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@cairdcoinheringaahing I've got one still waiting since 2015 codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/65467/…
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Howdy everyone!
5:07 AM
@Jono2906 Hi
@JoKing in ruby, .ord%59 works
in perl, i suspect i would use y/\xa4-\xa7/5-8/r or similar
5:29 AM
Do y'all think Translation Golf would be on topic on CGCC
Like, there would be an algorithm given in pseudocode/another language that is more verbose
And then people would translate it into other languages
Of course, entries would have to follow the same flow of logic as the original code
you'd have to define what is and isn't a valid translation in that way
and even then it would still be pretty much a non-observable requirement, right?
I guess it would be like how it is on the Spanish Language stackexchange, where translations have to have roughly the same meaning.
5:35 AM
And the same algorithm. (I guess.)
For example: CMC: Translate this algorithm
i ← 1
while i < length(A)
j ← i
while j > 0 and A[j-1] > A[j]
swap A[j] and A[j-1]
j ← j - 1
end while
i ← i + 1
end while
Fun CMC!
Spoiler. It's a sorting algorithm.
@A̲̲ no. Its an insertion sort algorithm
S'all good.
5:42 AM
I can't write any other sorting algorithm other than bucket sort and bubble sort. I definitely need to learn this algorithm.
This is too easy, let's have a different pseudo-code...
CMC: Translate this algorithm
buckets = []
list.each {
    buckets[current_item] = 1
ans = []
buckets.each {
    ans.add index if current_item = 1
Whoops, fix some bugs and concisify the code.
each list: buckets_list[current_item].add 1

each buckets_list: repeat current_item: ans_list.add index
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12:25 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

LuaNoobDeathmatch Football (Soccer) Idea: 2 Teams each of 11 Players and 3 Bank Players compete in a match of 90 minutes to find out who's the best. But... it wouldn't be deathmatch with no casualties, so after scoring, there is a chance to die. Better think twice before you shoot... Teams: Each Te...

I feel that although GolfScript is less concise than those modern golfing languages, all of the modern golfing languages don't match the ingenuinity of GolfScript.
E.g. GolfScript supports advanced golfy constructs such as returning the first item of a list that fullfills a specified condition in a very few number of built-ins.
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3:19 PM
CMC: Given a list of integers in no particular order, output the highest, then the lowest, then the highest remaining, then the lowest remaining, etc, until you end with the middle number(s). Example: 2 3 4 1 becomes 4 1 3 2.
3:48 PM
@Neil ngn/k, 17: {-1_*'(|1_)\x@>x}
4:54 PM
Do we have a place where I can post fleshed out ideas for challenges that anyone is welcome to steal and post? (Is that weird?)
I had this coming along but got too lazy to write it all up pastebin.com/raw/c6Ab0rC7
@Calvin'sHobbies We do actually!
Lemme see if I can find it
Q: Secret Santa's Sandbox

Digital TraumaAKA: The Regifting of the White Elephants Note - I'm not sure this is on-topic or not on meta, but it seems to be as good a place as any. Comment if you disagree. I have a few challenges that I have posted to the sandbox and then more-or-less forgotten. Some of these challenges are OK; some n...

@Neil V, 7 bytes, ún<CR>òæGj
@Neil JS, 58 bytes f=(a,r=1)=>a+a?[a.sort((a,b)=>(a-b)*r).pop(),...f(a,-r)]:a (TIO)
Thanks DJ
@KritixiLithos Oooh, I like it
5:14 PM
Though I worry that Secret Santa thing is a slow purgatory for challenge ideas, kinda like how I view the Sandbox
not to be down on the Sandbox :P
5:28 PM
@Neil Jelly, 9 bytes which seems too long
5:48 PM
@Calvin'sHobbies I actually frequently review my sandboxed challenges.
In fact that is what I just did:)
6:07 PM
Q: Draw the Ionising Radiation Hazard Symbol

flawrDraw the ionising-radiation-hazard-symbol in an arbitrary colour on a distinctly coloured background. The specific proportions were published in the June 27th 1974 issue of the Federal Register of the US Government. Details As output, writing to a file (raster and vector formats are permitted)...

