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12:19 AM
how to juic advogad
Avogadro looks like he tried juicing an avocado for well over 30 minutes, then gave up and tried chemistry instead :P
Yeah but then he went and made my chemistry text book like, twice as thick.
Or maybe it's just a really unflattering painting
@user But how?
@Adám How would you expect me to know if even such a great chemist could not defeat The Avocado?
12:23 AM
try for ~6.022E+23 minut insted of thirtee minut
mak sur two rmove pulp
Where is the original post?
I've had an idea for juicing avocad - heat avocad until it melts
but wat if advocad bun. wat if advocad sublimet
12:26 AM
Okay someone try heating it up to 7-9
user image
The idea is that you never cut the avocad, no?
That's technically an avocad smoothy
Yeah, not juice at all.
Alas, it appears mankind will never achieve avodad juic, teh nector of the gods
What would really make it juice, though? Would it just have to be thinner than a smoothie?
12:30 AM
You'd need to separate the liquid (probably mostly water, and a little oil) from the dry parts.
\○/ but at least there are a finite number of xkcd cartoons. See you next week!
1:24 AM
Good thing it’s not an SMBC rabbit hole, there’s a lot more of them
Super Mario Bros. Crossover? :P
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerFibonacci-like gap formula code-golf math fibonacci Background The recurrence of the Fibonacci sequence is defined as $$ f(n+2) = f(n+1) + f(n) $$ From this recurrence alone, the following gap formulae (recurrences relating three terms with certain amount of gaps) can be derived: $$ f(n+4) = 3f(n...

