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12:00 AM
There is a version of a quick that sometimes works for that
Recursion in Vyxal is painful
If that was an <if-false><condition><quick> quick, that'd be better
i'm guessing it's ¡ / С
@hyper-neutrino Yeah, if condition returns 1/0, then ¡ works
oh wait, >10 and >9 aren't any different here
cuz 10 can't be a prime factor anyway
well i have this now, i think that's probably what you have
12:02 AM
That doesn't help here tho cause of
@hyper-neutrino I used 9 (8 always works), but yes :P
7 should work too right? :P
Yes, as 7 > 7 is false
i was thinking you had some bytesave with like
chopping one digit off and seeing if the remaining digit list was truthy
12:06 AM
@Ausername I was trying that as well, and was only getting rec depth errors
DḊ generally isn't shorter than <⁵
@Underslash I think it's because of the way map lambdas work
Jun 7 at 13:14, by lyxal
I think this message is high quality, yet it doesn't have 5+ stars.
@Razetime Congrats on hitting 1k on Codidact!
That's especially impressive considering how little activity Codidact has
12:25 AM
yeah, nice one
1:14 AM
I found a sequence not in the OEIS, but I'm not sure if it's interesting enough to submit
Basically, you take the binary representation of a number, split it on 0s, and count the number of digits in each position. For example, 11 (1011) would become 1 and 11, and then [2, 1]. Then you just flatten it.
It starts with 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 1
1:30 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing woop woop
Made this while I was bored, hold space to reverse gravity
Does that add gravity to cgcc
No, it makes drawings like this:
1:45 AM
When you reverse the gravity at regular intervals, it looks suspiciously like a sine wave
@RedwolfPrograms where's the import antigravity line?
well for small values of x, x=x^2 is basically true, and x=sin(x) is true
wait gravity follows a parabolic curve right
that's how physics works right
ok good :p
Either that or I'm wrong too but the physics in this works like that :p
1:49 AM
gravity has constant acceleration so linearly changing velocity so quadratically changing position
that's how integrations work if i'm not stupid
so yeah it should be right :p
@Razetime Now that I know meta posts give rep, Imma catch you quick :P
yeah so since sin(x) = x = x^2, this is basically a sine wave
@RedwolfPrograms How was the flight? Any crash landings?
No, it was quite boring :p
That is how I'd describe most flights I've been on :P
I think I typically fly around 8 times a year for 18 years, and the most interesting thing was the movies I've watched on those flights :P
1:51 AM
flights are one of those things where typically you'd rather it be boring :P
I was kinda hoping we'd crash land in the ocean or something to make it more fun, but oh well
@hyper-neutrino In real life yes. In my flight simulator no, boring flights are boring :P
(joking of course)
@cairdcoinheringaahing true :p
It isn't fun unless you're shooting at some passenger jet because ATC told you to
(Virtual, simulated flight only. I've never shot a passenger jet irl :P)
1:53 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing well have fun
I'm most likely closer to Lyxal's time zone right now than my own :p
Are you in Hawaii?
Good guess
Some sort of vacation I guess
1:55 AM
@RedwolfPrograms I figured that nowhere I can think of is accepting international travel, and Hawaii is the most eastern place you're likely to go (Alaska isn't too interesting in summer, especially not for 15yo on vacation)
Anchorage is beautiful, but it's not everyone's cup of tea
My family dragged me along, I don't particularly care to be here lol
Do you not enjoy going on vacation?
Even during whatever lockdown Hawaii has, it's got to be somewhat fun
It's not really my thing I guess, it's a bit more fun than being at home on my laptop but it's also more work :p
I'm just lazy, basically
Also, are OSP/NP/SP still running while you're away?
They should be, I didn't do anything to my server.
2:00 AM
does JS have an all function?
If anything comes up, HN takes over for NP/SP for the next week (?) I'm guessing then? :P
@hyper-neutrino every (if you mean the array one)
oh that's what it's called. okay thanks
any is called some then i'm guessing
@cairdcoinheringaahing I can SSH, although I guess if my house gets hit by an asteroid I can always have HN run their copy of NP/SP :p
2:02 AM
I know those Two entirely from Arnauld's answers :P
I wish there was a none
@RedwolfPrograms If the reason for the bots failing is meteorites hitting your house, maybe you should find out why so many are hitting you in particular :P
I'm super magnetic or something, the doctors said not to worry about it :p
That explains why every compass in Texas points to a small town in West (?) Texas :P
