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12:00 AM
wait did it really
wait did it really
@ATaco so, tumblr? :P
@UnrelatedString Yeah, you couldn't edit who posted it, but you could edit the actual content of a post
With no version control IIRC
so you mean that, for a certain period of time, I could have edited the stack status tumblr to say anything?
@lyxal It was like, 5 or 6 years ago
the sacred texts!
12:06 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing the stack status tumblr existed during that time. I could have made it say anything!
"From 16:10 to 18:23 this afternoon, Stack Overflow for Teams was AT UR MOM'S HOUSE LMAOOO"
@cairdcoinheringaahing Fun fact, both of the links in Sometimes that's funny in this link to a blog under daddyslilwaifu.tumblr.com ಠ_ಠ
@RadvylfPrograms silly, SO Teams didn't exist then :p
Really important to clarify, you didn’t edit the root post, just the version of it in your reblog
that makes much more sense
12:14 AM
oh well that doesn't sound as fun
people dont check is the thing
so you may as well have edited the original
Aye, still let’s you lie about what someone else said
For fun and profit
tfw you use Array.length in python
This is what I get for not installing the python extension
That reminds me, I need to implement the list length Metamethod for funky3
And the string length one…
12:21 AM
@ATaco did you manually type that ellipsis char or does your device autocorrect it lol
I am thinking of a popularity contest monopoly
@cairdcoinheringaahing oh tumblr post editing produced so many incredible gems, the john green cock monologue is the biggest one, but there were numerous other ones too
i still have no idea why anyone thought that was a reasonable feature for a social media website
The one that always comes to mine for me is someone who was afriad of vampires, and it was edited, but I can't remember what it was edited to :P
@Nobody Tip: don't ever write a pop-con.
Basically any winning criteria is better, and true pop-cons should only really be done by people who a) have a lot of experience in writing challenges, so that the only thing that have to work on is the scoring, and b) understand the problems around pop-cons, and why they generally don't succeed
@Nobody monopoly koth probably a better idea than popcon, but idk how much strategy that would allow
probably none tbh lol
@AidenChow I've had a monopoly koth in the Sandbox for 4 years now
12:29 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing i believe it was edited to danny devito, but i think there was some intermediate step between vampires and danny devito too
@cairdcoinheringaahing dang
@des54321 Yes, it was danny devito :P
there was also one where someone kept changing the f word to "fudgers"
@AidenChow whoops I mean make the game
12:35 AM
7 mins ago, by caird coinheringaahing
@Nobody Tip: don't ever write a pop-con.
@cairdcoinheringaahing So, just to go ham on this: there are 11 users with the Socratic badge; arguably, us 11 users are the best on the site at writing challenges. However, of those 11 users, only 6 have posted pop-cons, and 3 of those are pre-2015. Of those currently still posting challenges, me and WW have both posted exactly 1 pop-con each
How should I change it?
think of a sane spec and make it golf perhaps
Monopoly is a good koth candidate tbh
But if I make it golf I’m afraid
12:37 AM
or make a golf challenge out of some small part of it to keep it both focused and interesting
it will be bad
It's complex, but it works
@cairdcoinheringaahing no way I am writing a monopoly game
on an ipad
@cairdcoinheringaahing I'm just over halfway there :P
What is well recieved
Socratic badge
12:40 AM
Think of it this way: most challenges follow one of 2 paths: 1) this is how to transform X into Y (where X = input, Y = output), and 2) accept X, reject Y (where X, Y = input). If you can't transform your challenge idea into one of those 2, it's either much more complex, and so needs a lot of time in the sandbox, or, it isn't good for
So, for an idea based around "monopoly": what is the input?
Well I don’t see another way except popcon
Should you be doing this then?
So bye bye monopoly fuck it
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it happens, not all challenge ideas actually translate to quality challenges
When will there be more learnyoualangforgreatgood
12:45 AM
every 2 weeks, on alternate wednesdays
3 hours ago, by emanresu A
Any feedback? (in particular, the issues I've highlighted at the bottom)
next one will be the 8th, I believe
Which Lang when
you really should do this more and leave a record
tho there is the history
lyals can be hard to pull together and we don't want to run through our options too fast or burn anyone out
they're best when there's real earnest participation
which Lang when
@UnrelatedString ok
12:50 AM
current top lang on the meta post is pip, but that could change before the LYAL
Isn’t it
@des54321 raisin
raisin bat waffle hahahahahahhahahha
@emanresuA which issues
Look at th ebottom
Of what
1:05 AM
the linked post
Sandbox post?
ok let me seeeeee
No, a week, 2 weeks no post
@cairdcoinheringaahing what if I use this
Q: Popularity Contest, ASCII Art, and Code Golf

