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12:01 AM
@trichoplax and you
@HelkaHomba Hmm, if it's my full name, I think frozenset is maybe the closest fit, but just fryam would be kind of funny for is I think
Alex fryam Dennis -> Alex
@FryAmTheEggman Really? It's just x dup square sub div
I meant work with the while loop? You'd need zero for zero and one of +/- right?
@AlexA. If I make you return what should print be?
@FryAmTheEggman Wow - frozenset is also the one I was looking at - spooky...
12:07 AM
@trichoplax you are now tuple
Who am I???
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan 10/10 better than avocad
@HelkaHomba Peter?
@AlexA. He's for in
@trichoplax trichoplax
12:08 AM
@trichoplax 24601
@trichoplax out of my head, you... you... turtle...
@HelkaHomba peter makes more sense for print IMO
How's printgoat for printing?
Printgoat is not a username
Not for long...
12:09 AM
that's a no goat for me
@AlexA. then taylor needs to go somewhere related
@FryAmTheEggman Maybe it's not such a coincidence - I was also looking for similarity to my name, and also it's really hot weather
yesterday, by Martin Ender
changing your name to get a random word into the language: lame
@HelkaHomba Why is there for in on top of the existing for and in?
@trichoplax Weird, it's been much cooler here than recently...
12:10 AM
for in = foreign
@trichoplax huh?
@HelkaHomba Oh! First name for, surname in - I was completely missing the point
I didn't realise names were being split
The ones that can be easily split, yes
So I don't need to make any decisions now? That's a relief
@AlexA. oh I'm not
12:15 AM
I'm tupleplax
@trichoplax nice
@HelkaHomba can print be Upgoat :3
And Helka won't be separated from Homba?
12:19 AM
Wow, youtube replaced the upload button with an icon. What a huge improvement...
Do away with uploading entirely! Make YouTube great again!
@trichoplax maybe, still debating
I did like the if/elif/else -> calvin/hobbies/helkahomba
I like finally :)
Could have been graduation ;)
12:24 AM
I kinda want to make sp print if only for golfability, but @Sp3000 already wanted nonlocal
You were going for golfability?!??
my name is 10 times as long as it needs to be...
WTF would you let drgeeneggsandhamdj == range if you want golfability?
Nothing for bytes or bytearray yet? 'tis a pity.
How about bits? :P
What about Marky?
12:26 AM
I told him he could swap mine to bytes if he liked that better than None. Either is fine by me.
Not sure what's a good fit for Marky. If there was an I'm not sure option that would be pretty much perfect.
Or, how about geo = globals and bits = bytes?
Is Marky callable?
just made some updates. Geobits will still be None
Or maybe help
@trichoplax Yes, I got him a cheap android.
@trichoplax help = sandbox now
12:31 AM
@HelkaHomba Gee thanks :P
Is ??? a placeholder or a final assignment?
Oh, I like that one.
Placeholder. Someone special needs to go there.
I was thinking that, but it breaks the username rule
12:33 AM
Well... YOU is the one who proposed the site on A51. Maybe that is worth awarding.
good idea
I'm still not sure how I feel about capitalization though
@MartinEnder how did I help?
12:35 AM
@HelkaHomba Consistency is probably best, whichever way you do it.
Although I really do like being only one of three currently capitalized ;)
@orlp congrats you are now open
Uh, lenny much?
@HelkaHomba open?
consider me confused
why am I open?
@orlp You're orlpen, I'm tupleplax
@HelkaHomba I want to be sorted
Ooh they finally named elements 113, 115, 117, and 118 (ptable.com)
@orlp alright
@Geobits Does this mean you should be a class name?
12:41 AM
Well I'm None now, which is capitalized along with True and False, so I can live without more class.
Just think of me as constant.
@Geobits Ah of course - I forget about those capitalisations
@HelkaHomba Huzzah!
Tennessee is now the second state with an element named after it
Wow that periodic table site is awesome.
and 118 is the OG
12:49 AM
try clicking stuff on compounds, crazy
1:04 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AlconjaCode Golfed Rosetta Code Code Golfer Browsing examples on the Rosetta Code site, I can't help but think that all the code is just so long-winded, inefficient and ...well, readable. Something needs to be done. Challenge Choose a language, then write a function that takes the example source code...

