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12:00 AM
@hyper-neutrino Good choice, WTFPL is the superior license
@cairdcoinheringaahing hmm, I'd better not say that about my latest answer then...
12:30 AM
Any objections to making this officially part of the ?
Not from me! That looks like a great idea, I didn't even know we had that!
+1 from me to making it FAQ (ofc)
1:01 AM
@Neil Fun fact: that was the 230000th post on the site: 230000 :P
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

tail spark rabbit earConvert codepoint to UTF-9 UTF-9 was an April Fool's Day RFC joke specifications for encoding Unicode suitable for 9-bit nonet platforms. Challenge Your task is to implement a program or a function or a subroutine that takes one integer, who represents the codepoint of a character, to return a se...

1:37 AM
@Peilonrayz Wait, which comment? The one under the brainfuck code review? I can still see it
@JoKing Sorry, yes the comment is back again. We found a way to undelete the comment, after the comment was deleted.
cool. i bet it got autocensored because i was a new user and it had the word "fuck" in it
Oh, yeah... I'm pretty slow. Didn't realize that until now
Hello everyone
Do y'all have a standard greeting? I know CR say "Monking" and room 6 say cbg
1:51 AM
@Peilonrayz no
Ah, ty
Wow we have record 30 users here now
There was 31 earlier
I see
@Peilonrayz we don't have any standard or common greeting everyone just kinda says whatever
I think Wasif tends to use "hello everyone", Redwolf usually greets with the current time of day, and I usually don't reply to greetings and don't say anything when I enter just for the sake of it, but I occasionally will welcome users who are uncommon/new visitors to TNB
2:01 AM
Makes sense, I'm guessing the two rooms I've frequented are the anomalies
I tried making a new greeting each morning once
It got kinda hard being original
Just do be original like this:
Apr 27 at 12:58, by Redwolf Programs
Redwolf: Good morning.
Lyxal: Good morning.
Razetime: Good morning.
caird: You all sound like robots, try spicing it up a bit.
Is this the new "times been on drugs"?
I think an apostrophe is important in that sentence lol
@lyxal I've been making a chat bot, and making the anti-freeze messages original is a significant challenge. Only got like 5 messages D:
2:04 AM
Use a markov chain (or something more fancy) of an active room :p
@RedwolfPrograms markov chains? Those are for kids
@Peilonrayz maybe; I don't really know the culture of most rooms :P from what I can see (which is not too much to be fair) 2nd monitor seems to have a lot less activity (or a lot higher amount of bot activity at least) and not too many people - this room is one of if not the most active chat room on this network, and everyone saying greetings would get a bit too cluttered
Ah yes, markov chain... I should probably learn how to code at some point. Might do me some good
i actually discourage announcing one's entrance or exit without good reason in the chatiquette though it's not very disruptive to just say "hi" and I don't want to seem like I hate fun or chatter - it's chat after all, and we can't really say TNB is productive xD
@RedwolfPrograms real gamers use big boy AI
2:07 AM
actually, it's only comparably recently that we even authorized bots to exist in this room
Now we have four :p
@hyper-neutrino Yeah the 2nd is quite quiet. Doesn't help 75% of the active users suddenly have diamonds now too D:
@RedwolfPrograms I feel like I should inform you that the bots are running from my server right now and I think your instance is dead
That would've been good to know lol
2:08 AM
i only just remembered
because you were away and wouldn't be up for a while so I just started my copy and then forgot to tell you since I went to sleep :P
@hyper-neutrino I try to greet by replying/clarifying something someone said while I was gone :P
@hyper-neutrino absolute gamer
Glad you mentioned it now, I'm not going to be online much (if at all) for the next week
@hyper-neutrino previously I tended to use sup
