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1:28 AM
Wow I can actually spell Chartz Belatedly now
something I don't have to try to struggle to write
@ChartZBelatedly you helped a lot of people by changing your username
@Lyxal Don't worry, it's only temporary :P
@ChartZBelatedly aww
dang it
very sad
not pog
2:01 AM
@ChartZBelatedly little late, but I have no idea. there's a few [faq-proposed] that look promising though
bleh, i don't like that name
SE says I've been code golfing for three years, but that's not until 2 days from now
@ChartZBelatedly Is there going to be a single post, or three separate ones? (I like the idea of three separate ones)
Could be one question with three answers
2:28 AM
@RedwolfPrograms I’m currently thinking one question, 3 answers
@RedwolfPrograms no Redwolf, I am not JoKing. I don't know how you kinda figured I was.
IIRC that’s how SE does most of their posts
@JoKing Unfortunately, I can’t change it for the next month. You could tho, if you wanted to abuse your mod power :P
@ChartZBelatedly is your profile picture still Patch?
3:00 AM
Wait, who’s Chartz Belatedly?
Oh, I see, it’s caird coinerhardering
@Lyxal Yep, just a different photo of him
@ChartZBelatedly more pictures when?
@Lyxal When I change my username
So not for another month :P
@ChartZBelatedly so 30+ days then. Very sad.
TBF he’s surprisingly camera shy
3:14 AM
is he a good boy?
I have maybe 5 photos of him and 100 of black and white blurs
@Lyxal A very good boy :P
@ChartZBelatedly tell him I said hi and give him a belly rub for us
very good boys deserve all the best treatment
@Lyxal He’s sleeping rn, but he always likes belly rubs :P
4:10 AM
Ah yes, I love it when the power goes out at university because storms! ;p
Like nevermind the fact that I needed to charge my computer.
Is WiFi (or whatever network) OK while the power is out...?
somehow it is
That's weird and awesome
I know
4:12 AM
it's dark as anything in the library sans a few emergency lights
but still the internet works
idk how and idk why
all I know is that it will be a pain getting to next class in the rain
because there does not exist a fully sheltered path between library and lecture theatre
yet alone between university and car park
4:46 AM
Well I almost just failed math class...completely forgot a math test was due tonight in an hour
and I think I already forgot one or two
5:18 AM
2 hours later…
7:05 AM
Q: Reverse source code and double the input

DaemonFor today's challenge you have to take an input, and if your source code is reversed, then the input should be printed doubled. Let's say your source code is ABC and its input is xyz. If I write CBA instead and run it, the output must be any of be xyzxyz or xyz xyz or xyz xyz For any numerical ...

2 hours later…
9:00 AM
Hi everyone!
To whom can we request to add a language to TIO?
@Wasif In principle, Dennis in the room dedicated to TIO, but unfortunately, he has to deal with some personal matters, so TIO isn't being updated lately.
9:23 AM
@Adám Thanks for the chat room link
Well, it won't help you much. We really need someone to create a clone of TIO.
what's stopping someone from forking it?
Forking it is the easy part. Setting it up to run is the difficult part.
@Adám yeah there are several interpreters available of different esolangs available online
But TIO is the best, collection of the interpreters
If someone was willing to do it, I'm pretty sure my company would pay them €500 a year for the expenses and the work.
9:37 AM
Q: She sells sanctuary

expressjs123A huge storm is ravaging the world and as you and your family run away from it, you come across a gigantic shelter run by a girl. She tells you that "she sells sanctuary" and that different types of rooms are offered at different prices. A room may only house one person. The challenge Write a pro...

