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6:00 AM
I was thinking something like that
That would match a square block of the same character
So it would match
@Qwerp-Derp You need to update your I am Typing
<\t>{.*} would match a triangle
Q: Language Design: 2-D Pattern Matching

PhiNotPiThis is Fortnightly Challenge #6. Theme: Language Design There's a chatroom for this challenge. Come and join us if you want to discuss ideas! And now for something completely different... This fortnight, we want to experiment with a new type of challenge. In this challenge, you will be de...

@HelkaHomba I know that exists, but that's not really what I'm looking for
I'm looking for ways to extend regex into 2D.
That's what that challenge was about, generally
6:04 AM
CMC: Given a string of printable ascii, determine wether or not it is square-shaped, that it, every line has the same length, which is the number of lines.
@Qwerp-Derp Yeah, I've done something like that with Dyalog APL's new primitive .
Untested, though
6:09 AM
Does replacing every character with a replace newlines?
Or is that not what it's doing
hi all
. doesn't match newlines
@Phoenix Newline delimited only? not list of strings?
Yes. Can be 1d char array due to language restrictions.
Or the fact that a char array is a string in your language.
@Phoenix Actually, 11 bytes (\n is a literal newline): '\n@s♂l;l♀=π
6:21 AM
Oh wait I can't use literal newlines for this
Back to 12: 9uc@s♂l;l♀=π
Ruby: ->n{n.lines.map(&:length).uniq.size<2}
oh, wait, I was detecting rectangles :-/
6:25 AM
youtube.com/watch?v=I0peG_kRE-4 Ooh I can sense a challenge
@Mego wonder if checking input length is n^2+n might be shorter, where n = newline count
@Phoenix Brachylog, 3 bytes: ṇẹṁ
wait, would that give false positives?
it could
CMC: What flag has the most flags contained inside it? (When a flag contains another flag, it means that you can cut out a rectangle from the main flag, and that flag is the other flag).
@Qwerp-Derp Norwegian?
6:28 AM
@Qwerp-Derp Poland, Infinity
hi... anyone know how to compile rust programs? I am trying to compile codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/124619/9206 . I made src/main.rs and Cargo.toml. Now how I do I compile it with rustc?
@JanDvorak Only if we allow recursive solutions :-)
Then the Czech flag - contains infinitely many Polish flags :-D
@JanDvorak So do any flag with a horizontal white-red divide.
cargo run apparently!
6:33 AM
Wouldn't it be cool if a country/territory chose this as their flag:
Paper Puzzles & Code Golf
obviously in landscape, without lettering, and with infinite recursion.
@HelkaHomba Yep, 47
[papercraft.se] ?
There should be papercraft.se.
Q: Appending Numbers

OkxA fairly simple challenge: You will receive two inputs, a string and a number (the number may be taken as a string, ie "123" instead of 123) If the string does not end in a number (ie, it does not match the regex \d$), just append the number to the end of the string. If the string does end in a...

@Phoenix Will there be any empty lines?
@Qwerp-Derp Fiji has (roughly at least) UK, Poland, Monaco, Indonesia, and Fiji itself (trivially)
Nice find
3 of those are just red+white
@HelkaHomba Also has England.
6:45 AM
Wait, is the flag of Monaco literally the same as the one of Indonesia?
@JanDvorak Different aspect ratio.
oh. Close, though.
@JanDvorak Often, uneducated listings of flags (along the margin of world maps, small flags on a line, etc.) force all flags to the same (wrong) aspect ratio, which causes many flags to become identical.
Is there a list of duplicate flags?
@JanDvorak APL, 1 byte:
6:51 AM
@JanDvorak Haiti and Liechtenstein used to have the most similar flags (same aspect ratio too, only very slight shade difference), but they changed their flags since.
7:18 AM
@Dennis Encountered a TIO Bug: tio.run/##K6gsyfj/X5nr/3@lAMegIP8QBRRKCQA
It immediately declares that it exceeded the 60 second timeout, but it actually only runs for a second.
@isaacg Disable output cache
Bigger problem is that if I add a Q at the end, it works fine. The two versions compile to identical Python code when I run them offline, so something is wrong.
^^ this has screwed me over a few times when dealing with random number generation
After disabling it, it runs for 60 seconds and still prints out nothing.
So that's a flushing problem?
7:22 AM
You might want to ping Dennis in the TIO room. He is usually much better at responding to pings there about TIO, plus it's less busy, so it's harder for him to forget to check things.
No. Pyth should be executing identical code between two cases, and TIO is giving different results.
What invocation are you using for Pyth?
@Mego OK, will do
`pyth -c '#
And have you updated Pyth but forgotten to ask Dennis for a pull?
I strongly doubt it.
Do you know what invocation TIO uses for Pyth?
Well there's your problem.
Yeah, this code only works as a command line argument, not when executed from a file.
It has nothing to do with TIO.
Because otherwise the trailing newline is ignored.
Thanks for the help, Mego.
Glad I could help
7:37 AM
That's arguably a bug in pyth - I'm fixing it now.
k I think we can all agree that Gopolopfop is the most fun word to say ever
@Mayube Nope. My math teacher in first or second grade coined the term "ronskonorongonøf".
8:03 AM
How can I search answers of a specific question to see if a question already has an answer in a given language?
@Mayube Ctrl+F
but what if it has multiple pages of answers?
Nothing's stopping you from also answering in that language
@Mayube Then you need one search per page.
However, I'd really like a way to "show all".
@ATaco What if the existing answer turns out to be identical to the one I'm posting?
8:05 AM
A: Is there a way to change the URL to show all answers to a question, not just the first X answers?

