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12:01 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing I've seen at least one +9/-9
@RedwolfPrograms That isn't that "wild" of a split, it's just controversial. Something like +1/-10 would be such a split
Oh, so you mean like a ton of downvotes, but a few upvotes?
@RedwolfPrograms Yeah, so that there's a net increase in rep, but the question has a heavily negative score
Is there a way to get up/down vote breakdowns on SEDE?
12:20 AM
@RedwolfPrograms No idea, but it wouldn't surprise me if there is
@RedwolfPrograms Is there a way to make the random question userscript filter on views?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Not without heavy modifications, but I can do that if you want.
@RedwolfPrograms Nah, in that case don't worry about it
12:58 AM
CMQ: Describe a language/environment that's barely a programming language/isn't even Turing complete as a wonderful programming language chock-full of awesome features.
E.g. Scratch is a language and IDE that is primarily used for game development. It is favored because of its simplicity and its robustness: one of the few times you'll have a runtime exception is when you divide by zero.
^ Okay, I lied a bit there
@usr Describing Malbolge as a good language is going to be tough.
@user regex
This currently has a score of -5 with 8 views. That's bad
@Neil Regex is wonderful and chock-full of awesome features
1:06 AM
@user HTML5 is barely a programming language, isn't even Turing complete, yet is a wonderful programming language, chock-full of awesome features.
How so?
@user How so, what?
@user b..but scratch is Turing complete
@Adám I was asking how it's a wonderful programming language
@Lyxal Yeah, but it's barely a programming language (that's probably a bit subjective, but you know what I mean)
@user It fills you with wonder. Like "I wonder what the hell the language creator was thinking when they did this?"
1:11 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing "I guess it wasn't a good idea doing this drunk at 2 in the morning" :P
@user I find it very effective at creating webpages. Sure, it has its quirks and it is unnecessarily verbose, but it is still quite good, and it has some really cool features.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Honestly, though, it's not a terrible language (I like XML), but I just don't find it super useful
@Adám Are you also including CSS here?
Not super useful‽ I'd say that the vast majority of websites use it.
@user But it only uses normal ASCII characters, eww
Dec 27 '20 at 19:42, by caird coinheringaahing
Any language that doesn't use a custom code page scares me :P
@user No, then it'd be Turing complete.
1:14 AM
@Adám I should add that I'm not a web developer :P I'm sure it's useful to other people, just not to me.
Right, if you don't do web development or CEF-based frontend work, then HTML is hardly useful.
Q: Increment a number

rrcInput One integer. The integer can be given in the natural format of your language of choice. It can from standard input, as an argument to the program of function, or wrapped in a list. Output The integer added by 1. Test cases: -56 -> -55 -1 -> 0 0 -> 1 34 -> 35 89 -> 90 99 -> 100

@Adám I mean don't all websites use some form of HTML?
Some older ones might be designed to use 4.1, but I think browsers would still interpret them as HTML5
1:35 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

user101295Subarrays With At Least N Distinct Integers code-golf restricted-complexity Given a sequence of integers and an integer N, output the number of contiguous subsequences that contain at least N distinct integers. Each integer in the sequence is non-negative and will not be larger than the size of ...