3 hours later…
12:49 PM
In fact, TIO has a repository on GitHub specifically for setting it up, so literally anyone who was willing to go through the hassle of hosting it would be able to, I believe
@Anush With 0 answers, it's not going to become an advertisement (i.e. HNQ)
Imaginary bounty for answers that takes time sublinear in the output (number of graphs) (might be useful: Burnside lemma). Real bounty for proof that it's not possible. — user202729 1 min ago
Given that, it's either that people don't feel like renting a server (it actually costs money, obviously), or think that current TIO is good enough...
Besides, there are other issues with some languages (Mathematica license).
Hi everyone, how many of you prefer to use mobile rather than a computer to browse Stack exchange?
1:45 PM
@user202729 IIRC APL and Mathematica both require licenses but they're either both free or Dennis managed to get them both for free somehow
@Wasif I use both, but prefer computer for anything other than getting notifications
@user202729. Why do they need to rent a server?
@ChartZBelatedly Dyalog APL can be used without registering
@user Not in the context of TIO
Chat here is unusable on an iPad. You can't see what you are typing
Oh right
1:46 PM
Something to do with the fact that it's a commercial service
@Anush On an iPhone, at least, hitting Done lets you click on what you’re typing; then you can see it
i don’t know if it’s the same on an iPad, though, I’ve never used one
@Anush right, chatting is at its best in full site
And one annoying thing in mobile is i have to refresh websiye every time :-(
Q: What information should be included in a "Here's what you need to know" guide for new users that isn't about answering or asking?
I've got a section on moderators and privileges, one on commenting and one on editing already
2:38 PM
@user good question. I will see
can anyone please make any comments on codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/20842/98590 so that it doesn't get closed when I pose it again
I'd definitely specify exactly how to draw it, in addition to the example code.
@Anush I'd recommend browsing through these questions for examples of how to properly specify challenges
@NewMainPosts Does she sells sanctuary on the sea shore? :P
It might just be me but it took me a few reads to understand it fully. I think if you explain earlier in the challenge that m is a value chosen by the answerer it'd be easier to understand, since at first I thought it meant for any value of m it should print m * n
@RedwolfPrograms Is that clearer?
3:27 PM
Lots! I think paragraph 3 is a duplicate now, though.
@Wasif I never use mobile
@RedwolfPrograms I think its worth keeping just as a little bit of extra clarification
@rak1507 why?
no reason to for me, and I'm not even able to log in on mobile iirc
4:02 PM
@rak1507 you can just log in to the code golf stackexchange in mobile, and you can then use chat
I know, I'm just lazy
But you might have an unknown problem which we don't know
@rak1507 hehe same to me
my problem is laziness, and it's very known
4:20 PM
@rak1507 me when I try to write stuff for the competition
oh god don't mention that I've not done a single phase two problem lmao
some of the phase 2 ones are just phase 1s in disguise tho
I've 'done' some in that I have ideas how I would do them but I've not actually submitted any
yeah I'm not submitting yet
Maybe in april
is this too boring, hard, or unclear?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

WezlCompile Roman Numerals to <some language> code-golfroman-numerals Your code will, given an integer i, output code code(i) in any programming language that will evaluate to (print, push, return) i by itself. code(i) ++ code(i') should evaluate to i + i' for an i' <= i and i' - i for an i' > i. You...

4:35 PM
seems tough
4:51 PM
@Wezl Looks okay (to answer).
Might need some atexit for most languages.
Most practical languages, that is.
so it is boring
hmm, I'm not sure how to put this but I'll try, no offense intended: I think the answers would be interesting, but the challenge itself isn't very
@Wezl Good challenge
(No offence to anyone, my personal opinion)
it's a hard problem and an answer to it would probably be cool, but solving it personally doesn't really interest me that much
@rak1507 I agree :(
but does that mean I should post it?
I guess noone would downvote it?
4:56 PM
People can downvote anything.
I wouldn't downvote it, but I probably wouldn't upvote it either
but it doesn't hurt to give people a challenge, so I will
@Wezl We cannot guarantee you that you would only recieve up/down votes, opinions vary from people. If you like to post go ahead, you will get +1 from me
Probably you will get some upvotes followed by some downvotes
Like my recent challenges
@user202729 is it alright if I cite this comment?, and if so, how do I type it?
... I'm not sure if there's an easy way to get the source code of a comment.
Getting the source code of an individual formula is easy (right click->...)
So, given a sequence \$p_1,\ldots p_n\$ where there's no \$p_i < p_{i+1} < p_{i+2}\$, the result of \$\operatorname{exec}(\operatorname{generate}(p_1) + \ldots + \operatorname{generate}(p_n))\$ (where \$+\$ denotes concatenation) should be \$p_n + \sum _{i=1} ^{n-1} p_i \times (-1)^{[p_i < p_{i+1}]}\$, right? — user202729 Feb 1 at 16:30
@Wezl Posting in chat works.
Only because there's no MathJax in chat.
Things posted on SE sites are licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, which I think means it's always possible to cite things on it with proper attribution.
5:06 PM
@Wezl Or you can also post a link to the comment: codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2140/…
To get the link, right click at the date of the comment and choose "copy link address".
I've got a physical server with 8 cores and 24gb of ram. I'm using it for my websites right now, but if there'd be a lot of demand and I had enough time (and my server/internet could handle it) I could try to set up a TIO instance for any languages the regular TIO doesn't support properly at some point in the future
For popularity, just make it run all languages, so there will be more people use it
Disadvantage: hard disc
@user202729 Sorry! My foolishness reminds me an old joke on Einstein, he used calculus to calculate price of some eggs, where his assistant did it by just a simple division and then multiplication (Don't remeber the exact joke)
Q: Compile Roman Numerals to <some language>

