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12:08 AM
So i have a list of numbers in jelly. how would i convert it to a string?
12:19 AM
do you mean turn it into a single number?
Ṿ€ seems to work
@Bubbler Yep, take a look at the sci-fi.SE rooms
@lyxal 0/""
CMC: have a five-minute discussion on pumpkin seeds as food, winner gets 50rep bounty. Starting: now
@Seggan actually, V works better
12:37 AM
does anybody here have experience with adding a language to code.golf?
Maybe you can ask directly to code.golf discord or open an issue on the official github repo
@lyxal no as in [83, 115] = "Ss"
@Seggan then I'd suggest you take a look at the monadic atoms list
@Seggan It's (chr; cast as character)
Or that
12:51 AM
yeah, just figured it out myself "Ọ€"
No need for the
All functions that act to a single number auto-map or "vectorize" to entire array
ah, ty. useful
1:22 AM
@Wezlprogramsredwolf *disappointed*
1:40 AM
Q: Fibonacci-like gap formula

BubblerBackground The recurrence of the Fibonacci sequence is defined as $$ f(n+2) = f(n+1) + f(n) $$ From this recurrence alone, the following gap formulae (recurrences relating three terms with certain amount of gaps) can be derived: $$ f(n+4) = 3f(n+2) - f(n) \\ f(n+6) = 4f(n+3) + f(n) \\ f(n+8) = 7f...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

YousernameLoading Circle Animation code-golf ascii-art kolmogorov-complexity animation Challenge Write a full program that takes no input (or has an unused input) that displays exactly the following ASCII animation infinitely (or for as long as possible) in STDOUT. Frame 1: # # # # ## Frame 2: ## # # ...

3 hours later…
4:49 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerCheckered grid with X mark code-golf matrix Challenge Given two integer values \$a \ge 2\$ and \$0 \le b < a\$, generate a \$(2a-1) \times (2a-1)\$ matrix consisting of the integers 0, 1, and 2 as follows: Create a checkerboard of 0s and 1s of the given size, the 0 being at the corner. If \$b > ...

