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12:00 AM
Works perfectly, thanks!
Someday I'll understand Unix and things like that, but I don't foresee that happening in the near future.
I'm going to try and teach my sister some programming.
do it
You must do it! For the betterment of society!
Start her off with something easy, like Python or Brainf***
Don't just go around saying the P***** word.
mind your manners
12:12 AM
@PhiNotPi P***otPi
I think PhiNotPi might like this video.
Actually, maybe not. The name is NOT PI after all.
Seriously though... I'm looking at "free MMORPG makers" because she really likes writing/art/doing things with her friends. So I'm trying to see is there's something that has a pretty good "instant gratification" factor.
@PhiNotPi I'm having a really difficult time trying to figure out what the censored word was supposed to be
@PhiNotPi How old is she? I think I have a good college recommendation for her.
12:14 AM
@PhiNotPi Flagged as offensive.
^ where my girlfriend goes
> We are currently experiencing technical difficulties, please try again in a moment.
0/10 review
12:19 AM
I'll give it a 3.14/10
Basically it's a college centered around the creation of video games and other animated media. My girlfriend is in the art and animation program (graduates next year, woot). They also offer degrees in computer science, real-time interactive simulation, and other crazy crap.
It's very prestigious and well regarded in the industry. Portal and Portal 2 started as DigiPen student games.
Wow! That's cool!
Typically at college job fairs, employers have booths and students walk around and talk to various employers, get informational materials, etc. At DigiPen, job fairs are the other way around: Students set up booths showcasing their work and employers walk around and convince the students to work for them.
Their animation professors are folks who used to work for Disney and things like that.
12:35 AM
Moral of the story: Like video games 'n' shit? Go to school there.
@PhiNotPi's sister ^
@AlexA. Ah yes I remember that. It was called Narbacular Drop I believe.
And the gels from Portal 2 are based on Tag: The Power of Paint
Tag: The Power of Paint is a first-person action and puzzle hybrid video game. The game was developed in 2009 for Microsoft Windows by Tag Team, a group of students from the DigiPen Institute of Technology. The game's core mechanics is the use of a special paint sprayed from the player's paint gun to impart physical properties to surfaces, which, in turn, affect the user's movement. Tag won the Independent Games Festival Student Showcase award in the same year. The project team has since been hired into the Valve Corporation, using the concepts of Tag as new puzzle elements to their game Portal...
Very neat indeed.
I didn't realize it has a Wikipedia page!
@quartata Maybe you should go to DigiPen!
12:42 AM
@AlexA. Too late for me sadly.
It's never too late.
(I legitimately believe that)
But what do I do with the degrees I've already got...
What do you have?
(They also have MSCS and other master's degrees btw)
Math/CS master.
Is good.
Hey @Doorknob
I'm trying to compile Snowman and I'm having some problems.
Can you help me out?
Run g++ or clang++ without listing the header files in the call
i.e. don't use the makefile
I can't compile Snowman using the makefile
@quartata Oh, you have a master's degree? Two?
12:53 AM
@AlexA. No not two. It's a joint degree.
Two would be something :P
Clarification if the halting problem is undecidable over a language, does that mean the language is turing-complete? The wikipedia article left my head spinning.
@AlexA. That wasn't the problem. The problem was that gcc appears to not yet support std::regex.
I wasn't sure if I needed to use clang instead.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ ?
@quartata Doorknob uses C++11. Is your gcc new enough?
@AlexA. My sister's in high school
@quartata That's really cool! Where did you get your degree and what do you do now?
@PhiNotPi You should tell her how great DigiPen is and maybe she'll consider it after she graduates :D
12:55 AM
Where is DigiPen?
@quartata Sure, what's the problem?
