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12:02 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

caird coinheringaahingRemove Nth occurrences Given an array \$A\$ of positive integers between \$1\$ and \$9\$ inclusive and a positive integer \$n\$, remove all integers in \$A\$ which appear more than \$n\$ times. For example: [1,2,3,2,3,2,4,1,2], n = 2 Occurrence: 1 1 1 2 2 3 1 2 4 Keep? 1 1 ...

12:31 AM
Which language is most often the winner?
@Mazura For plain challenges?
If so, typically either Jelly or 05AB1E. J, APL and Husk win from time to time, and if you go back to posts before 2016, Pyth or CJam won most of the time
CMC: Given a positive integer n output whether it's extravagant, equidigital or frugal. Any 3 distinct, consistent outputs are fine
Not many people into Jelly? Seemed to be an order of magnitude better. But outside of golf, shorter isn't always better?
@Mazura Jelly's a complicated language. Aside from using difficult to type characters and having a massive set of builtin functions, it's a "tacit" language, which is very unfamiliar for people who typically use languages such as Java or Python
In fact, it's complicated enough that we have a room dedicated to teaching and learning it
@Mazura Shorter is rarely better if you want maintainable code, but it's certainly more fun :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Husk is definitely a serious competitor to Jelly and 05AB1E. If more people used it, the percentage of winning Husk answers could certainly approach (though probably not beat) that of Jelly answers.
@cairdcoinheringaahing By the way, for your Achilles number challenge, can we output the smallest Achilles number greater than or equal to n? It's kinda like 1-indexing (and it'd help me tie with Jelly)
12:51 AM
@user Given that the input will be an Achilles number, no
@user That wouldn't surprise me, I've just not seen Husk win a lot compared to Jelly/05AB1E
Aw, that's too bad
@cairdcoinheringaahing Not as many experts, I guess
When it first arrived, there was a lot of "Oh wow, Husk might absolutely smash Jelly and 05AB1E"
A lot of Husk answers are from people like me who picked it up when it was LotM
It certainly lacks a few helpful builtins
@user Experience is the best way to learn :P I've been using Jelly for ~4 years now, and the difference between now and when I first started is insane
@cairdcoinheringaahing I first read that as "the difference between now and when I first started is insanity" :P
Gotta agree with that though
12:57 AM
Can't find it rn, but I recently golfed like 6 bytes off one of my old Jelly answers just by going "Why the hell didn't I see that x should be y?"
It can happen in any language though
I once golfed Jonah's J answer twice, with an interval of many months (maybe a year)
@Bubbler Oh yeah, of course. I just always use Jelly in examples because it's my main lang :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing What language do you use outside code golf?
@user Python mainly
A bit of VBA
VBA? Wow, I thought that was legacy by now
1:04 AM
I once used APL for a quick numerical solution to an equation, and my colleagues were like "what the heck is this", so I had to port it to Python
Does anyone have a link to the SEDE query that listed the top users for each language?
@Bubbler Wouldn't the APL one probably run faster?
@user Yes, it's blazing fast, but Python one was good enough for our purposes
(Also, no one other than me has APL interpreter installed, obviously)
It's unfortunate that languages like APL aren't mainstream
Huh, this article from the 70s talks about how APL is a new language that's well suited for teaching mathematics
Looks like what they hoped didn't happen :(
1:31 AM
I'm #51 in all-time rep on the site, just got 70 to go to get into the top 50 :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing #26. I've been handing out various bounties, so I won't be getting above that very soon
Wow, we completely missed PPCG's 10th anniversary (2021/1/27) ಠ_ಠ
@Bubbler Idk, you post a lot of good questions
I don't earn 1000 rep in a week though
@Bubbler You're <300 behind both flawr and Zgarb, who aren't that active anymore
I'd argue that you're 2k behind the next user who could be considered active (JoKing)
1:52 AM
> RangeError: Maximum BigInt size exceeded
So much for arbitrary size I guess
@Bubbler it's kinda nuts how much bounties you've earned now that I check. 14k rep (most of which I assume comes from Adám's APL bounties)
2:16 AM
Had a hard time beating the "just output the string" solution in a restricted source golf challenge
@Joshua Yep, that's often a problem with , challenges, especially in languages with compression :/
Damn, I spelt kolmogorov-complexity right first time, I think I've been spending too much time on the site :/
I'm still a terrible golfer
2:46 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing #5
I've been spending too much time doing division in regex
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

caird coinheringaahingGeneralise perfect numbers Let \$\sigma(n)\$ represent the divisor sum of \$n\$. Perfect numbers are numbers whose divisor sum equals their double or \$\sigma(n) = 2n\$. For example, \$\sigma(6) = 12 = 2\times6\$ Superperfect numbers are numbers whose twice iterated divisor sum equals their doubl...

