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12:00 AM
@lyxal Can you subscribe my channel? I already subscribed your channel.
@cairdcoinheringaahing wait why i don't appear?
Am I going crazy, or is this listing Fmbalbuena's most recent meta answer being posted at Sep 4 '14 at 21:27?
@cairdcoinheringaahing wait bug?
What's more none of them are times their account has existed
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh right, that's the time the Sandbox was posted
12:05 AM
True, but one says Aug 12 at 19:16
Q: My recent answer time was 2014

Fmbalbuenathis recent answer This answer is too old, now is 2021, This is a bug.

Showing it there is very confusing though
And it doesn't have a year
12:06 AM
That's totally not intuitive
Should be dated '21
@emanresuA The top date is the time the question was posted, the bottom is the time the answer was posted
I realise that. SE usually dates years
@Fmbalbuena you do, but because SEDE only updates every Sunday, it only lists you with 9 answers
12:09 AM
By "behave non-deterministically" do you mean it can't have random builtins?
Yeah. It also can't rely on things like environment variables to change behavior.
(Unless you counted that as how it takes I/O, I guess)
@cairdcoinheringaahing Honestly, the entire layout if the new &tab=answers page is kinda unintuitive :/
@cairdcoinheringaahing No, I need to represent something like reversed (123) = ...
The votes count is too small, answer time/date should be listed before the question time/date, and all the metadata is too small
submits Vyxalemanresu A 20 hours ago
12:17 AM
@emanresuA Can i Steal Vyxal codepage?
Vyxal is MIT licensed, so yes
Of course
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Can you generate a random codepage for some reason?
My school district's allowing virtual instruction even for students not in quarantine! \o/
@taRadvylfsriksushilani I think you'll find that all the cop answers will be cracked by @AaroneousMiller :p
12:20 AM
lol :p
If you asked Aaron how many ACEs he's found with Vyxal, the answer would easily be "yes"
12:53 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ta Radvylf srik su shilaniBiggest katlani noun dictionary in 400 bytes code-golf kolomogorov-complexity Katlani is a constructed language being designed in chat. In this challenge, your goal is to print the largest dictionary of katlani nouns possible in 400 bytes or less. Task In 400 bytes or less, your program should p...

Can anyone figure out why this convey program outputs zero indefinitely?:
@WheatWizard Can you teach me convey?
Aparently not.
Help me i can't explain you.
1:01 AM
@Fmbalbuena I can teach you convey at some point. I'm not great at it anyway.
i've completely forgotten how convey is supposed to work but the step by step visualization really does not look right for that
But not tonicht it's w am.
Ok I figured it out I confused _ with .. There are actually invisible _s flowing through the program which apparently add to zero.
*nearly invisible.
@WheatWizard because this don't terminate
Yeah that was my issue.
Ok posted my convey answer. Goodnight tnb.
1:05 AM
@WheatWizard I did not see the answer
A: Ken Iverson’s Favourite APL Expression?

Wheat Wizardconvey, 13 bytes {>+} ,",.0 .0 Try it online!

Hmm, I have a challenge to nominate for Best Of 2021 but it fits in way too many categories...
@Bubbler What challenge is it? I'm curious.
@WheatWizard Congrats you earned Curious badge.
1:20 AM
Indeed I did. Quite a long time ago now.
@WheatWizard How many curious badges do you have?
You can only have 1 max.
oh sorry, How many badges that the max is 1?
@WheatWizard This
I decided to nominate it here btw.
@Fmbalbuena I believe 57
1:33 AM
@Bubbler I know. I get an inbox notif every time anyone nominates anything ;)
CMC: print every badge that the max is 1.
1:45 AM
@emanresuA Posts in the profile page only report a year if they were a year (as in 365 days) ago, not if they were in the last calendar year
2:00 AM
Oops, that incredible tanh discovery on the float division challenge was made by Delfad0r, not Arnauld. I'd been giving credit to the wrong user for the last like 8 months lol
2:31 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Do you have any meta posts related to your tag moderation efforts on meta during 2021? I feel like that's definitely worth a nomination
Can someone help me to make details and clarity?
Q: Move to Right and left

FmbalbuenaTask Your task is Take a inpus as a list of non-negative numbers, Move Right and left. If the numbers combine, then sum. If there is 1 element, the middle number is 0. Example A simple example is [1] gives [1, 0, 1] because [1] / \ / \ [1, 0, 1] Another example [1, 2] /\ /\ / X ...

