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12:05 AM
A: Count up forever

FmbalbuenaCharcoal, 9 bytes ≔¹ξW¹«ξR⁰ Try It Online! Link is to verbose version of code. Explanation: ≔¹ξ Assign 1 to X W¹« Start The Infinite Loop ξ Print X without Casting R⁰ Refresh with min 0 secs [Implicit increment] Every number splits by [2J[0;0H I think the The output with trailing separator...

@Neil ^ If this is correct
Anarchy Golf just reached 1337 challenges
@Fmbalbuena I don't think you can get to 2**128 in unary in Charcoal
@Neil What i should do now?
12:30 AM
just add a cast
oh wait I see what you did
you're just printing 1 in a loop, so every refresh counts up in unary
I guess you could Multiprint instead of Print, and then increment the variable
@Neil I will do
@Neil Is there a way to golf W¹«?
no I don't think so
@Neil Edited, any ways to golf this?
12:42 AM
MapAssign(Incremented, x)
(and you'd forgotten to update your TIO link with the cast, not that it matters if you change it again anyway)
now I think I remember that someone mentioned sleep
12:56 AM
@Neil Thanks
that's right I finally did it
@Neil sleep? what's that?
1:16 AM
Served on an octagonal plate obviously
@thejonymyster he knows too much. Seems we'll have to... reeducate him
@thejonymyster looks like all online interpreter services need a physical office
First the RTO department now this
1:21 AM
@lyxal just you wait until I figure out where I put Ginger Industries HQ
@GingerIndustries Not all people taste the same
@user Excuse me
I was going to make a yo mama joke but never mind
@user no no back up to the part where you know what people taste like
shit I never expected to say pt. 1
I mean if one person eats McDonald's for a week and another eats tofu for a week, their innards will taste different
1:25 AM
user image
It's like saying all chicken taste the same. Of course they don't taste the same, they're all unique animals with their own personalities and tastes
@pxeger I found the ATO building
It totally isn't an edit of a picture of the Australian Tax Office which just happens to have the same acronym
omg you just doxxed pxeger
Whenever you use ATO, an employee in the building runs your program and sends the results back
For each new language, a whole team of specialists are hired for running programs in that language
You know, that's a surprisingly fancy logo for a government building
@lyxal Ah, is the balding dude the COBOL guy? :P
1:28 AM
@user correct
@user I think it's an old logo - they seem to have moved to a new building
Could you get some blueprints for this building? I'd like to hack it
Why not?
I'm not gonna let you make me pay tax
Don't worry, I'll make all Australians but you pay tax
Because I obviously have the power to do this
1:30 AM
That's what they all say
All? :o
They all claim to be "working in my interests and they won't make me pay taxes"
But I know that they're just government officials trying to catch me out on tax evasion
Well guess what nerds? Lyxal ain't paying no tax
(for legal reasons that's a joke)
(even though I don't actually have any taxes to pay lol)
LMFAO what a loser not even earning money 😂🤣😂🤣 /s
Well at least I don't have any taxes due
Paying taxes is for nerds
Gamers dodge tax like they dodge women
> dodge tax evasion
1:33 AM
Gamers don't have to dodge women, y'all naturally repel them :P (/s)
2:12 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

FmbalbuenaMove the next greater number, with fewest fails to take everything Your task is to move the next greater number, with fewest fails to take everything A fail counts if a step is the lower number (not counting equal) The starting point is the top left corner Example: 1234 Can do like this >>> Bec...

Any Feedback?
2:23 AM
Q: Generate Matching Regexes

user197974Write a program that takes two lists of strings and generates a javascript regex that fully matches all the strings in the first list and matches none of the strings in the second list. To be specific when for all stings in the first list str.match(\[your-output]\) must produce a match for the fu...

