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12:05 AM
@TheBestOne I tried in chrome (for linux) and it worked well. Not sure what just happened. But note that if you close the game, the bot will stop even if you opened it again.
i can never get over which does autocomplete in which program i'm using. tab or enter... sigh
@Rainbolt nods back
Also make sure the timer is working. Refresh if it stops.
12:59 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Alex A.Largest palindrome product of n-digit integers An integer is a palindrome if its value doesn't change when the digits are reversed. Examples of palindromes are 11, 202, and 1234321. Task: Write a program or function to find the largest palindromic integer p such that p is the product of two n-d...

1:34 AM
Could folks take a look at meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/4954/… . I've finished the controller and the spec. Please point out any confusing bits/questions/concerns/etc. After a few more controller tests I expect to post it later today.
@Calvin'sHobbies I'll look.
1:48 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies I'm trying to test an answer.
Can anyone diagnose why my red&blue bot isn't working at all?
It's never moving.
2:07 AM
Still got trolls?
I think there is a bug - it doesn't always go with the highest voted option.
@Hosch250 It does go with the highest voted option, it's just that the votes aren't rendering.
@PhiNotPi Try now. I made the = ==
It's moving
I don't really see anything to add.
It looks like most of the trolls left.
Hope you get it this time, I need to do school still :(
2:20 AM
@TheBestOne Would you terribly mind answering meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/4954/… again (with anything?)
Or any even id user
Sorry if I was interfering too badly, I'm trying to see what happens when two version of the bot compete.
Does it reject an answer that's been edited by an odd-numbered user?
Because that answer isn't registering on the red team.
No, that's fine. It rejects any answers edited after 6 hours. I made the fiddle stop doing that temporarily.
Does it actually check the user ID, or just the number in the header?
I assume ID.
Yes, ID
I'm impressed at the thoroughness of the controller.
2:33 AM
I'm running you and TheBestOne with your identical codes on the fiddle and Red always wins
The code isn't exactly identical, but they should be equal..
Not sure why it's saying blue wins
@Calvin'sHobbies Do you still need me. I was gone for a few minutes.
Nah, hsl answered. But write a bot if you want.
2:42 AM
We're just looking for bugs in the controller.
Can a bot store data any other way than through its message?
2:54 AM
@hsl Fixed. fiddle updated (not post)
3:12 AM
I'm calling it ready
It has been spoken.
3 hours later…
5:47 AM
who has the bot that is being run right now ?
6:23 AM
wow, anime's bots are so inefficient
6:34 AM
oh so they finally implemented the min 200 rep for restart thing. -_-
1 hour later…
7:45 AM
Yes I'm still running my bot. But now I think everyone is adding a "if anyone is still interested" in every message related to stackegg
7:56 AM
won the internet in 232 last time, in case anyone is interested in the score using bot later.
There seemed to be an obvious bug at the opening, but I'm not going to use more time on it. (And now testing is likely infeasible)
Good stuff!
8:43 AM
@user23013 link ?
cool, thanks!
@Optimizer Better run it yourself if you want it to win more times (than Arqade, say). The internet connection is sometimes unstable here
I started
Me too
8:48 AM
also, if this runs for another day, we will beat anime too
and me too
@Optimizer Unless they find this new version
@Optimizer I believe it will only run for a few hours; until April 1th is finished in all timezones.
@user23013 delete it
easter is on april 1st ?
@Optimizer delete what?
8:49 AM
that pastebin :P
@Optimizer No. But StackEgg is a thing for April 1st, not for Easter.
April fool has no relation to egg, easter has .. so I am guessing it makes more sense to extend it till easter
@ProgramFOX According to the FAQ, it will be on only while it's april 1st in any timezone
@ProgramFOX 1st , not 1th :)
oops, fixed :p
8:50 AM
What time is it? – It is 22:50 on Wednesday in the Cook Islands.

How long can we play? – Until it's not Wednesday anymore, anywhere in the world.
where is it still wednesday ?
In the cook islands, it seems
oh, so only 1 hr left ?
Yes, most probably
damn those devs introduced 200 rep to restart thing only few hrs back :/
8:52 AM
Maybe two, I'm not exactly sure
that baker island is more towards asia than usa :D
Colonialism <3
do they even have internet ?
Does someone live there?