1 hour later…
3:57 AM
@Wezlprogramsredwolf Hey, you stole half my name! :p
Hey waiiit, you stole all of it!
Redwolf Programs != Programs Redwolf
two different things
It is a pretty good name, so I'll let it pass
But anyway, I have some sort of test tomorrow so o/
I'll be in room 2214, if I forget now it's in the transcript :p
Hey that better not be my english classroom
Okay good it's not
2211 is the one I'm thinking of
4:01 AM
hey so quick question, what happens if the room where you do your exam is suddenly destroyed before you get there?
do you still have to do the exam?
Probably, it's a big school, they'll find room :p
Okay better question: what happens if the school is destroyed?
do you still have to do the exam?
Then...probably not
But I have a lot more to worry about in that case :p
@RedwolfPrograms nah you'll be fine
I'll go get my teleporter and send my fridge to your school
Don't you mean I would be fine? Right? Right...?
4:03 AM
yeah you'll be all good so long as you stay outside the blast radius/radiation zone
because when my fridge is inevitably nuked, the school will be destroyed as well
Yeah no worries I'm about 4 miles from the school
oh that's perfectly fine
It's pretty far from other structures, but you'll probably irradiate a nearby elementary school
@hyper-neutrino next time you nuke my fridge, make it non-radioactive for redwolf's sake
now there's no radiation
I want to take the PSAT though D:
4:05 AM
yo hyper ignore my request
I gotta get a funny number again
I'll be sending my fridge elsewhere
You should mount a missile defense system to your fridge
Then sit in it
And have a friend push it into a lake
And then you have a submarine
But anyway I need to go to sleep o/
why would I make the fridge immune to nukes?
that'd ruin the local fridge industry
gosh redwolf, think of the economy gosh dang it
You're not in the pocket of Big Fridge, are you?
I thought you were someone we could trust
4:09 AM
@RedwolfPrograms I said local
i support my local fridge producers
Ah selling out to Little Fridge is fine
someone has to support the fridge store down the road
It's like my idea to have tire companies hire people to slash random cars' tires
Oct 15 at 12:24, by lyxal
the guys at the fridge shop know me pretty well now
@RedwolfPrograms It supports local businesses
4:11 AM
Oct 15 at 12:25, by lyxal
heck, they even give me a 0.5% discount on Saturdays and Tuesdays because I've gotten that many new fridges from them ;p
I've heard the mods are considering using chemical and biological weapons against your fridge since nuclear and radiological don't seem permanent enough
Big fridge wouldn't accommodate my requests to tune the fridges specifically to the SE chat noise
@RedwolfPrograms well duh. Of course it's not permanent
I just buy new fridges all the time
Watch out then, a Fridge Plague outbreak might start going around in your town
oh no
oh frick
Anyway o/ again lol
For real this time
4:13 AM
I'm even going to click "leave"
See y'all
> nuke
> non-radioactive
now, i'm not particle scientist, but
Is it just me or did chat go down for about two minutes just then?
4:21 AM
@hyper-neutrino but ur hyper-neutrino
Also I discovered that Firefox completely bricks itself if you try to save a jpeg as png while opening a file.
Don't ask.
4:35 AM
@PyGamer0 ok, and?
@hyper-neutrino ur a particle
are you an anthropologist
@hyper-neutrino idk whats that
so NO
anthropology is the study of humanity
so if you, a human, don't study humans
4:37 AM
then it is perfectly reasonable that I, a particle, don't study particles :P
@hyper-neutrino I more meant next time you go to nuke my fridge, switch out the nuke for a standard bomb
That way, you don't actually nuke it
You just destroy it without the radiation side effects that usually happen
1 hour later…
1 hour later…
7:32 AM
@RedwolfPrograms I believe the mafia used this exact technique, in fact
@AviFS the past few weeks I've not been working on ATO, but I'd like to get it into a fully feature-complete state soon™ enough
I've recently decided to rewrite the entire backend using a language that isn't so utterly terrible at concurrency
What? Weren't you using Typescript?
7:56 AM
that's for the frontend
the backend is in Python
Python's async doesn't work well with lots of complicated IO (combining an http + websocket server with writing to files and executing shell commands = somewhat painful and very slow)
what lang are you gonna rewrite it in
@pxeger Use node - It's practically made for those sorts of things.
@rak1507 probably Go
The classic example is a Hello, world webserver
And then you have full-stack JS which is kinda cool
@emanresuA yeah I was considering that but I want to use this as an excuse to learn a new language
@emanresuA ...and kinda sucky. I don't really like the js ecosystem either
8:02 AM
... If you're going to learn a new language, don't do it for something that requires actual security and consistent functionality.
@RedwolfPrograms what's wrong with "unwanted commercial content or spam"?
@emanresuA you say that as if ATO has either of those things already
@pxeger ಠ_ಠ
Ugh userscript slow
and hopefully Go is well-designed enough that it's hard to get security massively wrong
I suppose it makes interacting with Docker easier
not Docker, a custom sandbox
Docker's startup times are too slow
8:05 AM
If it's fast enough for redwolf... Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I just realised you have Whython on there
@emanresuA yeah, seeing that he's using it is making me reconsider, and I might switch to something else soon: github.com/attempt-this-online/attempt-this-online/issues/31
Idk much about setting up online interpreters, your choice
@pxeger yuck
From "golang vs rust" search result:
> Rust has a much steeper learning curve compared to go. However, it is also important to note that Go has a much steeper learning curve than other languages such as JavaScript and Python.
@rak1507 why? Go seems pretty well suited for this task, and that's all that really matters
8:12 AM
If I picked up Rust successfully before Go, does it make me smart?
@Bubbler I was gonna disagree with that, but I think the problem is that I think any language I have already learnt has a horizontal learning curve, and any language I have given up on has a vertical one
Which ones are vertical for you?
@pxeger go generally sucks in lots of ways from what I've seen
Jelly has a half exponential and half logarithmic learning curve.
@Bubbler in this case, Rust, because of the borrow checker
Although in this case it's a me problem because I never tried to understand it and just tried to fumble my way through
8:18 AM
Btw, would anyone like to see the eighth book of Harry Potter?
(Markov chain from the previous ones)
Ooh, idea: Markov chain programming!
I kinda want to generate some Vyxal programs like that and see what happens
@emanresuA this?
goddamn oneboxxing
@emanresuA cursed child?
8:22 AM
oneboxing? oneboxxing?
@pxeger 1⎕ing
Remove the ` ?` and it shoudl onebox
@emanresuA I want it not to because it's annoying
I was trying to work out where to put the zwsp
@pxeger use Scala and then transpile it to JS
@pxeger Use Vyxal :P
8:33 AM
Q: Inverse n-bonacci sequence

CamelWe all know about the fibonacci sequence. We start with two 1s and keep getting the next element with the sum of previous two elements. n-bonacci sequence can be defined in similar way, we start with n 1s and take the sum of previous n elements to get the next element. Challenge Given a positive ...