... and now I've just though of a better approach, but it's way too late now
3:27 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing #127
I like 192
It's a nice number
@cairdcoinheringaahing I was wondering when it was
probably a lack of activity and awareness is why we missed it
Should I let my interpreter error for things like arrays being too big for memory, or catch it and indicate it somehow?
let it error
it's easier
and from experience not many golfing languages specifically tell you where errors are.
@Lyxal stax does and it's pretty great
if you catch things you make it easier for yourself to write answers
3:36 AM
@Razetime you don't see stax at the top of the ELO list do you?
I say do it
Letting things error usually equals terser ;p
@Lyxal this doesn't even help with ELO a lot of the time
@Razetime does husk give custom errors?
3:38 AM
Wow...I just spent way too long figuring out why my min function wasn't working then realized I had named both of them max
@Razetime that's why it's higher on the elo list
it doesn't bother with errors
Isn't Stax in second?
meh, stax was beting it the previous iteration
@RedwolfPrograms I forgot shut up
3:39 AM
That's the one that compresses its source code right?
takes away the magic of code golf
Hopefully that approach doesn't become common
I don't think it will
It hasn't become common in the last few years
so why would it become common now?
@Lyxal many langs tried but none became popular
3:43 AM
I've decided to make Ash programs compressed
Stax is in many ways just better golfscript with a good DE
Also I love cheating
so it's a great language
and y'all wonder why i have flags
Vyxal jM gang represent
Flags feel kind of cheaty
so does source compression
3:46 AM
except source compression doesn't put you in a different language categpry
actually, I should ask that in meta
Ask what on meta?
should packed versions of programs be treated like flags
so Stax(ASCII) is different from Stax(packed)
Aren't they already?
hm idk
To my knowledge Stax runs both with a single interpreter, with a flag being kinda inside the source code
So they're the same language
3:48 AM
It's considered custom codepage, not separate language
hm alright
@RedwolfPrograms if they are then no-one bothers to make the clarification
My only issue with source compression is that to truly understand the algorithm, you have to first uncompress the source.
@Razetime I guess it's as if you had the source inside a compressed string and had an implicit exec at the end
In that case I guess it'd be weird to consider them different categories
Because if my 05AB1E program was lowercase alphabet only, I could easily base-255 compress it and exec
Also I learned to play the first few seconds of All Star on a piano
@RedwolfPrograms remind me to give you a 50 rep bounty soon
I'll do it after I award the one I'm giving dion
Because I'm very proud of you
3:52 AM
@Lyxal stax uses printable ascii and base95 I think
(this is a one off bounty. No one else gets the all star bounty only redwolf)
lmao agreed
I'll be really interested to see how well Ash does compared to the rest of the golfing languages. I'm guessing it'll be around the top fifteen.
Maybe top ten
@RedwolfPrograms you might have to wait a while
The ELO script hasn't even picked up Vyxal yet
and it took a while for Keg to appear in the leaderboard
I'll re-run the script on the 28th to see what changed during Feburary
needs atleast 10 entries
3:57 AM
vyxal has 55
and before this month it was still above 10
yet no apperance
need to check the query
It only picked up 1 vyxal answer
i checked the csv
@Lyxal If I’d noticed/realised a month ago, I would’ve posted something to meta
Guess I’ll have to wait to it’s 15 year anniversary
Any feedback on any of these?
Also, @Razetime, you know you should probably edit your Whispers answer into the LotM post
4:04 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing taxes do NOT go free parking
Fix this now
Man, I haven’t looked at that Sandbox proposal in years
I think I’ve got the half-finished controller somewhere on my laptop
@cairdcoinheringaahing For this, I'd suggest to include "a black-box function that takes an input n and returns n-th value of the sequence". Also, is it intended that S can be not strictly increasing?
The top two look good enough to me
@cairdcoinheringaahing ah yes I'll add it
4:27 AM
@Bubbler Good idea, I’ll edit when I get to a computer. Yes, S can be any infinite set of positive integers (I included the Lucas numbers as an example of non-increasing)
But it is difficult to find well know decreasing integer/natural number sequences