user10766I am mulling over a challenge to draw the Eiffel Tower in 3D with ASCII art, similar to this: https://codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/22763/10766. However, it has a problem. If I do it code-golf, it will be a boring kolmogorov-complexity problem and will produce some pretty ugly Eiffels. If I do ...

@emanresuA no, a week, 2wk no post?
Please, think about your messages before you post them, and make sure they make sense.
I mean
It isn’t a dupe I think
And like2wk no post u win
1:26 AM
there you go
@emanresuA why was there no @
You're proving my point
@emanresuA how
1 hour later…
2:51 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

thejonymysterInvert an Interaction Table Not sure how to describe this, but roll with me here; Input is a table/list of non-commutative interactions between elements and their outcomes, in whatever format suits your fancy Example: [Rock*Rock=Tie, Rock*Paper=Loss, Rock*Scissors=Win, Paper*Rock=Win, ...

3:47 AM
@thejonymyster iPhone autocorrected it lmao
someone should make an IDE that lets you program the way that we format explained code in answers
4:41 AM
Hai guys ltns!!!
Hows it going? :-)
whats ltns ^_^ im doing good i just did one of the most technically complex challenges in my own lang so far
which isnt saying much since ive mostly done kc challenges
4:56 AM
@DialFrost hi! havent seen u in a while
wait i forgot my lang is terrible with strings and needs to parse input or else it reads "4" as a number that is far too large (52)
oh it stands for "long time no see" ive never heard that one
@thejonymyster long time no see
@AidenChow :3
Been on ELL for so long, and theyre chat is ded
Can anyone explain this
So i thot i might js drop in and say hi :3
5:04 AM
@DialFrost some stuff has changed in this chat since u were last on :P
for one, there is an off topic chat room now
also 3 new room owners :)
(u can see on starboard)
@Nobody yikes im not sure
Wrs the off topic room
5:05 AM

 Off-Topic TNB

Room for discussions off-topic to CGCC (on-topic discussions s...
I wanna see :3
Should I ask here or oftopic or where
Or so ;)
@Nobody probably off topic, unless if it has smth to do with code golf specifically
@AidenChow Or SO
bad capitalization
@Nobody ig u could ask there, make sure ur q not asked before tho
5:24 AM
5:34 AM
@AidenChow this is the fundamental problem
Q: Installing Python on iSH

Number BasherNot long ago my computer broke and I am stuck on an iPad. I installed iSH from the AppStore. Now I want to download Python and make sure pip works. I will not accept any answer where pip doesn't work. I have tried apk add python, which lead to the pip issue, but pip installing is important for me...