WezlYour code will, given an integer i, output code code(i) in any programming language that will evaluate to (print, push, return) i by itself. code(i) ++ code(i') should evaluate to i + i' for an i' <= i and i' - i for an i' > i. You do not have to handle cases like code(1) ++ code(2) ++ code(3) wh...

5:16 PM
It will be extra easy in some stack-based languages, or even jelly (implicit output)
but it might be hard to produce the fancy characters
@user202729 It might be too late to edit, but do you think it would be more interesting to require outputting each intermediate sum?
or maybe the outputting at the end is the most interesting part and the only reason it's not just an overcomplicated duplicate of the vanilla roman numeral reading challenge
5:39 PM
@Wezl If there's one thing guaranteed to happen on this site, it's that you'll get at least one downvote whenever you post a challenge and that whoever did it won't bother leaving an explanation
1 hour later…
6:40 PM
Yay, I just got my first upvoted and accepted answer on Meta!
CMM: What can be done to encourage more answers to old questions with few answers?
Is that a problem?
I've never noticed many of those.
@user sometimes old questions are just bad, and if they're not bad then someone's going to find them and leave an answer that's like half as long as the old shortest
I guess a lot of old questions are bad and/or have lots of answers already, but there are some good ones that ought to have more attention but don't.
I don't know how Community chooses questions to bump, but those with a high votes:answers ratio should be prioritized (unless they already are)
6:56 PM
@user One could bounty them.
One of the possible bounty reasons is literally
Part of it might be that answers to those mostly go unnoticed. I've put lots of time into challenges with few answers, and only gotten one or two upvotes, when a 5-minute answer to a new challenge can easily get +5 or more.
@Adám That relies on individuals to hunt questions down and offer rep on them
> Draw attention
This question has not received enough attention.
@user Answer them
@ChartZBelatedly That's not always so easy :P
6:58 PM
Even answering an unanswered question from 2016, which took a whole weekend, got me fewer upvotes than answering two or three new challenges the next few days.
@user Or you could make general bounties without a time limit.
We have 12000+ questions on the site and people always want more. Answering old questions bumps them to the active page and people add more answers
@Adám A bounty without a deadline? Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.
@user Community doesn't really bump questions on main any more
Make a bounty for any answer to an old post with less than N answers and no new answer in the last M years.
6:59 PM
@ChartZBelatedly I thought one was bumped just a few days ago
@user Yeah, if it only bumps one every few days, it'll take years to get through all the old questions
Why not just bump them all at once? :p
That'll drown new posts
Finding old, answerable questions and answering them is IMO the best way to attract attention to them
@ChartZBelatedly Bump the new posts :P
I should make a userscript which adds a tab for old, high voted challenges with few answers, that refreshes daily
7:03 PM
@RedwolfPrograms That would be awesome
I'll start development on it when I get home.
IIRC the "Question of the Day" bit of the gradscript was supposed to "bump" old questions, but it's kinda broken now :?
I just installed the graduation userscript, but everything is green now :(
Embrace the green :P
What in the world is the Porpoise Challenge button?
7:11 PM
> What text to use for the porpise challenge button?

