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12:24 AM
out of curiosity, is there like a standard way to remove errors while interpreting code
or is it just whatever works
as in...?
12:34 AM
Q: Bigram frequencies in text

willmathsIntroduction This challenge is about producing a code to count the frequency of bigrams in a text. This is super useful in cryptography. In a brute force algorithm, this code may be called many times and as a result, must be optimised to run quickly. Challenge Challenge is in Python 3 and uses N...

What's up with ^? Is it an okay challenge?
It's well-written but strict...
And half looks like a homework problem
Idk what to say, someone else can deal with this
It could do with a bit of loosening of the rules (e.g. restricting to numpy will make the code naturally slower), but otherwise its mostly ok
As for being a homework question, there's no real way to be sure, and I prefer to err on the side of caution and assume good faith
True. On second thoughts, it's missing a lot of the hallmarks of a homework questoin, it's probably not.
@thejonymyster try { run_main_program(code, inputs) } catch {error}?
Yeah, the rickroll makes me think it isn't
@cairdcoinheringaahing Yeah.
12:44 AM
@NewPosts ← CMC
im sorry, i must have been reading something while typing
i meant comments lol
is there a standard way to remove comments while interpreting code
Btw, what's the deal with and ?
not errors >_<
12:58 AM
@thejonymyster if (token == comment_start) { while (token != comment_end) { token = next_token } }
assuming you've tokenised the code
The full song is a bit too long for the permalink and chat :/
Really? tio.run/…
With the lang link + code, yeah :/
Comes to 543 characters, chat's limit is 500
Last 3 bytes can be removed if returning a flattend matrix is acceptable
1:15 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Jelly needs a way to count substrings, ċ only works on characters :/
@emanresuA I can't read that. Feel free to explain if you want.
Uppercase alphabet, cartesian product with self, map count in input, slice into length 26 rows.
Easy. Nice.
kA          # Push the uppercase alphabet [A-Z]
  :         # and then push it again
   Ẋƛ       # over each item n in the cartesian product of those two items:
     ⁰      #     push the original input
      $O    #     and get the count of n in that
        ;   # end map
         ₄ẇ # and wrap that in chunks of length 26
^ if you want a token-by-token explanation
1:21 AM
@emanresuA I mentioned that a little while back
It'd been suggested to ask on meta for encryption to be synonymized with cryptography, but I was too lazy to do so
Oct 9 at 23:40, by Redwolf Programs
Can we make a synonym of ?
TIL salted caramel wasn't invented until the late 20th century
@emanresuA kA:Ẋ$vO₄ẇ works for 9
because for some reason, explicit vectorisation actually works in that instance
Oof :p
1:36 AM
Evil idea: A screensaver where the little box is arranged so that it just bounces back and forth between two opposite corners
That is evil
@cairdcoinheringaahing ah, tokenizing is the thing i do not know how to do yet ^_^ im probably doing it bad xd
1:59 AM
So...I have an unopened pair of those apple wired airpod thingies they used to include with iphones. It includes a headphone-to-lightning converter. So what I'm wondering is...why couldn't they have put a headphone jack on the thingy itself so you'd use the adapter, instead of just putting lightning on it too (which is what they did). So you can't use it with other phones and/or laptops.
Wonder if it'd be worth it to buy a lightning to USB-C converter and chain it to a USB-C to headphone one.
> wired airpods
That's basically what they are lol
well if they're wired airpods, just turn on the wireless mode by cutting the cords
apple doesn't want you to know this, but doing so instantly inserts Bluetooth technology inside the earpods
Wonder if I could get my doctor to inject a covid vaccine into it
To upgrade from bluetooth to 5G
2:02 AM
@RedwolfPrograms that's just silly
by doing so, you get back to the problem of not having a way to connect them to your phone/device