@cairdcoinheringaahing I think the Monopoly KoTH would be way more interesting if the Goto cards were included, and the random amount given/taken was less significant (£1000 is a lot). The Goto cards add a bit of strategy in which properties to buy.
Also, my version has the income tax be either £200 or 10% of the player's net worth. Is that different in yours, or is it just removed for simplicity?
@RedwolfPrograms removed because that's old rules
It's just $200 now
4:42 AM
auction_action is the new best method name
Prove me wrong
@RedwolfPrograms counterpoint: sixty_nine
I accidentally just printed a gigabyte of text to the chrome console and apparently it doesn't handle that well
Chrome already uses enough RAM -_-
@RedwolfPrograms TBH I haven’t looked at that draft in 3 years. I might get to it when/if I run out of challenge ideas, but rn, I don’t really care about it. If you drop that in a comment below the post however, I’ll be sure to address it when I next look at it :P
5:04 AM
Gotta love floating point: 111111110000000000000 % 10 == 2
5:41 AM
Afternoon y'all!
Afternoon! (It's 23:40 here and that's technically after noon :p)
Close enough
Day 2 of uni done lol
Very pog
Is it day 2 of year 1?
6:00 AM
That's right
6:20 AM
Honestly I think something sort of like BCD but with base 60 and 6-bit words would work way better than current floating point
Basically instead of a fraction with binary numerator and denominator, the mantissa would be a number of base 60 digits, with a specified exponent
That can accurately represent any value the current system can, in addition to things easily representable in base 10
@RedwolfPrograms is it supposed to be 2?
Idk it is
If it isn't, then you should totally switch to python
It says the result is 0
Obviously you want 111111110000000000000n there, if it's JS
@Bubbler Yeah, but base 60 can support thirds as well, and base 60 can be efficiently represented with six bit words without needing any sort of densely packed stuff
If I could have picked what base we all ended up using for counting, I would've picked base 6 in a heartbeat. Easily compatible with halves/thirds, and somewhat easy compatibility with fifths and sevenths
6:36 AM
I would choose 12
Eww no
12 can't represent fifths, tenths, or sevenths with any elegance at all
In base 6, you can represent 1 / 10 as 0.03 (with the 3 repeating)
In base 12 it's some awful string of four random repeating numbers
1/5 and 1/7 in base 6 are just the same as 1/9 and 1/11 in base 10
@Razetime FRICK
6:41 AM
Basically yeah. The base plus or minus one is easy to represent.
So decimal gives you somewhat easy ninths (and thus thirds) and elevenths
@Razetime reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Base 12 gives you elevenths and thirteenths, which are useless
Base 6 gives you fifths (and thus tenths) and sevenths, which are moderately useful if you ignore decimal being used all over the place now
What does base 1 give you?
Every prime (and composite) has its uses as a denominator
Yeah but try finding someone who thinks 11ths or 13th is more useful than 3rds or 5ths :p
6:43 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing for sure; just let me know which ones still need to be rewarded and where
Interestingly, base 19 is almost viable because it gives you access to simple repeating halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, eights, ninths, tenths, and so on
@Lyxal pepe programming language
@Razetime bees you.
Rolling me like that
I'm pretty sure there exists some base that has simple representations for 1/2..1/n for any given n
There is
It's either the LCM or GCD of all of them I believe
6:47 AM
Yeah, LCM does the job
I'll change it to "I'm pretty sure there exists some prime base that has simple representations for 1/2..1/n for any given n"
So simple as in simple repeating?
though we'd need a definition of "simple" there
In that case I guess it'd just be any multiple of the LCM, plus or minus one, until you get a prime
Plus one being preferred
That might work
For n = 5, it's 31
Wait no
Wait yes
6:50 AM
The point is that your way of choosing bases is not so meaningful in reality
You definitely want a base that can represent the most useful fractions possible with the smallest base; anything lower than 6 is too annoying, and the upper bound is probably around 20 for a system used by humans (that doesn't cheat like the babylonians did)
2 hours later…
8:30 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A usernameCompile Commentscript code-golf javascript Commentscript is a variant on Javascript that I made up for the purpose of this question. Only commented-out code is evaluated. Javascript has two types of comments: // this is a single line comment, which starts with `//` and ends on a newline. /* This...

