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coffeescript is not dead, it just got a 2.0 release 6 months ago. I use it regularly
I know they took a hit when grails switched ownership too
There were a tooon of good coffeescript plugins with grails.
@quartata it's playing catchup at this point but I haven't heard much from its community
also there's the fact I don't like python-like syntax :P
It's in containment at my work meaning "existing assets are fine, and can remain, but no development is to be done in it."
if anything I'd say it works better with ES6: thin arrow vs fat arrow are subtly different but both very useful
also coffeescript has always had SNO if that's what you mean by "optional chaining"
@quartata we have bind operator now though :P
12:06 AM
I think the best part of CoffeeScript is it comes with a build tool:
I have templates for cakefiles that do uglify, babel, whatever
it's lightweight, easy and not Gulp
@quartata aaahhhhh dynamic requires
you only need it if the build task hasn't been run already
so I only require it there
I thought you didn't like cluttering up the global namespace
That's a fairly simple Cakefile, I have some more sophisticated ones
even then, though, it takes advantage of Node's """async"'
also consider I banged that out in 10 minutes and it's only 28 lines, I'd like to see Grunt or Gulp do better
Can we get this question a few more votes: codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/163070/decode-the-string It's the dudes first thing posted and it's a decently worded question. If you agree, obviously, if not don't.
12:26 AM
@Adám Shortest I have is ⊢∘-\0,-\∘-
Still one byte longer than Haskell
(surprised I wasn't called out on the fact that I end the write stream too early, woops)
luckily I can find a way to blame it on Node, since it doesn't provide an easy asyncio.gather equivalent
I think with promises it's like Promise.all or something
but it's not particularly clean
@quartata not particularly clean?
12:43 AM
Any good recent ascii art or kom challenges lately?
@MagicOctopusUrn on axtell there's this: axtell.vihan.org/post/2
@MagicOctopusUrn *kc
@Downgoat Whoa, PPCGv2 is up? Cool!
@Scrooble Not really. We have a site that is still heavily under development
We will definitely let people know when the beta is ready
12:58 AM
@Mego Open to contributions yet?
@Scrooble Of course


An experiment in a custom site: github.com/Axtell gist.github....
you must be jo king
1:14 AM
Anyone good at golfing Python? this does not look very optimal
wow this is the first time I have encountered a race condition in synchronous JS, stupid web workers
oh wtf JS debugger doesn't even work with async code this is ridiculous
@Downgoat of course?
@Downgoat because event loop.
@ASCII-only are you kidding, JS prides itself on having an async event loop, but apple can't even bother themselves to support debugging it
don't get me started on documentation either. Apparently apple devs are allergic to that too
@Downgoat apple?
@ASCII-only im talking about safari in this case
1:22 AM
@Downgoat like you put debugger inside the promise body and it doesn't stop?
@Downgoat ew
@ASCII-only ಠ_ಠ
actually found myself booting up Safari yesterday for the first time in years because of a web worker issue in Chrome
1:56 AM
@ASCII-only I was thinking of introducing a quack keyword that can serve as a sort of implicit-interface. Not sure if good idea or bad since you can just do it with extensions.
e.g. quack StringConvertable { func toString() -> String }
@Downgoat why quack
@Downgoat implicit interface?
@ASCII-only because duck typing and duck go quack
basically imo I should be able to do File(path: "file.txt") instead of File(path: Path(string: "file.txt")!)
we could have class File { init(path: StringConvertable } and interface StringConvertable { func toString() -> String } and extend String: StringConvertable { func toString() -> String { return self } }
but that's a mess
instead, we could just have a init(path: StringConvertable)
and anything that quacks like StringConvertable will be allowed
This is equivalent to Objective-C's @protocol
(at least I think)
@Downgoat um how is this not interface
2:12 AM
@ASCII-only because you don't have to explicitly state a class implements it
@quartata The former is like @protocol since IIRC you still have to do @interface Class (Interface) to conform it
I think you can do it implicitly
but I'm not sure
one second
@quartata ah
Sorry, I can't find my Objective C book
@ASCII-only that means you don't have to modify all STL types for example to add a cast to your type
2:14 AM
I could have sworn that it didn't require the statement saying that it implemented it
wait no that's not how that would work
Is it just me or does Quartata use every language ever
@Pavel it's not just you
:/ TIO doesn't have Foundation.h
Nov 15 '16 at 0:17, by quartata
I am basically a living jack of trades.
Nov 15 '16 at 0:17, by quartata
It isn't something to aspire to be.
be warned
2:20 AM
@Downgoat You should ask dennis about that
@Downgoat doesn't Swift provide it?
I don't know, that kind of thing has always been weird on Linux
wat instancetype is not a thing apparently O_o
2:59 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies what is a zillionaire
@ASCII-only Jeff Bezos
i see
makes sense
Also, why are you replying to messages from 6 months ago?
*a year and a half ago apparently
because quartata linked an old message and i saw a message i couldn't help but reply to >_>
if you're not careful you might be caught in an endless loop of jumping from transcript to transcript
actually that's probably just me
3:49 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

