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2:58 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

jimmy23013Double an infinitely long number You are given a real number as an endless stream of digits. Output twice of it in an endless stream of digits. The exact format is flexible. You may separate digits and the two parts of the number by any reasonable separator, or without separators, as long as it...

3:16 AM
Woo! Got my Fanatic badge today!
Y'all proud of me for visiting CGCC 100 days in a row? :P
Congratulations, you're addicted
1 hour later…
4:28 AM
Fun fact: My badge count represents powers of 5, starting at 0:
5^0, 5^1, 5^2
I felt this was just too perfect not to share!
Q: Simplify the following C ascii graphing function

John ForkoshThis wasn't originally intended for code-golf, just as a little debugging routine to roughly visualize something "goofy" going on in a model of some (irrelevant here) physical process. But when I saw how surprisingly short it was, compared to my expectations, I just wondered if it can be further ...

@Jono2906 Mine represents the [Number of ways of writing n as a sum of 5 squares. ](oeis.org/history?seq=A000132)
My badge count represents the function f(x) = 19x^2 + 83x - 88
What a crazy coincidence
5:17 AM
@Jono2906 One millisecond without CGCC leaves me hostile and irate. I sometimes scold my bed because it prevents me from continuing to be on CGCC.
4 hours later…
9:44 AM
It should be possible to ping all users of PPCG here in TNB, not just the ones that are here regularly...
Anyway I added two new suggestions that were suggested in my most recent challenge in the "defaults for IO" on meta, please vote. (1) (2)
10:37 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

CuttingChipsetCount the length of head movement code-golf parsing pathfinding Once upon a time I wanted to order custom tokens for a board game. They say they can do it, and then they present me their price list. I was confused because they charge per inch of head movement. INPUT: a 2d grid: |,-,\,/ are s...

Wait, those challenges are not loading? I need to change my browser.
(I am bursting with anxiety.)
Q: Creating cool logo

MouvreThis challenge was prety interesting for me. You can use any language. Shortest time on max conditions = win. Enjoy! Designer Arseny wants to draw a new brilliant logo. For a special conceptuality, Arseny decided that he would use a special stamp for his drawing. A stamp is a rectangle (h×w), ea...

@NewMainPosts What I am talking about is exactly this challenge.
11:35 AM
CMC: Implement a "strange algorithm" for computing e. The precision doesn't need to be good, results between 2.70 and 2.75 are acceptable, and the result does not need to be deterministic. (Provided that, in theory, the result would approach e under certain circumstances)
11:54 AM
Bah I lost my streak of 900 days :(
12:12 PM
Do you reckon Jupyter is slower than running python in the terminal?
@Mr.Xcoder dzaima/APL, 28 bytes. The regular (1+1/x)^x applied on a big number.
@Mr.Xcoder My favourite algorithm is this one. Essentially, if you keep adding numbers between 0 and 1 until their sum becomes greater than 1, the expected number of numbers picked is exactly e.
1 hour later…
1:49 PM
@Mr.Xcoder Here's a fun one: find the x-value that gives the maximum f(x) value for f(x)=ˣ√x
Q: Country name mashup generator

SztupYPart 1 of the task is here Flags Mashup Bot is a small Twitter bot that generates a new country name based on two random country names and tweets the result every couple of minutes. Task Your task is to replicate what the bot does by writing a script or a function based on the following crite...

2:14 PM
@Adám Cool, never encountered that before
2:52 PM
@BetaDecay probably?
Tbh what I'm doing atm will take ages whatever I'm using
maybe add some vectorization to the sauce?
Maybe, but it's not my code I'm running
So I don't wanna fiddle with it and break it
3:30 PM
@Adám I have an APL question or two. 1) how can I get the N'th element from an array? 2) If I have an array of unknown length, how can I reshape it into a matrix with two rows? (I know one way would be to calculate half the length of the array and use that as an argument to rho, I'm just wondering if there's an easier way)
3:58 PM
@DJMcMayhem 1) N⊃A or N⌷A 2) 2 ¯1⍴A in Extended, 2⍬⍴A in dzaima/APL
4:50 PM
for the second point, the bsd command rs "reshape", named so after reshape in APL according to unix.stackexchange.com/questions/47832/…, can easily do that, rs 2 or rs _ 2
5:32 PM
@Mr.Xcoder Generate N random numbers uniformly distributed on the interval (0,1). Compute their consecutive differences. The fraction of those differences that are less than 1/N converges to 1-1/e (in probability) as N increases. Code. Or golfier :-)
5:50 PM
@LuisMendo Nice, probably a variation of this one.
Not sure what that one is based on. Mine is based on the Poisson point process: the consecutive differences have an exponential distribution, from which e arises
1 hour later…
7:32 PM
I see. I’d say the two approaches are not related; or at least a relation is not obvious

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