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12:48 AM
@RedwolfPrograms better idea: some of the above / 1 or more of the above as an answer
1:00 AM
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: (untitled), Play RPS with 3 bits of memory
1 hour later…
2:23 AM
@RedwolfPrograms Here's another one
3:06 AM
@lyxal You should get GPT to generate inspirational quotes
Then put them on cringy stock photos of sunsets and people climbing mountains, upload them to twitter, and see how many people think they're real
3:49 AM
@RedwolfPrograms sounds like inspirobot but with extra steps
Yeah but with GPT you could make it generate inspirational quotes with specific topics in mind
Like inspirational quotes for code golfers
GPT is pretty strong, although it can be difficult to get it to be creative.
It is fantastic at categorization though.
You just need the right prompt
heck, with the right data, you can get it to spit out actually decent CMCs
woah woah woah when did they change the layout of the OpenAI playground?
4:04 AM
Well, I'm bad at making it creative.
@RedwolfPrograms got any quotes as an example? I'm not the most creative, so once I have some sample quotes, I can work them into a prompt
@lyxal it wasn’t like that two days ago, so I guess it just happened
@lyxal No, but coming up with them shouldn't be too hard I guess
hey @AaroneousMiller what's a pufferfish?
imma sleep now
@lyxal A pufferfish is a fish
4:06 AM
@AaroneousMiller oh.
"Follow your dreams in as few bytes as possible" or something like that, the exact sort of meaningless nonsense that you typically see with sunsets and mountains and stuff in the background
To follow your dreams in as few bytes as possible,
follow the advice of a wise man: "Live."
Save a byte with !die
It might need a few more quotes to really nail in the idea of the code-golf theme
anyone got any more ideas?
"It doesn't need to finish quickly, It just needs to finish. Don't rush doing things you love"
4:14 AM
> Code golf is a great way to spend time with people you don't know because it's the only thing that makes sense when everything else does not.
"It's okay to compete in your language category, Don't try to beat Jelly with Java"
@lyxal TBH that's a pretty good summary of why I spend time here :p
> You need to be crazy enough to think that you can actually solve the problem
> If you're not having fun, what are you doing?
these are all generated by the AI
> Code golfing is just like life, it's only as hard as you make it.
4:16 AM
"It doesn't make sense, but at least it works"
"You can assume the input is valid"
"Provide explanantions for your code. Helping others gets you upvotes."
provide explanations for your code because you end up golfing it more during explanation
"This site is for programming contests and challenges. General programming questions are off-topic here. You may be able to get help on Stack Overflow."
> Code golfing can be a lot of fun, But it doesn't make you better at coding.
I think that's enough samples for the prompt
4:18 AM
> For challenges, tips are rewarded if you finish within the time limit
For challenges, tips are awarded for finishing in line with your category.
and here's my settings list
> Please don't post "me too" posts. If you think your solution was better, explain why it's better in the comments for other people to learn from
> There are no silly questions on this site, just stupid answers
> Don't be afraid to post a question if you're confused or don't understand something.
> Order does not matter for this contest, so please provide the correct answer first and foremost on your submissions.
Yeah these aren't particularly inspirational lol
holy frick curie actually works better than davinci
> It's a contest, not a competition. You can't win or lose here - just have fun!
> Always remember that the goal of this competition isn't about speed, It's simply about not using up all those bytes. Go, Jelly!
@Razetime lol your pfp
4:48 AM
also dinoux got 10 stars
5:39 AM
@PyGamer0 there'll come a day when you look back at this moment of having 10 stars and think "how insignificant 10 stars looks now"
because by then, you'll have many more stars
5:54 AM
@lyxal i dont think i will get more than 25 stars
@RedwolfPrograms They're inside my brain somewhere, but I've lost the pointers.
@emanresuA o/
<o (looks like salute?)
Kinda does, actually
6:18 AM
in Dinoux Room, 11 secs ago, by PyGamer0
CMQ: Are these elements fine? I will start implementing them soon.
When you run npm audit fix and double your vulnerabilities
Ok, it appears there are two sets of vulnerabilties, and fixing one set unfixes the other.
Lyxal has some pretty good ones
6:59 AM
@PyGamer0 and how do you know that?
7:48 AM
@lyxal i probably wont finish it
maybe i will but it wont be very golfy at all
8:20 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

loopy waltPretty print a grid of polyominoes Write a function that accepts a rectangular grid of ids in any reasonable format, for example a multi-line string IIILOO ILLLOO and returns a pretty printed version, ╔═══════════╦═══╦═══════╗ ║ ║ ║ ║ ║ ╔══════...

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10:39 AM
Q: Double trace of a square matrix

Luis MendoInspired by a question (now closed) at Stack Overflow. Given a square matrix, let its double trace be defined as the sum of the entries from its main diagonal and its anti-diagonal. These are marked with X in the following examples: X · · X · X X · · X X · X · · X X · · · X · X · X · · · X · · ...