@RedwolfPrograms nice small TNB fanfic you can try to extend it
@Wasif It was auto-generated by a site :p
2:10 AM
Oh sorry it was transcript
I'm going to add an endpoint to my website that restarts the bots
@Wasif it was an incorrect quote generator
@Peilonrayz Starring culture outside of TNB is interesting. IIRC, 2nd has 4x the stars as us, but most of them are only 2/3 stars
Tavern is the same - their starboard is mostly single/doubles. We generally get fewer starred messages, but regularly hit 6/7/8
What the frick?!
@lyxal nice
> self signed certificate in certificate chain
@RedwolfPrograms where
2:12 AM
But i don't think it was generated
Hey why TNB reposts edited messages?
That'll be poor internet connection
My internet connection is very strong now
Bots are now back online
That is quite a strange issue, no idea what happened
@Wasif Are you sure? If there's message duplication, it's almost always connectivity problems
I think it was an MitM attempt
2:13 AM
What is MitM
Man-in-the-middle attack
I see
@cairdcoinheringaahing yes i am sure I edited 2 messages and both were reposted instead (edited)
@cairdcoinheringaahing We used to have quite a few people. Enough to give TNB a run for your money... we also had quite a few memes like "lol" auto star. TSA and RSA for when you ran out of stars. Also monking trains... Staring culture seems very unique to each chat
^ edited properly
@Peilonrayz Oh I hate that star train :/ I very much would nuke all the stars on all those messages if that happened Here
2:16 AM
Added another setInterval check which should be able to fix things like this if they happen again
@cairdcoinheringaahing :O Yes very unique to each chat :)
@hyper-neutrino You should be able to kill your instance now, if you haven't already
@Peilonrayz I am also a heretic who dislikes Monking and prefer gaots :P
Gaots? like goat or something else?
2:18 AM
Confirmed my instance is up
@Peilonrayz Basically yes :P A once prominent chat user here (Downgoat) promoted the "supremacy" of goats until it became a meme. Combine that with poor spelling and you have gaot
There's even an esolang, Gaot++, on TIO (Dennis resisted adding it for years before giving in)
Ah as soon as I read "downgoat" everything made sense! Nice :D
@SlamJammington that situation will not happen, since input is guaranteed to create a valid tree(it's an annoying special case in an already difficult challenge)
3:24 AM
I'm actually going to go to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight lol
I have to get up early tomorrow
3:38 AM
This is such a stupid question lol
For a company that's supposed to know all sorts of information about people, google's sure not very good at asking questions relevant to my interests
@RedwolfPrograms HTML, duh.
Or jQuery.
No HTML, just jQuery.
Or maybe Greasemonkey.
@RedwolfPrograms -1 not enough jQuery
and o/ good night
This is interesting... We vary from day to day, but we're pretty consistent weekly.
3:49 AM
that's really unsurprising
Can we uh...quiet down by exactly 1k posts per week?
On the other hand, it isn't the end of the week for another day or two but we've reached it, so we might've been a bit more active this week.
1k chat messages?
So less?
7.9 - 1.0 = ...
6.9 ^
3:55 AM
@RedwolfPrograms vs code
Java being painful again?
VS = Visual Studio
3:58 AM
I'd use vs code to make a site
Does everyone fell sufficiently greeted?
Did you mean "feel" or fell
4:14 AM
@lyxal should be simple enough
I am having a weird problem while creating te Snake lang: https://github.com/Detective-Wasif/Snake/blob/main/snake.py
It parses double digit numbers properly
But it cannot parse single digit ones
So i have to annoyingly prepend 0 before each single digit number
I have tried debugging a lot, but have no clue where the error happens
Can you please help to find the bug?
what are the relevant lines
71-85 i think
after beginning of the while loop
if block that parse numbers (both integer and floating point ones(
this code is too golfed for me to easily read it lmao
4:21 AM
Q: Create Word Lightning