1 hour later…
9:51 AM
And again I want to ask for feedback on this:
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Wheat WizardSelf improving program quine code-golf restricted-complexity In this challenge you will write a program or function which when run will output a faster solution to this challenge. Formally speaking: you will write a program or function, \$T_0\$, which takes an integer \$x\$ as input and outputs a...

2 hours later…
11:50 AM
I was thinking of a challenge along these lines: there are three programs, A, B and C. C is the control program, while the operation of A and B depends on a compiler flag. C's output does not depend on the compiler flag. A outputs the same as C if the flag is present and B outputs the same if it is absent, but if the flag is absent then A's output is a superset of C and if the flag is present then B's output is a superset of C.
example: C could be print(1);, B could be print(10*5-7*7); and A could be print(7*7-10*3);. C always prints 1. B normally prints 1, but if you set the base to 16, then 0x10*5-7*7=0x1F so it prints 1F (note that this contains 1 as a substring). A normally prints 19 (also containing 1 as a substring) but if you set the base to 16 then it prints 1.
(score is the sum of the lengths of the three programs, fewest bytes wins)
12:40 PM
@WheatWizard actually i am still confused, how is T_0∊O(T_1) read? if T_i are functions that return strings, then in 'T_0∊O(T_1)' they would also represent their own running times?
12:58 PM
Uh yeah you are right.
Q: Constrained integer partition

zdimensionChallenge Create a function or program that, when given a number \$N\$ and a tuple of \$k\$ numbers \$(n_i)\$, returns the number of ways \$N\$ can be written as a sum of \$k\$ integers (\$x_1 + x_2 + ... + x_k\$) such that \$n_i \le x_i \le N\$. The input format is not fixed. You can read and pa...

@WheatWizard say T_0=x^2 and T_1=x, then x^2 is not O(x)? what am i misunderstanding?
That is right, no misunderstanding.
Oh wait I got mixed up.
Sorry I'm a bit distracted.
Let me take a second to just fix the issue.
@user41805 Does the new version work for you?
1:20 PM
@WheatWizard should T_1 be swapped with T_0?
f such that T_1∊O(f) and T_0 doesn't ∊ O(f)
Uh well you are using the ∊ in a way you shouldn't
Since T is a function that outputs strings.
er i mean the complexity of T_1 ∊ O(f) and likewise for T_0
But I don't believe that The Ts should be swapped.
hm, if the time(T_0,x) ∊ O(x^2) and time(T_1,x) ∊ O(x), then time(T_1,x) ∊ O(x^2) but time(T_0,x) \not∊ O(x)
Remember that λn.log(n)∊O(λn.n), since (log(n))/n vanishes as n approaches infinity..
1:26 PM
okay yes..., so?
Wasn't sure if that was the issue.
Ok yeah you are right. I forgot that T_0 was supposed to be the slower one.
Got my own challenge backwards.
oh ha, glad that was sorted out
I don't know why big O notation confuses me so much.
1:55 PM
@HyperNeutrino If you're good to do 3, there's Most Helpful Commenter, which you can award to this; Best Non-Code-Golf Answers which is this and Trickest Challenge, won by fireflame241, so it'd be good to find out which answer they want to be awarded
@WheatWizard Speaking of Best Of, you won Best Non-Code-Golf Challenge, do you have any specific answer of yours you'd like me to award?
By the way, thanks for the bounty, @cairdcoinheringaahing!
2 hours later…
3:57 PM
Q: Print 0 to 100 without 1-9 characters

DaemonPrint 0 to 100 without using characters 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 in your code. Seperator of numbers can be comma, whitespace or newline. Shortest code wins.

1 hour later…
5:10 PM
Q: Additionless addition

User 12692182Addition is a fun process. Of course, when doing it, we're all so dependent on the + operator. So, this challenge is to perform addition without the plus operator, or any aliases The requirement is to make a function that can perform addition on two numbers, the inputs, and have one output, the s...

