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12:21 AM
CMC: Determine if a number is (0 or 1) or (other). Standard decision problem rules.
Dyalog APL: 1 byte, ~, error is falsy, otherwise truthy
I have 9 bytes in JS, or 8 with truthy/falsy reversed
JS, 7 bytes: x=>x&-2, truthy/falsy reversed
Only works for integers, but smart
'a number'
oh, floats
12:25 AM
e0,1 in jelly for an ascii-only solution
@rak1507 It's a CMC, input doesn't have to be particularly strict :p
eØ. for 3 bytes
APL = 3 times golfier than jelly :P
what is ~; logical not?
What does ~ even do?
12:26 AM
yes, logical not, it is only defined on booleans
ah. jelly just treats any non-zero as truthy for the purposes of that, unfortunately, lol
yeah, imo exiting via error is cheating anyway :P
x=>x*x==x was mine (JS)
ah, nice
oh that's smart
12:27 AM
@rak1507 what will that do for numbers that are within []ct of 1?
I suppose that he came up with the solution first before the problem, so it's less nice :P
@ngn shh, do not speak of such cursed things
, ⁼², and ²Ƒ all work in jelly for 2b then
@rak1507 shifty glances
I have done that before
The solution may or may not have inspired the CMC :p
12:28 AM
come up with something cool and see if people can find it
You can actually use x=>x*x==n*x for any n to find if a number is 0 or n
x=>x*x==N to determine if a number is n or -n, where N is n ** 2
x=>x**3==x determines if x is -1, 0, or 1
Interestingly, for x=>x**n==x, it always checks if x is 0 or 1, but it also checks for -1 if n is odd
@user According to my math teacher, yes
And 1/x checks for -1 or 1, but ignores 0
It has to do something with the way you go about determining what 0/0 is equal to. If I recall correctly, you start out with integer n as n/n and somehow prove that 0/0 is indeterminate.
1 hour later…
2:05 AM
CMC: smallest (manual, non-builtin) flatten function in your langauge
can I use a tighten built-in? (flatten once; dump all sublists into the list)
@Razetime One level or all the levels?
@LorenDB Oh, interesting
@Razetime Scala: def f(x:Seq[_]):Seq[_]=x.map{case a:Seq[_]=>f(a)case h=>Seq(h)}reduceLeft(_++_). Not sure if it works or if it even compiles, though
2:29 AM
;/ÐL in jelly; basically, just keep reducing over concatenation until the list stops changing
@hyper-neutrino boo obviously not
@Adám all the level
@Razetime would've only saved one byte anyway and would've been kinda boring :p
idk about boring but it must be flat
@Razetime (⊃,/)⍣≡ in APL, then?
yep probably
2:37 AM
(I assume I don't have to worry about arrays of 2 dimensions or higher.)
@Adám It would be cool if it did support that
@Razetime {⊃,/,¨⍵}⍣≡
NMP it's been 26 minutes hurry up
Give it another 4.
minutes or hours? (:P)
2:40 AM
@Razetime Is it cheating to use monadic , here ^^^^?
honestly idk
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

EnderShadow8JS onelineriser code-golf JavaScript is a very easy language to onelinerise. All one has to do is insert a semicolon in the correct locations and concatenate every line. Your task is to write a program that, given a valid JS program, returns a program in one line but is otherwise identical to the...

@Razetime {⊃,/(×/∘⍴⍴⊢)¨⍵}⍣≡ without it.
2:53 AM
Q: main() returning 1 after I put it to cout in C++

anomansir/mam, when I try to print main() using cout like the following, #include<iostream> using namespace std; int main(){ int a = 4; cout << a << endl; cout << main; return 0; } After executing this command, it is printing as follows, 4 1 So my question is why does cout << main; prints 1 everyti...

still waiting on meta posts...
youtube completely down for anyone else?
i think it just totally decided to give up on life
i'm impressed with how often this happens, TBH
@NewMainPosts this user has literally posted on SO before ._.
3:28 AM
Q: Should "import" statement be included in byte count if I'm not using it directly

tshRelated: On scoring imported functions I knew that if I want to use some imported functions, I had to include "import" statement in the byte count. For example, I want to find out the most common character in a string: from collections import* lambda x:Counter(x).most_common(1)[1] As the Counter...