5:46 AM
How long on average should it take for an answer
theres a chance it wont get answered cuz of how many questions are being asked on SO
a simple search for unanswered questions gives about 3 million out of 22 million questions, around 10% chance ur q wont get answered any time soon :p
And yet
6:12 AM
You've asked 3 questions recently, some of which have not been received very well by the community. Everyone learns at their own pace, and it’s okay to make some mistakes. However, the reception your questions have received thus far might ultimately block your account from asking questions entirely.
> You've asked 3 questions recently, some of which have not been received very well by the community. Everyone learns at their own pace, and it’s okay to make some mistakes. However, the reception your questions have received thus far might ultimately block your account from asking questions entirely.
I only asked 1
@thejonymyster the real thing is if it autoformats code like that for you
Please don't use that sort of language here
2 messages moved to ­Trash
Why is it
(not why it got moved to trash or why I shouldn’t use that type of language, I mean why does it tell me I asked 3 questions?
6:36 AM
maybe it included the code golf questions? idk
7:00 AM
breaking news: I have actually, genuinely, protected a question for the first time in history
(because it kept attracting snippet-like answers which break the rules)
i have a sneaking suspicion that the "answer" round(n/1.618) is desmos lolol
this ohentis guy really thought he outgolf me in desmos by 4 bytes, in fact when converting to a function (to make it valid) it is longer than my submission XD
@pxeger huh, yeah, that's actually worth protecting, at least while it's on the HNQ
The ARBLE solution is also snippet-like, n//1.618
But it’s a full program
ARBLE’s main trick is looking like it’s cheating at anything simple, but it completely falls apart when presented with any amount of pressure
7:21 AM
just found out that geogebra autocompletes parentheses and other stuff when pasting in code, saves some bytes
huh surprised that there seems to be no no geogebra answer for fibonacci sequence
A: Fibonacci function or sequence

Aiden ChowGeoGebra, 38 bytes n InputBox(n Iteration(p+q,p,q,{0,1},n Input in Input Box. Outputs the nth term of the 0-indexed Fibonacci sequence starting at \$F_0=0\$, \$F_1=1\$. Try It On GeoGebra!

there we go, geogebra answer for fibonacci
8:17 AM
Do you think I should make a mariolanginterpreter codegolf
not really, unless it's really simplified
For instance.
@JoKing so say no elevators?
i don't remember much about mario lang, but most simplified 2D interpreter challenges have only dealt with movement and a subset of the other instructions
8:35 AM
Why should I simplify it?
@JoKing .
keeps it to what matters
so it's more approachable? also, just post the message without pinging me, no other conversation is happening
implementing the most basic logic of a 2d language is involved to golf to begin with, so it doesn't add much to have too much more but it might just chase people off
i am designing a new program Lang maybe I will use thst
2 hours later…
Oh wait nvm
I've somehow completely missed that, I thought we still had the stock theme
@emanresuA If we still had the stock theme, we'd be, by multiple years, the longest running site without a theme :P
CMC: this
(take a number n and output the largest palindrome)
i finished my vim theme
10:40 AM
@emanresuA I so want their logo to be a picture of dogecoin :P
That would be great
Sorry, doge
10:59 AM
@emanresuA wondering what doge means
guessing along the lines of smoling
smiling I mean
@PyGamer0 good
Wait, you can make SEs?
Which wdym
@PyGamer0 I posted 6 messages
11:16 AM
@Nobody this
Well there’s a 51zone or sth
Area 51
yeah, but I think you need to pay a fee
Why and how
@mathcat .
And what is the next lang for lyal
@Nobody idk
11:31 AM
o/ gonna go
12:06 PM
never thought I'd be consulting uni lecture slides for inspiration for a code golf blog post instead of just getting information for exams lol
yet here I am
going through week 1 lecture material from Dan getting blog post content