Just got disconnected. Let's not hide too much things. And that bot was posted long before and I can't delete anyway
9:01 AM
We have two copies of it running, @Optimizer and I
programfox too
Oh right, I only saw two votes when I looked
And I don't think anyone will come here anymore more than to see if we are going to raid anything else
and thankfuly the botakus have stopped
raiding is almost impossible now
and things would have been so much better if someone would have thought through this before launching
I actually think it's good we don't end up first
this way people won't blame us so much, maybe
@rcrmn caring about opinions of those people is useless
9:05 AM
Well, if they don't hate us they might be more keen to come around the site
The bot is obviously not optimal in private beta. I can fix it but unless I just add a special case, it is likely to introduce more bugs and I don't have 200+reps to test it. 1 day doesn't worth much, just a bit frustrating in case there is still human playing it
don't worry about it
the bot is suboptimal at the end too, when we are about to win
the avg progress was 5 px but towards the end, its only 1.5 px
Yes but I believe this is not because of the bot
I think it's by design
is it ?
9:07 AM
I've been looking at it
in between 30 and 70% it increases by around 1.5/2% each day, and later it increases by 0.8/1% until after 90% which it goes at about 0.3/0.5%
If all stats are full, I can't know if there is another hidden parameter affecting it
They may have made it like that to avoid optimizing by using the progress bar
Since it's very difficult to recreate the conditions, it's very difficult to know what really is the best strategy when all the hearts are full
Let's just get a score that everyone can expect, and everything will be gone after a few hours
If not for the raiding we would probably have dominated this
not just dominated - owned!
9:45 AM
arqade completely gave up now. someone internal is constantly restarting them
@grc yo Mr raid starter :P
10:09 AM
oh, normal people have started playing now ..
anyone who is playing, please vote after 10 seconds to the majority..
10:35 AM
Well, there is no point for a normal person to follow a bot, instead of just running a bot
11:02 AM
is it over at last?
or one more hour?
It is 23:04 on Wednesday on Baker Island (where nobody lives, but maybe someone's cruising around it on a sailboat right now).
So now we know
We get to 21
And anime gets 27
well at least we won the "days to win" prize
...no, sustainability is at 223
@Pietu1998 but its not sustained :P
@Pietu1998 also, that is using 1 flag, so its actually 233
the top three answers in that question are all from PPCG
11:15 AM
We should apparently use more sustainable cross-site strategies next time to avoid raids
@Pietu1998 We don't have to do anything to avoid raids. Even the current solution was to be implemented (and it finally was) by SE devs
Raiding is still possible, if someone really really want to use some much worse strategies
@user23013 currently ? only by users with cross SE > 200 rep accounts
which will not account to raiding ..
I'll describe the strategy after everything is ended
11:32 AM
Just had a try and I think it worked. I didn't do anything harmful though
11:54 AM
final score might be 22 PPCG 28 Anime
@user23013 Is the strategy to choose the worst possible action so flags have to be used until a system restart is needed? It's slow, but follower bots will not avoid helping these malicious bots...
Basically yes but, we aren't running any follower bots
its over
Not now, but I was yesterday when we didn't have a good bot and people were playing manually
its over
12:01 PM
well played, everyone
I actually had fun
@Optimizer Well, it is easy, because new users can vote, they can just register 20 users to take over the control, and we register 40 users to defend. That sounds too stupid and worthless and in case it can really happen, I think no one will really want to defend at all.
yeah, figured. keep closing - fastest way to restart
4-5 days
12:51 PM
sweet, first place on the (mostly -.-) human leaderboard
at the very least, we destroyed anime's average
that's why I said mostly, with a disappointed smiley face
...you know what is really odd?
If I answer a question, then post a bounty, the minimum bounty I can post is 100
I think the bad attitude of response of anime towards using bots lead us (and others) to use them too
but if I post a bounty of 50
12:55 PM
specially when we were constantly being raided and no one could afford to stop voting
I can still answer my question :P
@NathanMerrill hah
@Optimizer I'm still surprised that the programming club didn't outrace us with better algorithms.
I really wish the competition was high score based. I really think it would have solved everything
it means that discovering an awesome algorithm will put you to the top in 1 iteration
and that raids aren't permanent
When I saw people are raiding other sites here, I thought bots are inevitable. Otherwise we just lose interest in a certain point and do something else
12:59 PM
because 1-2 raids can put somebody out of the running
Bots are the only strategy surviving that
19 hours ago, by Hakase
yes, automations are the future
19 hours ago, by Hakase
if you're for breaking all machinery and for manual labor, I pity you openly
if bots are the future of games, then I weep for the future of games
It's already happening.
1:02 PM
@Unihedro we are the programming club, no ?
Aimbots, games about building bots, modding in most modern games ever
modding != botting
MMOs, chess, soccer, bots play all kind of games.
And they're only getting better at it.