1 hour later…
3:49 AM
1 -= x; // x = 1 - x
lvalue required
no what it should do is assign to the value of 1
so when you use the literal 1 in the future it yields the modified value
anyway i would like an inverse op-equals thing but it'd need to be unambiguous
so for eaxmple a -= b is a = a - b, a ? b is a = b - a, but it'd need a new symbol
@hyper-neutrino golfscript time
wait what
@taRadvylfsriksushilani wrong. x is assigned -1
96 -= x; // x = -69
Reversible javascript when?
4:00 AM
@hyper-neutrino Try it online!
@Razetime cursed
golfscript truly ahead of its time
4:12 AM
@hyper-neutrino a -@= b
?@= should just be reversed augmented assignment in general
@taRadvylfsriksushilani amazing, every imperative language should have it. Its just an amazing breakthrough, /s
i would assume that cursedness to be JS
@lyxal Following that logic, a <op>þ= b is a = outer_prouct_by(<op>, a, b)
Q: Is this hexagon symmetric?

alephalphaTLDR: This is the hexagonal version of Is this square symmetrical? Given a hexagonal grid, decide if it is symmetric. The shape of the grid is a regular hexagon. Each cell in the grid has two possible states. Let's only consider reflections and rotations. Here are all the possible symmetries: Re...

@NewPosts I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that no, it isn't symmetric.
no it is
4:22 AM
It really isn't
oh then i agree with you
thank you
4:41 AM
that's symmetric
@taRadvylfsriksushilani this would be a good feature, and is efficient in the sense that it turns what would be an obvious error into something useful
5:03 AM
@PyGamer0 reflect through the screen
every n dimensional object is symmetrical in >n dimensional space
6:05 AM
Q: Shortest way to coerce to array

ThomasReggiGiven a variable a (non array) or (any[]) convert to (any[]) function example(s: string | string[]) { const e = [...(Array.isArray(errors) ? errors: [errors])] return e }

@NewPosts just call vyxal.helpers.wrapify lol
6:29 AM
huh, that .flat() trick could come in handy all the time, but I've never seen it before
Arnauld's discovered it already, of course
(go give that some upvotes, +1 is not enough)
6:42 AM
...saw the deleted tip below it, and js has regex literals??
i assumed maybe not since the tip was deleted but then i tried it on tio and it worked
yep, it does
if i was making js id make regex literals == things they match
but not === ofc
@thejonymyster come to Ruby, where the exact inverse is true
i feel like that would make more sense than some of the other coercions == does
and yeah wait is there no shorter way to match than with the .exec
1 hour later…
8:56 AM
Fun fact: banging your head on a bit of wood hurts
9:39 AM
10:21 AM
@pxeger you got me
10:40 AM
@emanresuA idiot. Why'd you bang your head on wood? Gamers bang their heads on non-wood products 😎
And epic coders bang their heads on their laptops.
Maximum Epicness reached.
Wow ur cool and epic
🕶️👈🙂 Take my sunglasses because your maximum epic
thanks 🕶️👈➕ ➡️😎
what is inner product?
@PyGamer0 marketing nonsense for products.
10:51 AM
You know, like those products that claim to help you "get in touch with your inner product"
(it's a play on the concept of people wanting to "get in touch with their inner self")
@GingerIndustries Just realized that you can use my Antirickroll program to make my AntiAntiRickroll an AntiAntiAntiRickroll
CMC: Make a program, given an AntiAnti...Rickroll string to prefix an "Anti" only if the number of Anti's in the input is odd.
11:08 AM
lambda n:'Anti'*(len(n)/4%2)+n
Any byte-savings possible?
@ThisFieldIsRequired I get this error: TypeError: can't multiply sequence by non-int of type 'float'
probably meant to be in python 2
just add a / before the /
I never use python 2 on codegolf.
for that matter I never use python 2 at all.
@ThisFieldIsRequired nice
11:11 AM
You even return (if the number of Anti is even) GingerIndustries own program to annoy him
@lyxal thanks
11:28 AM
@lyxal then why hexagon is symmetric??? this is useless???
11:43 AM
Q: How many times can I skip a stone?

Wheat WizardLet's have an list of positive integers [6,1,9,3,7,4,6,3,2,7,6,6] this will represent a river. We would like to skip a stone across this river. We can throw the stone as far as we want and whatever number it lands on it will skip that many places. So if we start by throwing it 2 spaces, it wi...

2 hours later…
1:37 PM
just realised that I'm dumb
@mathcat I was halfway finished recording the clips for the film
and then of course, I had to change my pfp
@pxeger It has to prefix an Anti
yeah I thought it might, the prompt wasn't very clear to me
just add +s for 2 bytes then
You are disallowing me to make an AntiAntiRickroll
lambda s:'Anti'[:len(s)&4]+s
1:52 PM
ah thanks
2:10 PM
@mathcat welcome to the club 🤪
CMP: Emojis or emoticons
i like emoticons :D
i hate emojis D:
2:44 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AnttiPcode-golf Trap the hero in a maze You are an evil wizard, doing evil wizard business when suddenly your crystal ball alerts you of a hero on their way to defeat you. To crush their hopes and dreams, you decide to trap the hero in a maze. You could just make a big maze, but where would be the fun ...