Propose Challenge
In 2016 it was a meme to call it "Porpoise" instead of "Propose" :P
Oh ok
Any idea what "goats instead of boats" does?
Changes the upvote button
Don't think it works anymore since SE did some visual changes to the buttons
That's too bad
TBH the only reasons I use the gradscript is automated leaderboards and green tags
At least now I know how Downgoat got their name :P
7:14 PM
@user Other way around - Downgoat developed the script and put that in :P
@ChartZBelatedly What if someone were to make a leaderboard-and-green-tags userscript?
Oh ok
@RedwolfPrograms I probably wouldn't install it
@ChartZBelatedly I guess we'll never know why the goat is upside down, then
I wish someone could modify the graduation userscript to make it work better with the normal site's design
Work better in what way?
7:17 PM
Keep the same font, colors, etc.
So just the features, without the redesign?
It's disorienting, seeing the original site for half a second before it changes to that god-awful green
I think the graduation script is kind of outdated, now that the site got a redesign
@RedwolfPrograms Pretty much, yeah
What's an easy way to test userscripts as you're making them? Or do you just save+install each time you make changes?
The userscript manager comes with an editor
It's not very good, but it works I guess
7:25 PM
Oh cool
A: List of bounties with no deadline

user250-500 rep for answers to good, old questions with few answers This bounty is for answers to questions that meet the following criteria: They have a score of 10 or more (and fewer than 4 downvotes) They haven't had an answer in 3 years There are fewer than 10 answers Any answer to such a quest...

That's more rep than for answering an unanswered question :p
I'm working on a new KoTH
I might actually use the sandbox this time
time to write a SEDE query for that...
I haven't done a KoTH in a while actually...
@RedwolfPrograms Boo, what are you, some kinda "sensible challenge writer"? :P
7:30 PM
The last one was one of my best received questions, actually
I stole it from Hyper, but still :p
hmm how do you get the date of the last answer
You have to inner join the posts that are answers, filtered by the parent post I think, then count them with sum(case when ... then 1 else 0 end)
Sort of like how you count up/down votes
I'd try but I have absolutely no idea how joins work and I'm convinced I never will
lol same oh well lets hope someone else makes a query
7:33 PM
Just use the SE search
I like SEDE
thanks <3
Slightly over 2000 posts that meet the criteria, minimum :P
whats 2000 * 250
7:36 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Well, unanswered questions are included in my bounty
@user you're gonna have to get more rep :D
@rak1507 500,000
Or 250% of Dennis' rep
sounds pretty doable
@user APL uses * for power :P
7:37 PM
I'll stop it once I get near 5000
@ChartZBelatedly ⍨
@user I just use the criteria that I'll award the bounty when doing so won't make me drop down a privilege level
@user Try × :P
@user 1809251394333065553493296640760748560207343510400633813116524750123642650624 × 10 * 750
That's what 2000 * 250 would be :p
@ChartZBelatedly That makes sense, i just did that
@RedwolfPrograms I feel like if you're going to write in scientific notation, you gotta fully commit :P
@ChartZBelatedly I know, I was joking about *
7:39 PM
@user Just being safe/helpful :)
@ChartZBelatedly Thanks :P
@RedwolfPrograms Why all the zeroes near the end?
I added a little floating point error near the end, because it's too easy otherwise
@RedwolfPrograms Then what's the 1 for?
It would be a whole lot shorter without it :P
7:48 PM
Well otherwise I could remove the zeroes :p
Not very golfy at all
My language could do it in 1 byte: 2 :)
The empty program in my golfing language takes advantage of speculative execution to read the memory of other processes, finds what pages are open in the web browser, looks for CGCC, and automatically uses a neural network to determine how to solve the problem, then proceeds to do so.
With jQuery, of course.
@RedwolfPrograms Sorry, that violates a standard loophole
@ChartZBelatedly ?
@user No web access :P
7:52 PM
It doesn't access the web, just the RAM allocated to other processes that happen to have used the web :p
How about instead of accessing the web, it just deploys a physical robot to go to the OP's house and force them to change the question's rules to allow the empty program and then accept your answer?
My language's interpreter is named Harold. Harold comes to your house. He asks you what you would like to do. Harold does that, then hands you a punched card and leaves. Harold is zero bytes long. You can summon Harold by downloading the interpreter from my Github.
8:11 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Nice language, but I'm afraid your interpreter is too hard to use. My language's interpreter is named Cthulhu. You can summon Cthulhu by...well, it's a little too easy to do it, so I'd rather not share that here :P
Okay, here is the graduation script without the green redesign. I think all the non-theme-related features still work, but let me know if something's wrong, so I can shrug and not do anything about it. Also, if I'm supposed to edit the header or something, let me know (I will edit the header if it's wrong, of course).
1 hour later…
9:33 PM
Hey so y'all know how you were saying there was nothing stopping anyone from using all of Unicode to answer the latest answer chaining challenge?
There wasn't
The score isn't as high as I had imagined, but I'm still happy with my effort
Took me a whole hour to get it working
9:46 PM
I'm more proud of this answer, done in my second least favourite language I've made, than I am of a good number of my Jelly answers ಠ_ಠ
@ChartZBelatedly that's good, but I need you to tell me that again in two hours
I'm out of votes till then
There's rep on the line? Oh, I'll be reminding you :P
I want to upvote but I can't
Very sad
@Lyxal Quite. Very indeededly :P
10:44 PM
Q: Subarrays With At Least N Distinct Integers