2 hours later…
10:18 AM
I can't resist doing some Jelly when I see a challenge where œi is the obvious last step :P
This is a reminder for people to go upvote new answers to old posts
It's easy, free and takes only a small amount of time
Lol this was one of my first answers and it somehow has +8
My first answer has +4, which mostly came about a year or so later
10:34 AM
Mine (+4) is from when Grain Ghost was Ad Hoc Garf Hunter
@lyxal The compression in that one's interesting. How does it work, and why didn't you make those strings autocomplete?
@emanresuA the actual answer itself doesn't have a close delimiter; it's only there in the explanation
so I'm guessing they do autocomplete
@emanresuA they do
Oh. Forget the second half, but how did Keg's compression schematic workin general?
Uh just let me try and remember for a bit
10:37 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing If you're awake, I really should be asleep.
oops misread you lol
@emanresuA I've been awake for the past 4 hours, just haven't been on my laptop :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing caird being awake at a normal time? Is this what university does to you‽
its what alarms do to you :P
That's alarming.
@emanresuA basically, Vyxal dictionary string compression but worse
There are 6 kinds of strings: Normal strings, Normal spaceful strings, SCC only spaceless strings, SCC only spaceful strings, special spaceless strings and special spaceful strings
Normal strings allow for SCCs to be used after a ;, meaning that to compress the word Hello inside a normal string, you'd use `H%;`
(Spaceful here means that a space is appended after each SCC)
10:50 AM
How do the special ones work?
In a very cursed way
Okay so there's two parts: The SCCs and the joiners
It's basically " ".join[decompress(x[0]) + x[1] for x in zip(SCCs, joiners)]
That is a bit cursed
«H%c¡|,! -> (H%), (c¡)!
also, the dictionary is 60k words (compared to the 20ishk that we use), and it uses the whole codepage for SCCs
@emanresuA yes
yes it is
and it totally isn't accidentally over-optimised just for the Hello World program
but then again, the whole language is basically cursed
True, but without it Vyxal wouldn't exist so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Also, here's my early attempt at making type cohesion: github.com/Lyxal/Keg/blob/master/Coherse.py
10:55 AM
@lyxal That looks fairly reaosnable, liek something I'd write
It's basically an ugly first version of the type dictionaries we use
I can sorta see that
my point is that "coherse" is definitely not a word lol
It's like overloading but a horrible mess
10:56 AM
@pxeger I figured that
> #TODO: Replace everything here with something more reasonable
That's spookily similar to Jyxal's parser
11:39 AM
@RedwolfPrograms nonsense, it was my name first and I just programmed part of it into you :P
@Wezlprogramsredwolf what do you program redwolf to do?
and how can I program redwolf to do my bidding as well?
because that's something I'd totally be interested in ;p
@lyxal Fool! Redwolf can be programmed only by unanimous mental concentration among all members of The Hivemind!
@pxeger @user can we get this changed plz?
I'd do it myself, but that sounds like something the leader needs to do
CMQ: given . is already in use in my language, how terrible would it be to use -> for struct field access? (à la C)
not terrible at all
I kinda like switching between . and -> when dealing with normal objects and pointers
11:52 AM
can you think of anything better?
You probably use : already, no?
@Adám yes, I do
@pxeger restricted to ascii?
@lyxal this is a practical lang which needs to be easily typeable, so yes
So you probably use all the ASCII symbols already, no?
11:53 AM
object~attribute / object~method()
@Adám not all of them have meanings as single characters though
or object=>whatever maybe
Give us the list of options then.
object`attribute / object`method()?
object%attribute / object%method()?
object!attribute / object!method()?
object,attribute / object,method()
@Adám backticks are the one character I don't want to touch, simply because of markdown
@Adám modulo
11:56 AM
object..attribute / object..method() ?
@lyxal tuples
@lyxal ranges
maybe I could use ... for ranges actually
what about ~
Right, this is unfair. You're asking a question without giving us enough info to answer.
@lyxal I like this one the most
@Adám I'm trying to work out which single character tokens are available, wait!
@pxeger the only thing about that is that it might give connotations of it being a destructor
although that could just be the C++ from the data structures course I'm doing talking
11:58 AM
$, ~, and ! are the only ones left
and $ would require some careful kerfudging to make it unambiguous
~ is the only one of those three that looks like it has a logical connection/flow between object and attribute/method
@pxeger so really I only want suggestions for digraphs
And so why not ->?
@lyxal I was thinking maybe $ because it kinda relates to variables in shell and derivatives, but you're right about that tbh
@lyxal I don't like it lol, (even if it's pretty reasonable objectively), because it's a bit inconsistent with arrows' actual meaning
just whatever you do, don't make it *object.attribute or *object.method()

We do a little trolling

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I knew I've seen this kind of conversation somewhere before
May 6 at 0:21, by hyper-neutrino
12:03 PM
@lyxal yeah I think C++ is the only place where ~ means destructor, but it's not really caught on as a common meaning I think so that's fine
object~>attribute / object~>method()
squiggly arrow looks cool
how about .$? is that too ugly?
$ feels like it should be either a prefix or postfix thing
but that could be bias from $var kind of names and Jelly
well $ is already used for symbols/atoms, where $ is a prefix
so x.$y is a bit like shorthand for get(x, $y)
@pxeger that kinda makes sense for attributes, but not exactly methods
12:06 PM
@lyxal luckily there are no methods in this language
yes of course
so no classes
just structs
@pxeger ~>
it is the only correct option
12:08 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing that's one more shift-key press for not much improvement IMO
5 mins ago, by lyxal
object~>attribute / object~>method()
get ninja'd by 5 minutes
@pxeger it's squiggly, that's infinitely more improvement
@pxeger so why not just . then? If structs are the only objects, then there shouldn't be a need to have different syntax
12:10 PM
@lyxal because x.y <=> x.y() <=> y(x)
I really like the no-parens function call syntax
but you just said there's no methods
oh wait
they aren't methods, that's just syntactic sugar
yeah I just realised that lol
so what do you think you'll choose?
my shortlist is now ->, ~, and possibly $ (depending on if it can be sufficiently disambiguated)
@pxeger I still don't quite understand how that works
what does $y mean?
12:14 PM
What's the odds on Glorfindel getting his 7th diamond? :P
There are 3 positions, if you're assuming every candidate has an equal chance of being chosen :P
@lyxal have you used Ruby?
@pxeger no
@lyxal not how that works I'm afraid
12:18 PM
@pxeger then 4
(chosen by fair dice roll)
@lyxal it's 1-(1-1/7)**3
@lyxal $y is like a bit like an implicitly created Enum value called y
We're still assuming the every candidate has an equal chance f being chosen, which seems... unlikely :P
A: What does the "$" character mean in Ruby?