can someone else help explain why this is invalid
@Razetime sure; I added a comment, hopefully it gets through to them
it's not clever or interesting to beat an existing answer just by bending the rules and in this case it's not even just bending the rules, it's directly disallowed by the question
Is outputting as a list of characters allowed?
3:42 AM
My solution takes input as a string of unprintable characters representing the string :p
@lyxal i'd say yes
it says to output "The input string with each character replaced with a distinct non-printable character"
which implies the output format needs to be the same as the input format, though I think using string/list for either in any combination is in the spirit of the challenge
So string in, list out is good to go?
> which implies the output format needs to be the same as the input format
Otherwise this would have been an epic vyxal 1 byter
flags ಠ_ಠ
3:48 AM
Keg flag go brrrr
does this imply a 1-byte keg solution
Quite the opposite
2 bytes I think
Keg do be the ultimate oddly specific question winner
3:53 AM
our code
keg is very beautiful
3 bytes and a flag: Try it online!
who is myu-sername/A̲̲/User:A,
no wonder
3:56 AM
The first person other than me to use keg
why is #Tkinter doesn't like some of the characters there
Because idle bad
why are you using tkinter in an interp
No IDLE didn't like them
Keg IDE confirmed?
3:58 AM
Once upon a time actually yes
But that was a very long time ago
well we have a vyxal online IDE now
@Razetime I made keg using Idle and Idle didn't like the characters because idle uses tkinter
all it needs is step through i guess
@lyxal aha
@Razetime I actually did make an offline "IDE" (using the term very loosely here) for keg
@lyxal as in something to type in and run stuff?
is it preserved?
4:02 AM
You'll have to go back to the early commits
you didn't just chuck it into a legacy folder?
@hyper-neutrino may I present to you:
@hyper-neutrino I did a lot of questionable things with keg (questionable as in development practices)
I hadn't the foggiest what I was doing
My first golfing language when I was still new to code golf
those are some nice commit messages
mine are usually quite useless and uninteresting
something like changed stuff
Aaron miller makes good commit messages
4:10 AM
mine are usually either totally useless or contain too much swearing for me to put here :P
@lyxal he fits right in
Now I feel kinda left out for not using git
oh yeah that bug
4:14 AM
user image
I approve of this message
??? Is the screenshot edited? I get nothing such
Instead I get 05AB1E in one of the below results
@Wasif yes it is
many memes in the same vein are generally edited
4:32 AM
The edit is quite perfect
What app did you use
Probably just wrote different text in the search bar lol
No need for photo editing or even dev tools
@lyxal I approve this thanks!!!
@Wasif paint is enough most of the time
it's a solid white bg
All you have to do is click the text box, type in what you want to replace the query with, then click somewhere else on the page lol
4:38 AM
In my snooping around yesterday, I found this other crime of a golflang: github.com/danflapjax/OEIS-L
my ddg is broken
@Razetime can we use it in CGCC (I am not expecting upvotes)
It's not complete lol
but it is very funny
scrapes oeis for the sequence and returns nth value
Not even allowed under current rules lol
yeah it uses an internet resource
4:40 AM
It's like wolfram alpha
but say I downloaded every OEIS sequence locally
bu maybe if the data was all cached in the interpreter beforehand
@lyxal exactly, perfect
I wonder what cool features are coming in this language later
4:41 AM
probably none(last commit 2016)
IMO this could be made legal if it includes the code of all OEIS sequences inside it
@Razetime my argument is that scraping the page could be seen as a simplification of downloading every sequence
hm, fair
I have cool idea for an esolang, it has an installer, and if you run the installer then it starts to browse the every question CGCC, get answers written in the language which the installer is built on, and add to itself as a function, meaning it builds up itself, later you can add small quirks to make it a full esolang
@Razetime Yes it accesses the internet, but that's a part of the language. The "no internet access" loophole is to stop things like `site_where_the_answer_is_in_a_file.com`¨U
4:44 AM
i have Good Answer on physics.SE meta now, apparently
@lyxal just needs a prime checker and rule 110 function now
@Wasif soudns difficult but possible
Then let's (try to) make it
that is too much effort for me
i feel like OEIS-L could be valid... except that if it pulls from external resources, it probably doesn't output enough values to be a valid submission anyway
also expect downvotes :P
OEIS-L submissions must be safeguarded with Community Wiki
Except the first submission with it
It is sure to get upvotes
4:49 AM
A: How should Community Wikis be used?