NL628Let's start by re-defining a reflection of a character in a 2-d array of characters: Given a square 2-d array of characters with distinct lowercase alphabetical letters, define a reflection of a letter in the matrix as swapping it with the character directly across from it through the center ...

4:10 AM
Q: Intermediate String Array Reflection

NL628Let's start by re-defining a reflection of a character in a 2-d array of characters: Given a square 2-d array of characters with distinct lowercase alphabetical letters, define a reflection of a letter in the matrix as swapping it with the character directly across from it through the center ...

> Current Winner
4:30 AM
CAC: idk if a PPCG dupe but here's a relatively simple Axtell challenge if anyone wants to take a go: axtell.vihan.org/post/3?answer_id=10#answer-10
@Downgoat define relatively axtell :P
btw was there a reason I was not allowed to do image headers:
because you can put textual info within alt
@ConorO'Brien what's the shortest way to group a JS array e.g. in groups of 3 that you know of?
@Downgoat passing array as 2d array :P
I got to (a,n)=>a.reduce((a,v,i)=>(i%3?a[i/n|0].push(v):a.push([v]),a),[])
@Downgoat this :P
4:55 AM
@Downgoat Do comments work on axtell? Because I tried to comment on your post.
@WhatWizard they do but it should be of correct length
I don't have errors forr those yet
It was definitely between 10 and 140 characters
anything in console?
You need to be logged in too. I made it so that non-logged-in users can't comment but that version is not live yet
@Downgoat But not logged in = no UI?
Nothing in the console. I was logged in.
4:58 AM
@WhatWizard IDK, I just posted a comment and it works
I'll just try again.
Seems to have worked.
Dunno, I probably did something wrong.
hm, I should probably invert the ordering of comments
threaded comments coming soon to an axtell near you
I should say it looks great. I'm eager to try it out.
No rep no HNQ, seems like a dream come true.
@Downgoat :D it won't need to be a userscript
@WhatWizard well iirc there will be rep
it will be very different then SE though
we'll need to find some way to make it so people don't chase rep though at the expense of quality
5:02 AM
I'm willing to give rep another go. But I think that dream might not be very realistic.
We're still planning out how badges/rep/voting/etc. would work. feel free to leave any/all feedback/ideas in axtell chatroom: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/68212/axtell
@Downgoat it's called rating scale (e.g. from 1 to 10, or 1 star - 5 stars, or 1 to 100)
although what you really need to get rid of is people going "oh that's short i'll just upvote that"
so maybe rep-based weighting
i.e. weight based on log10(rep) or w/e
@ASCII-only exactly, which is why I am a big proponent of categorized voting
@Downgoat yes that definitely has to be a thing
although i'd prefer if it was more emoji-based voting
e.g. perl code will always get goat emoji score of 10/10
@ASCII-only e.g. you can rate an answer as "funny" or "clever" and they'll get points based off that
5:13 AM
CMP: who wants a Minimal-2D graphical editor where you can drag loops around
@Downgoat What does that stand for...
I think everything should match /CM./?
@user202729 Chat Axtell Challenge
@Downgoat Is it just me or is byte counting off?
also I can't edit my answer ;_;
Maybe rep should be <number of non negatively voted question + answer>?
@user202729 yeah no that wouldn't be a very useful metric
5:17 AM
@WhatWizard I'm not sure on how we'll do live byte counting because things like Charcoal exist which don't offer client-side byte counts
I might have a mini-byte counter with a disclaimer that it might not be 100% accurate
Even then, in the current system you can't differentiate between a great answer and an HNQ answer.
