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12:02 AM
> Jelly, 1 byte: l Licks the nearest plane according to your geographical coordinates when run
I like when I paste a Sandbox draft into the "Ask question" page and it suggests 3 of my own challenges as duplicates :/
It happens to me too, though most of the time they're only superficially similar
12:20 AM
Q: Reconstruct a recursively prime-encoded integer

caird coinheringaahingRecursively prime-encoded integers Consider \$11681169775023850 = 2 \times 5 \times 5 \times 42239 \times 5530987843\$. This isn't a nice prime factorisation, as \$42239\$ and \$5530987843\$ make it difficult to store this factorisation in a small manner. Being primes, we can't then factorise the...

As it appears the bots are down (@RedwolfPrograms, @hyper-neutrino)
well this is concerning
the bots are responding to status requests correctly
okay so I'm running my iteration of the bots right now, if there's double posting just ping me and trash the messages or smth
This could do with a final close vote
i'm busy so I can't guarantee i'm here 100% of the time to babysit the bots
if you check the sandbox, there are two instances running, but since redwolf's isn't posting messages here, i'm assuming its sockets are broken and it'll just stay non-functional
Q: Pointers/help for hosting my own programming language (with an interpreter written in Python)

Daniel H.I recently released my own programming language, Rattle, and now I'm looking to find somewhere to host it. It's already on the TIO waiting list but I don't think it'll get added any time in the near future (it's already been a year or so). Rattle's interpreter is written in Python as of right now...

New meta post - VTC as not on topic?
I've voted to close this as off topic as this isn't about Code Golf and Coding Challenges or it's main site. Feel free to ask for help on Stack Overflow or in chat, but meta isn't the appropriate place for such help questions — caird coinheringaahing 23 secs ago
@cairdcoinheringaahing any target for the new challenge for jelly
12:32 AM
@hyper-neutrino No, I didn't bother to solve it
@cairdcoinheringaahing VTD as Dupe
12:42 AM
@hyper-neutrino Correction: 9 bytes
Spoiler: there's a 2 byte way of checking if an element is a list or not
done :p
Otherwise, mine's the same except for µ -> $ :P
ah yeah i had extra stuff earlier and didn't want to have to re-copy the combinator so i just put a link separator down :P
12:47 AM
@hyper-neutrino Your explanation seems to be off a bit :P
fixed? i think? :p
i have a 7-byter in yuno (some features were implemented after this challenge but they are pretty standard) but it's the same as my jelly approach
should i just add it to my jelly one or post it
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Build a raw string
1:15 AM
@hyper-neutrino you might want to make the links from yuno not go to localhost...
1:55 AM
i thought i switched to the prod server to generate the permalinks lol
2:24 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerNumber of distinct shadow transforms code-golf sequence math number-theory Background Shadow transform of a 0-based integer sequence \$a(n)\$ is another 0-based integer sequence \$s(n)\$ defined with the following equation: $$ s(n) = \sum_{i=0}^{n-1}{(1 \text{ if } n \text{ divides } a(i), 0 \tex...

2 hours later…
4:52 AM
Pounds of flour please?
Or ounces of sugar?
hey why Nineteenth Bakery attempts to translate from Indonesian????
That's kinda obvious.
Wait, did one of my posts get started?
4:58 AM
@smarnav yes, these two
assuming you meant "starred", based on you getting the Talkative badge
plus why all messages in 19th bakery is starred?
because someone felt like star-spamming
and it's the trash room, so I don't care
5:23 AM
CMQ: Is sinh, cosh and tanh useful (in code golfing of course)?
I don't think I've ever used them in coding at all, even though APL has them as easily available as sin/cos/tan.
i can't even remember if i've used them in my uni math courses so far lol
and i'm quite confident i've never used them in coding much less golfing before
tanh was used in ash's flost division
tsh is a genius
5:39 AM
@PyGamer0 I also vote definitely not, given the things you can add instead
if you're making a golfing language it probably wouldn't hurt to add them as digraphs
i have sin cos tan and their inverses done
@PyGamer0 What are their symbols?
ms for sin mc for cos mt for tan and mS for arcsin and so on
5:46 AM
@PyGamer0 Would something like this be an idea? A single symbol for all of them, and a number as a selector. Gives you plenty of functions with just two chars.
in a stack based language, taking two number arguments oftentimes involves a space
you don't need to take two arguments tho
although, unless you have more than 256, i think a digraph would probably work better for most applications
though you might have situations where being able to take some input as a numerical representation and get a corresponding function can be golfy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Well, numeric selectors have the benefit of allowing you to e.g. map over them, so in APL you can get the "area" of an angle A (sin A×cos A) with ×/1 2○A or even 1 2×.○A
hm, making that sounds complex,but it's pretty neat
@Razetime isn't that only if you're writing out both of them
5:53 AM
...so that's the rationale for apl doing trig that way
because the kind of thing you might need one of those functions for you're just as likely to need multiple of them for
Try e.g. a trig table with ¯9 1 2 3∘.○.1×⍳31
i feel like borrowing that seems like a great idea for stack languages
what does and mean?
@PyGamer0 not much
cos, sin tan and their inverse co. sometimes useful
But the hyperbolic ones not sp much
@Ausername wasn't that invented by Delfad0r
6:04 AM
Oh maybe
They all look good.
Does anyone know how to 'escape' in V, the vim-golf lang?
@Bubbler I think the first one could benefit from an example of actually generating the first few terms
But the others look great!
how to convert my language to use SBCS
@PyGamer0 define a SBCS first
while parsing, only execute token if it is in SBCS
otherwise error or do nothing
do nothing is best
6:31 AM
when writing byte counter, count 1 byte for each token in SBCS, for other tokens count more bytes
@Wasif hmmm ok then
i will add that later
be sure to choose beautiful glyphs
and of course include printable ASCII in your SBCS
@Wasif the idea of a SBCS is that if you gave it raw bytes, it would still work. The fancy glyphs are just a convenient representation
Hence why it's only 256 chars
I meant choosing such characters that are easy to remember
6:59 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