RazetimeInspired by a Codingame challenge I tried (and failed at) about a month ago. Given a binary tree of words, say: HELLO / \ WORLD EATING / / \ ARCH IDAHO GUARD / DOOZY /...

I don't think it is so golfed
@Wasif give exact line numbers
ok so what is an example input, expected output, and real output
this is too much code to read through and I'm not sure what the real problem is here
Let me explain the algorithm it parses numbers
how to explain
is there an error? or is it not pushing a number but instead a string? or is it pushing nothing? etc
4:23 AM
@hyper-neutrino no error
L84 stack.append(token) looks like it does no parsing and just puts the character onto the stack
If it encounters 1 1 65 it parses as 1, 165
But if it encounters 65 69 like numbers it parses correctly like 65, 69
The parsing way is token by token
this looks like a 2D language
does it actually parse, or does it just scan in a particular direction and pick up numbers
4:25 AM
@hyper-neutrino thats what i call "parsing"
have you tried just adding debug output
you're doing it char by char, so parsing numbers has to have two conditions
I tried printing the stack, X, Y, next token in current direction etc everything
at each iteration
by char
@Razetime what conditions?
here's an except from my 2d lang
if (ch >= '0' && ch <= '9' && !parsInt && !parsString) {
            data += ch;
            parsInt = true;
        } else if (ch >= '0' && ch <= '9' && parsInt) {
            data += ch;
            // console.log("getting int");
        } else if (parsInt && (ch < '0' || ch > '9')) {
            parsInt = false;
            data = "";
            console.log("got int");
            cPos = zipAdd(cPos, cStep.map(x => -x));
i hope it makes sense
4:28 AM
my guess is encountering spaces doesn't disable cat or smth like that
idk why it's inconsistent
the boolean helps with making sure getting the integer stars and ends at the right place
1 2 3 4 gives 1 as an int, 23 as an int, and 4 as a string...
@hyper-neutrino the instruction pointer might be incremented twice somewhere
good point - are you incrementing it in a block and then later at the end of the loop?
4:29 AM
let me check
coordinates are only incremented in two places
at the end of while loop (main program loop) and inside the snipe function (determine next token based on the direction)
but inside the function it locally modifies it and returns
so it shouldn't be a problem
@hyper-neutrino If you run 01 02 03 04 you get expected behaviour
4:55 AM
bye for now
 if not snipe(direction,X,Y,box) in '0123456789.e':
has to be on this part
the error is most likely on the snipe function
If you are wondering what e is doing in the allowed next token, It is for scientific notation
what are you doing to this poor language
5:11 AM
CMM - LotM community ad, yes or no?
the only problem is that we can't update it for newer months, so it'll have to be generic
true (like caird said, this'd be a perfect use of dynamically updating ads, so hopefully we can get that developed soon)
we can just link to the tag or the nominations post and make it a generic ad... but i'd love to be able to change it monthy thematically based on the language
@Wasif you need to move the if not snipe(direction,X,Y,box) in '0123456789.e': out of the if cat: part
so it executes on the first character of the number as well
5:35 AM
CMQ: How useful is Square Root, Square, Cube, Scientific Notation?
yes, very, not as much, depends
depends on the context, but assuming this is golfing language built-ins, i second lyxal's evaluation
Is there a way to include a " in a string in 05AB1E?
I can't figure out how to escape it. So far, I just have eg. "Hello"'"«"World"«
Which makes a character literal with '" and then concatenates it to the string
from reading the source code of legacy, i don't think so
imagine not having string escapes in your golfing language
5:41 AM
Darn. I can't find anything either. Any similar golfing lang that has builtin capabilities for escaping quotes?
I imagine Jelly does, but pref another easy stack lang pls
@lyxal Uh oh...
jelly does not
Also, it uses ` for quotes, not "
you don't really need jelly's quotes for anything really but no it does not have escapes
jelly uses “...”
5:45 AM
@lyxal Wow... that's nice. It really does allow it
Congrats, Vyxal has really made it! I've been seeing it a fair bit!!
lyxal seems to put a bit of an emphasis on having normal language things
@AviFS Well, having it as LoTM during may really helped
Lord of the Mics?
> A golfing language that has aspects of traditional programming languages.
erm I mean Vyxal
5:47 AM
@AviFS Language of the Month
No way!! I can't believe I missed that
yeah I think vyxal's successfully graduated from the list of small "startup" esolangs and joined the well-known/used golfing languages
Congrats again even more, then!
Way cool
not quite majorly historically relevant but i am expecting it to be; it has a growing user base, active development, and is really competitive and i believe topping its direct competitor (or if not, soon will)
5:48 AM
I'm still fishing for a stack-based golf lang to learn, and Vyxal is on the short list
I've never made a webapp look that good...
@AviFS I stole the layout from TIO lol
and razetime made the keyboard
@chunes i would recommend vyxal since it's actively being developed and there's a chat room where you can discuss it and ask for help and golfing tips
5:49 AM
Wait, there's a keyboard?!
05AB1E is also good but i think it's not being developed
Yeah @Razetime's webapps look great, too
@AviFS yeah.
@AviFS it's under the "keyboard" heading
I forget which I saw. The APL TIO thing, I think
I delved into Stax for a day or two and it seemed pretty nice
5:49 AM
Ah, makes sense
And the backend is in python?
How does pythonanywhere hosting work?
well it's on pythonanywhere.com so i would assume so :p
I didn't know that was an option
Yeah, I've just never heard of it!
@AviFS correct
@AviFS it uses flask
Free, I take it?
Ah, nice
It's super fast
@lyxal Question in Vyxal!!
CPH: My parser has the best bug; it give the actual program indices for loops and not the token indices
for example i input ( )
it outputs start: 0, end: 3
should be start:0, end:1
5:58 AM
link to code?
what line is the output on
i think i shoud add a preparse which removes all comments / whitespace etc
6:13 AM
ah, it's what i dreaded most. time to sort out how to parse list literals in my language
jelly does it via regex and also forces brackets to be balanced neither of which i really like
well you might want to start with thinking of what you actually want from your list literals
@hyper-neutrino eww list parsing regex
i know exactly what i want and i've already documented it but coding it feels annoying lol
i'm documenting how to implement my language spec, not because anyone will, but because it helps me plan :p
@lyxal almost every parsing is with regex
@Razetime not in Vyxal
6:15 AM
smh actually planning your parser
using regex for things like this kinda smells of "can't write a proper parser" to me
i should more accurately describe this as tokenizing, though reading a list literal is more so parsing
the ways i've done parsing so far are with regex, with modgrammar, and with some cursed thing where i maintain a tree and pop tokens off the queue
positron does some really cursed thing where i try to parse token-by-token with zero lookahead...
@pxeger Idk fam I'm sure dennis can very well write a proper parser
@Razetime i dont know how to use regex so i dont
@Razetime you don't see me using regex to parse
6:19 AM
@PyGamer0 learning regex is oftenrimes very helpful
@AviFS stax, husk
stax has backtick + character for escaping a few things
husk translates non-ascii codepage chars into escaped ascii
@lyxal i think that should be left open when people open the site
just like the code textbox
@Razetime sure
Q: Jump trajectory

Recursive Co.This is an ascii-art challenge where you will draw ascii-art showing a person "jumping" off the top of a building. The building Input given will be a group of rectangular buildings. You may assume buildings are not "stacked on top of each other", hence only one row of buildings. This is the stan...