DennisCommunity wiki is not a rep waiver I've mentioned that from time to time in the past. Community wiki doesn't just mean that you cannot earn rep from a post. Yes, it does have that side effect, but the community wiki option is for posts that can be edited by anyone without worrying about post ow...

just relinking this post that has been linked here like 8 times already :P
haha for i in range(100): print(chr(7)) or time.sleep(0.5) goes brrr
i'm just vibing to windows alert noises rn
5:07 AM
@hyper-neutrino idea: run arbitrary mathematica or Pari/GP code from the OEIS entry
and hope that none of the entries have rm -rf as code
@Ausername use OEIS-L
5:23 AM
@Ausername hello
5:40 AM
@Razetime sounds like a great plan
5:51 AM
wow it does?
so many funny ideas, so little motivation to implement
2 hours later…
7:39 AM
CMQ: What is the best ASCII-only golfing language?
@Razetime Pyth
MATL could be also a candidate
@Razetime legacy keg ;p
@lyxal is keg still alive now
@Wasif I haven't made a serious commit since June 2020
oh i see
7:46 AM
my march 2021 commits were for a challenge
@Razetime it's not a golfing language, but J is pretty good
pyth is probably golfier on average though
8:00 AM
alright bets are now open on whether or not VS Code will actually be helpful today
i bet falsy value
@lyxal huh, whats that like
I must see
@Razetime correct
I think MATL is probably the best
ascii stax is.. ok
pyth is about the same level as ascii stax
J is just below that
Arn porbably ties with J
8:17 AM
I have an idea
let's try to build an esolang mathemetica
with thousands of builtins
anyone interested?
you could just fork jelly and add more builtins
but I don't think it'd be that interesting
also sledgehammer already exists
anyone know where @RedwolfPrograms went
@Wasif why not
@StackMeter school probably
after I finish my actual language (Anti-Alpha), I'm going to maek a stupid one
where [A - Z, a - z, 0 - 9] are the only commands.
and it's stackbased
because for every good language, there must be a bad one to balance it out
@Wasif what do we call that language then
8:44 AM
@StackMeter havent thought yet
I suggest Golfica
9:15 AM
there are like, >700 Unicode symbols let's go
@Wasif sledgehammer does this with huffman encoding
and it is very, very very short
what's sledgehammer?
braille encoded mathematica
It's used in like 20 answers maybe
mostly by the default and lirtosaist
how is it this little known
because it is a reduction of mathematica
people would rather compete in mathematica than use a direct reduction of it to braille
9:23 AM
oh ok
but then again
it's not fun in the way golfing languages generally are
Mathematica has a builtin for everything
as 54 people have said before
like, stax even with its compression is interesting and fun to program in
writing mathematica code is fun
running it through a compressor? not as much
9:52 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

EliteDaMythCookies! [WIP] There is a boy named Peter. Peter is a picky eater and doesn't like to eat the same kind of cookie again on the same day. Peter gets a present, The present is a box of cookies! The box contains \$K\$ types of cookies. Also, it contains different amount of each type of cookie. Peter...