EnderShadow8Min/max unique characters code-challenge Write a program which maximises the amount of unique characters in its input while minimising the number of unique characters in its source. The program must halt. Functions for converting a character code to its character in any encoding is disallowed. Yo...

7:28 AM
@PyGamer0 yeah, I don't think you need to know those
like, at all
as a math fanatic, they don't come up very often, if at all
@wasif new profile picture?
looks like it
@lyxal what if I have 257+ commands?
@StackMeter digraphs
256 chars doesn't necessarily mean 256 commands max
you can have overloads too
@lyxal yeah
7:34 AM
@StackMeter you can have them too
you need to count two byte per all if you need non diagraphs
@lyxal thx
eh, I'll take the 2 byter's
is whitespace counted as SBCS
and many of the chars should have some form of "syntactic effect", which means they may be not quite "commands". Simple concatenation of flat commands can only get so far
like should i add that in my codepage
7:36 AM
@PyGamer0 yes
If you intend to use whitespace in the source code, it should definitely be in the codepage
you need to add whitespace in codepage
but don't set whitespace to any command
that will be irritating
Not having space in the SBCS means your code is not allowed to have spaces. Same goes for newlines
just make space and newline
7:37 AM
do nothing
Is δ (double vectorise) just outer product in 05AB1E?
Sounds like one of zipwith or outer product
bye for now
@Bubbler turns out it's zipwith
7:57 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Recursive Co.The Great Betting Game code-golf game Your task is to create either a console "app" or a function which allows the user to bet on certain numbers or retract a bet. Bets Your program or function will prompt for a command after an action, and the bet is the most important, crucial to the operatio...