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2:24 PM
@AaroneousMiller i have found your first answer
2:39 PM
@PyGamer0 Indeed you have
2:57 PM
hey quick question, will my challenge remain up even after october ends?
Of course
Oh I just realized Razetime is evil now
you could've asked your question at any time :P LotM does not change the site scope or rules in any way, it merely encourages using a particular language with bounties
3:35 PM
3:51 PM
@PyGamer0 Nice to see you're writing tests for your builtins
@user exchanges glance
1 hour later…
5:09 PM
Seems the code golfers liked my question after all!
1 hour later…
6:35 PM
Q: Interpret !@#$%^&*()_+

Fmbalbuena!@#$%^&*()_+ is a stack-based programming language. Required Commands: ! duplicate top member of stack @ pops top of stack and prints that popped number as a character # pops top of stack and prints that popped number as a number $ swaps the top two members of the stack % rotates the stack by 1 ...

@NewPosts I'm sure this is a dupe of some other challenge, those commands are far too common
6:53 PM
I'd close it too, but this one has loops too, so perhaps a better dupe target is needed?
I think Volatile's probably the best target
we can always close it as a dupe of both
7:09 PM
other way around, but looks like it
This challenge is similar to this one but is way more comprehensive. Should we close the other one as dupe? — totallyhuman Jul 20 '19 at 21:58
or maybe not
I just found that comment
So, what then?
@emanresuA I've closed totallyhuman's challenge as a dupe of Operation Unzalgo; they're exact dupes in my mind
Granted, totallyhuman's is the older challenge, but operation unzalgo has thhree times the score and is more comprehensive (so totallyhuman's is a subset of it IMO)
@NewPosts Was waiting for the CV review to close it tbh
I want a dupe hammer... 210 score to go, I guess
7:24 PM
@emanresuA Its one of those weird things that's nice to have when you know for certain, but in any other situation, you have to be able to justify the decision (which is why I usually provide an explanation when I use my hammer)
either that, or its just my crippling fear or being wrong ;P
True ;;;;;;;;;;P
(Lyxal claimed he didn't steal eyes, but I managed to find his stash)
Btw @RedwolfPrograms, how would your language rating script parse this answer's header?
7:44 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing I wish I could still merely suggest edits for the author to approve instead of having them approved immediately :(
Yeah, it's annoying how you can't lower the amount it trusts you
8:06 PM
I guess you can always suggest edits anonymously, though, not so with close votes
You can flag for closure I believe
Yep, no matter your rep you can flag, then click "needs improvement" and it sends it into the review queue
Oh, that's good
@cairdcoinheringaahing Anonymously? Nice
@user Yeah, only mods can see that
And, y'know, you can see your own flag
8:22 PM
@RedwolfPrograms is your code fast enough to search for the 4 numbers in the range that give the biggest sum of absolute numbers?
CMC compute base 2 log of a 1000 bit integer (e.g.2^1000-1) rounded to the nearest integer
@emanresuA nice!
What do you get for. 2^1000-1?
The answer should be 1000
(the bit before is 1000, 2 ** n, decrement)
8:37 PM
Vyxal clearly rocks
I just learned that python will do it although it is not documented
Q: why does math.log accepts big integer values?

Jean-François Fabrefrom math import log,sqrt import sys n = 760 ** 890 print(log(n)) I get a valid result. Now change log by sqrt and you get (as expected): OverflowError: int too large to convert to float So I suppose there's a trick for integer arguments in log function, using integer logarithms but I didn't fi...