Rob WThere's no built-in method to epxand the page to show all answers in the ordinary view. All answers (including vote & revision history) are also available at the timeline. For your question, this are the URLs: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/182630/ - The question https://stackoverflow.com...

Does anyone know how to "install" (?) a stackapp?
Q: Infinite Scrolling - [Never Click Another Page Number Again!]

Nathan Osman About Have you ever been reading through a post on a Stack Exchange site with a lot of answers and you had to keep clicking the next page link? Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to do that? Well now you don't! Introducing Infinite Scrolling. Just keep scrolling down the page and the a...

@Adám Install TamperMonkey or GreaseMonkey; when you then follow the link to the script, you'll be prompted to install it.
@Shaggy Thanks.
:-( it isn't working.
8:20 AM
@Adám It looks like it only works on certain SE sites, not across the whole network.
@Shaggy It says *.stackexchange.com/*
Yeah, I'm wrong; the problem is that it seems to be hardcoded to only work across http, not https.
@Shaggy ah well, that should be a quick edit...
@Adám Yup, looks like it's on line 12.
@Shaggy Not only there. there are lots of "http:"s throughout the script, but a quick search-and-replace fixed it. Thank you!
@Mayube Woo! Now I have that problem solved. Thank you for inspiring the solution.
8:29 AM
@Adám haha, no problem
8:45 AM
@Adám Thanks for letting me know about that script :)
@Shaggy ^^ deserves the credit
CMC : draw the Libyan flag (solid green)
@Arjun can languages that can't do graphics output hexcodes instead? :P
@Mayube Nope
8:47 AM
@Arjun Probably doable on some old monochrome green computer.
@Arjun HTML : <div style="background:green"
@Arjun What about the aspect ratio?
CSS: *{background:#0f0}
@Arjun The Libyan flag isn't solid green.
@Adám Who cares! This is CMC!
@Shaggy Used to be.
8:48 AM
@Shaggy It was until 2011.
it's the flag of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
in other words, Gaddafi's communist libya
But I have an Atlas which still shows it as that; probably to amuse students
AH, the old Libyan flag.
r.i.p. world with a country with a solid color flag.
@Adám Nepal's is even great. It isn't even Rectangle!
8:51 AM
@Arjun right, the only non-rectangular one
NumberPhile has a video on how to draw it.
oh wow, just got a captcha on ppcg for the first time ever
You must have answered too quickly
yeah 2 answers within like a minute of eachother
both Shortest infinite output and Shortest infinite loop with no output were missing an answer in Unreadable
@Adám Switzerland& Vatican City are square.
8:54 AM
infinite output is considerably shorter
Why is Vatican City a country?
@Shaggy Squares are rectangles.
@Adám Squares and Rectangles are Quadrilaterals
@Mayube You missed a golden pun opportunity there: were missing Unreadable answers
@Adám I intentionally avoided it
to prevent confusion in people who don't know that Unreadable is a language
8:57 AM
is pun derived from fun?
or the vice versa
@Arjun Nepals flag is pentalateral but not pentagonal.
@Adám it has 5 straight sides and 5 angles, therefore it is a pentagon
@Arjun there's no difference when spelled in Hebrew: פון
an irregular pentagon maybe, but still a pentagon
@Mayube You're right.
9:00 AM
@Adám You're right.
Is there no name for an equiangular equilateral pentagon?
In saying that Mayube is right.
@Adám A regular pentagon will have equal angles
"square" "cube": Any other words for equilateral equiangular shapes?
@Adám How dumb of me! :P
@Arjun Fixed!
9:04 AM
@Adám regular shape
VSauce fans, star this!
@Arjun "regular" is a description. "cube" is a shape.
@Adám Didn't you ask for a term for equilateral equilateral shapes? Then regular shape. Or am I mistaken?
would an "output the following ASCII art" challenge be considered KC as well as Ascii-art?
@Arjun If I understand the terms correctly, regular ≡ equilateral + equiangular.
@Arjun He asked for a word not a term
@Mayube Yeah
9:07 AM
@Mayube Yes, especially if the output is static.
Kolmogorov Complexity
dammit, I know how to spell kolmogorov, i just always typo and miss the l when typing it
But most of the ASCII-art questions take input and produce dynamic output, so it shouldn't be tagged KC
@Arjun I would, but asking for stars is a good way to not get stars
@Arjun Right, but the one in question in this case doesn't, therefore it is KC
@Mayube I have never earned any star!
9:11 AM
Added KC to
A: What are the PPCG specific abbreviations and terms?

