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12:00 AM
lol why would u need access to bakery anyways
also rip, haskell chat just got frozen
and the lyxal lecture chat too
as did "We love us some Daniel"
wait how come they got frozen at like the exact same time
All chat rooms are checked to be frozen as midnight UTC
@Zionmyceliaadamancy ah ok, makes sense
@AidenChow ngl, that chat has tempted me to link one of my lectures next year for people to watch :P
12:03 AM
@Zionmyceliaadamancy ill bite, whats ur lecture about?
@AidenChow Depends, I have 5 modules next year :P
Pick a number from 1 to 5 and I'll tell you :P
dang u cant put all 5 at once :P
Well, I take 3 in the first semester and the other 3 in the second semester (my 6th one doesn't have lecctures)
ok i pick 1
Metric Spaces :P
12:07 AM
ok that sounds way too complex for me
what about 2
@AidenChow Intro to Geometry, and that's all I'll say :P
Everyone knows that shapes is uni level maths content :P
hmmmmm idk what to think about that one, sounds deceptively easy, but probably super hard
@AidenChow You're going to get me to say all 5 aren't you? :P
@Zionmyceliaadamancy ;)
@AidenChow it'll be unfrozen soon
Maybe in a month's time
We need a better link distribution system though :p
12:16 AM
@AidenChow Fine. Metric Spaces, Intro to Geometry, Algebra 2, Linear Algebra 2, Multivariate Calculus and Holomorphic Functions
And my 6th is basically "How to use Python", which should be fun :P
"multivariable calculus" :|
@lyxal the original way worked just fine, wdym
ah ok
well what u propose to distribute the links lol
Some form of time locked secrets (like OTS, but anyone can see it for ~10 mins) would be best
how does that work
idk what ots is
12:19 AM
Basically, the person whose lecture it actually is posts a link that shows the zoom link for the next 10 mins, and then is deleted automatically afterwards. That way, you can't use click old links to try to join
10 minutes, how will we know when to come in to grab the link
Chat events ping those who register
lolol ok
@Zionmyceliaadamancy Surely it should teach "How to be like xnor" :P
@Bubbler If it got anywhere near as advanced as xnor's level, it'd be worth taking :P
As is, the learning goals for the end of the modules are:
> At the end of the unit, the students should be able to

- write, debug and run programs in Python
- demonstrate familiarity with the basic concepts of programming and algorithms
- apply and use various computational methods and tools
- work in teams
12:25 AM
> work in teams
I don't envy you
Teams are easy, I just tell them what to do, and they do it :P
12:40 AM
When I did a team project, I taught them some necessary knowledge and set some things up, and then they did all the actual development
and they demo'd the product and I just wrote the final report
true manager moment
12:52 AM
@Bubbler I mean, this is uni, not work. But, in basically all my team projects, I'm the one coordinating, and then compiling everything together :P
I mean it actually happened in uni
@Bubbler Damn, true work experience then :P
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Parse this handy graph format
1:50 AM
TIL git push --force
2:03 AM
force push is kinda a big red button
Was just overriding something from precommit, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2:24 AM
@Zionmyceliaadamancy oh ok sorry.
2:44 AM
@Deadcode @thejonymyster I think I've got it working!!
> regenerate.py -l 15 -r "0|-?1[01]*"
It took a couple tries, and the moral of the story is (as expected) "When iterating over infinite results, the order in which you do so is very, very important."
how many printable non-whitespace characters are there in the extended ascii table?
> The credit card you have on file with us expires next month
The credit card: Expires in June of 2027
DigitalOcean more like DigitalDoesn'tKnowHowToUseACalender
@DLosc /Lets go+/
wait omg is there a regenerate answer for the laugh forever and scream forwver challenges fjsbkfb
@emanresuA I use it constantly because I'm too lazy to deal with merge conflicts from me forgetting to pull
So I just override pre-commit
Besides, sometimes my commit history gets messed up and I have to rebase, so then I have to use force
3:17 AM
@thejonymyster Scream, yes. Laugh, no.
I've pushed my changes to GitHub, and you can also try the new version out at Replit.
Hopefully I haven't broken anything. :)
what a great ldw this has been :D
@thejonymyster go? Go where? Mars?
lets go to the beach, beach
People always be like "let's go" okay sure buddy where tf we going nerd
@DLosc Awesome! And what does it do with regenerate.py -l 15 -r "0|1[01]*-?"? (Not the proper format for integers, but it did print all possibilities in the previous version.)
3:31 AM
Like imma fine to pack and everything just tell me where the hell we're headed
@lyxal right where we started (longest route)
@Deadcode Yep, that works!
I believe the only cases that should be different are when there's an unbounded quantifier after or inside another quantifier. In which case, the previous version didn't get to all of the matches--so in other words, anything that was correct in the previous version should be the same in the new version.
4:19 AM
@DLosc Nice! WHile you're at it, would you mind adding full unicode support?
oh yea that lol
@DLosc out of curiousity, how come ^ and . aren't metacharacters? i imagine it's because "any character" isn't well defined here :P but also that means you cant match the start of a string (and presumably not the end either) so i'm wondering what the reasoning is, if any
or if it was just a pain to implement etc
2 hours later…
6:49 AM
Q: Which R version is it? It's Peanuts!