@Bubbler is this a valid answer for your Fibonacci-like gap formula question?
5:05 AM
@PyGamer0 Yes
@Bubbler oh i was confused about the floating point error 7.00000000001 thing
FP error is generally acceptable
2 hours later…
6:43 AM
@hyper-neutrino you seem to have misspelt "Zsh is currently the second-top voted language for November's LotM - make sure to place your votes in time for next month to make sure it wins"
well we now have a three-way tie
but Add++ is the earliest, and Zsh is the second-earliest
I feel the need for more LotM nominations (there are like 20 languages on Codewars and 10 on code.golf that are barely used on CGCC and haven't yet been an LotM already)
I'm gonna nominate Ruby
I like Ruby
but I don't feel like I'm the right one to write for any of them, mainly because I haven't tried seriously learning those
I could write some for Martin Ender's langs actually
6:46 AM
Labyrinth, Hexagony, Alice, Wumpus, Stack Cats
Maybe not Retina
hexagony looks good tbh
there's an amazing editor for it
I have used four of them before
and yeah, hexagony IDE is crazy
@pxeger ruby is too highly used afaik
not many people use it regularly on this site
6:50 AM
me, dingus, level river st i think?
i've been lacking in answers lately :/
@pxeger you seem to have misspelled "Zsh is currently the top voted language for November's LotM - make sure to place your votes in time for next month to make sure it wins"
lol you didn't have to do that
Honestly "there are fewer than 10 PPCG users who regularly golf in this language" should be somewhat adjusted. Practically every lang meets this (we don't even have 10 regular users of Jelly or 05AB1E)
oh 2 upvotes
I wasn't expecting for Zsh to end up as LotM so I need to prepare now lol
there are 3 days left so let's not "curb your enthusiasm" ourselves
6:54 AM
@pxeger yes I did. I had to make the obvious joke
@Bubbler even in the heyday this may not have been accurate
It's probably to avoid having langs like python or js as lotm
hm fair
@RedwolfProgrammed do you have a script to hide deleted answers
Suggested rule of thumb: "you seriously like the lang, you have seriously used it several times on CGCC, and you seriously think it is underused"
^ Written based on previous successes and failures
7:05 AM
> Note that this is not yet available because the author cannot download Git yet because of internet issues.
7:18 AM
@Bubbler desmos?
or has it been already done?
There's already a proposal for desmos
i like desmos, hope it turns up soon
7:36 AM
@Razetime yes i joined reddit just for r/desmos :P
CMP: pygame or pyglet?
much easier
@PyGamer0 reddit username?
@PyGamer0 What do you want to do with either of them?
7:45 AM
@lyxal hint: same name
@Bubbler make games / simulations
Then arguably pygame
@Bubbler and opengl dont forget opengl
because it makes easier to handle everything you'll need in making a game (graphics, sound, mouse/keyboard,...)
@Bubbler i think pyglet is way easier for me
Then you have your choice :shrug:
8:02 AM
@PyGamer0 then your account must be too new to find
Is that a thing?
@emanresuA searching for pygamer0 on reddit doesn't come up with anything
8:28 AM
@lyxal here
8:44 AM
CMQ: Do you trust Lyxal to never give you up, let you down, make you cry or hurt you?
9:21 AM
@user Does codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/37363/100664 make you happy?
Scala 9146? I thought they were still on Scala 3​!
That's almost as funny as 'You're not joking, you're pxeger'.
Hi "almost as funny as 'You're not joking, you're pxeger'.", I'm Dad!
I said 'That's', not 'I'm'.
@emanresuA Yes :p
9:57 AM
(got my arms back, although 'm mssng a fnger)
10:40 AM
@Bubbler thank you for the max heap tip!
11:38 AM
Ngl github copilot is more passive agressive then I thought it'd be
I was trying to get it to complete a for loop, and it just suggested the start of a comment
like this:
for var in whatever:
very helpful
so I wrote
for var in whatever:
    # yes thank you for suggesting a comment start very cool
or something like that I don't remember exactly what
anyhow, it eventually got to the point where it suggested going to stackoverflow.com/questions/1265665/…
but there's just one problem with that
just one tiny little problem
that question is not about converting to binary lol
yeah exactly
so I wrote a comment saying "that's not even the right title idiot"
and it spammed that one link like 10 or 15 times
and that's my experience with the passive-aggressiveness of github copilot
12:22 PM
CMQ: Best command to use for division if you're and idiot an accidentally used / for two different commands and managed to spend days implementing and testing without noticing it until the entire thing was done?
codepage restrictions?
because if there's none, the obvious answer is ÷
what's already been used?
\/ <> () +-* [] ~ {} ! ^
12:24 PM
i like that one
fortunately, changing that in the implementation is as simple as changing a single / to ,
that totally isn't what ><> uses and that totally wasn't subliminal inspiration for my suggestion
of course not
because that would just be preposterous.
I could never even imagine something like that being the case
@AaroneousMiller % as in K and J (real-world production languages).
12:28 PM
And with that, my language is (hopefully) done! I'm just going to finish writing a truth-machine and then I'll show it off.
@Adám I feel like I'd get that confused with mod
Do you have mod?
There's also |
After trying them all out, I think I like , the best, so I'm going to go with that
@AaroneousMiller gee golly you take a while to write a truth machine
it's been 10 minutes now
12:38 PM
shut up
it can't take that long
hurry up and write it so I can upvote it and go sleep
i think its just about done, i just have to get the infinite loop going
then it isn't just about done is it. it's only 50% done
the infinite loop is like half the fricking challenge
50% != almost aaron.
but it's about 5-10% of the program
that doesn't matter aaron it's 50% of the challenge which is more weighting than your "5-10%"
12:43 PM
i suppose so
did you not learn how percentages work at code golf school?
naw, college is wack
ah ofc ofc
to summarise: challenge weighting is more than program weighting
how tf I'mma upvote that
12:45 PM
imma post it, gimme a sec
okay good
I still have a single slither of clarity left
it took me about 5 minutes to realize that all i needed to do to make the infinite loop work is swap the *+ at the end
A: Implement a Truth-Machine

Aaroneous MillerHello Hell, 34 bytes [+^-/>]!*/*/>[+^>][+-/<]-/<[{*+}/] Lyxal was being an impatient little goober, so I'm posting this before I finish the documentation for my new language. You'll get an explanation and everything in a little bit, ok?