AdámSee also Stack Exchange Glossary - Dictionary of Commonly-Used Terms. Abbreviations marked with a star (*) are chat specific. Catalog: A type of simple on-topic challenge where the challenge's aim not so much to find a winner as it is to create a catalog of solutions in many languages. *CMC: C...

Do we use other abbreviations for challenge types? AA for ASCII Art?
CG for code golf (other than in PPCG)?
I never saw anyone using those
But I am new to this site
Only 1 year 9 months
I've seen CG
> only
I've only been here 2 months :P
@Arjun What you've been here longer than me? O_o
I've been here two months longer than you
I only became active 2 months ago.
9:16 AM
I became active on PPCG when i started my current job
which was around the start of april
I've earned more than 1k rep just the previous month.
I've earned 2k rep
I've earned 1k rep in like the past 2-3 weeks cos of all the simple challenges
I still have <2k lol
but I'm fast approaching 2k
I'm apparently #37 in the 2nd quarter of 2017 ppcg rep ranks
not bad
9:26 AM
Q: 9/10 Geometers agree, Nepal has the coolest flag

MayubeGiven no input, output the following: _ | ~-_ | o ~-_ | ~ ~-_ | \~~~~~~ | * \ | \ |~~~~~~~~~~\ Note the backslashes are actually \, which is U+FF3C Trailing whitespace is allowed, however leading whitespace is not. This is code-golf so fewest bytes in each language wins!

9:39 AM
@Mayube Same here :) (The April bit, not the new job bit)
@Mego Why does the room description need a link to PPCG when the input area has a link on the right?
IDK, making it more obvious I guess?
On a challenge where a list is required as output, in a stack based language that prints all elements in the stack at the end of execution, but squashes them together without a separator, is it okay to push all the required elements of the list to the stack and count that, even if the output isn't quite to spec?
sorry if that's not very clear ^
@Adám TIL of the link to the right
Had never seen it either…
9:52 AM
@Fatalize Yeah, the styling is a bit odd.
@Adám That's always been there
And by odd you mean ugly :p
I think that's pretty standard for general discussion rooms, having links to their parent sites in the descriptions
10:05 AM
Is there a special phrase for a list of numbers like [1, 2, 3, 4] or [5, 6, 7, 8] (where the numbers are strictly increasing by 1)?
Q: Naming non-cyclic carbon chains

Peter Lenkefi(I'm not a chemist! I might be wrong at some stuff, I'm writing that I've learned in high-school) Carbon atoms have a special attribute: They can bind to 4 other atoms (which is not that special) and they stay stable even in long chains. Because they can be chained, we need some kind of naming c...

@Qwerp-Derp I'd call that a range
The covfefe challenge almost has as many votes as the Hello, World challenge... how?
I'm not saying it's a bad challenge, but I just don't understand the amount of upvotes
10:21 AM
sigh I put a ton of effort and thought into my challenges instead of bandwagoning onto memes (which requires effort, but it requires much less than normal challenges), but I don't get upvotes...
Q: Dodge your death!

Qwerp-DerpIntroduction "Muhuhuhahahah!" The mad scientist laughs. "You're trapped in my own little game!" In front of you is a deadly pit of snakes, while behind you is a bottomless chasm. There's no way out, you're stuck! "Two steps in front of you is the snake pit, and two steps behind you is the chas...

