
...maybe without composing as well
thought i had it figured out, can't invert blocks
guess it's train time
4:23 AM
i have a 16 char function
which is about as short as i can get it without inversion problems
that's exactly how long my work in progress is... which gives "no inverse found"
"inverse not found"
is it a simple train or are there combinators
i have a ton of combinators
looking up the actual train syntax to see if i need all of them
also all of them are the little composition ring one
It's pretty much impossible without {} I think
@Bubbler it is possible! i have 15
my holidays start today
for 7 days
@user six is perfect apart from the crippling septophobia
@UnrelatedString the way you circumvent the inverse problem with under is using precomputed constants
with whats now
4:30 AM
and also btw `'X'
i think i'm going to go back to doing my linguistics homework
'X' all by itself is a constant function
oh nice
your solution can be {'X'⌾((⌈÷⟜2≢𝕩)⊑⊢)𝕩}
and you need instead of for the 0-indexing
Oh, it does work, that's kinda black magic
I got 15 train too
4:32 AM
is there a bqn keyboard?
does it have more glyphs than apl??
ig it does
4:37 AM
i doubt it
It uses a different set of glyphs from APL
I count 78 non-ascii chars on the BQN page (plus a few more chars used to display arrays, maybe)
and 66 on the Dyalog 18.x keyboard
+13 if you count Extended (which gives 79)
4:53 AM
Oh right
the power of nothing
Yeah, that nothing is a pretty clever invention
BQNMC: Convert a positive integer n to binary (any direction; 4 -> 1 0 0 or 0 0 1)
(Base conversion is not a built-in in BQN, which surprised me the most)
5:09 AM
@Bubbler i have 17 bytes so far
I got a 15
i have a 16
not sure how the 15 works
i've got a recursive one
Mine is a pure train
5:31 AM
Now I have a 15 that outputs forward (1 0 0) and 15 for reverse (0 0 1)
5:42 AM
bqn starts to hurt my head on third tutorial
@Niko feel free to ask any doubts
@Bubbler no iteration?
Overcalculate and then truncate
ate and then ate
5:58 AM
evolution of trust thingy should get a Koth
sounds like crb’s return
@Bubbler neat
Wow that got nuked quick
33 secs
looks like 29 to me
6:09 AM
You're probably right, I reloaded
@hyper-neutrino Goddamn hyper, that was quick :P
that was not me
That was 6 spam flags, not mod action
you can thank jo king for the nuke :P
@emanresuA It definitely wasn't, the post only got to -3
6:11 AM
cgcc question nuke% speedrun
@hyper-neutrino My bad. Goddamn JoKing, that was quick :P
When SD detects a smoke, gotta put a flag quick
@hyper-neutrino Wait, do mods have some sort of super-spam flag?
wait did you not know that our red flags are binding lol
6:12 AM
Like everything else, a mod flag/vote is binding
also i guess i technically shouldn't disclose that info cuz flag history isn't in the public timeline but i doubt jo king minds the credit for the very fast obliteration of spam :p
sometimes i actually do stuff
@hyper-neutrino Wait... Did my flag even get in?
@hyper-neutrino Idk, now that I know JoKing flags spam, I'm not sure I can ever see them the same way :P
6:13 AM
@emanresuA You can check it in your flag history
@JoKing I'm stuff 🥴
@emanresuA ^^ but yes, it did
@Razetime i'm joking
@Razetime ಠ_ಠ
imagine people trying to speedrun nuke% and posted a spam just for fastest deletion time
6:14 AM
Mine got through too, but it was deleted before I could add an extra downvote to it
@Niko would Not encourage that
@Razetime Omg JoKing, your boyfriend is awesome 😳
God, that's such a dead meme :P
then don’t let speedrun.com discover this
wouldn't get accepted :)
Smokey would win anyway
6:17 AM
who knows
not necessarily
i've beaten smokey before
NMP is faster because it doesn't do any processing on the post
so i nuked one in 12 seconds once
make a nuke (tas) bot
6:20 AM
76 flags???
@emanresuA Also, if you browse /active, you can see new posts more or less as they come in
@emanresuA On whatever site that is
It's been running for, what, a couple of weeks?
@cairdcoinheringaahing That's here
Doesn't it give notifications in the chatroom?
There are a lot less than 76 messages there :p
6:22 AM
Smokey's been active here for years
what makes you think this bot instance was started when we added it to our room?
That makes a lot of sense
More things I don't know
In that case, 76 seems rather low if it's been here for years...
@pxeger No [ ] array
@emanresuA Smokey only auto-flags if it reaches a certain threshold, or if it gets feedback telling it to flag
6:25 AM
@emanresuA smokey has a really high standard for autoflagging
> [ ] You have reinvented Brainfuck but non-ironically
Otherwise, it just lets people know that "maybe this point should be flagged"
@hyper-neutrino That also makes sense - limited flags per day
smokey reports aim for minimal false negatives, autoflagging aims for minimal false positives
@emanresuA that's not really the reason
Not wasting moderator time?
