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A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ihavenoideaGabriel's Horn From Wikipedia, Gabriel's Horn is a particular geometric figure that has infinite surface area but finite volume. I discovered this definition in this Vsauce's video (starting at 0:22) where I took the inspiration for this problem. You begin with a cake (a cuboid) of dimension \$x ...

@NewSandboxedPosts Stepping up your game right before being replaced :P
@user are you ready?
Because I'm not going to be able to do it today sorry
Oh, that's too bad. Is it because of the fridge? Because I had nothing to do with that :
what can I say but you're welcome
> Legendary: 81/150
I'm so happy that I'm making progress without APL bounties :D
12:30 AM
Nice! :D
ಠ_ಠ M doesn't have support for random numbers
12:45 AM
wondering if I should CW the M answer
it feels unethical getting rep off of it but more trivial answers are everywhere so...
I get that, but CW isnt a rep waiver
yeah you're right. and i think i've commented that elsewhere before. so best to practice what i preach :p
oh well once i get to the front page of rep / to a spot i like i'll probably start bountying off a good amount of rep
I keep trying to do that, but no one snaps at my deadlineless bounties :/
@hyper-neutrino You're 6 repcaps away from the front page :P
alternatively i could just get rep. idk how i feel about reputation. at the same time internet numbers make me feel good about the time i waste spend on cgcc, but I also don't need reputation at all
i also somewhat feel like pursuing reputation is wrong or bad tho. idk what made me start feeling that way but it contradicts me wanting internet points so... D:
Personally, I hold the view that pursuing rep for the sake of rep (e.g. to say "look, I have X rep") is generally not great. But, trying to get rep so that you can help moderate the site (not relevant for you), or trying to post good quality posts and "happening" to get rep from it? Either of those are golden in my book
12:53 AM
To some extent, most of us are pursuing rep for the sake of rep. If SE weren't gamified, I'm sure there'd be a lot less participation
Q: Exact generalised harmonic numbers

caird coinheringaahingThe generalised harmonic number of order \$m\$ of \$n\$ is $$H_{n,m} = \sum_{k=1}^n \frac 1 {k^m}$$ For example, the harmonic numbers are \$H_{n,1}\$, and \$H_{\infty,2} = \frac {\pi^2} 6\$. These are related to the Riemann zeta function as $$\zeta(m) = \lim_{n \to \infty} H_{n,m}$$ Given two pos...