@AlexA. Where I got my degree is a secret to everyone :P As far as what I'm going to do, well I haven't really decided yet. I pretty much just got out, and I've done programming and IT stuff in the past to get by but I don't think it's what I want to do for the rest of my life. Ideally I'd like to finish my game, release it and maybe make some more.
5 mins ago, by quartata
@AlexA. That wasn't the problem. The problem was that gcc appears to not yet support std::regex.
@Doorknob I can't seem to be able to compile Snowman. My GCC version is 4.8.4, and specifying c++11 like so: g++ -o snowman -std=c++11 snowman.cpp main.cpp still throws errors about std::regex
@AlexA. oh yeah I should fix that
@quartata That's pretty old. I've got 4.9.2 and I never update stuff (ask @AlexA. :P).
1:00 AM
Mission Accomplished: Taught the Dragonball theme song to my kid on the recorder :D
@Doorknob Strange. It's the one that came with Ubuntu 14.04.
I have clang as well.
What version of clang do I need to use?
(I have clang 3.4)
@quartata Games, eh? The Seattle area has a huge amount of companies, like Valve, Bungie, Microsoft Game Studios, and all sorts of others.
Just sayin'.
@quartata Oh, I have g++-4.9 installed. You might need that.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Redmond, Washington. Like 4 miles from my house. :P
1:02 AM
@AlexA. Sweet! I could go there, maybe.
@AlexA. I know :P I would trade my kidney to work at Valve. (Especially considering I actually have Source Engine experience)
It's definitely food for thought.
Hmm compiling with clang gets me a bunch of errors too.
@quartata AH MAH GAHD you should apply immediately!
I think I'll start with getting my game on Steam and see where my relationship with Valve goes from there :P
@quartata ...what sort of game is it? What language? (I too would love to be a game developer.)
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Do it!
1:15 AM
@AlexA. I'll look into it if their site comes back up ^_^
Haha I assume it's more of a matter of when the site comes back rather than if. :P
@El'endiaStarman It's kinda tough to describe. It's a multiplayer game, and it's essentially a side-scrolling fantasy CTF game where you zap people with wands and work together as a team to capture the enemy team's crystal. It's a little more complicated than that but it would take me a while to describe all the mechanics I have in mind.
It's in Java, and I'm writing the engine from scratch. The engine isn't complete but when it is done it'll be really awesome. There aren't a lot of good 2D engines out there which is kinda sad.
Huh, sounds cool.
Soon there will be Quartata's Java Fritata Deluxe
A 2D game engine for the future
Actually it's called Salt :P
But I like your name better actually...
1:28 AM
I thought people didn't usually put salt in their coffee. Name it "Sugar" instead? :P
I'll think about that...
The reason why I called it Salt was because it sprung out of something called the "AWT Experiment" which is a very crude game engine I made many years ago.
Salt = BASE + acid
Get it? Ha. Ha. crickets
I don't get where the base came from
Or the acid
The AWT Experiment is the base.
And the word Experiment inspired it.
What's the acid?
Yeah it's not actually that funny.... The name I mean.
@AlexA. Possibly.
1:31 AM
1:52 AM
fn main(){println!("G'night!");}
Is that Macaroni?
1:55 AM
no... it's Rust
Oh der
@Dennis Wow I didn't know you could do e-2
It's rusty macaroni
I didn't either until I saw aditsu use it once.
{_:+e-2f/:i_:+100Xa*>.+} maybe?
1:57 AM
if you don't program in Rust for a while, your Rust will get
( •_•)>⌐■-■
Okay, so someone decided to be really annoying and make there be a builtin called make in Go.
@Sp3000 Thanks! If it wasn't so late already, I could use esXa*...
@Doorknob Do you have any idea how hard it is to Google "go make"?
@Doorknob Opened a GitHub issue for the Snowman makefile
@Doorknob I don't
2:02 AM
@Dennis How would that work? :o
Nevermind. It wouldn't.
@AlexA. oh thanks I'll get to that... someday
I can do the thing if you want
Should be as easy as omitting the hpp files in g++
why does your g++ say clang? O_o
Because when I use g++ it uses clang anyway.
2:03 AM
It uses clang regardless of whether I tell it to use g++.
Do we have a challenge about adding a perimeter to a simply-connected ascii art shape?
If we don't I have a feeling we will soon.