@lyxal well yeah that's obvious
I can see you
hey wait a second
in Vyxal, 28 mins ago, by mathcat
Okay I'm gonna torture some people
I suddenly don't like what this means for me
12:24 PM
@AidenChow yea when i saw it i was seesawing between impressed and suspicious that they outgolfed The Desmos Master
(then i noticed it wasnt a function lol)
@pxeger noob question: what does protecting a question do and why is it warranted here?
my prior knowledge comes from scpwiki;
Protecting a question on the StackExchange simply means that people with less than 10 rep can't answer it
@lyxal ( ಠ◡ʘ )
on scpwiki "protecting" keeps it from being voted on
i can see how this version instead would be useful here ty lol
12:31 PM
just as further info: the intention is that a question that's wildly popular is made to not attract spam or non-answers from people who are new to the site/exchange
right, hence the hnq mention
^_^ undersanding achieve
it's also useful if you get unregistered trolls frequenting a question
because fun fact: you don't need to be signed in to answer stuff
anonymous code golfer who outgolfs everyone
jk they just post wrong longform answers
12:33 PM
@thejonymyster "we don't know who they are. All we know is that they keep outgolfing us and it's scary"
does the site have downvote bomb protection? i know theres like, you cant go on a voting spree
i dont know if itd matter / be relevant on SO
at least not really here, but maybe on another stack?
I suppose it would depend on the context of the downvoting and how it was performed
(butchering terms here probably)
@thejonymyster it's enabled across the entire network
I don't know much about voting reversal except for that it's a pain when you're trying to get people to rep milestones like 3k or some other round number
ahh lol
12:39 PM
In other news, I've updated my blog post draft on how to esolang community. I've also added plans for some sections in the comments
is that going to be on the blog on meta?
ok great im hype then i dotn wanna spoil myself though lolollololol
been loving the blog
it'll probably be #7 but people are free to blog in the meantime
I'll need a few weeks to get this one written
half because I want to make sure I get it right and half because motivation issues go brrr
i could never be a blogger because im too used to being a microblogger #bloggolf
1:06 PM
(palindromic wave for a palindromic greeting)
(even though its not)
it... is palindromic
hol | loh
not you me
\ != / moment
no, it's more palindromic
1:09 PM
h is not rotationally symmetric
but \o/ is
you have outpalindromified me
good joj
great jorb
dont we have a challenge where you like, flip a string but keep the matching ones intact
like {abc} => {cba}
instead of => }cba{
can someone check? this is a great idea and if it doesn't exist I'm gonna make it
make sure you get all the pairs
/\ () [] {} <> 3E
/j probably
2 hours later…
@pxeger wow thats very cool
list of things that have no reason to exist but do anyway: this
3:02 PM
By the looks of it, this feature has existed for a long time: github.blog/2013-04-09-stl-file-viewing
3:17 PM
UI layout language concept:
window window:
    pixellayout layout:
        button button(0, 0):
            label: "Hello, World!"
            onclick: function(hello)
That looks like yaml
Except instead of an anchors you put the names right with the key
I'd love a simple language designed specifically for DSLs like that
YAML comes somewhat close
Racket also has a kinda good method using "language-oriented programming" with Lisp syntax
@pxeger Ah yes, digital subscriber lines
domain-specific languages
@pxeger groovy or kotlin
groovy more user-frendly but kotlin better
3:31 PM
@pxeger so you want a language... for making languages?
or am I misunderstanding
Haskell can have some fairly elegant DSLs using funky monads and do notation, but its syntax isn't perfect
@Ginger I want a basic syntax on which I can base all my languages
do we seriously not have a simple "shortest brainfuck interpreter" challenge...
@Seggan Extended Dyalog APL wins with 3 bytes: ⌂bf
Q: Interpret brainf***

