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1:06 PM
It's a comment, not an answer >_>
1:34 PM
I'm getting a server error if I visit github.com/bestwpw. The rest of GH works fine.
@mınxomaτ Same
> bestwpw has 7166 repositories available
Not surprising though
Still though.
They must have broken the repo count thing
More like the repo summary thing.
Looking to post this soonish. Any more comments? meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/10069/51785
1:45 PM
Q: Recreate the windows ME screensaver as ASCII

Bassdrop Cumberwubwubwub This challenge is inspired from this answer at the Ask Ubuntu Stack Exchange. Intro Remember the Windows ME screensaver with the pipes? Time to bring the nostalgia back! Challenge You should write a program or function which will output an ASCII representation of the screensaver. In the...

new main posts plz quick
my connection made bot post before me
> Bassdrop Cumberwubwubwub
> You should write a program or function which will output an ASCII representation of the screensaver.
> To create the pipe, 6 unicode characters will be used
To be fair, what do we call ASCII art that doesn't use ASCII symbols?
Bad art? :P
@Fatalize ASCII symbols?
1:49 PM
I wish it wasn't character art in general. I've recreated that screensaver in multiple languages in the past, but never like that.
2:26 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Christian IrwanQuine and Antiquine code-golf quine Your task is to make two program, A and B. Both are nonempty quine, however, there is a restriction. AB and BA produce no output. CABD and CBAD will do the same thing as CD, where C and D is any string, if C and D consist entirely of A and B. The score is...