Don't worry, the asteroids will hit Redwolf, so OSP/NP/SP will all survive.
2:11 AM
Oh wow, the blog post is at +20
@RedwolfPrograms travel a further 9000km and youll be pretty much in my backyard
@RedwolfPrograms That's actually quite nice!
fun fact: JoKing is the closest to my timezone
You're not joking?
me is lyxal
2:14 AM
@lyxal Both of you + Redwolf are closest to me (-2 / +2)
(redwolf right now, in hawaii)
It's yesterday for redwolf
And it's past noon today for both of us
I'm UTC-10:00
Yeah, and I'm utc+10
Currently 4:20 on 06-20 for me
Also funny time hehe
@lyxal 2:20 pm for me
2:20 AM
@Ausername even caird is closer than redwolf
@Ausername that's what I said
It's past noon for you and me
Closer if you're just counting the hours though
And geographically
@RedwolfPrograms how is it the 20th?
Googling time in Hawaii shows its the 19th
Oh wait it's the 19th
My watch is on a third time zone
2:21 AM
You're in the past
I'm not sure where
Or the future
@RedwolfPrograms it can't be 4pm on the 20th yet
I used the time from one clock and the date from another :p
A username is utc+12 isn't that the furtherest Timezone?
@RedwolfPrograms ah
Well played
2:24 AM
Let's 11 one hemisphere of the world to fix this minor inconvenience with time zones
You can't just prey on my laziness like that
The editing was kind of a giveaway
I made that a while ago and it's still useful
That's what got me to click it without checking lol
The edit
I was going to copy the URL, but I figured "if I wait a second they'll just edit and fix it"
2:29 AM
Wait you actually clicked it? lol.
2:42 AM
@lyxal i'm pretty sure you're the only one that makes this joke at this point
You two realise you've probably been nearby each other at some point without either of you knowing?
do they live in the same / nearby parts of australia?
i don't think i've ever been to newcastle
Has Lyxal ever been to Brisbane?
i haven't been to Brisbane either lol
i live in Sydney, home of 70% of the australian landmarks you'd recognise
2:48 AM
sydney, the place i have to keep reminding myself isn't the capital
(as well as melbourne, the only other place i can really quickly name off the top of my head without thinking)
@hyper-neutrino nah, that's in the ACT, the territory that Australians have to keep reminding themselves that it exists
@Ausername yes
And only to the airport
@hyper-neutrino same state
But joking is south of me
who do i ping for this again? /r/MapsWithoutTasmania/
2:52 AM
@JoKing this is true
Can con
Risk has no NZ on its map!
@Ausername I don't think so
Last time I was in Sydney was several years ago
@Ausername yes, there is also /r/MapsWithoutNZ/
I mean, even if you have been in the same state or even the same city doesn't mean you've probably passed by each other.
2:55 AM
@lyxal and even then, I was in central while JoKing is (iirc) in western Sydney
i'm not a peasant
Heck, someone on SE I've talked to lives in the same city as me right now and I doubt we've come near each other - granted, I wouldn't know, and unless we talked to each other I wouldn't even realize if we'd passed each other in the past, but I still somewhat doubt it lol
Has anyone here ever been to NZ?
@JoKing the point is that we were in different parts of Sydney
3:08 AM
   function minimum(value) {
      if (toString.call(value) !== "[object Array]")
      return false;
      return Math.min.apply(null, value);
this is truly cursed
even by standards of JS
@Ausername Me and the boys on our way to destroy Hawaii
@hyper-neutrino Yes
@hyper-neutrino can't you just check for length == 0?
No 'cos string does be has length
that isn't a length check
3:10 AM
But you're checking for an empty list there though right?
toString.call([]) === "[object Array]"
@hyper-neutrino wait that's type checking
yep .-.
W... Why?
that's what Array.isArray is for
@lyxal funny
3:12 AM
I stay away from that part of JS.
can't you drop BA and AB for the second example case
or do different box types have to have at least one space between them
Wdym? A single step can only have one type of boxes. I'll add that.
> A step consists of dropping a row of boxes of the same type onto the current pile.
you already have this, but
oh wait never mind
i misread a conjunction
okay never mind this makes sense now
3:18 AM
I'll leave it a bit longer just in case. Time to go Vyxaling!
@user Thanks for the support, but it's currently going through major restructuring, so it's not ready to accept PRs yet. Also, I've been uploading build outputs manually to the gh-pages branch, which will be replaced by Netlify CI/CD anyway. See issue #2 for details
3:41 AM
tfw you write a 78-line-long javascript function and it works first-try
If you know javascript well enough...
right but even in python i usually run into at least a couple bugs with anything i write even if it's only like 20 lines
That's because Python.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