@Razetime Charcoal of course. (Has ASCII-only even written any other golfing languages?)
@hyper-neutrino why would you have a commit "hopefully fix XXX"? don't you guys test your code before publishing it?
@Razetime Unary
10:14 AM
Did anyone notice James has become DJMcMayhem again?
@Neil perfect answer. Nothing beats this
now I need to get my GITHUB going
10:36 AM
how tf does Joe Z have 3 of the top 5 questions
My hobby: Combining sciences. For example, astronomogeology.
Java, Javascript and Javanese are the same language!
@StackMeter where
10:45 AM
very helpful
ah all time votes
you'll see Joe Z, Calvin's Hobbies, Martin Ender, and Chris JEster young there
because that was when the site was actually active
Martin got more rep from 'hello world' than I have in total
unlikely due to repcap but maybe he did
ah, true, but I assume it wasn't upvoted loads per day, just a bit over the course of 6 years
but this site is still active
as the 20 or so answers on a 3 day old challenge will tell you
11:46 AM
Q: Bring my memories about Geronimo Stilton back

ZeroCodeExceptionIf you have read in your childhood a Geronimo Stilton's book i am sure that you remember the style of the text, sometimes the words was decorated for making the act of reading more funny for kids, example But when you are an adult you dont have that litle entertainment in your readings... why? In...

12:35 PM
Q: Create a JavaScript tagged template literal which reconstructs the original string

SiddharthIntroduction Your job is to make a tagged template literal which reconstructs the original input, which includes all interpolations. Challenge You have to create a tagged template literal. It must return whatever was passed in as the original template string, with parsed interpolations. The inpu...

@Wasif the sky
wdym ^
The sky is up
That's what's up
12:59 PM
@Lyxal But I thought that in Australia the sky was down?
It is, but I'm being considerate of the Americans here
@AaronMiller In Australia, up is down
In fact, they have a movie called Down that's about an old man, a kid, and a dog who try to fight against anti-gravity
@AaronMiller have you seen that the vyxal online interpreter has better safe evaluation now?
Q: Peter is a picky eater!

EliteDaMythThere is a boy named Peter. Peter is a picky eater and doesn't like to eat the same kind of cookie again on the same day. Peter gets a present, The present is a box of cookies! The box contains \$K\$ types of cookies. Also, it contains different amount of each type of cookie. Peter, being the pic...

What does that mean?
1:03 PM
@AaronMiller it means you can now have lists with sublists as input
@Razetime I was going to say J, but rak already did
lol 25%
@lyxal Ooh, I like that. I like that a lot.
@Wzl great minds think alike
J isn't a golfing language >(
1:06 PM
@user true
been working on my ascii-by-default array language today :)
@lyxal I left this as a review of my university
@rak1507 yes
1:07 PM
I have a commit where I swore at vim, but I can't find it :(
Looks like github is telling me to switch back to my sus pfp
CMQ: Should I obey github and return to amogus profile picture?
Of course you should
@Neil well we tested some stuff but from the commit history clearly it wasn't enough :p
also we didn't have enough unit tests, we only ended up writing a handful
This is off-topic, but how do you test out a site hosted on GitHub pages without pushing first?
1:19 PM
@user Define "test".
When figuring out how to embed videos and stuff in MD, I had to make a new commit every time I made a change and wanted to test it
@Adám See what the site looks like (if an image loads properly, if the formatting's alright, etc.)
@user I don't think there's a way
I think you have to push to the gh-pages branch (or whatever the GitHub Pages branch for the repo is)
@Adám Oh nice!
@Wzl *downvotes because wrong*
1:26 PM
@StackMeter Asleep lol
@rak1507 School is exactly where I'm most active in TNB/CGCC
lol, same
Here's a useless userscript
to block CGCC when you should be in school
The n answer hasn't been removed yet?
i give people a bit of time to fix or self remove usually
if you delete your post and fix it you can just undelete it when you're done, but not if i do it
@RedwolfPrograms lol
1:35 PM
> No hard drive installed
Oh no
This is not good
Well I think my laptop is...uh...damaged
Hopefully that damage does not extend to the months of projects and important things on there
oh no
I'm hoping there's just some water somewhere from me walking through a bunch of heavy rain with it in my backpack yesterday
Don't think there's any way to mount a drive the BIOS doesn't even know exists, so I guess I'll have to try to disassemble it (if that's even possible)
Don't even think I've used it since then, so no idea if that's the problem or not :/
So uh...anyone here live near Austin and have a spare set of security screwdrivers?
And a helicopter and parachute?
1:59 PM
This is the first I've hear of a helicopter and a parachute being used for fixing a laptop.

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