2:38 PM
@Doorknob I would like to formally request moderator/room-owner action regarding item #32323405 "Petition to bring back the room description quote." We could add either "great minds waste time alike" or "abandon all work ye who enter here" or some new, similar quote.
I linked your request in the super-secret room just now, and added my "no" vote, if that counts for anything.
> super-secret room
Move along. Nothing to see here.
They could also leave the chattiquette in its place and also put it in a quote, saying "Guidelines: path.to/chattiquette" -- Dennis. :P
> "This counts as a quote"
2:43 PM
Waiting for n - 1 RO votes or 1 mod vote now.
@zyabin101 Unfortunately room descriptions can only have bare links, so a shorter wording cannot be used instead
I know. I just shortened the link for examples.
Sorry - I completely missed your point. I get it now :)
@trichoplax Shorter: git.io/chat
Wat? Why /chat?
That one could be used for a more generic code of conduct for any chat, not just for the TNB chattiquette.
2:54 PM
Well, now it belongs this URL.
@zyabin101 It doesn't make much sense to shorten it if you're going to include the full TNBchatiquette
A better yet idea for the TNB chattiquette: /PCGchat
Or even better: /TNBchat
What a joke. ~_~
I wanted something funny, not just the chattiquette.
I feel like we are in the process of single-handedly ruining the git.io namespace.
3:01 PM
Petition for "I feel like we are in the process of single-handedly ruining the git.io namespace." to be our room's quote. ;-)
-1 not long enough
Let me guess.... rickroll?
3:09 PM
We could change the room description to "My god, it's full of stars!"
@Geobits :(
@mınxomaτ I trusted you, and it was worth it :)
3:39 PM
Oh, Sable, Jelly Bubblegum is better than Cheddar ??? Check your Retinas. Seriously, that's ShadyAsFuck. Brian and Chuck, take her to Mornington Crescent and go build a Snowman with Joe. Pip pip!
Are you having a stroke?
I just tried to see how many languages PPCG folks have created that I could fit into a couple sentences and have it sound decent.
10/10 better than I could do
My discontinued language is called BS lel
CMC: Using this list of languages created by PPCG users, write out a couple legitimate-sounding sentences. Most languages in fewest tokens (determined by whitespace/symbols) wins.
Example -- I've got 13 languages in 32 tokens.
3:52 PM
+1 for lol-factor, -1 for lack of effort :p
So, 0
INTERCALL Jelly 999 ... 999 ... INXW63CTMNZGS4DU TX ... End of transmission.
3 langs in 9 words.
Add "???" to the end and you'll add another language while making the setence so much more intriguing
@betseg Yes, but if I give you 0 of something, have I really given you anything?
3:58 PM
INTERCALL Retina 111 ... 111 ... WAT ??? TX ... End of transmission.
3 langs in 9 words.
@TimmyD you gave me 1, then took it back
Yes. And now, thanks to laissez-faire capitalism, we both have two cows.
If the language is more than one word (token) long, it still counts as one?
Yes, I think.
@Geobits I counted mine as individual words. E.g., Brian and Chuck was three words. I suppose it could be argued either way.
4:04 PM
"train leading to Mornington Crescent" would be 5 words ;(
@TimmyD Your Mom is Seriously in her Element when discussing MiniStringFuck.
4/9 or 4/10, depending
Could replace MiniStringFuck with Burlesque as well.
Very tempted to Lenny that.
It's interesting that, so far, excepting the Seriously?! entry, it seems the average is around 40% +/-
Yeah, the list doesn't really have prepositions, conjuctions, or pronouns, so it's hard for things to be "interesting" more than that.
Not many good verbs either :(
Vitsy is V for Snails
4:13 PM
Seriously, is this the most Marbelous Labyrinth Ostrich-Snails has ever made???
@zyabin101 +3 for 3 of my langs
@Geobits Ooo, a new leader.
^^^^6 langs
@TimmyD You could trivially modify it to be better by adding an adverb-language, but I like it better this way.
Ostrich V Snails
4:17 PM
Seriously, Your Mom have Retina problems
Actually, Actually isn't on the list.
Actually is on the list, because it's a variant of Seriously. I'll ask Mego to add it on the list.
No, it's Actually not there.
It's on "The list of languages created by PPCG users" but it's not on The list of languages created by PPCG users.
Well sure. You linked to a list to use for the CMC though :P
4:23 PM
Hold on, creating new languages called "for", "is", "and", and "with". Please add them to list.
Ambiguity. Where the real golfing happens.
Sometimes I switch over to this chat room just to see if I correctly predicted whether a message got starred or not
And this time I was wrong
Yeah, it's a tough crowd for stars in here today.
4:50 PM
Hello people. BTW, if anyone's wondering when I'm going to start on the Esolangs IDE, I don't really have the time at the moment
I thought Sixth Form would have a lot more free time :|
Sixth Form? :3
> In the education systems of England, Northern Ireland, Wales and some other Commonwealth countries, sixth form (sometimes referred to as Key Stage 5) represents the final two years of secondary education (high school), where students (typically between 16 and 18 years of age) prepare for their A-level (or equivalent) examinations.
Obviously you don't have your priorities right if you're using your time for school rather than an Esolangs IDE.
@BetaDecay I just started my second year at sixth form and I've got LOADS of free time now! Only having 4 subjects is great!
4:57 PM
What do you mean only? That's what I'm taking now :o
@BetaDecay I had 5 subjects last year
Oh, wow
4 lessons a week per subject
1 hour lessons
16 hours of class a week doesn't sound like very much...
I'm just sitting here in grad school, swamped with work with only two classes ._.
4:58 PM
oh and an extended project if that counts
That doesn't count
@Geobits it's more like 18 hours but
So 4 hours of each lesson per week? I had 3 hours of maths just today
@BetaDecay yeah. Most of my days are 3 hours long
5:00 PM
I had 25 hours of classes per week in high school :/
I'm also helping to build a robot for the Student Robotics competition
@Geobits I had that many at secondary
._. We're (give or take) the same age, and you have so much more free time
(up to 16 years old)
@StevenH. I'm 18?
I'm 17
I'm 17
5:01 PM
Jesus what am I doing here with all these kids?
I'm taking double maths, comp sci, and electronics, dropped physics
@Doorknob Get in here ^^
Code golfing, what else would you be doing here with all these kids?
@BetaDecay ^^^^^?
5:03 PM
@StevenH. Golfing? Is that what you're doing here? Get off my lawn!!
@Geobits how many times older?
@Geobits lol i have 40
@muddyfish Double the 17-year-olds.
@betseg how can you have 40 hours of school a week?
@Geobits Umm 54?
No, no, 64
5:05 PM
@muddyfish ask the minister :/
@betseg We had close to 40 hours of school, but only 25 of classes. I'm not counting things like lunch, study hall, etc, but I don't know if you are.
@Geobits oh sure of school but lessons
@Geobits I'm here in an increasingly-futile attempt to avoid doing actually productive research or preparation for my classes.
We had six 50-minute classes, five days per.
@Geobits What's study hall?
5:06 PM
@Geobits What room? I have no knowledge of such a room.
@BetaDecay Eh, basically a free period to do work from other classes, or more likely goof off while pretending to do work. It's not done everywhere, or guaranteed for any given semester.
@BetaDecay It's what I'm in right now. :P (Well, technically this year we have free periods, which means you mess around wherever you want instead of messing around in a classroom.)
16 lessons a week, 25 hours of school a week
is my timetable
@Doorknob Neither do I, but it sounds like there should be one.
@Doorknob @Geobits I see, we call it a prep session in my school. Basically a time to do homework
5:08 PM
@Geobits oh ok yes 40 hours 20 lessons
I've probably put in 40 hours during just the past two days >_> Half of the rest of the time was sleeping, the other half was spent here
@muddyfish most people in my school in the upper sixth have 12 hours a week of lessosn
@BetaDecay Right, "do homework." Handling flags is my homework. :P
@Doorknob are there really that many on ppcg?
I flag at least 45 things a day, just to let him feel important. Don't tell him I said that, though.
5:11 PM
@muddyfish No, not many at all. Usually other people get to them before I even have a chance to see them
@BetaDecay I have absolutely no clue how you got 64 here :?
@Geobits Subtle
@Geobits by the way link to where you got the south park scripts?
@quartata I'll have to find them again.
@Geobits I'm in the top set Further Maths class, trust me, 17*2=64 ;)
@PhiNotPi Your request is being processed and a response will be returned in six to eight weeks.
Q: Lord of the Golfs