5:28 PM
What have they done to the review queues? Blegh
Eww I thought it was supposed to be an improvement
And it broke stalker
I'll get to work on a fix
Until an official one comes out
I'm leaving a bug report on the page for it
> Review count - We’ve removed the badge progress bar in lieu of keeping track of how many tasks you can complete in a queue (don’t worry, the badge bar isn’t gone).
Goddammit SE, stop making minor UI changes and start giving us actual improvements ಠ_ಠ
I feel like the review queues must be literally always cleared within seconds of anything appearing there because there's never anything there
They are
@pxeger Blame me, Redwolf and WW :P
5:32 PM
I forgot how painful debugging userscripts is
@RedwolfPrograms TBH Just noticed the filter option, that's quite nice
Q: What's next, Achilles?

caird coinheringaahingPowerful numbers are positive integers such that, when expressed as a prime factorisation: $$a = p_1^{e_1} \times p_2^{e_2} \times p_3^{e_3} \cdots \times p_k^{e_k}$$ all exponents \$e_1, e_2, ...\$ are greater than or equal to \$2\$. Note that the exponents do not include zero exponents, as exam...

Whoever serial downvoted the answers to this question, could you please explain why?
what's worse than debugging userscripts? debugging wikipedia userscripts which don't let you use ES6 syntax (presumably because they try to scan for malicious stuff which doesn't support ES6+?)
wasn't me shrug
Even if it were a bad question, that doesn't mean the answers were bad too
@user God luck getting an answer. People who serial downvote don't often explain
5:37 PM
@user that I disagree with. Have you seen /u/92116?
@cairdcoinheringaahing This is one of those times I wish you were forced to add comments after multiple downvotes (I get that that would be annoying, but still)
Review Stalker's code is not very nice looking :/
@user Even just a pop-up saying "If you disagree with this answer, consider leaving a comment explaining your downvote" similar to the "your vote has been cast" pop-ups would be good
@cairdcoinheringaahing there literally is that popup, no?
@pxeger I don't understand
5:40 PM
it says something like "please consider leaving a comment if you think this answer can be improved"
@pxeger Just downvoted a few answers and didn't get anything
^ (to pxeger)
@user I don't want to mention the user I'm talking about but their ID is 92116
@cairdcoinheringaahing Really, I usually get that on SO, at least
@cairdcoinheringaahing yeah, I think it must be only on SO
5:40 PM
@pxeger Oh, are their answers low quality?
9th grade, cut them some slack
Less low quality and more low effort, which isn't necessarily a bad thing
they're all just low effort answers to low effort questions, like "print this incompressable string", and then they just... print the string in 10 languages
We all start somewhere
@pxeger I agree that low quality questions attract low quality answers, but that doesn't justify downvoting all answers
5:42 PM
The behaviour that annoys me (when done by anyone) is answering questions that should clearly be closed
@cairdcoinheringaahing Yeah, I started with a ton of low-hanging fruit on both CGCC and SO :\
That, and invalid answers are pretty much the only times I downvote answers
also answers that are "I took this answer in <python 2> and translated it to <python 3>" or other similar language pairs (i.e. valueless)
And those that are clearly spam or copied directly from other answers
tbh I'm kind of amazed at how little genuine spam there is on SE compared to reddit etc
5:45 PM
Okay I think I figured out why the userscript isn't working, now I need to figure out how it's doing that
@pxeger I don't really mind "Leaky-ing" a question, so much as answering off-topic/VLQ questions
@pxeger Good community moderation
A: Review Stalker Reloaded: A cross-site dashboard for reviews

caird coinheringaahingThe new changes to the review queues, now live across the network, have completely broken the script. It now no longer: Refreshes the page automatically Automatically opens any queues with pending reviews Switches to meta sites regularly Has any visual indicator on the review queues:

