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6:00 PM
@Cowsquack Once I've finished the base interpreter
No, it'd be fun to see someone get a 13
@Zacharý s/7/6
@cairdcoinheringaahing a new submission must have golfed submissions for at least 2 of the problems, by at least 1 byte for each. Is it OK if 2 of them get shorter by 1 byte, but some other ones get longer?
I'd say yes, I'll edit that in No
6:03 PM
One other one exactly by one byte.
Although, that could lead to people increasing submission lengths to make it easier for later answers
Make it so the total byte count has to decrease.
(Regarding the short change fro ^^^^, I had "10 seconds left to edit" :/)
@Zacharý Yeah, I think that's better
"You must wait for an hour between posting answers" I think you should extend this time because 1 hour isn't really long for an interpreter challenge
Don't do the standard loophole thing... I want to see a score of 13.
6:05 PM
I'd rather have a language that you can validly use on existing challenges
Disallowing standard loopholes is a good idea IMO
As well as ^^
@Cowsquack What time would you recommend then? 3 hours? More or less?
Would errors causing quines be a standard loophole
@cairdcoinheringaahing Bugle. From the acronym BuGoL for Built Golfing Language.
3 seems okay
6:07 PM
Also, it's sort of a rallying cry for golfers to come together.
what are you going to do about FGITW'ing?
@Cowsquack I don't understand?
as in, multiple people post the answer at the same time, and some people will have to remove their hard-worked interpreters because they weren't fast enough
Same way normal answer chaining challenges work - earlier submission is valid and stays
Random chance?
6:10 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Random rule idea: Don't answer any PPCG challenges in <insert language name here> until the challenge is over
That way we don't get a ton of invalidated answers
I meant a way of coordinating who answers next
@DJMcMayhem facepalm How did I forget that rule?
@Cowsquack I'm not following. After an answer, anyone except that answerer can post a valid answer. You don't have to co-ordinate anything
Why the 1 hour restriction?
(Out of curiosity, I'm not sure what that solves)
@cairdcoinheringaahing We still might get a ton of invalidated answers b.c. of after the challenge being over, modifications occurring.
I'm not really sure either, I've just seen it in every other challenge I've seen (including the first one IIRC)
@DJMcMayhem Allowing people to answer with the language, but forcing them to specify which version of the interpreter they used could prevent that (cc @Zacharý)
6:16 PM
True, but I don't see much benefit if all 20 of those challenges end up with a bunch of extra answers for an old version of an obscure language
^ That
@cairdcoinheringaahing let me try to make myself clearer with an example, how do you prevent situations like this, person Y answers just 3 seconds after person X answers
@cairdcoinheringaahing One more idea. Can You may not post twice in a row expire after some time? That way, if someone wants to keep it going longer, they could keep updating the language if no one else beats them too it
@Cowsquack Person Y deletes their answer
I'm thinking something like a day or 2
6:20 PM
@DJMcMayhem I think a day may be too short. Given that the expiry time is 2 weeks, 10 days seems more suited to allow anyone to continue the chain
@Cowsquack I don't think that can be prevented, but removing the You must wait an hour between posts would make it suck less when it happens (cc. @cairdcoinheringaahing)
@cairdcoinheringaahing Fair enough. How about 1 week to make it a nice even number?
How is that even, it's seven days!
Yeah, but mine was pseudo-code'd, so that makes it better. :p
6:22 PM
@DJMcMayhem hmm, I thought extending this time would make it less likely than reducing this time, but I do somewhat see your point
Ah, there may have been some confusion. The one hour restriction only applies if your answer is valid (I'll edit that in)
Extending the time will just make collisions more likely.
oh huh i didn't realize the oeis challenge died
@cairdcoinheringaahing BTW, in case I forgot to say this too, I think it's an excellent challenge. There's still some nitpicking to be done, but I'm really excited for it
I am too, though I likely won't participate. It'll be neat to see what people come up with.
6:26 PM
what's worse is the next sequence was rather easy
Does anyone know what does it mean when Bash exits with code 153?
I might participate once everyone stops FGITW'ing
Crap, wrong room for that suffix >_<
@Pavel This site indicates that you're actually looking for signal 25
@AdmBorkBork That's SIGCONT though
It shouldn't cause Bash to exit
It's like the opposite of fatal
Huh, yeah, I just looked that up.
What are you calling inside your bash script? Maybe bash is just passing along whatever error signal it received. Like this page says 153 is "file size limit exceeded" for whatever program the batch is running.
6:39 PM
See that makes a lot more sense than SIGCONT
Because I am in fact piping yes into a file.
Well there's your problem
It's not that I'm trying to achieve anything useful
Trying to speak/write in 3 languages at once is rather hard for my American brain >_<
CMC: Recreate yes without using any of these characters: "YyEeSs"
It just looked like Bash was exiting with a fatal SIGCONT, so I was confused
6:41 PM
without " too?
No, " is fine
uh oh
I have a 15 byte vim solution (or 8 in V)
@DJMcMayhem let f=printfn "%c" 121;f
is a minefield...
6:44 PM
@totallyhuman ... of course it is
Oh doi. I forgot that yes outputs y, not yes
What does yes output? Just y?
In that case, I have a 13 byte vim solution (or 6 in V)
would òoy work?
Yes, but that contains a y
6:45 PM
>_> silly me
I have 16 in PowerShell -- for(){[char]121}
@Pavel nvm not even remotely correct
@DJMcMayhem I also takes a command-line argument.
What does the argument do?
6:54 PM
change the infinitely printed text
So yes foo would print infinite foos
yes yes\nyes\nyes\nyes\nyes\nyes\nyes\nyes...
Ah, interesting.
Terrible idea: Pipe the output of a yes command into the arguments to the next yes
Q: Sound out capital letters