@RedwolfPrograms But seriously, I might do this
idk much about connecting that sort of stuff. I just use my wireless headphones
I don't listen to enough stuff for headphones to be a smart investment
Although in a few years I'll probably need some since then I'll be going to college and I don't need my roommate judging me for my meme choices
they don't have to be those high quality make the audio 69x better trendy brand type
just wireless
2:05 AM
I should just get airpods so it can smell like broke in here
okay zoomer
side note: Binary Search Trees are cool until you start having to deal with encapsulation and a lack of lambdas/functional programming in C++98
Just transpile Vyxal to C++ and hand that in!
bruh the assignment is due in 6 days, not 2 years
Use a Python-to-C++ tool then
bruh the assignment is due in 6 days, not 2 years 6-8 months
2:11 AM
@NewPosts I'm temtped to answer in transpiled Vyxal
do it
it'd be funny
Gonna make it a little efficient tho
You're lucky it isn't code golf
Python-to-C++: hardcode Python code as string, link against CPython and run it as Python
otherwise your submission would be at least 700k bytes
@lyxal I say 6-8 months, because I would not trust 2.4.1 transpiled code, meaning i'd be waiting for 2.6 to be finished
2:15 AM
For a second I thought you're talking about Python version
Hmm, the only way I can figure out to plug a lightning cable into an audio port requires three separate converters
Lightning to USB-C, USB-C to audio, and audio male-to-male
Costing a total of...$40
Might as well buy wireless headphones for that much >:|
And somehow the main site went down
Not for me... Is it back up for you now?
Then it's corporate firewall going crazy I guess :/
Even downforeveryoneorjustme.com doesn't open
So I can't check if it's down for everyone or just me, literally
2:28 AM
Thanks lol, except that the image is also broken on my pc rn
On the phone everything loads fine
    ~7SUAP}=`    ``                          `75*              `;zSU6Ef!`                                  `*SUU~ *5z`                                   ~TaUAkt!`   ```                ```
  .6@Qa7TfN@Q!  ~@@;                         `#@U             =B@QwJzj%@Q?                                 \@@J;. k@&`                                 `w@Qmz\{Q@%,  v@@;               q@b
  =@@Y    `iI+ ?q@@Ka,  ~Jw6Uai'   `*yXUwz~  `#@U  `|av.     *@@m`     y@@i ^ay,   .}a<  ^}kUEt;   =a{;jU^j#@@Xa, k@&`  .<jXUai,  ;a5,  'jaL   \a|     !@@5    ,tI~.f8@@qa,  ~JwUXj+` ;aQ@QSz`'aa;   ,aa;  ,\SUUmv,
Might need a... quite big screen for this one
What is it?
Frick, literally every website I use to slack off doesn't work
@RedwolfPrograms Ascii art version of above image
Doesn't render right for me then
2:33 AM
@Bubbler Does data:text/html work?
@RedwolfPrograms Hm, that's weird
@emanresuA It does
Sorry, wrong reply
There's some sort of weird text wrapping
I think
Despite there being a horizontal scroll bar
Nah, it's because there's < in the text that gets sanitiesed
VS Code was nice enough to throw some colours in
it thinks it's written in markdown
2:37 AM
Well, better markdown than polish...
2:47 AM
Why isn't there a "misinformation" option when reporting a YT comment
Like...if someone posts "giving away free bitcoin, send $1k to this address and I'll double it", what am I supposed to report it as...
And why is "child abuse" a whole separate option...can't that go under "harassment or bullying" or something? And what sort of comment could even fall under that category?
3:06 AM
CMQ: What does the addition program for Plumber look like?
          []          []
          [][]  [][]  =][]
      [][===][  [][===[]
[][]   [        []    ][][
] [===][=]][     ]
        = =]=]][[=[==
Looks sorta like a sailing ship to me
It kinda looks like spamton
i see the ship
Is that a deltarune reference?
@RedwolfPrograms it's probably taken more seriously than the broader harassment? idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
3:24 AM
@emanresuA That still looks so wrong to me since I wrote it horizontally mirrored :p
I do see the sailing ship
3:49 AM
Q: Build the stove controller (physically)