downvotes for being too late /s
@AaroneousMiller wonderulf
dah frick
you get what i mean
that's sign that means it's time for sleep to be yes but mostly yes to happen because yes.
12:51 PM
yeah okay no need to flex your limbs
@lyxal ^[
1:08 PM
@AaroneousMiller hello hell is a rlly good lang name
@thejonymyster thx! it's even better once you know the "gimmick" of the lang :p
I'm writing up a small spec now
im rlly excited. is there any way i can keep updated on it? lol
wow, "im really excited." does not sound "really excited"
random idea: 2d lang that lets you golf away newlines by having the first line represent the linewidth of all successive lines
if u want, u can star/watch the repo
ty :]
1:25 PM
@Razetime I do, but only for the sandbox
I don't remember if I still have a copy, A username should though
is a username the same person as emanresu a
Yeah, they reversed their username at one point for some reason
And because they made a challenge about their reversed username, it's stuck (according to them)
username challenge thought: if you make a challenge relating to having your program print a username, and allow the player to take the length of their username off their score, and their lang of choice and username just to happen to allow it, they could technically get a negative score
like say if someones username is just a bunch of 1s lol
1:28 PM
Negative byte counts arem't too uncommon in challenges that allowed bonii
(The plural of bonus)
oh, yay :]
@thejonymyster or if you're Lyxal and you just include your username in your language's compression dictionary
ofc lmao
thats the expletive version of ofc btw
Ash's dictionary actually had lots of usernames since I used CGCC's challenges as a corpus, and the usernames were included
oh thats funny
imagining someones username just happens to have some useful properties
thatd be funny to come up in a challenge
something something dictionary with 99 bottles lyrics as a word
1:32 PM
pxeger = regexp reversed
I like how my awful CnR inspired like three different really good ones lol
which else did it inspire?
@pxeger nice
...how many peoples usernames are backwards on this site lol
@RedwolfProgrammed assuming you're talking about Fault in my Vault
Yeah. I'm pretty sure I've seen multiple, unless I just keep stumbling across the same one, which is possible
I know there's been another sandboxed, I might be counting one twice because of cop/robber threads
But yeah
1:37 PM
looks like it's only Guess My Password
@pxeger ₴ṅ
@thejonymyster just emanresu
no but
pxeger = regexp backwards
@thejonymyster just realized this is infinitely worse
aw idk how to reply to myself haha
idk why it isnt the same as replying to anyone else
Put the : before the number :p
Or download my reply-to-self userscript
idk why it isnt a default, seems like an oversight
1:41 PM
@RedwolfProgrammed link?
but yea its like, a way worse idea since having to conform to the same length every time means padding way more characters than just newlining whenever
i stupe'd
@pxeger wow it works! dzaima's never did for me
you installed that fast
Just click the "raw" button, it'll prompt you automatically
1:43 PM
dont know if i can do that at work lol ill live
to whoever has gh codepilot, does it support APL?
I doubt that
or J or BQN?
again, unlikely
or even Jelly
1:46 PM
definitely not lol
> Speaks all the languages you love
@pxeger then it is a
> it understands dozens of languages
APL, J, BQN, Jelly
none of those are in the top few dozen languages
so I'd say it doesn't
Sort of like putting "world's best coffee" on a sign outside a shop, it's just a marketing-lie that everyone's expected to know is a marketing-lie
> It works best when you divide your code into small functions, use meaningful names for functions parameters, and write good docstrings and comments as you go. It also seems to do best when it’s helping you navigate unfamiliar libraries or frameworks.
> use meaningful names for functions parameters, and write good docstrings and comments as you go.
code golfers: how about i dont
wtf I was going to write a script to do something invoving a corpus of JS answers, so I wrote the script. In a dream. And then I woke up and it wasn't there of course.
1:53 PM
you should write a script that makes things you write in your dreams be there when you wake up
@thejonymyster youtu.be/Od9hlvd-SCc
very cool
A: N(e(s(t))) a string

Alan BagelPython 3, 51 Just a simple recursive function. lambda s:s if len(s)<2else s[0]+"("+nest(s[1:])+")" Try it online!

@pxeger aw you dont have any other vids lol
^^ broken?
i used two ^^
means the previous message before the previous
2:03 PM
@PyGamer0 when i try it in TIO, it does not soeem to work :)
add nest=\​ in the TIO header
@thejonymyster also since its recursive, the function name should also be taken into account right?
i do not know, i dont know pyathlon
@thejonymyster spec done
@AaroneousMiller Beautiful
2:18 PM
how do you post desmos answers lol
i just made this truth machine
@pxeger ay i made a video on the winning submission for megafav numbers
@PyGamer0 check for dupes
@thejonymyster i have no idea how long desmos saves old graphs but i accidentally saved over that and i care a lot about posterity so heres the link now LOL. Try it online!
2:33 PM
@thejonymyster there's some answers you may wanna borrow the idea from
meta has a few desmos questions
oh ok, awesome
ill have alook then :-)
sadly, idk what qualifies as pristine in desmos since trying to delete certain things just autofills it again haha
so i dont think i can submit to that specific truth machine challenge u_u sad too cause most other things you try to delete in desmos will error, flagrantly
A: "Hello, World!"

Aaroneous MillerHello Hell, 0 bytes Since the tape is initialized to "Hello, World!", and the contents of the tape are printed automatically at the end of execution, the blank program is a Hello World program.