>>> class foo:
	def bar(self): return 5

>>> class baz:
	def bar(self): return 7
	def change(self): self = foo()

>>> x = baz()
>>> x.bar()
>>> x.change()
>>> x.bar()
Any Pythonistas know how to do what I'm trying to do here?
looks like you're trying to anger PEP8
it'd be easier to reassign baz.bar to call foo().bar()
I don't want to just reassign one function though. I want to reassign everything.
WTH do you want to do that?
A: Is it safe to replace a self object by another object of the same type in a method?

AmberIt is unlikely that replacing the 'self' variable will accomplish whatever you're trying to do, that couldn't just be accomplished by storing the result of func(self) in a different variable. 'self' is effectively a local variable only defined for the duration of the method call, used to pass in ...

it'd probably be easier to loop over the props and assign the props to `super.bar
1:11 AM
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan My Pytek parser is thus far actually language-agnostic (in the sense that it's not intrinsically tied to Pytek), and the parser is told what to do by objects that you (I) define. I have a language feature idea that would be most easily done by having, in one class, the capability to recognize a special pattern and then change the type of itself to the other class.
You probably want to do x = x.change() instead. If necessary you could add an overload to foo() to take a baz as an argument.
The change has to happen from within the class though.
A: Is it safe to replace a self object by another object of the same type in a method?

Ruben DecorpOne can use the self assignment in a method, to change the class of instance to a derived class. Of course one could assign it to a new object, but then the use of the new object ripples through the rest of code in the method. Reassiging it to self, leaves the rest of the method untouched. c...