Which is why I've been unhappy with my recent posts; I no longer "need" rep to be able to help moderate more, so I should aim to be posting high quality, and let people who need to the rep go for the FGITWs/low hanging fruit challenges. Yet, I don't think I've posted a challenge or answer I'm proud of in months
I haven't seen a ton of your recent answers, but your challenges are almost always interesting
Hmm. Most of them are "Here's a sequence I found. Golf it", which are fine, I guess
I think this was my last challenge I actually like :/
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ keeps activity up and gives people questions to answer
@cairdcoinheringaahing And Bubbler broke it :P
12:57 AM
@user I'm fine with that :P
"Breaking" a challenge suggests that there's a nice trick that someone found (via brute forcing or insight or whatever) which is 1000x more interesting than "Implements the formula in the question/user's formula/whatever"
I disagree. "Implements user's formula" sounds very interesting :P
People finding a nice trick usually ends up in that trick being ported everywhere and the fun being ruined, even if that trick is amazing. I prefer questions where such mathematical insights can't be made and brute force can't be used to trivialize the task
TBH I kinda find "boring". It's fun to write a challenge/answer, do a bit of golf and be done with it, but once it's done, it's done. Non-code-golf challenges are the ones that are usually more interesting, and have a better "legacy". If I look back at my favourite challenges (of mine), most of them are non-code-golf
I like mathematical insights. I like weird base conversion tricks. But my absolute favorite is breaking a challenge :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing That's probably why I've switched to the more "behind the scenes" stuff (reviewing, tag wikis, edited etc.) rather than posting a lot
1:11 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing yeah, I agree with that. I guess part of it may be a) I have 25k b) I'm a mod so I shouldn't be going after rep at all, and it's better for others to have it. But at the same time, it's not really like rep I gain is rep others lose either (though I was considering not editing my posts into the LOTM or asking to decline the bounty)
that's why ideally i like to answer challenges that don't take up too much of my time to optimize but also aren't too easy
though the last answer i can think of that i was like exceptionally proud of was honestly probably one of the OEIS chain ones, the rest just ranged from trivial to somewhat interesting :p
TBF that answer in the OEIS was crazy impressive :D
I can't think of any other answer on the site where someone contacted the person who made whatever the challenge was about in order to solve it :P
was totally worth the time and trouble, lmao
1:28 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Correction: 2197000 combinations, just about within forcing distance
4 hours later…
5:06 AM
Hey just fyi, my cursed java got me 99/100 for my assignment.
why not 100/100? Because of a single line I missed
very sad.
conclusion: cursed java in tnb makes for good marks
5:16 AM
-7 bytes: cursed is redundant; instead of cursed java you can golf that just to java
5:34 AM
So, have we found Redwolf's middle name?
I expected...
Something else.
5:48 AM
@hyper-neutrino I only recently realised what you meant for this, but any more feedback?
ah yes vs code messing up at it's finest once again
folding functions incorrectly
@Ausername i don't think i've seen/reviewed that
vscode works with anything but Java.
@hyper-neutrino Wait wrong answer, I meant this
wait if you get previous moves, can't you just look through all of the previous results and ignore the storage?
also, does the game end when all cards are gone and most points win? seems like the obvious way but just to be sure
You only get the previous moves up to your last move, not full history.
So you get the actions+results of all moves up to and including your previous move.
Will clarify.
Yes you're right about how to win.
5:57 AM
oh so you only get your move and not other bots' moves? or what do you mean
The bots go in a predetermined order, so you get the most recent move of every bot.
oh wait, when you say up to, do you mean in reverse chronological order?
"up to your last move" sounds like [1 .. last] not [last .. now]
Yes, pretty much, but I've clarified it all again just to be sure.
yep, that makes more sense
Ok thanks. I'll start working on the controller now and maybe post tomorrow.
I had a look at your one. Seems pretty good, just can you clarify how the output format works?
6:08 AM
@Ausername it's basically a list of sublists of people - each person should be in exactly one sublist (except if you exclude non-suspicious people), everyone within a sublist should have the same suspicion level, and the sublists should be sorted in decreasing suspicion
(already posted to main btw) i'll try to clarify more in the post but i'm not sure i can make it too much clearer; it's a bit confusing but also straightforward, just that it might not make sense in the middle
Wait what? FGITWS...
I wonder if I can beat Arnauld...
Q: The Computer Thief

hyper-neutrinoYou wake up and find out that your computer has been stolen! You have a few sensors and scanners, but unfortunately, the footage is incomplete, so you want to find and rank your suspects for further investigation. Your computer is an \$M\times N\$ rectangle, and your camera caught a bunch of peop...