pajonkThis challenge will be based on an R language trivia: every release is named and it's a reference to Peanuts comic strips (see here and here). Task Given a release name, output it's number. For reference, use the below list: Great Pumpkin 2.14.0 December Snowflakes 2.14.1 Gift-G...

7:29 AM
oh rip we cant use normaldist becuz of some big brain explanation that fireflame is giving to me rn
\operatorname might be helpful
@emanresuA i dont think it helps, invalid latex commands are silently ignored and dont give any errors
trying pasting \operatornaame{min}(1,2) into desmos for example
wait adding a newline before \operatorname expressions forces it to not silent out the error, tho anything can be added on the first line
the amount of breaking programs that it adds might outweigh the amount of nonbreaking programs that it adds
hard to tell cuz i havent even calculated the score without \operatorname yet lol
7:51 AM
Given how simple the scoring function is, it becomes a surprisingly complicated optimisation game
@DLosc I've updated Regenerate on staging.ato.pxeger.com
The scoring system is annoying :/
It's just annoying that a) you can't get a perfect 0 b) because of that answers are tending towards 0
I kinda wish it was scored as (number of total insertions) / (2 + number of non-breaking insertions), highest wins
Yeah, it's hard to quantify 0.00000001 vs 0.00000000001 vs 2^-37
8:26 AM
@AidenChow why not
@NobodyNeedsNames u asking why normaldist gives an error?
simple explanation is that the function returns 9999 normal distributions, which is too much for desmos to handle
long explanation has smth to do with the IR blah blah blah, couldnt understand it
we originally put a normaldist there to prevent from putting numbers at the end of the line
becuz u cant multiply a distribution by a number
......................... i was asking, why not post it
@NobodyNeedsNames not fully optimized yet, tho im too lazy to optimize it further, so i might as well post it lol
90986 bytes hahaha
now score it
theres obviously also a super boring answer that goes to 0 as you add more bytes
i think im just gonna post both, the boring answer and the 90986 bytes answer lol
8:37 AM
@emanresuA --force-with-lease is a slightly smaller red button
TIL COVID-19 stands for COronaVIrus Disease 2019
Q: No A, just CAPS LOCK... but even more annoying

Nobody Needs NamesInspired by: No A, just CAPS LOCK. My keyboard doesn't have a caps lock key. It's... switching between Chinese and English. So, when I accidentally press the "caps lock button", and then turn it back after realizing (after I finished the word), it becomes this: So, when I c ci den tlly press the "...

@NewPosts REEE sandbox
8:59 AM
Q: Collect data on mushroom forests

Wheat WizardIn these previous challenges[1][2] I've been dealing with "mushroom forests". To help with these I draw little diagrams of the forests to help. In this challenge we are going to reverse engineer the data from these diagrams. To recap ha! mushroom forests are a list of pairs of non-negative inte...

9:11 AM
@emanresuA you mean it doesn't stand for Cancel Organised eVents Indefinitely >:D (minimum 19 years)?
Wow. How embarrassing. Can't believe I was wrong all this time
9:39 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AnttiPIs it an ordinal? Background (feel free to skip) Ordinals are the abstract representation of well-orders. A well-order of a set is a total order, which basically means that every element in the set can be compared against any other element in the set, and one of them is either smaller or larger. ...