6:26 AM
it's more so that if the bot is flagging a lot of stuff incorrectly its reputation gets tarnished and it might be shut down or at least restricted
well autoflags aren't just cast through the bot
Plus, Smokey casts 4 auto flags at once
i think it's only 4 during emergency situations
usually it's 3 i thought
Oh right, yeah, it's up to 4
Either way, if Smokey auto flags, a post is at least half way nuked, so you can't have that running lightly
if its accuracy is too low it'll face backlash from the network, moderation / staff, and its own users (because it'll affect their flag stats and accuracy) which is straight up everyone so that wouldn't be good :P
"The implementation is the spec"
[ ] The implementation is closed-source [ ] covered by patents [ ] not owned by you
sounds very sad
6:33 AM
sounds very K
> [ ] Programmers love writing lots of boilerplate
Never true on this site at least
> [ ] Programmers should not develop RSI from writing "Hello, World!"
Laughs in golfing language
[ ] You have reinvented PHP but worse
[ ] You have reinvented PHP better, but that's still no justification
> [ ] Programming in this language is an adequate punishment for inventing it.
BQNMC: Swap case of an ascii-only text (any char between charcode 32 and 126 may appear; map a-z to A-Z and vice versa, and keep any other chars intact)
You can assume the text is a vector of characters
6:48 AM
if someone invents a language to fit that checklist as much as possible
> [ ] Programmers should not need to understand category theory to write "Hello, World!"
@Bubbler I have 19
@Bubbler Me too.
@Bubbler 18.
@Bubbler Try it!
@Adám Fails with "Some!ascii[]TEXT~"
7:07 AM
Oh, of course.
So how did you do it in 19?
OK, same idea. Nice.
You can't really escape from bins I guess
7:44 AM
> and should: (X) rickroll the user
Thank you ngn very cool
> Target platform: Blackberry
> [ ] I affirm that I am not a carpenter
[ ] Compiled languages will never be "extensible"
Is this some bizarre gender-neutral title, an extremely obscure assembly language, or the Ministry of Xylophone Cannons Shooting Rocks?
8:10 AM
So three downvotes for a newcomer because he should have read some meta post before answering that he couldn't possibly have known about and somebody makes fun of his name? Welcome to Code Golf... — Dennis Sep 1 '14 at 21:39
Have we changed since then? I hope so...
hey, we don't make fun of people's names anymore, right??
True. The rest, though...
I can't speak for newbies but I did read some dozens of meta posts before writing my first code golf answer
At least we don't make fun of newbies' names I guess
(insert yet another joking joke here)
My first answer was in PHP ;<(
And although I looked around the site before posting, I didn't even know meta existed
And it took me two months to discover TNB
Actually I think CGCC is by far the most meta-heavy site on SE (policies, common contest rules, culture changes, etc, etc)
8:16 AM
True :p;.
CMC: What's the site most similar to CGCC?
on SE or including outside SE?
on SE
Wow, Codidact's been dead for almost a week.
Has it? It's had like 3 new posts this week I believe
Oh, I just checked challenges, not Q&A/sandbox
@emanresuA Probably Puzzling
8:29 AM
True :p
9:05 AM
@JoKing What's a simple way to distinguish Befunge-93, 96, and 98?
hmm, i think [] has different behaviour?
96 is a rare variant
I don't mind too much about 96, but 93 & 98 would be nice
if you're using a 93 interpreter that ignores invalid instructions, then pretty much any new one from 98 will work
Oh ok, thanks
aha, i was correct, [] exists in 98 but not in 93 or 96
9:10 AM
CMP: How is "tuple" pronounced?
My lecturer keeps saying "tuh-pull" :/
I think both are correct.
still not as confusing as my lecturer pronouncing "determine" as "datamine"
9:42 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing ta-pal
@JoKing Also, is there a way to polyglot *><> with regular ><>?
I'm guessing no, but...
9:58 AM
probably not. maybe if you looked into the interpreters?
might be some point where *><>'s go interpreter gives up on integer precision compared to ><>'s python one
@cairdcoinheringaahing two-pull
based on octuple, ɒkˈtu.pəl, its IPA would be something like tuˈpəl
Hm, they finally got round to it
I can't find a meta post for this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - there's probably one somewhere...
10:29 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing [ˈvɛktə]
1 hour later…
11:38 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Some weird combo of toopuhl and tuhpuhl?