@taRadvylfsriksushilani There's codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/23456/…, but that was posted by HN
There's also this SEDE query that I used
(speaking of, a couple of those questions could do with tags)
This is very unlikely to ever happen (see my comment), this has a corresponding MSE post with no status tag, and this is potentially still up for discussion
@cairdcoinheringaahing Reopen review?
You mean this review? The question still isn't clear. I'm guessing you want to suggest a monthly event, like LOTM, where authors post challenges. But, your meta post isn't at all detailed enough. Why should this be an event? What should the themes be each month? Should the monthly challenges be themed? How exactly would it work? etc.
@cairdcoinheringaahing no, in Main
2:43 AM
@Fmbalbuena I haven't done a reopen review on main in a week
@cairdcoinheringaahing why you don't like reviewing?
@Fmbalbuena it's not that caird dislikes reviewing, there just aren't many reopen reviews
After WW, who has godlike powers with reviewing, I think I'm the second most active reviewer
@taRadvylfsriksushilani ok
2:45 AM
And, in my defense, only 2 posts have been up for Reopen reviews since my last RO review :P
Fun fact, there's no user who beats me in all review queues (due to FP being split into FA/FQ), but ignoring that, only WW beats me in all queues
Jan 14 at 13:02, by caird coinheringaahing
@cairdcoinheringaahing Ooh nice, speaking of, I'm only 2 late answers reviews away from Reviewer :D
^ still applies cause there's only been one review (by HN) in the last week ಠ_ಠ
@cairdcoinheringaahing because WW is unWinnable revieW Reopen votes.
3:02 AM
Huh. Looking at codegolf.stackexchange.com/review/first-posts/stats for the historical record, only 4 users are in the top 10 reviews for each queue: me, WW, DJ and Stephen. However, going by FQ and FA, I'm the only one in the top 10 for all 8 queues
3:47 AM
Is there language that number lengt O(log n) and form such that autogram don't exist even if chars not in the language is allowed?
By "language that number lengt O(log n)" I mean: if a language call 1 a, 2 aa, 3 aaa, etc. then it can't say "There's aaaaa a", there're 6>5 a's
4:04 AM
@Fmbalbuena caird is literally one of the most prolofic reviewers here (can you use prolific hete?)
Oh sweet sweet internet and phone reception how I've missed you for 3 hours
Welcome home
The joys of visiting people who live in reception deadzones
The joys of visiting people
4:16 AM
The joys of visiting people who live in reception deadzones
How to be happy: Be ruse as hell to everyone and you won’t get invited anywhere. Works for me
@lyxal where did you go?
@PyGamer0 just to a friend of my parents
@user believe it or not, it was actually kinda relaxing hearing old stories from this family friend while having a cup of tea
4:23 AM
Ah if they’re doing all the talking then it’s all good
fun fact: i have history exam today
@user I very rarely do all the talking - all the family friends I see seem to understand that things work better when they do the talking
You’re lucky lol
All my relatives expect me to tell them about my life and stuff
Although I suppose it helps that these friends are in their 70s and up lol
It’s a good thing I live ina whole nother country now
@lyxal lol yeah old people can really go on and on once they get started
4:26 AM
@user exactly.
> tjjfvi solved all 25 challenges in AOCG2021 using TypeScript Types
