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12:05 AM
I may be misunderstanding what emanresu means by "eventual fraction" tbh
fractional limit as the list length goes to infinity
@Ginger if server-side then yes. if client-side then it depends. if you're just setting some text in a span then set it as text in the first place. problem solved.
innerText tho
12:28 AM
@emanresuA No
Never use innerText, it's just textContent but weird
12:42 AM
@user i know how to golf prolog, but i wouldn't classify myself as actually knowing it
1:10 AM
most of my programs end in :-1+1.
1:25 AM
@RadvylfPrograms It's textContent but pdate forcin
2:04 AM
@emanresuA ?
I think that means it forced a rerender
Instead of just updating the content
2:16 AM
Ahh "update forcing"
I don't think that's correct That might be correct, since innerText is just bloated textContent
1 hour later…
3:34 AM
man the amount of times I've gone to write console.log instead of System.out.println in Java is uncanny
come to think of it, what else is in console
what the hell is console.count for
3:48 AM
console is sus :P
Btw, did you know you can put CSS in stuff logged to the console?
oh on
Mar 31 at 3:59, by lyxal
the amount of times I've tried to write console.log in Java when it's actually System.out.println is annoying
It's that bad I had to say it twice on two separate occasions
is this specifically a Java problem or languages in general
just Java
python uses print(), C++ uses cout << ..., golfing languages use whatever byte they want and I don't use any other languages
4:13 AM
ever since one of y'all linked me to comic mono, I've been unironically using it for IntelliJ
Ooh, got into the codespaces beta
Waiiit... does it still cost money??
use c and add printf to your arsenal :)
@emanresuA not for personal accounts/public non-org repos
Hmmm I wonder... does it work on mobile?
@att no thanks - I like my objects to actually be objects.
4:18 AM
what's an object?
it's like a thing
and can do things
and do the same things as other things if those things are a family
and if those things are a family, they can all be treated as if they were their parent
but sometimes some of those things aren't actually things you can hold in your hand
sometimes they are a vague idea of a thing
they are things that aren't things but allow other things to be that thing
if you came to the lyxtures, you'd know these things
4:23 AM
sorry I don't like things
and sometimes you only know they're the parent but you have to treat them like the child because someone designed their library like shit
@att well see, I do
and C doesn't let you have things
thencequentlyforthupon no printf for me
but then you'll never have the chance to appreciate a thingless universe
why would I want to, when I'm surrounded by things?
4:27 AM
bah variety smhriety
Computer broke down once again
what did I miss?
using iPad for the first time in 3 years
currently am codeng on a ti89
step 1
implement brainfuck in python
Codespaces was great once I uninstalled the python extension
What is codespace
How came name of TnB
what is codespace
CMC given an ordered list and a number find the first number in the list that is greater than or equal to the given number
in python,as an assignment, but I am making itcodegolf here
4:50 AM
Try to minimize the time complexity to logn
ipad broke down, shit
this is basically just a binary search
yesterday, by emanresu A
Please don't randomly ping people
Replying but if you ban pinging whatever
Ok nvm
4:55 AM
... then click the reply button
Even tho replying on an iPad sucks but ok I’ll do it
Q: Straighten my corners... diagonally

emanresu AWe can arrange the positive integers like this: 1_| 2 | 5 | 10 4___3_| 6 | 11 9___8___7_| 12 16 15 14 13 That is, in L-shaped brackets expanding down and right infinitely. Then, we can read it off with the antidiagonals: 1 2 5 10 / / / 4 3 6 11 / / / 9 8 7 12 / / / 16 15 14 13...

@emanresuA But I usually end up wanting to reply someone after I sent the message
you type the message before you know who you're addressing?
The two pings you sent before were messages on their own
4:58 AM
Ok even tho I don’t see the differ3nce between replying and pinging people but ok
Reply when you want to respond to a specific message. Ping when you have something important that the person you're pinging needs to know
Ok I know
is there a binary search code golf challenge?
@JoKing is there
I sort of want a brainfuckit chalenge
replying provides information about the flow of a conversation and happens to also ping people
pinging people just pings them
string to brainfuck and you minimize the length of the output
@UnrelatedString ok
@Nobody i'm pretty sure that exists, at least there's a brain-flak version
the binary search one i doubt, since you can't really enforce an algorithm
5:05 AM
@JoKing Where
Is there an interpreter challeng
say, Mariolang interpertert
i think there is a challenge for giving intermediate output from a binary search
i.e. you're not required to implement a binary search but whatever you do do is at least similar
@Nobody there's plenty of interpreter challenges, don't think there's one for mariolang
Brainfuck one pretty sure
@JoKing pretty sure there is a brainfuck ien
5:08 AM
i am going to make an esolang in C called brainfrick
@Nobody Btw you can edit messages (like this)
@emanresuA Oh thnx
is there a bf interpret challenge?