BubblerChallenge Build the Wheat Wizard's stove using 2-input NAND gates. The solution with the fewest NAND gates wins. Externally, it works in the following way: (the first line is added from the original spec for physical output) It has 10 levels, from 0 to 9. The display has 9 lights, and if the cur...

4:08 AM
@emanresuA hand?
@user well i had made a mistake before: 4² will give 2 instead of 16. x ** 1 / 2, (operator precedence)
2 hours later…
6:11 AM
CMC: Compute the nth term of A000796
unless that question belongs to main already
6:25 AM
@PyGamer0 dupe
7:18 AM
How about a linear equation solver question over the integers? Suitable?
the main problem is Mathematica built ins but maybe that’s ok
7:35 AM
i have been seeing too much golfed code recently ig
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerNega-Zeckendorf representation code-golf integer binary encoding fibonacci Background Zeckendorf representation is a numeral system where each digit has the value of Fibonacci numbers (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, ...) and no two consecutive digits can be 1. Nega-Zeckendorf representation is an extension t...

@Anush Linear equation over integers is just linear equation with an extra integer-ness check
@Anush Also, don't ask challenge ideas in chat, just write a sandbox draft. You can simply throw it away if the feedback is negative
7:51 AM
Personally I don't like lookup table stuff, but looks mostly fine
though I'd further clarify "any consistent casing of your choice" to a few choices like all lower, all upper, first upper and second lower
Someone's probably going to find a clever trick involving hashing
IMO hashing has been overdone already
8:07 AM
"Oh, but I'm using SHA-27304983215947625981732169672834679218, a new hashing algorithm that happens to return the valency given an element"
8:36 AM
apparently amazon says: 74ls00 is INR 74, and when i go to the usual website where i buy electronics from, it is INR 14.
@Adám Charcoal, 10 bytes: IEαEα№θ⁺ιλ
1 hour later…
9:46 AM
@Bubbler I am not sure that's right
@Bubbler :( I have always enjoyed talking to people about challenge ideas. The sandbox is a really bad place to have a conversation
but I will post to the sandbox as well
10:01 AM
Does anyone understand the wolfram language? tio.run/##y00syUjNTSzJTE78/… gives no output for me
@Anush -print
@Adám oh wow. Thank you!
I had no idea you would need -print
@emanresuA night
10:25 AM
@Anush I assumed a system of equations, but the general solution for single equation with 4 variables is the same: linear combination of 3 nonplanar vectors.
For the record, LLL doesn't help solving it in the first place. It takes one such set of vectors and refines it to a better one
@Bubbler rak1507 had a trick I think to use LLL I think. But most languages won't have LLL built in so it's not too important
@Bubbler yes. I guess that's not too trivial in most languages
10:59 AM
@Anush Or just wrap it in Print[ ... ]
@cairdcoinheringaahing thanks. I have much to learn
11:25 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AnushSolve linear equations over the integers Input 4 integers w, x, y, z. Output The general solution to the equation \$ aw+bx+cy+dz = 0 \$. Output format Your output should consist of four parts, one for each of the values a, b, c, d. Let me explain by example: Input: -118, 989, 918, -512 Output: b...

that was fast!
Sandbox Posts and New Posts are near instant now :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing :) We have had an upgrasion!
Q: Should we replace The Nineteenth Byte's feeds?

Redwolf ProgramsThe Nineteenth Byte, our main chat room, has some feeds. These post new challenges, meta questions, sandboxes posts, and some other assorted things. Unfortunately, they're kinda slow. New Main Posts and New Sandboxed Posts often take between ten and twenty minutes, and New Meta Posts can take up ...