NoOneIsHereIntro In J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, this phrase is on the cover of each book. Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky, Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone, Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die, One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne In the Land of Mordor where the...

Q: Round to n Sig Figs

Beta DecayChallenge Given a number x and a number n, round number x to n significant figures and output the result. Significant figures The significant figures of a number are digits that carry meaning contributing to its measurement resolution. This includes all numbers except leading zeroes. When rou...

@quartata I have the parsed raw text in all lowercase if you want that.
I don't particularly care about the format just the words
5:16 PM
@BetaDecay One of my math teachers liked to say something along the lines of "You're not very good at math if you can still multiply."
Haha that's a great quote... And sadly true.
I'm appalling at mental arithmetic
@quartata the words
Gonna give Laffy some reading material?
This question is disappointing... I thought it was asking people to do some 3D rendering :(
Yeah, I said the same. It was one of the first things I did when learning openGL
5:25 PM
Ooh nice
@Geobits At least you're not alone. I think that's why our humor lines up nicely.
in Beep Boop Maggot, 5 mins ago, by Laff-O-Tron
@MarkyMarkov magic pork for forever
So ... bacon.
the only good thing to come out of feeding South Park to Laff-ETH
I dunno. I kinda liked "get in santa roughriders story" too.
It looks like he gets tripped up by apostrophes.
5:48 PM
He's fine with apostrophes. He can't handle ellipses and quotation marks though.
Ellipses he thinks are three periods which confuses him
Quotation marks are just too hard to handle
Oh, I meant because he kept using things like 've or 'm instead of contracting right.
Oh, that.
That's because 'm is a verb.
At least, in his mind.
He's dropping the subject
Very dialectic :)
Yeah. I kind of understand him but I don't think most others would
I mean, I knew what he was trying to say with them, it just looked odd.
5:52 PM
I'll try to fix it.
Grammar is hard
Yep. That's why Marky don' care bout no dumb ol' grammar.
waaaaves <3
He has statistics on his side
In high school, I had 35×50 minutes = 29⅙ hours of class each week.
5:56 PM
Ouch. We had seven periods, but that counted lunch as one.
Are we bringing this discussion back?
We had eight counting lunch, nine some days
I was late! But I wanted to give some Belgian Perspective™.
40*40 minutes, 10 min breaks, 45 min lunch break
I was a Latin student so they just dumped a ton of periods on us. Other students had 32 or 33 a week I think?