maybe something like that
Only works for derived classes though. :/
My take-away is that I shouldn't have the language feature be that specific way. :P
@Dennis I found a little security flaw in v.TIO. It should be fixed now. Could you pull V? Also, while you're at it, could you do export V=/path/to/v? That should help with some of the config files.
1:26 AM
@Quill i accidentally all the files on my computer is that safe
@AlexA. You're missing a verb. Was it "ate"?
No. He accidentally all the files.
Is that safe?!
Accidentally, Verb: Not on purpose. --I accidentally all the files
1:31 AM
@Doorknob Where can I put NotDoorknob in TPP?
@HelkaHomba filter? Because it's not map ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Doorknob Fatalize is filter. I was thinking reduce but that no longer exists in Python 3
Hmm, okay.
Where's the list again?
2:17 AM
@AlexA., out of curiosity, have you heard of Tyler Kissinger?
The name sounds familiar but I don't know who he is offhand
He got tweeted about by Bernie Sanders for this: nytimes.com/2016/06/09/us/…
Haskell mini-challenge: Define a function that takes a list of numbers and outputs whether it's sorted.
2:33 AM
Tyler Kissinger and I graduated from the same high school, which is why I know about him. :P
@xnor ...does it have to be in Haskell?
If not, Julia, 8 bytes: issorted
@AlexA. I guess you can answer in whatever language, but most will have a built-in for at least sorting
the lack of sort built-in makes it interesting in Haskell
I don't know Haskell though, so I've already given all I've got :P
@El'endiaStarman Oh wow, I didn't hear about that
@xnor i only kinda know haskell, i'm almost there:
i [x] = True
i (x:xs) = x <= xs!!0 and i[xs]
its giving me some type errors
ok, i fixed that error
i [x] = True
i (x:xs) = x <= xs!!0 && (i xs)
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan Done and done.
2:47 AM
is not going to the first one? ^^
mods are sleeping, quick, post kittens
@orlp its just looking outside, all regal like
but it's also a FLUFFY KITTY
@orlp Dennis just posted a couple minutes before this. I don't think he falls asleep that quickly. :P
@AlexA. I love how you're just completely disregarding yourself as being part of the mods >_>
2:50 AM
Well I posted recently too, just not as recently as Dennis
BUt but...
@orlp o/
Granted, that kitten is quite fuzzy indeed.
22:00 < nejni-marji> ...I just saw someone say "faeces book"
22:00 < nejni-marji> instead of facebook
3:08 AM
@Doorknob That seems like an intentional typo. :P
It almost certainly was intentional (I know because I've seen that reference before).
@Dennis Whoops, I borked it. One more pull por favor?
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan Done.
Awesome, much less borking now.
3:19 AM
And securer
Do we have a "Output the number of times your code has been run, modifying your source code each time" challenge?
Haha, it's funny you ask. I Was thinking the exact same thing earlier today
That would be really impressive with a compiled language.
3:35 AM
@HelkaHomba I picked nonlocal as the least-likely-to-be-used-keyword (emphasis on keyword though, since some of the functions are probably used less)
e.g. memoryview
The only times I've ever even considered using memoryview are in those weird restricted-source/code-challenges :P
Can you run python on a direct snippet from the command line? e.g. python -run "print('cats')"
-c I believe
not working
3:47 AM
As in, python -c "print('cats')"? Hm...
Works fine for me
I was trying it in the python terminal >_<
4:15 AM
@Helka jimmy = open ?
Are you talking about me?
> verb, informal 1. force open (a window or door)
Yeab, but that's from a joke. Jimmy is my name irl.
Well, yeah, but it's been his username for quite some time now. And I had no idea your name was jimmy.
4:20 AM
Plus, I figure everyone on page one should get something.
@Geobits yes
I would love to hit page 1 someday...
3 right now.
Double your rep and you're there!
I'm barely hanging on to page one. If I don't start participating more again, I'm going to drop o_o
Keep asking questions and the day they change it from +5 to +10 doubling your rep will be easy. Muahaha!
> the day they change it from +5 to +10
4:23 AM
@HelkaHomba Once that happens, you will surpass martin and dennis.
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan I'm not sure about that, but Sp I think (someone calculated those numbers once)
@Geobits Go to hell page 2
Fair enough. I suppose it won't actually double (because of the 200 limit).
Hey, I asked about it on meta well over a year ago because I still think it's a good idea. It's just a straight up no.
^^^^ Was that you @Quill? Now I'm curious
4:25 AM
@HelkaHomba huh? what did I do?
I calculated mine. IIRC I'd be just above 10K.
@Geobits I know. I'm not really expecting it, nor really think it should change, but one can dream :/
@Quill Someone with a human face for an avatar made a query thing for it I was sure...
You have a face for an avatar. Was it you? (cheater)
I don't have a SEDE account
Fun fact: my first non-gravatar avatar was me with a box on my head
4:44 AM
Ooooorrrrr, you could use this: v.tryitonline.net/…
And copy this in codegolf.stackexchange.com/reputation for input
According to that mine would only go up 3k. Makes sense since I don't ask many questions.
Up to 3k?
How is that possible?
Up 3k
No, up 3k from 13.3k to 16.3k.
Oh, I getcha.
According to V or SEDE?
4:47 AM
Great. I got NinjaHomba'd :/
I know it's not actually a code-golf, but I'm proud of that code. =)
SEDE says 15.9k instead :(
Yeah, my code doesn't take the cap into consideration.
Oh. -1 for not meeting spec :P
There is no spec.
And there is no vote count.
4:49 AM
The spec is implicit. I'm not saying the question is great (should be closed as unclear), but you shouldn't answer a bad question :P
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan Updated spec: Hack SE to make this happen.
Hack like on TV? Oh that's easy. Just use python instead of perl.
4:56 AM
And of course the supercut:
That's beautifully cheesy.
5:16 AM
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan ಠ_ಠ cheddar puns are old
That wasn't a cheddar pun.
And also:
yesterday, by Dr Green Eggs and Iron Man
@Upgoat Well thats-- Iron-ic coming from you.
My pun generator broke, so umm... Green Eggs and Goat Cheese.
Seriously, it should be fixed soon >_>
Can '\n'.join(s.split('\n')[1:])be golfed in python where s is some multiline string?
Oh shit, ninja.
In V, that would just be dd.
5:32 AM
@HelkaHomba .find
@orlp remember our discussion about the computability of involutions and bijections?
2 hours later…
7:42 AM
>_> دردشة ميتة
8:35 AM
Q: Write a program that always prints N when it is shifted N times up the ASCII alphabet