EnderShadow8Iterated ultimatum koth Each round, players are paired. One player is the Proposer and the other is the Receiver. The Proposer must choose a number x such that 0 < x < 100. The Receiver must then Accept or Reject this offer. If accepted, the Proposer gains x points and the Receiver gains 100 - x...

1 hour later…
5:00 AM
Hello everyone
@Wasif starts grooving
Stoopid, there ain't no X flag :p
5:31 AM
Q: Venn of \$n\$ statements

l4m2Given positive integer \$n\$, output \$n\$ 2D bool images with same width and height such that: each image should be 4-connected, i.e. for each two pixels that are true, you can start from one and go up, down, left and right for some times to the other pixel, only passing through true pixels. ea...

Just need 5 more rep to reach 8k...
@NewPosts I have no idea what this is asking...
I first thought we need to draw Venn diagram of few sets
ok but where does the term "component" come from?
and the third item makes no sense
what does 4 connected mean?
5:46 AM
it means the "on" cells are a connected graph by von neumann neighborhood connectivity
i see
now it makes some sense
6:00 AM
note that a single unconnected point is also valid
ok xnor suggests component is a misspelling of complement
that would make this make perfect sense. i had no idea what this was even trying to say otherwise
2 hours later…
7:51 AM
@Wasif I've also had Vyxal sr, Vyxal jr, Vyxal jar, and some more...
lol nice choosing of flags
8:07 AM
@hyper-neutrino Correct me if I'm wrong, but you've been in the same house as someone on SE, while you've both been chatting in TNB before, no?
@cairdcoinheringaahing well yes :p
also good morning
i really should sleep
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

mathCount my Pluses Your task is, to count how many pluses I have. What Pluses? The no plus: 0 Points - The naïve Plus: 1 Point + The double Plus: 2 Points + +++ + The mega double plus: 3 Points + +++ + + + + +++++++++ + + + + +++ + Rules Input will only con...

Any feedback?:
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

pxegerTo raise \$ e \$ to the power of a matrix code-golf math matrix Inspired by this 3Blue1Brown video Given a square matrix \$ M \$, compute its matrix exponential \$ \exp(M) \$, which is defined as $$ \exp(M) = \sum_{r=0}^\infty \frac {M^r} {r!} = M^0 + M^1 + \frac 1 2 M^2 + \frac 1 6 M^3 + \cdots ...

Same question:
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

mathCount my Pluses Your task is, to count how many pluses I have. What Pluses? The no plus: 0 Points - The naïve Plus: 1 Point + The double Plus: 2 Points + +++ + The mega double plus: 3 Points + +++ + + + + +++++++++ + + + + +++ + Rules Input will only con...