@Downgoat I mean I'm using only ascii and it is wrong.
(fortunately the latter category does not exist on Axtell)
my answer is 127 bytes and it says 132
wait wtf
5:19 AM
@WhatWizard Maybe UTF8...
I'm using straight ascii.
@user202729 even with that all ordinals are <128
The difference is 5 right?
And there are 5 newlines...
@WhatWizard Are you using Windows?
I also took my byte stream directly from TIO which says 127
I think I will try to spam a bit. Can I delete answers?
5:21 AM
Doesn't look like it
nor do they seem editable.
Ouch, I hate Google...
Hm... the code input field is not a <input>?
@WhatWizard for now you can just put a new answer and I'll delete it
But I'm using Windows too so...
@Downgoat It's ok. I don't need to edit, especially because I can't explain how to run my code properly in the body of the question.
@user202729 no, but you can do node.controller.delegate.didUpda— wait why am i helping you spam :P
5:28 AM
Why are there unsupported languages :(
Languages doesn't need to be on TIO to exist right?
Why & looks that way.. weird font.
@user202729 that's a TODO feature that I'm working on right now, but for now use the language submission form: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/…
(available at bottom of page)
Looks like every answers have newlines counted as 2 bytes. No idea why.
Why does esolangs have a page on Category Theory?
@user202729 s
> Category theory is a big, complicated, confusing [citation needed] area of mathematics concerned with "Categories".
5:37 AM
@Downgoat You might want to delete my answer anyway. It is not valid because I didn't absoulte value before modding.
(re Axtell: is there anything people can help?)
0																												'
@Downgoat For the Decode the Matrix challenge how is the output in the test case shorter than the input?
@0 ' because there's an unprintable
@WhatWizard definetly, most important thing is ideas, suggestions, and feedback. Though if you'd like to code feel free to come into Axtell chatroom or take a stab at any of the issues: github.com/Axtell/Axtell/issues
@Downgoat ctrl+enter to submit comment/answer/whatever pls
No problem.
What about ctrl+enter to TIO?
0																												'
5:48 AM
@Downgoat Ah, that makes sense. That being said, I'm having trouble reproducing the test case. I haven't tried the other characters but I'm currently getting that the first character for the output should either be 5 or 2 depending on which type of multiplication I'm using.
@ASCII-only I don't think you need multiline comment anyway.
@user202729 wait where would need to be focused for that to happen...
@Downgoat I tried to get into helping earlier, but work snuck up on me and I have become very busy. Perhaps once finals are over I can take another stab.
@ASCII-only oh good idea
CMP: Is code with 1-space indentation bad?
(of course it's better than no indentation)
6:01 AM
@user202729 Eww
6:16 AM
@user202729 yes.
0																												'
@user202729 Depends on the language, I've seen 1-space indented haskell code that looked good and read pretty well
6:40 AM
@user202729 If the developer has spent the effort to strip down a piece of code to its bare minimum, chances are it's good code.
6:52 AM
@user202729 in 90% of cases yes, in 8% of cases, no, and in the other 2% they are converted to tabs by atom because why not
2 hours later…
8:30 AM
Q: How to swap elements in a vector using an anonymous function in Octave?

Stewie GriffinSwapping two elements in a vector/matrix is very simple in Octave: x='abcde'; x([4,1])=x([1,4]) x = dbcae Unfortunately, I have yet to find a way to do this inside an anonymous function. While the function below is syntactically correct, it only gives back the two elements that are swapped...