Nathan WoodChallenge The input will be a string. You can assume the string contains only uppercase letters and spaces (i.e. matches regex [A-Z ]*). You need to output the letters spelt phonetically as if they had been spoken as capitals. The output should be lowercase and split by spaces and underscores (...

6:55 PM
But recursively
That contains an s
@DJMcMayhem That just kills your terminal
Source: Just tried
@DJMcMayhem Sesos, 6 bytes
I just noticed that I tend to have the property to revive dead (in activity, but not frozen)rooms or something similar.
When there are no RO's left, ownership gets transferred to the most active user.
6:58 PM
I mean I seem to cause activity (Le Dix Neuvième Byte, Esperanto, and Linguistics ... might just be coincidental)
@DJMcMayhem This was not a good idea
That's why my message started with Terrible idea: lol
it lagged my computer out for a bit
but something killed it
It took my OOM Killer a solid two minutes to start pulling its weight
Also my audio died
7:00 PM
well, note to self, don't ever run yes `yes yes`
Don't ever put yes in backticks
@DJMcMayhem Corrected to take cmd-line arguments for 35 bytes -- param($a)for(){($a,[char]121)[!$a]}
@Pavel Do you have swap?
*TNB goes into timeout*
7:02 PM
@Dennis Yes
Have you tried turning it off then back on again?
Doesn't everyone?
I don't.
@Pavel That's the problem. The OOM killer will patiently wait until your swap fills up, which takes its time.
7:03 PM
yes | sponge foo, intrestingly enough, is safe and will die almost instantly
what is sponge?
@NieDzejkob Writes the input stream to a file, after sponging up the entire stream.
If you want to, for example, run expand to modify a file, you might think of doing expand foo > foo. What this will do it cause expand to destroy the file after writing one line.
expand foo | sponge foo will let expand finish and let the file be written too safely.
yes $(yes) should also die gracefully imo. There's no point in going on once the output exceeds ARG_MAX.
does page render correctly for everyone: staging.vihan.org/VSL/libvsl/test-docs (it shouldn't have much, just a list of items on the left and a title on the top)
Implementing this will inevitably lead to future generations running yes $(yes|tr -d '\n') for no reason
7:08 PM
ARG_MAX limits the combined length of all arguments, so that would still halt early.
Ah, I thought it was the amount of arguments only
@Dennis Is ARG_MAX an environment variable?
It's not set for me
looks like that also caused screen flickering
You can get the value with getconf ARG_MAX.
note to self, get a shell license
A what now?
7:30 PM
@Downgoat Looks good to me, Señor Cabra
Chrome whatever on Win 8.1
@DJMcMayhem Bash, 15 bytes, $'\171\145\163' :P
God dammit
@Dennis Shouldn't that be $'\171\145\163' $@
why do you need to quotes?
I'm actually intrested on the rules here
@AdmBorkBork Please, don't throw another language onto my tortured brain.
7:37 PM
@Pavel Don't look at me. :P
@Zacharý Muy bien, мой ami.
Is that french
Yeah, for "shut your mouth!"
@AdmBorkBork мой ami is my new favorite thing
7:43 PM
god ... cyrillic italics.
Now my brain hurts more
@Zacharý Not as bad as cyrillic cursive
Same thing, really. Just brainfucky
It really isn't
@Pavel Glad I can bring you joy. :D
Cyrillic cursive has like 5 different letters that are all written the same way
You have to kinda judge the breaks between letters by the spacing