1 hour later…
12:34 PM
any feedback on this? Are there any issues with it and/or is it just kinda lame? Either case is fine, I wouldn't want to put out a boring challenge even if nothing was technically wrong with it per se
oops, room activity graph says im a bit early haha
Looks fine to me, I'd just recommend using any three distinct non-whitespace characters for boxing drawing instead of forcing +-|
> Boxing drawing
Very good job me excellent spelling 10/10
if you switch it around, its actually fine
drawing boxing works cause you can noun "boxing"
actually, it works both ways
boxing drawing, the drawing of boxings
Sounds like it's time to leave for me then because I'm very close to not making sense and being incjeowncemt and or incapable of making sense, even with the help of autocomplete
That should say incoherent, but you get the point
1:04 PM
1:18 PM
is that one of those escape code things
The fact that this works makes my job a whole lot easier.
oh thats SO good
keeping that in my brain for future use
Synthetic biology (SynBio) is a multidisciplinary area of research that seeks to create new biological parts, devices, and systems, or to redesign systems that are already found in nature. It is a branch of science that encompasses a broad range of methodologies from various disciplines, such as biotechnology, genetic engineering, molecular biology, molecular engineering, systems biology, membrane science, biophysics, chemical and biological engineering, electrical and computer engineering, control engineering and evolutionary biology. Due to more powerful genetic engineering capabilities a...
That's tricking calculations into doing viruses, not the other way around
I have utmost respect for whoever spray painted "Joe Daddy" on the sidewalk outside my school
@AaroneousMiller In one of my esolangs, the only loop is going to be a for loop, but you can add values for the loop to iterate over, hopefully allowing for arbitrary loop lengths.
1:30 PM
Any feedback on Genetic Quines? Any tags you'd recommend, other than and ?
@AaroneousMiller I've considered doing that with mutable arrays
So you'd just append something to the array in each iteration
@RedwolfPrograms Oh nvm
It's a part of the article that's linked
> Subsequently, researchers utilized this paradigm to demonstrate a proof-of-concept therapy that uses biological digital computation to detect and kill human cancer cells in 2011.
The future has been here for 10 years now :p
@RedwolfPrograms ?
That's the worst tag I've ever seen
What is the point of it
@RedwolfPrograms ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
1:47 PM
This question mentions that it is on-topic on main according to consensus, but I wonder if it should be on meta anyway, since that is where questions like that typically are, and it feels like that would make more sense.
I know meta is the first place I would look for questions like that.
What do y'all think?
That should definitely be a meta question I think
Although it depends. I think is also supposed to include writing non-CGCC challenges
I wonder if plagiarising a document on plagiarism is ironic enough that it's not illegal
I can add more examples
2:03 PM
@RedwolfPrograms reminds me of that one like, idk what annual sports game lets say fifa, where the review opens up with like "They basically released the exact same game as they did last year, so were publishing the exact same review."
and then the entire review of the previous installment copy pasted
@Anush that link just goes to the sandbox. did you mean to link here?
Oh no...conspiracy theories on SE again
@AaroneousMiller main is for questions about code golf and coding challenges. While they're nowhere near as common as actually challenges, questions about writing those challenge are on topic for main
2:19 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Right, I know that it's on-topic, I just didn't know if it would be a better fit for meta instead. I just thought I'd point it out and see what you guys who actually know what you're doing thought about it.
@thejonymyster yes
2:36 PM
@AaroneousMiller especially since it seems to be jumping off from a post that /is/ in meta
Y'know what, I'm finally doing it. I'm changing my default in google docs from 12pt Calibri to 11pt Roboto
3:06 PM
TIL I'm taking the PSAT tomorrow
We should place bets in the form of bounties on what score Redwolf's going to get on the test. /hj
I got a 1420/1440 on the 8th grade one
(1)420 nice
hello sir yes idd like one four twenty please
its for my marijuana pipe, you see
you can do it red wolf youre a smart :-)
dumb challenge idea: Naive code-golf, you have to do X but your code is only scored on printable/visible characters (so white space gets score 0 ofc but thats besides the point)
We've had a similar challenge before I think
bless, i think its a good joke
3:13 PM
> As a food, the prairie turnip has been described variously as a "delicacy," "tolerably good eating," or "tasteless and insipid."
Quite the range of opinions
There's a citation after that from someone named "Barry Kaye" but it only had the last name and I read it as "Kanye"
oh kanye and his opinions
@thejonymyster that could potentially give Vim a pretty good score
You could probably use spaces and tabs to encode lots of information in JS/Python/other languages and convert that into a string to eval
that exactly what i wanna see tbh
Sandbox it!
3:18 PM
i guess my only concern is like, a particularly short answer with no unprintables could just as easily do better than anything lol
Make it a very difficult challenge to solve succinctly then. Maybe a kolmo or something.
it could potentially devolve into "Write the shortest code possible but youre allowed to use whitespace freely so have fun with newlines n stuff"
ooh ok
dilemma though
@thejonymyster It'd still be fun to see how we can lower our score in other languages, e.g. a longer Vim score might do better by using unprintables in a roundabout way
nod :o
About to post Genetic Quines
3:20 PM
yesss >:)
been hyped for that
Hey, could it count as maybe?
if i sandbox without the specific challenge already specified, it will look dumb and stupid i think,
but if i come up with a specific challenge and its not good, itd be weird to change it drastically
Aw man, "Genetic Quines" is too short D:
aw what
I guess "Write some Genetic Quines" then
3:22 PM
Q: Write some Genetic Quines

Redwolf ProgramsIn this challenge, you'll create some programs which behave similarly to genes. When you run one, it will return one of its two "alleles" (a half of its source code), and concatenating any two alleles from your programs will result in a new, functioning program (which returns its own alleles). As...

uhh the image
didnt image
@RedwolfPrograms redwolf your imagen't'd
ah there it is lol
I'm trying to think about how you'd do this in a practical language. You'd probably need each allele to be a payload-capable quine, then have each one have a 50% chance of returning itself, and follow it with some sort of code that would chain with the start of the second allele to make it return otherwise, and do nothing at the end of the second allele
are there any tips up about writing a good kolmo? i have no idea what id do for that
i guess in general i dont know what would be an interesting challenge for unprintable chars lol
i just know i like the framing, but that isnt enough to work with at my level >.< lol
3:32 PM
You'd probably just pick a fairly long document or fairly large image, and have the answers output that
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Grain GhostIn 1960 Andrey Kolmogorov conjectured that any algorithm to multiply two integers would require \$\Omega(n^2)\$* steps. Within a week of presenting this conjecture it was proven false by graduate student Anatoly Karatsuba. Karatsuba's algorithm is an algorithm to multiply two numbers which takes...