6:56 AM
@hyper-neutrino Positron? Do you mean Proton?
@Ausername no i mean positron
@hyper-neutrino The bounties add has a Heroku link.
we could do that too i guess
Q: How can I make SkiFree in C++?

Peter SmithI want to golf the SkiFree game in C++ but I want it as a Win32 application with a run time library. Can I? I am studying C++ from Charles Petzold. I love SkiFree and I hate console applications. I want the result to be the same as the original game. I have the bitmaps and icon. I like a string t...

1 hour later…
8:13 AM
hi everyone
@JoKing wdym
@PyGamer0 not remotely useful all can be done with exponentiation/multiplication for sqrt: x**.5, square: x*x, cube:x**3, scientific notation: n*(10**x)`, which are way shorter than builtins
i am struggling with markdown
what about 1/2 (aka halfing)
@PyGamer0 divide by 2
but for golflangs they are useful
but not so useful in general purpose langs like python
@Wasif yes i am creating one thats why i asked
8:18 AM
@Wasif there's not much documentation, but from what i'm seeing from the code it looks like quite a strange 2D language
@JoKing this is my first time creating an esolang
it will be crazy for sure
oh? i thought you did 2D deadfish?
@JoKing that was a joke lang
nothing useful
well i hope you add some documentation to Snake soon
I am doing more torture in it
trying to add complex number supports and lightweight http server
@JoKing yes I'll make soon
8:22 AM
uhhhh, what?
http server?
very lightweight
only handle GET requests
is http server using in code golfing??
just asking
this isn't a golflang, but i presume not really
Q: I want to ask coding question, where can I ask those?

jerry00here is the question:- you're given an array, count the no of non-empty subsets such that product of numbers in that subset is of the form P1 x P2 x ....x Pk where P1 x P2 x ....x Pk are prime numbers. Example: A[4,2,3,15] for subset[2]: product = 2 for subset[3]: product = 3 for subset[2,3]: pro...

@PyGamer0 Snake isn't strictly a code golf lang
8:26 AM
i don't really understand the EOF part in snake. i don't think you're using that term correctly
@Wasif but i am asking in general
@JoKing whenever IP will reach the corners (meaning no more tokens to process ) it will terminate
@PyGamer0 not so much but you have some internet challenges
i guess it could stand for "Edge of File"
@JoKing thats EOF too
...exactly my point?
8:27 AM
but in abbreviation
There's only one end of the file though (well, technically there's two ends of the file, start and beginning, but you get my point)
@Wasif wait, is it only the corners? i thought it was any edge?
you should really cut down on all these not strings
@JoKing any edge
I am bad at explaining
8:45 AM
i was just saying "EOF" is probably not the term you are looking for
you may also want to invest in some elifs
9:05 AM
Can anyone remember the query parameter you can pass to www.google.com to pre-fill a query in the search box?
@pxeger ?q=
no, like you go to https://www.google.com/?XX=hello and it shows you this:
but where XX is something
so you don't want to get the search button clicked, just fill the text box?
just fill the text box
that might not be possible i think
(with only url params)
9:15 AM
No idea
I swear I've seen it before though
@pxeger with only a url maybe not.
you definitely don't want any browser automation?
9:31 AM
searched on google but i didn't find anything
@pxeger I dunno if this helps. Are search parameters a completely different thing?
no it doesn't
Regular expressions are worse than redstone.
@pxeger Tried this but it won't work according to SO
10:24 AM
I just had an idea for a challenge
and what's more, it's unique and extendable to different aspects
so I went to puzzling.SE
and I saw this
and I thought, "That's cool. What could happen if i extended it?"
and so this idea was borm
what's a basis system?
don't ask me, probably just about using a different base
10:50 AM
i feel like it may end up similar to the minimum characters for Turing completeness, but hopefully people won't be that lazy
i always love more quine challenges though
@JoKing aren't you trying to get a gold quine badge
yup! i was trying to do a quine in every language on TIO at one point, but I didn't get very far
@JoKing A quine using those would be very interesting...
@JoKing Any Turing-complete language can have a quine, right?

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