1 hour later…
10:00 AM
@Adám On the line
lbh+='<b title="'+he(lbs[i].slice(1))+(ks.length?'\n'+ks.join(''):'')+'">'+lbs[i][0]+'</b>'
(language bars), I think "s should be escaped.
@user202729 Why? It is in single quotes.
@Adám I mean the "s appear in the content of he(lbs[i].slice(1))+(ks.length?'\n'+ks.join(''):'').
@user202729 Ah, yes, that would break stuff. Can you make a pull request?
@Adám (I guess that's also the reason why the keyboard shortcuts of "" and ^" was commented out)
@0 ' yes it does. I think the main reason why 1-space indentation looks bad is that in C-derived languages you often have long blocks and with 1-space indentation it's hard to tell where each specific block starts and ends (cc @user202729)
@Pavel This is the only related page
10:16 AM
Because TIO has no auto indentation, if I use TIO I have to reduce indentation as much as possible.
Is this readable?
@user202729 you know tabs are a thing right...
also copy-paste from code editor is also a thing...
@ASCII-only Tabs are too long for me. 8 spaces.
@ASCII-only Not using your own computer and be lazy to not install one as long as something work is also a thing.
amazing right
@user202729 excuse me. space after include directive isn't whitespace why did you remove it
also why do you use /** to open the multiline comment
10:40 AM
@ASCII-only Java habit, docstring.
CMC: The convexhull function above is wrong. Find the mistake.
@user202729 yes. but that is not docstring formatted comment anyway, and you shouldn't put anything on the first comment line in that case
18 seconds. Not bad.
@user202729 what
@ASCII-only Time to kill spam on main...
@user202729 If I'm going to make such mistakes in programming competitions I would be in trouble...
11:00 AM
(Why are some answers of this question not CW? Old SE rule?
Hm, post merged.
The bounty notice is gone, so I would like to note for posterity that the bounty was offered to the best answer that did not include the letter ‘e’, and this post was the brilliant result. — MJD Mar 18 '16 at 15:05
O_o ?
2 hours later…
1:11 PM
that answer actually lacks the letter 'e', mathmaticians are insane
@moonheart08 well it's better than Gadsby
authors are even more insane
how did someone even notice that it had no "e"s
The bounty was awarded ~4 hours after the answer was posted. It's likely that it started before that.
This should work (for Jelly, also uncommented keysequences for and )
1:43 PM
A: Escape from the tarpit (Cops)

ais523Blindfolded Arithmetic Possibly a fairly easy language to start off with, relatively speaking. (There are limits on how difficult a language I can make because I have to prove it Turing-complete myself!) For this language, the program set is the set of Blindfolded Arithmetic programs as given ...

12 hours left.
Ok, some thoughts. If i is zero, we can't do anything at all. If i is nonzero, it's possible to divide i by i to get 1, and then you can get any constant.
It's also possible to div/mod2 and multiply by 2, (with 1 temporary variable), so 2 variables make a tape of bits.
Assume c is a condition which is either 0 or 1.
Then if c: a += b is a += x * c (similar for -)
if c: b /= 2 is b /= 1 + c. (similar for *)
Also the state can be stored as a power of 2. (and then use repeated div/mod by 2)
It's even possible to store half of the tape and the state together at i. Then at divide by 0 exception both the state and the data can be outputted.
2:04 PM
Hehe, my niche question "How can I optimize this little thing in Octave" is now the 3rd question on the HNQ list :P
I've had quite a few challenges on the top of the list, but I didn't expect to see that one there...
So, assume N is hardcoded and state is a non negative integer < N, and a stores the first part of the tape and i stores the state and the second part of the tape,
the operations that need to be supported are: <> (tape movement), * (bit toggle), all conditional.
(to be clear i = tapepart2 × 2^N + 2^state)
I would like to ask for a pure python implementation of docs.scipy.org/doc/scipy/reference/generated/… as a challenge but I am not sure how to make it language agnostic
Also assume that because 2^state>0, calculating e=i/i always give 1.
that is to perform the same function without the use of linear algebra libraries
any help much appreciated
2:13 PM
@Anush (what is the distribution?)
@user202729 it's called the "Haar random" normally. The standard method is z = 1/math.sqrt(2)*(random_state.normal(size=(dim,dim)) +
q, r = scipy.linalg.qr(z)
d = r.diagonal()
q *= d/abs(d)
return q
(not everyone are familiar with math. You should explain what unitary is)
or in mathematica
... I don't know what unitary matrix is either (before reading Wikipedia right now).
a unitary matrix is one where its conjugate transpose is its inverse
In mathematics, a complex square matrix U is unitary if its conjugate transpose U∗ is also its inverse—that is, if U ∗ U = U U ∗ = I , {\displaystyle U^{*}U=UU^{*}=I,} where I is the identity matrix. In physics, especially in quantum mechanics, the Hermitian conjugate of a matrix is denoted by a dagger (†) and the equation above becomes U ...
@user202729 :)
so in pure python the task is well specified
but of course every language has its own standard library
and they are different from each other
so it seems to say "use any language you like along with its standard library"
ok scrap that idea
that is probably more intelligible as a task
@user202729 right.. I meant only using the standard library
so you have to code the qr function
@Anush Pretty much undefinable. What is the "standard library"?
@user202729 right! That was where the conversation started :)
(too bad that the only non-builtin answer doesn't work)
upvotes are the real issue.
Specifically, the fact that built-in answers posted earlier get more upvotes are disappointing.
maybe just ask for code without the letter q in it :)
2:41 PM
@Anush eval is a thing (at least that would prevent some languages)
@user202729 what would the eval solution look like?
The J builtin is 128!:0, doesn't even contain the letter q.
aha ! \121 :)
(as pointed out by Mr.Xcoder in their Octave answer)
nice.. so I would have to ban library functions that compute qr
2:48 PM
@Anush Then there would be library functions that compute a generalized version of that.
sigh.. :)
how does anyone ask a question on ppcg!
Q: Digit Product Sequences