@Optimizer yes, but it took a while for PCG to devise a great algorithm that's united and plays well, and during the time of development many extremists blew the game by restarting like 5 times
What ^ @Geobits said. There's even a bot that generates piano music now.
I'm not arguing what bots can do
I'm arguing what bots should do
1:04 PM
@Runer112 Take over the world.
So you're against Skynet I assume?
@Unihedro we had devised the best strategy the earliest. We were just being over-raided at an off-peak hour for us
the top 4 fastest records are by PPCG users only
At least cookie clicker and 2048-like are not the future of games, I hope. Doing that manually is just not really that interesting
Agreed, but once the algorithm was figured out, that's all the egg game was, rote clicking.
why isn't doing 2048 manually that interesting
1:09 PM
@Runer112 Because you just feel the game too boring, before the point when you found yourself already screwed up
@Runer112 I made it to 65536.
you mean, you don't like 2048
And then I realized it was a massive waste of my time, so I hated it.
@Unihedro with a bot/undos, I'm sure
No, manually. On my phone. In rides.
1:10 PM
There are people who are too bad to even get to 64 it seems, but I'm not that stupid.
the heat death of the universe will occur before you get the RNG necessary to reach 65536
someone even made a 2147483648, and I found its real objective is to fill the board where people think they will lose. but looks like it has changed later
some guy ran an optimized AI at 2048
@Runer112 I still have the picture on facebook.
1:12 PM
100 times
it never reached 65536
because it just never got the RNG for it
as I said, you used some sort of assist
ex. undo
you know how 2048 works, right
1:14 PM
tell me how you manipulated the RNG so that, when the board is nearly completely full with uncombinable tiles, you got exactly what you needed
I can tell right now that's not the official game, btw
because the official game doesn't have that dark background color
guys, official or not, DOM can be edited anytime :D
5 mins ago, by Unihedro
No, manually. On my phone. In rides.
... That's the theming for the night mode of their android app.
I thought it was obvious enough for me not have to reiterate, but there you go.
the android app has an undo button, you know
If you're playing in the practice mode that doesn't give you achievements, sure.
1:17 PM
I literally cannot fathom why you are so insistent on lying
damn floating point mathematics is hard
it's just a game
It's good to see the chat back to normal, with users accusing others of cheating instead of outsiders accusing users of cheating.
feels good to be accused by our own
Now we just need Martin to pop in and ask for feedback on a sandbox post.
1:18 PM
he's too busy preparing to be a mod
@Runer112 I'm not lying.
You should build a bot that argues for you so I don't have to wait between intervals, these waits are killing me.
you can accuse others while you wait :P
quietly sweeps vision and glares at Optimizer
like you have not already done that non-quietly
I'm no more of a sneaky ninja than you are.
1:21 PM
I'm a llama
Wait, really?
You didn't know? What did you think that zoo smell was?
But... nooo.... It can't be!
you've literally lost all my respect, @Unihedro
1:22 PM
I trusted you!!
but I guess that's kind of what you want
@Runer112 K
@Geobits llamas in zoo ? Whom are you kidding ?
I don't see how I'm supposed to earn your respect anyway.
I thought at least users on the same site could be genuine with each other, but I'm getting top trolled hard
1:23 PM
You've never seen llamas in a zoo?
@Geobits that's what we want you to think
That's just confusing. You want me to think llamas live in zoos, so you put llamas in zoos? Mission accomplished!
basically, just don't be a contrarian/troll, and by default I'll probably respect you
Unless you're saying those are all fake llamas. In that case, bravo.
I'm disappointed that there's no post on the math stackexchange where someone has run the numbers
1:26 PM
@Geobits we won't disclose the truth that easily
and found the microscopic probability of reaching a 128k tile with perfect play
@Runer112 Well, that's just another point. Nobody else can confirm how anyone else is doing, while it is not the case in other games when most things they say would be probably about the strategy, etc. And in those games, probably nobody really cares whether other people are lying.
@Optimizer I still say it smells like a llama (or llama-surrogate) in here.
that's ok
feel the llama swag
sure, people can lie about scores and stuff
1:27 PM
No it's not. It smells like old goats.
You don't want to mess with us
Apparently I do ;)
All your bits are belong to us
Bring it on, llama-man.
bot vs bot battle??