@NewMainPosts smh, suspicion level should have been sussiness ;p
6:30 AM
ah yes, thank you VS code for not pointing out the 11 missing semicolons in my file \s
How do I know there's 11? Because they all came up as compilation errors
Are you sure the "missing semicolon" errors are actually missing semicolons and not something else?
error: ';' expected
it literally is just a case of not recognising errors
I mean, the actual fix may not be it even when the compiler says so
but the semicolons actually were missing
OK then
6:54 AM
How the heck did DDG manage to get this under the search results for "Lyxal"?
It's a program using the old code page, plus the old way of permalinking, meaning it's completely useless
May 11 at 1:23, by caird coinheringaahing
@lyxal frick, only 10/10 not 69/420? I failed as a crewmate, hella sus. Let me just go commit frick and die
Judging by that, I'd say yea
7:11 AM
the lyxalitis is spreading
7:21 AM
@lyxal idk if you've seen this already but might interest you: rickroll continually extended by an AI
@hyper-neutrino I have seen it before, but it is very interesting
ah, nice. yeah it's very cool :p
7:44 AM
@hyper-neutrino lol
what's everyone's favourite letter
mine's E
8:22 AM
did the room die
8:42 AM
No, it's just a quiet period
9:00 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing You don't mean 'coinheringaahing', right?
9:44 AM
@Ausername no, because lyxal is a very uncommon word and so the only pages that will pop up are lyxal's pages.
One of the search results.
@Ausername and also, Arnauld seems to outgolf everyone.
is that really how @lyxal looks
9:46 AM
I doubt it - the filename was in Russian.
for i in range(100):
10:18 AM
that's longer than python lol
11:05 AM
@Ausername I assure you that isn't me
Marginally (very marginally) similar, but not me
11:25 AM
@ophact for(i=0;++i<100)print('yo'.repeat(i)) (v8)
@lyxal Good.
@Ausername still longer
11:47 AM
I just realised I'm 77.6% of the way to being a trusted usrer
literally 1 month ago I was on 51
now I have 776
I'm almost there
like, a few more questions would do it
only if you put them in the sandbox first ;)
I put one in the sandbox
also gotta put some answers out
1 hour later…
12:59 PM
Heh, I got a Nice Answer badge on Worldbuilding.SE simply for copying an idea from a movie. I can get used to this
oh come on
I've made 33 answers and the highest one has 6 upvotes, second highest 3 and all others are 2 or less
how do you get all the luck
come on
this is stupid
1:05 PM
If it makes you feel any better, this is the only site where my first post was this well-received. I have a crappy question on Software Recommendations that I can't even delete
That wasn't upvote-worthy
how am I going to get to 1000 at this rate
Learn APL, steal Adám's rep :P
worked for me :P
But really, you shouldn't be worried about rep at all - even though it's nice to have, the main point of this site is enjoying golfing/puzzles
1:07 PM
@lyxal @user Ok you should receive it in the mail soon, as well as some complimentary termites with a taste for stamps. Let's hope it arrives safely :D
@Wzl Mmm, I love fried termites! :P
they're alive, so you can fry them however you like :)
@StackMeter make 2 golfing languages (1 that is horribly bad and 1 that is somewhat good) and use them. Also, sh*tpost/rickroll in the nineteenth byte
That's my strats
How does shitposting here help you get rep?
1:12 PM
@lyxal but there are side-effects
@user it helps you get known in the community
And helps others get familiar with you
Hmm, manipulating people to get rep doesn't sound too ethical...so I'll try it! :P
You don't manipulate them you become a part of the community
@Wzl Rickroll using Haskell, problem solved :P
1:14 PM
@user Haskell still has side effects on your conscience
@RedwolfPrograms I don't think it is
@cairdcoinheringaahing you uh need to close some tabs
@lyxal They're all closed now (snagged a few reviews for them as well) :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing you got to review both the first posts and late answers on the same post
i only got to review one of the two
cuz my delete is binding. sad moment.
@hyper-neutrino And the VLQ :P
1:16 PM
well i got that too somehow...
i can delete stuff from VLQ after it's been deleted and it counts as another review task
but i can't get all three off of one post :p
Well this comment is from the VLQ review :P
I think I downvoted on the First Posts one, and you can't VTD from the Late Answers queue, so I just did nothing
oh yeah i could've just downvoted or commented or smth on one to get both :p
but like, reviewing an answer like that and not deleting it is... the wrong action
and i'd rather do the reviews the way i'm supposed to :p
This Suggested Edits review confused me :/
OP accepted the edit, then went on to basically rewrite it
huh, strange... oh well. if OP accepts then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@lyxal yes
1:30 PM
I uh...apparently wasn't supposed to come to school today
... congratulations? oof :P
Imagine going to school in person
There's a test for the 11th grade people but I didn't know since my last class yesterday is...you guessed it...for 11th graders so they didn't actually remind the non-11th-graders not to come.
That sucks
Can't tell if this'll be a good thing or an okay thing or an annoying thing
Good thing IMO
The community ads will be (I think) the same as the current one, the "Hot Network Question Ads" are the new thing
> Oh, I'm in agreement with regards to these needing to be manually curated rather than algorithmically picked
Community Ads sound good, Open Source ads sound good but won't make it here, but Hot Network Question Ads might just be distracting
If we get to choose them it'd be nice advertising
2:03 PM
So it looks like we'll be able to select a few "perfect" questions (similar to the Tour) that we can use as examples for newer users
Aren't HNQs usually problematic for us though? The xkcd one got a lot of new users (not a bad thing at all, but we might get flooded with low quality posts)
I think it'll be chosen by mods though
It's unrelated to the actual HNQs if I'm reading it right
JNat's basically said that "we" will be able to choose the questions. Whether that's having a post like the post, where we post suggestions, or if the mods/CMs get to decide is unknown
Ah, that sounds a lot better
@cairdcoinheringaahing ಠ_ಠ Because I didn't pin this, I can't star it
2:06 PM
in any case, JNat did confirm that they agree that automatic selection won't work
I'll unpin so you can pin it then :p
Nah, it's fine :P
we really don't want the HNQ effect on something even more noticeable / visible than HNQ itself :p
But if we get to choose the challenge, that's much different
Other than the upvote issues
yeah. like caird said idk if it'll be a vote or if we can just select one like with tour page. if it's like the latter hopefully we'll actually be allowed to select any challenge, not just a limited subset
2:08 PM
I think the length requirements wouldn't be necessary, so there shouldn't be any limited subsets needed :p
I vote we undelete the juice an avocado one and advertise that
Alright, CGCC is done, time to switch to AvocadoJuicing.SE
Cool, you can actually find it by searching "avocado" in TNB
@RedwolfPrograms May we see it? (if that's not an abuse of 10k+ powers?)
I'll get a screenshot :p
2:10 PM
Q: Question about question about advacado