Helka HombaWrite a program using only printable ASCII characters that takes no input. For reference, here are the 95 printable ASCII characters in order: !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~ When your program is run it should print 0 (plus an opt...

8:48 AM
@NewMainPosts Damnit newlines :/
Well, darn. Helka answered.
A: Write a program that always prints N when it is shifted N times up the ASCII alphabet

Helka HombaCJam, 10 programs, 1 byte I thought I'd better add this right off the bat before someone else gets cheeky and does it :P 0 A CJam program with just a plain number outputs that number, so this is an easy way to get 10 programs that work, namely: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. The next pro...

The ends are up--- ah wait, it's their own question. :P
I'm temporarily winning a challenge, it's a new experience :D
Helka's answered other questions in the past, fyi :P
And give me twenty minutes, 95 programs ain't hard :P (this won't be the golfiest though)
@Sp3000 You will use cat? Nope, that won't work.
@Sp3000 Does it have numbers?
@zʏᴀʙiɴ101 I understood only 30 mins ago why people tend to use They/their instead of he/she/his/her...
8:52 AM
@Katenkyo Why? :3
@zʏᴀʙiɴ101 Because it doesn't fit my mind to sue plural for speaking of a single person, even avoiding to assume the gender of the person you're speaking of isn't natural to me, as we mostly use the equivalent of He for nearly everything in french
@Sp3000 Really? Seem very tricky to me except in a very specialized language. But ah, I just though that you must be using lenguage or something ;)
Lenguage wouldn't help, nah. But there's a certain type of language I have in mind yes
Wait, that wouldn't work actually...
@zʏᴀʙiɴ101 MATL works too with the same code
8:57 AM
@flawr And Pyth, and GolfScript, and looooots of other golfing langs.
@Katenkyo For the record I'm a "he" and prefer to be called that (not that it's at all a big deal)
ohai @Quill
@HelkaHomba I assumed you were (as everyone on this chat), and I think I always used "He" when speaking of someone ^^
@HelkaHomba ShelkaHomba
9:40 AM
Using their to refer to a single person is stupid
@Sp3000 Maybe it could be more open to innovation if I had let the code be rearranged in each step. Oh well
Hmm maybe... but then I get the feeling you'll just get the alphabet twice, e.g. in CJam you'd have <number>e#<rest of chars>
btw if it wasn't for the fact that newlines can't be used, I'd have done Rail or something probs
We need a specialized list of all golfing languages.
@zʏᴀʙiɴ101 Hard to maintain
Also, esolang is already pretty useful
9:53 AM
same goes for TIO
But neither has a category "Golfing languages".
@HelkaHomba Try it online! with @Dennis.
@zʏᴀʙiɴ101 Yep, but TIO contains few languages, but contains the main golfing languages
@Dennis you should split the TIO list to golfing languages and just esoteric languages.
9:58 AM
^ what about Julia
it's neither
Then there would be three categories: golfing, esoteric, Julia.
Or golfing, esoteric, mainstream.
Or you could leave it like it is...
Just learn a language when it looks interesting to you, you don't need to have a list in front of your eyes for that
But that's the problem.
I wish to try all golfing languages.
10:03 AM
^ a lot of them are slight variants of each other
Q: How I Juce Avocad?