#   #

would become

xxx xxx
@Sp3000 {_:+e-2f/:i_:+100-Xb.+}
2:07 AM
(I guess it's one way to make the operation make sense...)
But anyhow, gj :P
Without negative bases, certainly. I wish there was a way around the :i.
Something like an :i lid?
Maybe if you do something funky with md
And add the remainders
... probably a bad idea due to float precision
Yup. I'm getting very strange results.
@Doorknob Are you using Go? Do you realize that the standard Go style is to use tabs? D:
2:13 AM
I'm an idiot.
@AlexA. The Go program that I am currently reverse-engineering uses tabs.
Why would fe2 work? It has to be :e2.
I'm gradually :retabbing everything in vim, though :P
@Doorknob Oh, you're reverse engineering a Go program, not writing Go code yourself?
2:14 AM
What's it do?
I don't understand why everyone says spaces and tabs can't get along.
trying to rewrite that in Python
@quartata ಠ_ಠ
2:16 AM
Oops.. heh
@Doorknob It looks cool but I don't understand at all what it does.
@AlexA. It's a Diplomacy judge/controller.
38 secs ago, by Alex A.
@Doorknob It looks cool but I don't understand at all what it does.
Diplomacy is a strategic board game created by Allan B. Calhamer in 1954 and released commercially in 1959. Its main distinctions from most board wargames are its negotiation phases (players spend much of their time forming and betraying alliances with other players and forming beneficial strategies) and the absence of dice and other game elements that produce random effects. Set in Europe before the beginning of World War I, Diplomacy is played by two to seven players, each controlling the armed forces of a major European power (or, with fewer players, multiple powers). Each player aims to move...

SE Diplomacy

please don't kill me (the current game: webdiplomacy.net/board...
@AlexA. That is overosed
2:18 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies ಠ_ಠ
Overosed to the extreme
@Doorknob Looks similar to the Game of Thrones board game.
Drippy nose: ಫ
2:20 AM
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
aw, you beat me!
2:22 AM
Wow the Sandbox bot is taking its time to announce my new challenge....
@Doorknob Released commercially in 1959? What is it with you and old, old games?
NetHack too.
Chess also
@AlexA. Hey, NetHack isn't that old.
It's newer than Super Mario Bros.
(By a year)
2:23 AM
I'm pretty sure it was written on FORTRAN punchcards.
@AlexA. It was written in C.
It's C. :P
I know this because I've looked at the source code.
It's the only way to beat the game. You must know your enemy.
The enemy is not the dragons, or the Wizard of Yendor, or any of those monsters. It is the game itself.
@quartata or you can just read the wiki :P
2:25 AM
Which has the source code.
It's there for a reason.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

quartataTake a look at this chamomile flower: Pretty, isn't it? Well, what I told you that this wasn't actually one flower? A lot of flowers (including sunflowers, chamomiles, daisies and others) actually consist of many very small flowers (the black dots on sunflowers) on a flower head. These miniat...

Oh, now I want tea
Meta isn't letting me post a comment.
Someone tell that guy who was asking what n is for
That it is used to calculate theta
Nevermind got it working.
I just commented
Wow ninja'd
Is the challenge any good?
2:28 AM
I forgot to read it
This was one of those little facts that made me love math so much as a wee lad
@quartata Gee, I wonder who "that guy" is. :P
Sorry I couldn't see.
What is GLHF? God Loves Half-Life?
Good luck have fun
2:29 AM
Oh, okay
@El'endiaStarman Stack Exchange was giving me some problems.
@quartata votes to close as unclear
Why D:
It's just a sandbox post...
Nothing :P I've just never heard of GLHF
Oh oops Starman that was a mistake
It should be the n florets
That was stupid
2:32 AM
Already working on a solution in my head. And it'll be in a language that I don't think has ever shown up on this site before. Blitz 2D/3D (or Blitz Basic).
Are there any other problems or is it ready to be posted?
c in r = c\sqrt{\theta} is just some constant, right?
Oh no. I don't remember what the value of that is.
That's a problem.
I think it just controls radial spacing.
I guess it can just be 1 then.
Or maybe make it an input?
2:35 AM
I think it's best to just leave it as 1.
Or leave it up to the answerers.
@AlexA. (If you want the real answer to this: Emrakul (Puzzling mod) and Air (Engineering mod) introduced me to Diplomacy via TL. We haven't finished our first game yet and I already really like Diplomacy :P)
OK I'll leave it as 1.
Q: Graph Florets of a Flower

quartataTake a look at this chamomile flower: Pretty, isn't it? Well, what I told you that this wasn't actually one flower? A lot of flowers (including sunflowers, chamomiles, daisies and others) actually consist of many very small flowers (the black dots on sunflowers) on a flower head. These miniat...