6:38 PM
@NewMainPosts will mods get annoyed by all the failed comments I added to that answer?
Not sure why I would :P
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8:23 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Peter KageyPreface However, I've never done a cops-and-robbers challenge before, so I'd appreciate some help to get this right. In particular, I'm not sure how much I should specify a (language-neutral) API. I'm also not sure how to implement time limits on computation time. (I want to be able to run a tri...

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9:32 PM
I've always wondered what a "free-for-all" JS KoTH would be like
Every bot would be run once, and passed a function as an argument
The function would increment the bot's score
Each time it is run, a value increments
When this value hits a certain number (or a random chance), the function stops working and the bot is effectively dead
The value would be reset every 100ms or so, meaning that you can't just spam the function for points
This could open up some very interesting strategies involving setTimeout and the DOM
Potentially even ways to figure out other bots' functions and spam them to sabotage
Probably not a good challenge for this site due to the open-ended nature, but I'd be interested to see what would happen
@RedwolfPrograms and if the value resets after that, you're (and eventually everyone) is at score 0?
No, there'd be two values:
Score and lockout sort of thing
The second value increments with the score, and disabled increasing the score for the rest of the round if it hits a certain value before being reset
@RedwolfPrograms and only the lockout score is reset i assume?
Hey, @BetaDecay, you'll like this challenge :-)
9:44 PM
if all the info about when you're reset/killed is available, just maxing score & waiting for the lockout counter reset would be the best strat. if not, bots would die pretty much randomly. also, as JS is usually single-threaded, sabotaging others would give the 1st run player 100% power
The lockout is permanent; the counter is what resets
(permanent for the round's duration)
i think the biggest problem is that there's no competing between submissions (unless you count making an infinite loop to block all other competitors competing)
There are lot of things you could do
clearTimeout, searching the DOM for things, etc.
Interesting restrictions could allow for interesting sabotage methods, too, such as filling the DOM with too many elements to efficiently search
@RedwolfPrograms i don't really understand what could the dom give you
Iframes with onload, iframes with postMessage, <img src="aaa" onerror="incrementpoints"/>, etc.
9:54 PM
pretty sure there are unstoppable ways to emulate setTimeout (making a web request with a callback, await, starting a web worker & setting a timer on it, and many more probably)
There would definitely need to be some restrictions, and I doubt it could be a functioning challenge, but idk
10:20 PM
I put it in the sandbox, because why not
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Redwolf ProgramsJavaScript: Free for All king-of-the-hilljavascript This is a very experimental idea of mine: given a function which is provided a single function as an argument, try to run that function the most times possible in a browser environment while competing against other bots. Bot submissions Each...

do we have a consensus on what consists raster grahpics output?
e.g. if a matrix of values consists a image?
I'm asking because of this
10:40 PM
> If participants can choose between graphics and ASCII art, use both tags.
From the tag wiki
but a matrix of values is not necessarily ascii art isn't it?
I think I remember someone referencing an image format that consisted of 0s an 1s (and maybe size) before
@LuisMendo Now this looks like a job for me
11:01 PM
@H.PWiz On some level, don't all image formats consist of 0s and 1s?
11:30 PM
@BetaDecay Nobody listens to Techno!
11:41 PM
A Netpbm format is any graphics format used and defined by the Netpbm project. The portable pixmap format (PPM), the portable graymap format (PGM) and the portable bitmap format (PBM) are image file formats designed to be easily exchanged between platforms. They are also sometimes referred to collectively as the portable anymap format (PNM), not to be confused with the related portable arbitrary map format. == History == The PBM format was invented by Jef Poskanzer in the 1980s as a format that allowed monochrome bitmaps to be transmitted within an email message as plain ASCII text, allowing it...

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