Problem with mariolang, there’s no very standard fo a lot of whatifs
there,s just lots of interpreters as a sample
Not sure if there is a python interferometer tho
interpreter is so hard to type
there's a handy button called a backspace that you can use
5:11 AM
Well, the problem is I rely on auto correct, hit return button by mistake
and somehow interpreter becomes interrelated or stuff sometimes
@Nobody we all hate autocorrect here.. dont rely on it
Wel I do when I send messages
unless the autocorrect is owned by github/microsoft
I feel like sutocorrect makes it mor productive
@JoKing why
Python on ti89 sucks
referring to github copilot, basically autocorrect for code
tagline: Makes you code wrong, faster!
5:16 AM
@JoKing lmao
@JoKing Lol :P
i am trying to read a file in C
filename = argv[1];
file = fopen(filename, "r");
while ((c = fgetc(file)) != EOF) text[i++] = c;
^ so far i have that :P
"read a file in C", well there's your problem
dang it failed
WOOO it worked
i made a simple cat program
ok i think i made most of the brainfrick stuff
5:38 AM
Is there a marilang interepetrre challenge and should I make one? Sorry mariolang
Any ideas of how to code python without computer? What’s the best way
website or app?
or my ti89
Why is TNB named TNB
Hmm I wond
Oh and um what’s the best way to make a 3D graph in python tha you can rotate
Wait, an interpreter? Not a compiler?
That's impressive
a compiler would be at least a bit harder :P
only a tiny bit
5:49 AM
A compiler would be easier
it'd only be changing the interpreting part to raw assembly generation
#define TAPE_SIZE 65536
byte tape[65536];
You can just emit prepared chunks of code for each item and let the language do the loop handling
oh so yall want me to make a brainf*** compiler (that compiles to machine code)
@UnrelatedString frick
5:51 AM
@PyGamer0 What I'm saying is it should be very easy to create a bf-to-c transpiler
also typedef unsigned char byte; is kinda funny when uint8_t exists :P
i am big brain at C
You're way better than me :P
My knowledge of C is JS + Arduino
isn't arduino just a weird subset of c
iirc yes
but I haven't touched audrino for at least 4 years now
5:53 AM
pretty sure after VisualBasic i used arduino and then python..
Visual Basic? Wow
haven't touched that since 2 years ago
so when i tried learning c / c++ i thought: "this syntax looks familiar..."
were you forced to
5:54 AM
for 2 years
i wasnt forced to learn VBasic
and i made a maze game in it (following a tutorial)
also come to think of it is vb.net the only microsoft product that has both of their name gimmicks
and i made a minecraft quiz in it for my brother :P
5:54 AM
@lyxal riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip
it doesn't have all the image assests though
meaning you can't run it properly
i was playing roblox
How do you create a rotate able 3D graph in python?
with great difficulty
btw how should I program? App (no computer) or TI89?
@JoKing oh shit
Is there a pip installable for it
... because python isn't designed to do interactable 3d graphical stuff? you'll need to find a library to help you do it
is there a ligjraty anyone here recommends.
6:10 AM
just search for one
most people here have probably never felt the need to try
How should I program without a computer
what apps do you recommend
or ti89
you mean on a smartphone?
Smartphone or ipad
or ti89
it's a pain in the ass but you can just use the default keyboard on a normal online interpreter
like whee do you recommend
if I want say syntax heightlighting and autocomplete
6:17 AM
just use tio or something
no idea lmao
first my Mac broke down
then my windows
then my iPad for 3 t8mes but now I fixed it
holy who is messing it up...
is there a mariolang interpreter for python
i mean
an interpreter written in python for hat interprets marioolabg
I think not let me check
except one that translates mariolang into c
@Nobody use termux + otg cable + keyboard
or just termux
Termed an app?
Termius, termuXL, xterminal
found these
@PyGamer0 din’t have keyboard haha
@PyGamer0 is it an app?
6:29 AM
an app for android. i dunno what good alternative exists on IOS
maybe ISH shell?
As long as python works and I can pip install
Bye for now
@JoKing um how do i install python
Without a keyboard, don’t program imo. Too painful.
homework fuckit
It seems that all add python3 works
@JoKing how do I edit files?
thnx joking
Oh and do I have to install python every time I open it
How do I add python to path?
@JoKing I hope this isn’t randomly pinging people
6:58 AM
More than 1 ping in a row is redundant
@JoKing oh no he isn’t here
@ATaco oh ok then
does anyone here know.