No, basically tuhpuhl
11:55 AM
Oh okay
I pronounce it like that, thought it was normal lol
12:19 PM
as a relatively new member,
1. We must not forget the principle of "Lurk more"
2. on a similar note, if you join some site that seems to follow some format / ruleset, and you don't go looking around for the rules, it's kind of on you
3. people have been generally nice from what i've seen, linking the sandbox and not being that harsh to ppl posting duplicates / "off topic" challenges etc
and by relatively, i mean, uh
on an unrelated note, what does the number under my and others' names mean
when i hover over it, all it gives me is the full number, not any sort of unit of measurement
is it accumulated rep from all of stack exchange?
@thejonymyster yes, total reputation across all sites on the SE network
ty :-)
1:25 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

G BPythagorean triples given the hypotenuse. Definition from Wikipedia: A Pythagorean triple consists of three positive integers a, b, and c, such that a² + b² = c². The typical example of a Pythagorean triple is (3,4,5): 3² + 4² = 9 + 16 = 25 which is 5² Given an integer number c, return the list o...

@cairdcoinheringaahing Imagine if mod votes were binding. Not close/reopen votes, just votes. If a mod upvotes something it gets upvoted as if every person on the site upvotes it :p
@JoKing Yeah, unless we're just JoKing about it
@thejonymyster It's SE's estimate of how many days we all have left to live
1:44 PM
ohhh ok
my number makes a lot more sense now
> Snakes only strike when they feel threatened, if a snake is getting snuggly with you, then it obviously doesn't feel threatened.
I don't wanna get snuggly with a snake though
thats supposed to be like a snake face emote but i think i messed it up
:< looks slightly more accurate but still weird
Ooh, after a week or so of idly trying to figure it out, I've finally found the inverse of f(x) = x ^ 3 + x
It's this mess: y=\sqrt[3]{\frac{x}{2}+\sqrt{\frac{x^{2}}{4}+\frac{1}{27}}}+\sqrt[3]{\frac{x}{2}-\sqrt{\frac{x^{2}}{4}+\frac{1}{27}}}
Uses the cubic formula
2:02 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Any reason you didn't ask W⍺?
(2/3)^(1/3)/(sqrt(3) sqrt(27 x^2 + 4) - 9 x)^(1/3) - (sqrt(3) sqrt(27 x^2 + 4) - 9 x)^(1/3)/(2^(1/3) 3^(2/3))
Because that would be no fun :p
i am a vegetarian so i dont eat BQN :P
now that i look at :P, it looks like caird invented it :P
@PyGamer0 Yeah, I prefer APLs.
yes APLs are better the BQN lol
@thejonymyster CGCC is pretty chill, but other sites may seem more hostile (mainly because they get lots of posts, so they get more posts from new users who don't do any research before posting)
@pxeger [ ] "Spooky action at a distance" makes programming more fun
What, you mean people don't enjoy it when printing to stdout changes the locale to Canada?
2:20 PM
oh, i figured the "we" was specifically about cgcc
oh completely unrelated to anything but has anyone made a "golfing lang" yet, where the joke is that its golf themed
just struck me out of the blue and i just happen to be in probably the exact place to ask
well, except maybe tarpit but yknow
2:48 PM
@hyper-neutrino Could you unfreeze the Tarpit?
@thejonymyster Oh it probably is
@user 👍
CMQ: My school's blocked every site with games that I know of. The latest casualty was Cool Math, and now I don't have anything to play with (in my spare time, I definitely don't play games during class). Any suggestions?
redwolfprograms.com has some (admittedly bad) games :p
program rng text games in replit
I made them all in like 7th grade so send any complaints into my time machine
2:52 PM
I'll take anything at this point
@thejonymyster See now I don't actually like making games, I just enjoy enjoying the fruits of others' labor
pretend its part of the game? :p idk lol my school was chill about most sites i went on
I'm working on a multiplayer text based RPG, in theory
Haven't actually done anything on it in like a year
Oh god that zombie game will forever traumatize me
@user I made minesweeper in Vim if u wanna play that, but it hits a recursion error if the board is too big (don't ask).
Ooh, nice
2:55 PM
@user The graphics are truly awful but it's sort of fun
If you ignore the issues it has
And the fact that I stopped halfway through making it
Yeah it's not a bad game for a seventh grader at all, it was just...odd
It feels helpless to not be able to aim with any level of precision at all, and the blood is kinda disconcerting
Sep 15 at 20:52, by Aaron Miller
Turns out X homoglyphs actually render in my terminal, so I'm using that now: Try it online!
Is it randomly generated?
Yeah (if you're taking about the zombie game)
no, i was lazy (if you're taking about the minesweeper game)
2:58 PM
I was planning on adding actual graphics and making the procedurally generated buildings contain weapons and ammo
The sticky traps, grenades, and landmines were just test items from the final days of the game's development
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