dorukayhan This question has historical significance, but it is not considered a good, on-topic question for this site, just as said on locked questions. Does it deserve to be undeleted and locked for good?

> advacado
The title isn't even correct lol
+1 for the gif. And because I agree with the answer, but mostly because of the gif. — DJMcMayhem Jun 28 '16 at 17:24
2:14 PM
Honestly I would love to have that historical locked though
It's not a correct use of the site, but neither is CGCC
Why? It has nothing to do with code golf
I agree with Dennis on this
If the memes page gets deleted, then that gets deleted
@RedwolfPrograms CGCC isn't a correct use of this network, but since this site specifically says it's about recreational programming and not juicing advacados, I don't see why it needs to stay
I know it's the correct answer, I just don't like that it is :p
2:15 PM
it doesn't have historical significance, even if memes were still around, and the previous mod team deleted the memes unanimously, and if I called the other mods to vote on it, I think we'd also unanimously agree with that :P
@RedwolfPrograms That's not the correct answer, this is :P
No way
I actually did recover my old datapack
The one I deleted after weeks of work
It's just spread out across thousands of files, most of which are junk
3:01 PM
is there a way (short of SEDE) to see the exact view count of a question?
Hover over it
Or use question reception userscript
@Wzl As Redwolf said, hover your mouse over the number in the "Viewed: N times" and it should give you the exact number
There's no way to do it (short of SEDE) on mobile or the apps tho
Interestingly, it seems as though is not only a red tag, but is also a MM-only red tag (and the only MM-only red tag)
I can't imagine why any site other than MM would need , yet I think all sites on the network have it
3:18 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

l4m2Given an real polynomial equation \$c_0+c_1x+c_2x^2+...+c_nx^n=0\$, count how many real roots it has. You can and need to assume infinite precision. You can assume repeated root doesn't exist.[1] You can take input [c0,c1,...,cn], [cn,...,c1,c0], or just the polynomial or the equation in your lan...