Covid has made it so that I haven't been able to socialise with people my age - last year was my first year of uni meaning I didn't have my high school friends any more. And lock downs meant I didn't meet people irl
So I'd say I'm in a pretty good social position
Pretty good?
4:44 AM
Well, everyone socializes virtually these days, no?
types of socialising:
- virtually
- physically
- mentally
- historically
- scientifically
- idiotically
not sure i've really had friends in my year since middle school
My way of socializing: I forget all "friends" when I graduate from somewhere
Internet friends are forever because there's no graduating from it :P
4:51 AM
Everything stays on the internet forever, including friendships :p
i WaNt FrEnS
          - Billy, How to Make Frens 2022
Once you enter the internet, you become immortal
How to Make Frens:
- Eat
- Become sad that you don't have frens
- ?????
- Profit
Halp i did steps 1-3 but no frends
4:55 AM
@user did you ????? correctly?
CMP: How many of you in tnb are losers with few or no friends?
idk how many i have, irl i have a couple
i am not a loser then
@PyGamer0 was it supposed to involve running away while screaming?
@user I have zero irl, and I haven't had any problems from it so far
@PyGamer0 only two lmao what a loser (/s that’s pretty good)
4:58 AM
@user no
@Bubbler my parents keep telling me i need to make friends in case something happens and i need to be bailed out. I’ll let them know an infinite stranger said otherwise :p
Bubbler is finite
Says who?
Do y'all think Reverse Zip Bomb fits under Breaking the Mold? I think it does, but I don't really want to self-nominate "unilaterally" lol
6:04 AM
Yeah, it's a good one
I have a long list of ints and I want to check they are pairwise coprime in Python. Is there a clever way to do it?
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Yeah
though you can always make a nomination unilaterally and let people decide at the voting phase :P
@graffe what is pairwise coprime?
@PyGamer0 each pair is coprime
6:06 AM
@Bubbler Wait, is your hexagony thing in first place?
@graffe example of input?
@emanresuA I think so, it ties with Keg and wins against everything else
@PyGamer0 6, 25, 49, 121
I feel like this could be a nomination for wrong tool for the job
my classmates dont even know o/
6:11 AM
no this emoticon o/
or \o
@graffe you want to check if adjacent values are coprime?
@PyGamer0 no I would like to check that all pairs are coprime
Pairwise coprime means all (not necessarily adjacent) pairs are coprime, yeah
I don't think there's an easy shortcut for it, unless you use something like sympy and invoke number theory functions
6:16 AM
@PyGamer0 sad
Or you can try this: let P be the product of all numbers. Divide P by each number, and take the GCD (not pairwise, just reduce by math.gcd) of all of them. If it is 1, the numbers are pairwise coprime.
(Doesn't work if you have 0 in your list)
import itertools as it
from math import gcd
x = [6, 25, 49, 121]
print([*map(lambda a:[gcd(*a) == 1, [*a]], it.combinations(x, 2))])
@graffe is ^ what you want
@PyGamer0 thank you!
for me it outputs: [[True, [6, 25]], [True, [6, 49]], [True, [6, 121]], [True, [25, 49]], [True, [25, 121]], [True, [49, 121]]]
6:22 AM
@graffe idk if my method is right
python has math.lcm now so maybe this is the best way?
Q: How to fix this incrementation for this 'diamond'?