depending on how your syntax works newline should probably do something
space doing nothing is conventional but (again depending on how your syntax works) you could consider making it more than a token separating nop--could be as simple as being the actual identity function which you can then apply your adverbs to, or maybe it could do whatever the hell it does in japt
i'm personally considering space being equivalent to jelly's µ
8:14 AM
no space does nothing; (except in strings where it acts as a ... space). Newline termintates comments.
are you entirely sure you even want comments
they can be handy (if occasionally a bit lame) for source layout stuff but :/
i guess there's no real reason not to have a digraph for comments but i would recommend against spending an entire codepoint on them
Comments are cool
I have a dedicated comment character
You totally should too
i say if you're making a golfing language don't bother with comments
vyxal's main shtick is being readable and having normal language things
J, one of the 1st gen "golflangs", has a trigraph for line comment
wouldn't recommend it for other langs
8:28 AM
Never noticed that was three charas
apl uses amogus lamp, ⍝
@AviFS "Charas"
That has a whole totally different meaning for undertale fans
@rak1507 sussy 😳😳😳😳🤣
have some real fun and make your comment dodecagraph PLEASE DON'T
8:37 AM
well; i am at a good stage for my lang.
here is an answer to https://codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/228953/create-an-ascii-line-given-a-length
@Razetime snanms ungertanil
:58408214 that's a lot more bytes than \ :P
ī;©(;®-⊢p `×p\`+ṭ-1), 20 chars (SBCS)
is it meant to be a golfing lang?
8:39 AM
not very short
wow my answer beat julia
they probably need to golf it more
@Razetime ?
@Adám sans
@Adám Sans from undertale, who you only fight if you do a genocide route
Also, dang, I just got out golfed in my own language. I went to do pygamer's challenge in Vyxal and got 10 bytes with 3 flags, only to see that hyper has 4 bytes with 2 flags and that a stone arachnid has 6 bytes with 1 flag. Amazing
8:46 AM
@lyxal boo explaining it
@Razetime Adam doesn't seem like the kind of person who knows what undertale is
well here is the explaination of the thing:
ī      # Input (STDIN) and push to stack
;      # Dup the top of the stack
©(     # Copy the top into registor and start while loop
  ;    # Dup the top of the stack
  ®    # Push the registor on the stack
  -    # Subtract
  ⊢    # Get the absolute value
  p `  # Push ' ' to the stack
  ×    # Multiply the top 2 elements on the stack
  p\`  # Push '\'
  +    # Add top 2 elements
  ṭ    # Pop and print top of stack
  -1   # Subtract from top of the stack
)      # End of while loop
@lyxal I think someone mentioned it before in connection with Sans, but I forgot already.
I'm not a very well-educated person when it comes to modern culture. The other kids made fun of me in high school, for not knowing about pop music etc.
@UnrelatedString codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/230269/103854 <- i can use for explaining
9:02 AM
@lyxal I honestly had that exact answer, then saw hyper's.
how does one make nested bullet point lists when writing a question
 - something
    - something else
I think
so you add a tab or four spaces
Or possibly three.
do KoTHs normally have walls of text
9:11 AM
I'm writing my KoTH and I just realised the wall of text I put in
I'll send you the link once I finis
@lyxal let him do da important research
@Adám welcome to the club
I was only into classical music at the time.
9:26 AM
kparc writer absolutely destroys the imitation game
@Razetime oof
I was very surprised it didn't exist...
@UnrelatedString Hatred uses IGNORE THIS PLEASE as comment delimiters :P
Well his avatar does look like someone who ate too much butter
@Ausername no feedback, looks ready
@UnrelatedString just use #
9:37 AM
no-one has hashtag as anything but a comment, or a wall in 2D langs
Lots of languages use # to mean things other than a comment
Q: What's missing (aka the vanilla set difference challenge)

A usernameWrite a program which takes two arrays of positive integers as input. One of them (your choice which) will have one item missing compared to the other. Your program must figure out what is missing. Rules You can choose which array has one missing: You can take ordinary then missing or vice versa....