user101295Given a sequence of integers and an integer N, output the number of contiguous subsequences that contain at least N distinct integers. Each integer in the sequence is non-negative and will not be larger than the size of the sequence. For example, with the sequence 1,2,2,3 and N=2, there are 5 co...

Okay so my new KoTH is going to be very complicated
@rak1507 That SEDE query is meant to produce questions that strictly meet the bounty criteria AND are more likely to fit my taste better, so it is somewhat expected to filter out some valid questions.
Do y'all think it would be fine to have an overview of the challenge, with links under each section to a gist with much more detail?
@Bubbler But that question seems to fit the criteria though, so I'll need to investigate
@RedwolfPrograms Sounds like it'll violate the self-contained rule
I know I don't need to care about it, but some close voters are are weird.
2 days ago, by user202729
This site is not for the same purpose as Stack Overflow. It's for people to have fun.
I don't have that much time. But chat.stackexchange.com/search?q=Q&user=-363&room=240 is a list of all questions that stays on main long enough for the bot to notice.
10:53 PM
My reasoning for doing it is that the contents of the CGCC post would be enough to make a bot and answer the challenge, but the extra detail that can be used to make really fine tuned, specialized bots can be found on a gist owned and maintained by me. The other option would probably be to omit a lot of detail, which seems much worse.
It seems like requiring challenges to be self contained is mostly because being required to go to another site to answer or understand the challenge is bad, and also links could be unreliable. But both of those don't seem like as big of concerns here.
I guess there could be situations where people can't access github but can access CGCC, but in that case they could probably just ask in chat for a copy of whatever section they need through some other method
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

booshlinuxSyslog PRI Conversion This is my first CodeGolf post, so I expect some errors my content. The rsyslogd utility has been a tool used throughout time to handle and parse logs either over an IP network or even locally. As many of you might know, this tool utilizes the basic syslog protocol. The sy...

11:13 PM
@RedwolfPrograms So long as the challenge body on CGCC is clear, I see no problem with including some links to "Here's some tips" pages if you want to
@rak1507 I just confirmed that it does appear in the query. It appears as answer count 3, score 12
oh, sorry, my bad, I searched for it with ctrl f but it must only load certain bits at a time
Yeah, it takes some time for Ctrl+F to grab the contents in the result
11:37 PM
Any feedback for this and this? (Now with complete test cases for both)
Both look good
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Sheik YerboutiTri tri tribonacci From Wikipedia: The tribonacci numbers are like the Fibonacci numbers, but instead of starting with two predetermined terms, the sequence starts with three predetermined terms and each term afterwards is the sum of the preceding three terms. Given three arrays of three intege...

Definitely a duplicate
Hmm, seems there isn't actually anything super close to this one. Not sure if it's different enough from fibonacci to be different, though.
Oh wait it's not just plain tribonacci
11:55 PM
And we don't even have a plain tribonacci yet.
Actually might be an interesting challenge then
Tfw every flag reason is valid for a post :p

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