And context
7:50 PM
I kinda miss my Russian class
Like imagine you had a bunch of vs and ws written in a continues line, and that's the entire word, and you have to figure out which are the vs and which are the ws
Out of all the languages of mathematics, French is best.
(Greek and Latin: Dead. German: Long words. Russian: that cursive, cases, etc. And I don't count English, as that's my native language)
At least in the languages other than French you can have a hope of being able to pronounce the words correctly
That stress with russian.
French honestly seems so close to English in so many ways.
@Zacharý Huh?
7:59 PM
Doesn't stress cause some weird stuff phonologically?
Russian is very WYSIWYG
If there's an M it's going to be pronounced such-and-such, no matter where it is in the word.
Conjugation is also very consistent, too.
French consonants are that way as well, it's not straight-up Czech, but it's not as bad as English.
If you see a "ch", it pretty much always makes a "sh" sound.
It just has some digraphs, that's all.
The VOWELS, on the other hand ... ugh
But Czech has the best natural (i.e. evolved naturally from Latin) orthography ever. I'm saying it now.
I had to choose from Spanish, French, or Latin at our school. I picked French pretty much because Canada.
I don't know any Czech, aside from knowing that "cz" is "ch" and "ch" is "ck".
OK, that was pretty much a joke based off of "Czech"
8:07 PM
"Ch" is like german "ch", and "cz" is polish.
Oh, you should've taken Latin ... that way you could've summoned demons to do your bidding.
If I had to choose a dead language to learn: Ancient Greek.
(I do like how TNB seems to always delve into linguistics at some point. It's a common topic.)
Ancient Greek, really? What would you do with that language knowledge?
Use it to study Modern Greek.
And Euclid > All those latin junkies who just wrote in it b.c. the church
Also, speaking of Czech and Ancient greek, there is that ONE book/
Oh, sure, you could do a lot of hermeneutics study of the ancient Bible and other time-related writings.
8:15 PM
I mean that would be if I had to pick a dead language
is it clear what this means?
Kaj ne
what part is unclear (how can I make it clear)
I don't know what T and C mean
8:16 PM
oh those stand for TypeAlias and Class respectively
if you have this information is it more clear
Yeah, that's clearer
Is this a website? Could do some tool-tipage.
@MagicOctopusUrn yeah, I'm working on VSL documentation generator
8:22 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer In reference to the binary Fibonacci question: my point was not that the question wasn't unclear, but that it could easily be edited (by high-rep users such as you or I) and be made clear (and then probably leave a comment for the OP's benefit). When the OP's intention is easily guessable, I think a quick edit is better/less "traumatic" than going through the process of closing and reopening.
@Downgoat Is that bootstrap 4.0?
@MagicOctopusUrn ew no :P
@Downgoat What UI lib is that?
no UI lib
@Downgoat :O noice then.
8:26 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Magic Octopus UrnWhere am I? Given a string d, containing only the letters NSWE, determine the coordinates I've traveled (from left to right, consuming greedily) and the final coordinate where I reside. The rules for reading coordinates from left-to-right: If the next character is N or S: If the character a...