AdmBorkBorkHere's an interesting sequence discovered by Paul Loomis, a mathematician at Bloomsburg University. From his page on this sequence: Define f(n) = f(n-1) + (the product of the nonzero digits of f(n-1)) f(0) = x, with x as any positive integer, written in base 10. So, starting with f(0)=1, you ge...

3:05 PM
Q: Ot wes this bist uf tomis

AJFaradayI just love this simple cypher, it's so fun reading not-quite human-readable words and filling the gaps... Ot wes thi bist uf tomis, ot wes thi wurst uf tomis, ot wes thi egi uf wosdum, ot wes thi egi uf fuuloshniss, ot wes thi ipuch uf biloif, ot wes thi ipuch uf oncridaloty, ot wes thi sies...

3:17 PM
I just used a terminal-based IRC client, am I l33t hax0r yet?
3:41 PM
@Pavel depends.. have you written a web page with HTML and CSS 😎
3:54 PM
It had html but not css
It did have js though
CMP: using num=std::complex<double>; (C++) How is the (new type name)?
(I always feel that my code is bad ...)
@user202729 I think you want typedef rather than using
@DJMcMayhem This is C++11.
@Dennis Link has been added to ziglang.org
4:10 PM
@user202729 typedef isn't new...
@DJMcMayhem But using is.
Anyway, I suppose the typename is ok.
(I mean, using exists since C++11 and it's newer than typedef)
Using isn't wrong or anything, I just think that typedef is more appropriate
Hey DJ ... 84 ;-)
4:26 PM
$ du -hs emsdk-portable/
 16G	emsdk-portable/
what the fuck
does emscripten bring in like every LLVM nightly ever or something
du -hs
du -hs mich
@Pavel this definitely does not need a citation
@quartata As someone who has never seen category theory, I'd like one.
4:46 PM
@quartata nope, that sounds about right for LLVM's git
$ du -hs llvm/
994M	llvm/
oh. huh.
yup, probably.
These are obscure, but jesus i can see these being useful in golf.
@quartata { GLOBIGNORE=".:.."; du -hs emsdk-portable/*;} should find the culprit.
5:19 PM
Question: Does data preallocated (put into the .data section) count toward the score in x86 assembly?
CMC: given a positive integer, n, greater than 1, output true if for all positive integers a, and where b is its reverse (eg 123 <=> 321), a≡b (mod n)
2, 5 are false; 3, 9 are true
(I wonder if there are any true ones that are not powers of 3)
I was wondering the same thing. I bet it has something to do with the properties of summing the digits of multiples of 3 always results in a factor of 3
wait 27 doesn't work
@Cowsquack Do you know of any true ones that aren't 3 or 9?
searching for the first 1 000 integers by testing them on the first 10 000 integers and their reverses only gives 1, 3, and 9 as numbers that satisfy this rule
5:31 PM
Doesn't surprise me. If I had to guess, I'm pretty sure that in base b, 1, b-1, and root(b-1) will be the only truthy ones
(That is, assuming that b-1 is a perfect square)
maybe factors(b-1) instead?
in Primes and Squares, 28 secs ago, by DJMcMayhem
So inspired by a recent CMC in TNB, I have a question that maybe you math nerds/geniuses could help with. 3 and 9 have interesting modular properties in base 10. The sum of the digits of any factor of 3 or 9 will always be another factor of 3 or 9. Now it's pretty obvious why this works for 9, because in base b=10, 9 is b-1. And this works for other bases (multiples of 4 in base 5 sum to factors of 4 for example).
5:47 PM
Doing some golf..
a: 66 bb 5f 00 mov $0x5f,%bx
e: 62 f2 7d 08 7a cb vpbroadcastb %ebx,%xmm1