@StackMeter Javascript: Excuse me...
@Ausername no I don't get it
9:43 AM
JS uses # for private fields for some reason
it's proposed
but not finalized yet
10:01 AM
CMC: Common array operators? (for esolangs)
10:40 AM
@PyGamer0 take a look at this and this and see what you think
10:52 AM
@StackMeter why are the weights random
is everyone's weight the same
also if you're making a python controller, feel free to host your base code on github @StackMeter
11:12 AM
@lyxal what is vectorised?
@PyGamer0 that just means that the element is applied to every item if the given argument(s) are list(s)
Hi everyone
@PyGamer0 vectorise everything
@Ausername Easy to figure out how it works. That the XOR of two equal numbers is zero
But not easy to think of that idea in once
11:17 AM
Yes,but ingenious to think of
@wasif Are you the same Wasif?
@RecursiveCo. yes
I am the same wasif
Wow, nice pfp!
@wasif other than that
@RecursiveCo. thx
Had to search for a lot of time
11:19 AM
where is the picture from?
Detective conan
@PyGamer0 flatten, wrap (combine few elements in stack as a single list), unwrap (opposite of wrap)
Head/tail extract
Wait does Vyxal have unwrap?
11:23 AM
Is it newly added
(the division symbol, not the caret)
@wasif nope
been around since Keg
Will be helpful
hi all
trying to implement fractional knapsack in python is hurting my head
11:32 AM
So I've got a version of a program that works for even inputs, and a version that works for odd inputs. Time to merge them...
@Anush o/
@Ausername which program
You'll see in a minute or two.
inb4 vyxal answer that i ez golf \s ;p
@Razetime the weights are random but in the same range.
It's weird that a simplish challenge like that only has 4 (5 now) answers
11:44 AM
if it works, it works
that's all that matters
Who cares that it will run out of memory for any testcase greater than 0.1.
You are still putting inhuman efforts in vyxal answers
I want to put some too
Go ahead
Fork this query to get unsolved challenges in any language
@StackMeter fair playing field would be nice for weights
12:12 PM
ok I'll change it
Also message for JS fans
a a a
v v v
a a a
c c c
r r r
i i i
p p p
t t t
s s s
u u u
c c c
c c c
u u u
s s s
t t t
p p p
i i i
r r r
c c c
a a a
v v v
a a a
A cancerous way of saying Javascript Sucks
Let's form this into a CGCC challegne
Given a text
eh not interesting enough i would say
maybe a CMC
Output it in @StackMeter 's way
network connection sucks
@EliteDaMyth why?
12:27 PM
maybe post it to the sandbox and see what others say
12:39 PM
@wasif already done
@StackMeter "Programming Language Police Reform" to stop racial attacks against JavaScript would be appreciated.
CMC: Implement bubble sort.
would it be racial?
It's a joke
i know
but we need to come up with a better word for it
12:50 PM
@PyGamer0 nooooooo
> racial attacks against JavaScript
@EliteDaMyth i dont think; i am telling to implement bubble sort
without any quirks / restrictions
CMM: I want to do this challenge again, but with 95% accuracy, Indonesian and English instead of Spanish and English, and any method instead of just regex. Would that still be a repost?
the question is still open with a higher accuracy threshold
but what does "any method" mean
@Razetime any form of detection?
12:58 PM
Just making it a normal code golf challenge open to all languages instead of restricting it to regex
other than regex
IMO no because I know the language, and Indonesian words are quite predictable. Prefix ke- as an example, and also since a lot of words end with u, it would be quite interesting.
so make a function or anything
that'd be alright
Also note -an or -in (makanan)
12:58 PM
our indonesian expressjs enjoyer has spoken
@user no one has done it with 90% accuracy yet it seems
but you can select indonesian words with none of those attributes and it might work
needs a ton of segregation and files tbh
I would like to see answers!
@Razetime Not an enjoyer because I'm from there
I mean I enjoy the language but it's kind of my mother tongue...
Honestly, the only reason I wanted to write that challenge is so that I could name it something from one of the IGS posts
12:59 PM
Oh lol
@Anush Write some yourself :P
@user I am still fighting fractional knapsack! :)
and btw I no longer use expressjs
only http.createServer
@RecursiveCo. Why not? I remember it being pretty nice
Just personal taste, I guess
1:06 PM
Are we allowed to ask for feedback on sandboxed challenges here?
Yes, it is encouraged to do so
Yes, it's encouraged
Let's see it!
1:07 PM
> You haven't voted on questions in a while; questions need votes too!
@IanH. how accurate should the output be
rounded to nearest .5 hour ?
Nice! Just one question, could we input day, hour and do we need the minutes/seconds?
ah yeah right month and year are superfluous since we're only counting till weekend
you can remove those from the input format
@Razetime Mhh, that's a good question, since representing hours as decimals can get messy :p I'd say rounded to the nearest quarter of an hour, what do you think?
ok, nearest quarter sounds fine
1:10 PM
@Razetime I don't think they are superfluous, since they indicate which day of the week it is, right?
@IanH. you can either remove month and year, or you can remove the name of the day before them
The name of the day in the test cases was just an example, resulting from JS automatically formatting it that way; input can be received in any reasonable format for date and time
eitherway the most likely format people would want is day number(indexed from sunday or monday) and time during the day
Razetime's suggestion sounds reasonable
Would also like some feedback on this
Sounds reasonable, yeah
I'll check it in a second, just gonna rewrite my post then rq
1:14 PM
It's a long one, good luck ;)
@RecursiveCo. if we choose a function, can we take the bets as different arguments
instead of a string in the format bet n n
so like a(4, 9) for a range if a is the function?
Quick question, do you think day number should be indexed from Sun or Mon?
1:16 PM
A: "Hello, World!"

tail spark rabbit earBrainCrash, 14 bytes. Note that this is NOT Braincrash; this is also a Brainfuck-variant, with these expansions: The first 13 cells are initially Hello, world!. Automatically implicit output. Four logical operators. Here is the program: >>>>>>^<<<<<<< What it does Move to space. ^ is mem[ptr+...

or a(4) if only 1 number instead of range
Sorry, not sure I understand what the arguments are. Do you mean rest parameters?
So app([5,9],'retire',[4]) might be better=
i was thinking something like app(5,9,'retire',4)
and change the 9 to 0 if there is no range
It looks like it would actually make things harder
1:19 PM
My post is still very new, so feedback is expected progressively.
I'll wait 4 days or something
also, can we use "random" number through the (new Date%9)+1
or does it have to be Math.random()
I think "random" follows the consensus on meta
@user what's CMM
Chat mini meta
1:25 PM
Q: What are our specific abbreviations and terms?

AdámNewcomers to codegolf.SE are often compelled to ask what many of our abbreviations and terms mean. Let us list them here so this information always will be easily available. Return to FAQ index

@user whats this
just a dk clone?
idk what dk is
Oh, donkey kong? Yeah
It was an April Fools thing
1:49 PM
I thought I could gain rep and badges from it
I'm sad now

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