I am back
@mathcat what did I do to deserve this
:) nothing
@mathcat then why did you do it
but now I have a new superweapon: lambda s:'Anti'[:len(s)&4]+s
@mathcat darn darn darn I need to get myself one of those
just a sec >:)
2:54 PM
@GingerIndustries I wanted to prevent you from using my own code against me >:)
lemme see if this stops my antirickroll
Ok. test time
it works
How can I star a conversation?
@mathcat Just star a message
oh ok
5. This video is cool
CMQ: Can a language that can take a finite (but unlimited) amount of input and give a finite (but unlimited) amount of output be Turing complete?
a Turing machine doesn't need any I/O other than halting
so yes
Oh great
@mathcat this is how many times do you rickroll?
or something?
3:22 PM
idk why?
What is 5?
A number?
Why you put 5?
extended this
6. "extended this"
@PyGamer0 Hi
3:26 PM
@PyGamer0 Do you know some golflangs? (not counting dinoux and flax)
i guess so
jelly and vyxal
7. Any feedback?
just out of curiosity, did log4shell affect code-golf? I was not here when it happened, and just today, I saw that StackOverflow blog post
3:29 PM
whats log4shell
do you mean log4j RCE
it was an exploit in log4j
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

FmbalbuenaMove the next greater number, with fewest fails to take everything Your task is to move the next greater number, with fewest fails to take everything A fail counts if a step is the lower number (not counting equal) The starting point is the top left corner Example: 1234 Can do like this >>> Bec...

3:30 PM
@smarnav i dont know, i dont think anything happened
except for some log4j discussions
hmm... I was just thinking that some language might have used it...
8. New Posts and Sandbox Posts messages
^ Then
Don't try this now
@smarnav why would golflangs use it lol
well maybe for debugging
what's log4j?
@mathcat Minecraft virus
3:33 PM
a logging library for an esolang java
@Fmbalbuena no lol
log4j -> logger for java
9. pings, Looks like green, so this is link to rickroll.
I am back
@GingerIndustries Try It Online!
ATO, pxeger's socks
51 1 4
@pxeger ^
2 hours later…
5:18 PM
I have all the screen recording clips for scene!
* 1
5:55 PM
@Neil When the matches are replaced by $*, why this makes number unary instead of *? I think $ is for escaping characters.
Ooh, I might repcap today!
@taRadvylfsriksushilani please can i gain 40 rep?
by 4 votes in my answers?
I'm not sure what you're asking me to do
I want to gain rep.
You can gain 40 rep from 4 upvotes, yes, but I won't just go upvote you because you ask me to
6:01 PM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani i downvoted your answer.
(jk, I will undo)
stop demanding people to do shit
votes are intended as a form of quality control
you upvote things you think are good and should be seen, you downvote things that you think are bad and that is SE's content rating system
people won't upvote you just because you asked them to
and you aren't allowed to downvote things just because you don't like the user
@hyper-neutrino sorry
I hate when I have an idea for a challenge but I just can't figure out how to word it
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Oh, i know that feeling
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Saturdays are weird. Sometimes I they are completely dead and sometimes I repcap seemly out of nowhere.
6:12 PM
Q: What if someone posts a translated answer of another Answer?

FmbalbuenaFor example, take a look at this answer, This answer is another answer but translated\$^1\$. What I should do if there is a translated Copy answer, Should I flag? 1 Only Language derivatives