9:59 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

mousetailGraph the fractal generated by applying newtons method to cosh(x) - 1 graphical-outputfractalkolmogorov-complexitycode-golfascii-art I came across this picture the other day: (Credit to Josep M Batlle I Ferrer) Your job is to generate this picture. The algorithm needed to generate it, in psuedoc...

10:41 AM
@NewPosts @NobodyNeedsNames please use the sandbox...
Why does the new posts bot have more rep than the sandbox posts bot?
@mousetail they each have one answer: codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/224727 and codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/224874. One of them got a lot more upvotes than the other.
Ok but how did the bots participate in a koth?
Was that just a trick to get them to some minimum rep level?
those answers were posted manually by the bots' owner, @RadvylfPrograms
they needed minimum 20 rep to be able to use chat
Ok cool
2 hours later…
12:50 PM
any feedback for pairs at every distance?
> Answering a fundamental question of mathematics and computer science and by doing so inventing an abstract way to describe all computers before they’re even a thing is a pretty cool idea for a summer project.
Meidium article about turing
a pretty cool idea indeed
i'd love to but i don't wanna get spoiled
@lyxal nice, you're posting challenges again
the spoilers are minor tho lol
@mathcat I know right, hard to believe
@thejonymyster btw I'm working on a bit of feedback for this. I'll get it to you as soon as I can
@lyxal yeah i was memeing dw im reading it over now :-)
D'you think the repost is ready to be reposted?
1:22 PM
@lyxal thank u kindly no rush
@mathcat I suggest maybe including a longer more realistic test case
I presume the dictionary will always be non-empty?
@pxeger yes thx
> All words will be lower case
and contain only ASCII letters?
yes, I'll add that too
Fun fact: My Turing presentation got ruined because his paper is called "On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem" which is just English blurb and then a fancy german word, so everyone started laughing.
@thejonymyster You could add the following sentence for clarification: "That is, output whether, for all overlapping slices/windows of length n, there exists a slice/window where the head of the slice/window equals the tail."
1:30 PM
@pxeger with 10 stars and no dissent, I'm gonna set this up.
pxeger has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
pxeger has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
@lyxal ooh, good way of looking at it
@Feeds @mods can you 11 the profiles of these feeds?
I'm intrigued by how feeds work. The bots are unofficial and need rep to work yet there is a official page that lists them and the feeds they follow? How does that work
@mousetail Feeds are different from bots, is the short answer
1:38 PM
The bots are actual user accounts made by Radvylf and caird. The feeds are RSS feeds that post updates every now and again
@mousetail Most of the feeds are RSS feeds, which are integrated directly into SE chat. However, they only update roughly every 30 minutes, so for new posts on main and in the sandbox, we (specifically, @RadvylfPrograms) decided to create our own bots that run instantly
Ah ok so new loophole proposal is not a real bot
No, it's just an RSS feed
Clear thanks
Which is why the feeds (found here) are a lot slower than the bots
1:41 PM
So how are the custom bots faster? Do they just continuously reload the page?
they use SE's websockets
the same mechanism that makes new posts show up on codegolf.stackexchange.com/ without refreshing the page
@mousetail You'd have to ask Radvylf for the specifics, but the general gist is that the bots can watch /new through websockets, and update a lot faster than the RSS feeds that reload every ~15 mins
Ok that makes sense, pretty dumb though that SO doesn't have a built in system for that
They do, it's just not fast enough for our standards
@mousetail Generally, feeds aren't urgent enough to need to be that fast :P
1:45 PM
Code golf isn't the only community that needs to respond quickly to certain types of posts
Basically, it started when Redwolf created the New Posts userscript, which displayed all new posts on https://codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/posts/new (404 if you don't have the userscript). He then realised that it was so much faster than the existing chat feeds that a bot could easily replace them, and be a lot faster
@mousetail Yeah, but this didn't come about for us because we went "This is too slow, how can we make it faster", instead someone realised "I can make this faster, let's do that instead" :P
Ok that's a acceptable reason. It wouldn't be coding challenges if people didn't try to make everything just a little more efficient.
1 message moved from The Nineteenth Bakery
:61484684 oops, sorry
2:04 PM
Q: Weighted coin flip strings

dancxviiiGiven n, k, and p, find the probability that a weighted coin with probability p of heads will flip heads at least k times in a row in n flips, correct to 8 decimal digits.