Can you guys have a look at my challenge?
May 24 at 3:53, by Mego
Upvotes are inversely proportional to effort
May 27 at 6:52, by ASCII-only
@KritixiLithos Well yeah this is code golf, it's like golf, the amount of praise you get is inversely proportional to the amount of time you spend doing it
Is this due to new people looking at a challenge/answer and basically saying "durr, memes" or "whoa that's short"?
You can visibly tell I'm salty :P
Consider also that your challenge takes much more effort to understand
10:29 AM
Some people see a complicated math problem, and their eyes glaze over
The name Erdős is a BSOD trigger for some people
LOL, that's true
I really want to make another metagolf, I really enjoyed the "There can be only 1" one
tbh, I don't think I've ever heard that name before your challenge
@KritixiLithos Erdős?
10:32 AM
What if there was a fizzbuzz challenge, but you have to actually generate noises for "fizz" and "buzz"?
It'd probably get closed as a dupe
it wouldn't be a very good challenge because pretyt much the entirity of the challenge would be making the sound
it'd be better to have the program take in a single number and output the corresponding fizzbuzz response as audio
also you'd need an objective way of saying "this sound is a valid fizz" or "this sound is a valid buzz"
pop-con challenges tend to be received poorly
This one is objective, though.
Ooh, what about a challenge where you have to implement a live "view counter" for the challenge?
10:37 AM
Related: implement a simple web server
But that challenge by itself might be received poorly
If you want rep above everything else, make a fidget spinner themed challenge :-P
I'm tempted to do a fidget spinner related "do X without Y" challenge
i did not know you can put an e on top of an e (you might need to zoom in to see it)
CMC: Output ߷ using only ASCII bytes
Braingolf, 11 bytes #z82**#W+@;
10:46 AM
@Dennis What does gibielements mean? I googled it, I promise :-)
# [Ruby], 11 bytes
@LuisMendo gibi = giga in powers of 2
Perlesque character literals FTW :-D
@Mayube C'mon, what is APL supposed to do?
@Mayube JS: _=>'\u07f7'
10:55 AM
@Adám ASCII bytes, meaning you can use 0x00-0xFF, whatever they may represent in your language. If APL can't do that, maybe you should use a real language :^)
@ASCII-only "output"
@JanDvorak Might not run on TIO. Btw, already done in APL.
@JanDvorak a lambda can't output? btw you didn't say print
@Adám It almost looks like real code :-)
@Mayube 0x80-0xFF aren't ASCII
10:57 AM
0x80-0xFF is what happens to ASCII when it gets high
@Mayube So we can use an entire 256 char code page?
@Adám you can use the first 256 characters on your language's default code page
@Mayube APL, 9 "bytes": ⎕UCS 2039
also you're thinking way too much into this, it's a CMC not a real challenge :P
@JanDvorak Yeah, well, PPCG challenges fail to bring out what normal APL looks like.
Jelly looks the same whether golfed or not.
11:03 AM
People say Ruby is Perl done right
Ruby code still looks like spaghetti code to me
It's because you only look at golfed code
I tried Ruby once
Like actually ungolfed code
Most programming languages look bad when golfed.
@TuxCopter Oh, thanks! (Clarified now, @Dennis)
@Mayube CJam, 5 bytes
I just edited Destructible's Covfefe challenge to make it look neater
11:19 AM
oh man I found a really convoluted way of printing 12 in Braingolf
VR# d<Mv/_R_
11:42 AM
@Mayube 42 in APL: ⌽⍕⌈*○~⍴⍬
@Mayube Ah, I was wondering, the first version didn't work.
yeah, missed a 2nd plus
(! / 3 - 1) + space
11:51 AM
Ah, I wish PPCG would still allow obfuscation popularity-contest challenges.
outputs 0x04 0x02
also I love that, given the -show argument, Unreadable's interpreter instead converts the code to a lisp-like structure
meaning that code becomes (print (inc (inc (inc (1))))) (print (inc (1)))
Braingolf: "6*7">_;
hint: Braingolf can't interpret mathematical functions from a string ;)
12:09 PM
@Adám Whitespace: "