see this is what you use downvotes for
@taRadvylfsriksushilani This is the answer^1 the most upvotes with 0 net score
1: answer, not question
@hyper-neutrino ???
@Fmbalbuena first of all, I don't care about upvotes to my answer, i spent literally 20 seconds on it. second of all, I didn't downvote your question
third of all, even if I downvoted your question, you upvoting me won't make me change that decision
1. HN was referring to the answer you linked to, not your question
2. This is exactly what HN was talking about with not bargaining with voting
6:18 PM
don't try to bribe me with votes, you're not gonna get anywhere with it, trust me
Also don't link answers in meta posts like that. The discussion can happen without it and when you include a link you are basically encouraging people to downvote a specific post.
@WheatWizard thanks
@Fmbalbuena depends on the Retina version. In Retina 0.8.2, $* is the character repetition operator. In Retina 1, * is the string repetition operator, and $* is a literal *
@Neil Why you used Retina and Charcoal to answer every challenge?
@hyper-neutrino i broke
6:42 PM
The bottom-most nomination on this doesn't have the name of the person who wrote the nomination. Should it be edited in, or are ""anonymous"" nominations fine?
("anonymous" in quotes because of revision history)
@Fmbalbuena because I like them more than other languages
Three people agree with you, so I'll post
Q: Is this continuous terrain? Part II

emanresu ACaves and Cliffs edition Part 1, Very related You're given a piece of ASCII art representing a piece of land, like so: /‾\ _ __ __/ _/ \‾ _/ __/‾\ | / / ‾\ | \_/‾ \_/ But unlike in the previous challenge, the terrain is mountainous, with caves and...

7:43 PM
Wait....wait...TIL a GET request to https://chat.stackexchange.com/message/ID gives you the content of that message
Hold on transcript diving to find something probably in TL
Try 51883819
I'm sure it'll 404 like private rooms usually do
Yeah, it did
But this is way easier than /events or parsing the transcript or message history for doing stuff with individual messages
8:13 PM
Well I've made 6 Best Of nominations today lol
Imagine if New Posts wins
8:44 PM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Original MD or HTMl?
HTML. All MD vanishes once your message reaches SE
The history contains MD
Well, aside from message history
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AnttiPOnly one from each set Your input is a set of sets of positive integers. For example: {{1}, {2, 3}, {2,4}, {1,4}} Your task is to output the maximal number of elements that can be picked from the sets with the following conditions: You can only pick at most 1 element from a set You can't pick t...

Someone upvoted an answer I'd nominated for best of CGCC...
Before I'd finished editing
8:53 PM
SE Nitro lets you read people's drafts
@mathcat nice
9:32 PM
TIL Tim Berners-Lee apologised for adding the // before the hostname
@Neil all wrongs have been righted. The world shall now end.
@taRadvylfsriksushilani and https://chat.stackexchange.com/messages/roomID/messageID gives you the source of the message
9:51 PM
@GingerIndustries Lemme go commit some wrongs to save the world then :P
@user wait no
Should I go kick some puppies? That's going to be a hard wrong to right
@Neil but why you like?
Join me, people! We shall destroy the world to save it!
9:52 PM
@user NOOO
I will not join you
I will join to ginger
@user I will join you
import world
I can use that nuke I got from @emanresuA I guess
@GingerIndustries You're saving the world, Ginger. Remember that while you're looting and plundering, it really helps you sleep at night
9:53 PM
are you sure this'll work?
@emanresuA del world
delete window.world
from world import antidestroy;antidestroy.protect()
@GingerIndustries If it doesn't, the world will end anyway. If it does, we get to do all sorts of illegal stuff for "the greater good"
The world is big, but window is bigger
9:54 PM
okay, if you're sure
sudo rm -rf --no-preserve-root /*
sudo heck User
@Fmbalbuena ImportError: sys.meta_path is None, the world is likely shutting down
@GingerIndustries No it's --no-preserve-root I think
@user why is that an option
wait better idea
sudo find / | shred
@user import world;world.unshutdown()
@GingerIndustries To protect idiots from doing sudo rm -rf /
9:56 PM
@user why would you ever need to delete root?
You don't
@user then why is that an option
That's the thing, someone may make a silly typo like sudo rm -rf / home/foo and you don't want / to be deleted
@GingerIndustries freedom
Oh are you saying that even sudo rm -rf --no-preserve-root / should not be allowed?
9:57 PM
@user YES
^^^ it's my computer, I can trash it if I like
import APL;APL.doeverythingexcept("importing world")
@user if you want to do that then @emanresuA is the person to ask
@user You can't execute Bash, because I hcked you.
9:59 PM
maybe you have the kernel loaded in RAM and you want to reformat the drive its on or something? or are a missile and will blow up soon and want to shred your drive in case you dont?

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@dzaima what kinda missile runs Linux
brand new sentence!
What kind of missile runs Windows?
@GingerIndustries Wait what?
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