the bot has already posted that
8:21 AM
@pxeger oh i see
can't delete that now
@pxeger Looks good
yay! Just reached 8k rep!!!
@math Don't forget to say that they can overlap
@Wasif Nice!
@Ausername you are supposed to cross me soon
No, I've just been posting lots of challenges lately (4 in the last few days)
8:24 AM
thats my total network rep
no that's network rep
sum of rep on all sites with substantial rep (i forget the threshold)
wow mine is 2.8k
8:25 AM
8:43 AM
@hyper-neutrino 200, same as for the assoc bonus
Otherwise I think I'd have around 50k network rep, cause I have about 40 sites where I've only got an account to flag something :P
@Ausername vyxal jar
How dare you omit me
I probably forgot a few other people though
Because I made it on mobile and it was painful getting each picture
8:59 AM
@lyxal Thank you for not including me in the Vyxal jar, it looks cramped
@lyxal Love it
9:19 AM
@lyxal I approve of this picture
You're looking a bit squashed though
no problem
Here's the original Vyxal jar, I was honestly thinking of trying to trick people by going --jar=1 or something.
CMC: bijection between non-negative integers and byte strings
(note: base-256 encoding is invalid because 00 ff would decode to 256, the same as ff)
9:39 AM
@pxeger So basically enumeration of Excel's columns, except using 256 characters instead of the 26 letters, no?
that's one way to look at it, yes
1–255 correspond to 00–FF and 256–511 correspond to 0000–FF00 (or in reverse; doesn't matter) etc.
not 511, but 65792 I think
(65536 + 256)
well depends on the order actually, I suppose
Nope, there are only 256 strings of 2 bytes of which the second byte is 00
yeah, I thought you meant 0000-0100-0200-...-FF00
so it depends on which byte you increment first
9:44 AM
Which doesn't matter.
indeed it doesn't
Actually, I might be off by one, as the empty string needs to be 00
I can say you don't need to handle the empty string, because a bijection between nonnegative integers and positive integers is trivial
if string == empty: return 0; else: return bijection(string) + 1
@pxeger Can we represent the strings as integer lists?
lists of integers 0-255, yes sure
9:53 AM
@pxeger So what is the answer format? Two functions, one for each direction? Can we answer with a single function that can translate both ways?
@pxeger Assuming the latter, Extended Dyalog APL, 11 bytes: 255…⍛⌂adic⊢ Try it online!
@Adám either
So good to post then?
10:07 AM
very good to post
it's hard to write a sandbox post that gets 6 upvotes and isn't good to post
yeah you have six upvotes on the proposal
Wow. Another Necromancer.
Posting time then.
10:10 AM
Q: Drop some boxes

A usernameSay I have a pile of boxes: AAA BBB I can create it in two steps: BBB ↓ (empty) --- AAA ↓ BBB But with this: AB BA I need three steps: A ↓ (empty pile) --- BB ↓ A --- A ↓ B BA Your challenge Given a pile of boxes, output the minimum number of steps needed to create that pile. A step co...

10:30 AM
@pxeger so basically bijective base 256
10:43 AM
hi all
10:59 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

l4m2Solve Encode a Lenguage with score 0. Shortest code wins. Quine rule applies. Unlikely posted.

@SandboxPosts Wow that's short
CMC Implement a linear solution to the fractional knapsack problem
@Anush "linear" as in "linear complexity"?
@Adám yes.
sorry for the missing word :(
> However, by adapting an algorithm for finding weighted medians, it is possible to solve the problem in time O(n).⁽²⁾
11:13 AM
@Adám yes
but we need code! :)
as far as I can see there is no such code on the internet currently
11:56 AM
@SandboxPosts are incomplete drafts allowed in sandbox
@Wasif Yes, just clearly mark as WIP.
2 hours later…
1:47 PM
2:28 PM
doeesn't the top answer have a pretty proper algo
2:52 PM
trying to decide how to do zero division for my new language
1/0 should be inf, -1/0 should be -inf - but, how should i/0 or like (1+i)/0 work? also should 0/0 give NaN or just 0
@hyper-neutrino 0/0 could also be 1.
One thing we know for sure is that 0/0 is a number.
either 0 or 1, not sure which would be a golfier one to go with overall
although i don't often rely on zero-division behavior in golfing so idk
Wolfram Alpha uses ∞̃ to indicate complex infinity.
i think 1 is enough
unless your implementation language already has a defined value for 0/0 it makes sense to have 1
okay thanks
2:58 PM
Maybe an easier-to-rely-on system is to say that all division by 0 give 0.
@hyper-neutrino Will you have signed 0?
seems like dyalog apl gives 1
that's one thing i was thinking of (x/0=0 for all x), but there's a jelly answer from jonathan allan where it relies on pos/zero=inf and is golfier than my initial approach
Jelly and Stax give NaN
@Adám no
@Razetime You can set ⎕DIV←1 to make all divisions by 0 give 0.
2:59 PM
Husk gives Any
@Adám how is that a thing?!
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