Andest LupunHello I have question about avocad I try for thirtee minuit and no juce come out. How I juce avocad? thanks

@zʏᴀʙiɴ101 Do your own list and dont ask for others to do your job for you so :p
If you want to try ALL the golfing languages, you can't ask to someone "here, make me a list"
Welp, I can't flag this post because of a single warning that "my last flag is harmful".
10:04 AM
There are also golfing languages that are not on TryitOnline
Just because mods were on a break.
The only thing I can do is downvote this post.
Flagged it
needs to be deleted
that gets old
Another thing I can do is wait for 500 rep to get the close and reopen posts privilege.
How i juce dank meme. i try thirtee times and no funny
I honestly still don't get why the whole avocado/juice thing is still funny. I mean, it was interesting the day the question was posted because of how off-topic it was, but I feel like it's just felt forced ever since.
@HelkaHomba sum
@Sp3000 It became a Meme, people will always reuse memes
also young people find stupid stuff funny
10:11 AM
@muddyfish muddy, fish or muddyfish?
why? are you doing this?
"Meme" is something else I find overused - what qualifies something as a "meme"? Just because something was funny for a day or two, does it get to be immortalised as a meme people use forever?
You have two shorter parts that still make sense. :P
10:12 AM
@muddyfish You could have 2 if you want. Zyabin is not involved
I mean you can sum fish
@HelkaHomba ok...
and muddy --> eval
calvins i taylor fish(1..9):
   alex Martin
false= alex would have been way more funny D:
@Katenkyo D:?
@Katenkyo But Alex really doesn't want to be False.
@zʏᴀʙiɴ101 a sad smiley, look at it from the other point of view
I know, and it's sad ^^
Thinks he isn't wrong.
peter i taylor drgreeneggsandhamdj(10):
@zʏᴀʙiɴ101 never use drgreeneggsandhamdj when golfing wih this language xD
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Kevin Cruijssen'Supervised Learning' AI to determine mathematical formula Tags: code-golfmatharithmetic I recently went to a seminar for Machine Learning. One of the things discussed was Supervised Learning. Here we have both the input and output, and try to determine the algorithm / formula with the highest ...

@Katenkyo I really could benefit with range = drgreeneggsandhamdj. ;P
molarmanful minibits: you(sandbox(you))
10:28 AM
the parenthesis could be replaced too=)
But this project only converts keywords and built ins >_>
10:46 AM
@MartinEnder v
 [  . .  ]
 [   v   ]
-[   |   ]-
~[   ^   ]
_[       ]_
Each of the [...]s is a layer of the stack cat. :3
11:13 AM
@Upgoat On which systems does Cheddar work now?
@MartinEnder Do you like my stack cat? :3
it's magnificent.
it's also invalid
It's an ASCII art stack cat. >_>
 [  . .  ]  <== eyes
 [   v   ]  <== nose
-[   |   ]- <== hands
~[   ^   ]  <== mouth
_[       ]_ <== feet
@Quill How's that invalid?
the tilde on the fourth line
11:27 AM
That's the stack cat's tail.
it's not symmetrical now
 [  . .  ]
 [   v   ]
-[   |   ]-
 [   ^   ]
_[       ]_
Meta entry for the language:
A: What programming languages have been created by PPCG users?

Martin EnderStack Cats Stack Cats was created by Sp3000 and myself, Martin Ender. The original idea is from November 2015, but the language design wasn't finalised and implemented until late May/early June 2016. The language is a rather purist exploration of reversible computing with a few extra twists. An...

Symmetric now :3
@MartinEnder Shall I send a pull request to add the Try it online! link?
what, to the readme?
11:32 AM
@MartinEnder Yup.
uh, don't worry, I still need to make some changes to that anyway
@MartinEnder Added pull request.
ummm, thanks?

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