@CensoredUsername might need a TIO link, I think SE chat trims it
yeah it did, it's just SSSTSTSTSNTNST
@Mayube That outputs a star.
@Adám yeah, not sure how to output the mass of an atom in fission though :/
12:12 PM
tio.run/##K8/ILEktLkhMTv3/X0FBgRMMuTi5FDj//wcA (not sure how to hyperlink in this chat)
ah thanks
OK, here is a nasty one in APL. Cookies to the first who can explain it: ⎕PW+←⍣≢×≡⎕TRAP←11'E' '⎕PW'
@Adám starts looking up documentation and hopes there aren't any other APL experts around
12:20 PM
@ASCII-only Good luck!
How does the "I am typing" extension work? I assume it only works with other people who have it installed?
What is the "I am typing" extension?
It was on the starboard earlier. Here: github.com/TehFlaminTaco/TacosUserscripts/blob/master/…
@Adám "⎕PW may be assigned any integer value in the range 42 to 32767" I hope I'm getting close :P
Ayy it works.
12:26 PM
@ASCII-only Yes, that's an important part.
@Adám Now I just have to figure out how everything else works :P time to learn APL's syntax i guess
@ASCII-only APL's syntax is pretty easy: all functions are prefix or infix while operators are postfix or infix.
"APL's syntax is pretty easy" found the APL user
@Fatalize *APL dev
in Jelly, Apr 1 '16 at 18:42, by Dennis
I don't understand my language. ._.
12:30 PM
@Adám or? brain explodes :P
APL's syntax is easy when you don't start combining things
I gave up on J after reading about hooks and forks and all that ridiculousness
@ASCII-only If a function has no data to its left, then it is prefix (i.e. monadic), if it does, then it is infix (dyadic).
@Fatalize OK, but this example uses nothing of that, and yes, J's tacit stuff is pretty crazy.
@Adám ah okay
@ASCII-only E.g. 2×-3 where × is infix, and - is prefix.
Yeah your example seems pretty right-to-left readable
12:33 PM
@Adám O_o then - is a function?
the negative sign is a high underscore in APL I think
@Fatalize Yes, it is actually straightforward (or backward, I guess)
- is probably "negate" when monadic
@Fatalize yes
Pfff, APL too easy
12:34 PM
I gotta say I really like the simplistic syntax layout of Unreadable
most basic math symbols mean the same in APL: +-×÷!
everything is a function that takes 0-3 arguments, and it'll just read the next 0-3 functions and use them as it's arguments
What's dyadic !?
@Fatalize gamma
12:35 PM
And monadic ×?
@Fatalize signum
I should make monadic - negate in braingolf...
I assume + monadic is absolute value?
monadic ÷ is reciprocal (i.e. 1÷x)
@Fatalize No, monadic + is conjugate. it pairs with -; - negates both real and imaginary part, + negates just the imaginary part.
…why though
12:38 PM
@Fatalize Absolute value is |x| in math, but APL has simple syntax (one glyph per function and monadic functions are prefix) so it is |x
Same goes for factorial; math uses x! but APL needs monadic functions to be prefix, so it is !x
And y|x is… norm? Like 2|x is euclidean norm?
If I had to guess at least…
@Fatalize no, x|y is modulus. Norm is the same as absolute value, or magnitude.
@Fatalize what would the 2 stand for?
Say x is [1, 2], 2|x would be sqrt(1 + 4)
12:42 PM
@Fatalize Still, why the 2?
@Adám i think second root of 1**2 and 2**2?
Because for 1 it would be 1 + 2 and for 3 it would be root3(1 + 8)
^ Don't know what you're talking about :p
Hmm lol I'm stuck on the +
Is it like assigning to the function + or something
@Fatalize But wouldn't that be implicit from the number of elements of the argument?
@Adám No, 3|[1, 2] would be cbrt(1**3 + 2**3)
12:47 PM
@Adám No. You can compute the L3 norm on a vector of 2 ints, or 42 ints
do people really use cbrt for cube root?
@ASCII-only Oh, that is just augmented assignment.
@Fatalize Ah, no Dyalog APL doesn't have a built-in for that, only for the magnitude, including that of complex numbers. NARS APL does include quaternions and octonions though.
Poor Sedenions, ignored
@Adám okay I have no idea how this works
I got this but it's probably nowhere close
PrintWidth += pow(len(mul(depth)))
# Error handler
SYS_TRAP = [11, ACTION.Execute, PrintWidth]
@ASCII-only We are considering adding an "under" operator which would make it easy to write: +/⍜(*∘3) J has it already (albeit less elegant looking): +/&.^&3
@Adám Neim: Ι (Greek)...hehe
12:56 PM
@ASCII-only You are almost there. But what do you mean by pow()?
@Adám I gave up tryibng to decipher ⍣≢×≡ lol
@ASCII-only the × and are monadic (no data on their left), so they are signum (not multiply) and depth.
@ASCII-only And is a dyadic operator, taking a function on each side.

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