Also, the user icons are so small on the queues now :(
@cairdcoinheringaahing Was that inspired by Leaky Nun?
@pxeger There's a lot, you just don't see if unless you have 20k+ rep
@user Named after him :P
5:47 PM
Guess there are worse things that could be named after you
I wish I had a copy of the old site's HTML so I could see what the old class names were :/
what do I choose for Suggested Edit reviews when the correct resolution is actually just "close the question" (because it can't really be improved or is a dupe), rather than bothering to edit it?
Does webarchive keep track of that?
@pxeger Is it the question about reversing the input and moving the letters along one?
@pxeger Reject with a custom reason and then close the question, maybe?
5:49 PM
I feel like an edit's worthwhileness isn't tied to the question's
@pxeger In general, if it improves the question, accept it, even if it's still closeworthy
@UnrelatedString One shouldn't suggest an edit if the question is unsalvageable
@user Disagree. I'd rather have nice-looking closed questions
On the other hand, if the edit makes the question uncloseworthy, then it's certainly a good edit
5:50 PM
Okay I think I sort of fixed it
@RedwolfPrograms Can I have a link?
Never mind I completely destroyed it
It worked the first time and now it deleted the whole header :/
@NewMainPosts 28 answers to 6 score :/
@cairdcoinheringaahing yes
It somehow decided to automatically remove the site from the list to track whenever you open it
5:52 PM
@user in this case it was already closed
@pxeger Reject that one, it adds rules that contradict the OP's own words
too late now anyway :/
@cairdcoinheringaahing But isn't it still useless? I feel like that's like a superfluous edit that doesn't improve readability.
@user if it's a superfluous edit that doesn't improve readability, then it shouldn't matter if the question should or shouldn't be closed
btw did anyone notice the theme change on codegolf.meta recently?
5:53 PM
@user If the question is truly off-topic, then no, don't edit it. Otherwise, improving the question could lead to it not being closed
@pxeger Orange links :/
Someone asked in chat recently
Why all these recent UI changes? (or have they always been happening)
just modernisation I guess? We can't see what is probably a massive pile of greasy spaghetti that was implementing the old review queues
Okay I think it's more fixed now
5:55 PM
@pxeger True, you're probably right
Take this question for example. It currently has a pending suggested edit, which makes it much more clear and on-topic. If the edit didn't contradict what the OP had said in comments, I'd approve and vtro
that is actually the question I was referring to
@user SE releases a UI change pretty regularly
I'm not sure if it's auto-reloading though
Wait it just did
Normally it's around every couple of months or so, but they had a recent re-org in the company, so they're going to be trying to look good for a while
5:57 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing That is a great edit, and I'd agree with you on that. I was talking about edits to questions that are duplicates or edits to unclear questions (like this one) that don't make the question any clearer.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh cool, I'd never noticed it before
I think review stalker is fixed, I'll make a gist
@user In that case, treat them like you would edits that don't make an open question any clearer: reject them
Also, I'm on a roll with the starboard today :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing I agree
@cairdcoinheringaahing Two more stars for you and the starboard will be all yours (pxeger's comment will be purged)
5:59 PM
No offense @pxeger
I wasn't saying your message should be purged, just that it could
how does the starboard even work? is it just the most recent stars?
And the most stars too
@cairdcoinheringaahing Here is my probably fixed version of review stalker
@pxeger Messages with more stars are given priority, but basically
6:01 PM
Some algorithm factoring in both, I guess
If you want to keep your version unmodified but still want the fix, you can Ctrl + F for .fs-subheading and apply the changes I commented on your answer
> Review Stalker Reloaded (temp fix)
Installed :P
@RedwolfPrograms I just downloaded and installed it under a different name (^)
I haven't been able to test it with stuff actually in the queue, but there shouldn't be too many things left to break
May I ask what console.log("Hi Redwolf!", 1, ElemOptionsButton); is for? Is it for debugging or should the user replace that with their own username? Or is it just some sort of easter egg?
Oh that was for debugging
Didn't intend to leave it in
6:04 PM
It stays now :P
I did my 100th first post review today
Actually yesterday
Very nice! :D
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oops, I didn't realize the edit also added other things that the OP didn't mention
@user Yeah, all the extra stuff was the reason I rejected it rather than reject and edit
@cairdcoinheringaahing All I noticed was that symbols, etc. should error
6:22 PM
I offered a Best Of bounty today cause I figured I wouldn't get +200 today, so I wasn't missing out on a repcap. I've got +198 rep so far, which puts me at a solid -302 for today ಠ_ಠ
@cairdcoinheringaahing the test case format is a bit difficult to read since the inputs and outputs are so long but on the same line
6:42 PM
one of my narrowest answers: codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/219609/17602 (I think it even beats my narrowest FizzBuzz in Retina answer)
6:59 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing okay, sounds good. are these +500 each?
i can't find it anywhere, i'm sure it's somewhere and i'm just blind
@HyperNeutrino Here you go
Thanks. How much is it though? (I'm assuming 500, but I just want to be sure, though I'm sure the recipients wouldn't mind if I over-bounty, lol)
500, I think
That's what almost all the other bounties were
alright thanks
7:55 PM
@UnrelatedString Added some shorter examples and sorted them by length to make it easier to read
@RedwolfPrograms It looks like your modified review stalker does the autoreloads, but doesn't load up pending reviews
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