wockywoadI am trying to get the slashes to form a half-diamond type of shape, but I cannot seem to get the incrementation correct. I currently have: else if (menuOption == 2) { int numberOfDolls = 0; cout << "Number of dolls -> "; cin >> numberOfDolls; for (int i = 1; i <= numb...

Comments userscript go brr
better asking this kind of questions in code gulfTHUNDER 07 52 mins ago
@wockywoad No it is specially for these kind of questions will get response soon for this kind of questions there : ) — THUNDER 07 27 mins ago
I hate this user
Sorry, that was a bit strong. It just seems like they're deliberately sending spam here.
@Bubbler this implies Keg is tied first place which ngl doesn't sound right
Not that it's tied, that it's first place
6:43 AM
@emanresuA yeah it looks like that
@emanresuA which hexagony thing?
A: Best of CGCC 2021 - Now Accepting Nominations!

Wheat WizardThe most unexpected outcome An answer that you didn’t expected it to work, or do something else, but unexpectedly did some weird behavior and made the answer valid. This could involve some interpreter bug, or obscure feature that wasn’t documented nor known by many people. Lololololololololololol...

technically they were right that they do get quick responses on this site with this type of question
lol it would get immediately closed, very helpful indeed
oh they already asked lol
@emanresuA why is it code gulf?
gulf stream <=> golf stream?
6:50 AM
> golf stream is a warm ocean current originating from golf of Mexico
7:23 AM
ok i have sucessfully lured my classmate into this room
You realise they can't talk here right?
i know
idk why am i finding this funny
It's funny when your little brother invades
@user1134108 what pygamer hasn't told you is that staying here leads to a crippling addiction to code golf
If this isn't something you wish to accept, leave now
7:28 AM
he doesnt program thats why its funny
he does now.
@PyGamer0 how is Pygamer Jr going?
he is doing class
@emanresuA how long are you gonna wear that hat?
7:42 AM
CMP: Juic or no juic?
No juic yet
I try for thirtee minut
And no juic
I cry
did you use Neil's advic
Was sleep when advic
Don't know advic
Jan 16 at 22:02, by Neil
@user your problem is that you need 6e23 avocados to get juice. this is known as the avocado constant
^ here is advic
CMP: tacit or stack based golflangs?
Stack based because I don't get a headache after 20 minutes
7:47 AM
@lyxal and @Vyxalers did yall tried creating a language with Vyxal (stackbased)
@PyGamer0 I implemented an esolang in Vyxal once
@Razetime any reason for prefix?
I have BF to Vyxal transpiler
7:49 AM
because i like it that's the reason
8:04 AM
Nvm back
8:24 AM
Somewhat amusing that codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/241474/… with a net score of 0 is on HNQ
Slightly concerning
Especially since it’s a probable dupe
Ok looks like the xkcd thing is a plane
autocorrect wilding
Mobile chat is cursed
@pxeger yep
8:46 AM
CMQ: which is better at data compression, golflangs or zips?
(Judged on pure compression, for practical purposes zip wins hands down)
For anything longer than a few orders of magnitude of bytes, zip will win
/shrug it loses on any of the generated Vyxal programs from print x without x
Wait I’m on mobile
std::map<char, std::pair<int, Type(*)(Type)>> atoms;
^ is that correct? (trying to convert python to c++)
correct for what?
9:02 AM
python: atoms = {"a": [0, lambda: 10]}
you can't just say "is this correct" with no indication as to what you're aiming for
@pxeger basically i am asking if the type definition is correct
i want to recreate ^^ that in c++
so i am mapping char to a pair of int and a function,
Type is a union of int and vector of Type
namespace plg {                                                       typedef union Type {
        int ix;
        std::vector<union Type> vx;
    } Type;
    std::map<char, std::pair<int, Type(*)(Type)>> atoms;
If you want overloading for flax don’t use c++
i am making a prefix language in c++
nothing flax related
@PyGamer0 you're gonna need a tag on that union
9:06 AM
otherwise there'll be no way of knowing whether the item you're looking at is an int or a vector
In computer science, a tagged union, also called a variant, variant record, choice type, discriminated union, disjoint union, sum type or coproduct, is a data structure used to hold a value that could take on several different, but fixed, types. Only one of the types can be in use at any one time, and a tag field explicitly indicates which one is in use. It can be thought of as a type that has several "cases", each of which should be handled correctly when that type is manipulated. This is critical in defining recursive datatypes, in which some component of a value may have the same type as the...
@PyGamer0 also vector<union Type> should just be vector<Type>
this is very hard :/
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ThisFieldIsRequiredNavigate the city The government of your country has just completed a city designed to accommodate a few thousand people. It has all sorts of facilities including roads, restaurants, malls, houses, etc. You have been invited to test the road system, but you are completely unfamiliar with it, so y...