@Downgoat getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/examples/offcanvas the borders looked a little like this. I love bootstrap, why "ew"?
Please tell me there's not some horrible flaw with it I haven't noticed O_O
Just found my second favorite SE: space.stackexchange.com
@DLosc unfortunately I was very confused though
Ah, okay. But then isn't that the right time to look at the test cases and see if you can get yourself unconfused? ;)
10k rep :D
@DLosc well, I did take a peek at them, but it didn't help much :P also, as I said in the comments, the test cases are out of the spec
(that is, by meta consensus)
8:43 PM
@dzaima \o/
mind you, at first I had thought the challenge involves summation lol
@Zacharý ἡ ῾Ελληνικὴ μεγάλη καὶ πάντα ποιεῖ. ^_^
i have no clue what you just said.
"Greek is great and does all things."
I guess it's ... ALL GREEK TO ME!
8:46 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer You weren't alone on that challenge, I just looked at the answers to see what was asked. Was really a bit confusing at first haha.
@MagicOctopusUrn it's super-heavy and with bootstrap now you get to look like all the other 2000000 sites made using bootstrap.
@Downgoat Ahh... yeah, I used modular bootstrap. It's not half bad with sass being able to choose what modules you want to use and what you can omit. Then it automatically re-minifies.
@Downgoat Then again I don't really have another point of reference? How big is your entire CSS/JS import total?/
@MagicOctopusUrn for PPCG-v2 it totals 30KB
9:03 PM
@Downgoat Looks fine to me. But for some odd reason, Google Chrome asked me if I wanted to translate the page. When I said yes, the font of libvsl in the heading changed slightly, but all the text stayed the same. o.0
@Downgoat Okay, yeah, that kicks my booty undoubtedly. I think last I checked I'm at like ~350kb but my site has ~2000 users max, never simultaneously hah.
@Downgoat Still no JS libraries/frameworks, right?
9:17 PM
@Pavel ppcg-v2 doesn't use any frameworks/libraries if that's what you're asking
Yeah. IDK how much 30kb is but it just feels like a lot
@Pavel this chatroom has 70KB of CSS if that serves are reference
That does help.
Has April's "language of the month" been decided yet?
Q: Nominations for Language of the Month

DLoscWe've decided that we like the idea of a "Language of the Month" event. The main idea is to get more exposure for less-frequently used languages, and to have fun learning and golfing them together. The next question is, what languages shall we choose? And that's where you come in. Procedure A l...

@mbomb007 Unless 6+ votes for MATL come in within the next day, It'll be brain-flak
9:22 PM
@Pavel I've seen a website with 5 MB of bulk CSS/JS... Used by 10 people simultaneously and hadn't crashed in 10 years. Was like Microsoft Frontpage or something ridiculously outdated.
@mbomb007 yeah it's "automatic", but that made me think about the case a tie-breaker is needed
9:35 PM
@Downgoat As pretty as bootstrap without the hidden evil. It's like a cute girl who's actually nice on the inside too!
10:14 PM
Q: 1, 2, 3, 14... or is it 15?

Luis MendoA well known song by the Irish rock band U2 starts with the singer Bono saying "1,2,3,14" in Spanish ("uno, dos, tres, catorce"). There are various theories as to the significance of those numbers. Apparently the official explanation is "we drank too much that night". But there's a more interest...

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