2:49 PM
damn you got downvoted for that
@AaroneousMiller is it greeting hell or is it like a hell made of hello
Hello, Hell! or Hello-Hell
@thejonymyster yes
@thejonymyster since you dont use the graph at all: TIO!
@thejonymyster it's also "Hell, oh hell"
@thejonymyster also thanks for showing me that you can join lists in desmos :)
@thejonymyster worth it
2:57 PM
@PyGamer0 didnt know it worked in that mode, ty
lol i love 5 pings in a row btw i feel special
@thejonymyster query params
@PyGamer0 ohhhh
shit idk how to fix it i mreant to reply to the more recent message
point is: Ah I See
@thejonymyster click the arrow to the left of your message and click edit, then click the reply button on the other message, and it will replace the existing reply
you can also just press the Up key on your keyboard to edit your most recent message
wait, i did fix it
it just took a bit to update fsr
@pxeger bruh why you making fun of my copy/pasting
3:01 PM
i was hovering over it and it was still highlighting the wrong message after i edited it
@AaroneousMiller because the code you copied and pasted was objectively bad lol
it looks like it was written by an unironic java programmer
(still can't really believe there are any unironic java programmers)
you know what else is objectively bad?
Hello Hell
> RangeError: Value undefined out of range for undefined options property undefined
Whatever I did it's bad
Very bad
...I hit the maximum number of items in the map
Which makes sense, but that's a pretty interesting way of informing me of that
@pxeger In all fairness, the ><> interpreter got the code from here, where you can see that the code is almost 20 years old.
somebody once told me in a server tried to tell me that you could practice programming in your sleep
im baffled at how insistent they were
like "just lucid dream bro" do you think i have the interpreter in my brain somewhere
3:13 PM
I had a dream once where the whole world was made out of HTML
Like I picked up a flashlight and it was made of <flashlight></flashlight> tags
[relevant xkcd](that one about the lisp dream)
@thejonymyster 4
(chosen by a fair dice roll)
CMQ: Favorite XKCD? (dupe of a previous CMQ, I know, but still)
Mine's 505 for sure (A Bunch of Rocks)
3:16 PM
i never tried deciding that but recently i really liked the black hat eyelash wishes one
@PyGamer0 [irrelevant xkcd]
get the banana
It was a little cold this morning
I can't wait for it to be a lot cold
cold is bad
Cold is awesome
Especially after last winter I've been looking forward to it
3:23 PM
hasnt it already been settled that cold > hot
the whole "you can always bundle up more but you cant take off arbitrarily many layers" thing is kind of irrefutable
And heat tends to come with humidity which is also bad
i like the moderate temperature
heat == too much sweat
When it's overcast and a little cool, that's the optimal weather I think
oh i mean yea, Perfect Weather > anything
cold == runny nose
3:24 PM
but yknow
Freezing cold and sunny is also nice
@PyGamer0 That's part of the experience. Enjoy it.
if lyxal were here theyd be all like
cold != runny nose
cold == cold
@RedwolfProgrammed NOOO
cold => runny nose
I'm hoping we get snow this year
3:26 PM
@RedwolfProgrammed i might die
Last year was great up until the whole no-water-for-a-week thing
Behind my house is a big empty field for rainwater to drain, and one side of it is a really long, steep hill. So we got in laundry baskets and used them as sleds.
oh my god ;_; that sounds so fun waa
@RedwolfProgrammed that would be fun
Someone else had a better idea, and sat in a laundry basket tied to the back of a jeep
@RedwolfProgrammed I'm not entirely sure if they're still alive
It actually snowed twice last year, now that I think about it. The first was just regular old snow, the second was the super-cold-power-disabling-tree-branch-snapping-6-inches-of-snow storm
3:32 PM
6 inches isn't that much, is it?
oh wait, texas
It might've been more, idk. And there was like a solid inch of ice under that in a lot of places.
This is what the field behind my house looked like, no picture of the big hill unfortunately
That might've been the first snow storm, actually
Yeah, it was. The big one was in February
4:20 PM
dammit, for some reason i cant paste into desmos on this computer
i cant test my golf U_U
oh, i guess it was too golfed and didnt like it
if you fail to properly format curly braces, it just wont paste at all
4:56 PM
Brings the CM team up to 13 now, 8 of whom joined this year
golden ratio
also sorry to be annoying but is there a way to search only a question's answers
inquestion:<question_id> is:a
thank u :)
I can never remember if inquestion also covers the question
4:59 PM
@RedwolfProgrammed Mine has to be s/keyboard/leopard. Cracks me up Every Single Time. X^D
I doubt it would, since it's not really in the qustion
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