@JoKing For this question, could you undelete my comment recommending the Sandbox? I think the system auto deleted it when the question got closed
I know there's the autodeletion of "possible duplicate of..." comments but...
:57261954 If you comment "I've voted to close as a duplicate of X", or the "Does X answer your question" comment has been posted, it gets deleted when the question gets closed as a dupe of that as it's "no longer needed"
So your comment is "duplicate of X, please use the sandbox", sort of?
having too few trivial challenges means that there's no place to post answers in esoteric languages.
... actually it's still possible to post these on the "tips for golfing in X" posts.
Definitely something like divide two numbers is useful enough... if someone want to tackle these "hard" challenges.
@user202729 Can't remember exactly but it was something along the lines of "This is very trivial, so people won't like it. Voted to close as dupe of X. Recommend you use the Sandbox in the future"
2:02 AM
@RedwolfPrograms i have a suggestion for the userscript: every click of the random button has a small but nonzero chance of rickrolling the clicker
I also have a suggestion, don't do that
I'm not supposed to have that much free time...
I just feel that closing (some of) those questions are unfair.
@rak1507 i put a lot of effort into that suggestion (typing on a smartwatch isnt the easiest thing to do) ... you totally should do it because im more invested
I put a lot of effort into my suggestion (typing via smoke signals isnt the easiest thing to do) ... you totally should do it because im more invested
@Lyxal Rickrolling's boring now, find something more creative, or rickroll is a more creative way
"[This](link) is the best <whatever>" "Haha, get rickrolled" is just lazy now
2:10 AM
@rak1507 well at least im not someone who just changes a single word of someone elses post in an attempt to be funny /s
well at least im not someone who just changes a single line of someone elses userscript code in an attempt to be funny /s
@cairdcoinheringaahing its not boring if you know theres a chance - its rickroll russian roulette
@rak1507 you are bees
the esolangs server is invading!
the apioforms are coming
@rak1507 first time? Welcome to the club
you have a lot of rep though
2:20 AM
The people I compare against have more
I've been overtaken 4 times
yeah but it's hard to believe someone would be pretty close
As in 4 different people
Three out of four was at 5-7k
The most recent person I was comparing mine to is razetime
well I have 350 worth of rep in bounties that I'll get soon, if I do more APL bounties that'll be more so I should inch ahead
2:22 AM
I blame those bounties for all the overtakings
I compare my rep with the person directly ahead of me :P
ideally I'd like to keep my average score per answer above 3 as well rather than just spamming low quality answers
@rak1507 same here
@rak1507 Answer score is in no way a correlation of high quality answers
2:23 AM
@rak1507 Quality over quantity. I respect that
@cairdcoinheringaahing considering my top 2 answers are also my 2 lowest quality answers, I agree, but in general I think the point still stands
My highest voted answers are basically all low hanging fruit answers. My best answers rarely get a score of 5
@cairdcoinheringaahing I'm the opposite. My highest scoring answers are non-trivial
4-5 vs lots seems like luck or something, but there is a difference in my mind between 0/1 or heaven forbid, negative, and 2-3
2:25 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Currently, that's Optimizer, who is 590 ahead of me :P
(basically I don't want to just spam trivial nonsense in 147 langs and hope that a few of them get an upvote or two)
Use scratch
People like scratch
@rak1507 The problem is that whenever I spam, I usually rep cap because of the spamming :/
better to rep cap than not to rep at all
Getting +6 on 3 easy trivial answers is much easier than getting +18 on 1
2:27 AM
or to go further, getting +1 on 10 trivial answers is easier than getting +5 on 1
@rak1507 not necessarily
depends how trivial
Here's an example (Posted 4 hours apart). In one corner: Avoiding Rivers at +1, which I'm really proud of. In another corner: Primes and Twin Primes at +5, a boring, easily understood answer to a trivial challenge
@cairdcoinheringaahing lies!
It's +2
Get it right
And I'm still convinced I can shave a byte off to get half the score of the CJam program
@Lyxal It was Right At The Time™ :P
2:29 AM
Well I've noticed that you get more votes on new challenges than old challenges
yep, codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/69187/… my longest APL answer and the highest effort one, vs codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/218544/… builtins go brrr
Which is why I rarely answer old questions
@Lyxal Yeah, well, that's easy rep
unfortunately most new challenges suck
2:30 AM
I complain about upvotes going to poor answers of mine, but most of my favourite answers are to old questions :P
Sporeball's challenges are good
They usually bring in 70-80 rep
their newest challenge was before I even joined the site lol
I've only ever had roughly 2 answers to old challenges get 5+
And only one of those two 10+
I got a +500 bounty on an answer to an old challenge :P
Let me guess...a best of award?
2:33 AM
I broke even with the Best Ofs :P I awarded 2 and won 2 :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing that's unrelated string's unimplemented golfing language. You can't have used it for an answer.
ooh, just noticed an interesting (maybe) property of my ID, time to make a challenge around it
oh, that would break my 'challenges only on codidact' principle :(
@rak1507 right shift once and it starts with a funny number
@rak1507 NGL I'm not a fan of the "Look at my userID challenges" :/
@cairdcoinheringaahing look at this user id. Every time I do it makes me laugh
2:36 AM
Half of them come across as "Let's all pay attention to this user" and the other half as "Look at me, I'm interesting"
@Lyxal no it doesn't, 95516 >> 1 is 47798
oh you mean rotate
@Lyxal Which user id?
@cairdcoinheringaahing that was a nickleback reference
@Lyxal Oh right, the "look at this photo" meme?
@Lyxal boomer
2:41 AM
Imagine listening to nickelback when you can instead listen to dimefront
Q: What's more impressive than outgolfing Dennis in Jelly? Outgolfing both Dennis and ais in Jelly :P
outgolfing xnor in python is harder than outgolfing dennis in jelly change my mind
@rak1507 Outgolfing Dennis is Python is harder than outgolfing xnor :P
didn't know he did many python answers
He didn't, but when he did answer in Python, no one could come close :P
fair enough, but xnor is more consistently unbeatable rather than finding a mathematical approach
codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/92944/… this is the coolest answer I have ever seen
2:57 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing What's better than that? Outgolfing them by 2 bytes and more :P
almost looks like the code says 'decrypt' which is quite apt for jelly
3:23 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing done
3:40 AM
@JoKing Thanks! While I have you, you wouldn’t happen to know the “procedure” behind tagging posts with and , would you? I know the latter is mod only, but I have my eye on a couple of posts I’d happily add faq-proposed to, I just don’t know if arbitrarily adding it is the appropriate thing to do
4 hours later…
8:08 AM
Q: Let's rise higher

WasifChallenge The main objective of the challenge is pretty simple, this is an answer chaining contest, where you have to serially print numbers from 1. That means User 1's answer will print 1, then User 2's answer will print 2 and so on. But there are some rules to make the contest tougher. Rules Y...