I should have gone for sqrt:)
That appears to convert it to floating-point infinity...
Is that for sqrt?
Is it running python under the hood?
8:53 PM
That explains it
@cairdcoinheringaahing I meant raising flags without signing in
@user You need 15 rep to flag, so no
@emanresuA Most likely "PowerShell can do this too" as the language, and for the byte count I'm not sure. I think my current version would ignore the answer entirely though, so it's moot
I'd decided it's better to ignore ambiguous byte counts rather than unintentionally score it as 1 byte or something
Although you do have to be careful to include lots of formats, since older answers tend to follow the standard formats less strictly
So you get a bias in the ages of answers represented
Like if there was a user who used CJam or Golfscript really heavily, and much better than anyone else, but they used a hard-to-parse format for all of their headers, it'd bias them to be (even) worse than modern languages
9:24 PM
how does one add lang to tio
@thejonymyster Traditionally, one would ask Dennis, but he's not actively around lately, so practically, one cannot.
actually nevrmind anyway
theres 420 recreational langs on it already
no more room :P
10:06 PM
Dennis has been inactive for a long time, so TIO hasn't been updated in a while. In fact, a lot of other people here are working on alternatives.
ATO (pxeger), RTO (AviFS and I), and a lot of others but I can't remember their names (it's quite the alphabet soup :p)
DSO (mine, pretty bad, permalinking proken)
Bubbler has one too, I don't remember the abbreviation for it. It's notable for using WAsm to run everything client side.
i imagine many of them work differently, so it wouldnt make sense to ask what theyre programmed in
RTO uses Node, and Docker for the sandboxing (plus it's going to have support for user-uploaded languages, so Docker makes that easy)
RTOs goal is to make a site that requires almost no maintainence by the person running it, to prevent similar issues to TIO (since nobody can realistically be expected to maintain a hobby project for their whole life)
I think ATO is aiming to be more of a typical TIO-like one, and I think it's doing pretty well at that. Not sure about language support right now but I know it's improving.
RTO's development has been a bit slow since I was working with Avi but he's been busy lately
@Anush Possibly, you'd just start with 999 instead of 1, and decrement instead of incrementing.
Problem is, unless they're all just a number or two from 999, it'd get incredibly slow
@RedwolfPrograms TIB or so (try in browser)
10:16 PM
Oh yeah
@emanresuA uh I'd give those back if I were you...that isn't my stash
BTW if anyone wants to collab on RTO, the more the merrier :p
The main roadblock right now is lack of a clear direction to go in moving forward. The back end and front end both could use a lot of work
@RedwolfPrograms DSO is JS-only, but uses dynamic import so I can just request the interpreter from Github. I really need to write a better wrapper tho :p
@RedwolfPrograms I kinda want to help with this, but I feel like I'm just going to leave it at some point.
Doesn't seem like too much of a problem, half the goal of RTO is making it so that constant maintainence and dedication isn't required :p
A little bit of help here and there would be great if you ever feel like it
Where's the repo?
10:25 PM
Trying to figure that out now, actually
That's just the back-end, front is on my laptop atm
Just a temporary one IIRC
var numbers = [
            "a", "b", "c", "d", "f", "g", "i", "j", "k", "n", "o",
            "p", "q", "r", "s", "t", "u", "v", "w", "x", "y", "z"
I remember this...
    return [
        ...Array(10).fill(0).map((_, i) => n_22(Date.now(), (10 - 1) - i)),
        Math.random() * 22 | 0, Math.random() * 22 | 0
    ].map(x => numbers[x]).join("");
You've even golfed it a bit.
That's uh...some of the more cursed code
10:33 PM
@RedwolfPrograms So... It basically hashes the time and appends three random letters?
This is... worrying.
I think so
It's not super cursed though
It's to generate IDs for the containers
The chances of a collision though...
10:35 PM
I believe it checks for dupes
This just minimizes the chances of that
Oh, big brain
       if (this.docker != null) {
            log_2("run (" + this.id + "): could not run: already running");

            throw new CouldNotRun("This container is currently running");
No, I think that's something else
I like how you named the log instance destroyer Lumberjack
Lol I hoped someone would notice that
@RedwolfPrograms you don't have a js equivalent of python's secrets.token_hex() available?
10:43 PM
Idk, I probably do, I probably don't, but this works perfectly fine
I'm worried I'm going to run out of space on my chromebook...
Docker + a Node.JS container is 1.5 GB
Oh phew I've got 3 GB left
Chromebooks are muhc potat sometimes
@user *Rosozetime
Yay, RTO backend should be working on my laptop now
Gotta go do some chores before my parents reinvent the guillotine though o/
o (Whoever I stole those eyes from stole my arms)
@emanresuA see what I mean.
You mess with people other than me at the organisation, they retaliate
@lyxal Yeah, I'll put the eyes back.
@lyxal Wait, there's a body-part stealing organisation?
10:59 PM
@emanresuA I've been telling you this the whole time
Oct 10 at 12:31, by lyxal
Unfortunately, I won't be stealing any limbs tonight due to the fact that my limb stealing organisation is under investigation by the authorities
By my, I mean the organisation I operate with
yesterday, by lyxal
I can only speak for myself, not the rest of the organisation
Wait, what happened to my toes?
I had a whole vat of them...
Just to clarify: we only steal digital limbs
@lyxal Did they uncover what you were actually doing while investigating the tax stuff? :
Oh no
My tongue
11:07 PM
@RedwolfPrograms no, because that's not the job of the IRS, idiot.
@RedwolfPrograms They only came because someone didn't get the memo to pay some taxes, rather than none, to make it look like we were somewhat complying with federal tax regulations
Send them a bundle or arms as a bribe
@RedwolfPrograms if even the Joker isn't crazy enough to take on the IRS, why the heck should we try and manipulate them?
@emanresuA That just divides zero by zero :P
11:15 PM
Oh :p
11:44 PM
Disclaimer: Shrot names probably won't produce much
Basically, Vyxal has several types of compression:
- Dictionary compression, where any pairs of non-ASCII characters in a string are converted into a word
- Base-255 number compression, where a string of characters get converted into a number
- Base-255 string compression, where a string of characters get converted into a number from base 255 and then converted into base 27 with the alphabet + spaces
@emanresuA _E
This basiically takes your username, turns it into a string of symbols that evaluate to that when run in Vyxal, removes the delimiters («...« for base-255 strings), quotifies, and evaluates as a dictionary string.
@lyxal Don't say I didn't warn you :p
huh, if you input the sourcecode, it outputs itself
and errors but yknow, still cool
11:56 PM
In Vyxal, the empty program is a cat. When it errors, it retains that functionality.
oh lol
@thejonymyster It errors 'cos it has to be alphabet + spaces

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