Why is there no pip in usr/lib/python3.9 ?
Does anyone here know?
7:17 AM
Um anyone?
If I have a bad connection star this
+why is tnb called tnb
Pip is good now,,,!,!
7:48 AM
@Nobody it stands for “The nineteenth byte”, and is a reference to “the nineteenth hole” which is a common name for a pub/cafe at a golf course, which famously usually have only 18 holes
8:02 AM
@ATaco got it
"The Nineteenth Byte" is also exactly 19 bytes long
8:32 AM
Did you figure it out or is it pat of the purpose
@pxeger .
2 hours later…
10:22 AM
Is everyone asleep?
@JoKing how do I install pip and how do I make a python program god thanks
how am i supposed to know
try google?
“Ish python?
@Nobody pip install pip
10:57 AM
dang thats a lot of PRs
@UnrelatedString fixed
Q: Find run ascending lists faster

Wheat WizardIn this question I asked you to determine if a run ascending list could be made. It was code-golf so naturally most the answers are very slow. But what if we want it to be fast. In this challenge I ask you to solve the same task except your goal will be to minimize asymptotic time complexity. ...

When I type
It is stuck at
resolving deltas, 0%
try git clone https://github.com/ohmyzsh/ohmyzsh.git --depth=1
Entire message
zhouhualideiPad:~# git clone github.com/ohmyzsh/ohmyzsh.git
Cloning into 'ohmyzsh'...
remote: Enumerating objects: 29383, done.
remote: Counting objects: 100% (3/3), done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (3/3), done.
remote: Total 29383 (delta 0), reused 1 (delta 0), pack-reused 29380
Receiving objects: 100% (29383/29383), 9.64 MiB | 72.00 KiB/s, done.
Resolving deltas:   0% (0/14487)
@PyGamer0 ok
    fatal: destination path 'ohmyzsh' already exists and is not an empty directory.
How do i
rm -rf ohmyzsh
then the command i posted
@NewPosts damn that looks even harder...
11:08 AM
Should I use my vpn
i guess you should
@PyGamer0 Well technically any answer to the old one is still an answer to the new one, just not a good one.
> asymptotic time complexity
is that same to big oh or big others or which
@PyGamer0 stuck
zhouhualideiPad:~# git clone github.com/ohmyzsh/ohmyzsh.git --depth=1
Cloning into 'ohmyzsh'...
remote: Enumerating objects: 1295, done.
@Nobody i think its Θ... (i am probably wrong)
@Nobody now you wait until it is done..
How long should it take
11:13 AM
This is weird
o ran everything again and now it stuck on
Resolving deltas
and now on counting objects 0
Now on counting objects 12
I give up
I found a tut on installing pip
# 安装python
apk add python3
# 这个python3不带pip,要额外安装一个pip,pip要去官网下载,但是没有wget,先下载wget
apk add wget
# 然后
cd /opt
wget bootstrap.pypa.io/get-pip.py
python3 get-pip.py
# 然后就装上啦
I don’t think the comments matter
um how long should that last command take (Python3IDE ...
no IDE you stupid autocorrect
@PyGamer0 or is it idk again :-)
@Nobody you didnt need to post the code ... the link was enough...
Mods help me delete this
11:53 AM
Thanks whoever deleted that
12:05 PM
@Nobody i think Wheat Wizard deleted that
it'sa meeeee
@Ginger wait at what point did this get starred
@Ginger "it'sa me gingerario!"
12:20 PM
btw i am now working on my vim theme
12:58 PM
in lambda.chat, 6 mins ago, by Ginger
ANNOUNCEMENT: lambda.chat now supports full markdown formatting, including code syntax highlighting!
1:46 PM
Are we in an arms race now
I'd hope not, lyxal would obviously win any body part competition
a chat arms race? How long until somebody re-invents IRC?
That's already happened I think
@Ginger Yeah, it's called IRC
My point exactly
1:50 PM
@RadvylfPrograms how does this site look?
It looks blocked on my school WiFi :p
@RadvylfPrograms Your school is lame
I think they're blocking github.io since it can host arbitrary stuff
didn't you have a thing to avoid that?
1:54 PM
Yeah, but an update broke it and I'm too lazy to fix it
back in my day we'd download .swf files from flash game websites and bring them to school on USB sticks
@RadvylfPrograms lol
@RadvylfPrograms story of my life
@RadvylfPrograms so you are talking to tnb via a phone via your school's wifi?
how are phones allowed
@PyGamer0 No, SE isn't blocked, thankfully
1:57 PM
why doesnt your teacher take your phone in detention
and if it is we'll never know because Radvylf won't be able to tell us
yeah lol
phones are not allowed in my school
(i don't even have my own phone)
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