1 hour later…
9:19 AM
@Bubbler It is T-SQL. it is mentioned in the last page of the SEDE tutorial: data.stackexchange.com/tutorial/next-steps
4 hours later…
1:11 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing For a while, my top scoring answers were in languages I never use - a builtin from Mathematica, a cheating Unary answer, a tip for golfing in Pip copied from the docs. It’s not fair :(
This trivial answer got 8 votes while my smartest APL answer got only 4 (which isn’t bad, but it should have been the other way around )
1:34 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing fastest gun babyyy
codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/220340/lets-rise-higher am I wrong or could this challenge just go non unicode, unicode, non unicode....
@rak1507 this challenge is not terribly hard
yeah it can I think
lmao well that's fun
the restriction is only based on the immediate previous answer so it's just who camps the thread the most for 30 days
could honestly probably automate it
1:40 PM
if you automate it I'll give a +100
before that, let's check if there's any rules against it
1:56 PM
hmm I don't think there's any reason someone couldn't put the entirety of unicode in a string in their answer and just kill the challenge
oh well bc it can't use something in the previous answer I guess
which also means that there's no way of blocking someone from being able to automate the same trivial solution with some modification...
2:08 PM
2 hours later…
3:42 PM
@Razetime That's a problem with a lot of answer-chaining challenges unfortunately
@cairdcoinheringaahing good idea
hi all
hi @Anush
1 hour later…
5:19 PM
@rene Thanks!
@cairdcoinheringaahing We should definitely do that. I don't see any reasons not to, and it's way easier to link to that then to have to link to 10 different meta posts with sandbox, things to avoid, loopholes, etc.
6 hours later…
10:58 PM
@RedwolfPrograms First draft. Thoughts?
mentioning golfscript and cjam in 2021?!
@rak1507 They're a part of golfing history :P
> For more questions about asking, check out the "How to Answer" help pages
This is for golfing future not golfing history
Exactly :P
11:00 PM
Seems like asking should be answering or the other way around
@RedwolfPrograms Yeah, corrected :P
Wait, did you change your name/profile picture?
Perhaps :P
I guess this will need to be updated :p
Oh it's another username from that list :p
@RedwolfPrograms Where do you think I got ChartZ Belatedly from? :P
11:04 PM
Dude coinheringaahing would've been pretty cool too :p
With reerects bespangling aachen being a good choice for sure :p
@RedwolfPrograms That's my nickname on the CGCC discord :P
First draft on a welcome page for new users. Don't hesitate to ping me with any feedback
Any feedback to this and this?
Can we get a couple of stars for ^^, promote visibility?
@ChartZBelatedly I might be missing something, but a section on asking would also be important, right?
@RedwolfPrograms There are 3 pages/posts/parts of it, so far. Scroll down
11:09 PM
Ah, didn't see that :p
Still working on the "Everything else" section :P
Stupid firewall blocks gist.github.com, so I have to hack it with /raw url every time
and the raw page doesn't show me the three parts...
@Bubbler The first one looks good, reading the second
> If you've gone 2 days without any further feedback from commenters, it's likely to be clear enough to be posted. This assumes you've been reguarly asking for feedback.
I think this part needs a warning about assuming feedback has been addressed (or assuming it's good after a small amount of time, without asking for additional feedback)
@RedwolfPrograms Good point, I meant to add in a bullet point about that
11:28 PM
Q: Akka actor need help please asap

user101452Create 3 Akka Actor classes call "Producer", "Supervisor" and "Worker". The "Producer" will generate 1000 random long integer numbers between 10000 and 100000. The "Producer" will send each number as a message to "Supervisor". At start-up, the Supervisor will create 10 "Worker" Actors. When the "...

We should definitely add a warning to if we add tag warnings
Probably too, since that one's only meant for one challenge
Maybe we should compile a list somewhere
Is it just me or are there way more of these questions than even a month or two ago?
11:32 PM
Maybe if we got confirmation from SE that they'll actually add warnings, making a meta post would be good. Otherwise, it's just words in the wind
@RedwolfPrograms Seems so, but I'm not sure of the actual stats
I'm going to make a graph of negatively voted and/or closed questions over time
@RedwolfPrograms It won't catch deleted questions tho
Probably not, although there is a deletiondate column in SEDE which is interesting
Maybe you need to be 10k+ to use it though
SEDE data is open to everyone I think
It appears you can see deleted posts with SEDE, but only id and deletion date (and maybe a few other things)
11:42 PM
Yeah, you can't actually see the post
At least you can see anything that appears on the table
You can see the score when it was deleted though
So that's useful
Are tags and content removed from the table when a post is deleted?
(content = body)
Tags are visible, no body though
OK, that makes sense
11:44 PM
Odd that you can see tags and score but no title
At least we can collect which tags have high chance to get the post deleted
I will never understand SQL joins...
Okay, here's my query to get all of the important information about every question posted on the site: data.stackexchange.com/codegolf/revision/1382754/1700815
I'll download it and look for tags that are particularly likely to result in closed/deleted/downvoted challenges

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