Justin Love$ identifies a global variable, as opposed to a local variable, @instance variable, or @@class variable. Among the language-supplied global variables are $:, which is also identified by $LOAD_PATH

the universe is deterministic, so each candidate has a chance of being chosen that is exactly 0 or 1; we just don't know which in Glorfindel's case. The average chance per candidate is 1-(1-1/7)**3, so that's what we assume Glorfindel's to be
@lyxal Ruby spells it : not $
Looks like CesarM got promoted, and that there's some new CMs incoming
12:22 PM
$ is something different
and they're called Symbols in Ruby
Language design question of my own: what should indexing something with a string do that a) isn't an error and b) is actually useful?
(e.g. [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]["text"])
why do you not want it to error? that's clearly the best option
or is this not a practical language?
@pxeger errors are not golfy
if you really want it to not error, it should return undefined or null or nothing or void or whatever
@lyxal convert to ordinals, sum, modular index
12:26 PM
@pxeger it totally isn't the one language I work on and that is named very similarly to my username
@cairdcoinheringaahing that's way too specific to be useful in almost all cases IMO
@lyxal in that case, overload it to be something completely different?
but what?
move a commonly used digraph command onto it?
@pxeger none of the string digraphs seem like they'd be a good fit
they either have the wrong arity, don't seem consistent with their types, or definitely need to be a digraph
move a commonly used constant diagraph onto it?
12:30 PM
@AaroneousMiller none of the string digraphs seem like they'd be a good fit
they either have the wrong arity, don't seem consistent with their types, or definitely need to be a digraph
> constant diagraph
@AaroneousMiller none of the constant digraphs seem like they'd be a good fit
@lyxal the arity can be different, can't it? If the top of stack is a string, then it can be monadic
@pxeger I'm trying to move away from having to rely on types for arity
that's not very golfy
12:32 PM
as in, I'm moving towards only fixed arity
41 secs ago, by pxeger
that's not very golfy
@pxeger Jelly only has fixed arity elements and it's golfy.
it needs fixed arity elements because it's not stack-based
plus, type determined arity is a pain to transpile
"R": (
    "if len(stack) > 1 and types.FunctionType "
    "in vy_type(stack[-1], stack[-2]):\n"
    "    rhs, lhs = pop(stack, 2, ctx);"
    "    stack.append(vy_reduce(lhs, rhs, ctx))\n"
    "    stack.append(vectorise(reverse, pop(stack, 1, ctx), ctx=ctx))",
hmm, true
12:34 PM
that's just for reduce
compare that to something which can be done with fixed arity:
"T": process_element(truthy_indicies, 1)
one line, one function call vs several lines of string concatenation
actually I've had an idea
(string, non-string) / (non-string, string) just orders the arguments to make it nice
and (string, string) is just øp
@lyxal Why not just have it pop the maximum amount it will need and then push the extras back in the part where it actually performs functions based on type? Then you only need to check for types and stuff once.
@AaroneousMiller because then you're risking taking implicit input
source: that's what happens in 2.4.x
I was never keen on that happening, hence why I want to not do that
@pxeger We could always vaporize Glorfindel and then collapse his wavefunction
@pxeger TBH if . is already used you don't deserve struct field access
12:44 PM
@pxeger if it's sufficiently object-oriented, use no separator (e.g. struct field)
Or just free up . so you don't make every programmer on earth simultaneously hate you
x.y for y(x) is kinda nice though
pretty sure not everyone hates perl
@lyxal absolutely everything they do
@Wezlprogramsredwolf teach me this power
I must learn it
12:49 PM
@RedwolfPrograms don't I control you completely?
@Wezlprogramsredwolf I must become RO by proxy
teach me your secrets so ^ can happen
Gotta go now o/
PSAT time
Hopefully Wezl programmed me well
yeah well I gotta sleep so my o/ is more o/ than you'res ;)
@RedwolfPrograms don't lose
@RedwolfPrograms temporary malfunction :\
12:50 PM

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