1:29 PM
Red vs Blue pixel battle ?
lol, I haven't really read the spec for that yet.
you are RED
I've been a bit preoccupied over the last week or two with moving and planning a way to burn down the local Comcast office without being caught.
btw, the highest recorded 2048 score only reaches the 32768 tile
actually, looks like that might even use a cheat
yes, it does
You probably won't care about that when seeing the highest score of minesweeper or something like tetris, which would also sound too impossible
1:35 PM
I've seen masters play tetris, I can understand outrageously high scores
Quick poll: Is this for April Fool's or a "legitimate" lifehacks.se question? I have no idea:
Q: Fast and Easy way to put a belt on

ihavenodirectionProblem: I get a lot of people dressed and when I do most of them wear belts. I usually have to put the belts on myself, but my arm span sometimes doesn't cover their waist so I have to dodge around them. This opens me to have to be very close them(which isn't a problem most of the time). I hav...

The answer seems fooly, but the question appears just like many others I see there :(
Wasn't lifehacks created on the last April 1st ?
I'm not saying who is lying or not. But they are games anyway. If even debating how good someone can do becomes important, I can't expect there are many real fun parts in it.
ah, things make a lot more sense now
(not in reference to anything said, just something I saw)
I'm now guessing that it was a serious question, since there's also one asking how to put pants on easier: lifehacks.stackexchange.com/q/6207/89
1:48 PM
@Geobits Haha...
I wonder if could ask for a hack asking for hacks? I'm sure there's a better, more efficient way to do it.
I probably should've acknowledged long ago that I was just feeding a troll and should stop.. enjoy the feeding you got :p
@Geobits if all what you are looking for is a hack, then things will soon go into circle. hack for "asking hack for asking hacks" ....
Uh oh, recursion
Just make sure you limit the depth and it's all good.
1:52 PM
the answer will soon becomes: no, it is a duplicate because someone already asked
Yay, APL is now properly monospaced in code boxes!
well, except for that one line where it's not :p
maybe my font is just weird, but the comment on the last explanation line doesn't quite line up with the others
I'm on Linux, so that may explain it.
I've got Consolas as my font, it seems
probably not included in linux by default
Not in mine, at least. APL code boxes used to be almost correct on my Linux Mint, and utterly horrible on any Windows machine I tried. At least there's some improvement.
2:49 PM
Regarding stack egg, the public beta mode was pretty much what I expected (+1 to a single stat, -0.3 to the others).
1 hour later…
3:52 PM
Does the stackegg leaderboard still exist? I didn't save a link
Yay browser history autocomplete :D
2nd place after all that
yeah .. but look at that average
killing everyone else..
yeah , doorknob posted it already
wasn't here :(
If only it wasn't in C#
4:25 PM
So questions didn't affect answers unless it was 0 or 1 huh :P
Oh, just private beta
But leaving it at 4 never had any affect. I don't think anyone guessed that one.
I asked a question a while ago, and I'm still not sure how to solve it.
You have an array of integers where each value is a random value from 1 to N
I remember
your goal is to reduce each part to below 0
and you reduce by reducing an index by K and its neighbors by L
where K > L
I can't think of a systematic way to do it
if you start on one end, you can't be sure whether to hit index 0 or index 1
My only thought was a heuristic whereby you try to hit the highest numbers first while wasting as few as possible.
but I need to do it in the absolutely minimum amount of moves
4:31 PM
because [2 3 4 3 2]
where K = 3 and L = 2
that will clear it in 2 moves
where if you hit the 4 directly, it'll take more
@Doorknob I petition the un-deletion of the Pixel Battlebots meta question, because there is no other easy way to test answers before posting them to the real challenge.
Something something remainder of dividing by K vs L? But that seems just as naive to me. SO basically I gave up and didn't suggest anything :P
Calculate for each index how many hits of K each one needs to be <= 0 and hits of L each one needs, figure out the realistic scenarios and pick the minimum? :P
Q: Solutions with incredibly long computing times

orlpIn code-golf, are solutions allowed that have an incredibly long, but provably finite computation time? Of course assuming the question does not specifically rule those out?

4:42 PM
Calculate the optimum chess strategy
No thanks
AWWW Why not?
I did that once, it took forever.
@Geobits you just have to memoize your results in a hashtable.
took like 2 seconds on my old Atari
@Nathan I did this all before "time" was really a thing. My hashtable got knocked over during the bang.
4:46 PM
ah, gotcha
"Display name may only be changed once every 30 days"
oh well I guess I'm @Maria Tidal Tug for the rest of the month
reminds me of the latest anime "Maria the ... Witch"
I'm still Bigtoes on PPCG, but only for another day :)
@Geobits noooo
I'm very sorry, that sounds unfortunately like it could be something sexual
hopefully other people's minds aren't as warped as mine and don't see that
4:58 PM
@Runer112 the anime ? its a bit of ecchi but no nudity
oh, is that what the name refers to?
@Runer112 did you see the complete name ?
Maria Tidal Tug?
oh no no :D
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