Not a bad tradeoff. 10 bytes to encode 16 bytes of a repeating value
May be able to make it even smaller. Hm
hm, would it be a good idea to post an announcement over meta regarding a consensus for command-line flags? it's been in a somewhat more specific question for a few months
6:32 PM
Annnd i realise i don't actually have vpbroadcastb on my laptop. :C
and yet it reports i have avx2. :V
Q: System claims AVX2 is supported, but some instructions are unimplemented

moonheart08cat /proc/cpuinfo reports that the avx2 flag is set. However, the AVX2 instruction vpbroadcastb causes an illegal instruction exception when ran. I am using x86_64 Linux and nasm as my assembler. On my system, reproducing this is as simple as global main main: vpbroadcastb %ebx,%xmm1 using ...

Anyone mind helping out?
6:48 PM
Q: Detect heat waves

LynnBackground The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute defines a heat wave* as a series of at least 5 consecutive days of ≥25°C weather (“summery weather”), such that at least 3 of those days are ≥30°C (“tropical weather”). *(Well, by Dutch standards.) Challenge Given a non-empty list of p...

7:21 PM
@user202729 I use 1 space to indent my Haskell. But that is just because Haskell is broken with tabs
How do you measure the size (in bytes) of a assembly program? I want to get the exact size of my function
@moonheart08 wc -c on the compiled executable.
uh, that seems a little odd for a function
Oh, for a function IDK
You did say "assembly program"
7:31 PM
oops :P
7:51 PM
@moonheart08 And now I have 10k on SO.
my question is why a GPR version of that wasn't blatantly obvious and added pre AVX512
Q: Should the .bss section count against an assembly program's score?

moonheart08The .bss section is simply a way of saying 'I want this amount of space beforehand' You cannot store extra information in the section, it's entire purpose is preallocating space, and it does not allow initializing the data beforehand. Should the size of the .bss section count against the score...

@Pavel do you really use every language ever?
8:06 PM
@flawr I've tried using like every language
It generally doesn't work out so well and I go back to Python or C#
Does anyone know if there's an Esolang that's literally just a turing machine?
turing machine simulator, yeah
Hm yeah that does seem to be what I want, but not very golfy...
Know if there's a golfier one?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

J843136028Are there Infinitely Many Power Means that are Integers? Input: a list a of n positive integers. Let M_p be equal to the pth root of 1/n * (a[0] + a[1] + ... + a[n-1]), where p is an integer. Where p is equal to zero, M_p is equal to the geometric mean of the integers in a, since M_p actually ...

@musicman523 isn't golfy and turing machine a little bit contradictory in general? (except for some exceptiosn)
8:21 PM
@flawr true, what I mean is "the golfiest a turing machine language could possibly be" (i.e. no extraneous delimiters and symbols)
Jeez. I think we all know making code work first try is hard. But making golfed x86 assembly code work first try is something else.
how did i do that
8:59 PM
(credit to kritixi)
1 hour later…
10:09 PM
Q: Are there Infinitely Many Power Means of this List?

J843136028Input: a list a of n positive integers. Let M_p be equal to the pth root of 1/n * (a[0] + a[1] + ... + a[n-1]), where p is an integer. Where p is equal to zero, M_p is equal to the geometric mean of the integers in a, since M_p actually converges towards the geometric mean where p tends towards...

Are only full programs allowed for machine code submissions?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ScroobleSequences in π and e code-golf pi e transcendental-numbers Your task is simple: take as input a positive integer n. Print or return the longest sequence of digits that appears in the first n decimal digits of BOTH pi (3.14159...) and e (2.71828...). The ones-place digits, 3 and 2, are included....

@moonheart08 probably not
a function is probably allowed?
It should be
But then how should x86 functions that use the .bss or .data section be scored?
.data is fairly obvious
but what about .bss
@moonheart08 hmm, Wikipedia says bss describes the length of the memory for static variables?
10:20 PM
Hmm, it's probably like 4 or 8 bytes long
i'll just add 8 bytes the score for now until a better consensus occurs
well imo you only need to include it if you're using the static variables
10:35 PM
.___. my terminal emulator has an FPS meter
10:49 PM
@Riker mark gimme the zucchini
00:00 - 23:0023:00 - 00:00

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