9:22 AM
PyObject internals in a nutshell
The CPython object layout is actually remarkably simple I think
10:04 AM
I nearly went crazy trying to mess with them
oh you deleted it lol
10:33 AM
Lmao yeah
I was trying to implement the monkey patching on steroids thing
11:16 AM
what nice awkward silence
that would be slightly better
CMM: If the challenge is asking me to input as a list, can I make a function that takes the length of the list as the second argument?
11:25 AM
@ThisFieldIsRequired Vyxal, 15 bytes: ⇩:‛εḭc[⇧|‛ʁøcß⇩
@PyGamer0 I think that's only normally allowed in languages where arrays don't have their length as an inherent property (e.g. C)
oh, so i cant do that in python
@lyxal excellent answer
well it's true
Jet fuel can't melt loud beams
Well it can't melt LOUD ones. Nobody said it couldn't melt loud ones.
11:38 AM
CMQ: How do I do while loops in a lambda?
you don't
use recursion instead
Q: Crack the Caesar cipher

AnttiPThe Caesar cipher is a simple and famous cipher, where the letters of the alphabet are rotated by some secret amount. For example, if our secret rotation is 3, we would replace a with d, b with e, w with z, x with a and so on. Here is an example (rotation amount: 10): Robo sc kx ohkwzvo This cip...

11:55 AM
@PyGamer0 You can't.
I mean you could do something like any though.
Loop through an infinite list and do stuff like updating variables or printing while looping, and once you hit the condition, stop. Like this?
that would require generators though
and some source of infinite list
12:19 PM
@PyGamer0 exec
12:40 PM
I am confused by lambda functions in Python. In this line make_vec_env(lambda: BitFlipEnv(array_length=50), n_envs=12) what exactly is being passed to the make_vec_env function?
two objects: a function, and an integer 12
thanks. I wonder why the lambda is needed at all
because it produces a new BitFlipEnv (whatever that is) each time you call it
rather than using the same one
thanks! That makes perfect sense
env_id – (str or Type[gym.Env]) the environment ID or the environment class
I don't understand how this lambda function is passing a class
Type[gym.Env] means a subclass of gym.Env
but the main thing you do with classes is call them to instantiate them
so you can often use functions which return objects in their place
12:50 PM
ah ok thanks
1:22 PM
i guess the lambda in python got its name from lambda calculus
I think the use of lambda to mean function might have existed before then
actually, looks like Alonzo Church's use was the first
Apparently he picked lambda via "eeny, meeny, miny, moe"
1:38 PM
@pxeger a rigorous and time tested selection process
Q: Replicate "dotnet ef" unicorn

ZeroCodeException.Net Technology is an incredible framework with marvellous functionalities, and among all of them, the most important one obviously stands out: Yep, your simple task is create a program that when it takes at input: dotnet ef It prints the following ascii art by output: /\__ ...

2:09 PM
@SandboxPosts Is there any feedback on this challenge that anyone would like to give? It's a hugely complex challenge, so I will likely need to clarify a lot.
i don't think you replied to the message
I didn't?
and I know I only posted the proposal 4 hours ago, but then again I will probably need to make a lot of changes. Even today I have had to clarify a few confusing parts I found myself.
I don't think the new tag is warranted. Would and do?
yeah, maybe
2:38 PM
@PyGamer0 Something new :p
@taRadvylfsriksushilani ok: Moduluo based language
Sounds similar to Risky
Risky mods the length of the code by 2, to determine the structure
user image
2:42 PM
the latter looks way better than the former
because its apl
@taRadvylfsriksushilani lower quality :/
Yeah I threw it together in like 2m on google drawings lol
whos the guy in the second pic
i thought it was spiderman
2:48 PM
It's a JS programmer, jumping off a skyscraper
not as relatable then
JS is like being bit by a spider, but not in that sense
Changed My Mind
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