2:17 PM
@NewPosts we don't seem to have any straightforward binomial distribution question
wait I misread the question, it's not straightforward binomial, it's for k flips in a row
Accidental decent post?
It's not a bad post, it just needs some cleaning up
pro tip: when a First Questions review task comes in, do something to allow you to complete the FQ review without voting to close, and then wait 60 seconds for the Close Votes task so you can complete that too
2:45 PM
is there any reason a function in javascript would not run until the window is reloaded? for context it's a function in the .catch section of a fetch request - on the server side, I can see the request going through successfully, but on the client side, the console.log(error) only happens when i reload the page
Promises only fire once so it could happen if you re-use a promise?
hard to tell without context but there are quite a few possible causes
hm - don't think I am? the code is just fetch("url", { method: "post", body: JSON.stringify({ id }) }).then(res=>res.text()).then(console.log).catch(console.error)
When is this running? Event handler? On startup?
called by button press
And you can see the request in the network inspector too?
2:50 PM
(oh in case it's relevant, the button is actually a link because materialize things)
Oh, that does matter. Did you remember to preventDefault()?
what would I prevent default though? basically I have <a href="#" onclick="f(...)">text</a> and in f I have that fetch code I pasted earlier
It will scroll the page to the top and clear any existing frament in the url
depending on your routing system that might change things
if I add a console.log("A") to the top of f it outputs immediately when I press the button, it's just the promise .then/.catch that won't run until I reload. weird
@hyper-neutrino doesn't console.log need to be bound before you can use it first-class?
console.log.bind(console) (or (...a) => console.log(...a))
2:57 PM
hm - applying that to both .log and .error doesn't seem to fix it
also I am pretty sure it doesn't apply here; I see .then(console.log).catch(console.error) in like every other JS-related tutorial lol, I think it works in this case (and even if it didn't, I'd expect an error of some sort)
if you put an alert before the fetch, does the alert happen?
You say you see the message after reloading? So it's there in the console after a reload? That's odd a reload should cancel all pending promises
@mousetail I assumed he meant nothing happens the first time, but after a reload, clicking the button suddenly makes it work?
@Zionmyceliaadamancy can't you just copy the link and then re-share it elsewhere?
Can you create a sandbox that demonstrates the problem?
@pxeger You could, but it's not ideal
3:02 PM
Minimum reproducible example like we say on SO
does anyone know of a terminal graphics library?
for python? (or rust)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Nobody Needs NamesInspired by: No A, just CAPS LOCK. My keyboard doesn't have a caps lock key. It's... switching between Chinese and English. So, when I accidentally press the "caps lock button", and then turn it back after realizing (after I finished the word), it becomes this: So, when I c ci den tlly press the "...