Was that an entire 10 minutes of sandboxing? :P
Q: Graph Florets of a Flower

quartataTake a look at this chamomile flower: Pretty, isn't it? Well, what I told you that this wasn't actually one flower? A lot of flowers (including sunflowers, chamomiles, daisies and others) actually consist of many very small flowers (the black dots on sunflowers) on a flower head. These miniat...

2:37 AM
Hey, we got like 5 people to look at it.
I went to print something and missed the entire lifetime of a sandboxed question
That's enough peer review for me.
@quartata Well, I just brought up some questions
I have a sample picture that I can use.
As far as what the points should be, I kinda meant to leave that up to the golfer. As long as they are visible that is sufficient for me.
@quartata It's probably best to also specify what forms of output are allowed, e.g. is a program that displays the image sufficient or does it actually have to be saves as an image file? Could the raw image file data be spewed to stdout?
2:41 AM
I meant to make it displayed in a window.
I didn't know of any language that could feasibly output image data that couldn't do a window easier really.
I'll make it a window or image data to stdout/file.
Is that better?
I made the changes to the main post.
Well if you allow simple image formats like ppm then languages without graphics libraries can compete, if they can save a file instead of displaying
I see.
@quartata Yeah
Well hmm
Do I need to specify valid image formats?
And now the problem is that we could have a GUI or an image output.
Only if you want to. I usually say something like "use any common [lossless] image file format or display the image directly"
2:46 AM
Alright, there we go.
This is my first challenge so :P
Well, time for me to be off. Bye!
(If there's any problems with the challenge please leave a comment or if it is a small thing you can edit it)
A: Graph Florets of a Flower

El'endia StarmanBlitz 2D/3D, 102 bytes Graphics 180,180 Origin 90,90 n=Input() For i=1To n t#=i*137.508 r#=Sqr(t) Plot r*Cos(t),r*Sin(t) Next An input of 50 fills the window. (Yes, I could shave off two bytes by doing Graphics 99,99, but that's not nearly so visually interesting or useful.) Prettier versio...

@AlexA. Do you know how works?
Compose, right?
In APL, I mean.
A: Integer Percentify

DennisAPL, 21 bytes {+\⍣¯1⌊100×+\⍵÷+/⍵} Try it online.