i saw that too though this doesn't constrain the degree
which might be significant due to the lack of formulas beyond that
3:57 PM
hello everyone
hope y'all are doing well
hello, Wasif
@Wzl hi
there's no brainfuck interpreter in jelly or 05AB1E yet
someone go and make one
you do it :P
Good luck with Jelly, I've tried :P
The memory models are so different that transpiling doesn't work, so you have to build a proper interpreter, which ain't nice
@rak1507 then i might try make a vyxal first, porting through vyxal/05AB1E is very easy
4:06 PM
I think you should be able to transpile it to 05AB1E, using the stack as the tape
@cairdcoinheringaahing yes i think so
It looks like I was using periods to end sentences as late as January. Wonder when I started omitting them
Starting on Hunter-Gatherer again
Got the graphics partly working
@user truly fascinating
@user you have just used period
4:11 PM
But not for the final sentence
well using periods to join sentences inline isn't the same as ending all sentences with periods :P
@rak1507 Thanks, everything about me is fascinating. They even have a special word for me - narsisist or something like that
@RedwolfPrograms he said for any sentence IMO
@user Your grammar is devolving. soon you'll start sentences with lowercase letters and start to omit apostrophes from words that shouldnt be written that way
just like how I use semicolons in python to inline multiple statements in a block
4:11 PM
I did, sorry, but I meant the last sentence
@RedwolfPrograms Oh no, am I turning into HN? (/s)
CMQ: do you think you are a narcissist?
ಠ_ಠ I use apostrophes properly unlike some people
@user I used the word narcissist in my latin exam today! Why they were asking about you I have no idea, but I think I got the points anyway :P
@Wasif No, I'm not a narcissist, I'm perfect in every way
@Wasif I don't think anybody's going to answer yes to that...
(except as a joke)
@Wasif Yes, of course! My mom told me it's a word people use for very smart and talented and special people like me
4:13 PM
answering no is the sign of a narcissist
It's also the sign of an honest person (who isn't a narcissist)
@hyper-neutrino I often use semicola instead of apostrophes :P
It's like asking somebody if they're lying
It;s very annoying :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing revert it please
4:13 PM
I;m in physical pain
I dont use punctuation at all
@cairdcoinheringaahing semicola? is that when you do half cocacola + half water?
@cairdcoinheringaahing What:s more annoying is that "semicola" is an actual word. Grrr
@Wasif oh? Then what about for golfing?
that's just stupid
@hyper-neutrino yuselotcharsiffewcharsdotrick
@rak1507 Yeah, it should be called half-coke or something
Semicolas are one of my least favorite punctuation marks
@Wzl question markquestion markquestion mark i have no idea what you are saying
4:15 PM
> Semicolas
i'd say this is off-topic. but this is CGCC main chat. golfing messages is pretty on-topic. :P /hj
As is code bowling, as Wasif did above :P
/happy jaundice
4:16 PM
/hyper jneutrino
@RedwolfPrograms colons (cola?) are my favorite though
CMQ: best punctuation mark?
You evidently don't read youtube comments then
Someone: Makes meme format
Meme format: Uses colons
half joke
@Wzl 1
@RedwolfPrograms true /shrug
@user *upvotes*
4:17 PM
@Wzl if i search google i get exclamation mark
@Wzl If this is a serious question, the interrobang is kinda cool/weird
What if upvotes were like a clicker game
You can click faster or for longer to give them more rep
Getting more rep lets you upgrade how good your clicks are
or buy things to automate clicking on people's upvote (or downvote) buttons
it is definitely a serious question (but not "definitely a serious question"):<
@RedwolfPrograms that just sounds like voting rings with extra steps
Every click would be worth significantly less obviously
4:19 PM
@hyper-neutrino Well fewer steps for the voting rings - it's easy to upgrade
Eventually they'd converge into one conveniently bannable account
Or you could just silently revert the upvotes
@RedwolfPrograms it is like the thanks button for answers in SO
@RedwolfPrograms There is an account where spam accounts get merged iirc
@RedwolfPrograms IIRC the old trilogy mods used to just merge all their spam accounts into a single account :P
@Wasif I thought they took that out?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Mwahaha, ninja'd
4:20 PM
@user i dont know i am not there for long time
@user *inserts ninja vaccine*
@user Not anymore, they got nuked by the CMs :(
Actually a clicker game where you could only click on other people would be neat
You could upclick or downclick
BRB I'm 100% making that
as a ?
No, as a real game
4:23 PM
ok that's probably better
Actually no that seems like it'd be really wasteful of bandwidth
Unless you cached clicks and sent the number per second, but that would be super easy to cheat
CMC: Given a string, return its prefixes
jelly, 1P but the 1 is superscript and the P is that fancy looking P
Jelly has a 1 byte solution :P
4:30 PM
Ash would have been !
ah Ä
that gives python-strings though right? which breaks everything after it
A stupid way to get a list of 1s equal to the length of the string input :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Scala: _.inits :)
@cairdcoinheringaahing What's that? Compare to itself?
Prefixes, then length of each
4:32 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing J, 2 bytes, ]\
Oh, that really is stupid
(sorry for the pinging, it's chat's fault)
Ugh Ubuntu does this awful thing where if you double tap the touchpad it'll start highlighting or dragging stuff
APL: ,\
@Wzl it's a shame \ on its own doesn't work as that's basically 'apply identity function to each prefix'
CMC: Length of each of the prefixes :)
@rak1507 *agrees*
4:35 PM
J :P in Jelly
What's an easy way to get the suffixes of a vector in APL? ⌽¨,\⌽foo?
yeah, it's basically ,\ under reverse
@Wzl ⍳≢
Wish APL had scanl and foldl
oh right
@user same
if the string is unique you can do ⍋⍨↓¨⊂
which is fun I guess
4:38 PM
thank: You so much
:5804283 everyone does
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