Seems like it would be more boring than a harder actual-challenge though, since you'd be encoding the info itself with whitespace rather than code
So maybe a really tricky actual-challenge would be better, although those are hard to come up with
right, lol
and then you get to "so why have the whitespace thing then"
Well because it makes it interesting :p
id think a tricky actual-challenge would (have to) be interesting on its own lol
3:36 PM
It would be, yeah, but this doesn't detract from the interestingness in any way, it just adds on to it
oh true
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

SegganScrabble Word Finder Yes, I know there is a similar question, but this one specifically concerns any possible words, even with letters left over, while the linked one restricts to a permutation of the input Objective Have you ever had those moments in a Scrabble game where you're staring at you...

ill start brainstorming, but i did just have one off the fly idea
well let me make sure it doesnt exist first lol
There's a similar one for abusing a rule about counting characters instead of bytes
maybe worth crosslinking, but id say thats different enough
plus if the challenge itself is different and interesting too, itd probly be fine
hm, i cant actually tell if its been done but, fizzbuzz but for all primes? itd be prime checking and string generation ig, i wonder if thatd be interesting enough
3:43 PM
Probably not
@thejonymyster a large part of fizzbuzz is combining the fizz and the buzz, but with primes, there would only be fizz
i dont follow
i meant like
instead of just 3 and 5, any prime
i guess itd be just prime factorization though, but instead of the factors, strings
eg 1 fizz buzz fizz foo fizzbuzz bar fizz buzz fizzfoo
but yea, i can probably do better
sorry I misunderstood
What about implementing one of the more complicated KotH answers you can find (and get permission to use)? Those tend to have lots of interesting stuff, and can get super complex.
@Wezl no worries, i can see where my language could have been clearer anyway :-)
@RedwolfPrograms getting permission sounds boooooooooring :P maybe lol
im trying to formulate the words for my hesitation on that idea
3:57 PM
@RedwolfPrograms I think I may ave just broke your challenge. :P
Lol. I should have thought more about how the alleles could all just be the same but with some number or letter changed :p
So the penalty/bonus is basically nonexistant, but that wasn't the main focus anyway I guess
what is your score, btw grain ghost?
Or I can get as close to zero as I want by adding more programs.
No, just over 98
It's only the bonus/penalty that decreases to be effectively 0
Oh that's a bonus.
4:00 PM
oh right
The scoring section is a little confusing.
It is, yeah. I tried a few ways of wording it and that's the best I could figure out.
> Your score will be the average byte count of all of your alleles, plus an amount...
Your score is 98.0000029206276 :p
I might be able to get that a little higher by adding 2 allele programs.
I'm not really interested in finding otu.
4:02 PM
lower is better though :P
Since I never really golfed the program in the first place.
well gg, G.G.
4:19 PM
Ok well I realized I had a very silly bug which added a lot of bytes to fix. But now the score is within floating point error range of the allele size.
5:03 PM
@AaroneousMiller yes thank you. I'll try again in a bit b:)
Idea: A language where basically everything is a dictionary, except one value that isn't and errors with the typical dictionary operations.
Even better, name it almost identically to an existing language so it confuses people.
And then make the type system super weird, and have primitives that are still sort of dictonaries but not really, but they don't cast the way you expect they would
(but sans serif)
I'm just describing JS and waiting to see how long it takes someone to notice :p
5:34 PM
@RedwolfPrograms wow, this is the best language idea ever. We should package it with all complete web browsers before testing it on different platforms
And have a bunch of people add more features specifically because the other one doesn't have it, so that the standards are inconsistent for a decade and backwards compatibility is a complete nightmare
5:46 PM
@RedwolfPrograms You completely omitted the red vs blue functions feature!
Because I see nothing wrong with JS's async
I used a markov chain on five songs and it gave me this
idea: gather up a group of practical languages. Split into two teams. team one builds a new language using the best features of the languages given. team two builds one out of the worst features
So for the bad, e.g. you want verbosity of built-ins as in Java, but entirely spelled with non-ASCII symbols, like APL.
yes :-)
@Adám Specifically, we use symbols that don't render for most fonts.
5:55 PM
@AaroneousMiller Do any languages do that?
Ah, Mathematica. Right.
But you'll end up with contradictions in the good. E.g. you'd want mnemonic Unicode symbols of APL, with ASCII-easy typeability.
You'd want full control over memory from C, while you don't need to worry about memory management from various interpreted languages.
why contradict when you could simply have both
Neat whitespace flow from Python with whitespace insensitivity from many other languages?
ok that breaks i suppose
wait, do people like significant whitespace
Some apparently do.
How about easy line continuation from C etc. while line breaks end statements from, say APLs.
Braces AND EndXYZ keywords‽
00:00 - 18:0018:00 - 00:00

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