@mousetail let me be more specific
3:08 PM
curses is part of the standard library in python
something similar to pygame
pygame has a console graphics mode too
wait really o_o
yep it's really janky
Tried to run a game I made on a system without a monitor and to my suprise it ran just fine
although i dont like pygame lol
even though my name is "PyGamer0" lol
3:11 PM
Then I recommend curses
curses is pretty low level
^ that is the problem
if you want to build GUI-type things, but in a console window, you could look at some TUI libraries
i want to do graphics only like making a circle and blah blah
I don't think drawing circles is a common use case for terminals
3:13 PM
There is a circle available, it's called the "o"
like i want to make a ... say physics engine :P
Only one size available
yeah about that.. you can use ascii to make a circle like shape
yeah something like ^
Always nice when the probability of something is not a number.
3:20 PM
Well arguably that's true, since 1 is not an event :þ
@pxeger the alert only pops up as i reload and it's inconsistent whether or not the alert shows up first and then gets deleted by the reload or if it shows up after. lol
@pxeger no it is actually that after i reload the console messages suddenly appear and does not fix the issue
oh, it happens as you reload, not after?
yeah, like the action of reloading triggers the function to actually happen or something like that
@emanresuA The reason I made Regenerate ASCII-only was so the negative character classes would be easy to implement. What should [^0-9] match in full Unicode mode? Any Unicode character that's not an ASCII digit? I guess that makes sense, but that's a lot of characters.
3:25 PM
though the console.error messages always appear in the console following the reload and don't get wiped by the reload
sounds like there must be a stuck promise somewhere which gets cancelled when you start to reload
wait I didn't see the ^
you could just have a (lowers voice) flag for it
@hyper-neutrino oh also now that you're here: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/61484429#61484429
@pxeger done, for the names - do you have avatars you want me to 11 them to?
no, there are no avatars
CMC: create the best avatars for the LotM and LYaL feeds
alright. just ping me again if we come up with one :P
3:31 PM
@thejonymyster Basically, I figured they wouldn't be super useful, and I'd prefer to be able to match literal ^ and . without escaping them. . is just [ -~] anyway. I suppose ^ might be useful under some circumstances; and actually, the original plan was to add a "reverse direction" command, which would make it even more useful. So I might look into that at some point.
@pxeger Ah, thanks! I was going to ask once I decided I was done making changes.
@pxeger I guess, as long as you're willing to deal with a 144,000-character character class potentially. :P
@DLosc Actually, fun golf trick for [ -~]:
A pretty simple rule would be to say that non-ASCII characters should only be included in character classes when those classes mention a non-ASCII character
3:46 PM
Hm, okay
bad idea: separate symbol for "not this but in ascii" vs "not this but anything else in unicode"
Another idea would be that negated character classes only use ASCII. I still can't see a scenario where a Unicode negated character class would be useful (aside from a "print every Unicode character" challenge).
yeah lol
4:11 PM
okay I figured out the issue, it was actually really simple, I just forgot to .send on the response (was only doing .status(404)) (express) so the response literally didn't go through even though the request was coming in to the server fine
so reloading killed the pending request and caused the promise to reject. lol. kinda stupid of me
Couldn't think of anything actually good so I went with AI
Those look nice actually
@user Uhh... I see nobodies... D:
4:46 PM
aw darn I missed another LDW
aw darn OLIMAR and GB are dead
aw darn I don't know how to make an Android fork
triple! aw darn COMBO! 1000 PTS
I was gonna try my hand at some icons for the feeds or whatever
someone might fgitw me though lol
no sorrow ^_^
nah googling "how to make an android-based os"
@thejonymyster ooh yeah we need pixel art for the new feeds
CC @WezloOvOo
1. what new feeds
2. I can halp
wait there are LOTM/LYAL feeds
I really need to pay attention to this room more
@RadvylfPrograms nice
everyone knows I'm a master icon designed/s
5:22 PM
Q: Bloons TD 6 Upgrade Paths

qwrBackground The monkeys need help organizing their defense and have asked you, Benjamin the code monkey, to create a program that will list all tower upgrade options. Each tower has three unique upgrade "paths", each having a tier represented by a number between 0 and 5 inclusive, 0 meaning no upg...

5:34 PM
okay, attempt one:
Do we really need CGCC on there?
attempt 2
it's a calendar because lang of the month
I like the calendar motif
but having the LOTM letters would still be nice so you can tell what it is an icon for
I like the calendar concept, could maybe be a bit more interestingly executed though
it does say LOTM at the top
maybe a bit faint
ok, refining image...
5:45 PM
oh ok, at that size it's too small to distinguish
in practice it will be a bit bigger than the ones you're posting, but still more contrast would be good
You'll need to scale uo to 96×96 for using it as the pfp anyway, so might as well share them that size
i also enjoy the calendar motif
as the descendant of a graphic designer,
I'm a descendent of a vulnerability-tester and I hate searching for bugs.
All of us are descendants of some fish, probably
5:51 PM
I hate swimming so I'm probably a descendant of a dying human colony millions of light years away that stuck some of their DNA on a rock and launched it into our primordial soup
except meeeee
okay how you like that one
@Ginger I'm pretty sure cats and humans diverged evolutionarily after fish. So you probably are too.
what da color pallete
(when did your pfp rotate 90°???)
Jun 26 at 21:11, by thejonymyster
can one of you like, rotate your avatar 90 degrees :P
and I did
5:53 PM
no, it's a rotating animation because pride month is almost over
I'm trying to drain the rainbow juice out of my pfp d:
@mathcat red, dark red, white, gray
profile feedback plaes
design looks nice, bit darker grey/dark red maybe
got it
refining image...
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