Yeah. Compose, like function composition.
3:01 AM
Using ∘, I think I should be able to get rid of the curly brackets and the omegas.
Or left/right argument currying, which is a concept I don't understand.
But I can't figure out how.
I'm honestly not very good at APL, I just like it.
I usually make random edits until my code works. :P
I'm actually working (half-assedly) on my own APL implementation written in Julia. I want to add extended string functionality.
3:12 AM
+/(1⌽⍳4)∘×,10×⌊/ and {+/((1⌽⍳4)×⍵),10×⌊/⍵} do the same thing.
Oh nice!
Yeah, but it's not the code I'm working on. :P It's an example I found on PPCG.
I was hoping to reverse-engineer how ∘ works.
The TI-BASIC answer is impressive.
or... at least I think so
^^ +1 reason why PPCG is useful - random snippets lying around doing everything under the sun. Except most lack an explanation and require reverse engineering
@Dennis See this, with Language Reference > Primitive Operators > Operators A-Z > Composition Form *, Outer Product
3:23 AM
I actually found something that works: +\⍣¯1(⌊(+\100∘×÷+/))
I'm just confused that I need all those parens.
Me too
I'm especially confused about the outermost parens
What happens without them?
It seems to apply the function to the original input, not its modification.
A side effect from ∘, I presume.
OK, +\⍣¯1∘⌊(+\100∘×÷+/) works.
Still one set of parens too many...
Yeah, I was just about to say that without the outermost parens, it would be trying to use in its dyadic form, but you need its monadic form.
Looks like the mysterious gets around that
Looks like you actually understand what's going on. I literally made random edits. :P
Haha that's awesome
I only have a vague understanding
I wouldn't have thought to use like that, even with my "understanding."
3:30 AM
Any idea how to read rid of the last set of parens?
Oh, you mean wouldn't.
Yeah, I don't type güd.
translate: güd
(from English) güd
Oh, now I get it. ⌊∘+\ is (⌊∘+)\, not ⌊∘(+\).
Yeah, because it's function composition, so it's compose +.
So ⌊∘+ takes precedence in evaluation
Then it gets to \
3:48 AM
So, I think a basic "use case" of my KOTH website will be:
1. User has a controller and entrants together in a github repo
2. I add that repo to the list of repos. The server clones/pulls the repo.
3. The server runs the controller as a background process
4. I suppose the server then does a pull request which contains the updated results files
But then there's still the demand for real-time KOTHs
for a real-time KOTH, the controller would be able to store data in my database, with a separate program that generates the webpage based on the current database info
@ThomasKwa 16 bytes is insane.
augment( is pairwise differences?
that concatenates two lists together
augment({0}, tacks the zero to the front
ΔList( is pairwise differences
Oh, that makes more sense.
I thought it meant "increments", but that wouldn't fit here.
Ha, I was overthinking this. I got 16, I just was too slow...
Actually, I'm not so sure about the new algorithm
@Dennis Yeah, I think it wins.
It seems solid to me
Since before taking differences the list starts at 0 and ends at 100, it will always sum to 100.
4:03 AM
oh, yeah, it works as long as you do the cumSum first
How does APL implement ?
Magic? I really have no idea.
J has Inv as well. The ablity to compute the inverse of a user-defined function still blows my mind.
/me tries to break
ngn-apl gives a domain error for negative powers.
4:19 AM
@PhiNotPi If you haven't heard, I'm giving a 200 point bounty for golfing any of my TI-BASIC answers with a score of 3 or more that have been inactive for a week.
5:03 AM
Aʟᴇx A.♦
Figured I should join the trend of CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ and Vɪʜᴀɴ.
4 hours later…
8:34 AM
Is there a thing such as subjective C?
2 hours later…
10:06 AM
@flawr we all C subjectively
2 hours later…
12:33 PM
@Optimizer You mean we all R subjective?
@Optimizer But we surely all P objectively.
crashed it
chrashed what?
a plane
@Doorknob That should be a ... good thing.
1:03 PM
Hey someone starred my florets post.
@flawr We all Objective-C objectively too.
1:23 PM
Doesn't feersum have an open 500-point bounty for using itertools at all in a sufficiently old question? — Thomas Kwa 5 mins ago
@ThomasKwa Yes, but until I see a surefire reason why product is never needed I'm probably going to keep the tip up
Admittedly it's not the most useful tip, but more of a if-you-happen-to-use-it
1:34 PM
Okay. By the way, do you think it's possible to claim the bounty?
1:58 PM
In The Nineteenth Byte,
games and laughter abundant...
Work is forgotten.
abandon all work, ye who enter here —aditsu
2:16 PM
Not for the sake of plugging though. The two meta posts are almost identical.
@Rainbolt plugception
Sort of. I did plug myself in my plug for PPCG.
But it's not like that answer is popular, so drawing more attention to it aught to bring more downvotes.
2:41 PM
Fail. Our meta post was about a custom close reason. His meta post is about migration paths. Why is SE so complex?
I just saw that starred message about me being dead.
@Rainbolt what's up bruce willis
i just answered a question with sixty programs, all of which meet the spec and are the same length
A: Shortest infinite loop producing no output

undergroundmonorailpb, 8 bytes In pb, the shortest possible infinite loop is 8 bytes long. In fact, there are sixty 8 byte infinite loops, none of which produce input! (Unless you're running in watch mode, which is intended for debugging, no pb programs produce output until they halt. However, even if one of these...

@undergroundmonorail Should "none of which produce input!" be "none of which produce output!"?
you are correct
2:52 PM
Yes! My day is made.
You know, helping people golf is one of the more fun aspects of this site. I need to get back in the swing of things.
Dang. I was all pumped up about making another KOTH and then I saw Alex's Sandbox post: meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/1726/18487
I need a fresh idea I guess
Well, it's been there over a year. It wouldn't hurt to ask if he minds you doing something similar. Unless it's really similar, though, I might not even bother asking.

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