AlexandruWrite the shortest program in your favourite language to interpret a brainfuck program. The program is read from a file. Input and output are standard input and standard output. Cell size: 8bit unsigned. Overflow is undefined. Array size: 30000 bytes (not circled) Bad commands are not part of t...

wait whaaaaat?
@RadvylfPrograms hmm my se searches are apparently bad
ive been looking for the past 10 minutes
I found it with [interpreter] brainfuck, which brought me to a dupe of it
3:54 PM
:facepalm: its becuase i used interpreter instead of interpret* as a search term
@RadvylfPrograms CMM: should we uncensor "brainfuck" in the title?
@Seggan Tags exist for searching, use them :p
since it made searching for it harder
Sure, makes sense to me
OP hasn't been active in 5 years so I don't think they'll care
hmm, looking at the edit history though:
> Stack Exchange rules disallow brainfuck's name in titles, specifically (this rule was added a while back after PPCG caused trouble for the rest of the site
That was 5 years ago though
3:57 PM
just leave it, if anyone dislikes it they can edit it themselves
I could see why they wouldn't want "brainfuck" in the HNQs or top questions list
Leaving it is probably fine, finding it with tags and dupes isn't too hard
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 10 secs ago, by pxeger
Is that rule still in force (5 years later)?
CMQ: What's a good maximum waiting time for roomlist loading?
1 minute
I'm trying to figure out how many rooms to display per page, and each room tacks on another 300ms of loading time
4:06 PM
@Seggan Uh...you'd spend 60s sitting at your computer waiting for a list of rooms to load?
well I could load up to 200 rooms per page then /s
@RadvylfPrograms yeah
or maybe my internet is that bad
Sounds like it's the second, if a site takes more than 2s or so to load I assume it's not working right
The SE chat /rooms list takes about 300ms total and that feels sluggish to me
4:14 PM
Is this a famous problem? I have k piles of coins and each coin has a different value. I can take one coin at time from a pile. If you can take 100 coins what is the maximum value you can get?
Huh interesting
The values are 0 or more
4:17 PM
@graffe Can you only take a coin from the top of each pile?
@pxeger yes
CMC or sandbox this
@Seggan Brute force is likely what people will do though
I think graffe is looking for something more optimal
maybe theres a formula for it
Yes how do you do it optimally?
You get to see all the values for all the coins
Is this something dynamic programming can solve?
4:20 PM
Me a coder and doesnt even know what dynamic programming is smh
yeah i googled it
@Seggan The "programming" doesn't refer to coding-programming, more like "linear programming" IIRC
i knew of dynamic typing and dynamic languages but not dynamic programming
CMC An algorithm for my coin problem above
4:24 PM
Does something like this work?

Find the average value of all the coins

Replace each coin's value with its difference from the average

Cumulative-sum each pile, bottom-to-top

Use a greedy method to choose the highest value amongst the all the tops of the piles
Maybe start with some choice of 100 coins. Then repeat this:
1. Choose a stack with `x` coins
2. For every number from `x` to `100`, find the optimal way to take coins from the other stacks and add it to this one
3. Go with whichever of those results in the best outcome
@pxeger You effectively weight the tops of the piles based on the potential value you can gain from underneath them
If you do some setup first, brute force is exponential it seems
Based on the number of piles
My algorithm is linear, but I'm not sure it actually works
wrong room lol
4:33 PM
@pxeger Doesn't work if the 101st coin is a hundred billion gazillion, right?
Or wait, would you only consider n coins where n is the number you have left to choose
@pxeger The averaging step isn't necessary, is it?
It seems like changing it by a constant wouldn't have much of an effect
@RadvylfPrograms well if the 101st coin in any pile is a hundred billion gazillion, then it's no use to you under any circumstances
because you can never access it
you only ever need to consider the top 100 coins of each pile
Yeah, I misread your description as taking the cumulative sum from the absolute bottom to the top, not the bottom you can access
Well that was what I meant, because I didn't think of that, but if you make that change, then I think it does work
each time you remove a coin, you'd need to remove the bottom coin from every pile except the one you removed the first coin from, and recalculate the cumulative sum (or just subtract the removed bottom coin's value from every coin above it)
unless the pile isn't too long
@RadvylfPrograms I think you're right, yeah
4:59 PM
City in a Bottle -- a very impressive animated 3d golf in JS/HTML.
@Jonah that's awesome
5:14 PM
TIL that hovering over those lines in gh homepage shows random issues
Seems the line's origin is the location of the issue opener. I wonder what the destination is. The location of the repo's creator?
lines are prs merged
place opened and place merged
Ah ok
the vertical beams are issues
Q: Calculate the Lowest Even-Harmonic of the Values in a List

Austin PraterPROBLEM For a list of numbers, list: Find the lowest possible integer, x, which is optimally close to the whole number even-harmonics of the values in list. list has a length of n, and all of the values in list are <= 2000 x has a precision of 1.0 (integers only), and must be a value in the rang...

5:35 PM
Just got Copilot! Only problem is it's the last day of my job. Will still come in handy.
how long ago did you apply? it took me 7 months
Few weeks.
I think officially being an "employee" of a tech company helped, but IDK.
2 hours later…
7:56 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Wheat WizardDetermine Uilta Pitch Accent Uilta is a minority tungusic language spoken in the far east of Russia. A neat thing about Uilta is that it has pitch accent which can be predicted by a computer program. In this challenge we are going to take Uilta a word and determine where the accent peak is. Let ...

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