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12:17 AM
@NewMainPosts I'm pretty sure that you can pick the kingdom nearest the top, draw a road down from either left, below or right of it, and draw roads from above, below or nearside of the other two kingdoms to intersect it, such that they don't form a wide road, thus solving the problem, but I'm not sure enough. maybe I should add a second part to my answer that assumes that my simplified method always works
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3:19 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing 12.2%
3:36 AM
i may have the lowest percentage so far, at ~4.3%
3:49 AM
Luis mendo comes close
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6:22 AM
I wanted to mess with cubical type theory stuff in TIO Agda but it doesn't seem to work :( tio.run/##S0xPSfz/v1pXWcE/…
6:54 AM
@CalculatorFeline tio hates imports and stuff, cause its a good way to break the site lol
AFAICT the problem is just that TIO uses 2.5 and cubical stuff wasn't added until 2.6
Although yeah a Hello World program has to import a screenful of files and takes 5~6 seconds because apparently you need stuff like equality to output characters to a screen
what in the world
never heard of agda but that sounds funny
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8:51 AM
Q: Discussion on the upcoming moderator elections (Sep 2020)

xnorWe are scheduled for a moderator election on Sep 14, 2020. A Community Interest Check by SE last November gauged interest in holding and running for January elections for the spots of the two (now three) moderators who resigned. The reaction was quite negative, coupled with the ongoing Monica sit...

@Doorknob Hey you recently deleted my answer of mine for not following the specifications of a challenge. However the specifications of the challenge were changed in the time between when I posted it and when it was deleted. My answer was valid prior to the change. Is it really proper for it to be deleted in this case?
surely answers should follow the specification as it's currently written - is there not precedent in the form of edits that invalidate answers taking advantage of unintentional loopholes?
I do believe that's the consensus. I think it's unfortunate due to cases like this, but votes on that question suggest the community disagrees.
@AdHocGarfHunter What was your answer?
The output got shifted by one on multiples of four at some point.
9:06 AM
So that means you no longer subtract one after summing?
Do you mean subtract 3?
Your answer says "It sums the stack, subtracts one, divides by four, and adds one" and other non-deleted answers seem to be n.Sum()/4+1.
Ah I see. I think so. floor and ceiling math is a little annoying.
If I want to fix it I am pretty sure that my original version of the answer does the modern challenge by accident and I "fixed" it before the rules were changed.
That's funny. It's annoying that the rules were changed, but it looks like this should be an easy change for you.
To make it valid yes. But I need to make sure that it is still well golfed.
9:11 AM
Regardless, for whoever is flagging these, is this really a good use of moderator time? These answers are from more than 4 years ago.
It reminds me of something James (DJ) mentioned in [their resignation](https://codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/18476/hanging-up-my-diamond):
"I'm no longer moderating, or handling flags. A large contributor to that is because I feel like the majority of flags I see are requests to delete several year old posts that "technically" violate some overly specific combination of rules on meta penned over the last 8 years."
Well I fixed the answer. I'll flag it when I've given it a more thorough look.
What if we had a policy to ignore flags for invalid answers that are more than a year old?
I have a flag on a answer that is 2 years old because it has been pending for 2 years.
I meant on answers more than a a year old
Well the answer is more than a year old now.
9:25 AM
Yeah, that's unfortunate, but I'd be up for the flag being ignored at this point, that is marked complete without action
The situation with unhanded flags has been brought up as a reason to elect more mods, was a contribution to James resigning, and might demotivate people from becoming mods. Yet I wonder how many of these flags are on old answers, which I frankly don't think are worth the effort to check and possibly delete.
@Doorknob What's the flag queue like?
Well I think the fact that I've had a flag pending for two years is at least somewhat evidence that things are screwed up.
there are 68 right now
i have had basically no time to handle flags since the other mods resigned (for unrelated life reasons)
Hold up I got the flags confused. It's only been pending since April.
@Doorknob How important do the flags seem? I was wondering if they are mostly on old questions/answers claiming they should be closed or deleted.
30 of them are "too many comments (auto)", 24 of them are "other", and 14 of them are comment flags
probably more than half of the "other" are of the kind you describe
9:34 AM
Ok, thanks
The site seems to be running fine to me. Questions having too many comments or unneeded comments doesn't strike me as too important.
I'd be concerned if there were rude comments or spam not being taken of, but I haven't seen that.
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11:27 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing 9.2% for me, but it doesn't count because I only have 54 answers!
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1:15 PM
Q: Lolololololololololololol

SunnyMoonLet us take a break from the brain-wrecking questions and answer some of the simpler ones You have recently read something extremely funny, and want to express your laughter to the world! But how can you? Task You have to display the string: Lololololololololololololololololololololololololololol...

@cairdcoinheringaahing 0%
@NewMainPosts lolololololololololol
@cairdcoinheringaahing Edit: It's now 0.00016129032258064516% since I posted a new answer.
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4:10 PM
Any feedback on this?
4 hours later…
8:39 PM
@xnor I was the flagger of that answer, and I flagged it (and two other answers to that question with the same problem) because I care about consistent enforcement of rules.
The entire premise of the Stack Exchange network is that old content is still relevant, and doesn't collapse into a mass of goo.
1 hour later…
9:51 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing 10%
1 hour later…
11:05 PM
@pppery I'm with you in theory, but given our current situation with only one mod and an overflowing flag queue, I think it's worth saving flags for more pressing issues.
Sep 8 at 23:09, by pppery
I stopped raising flags regularly because they stopped getting handled within a reasonable amount of time
I haven't encountered anything I though I should flag other than invalid answers and fixed "this answer is invalid" comments anyway.
(and, for scale, I've only raised 1 flag in September so far, and 4 total in August)
11:24 PM
@Neil Doesn't work when all the kingdoms lie along the bottom edge. Sigh...

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