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5:58 PM
Oh, and half days on Wednesday. I don’t know how unique that is
warning: south park
Fair enough. I can't give any perspective on high school, but it's definitely interesting to see what other people's experiences were like.
Probably around 32-34h per week in high school
(As far as I can tell, the half-Wednesday thing is fairly unique.)
We had sport on Wednesday afternoons, so that was our kind of half-day
6:00 PM
@TùxCräftîñg Can you stop advertising your answers in here ?
@StevenH. I've got a half-Wednesday at my British school
We do in-school activities on Wednesday afternoons
in Beep Boop Maggot, 1 min ago, by TùxCräftîñg
but... what would qualify as a GOL quine?
My high school was odd in that we rotated through a six-day schedule. Days 1,2,3 you'd have classes (A, B, lunch, C, D, E) while days 2,4,6 you'd have classes (V, W, lunch, X, Y, Z). Some classes overlapped, so like a particular class would be 1,3,5 E and 2,4,6 W, so it'd meet every day, but most were only once.
Why would they do that?
That's just awkward
Longer class periods
We'd have, I think, like 100-minute class periods? Something like that.
6:07 PM
@Doorknob y tho?
If you think your high school schedule was odd, mine was 10x odder.
Except for the C and X classes, those were shorter because they swapped lunch times. Like, if you were in C and X, you'd go "lunch, C" and "lunch, X" .. but if someone were in C' and X', they'd go "C', lunch" and "X', lunch" so that not everyone was in the lunch room at the same time.
Maybe those were the ones that met every day ...
It was 16 years ago, I can't really recall the exact details.
How many test cases is too many? People keep asking for new test cases but I don't know if I want to clutter the post... :(
You could add more without cluttering by making it a table with i/o columns
I could, but I feel that would fall under this:
A: Things to avoid when writing challenges

Helka HombaPutting test cases in a hard to use formats Supplying test cases is always a good idea, but people are more likely to use them (and thus have better tested code) if they can easily be copied and pasted into a test suite. So format your test cases as simply and as consistently as possible, prefe...

6:14 PM
Having each one in its own horizontal-rule separated code block isn't exactly easy to use either though.
Hm I suppose
I answered a question 10 mins ago, but I don't see it anywhere on the active questions page. Similar to some edits. How is that page populated?
Meh, I'll do that in my next challenge, the requests seem to have stopped now
@seshoumara It's on the active questions page, but it's been answered again since you did.
I see, so it's per question activity, not per answer.
6:16 PM
You're talking about integer printing, right?
yes, in bc this time
Q: Print all integers

FatalizeWrite a program or function which will provably print all integers exactly once given infinite time and memory. Possible outputs could be: 0, 1, -1, 2, -2, 3, -3, 4, -4, … 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -7, -8, -9, 10, 11, … This is not a valid output, as this would n...

that's a question that got 50+ answers in about 9 hours of its posting :D
@seshoumara hi
6:40 PM
Is it appropriate to flag bots as spam if they're pinging me every couple of seconds?
I have like 16 pings in a row with no other chat
That's because you talked a lot and they're very far behind
so they're replying all in a row
You brought it upon yourself :P
Wow, there are so many PCG questions in the HNQs
PCG questions -_-
6:55 PM
Golfed out the puzzles.
programming code golf
Ugh, fine, I'll RLE it
7:12 PM
I've pretty drastically changed the structure of this Sandbox challenge -- A Mouse with Dynamite. Comments welcome.
7:27 PM
If anyone is interested I'm testing live streaming to YouTube right now - youtube.com/HelkaHomba/live
7:40 PM
Okay, I'm looking for a new mug, so:
CMC: Show me a picture of your coolest mug
I can't find my reputation, it says 404 :)
@BetaDecay I'm too lazy to take a picture, but my wife handpainted a mug with this bookcover for me: images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/… ... she also made one (as in actual pottery) with a Go problem on it (with the board lines carved into the mug and the stones as separate small blobs of clay stuck to it)
@MartinEnder Wow, that sounds incredible!
Unfortunately, I don't have a wife nor the time to make/paint a mug :D
7:55 PM
then aim for some StackOverflow swag? :P
the SO mugs are really nice and large actually
Oh god, I'll never get to that level on SO
Looks like I'm a little late to the school class schedule discussion, but just for kicks, here's what I had for one trimester of high school:
What is this romhack
(warning volume and nightmare fuel bowser)
@quartata You left when I started winning games :(
I think I have to ABC this
7:58 PM
@HelkaHomba No, I was still there
Samsungs HDDs are really the exact opposite of their SSDs when it comes to reliability. I had a 2-day old HDD die today. That's five Samsung HDDs dead in less than 3 months uptime each ...
@mınxomaτ 2 days old?

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