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12:13 AM
I have an idea about combining codegolf and KOTH
Ooh go on
I've done something similar before and it was fun
@user it's a unix system, I know this!
And I've thought about crossword but without word
Just two bot filling out the space
for most line completion
But I've never write a Koth control code tho
1:00 AM
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Best Rotation, Pattern in Prime
1:15 AM
@lyxal also windows but that’s the opposite
3 hours later…
3:57 AM
idea: a golf language that implements all oeis sequences
so oAá#×j÷ gets the nth number of A051912
1) Some of them are uncomputable 2) fetching external data is standard loophole
3) Someone made one already, it got banned
(I think, I can't remember)
@Bubbler then for the uncomputable ones just hard code them
@Bubbler You could hardcode the current ones
No internet required
Well you could scrape those containing Python code for example, but it would be an impossible amount of work for a single person to actually edit them into what you can call in your custom language
Also yeah, uncomputable ones are invalid as a challenge in the first place so no problem for that
4:02 AM
@RedwolfPrograms or write functions that compute the computsble ones
but scraping only the existing terms for each sequence does not make a solution to the challenge for that sequence, because it doesn't (even theoretically) work for larger input
@PyGamer0 Yeah, that's what I meant. Hard code as in don't fetch them from the internet, build them into the labguage
also my brother had a sky block world in minecraft
one day, i left tnb running in the background when he started playing
he heard the notification sounds and got very spooked
@Bubbler I was about to say "just use codex" until I tried using it to generate a working function for a random sequence and realised it just spits out garbage
Although a combination of standard DaVinci mixed with codex could work
like pass the OEIS article to davinci with a simplification/summarisation prompt, and then feed that into codex using a natural language to code prompt
but testing that would require switching between my alts, so I can't be bothered
@lyxal i cant imagine, i have to
4:07 AM
@PyGamer0 L
@lyxal I guess some of the simpler ones would work, but when the title is just a short description in mathy jargon and you have nothing else to work with...
Something like this (uh, it relates to physics and chemistry too)
4:28 AM
@lyxal Or, just get the implementation code from the page and system call it
Your language would be written in like 30 different languages but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
and you need to buy maple and mathematica to make the majority of them to work
or make your own maple and mathematica
and time to sit at my computer for the next 4 hours because class
CMM: Is phy different enough to be counted as a separate language?
4:49 AM
I'd say no, as it's just a restricted subset of python executed within python
and a few extra builtins don't change things much
oh ok
and your "interpreter" has a syntax error
4:50 AM
I'm working on an esolang where programs are something like:
@Bubbler yes i dont know how to fix it
wait i might know
It's just a matter of deleting the extra )
^ Example program
Lol, now that's an esolang
@Bubbler wait bruh i was talking about another error
4:52 AM
Created in response to
2 days ago, by lyxal
user image
@PyGamer0 Well then idk
@lyxal whats your user script to show message ids?
CMQ: what monkey do yall use?
here's the full list I use
@lyxal uhuhuhuhhuhuhuhuhuhuhsuahsuahsuahuhuh
That's as far as I've got
5:06 AM
^ my first user script
ha that reminds me of the time I made a userscript

Lyxal's first and probably only userscript™

Apr 14 at 5:24, 8 minutes total – 29 messages, 4 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked Apr 15 at 12:58 by lyxal

It's very high quality™, just like all of my other content
What does it even do?
(Let me guess, rickroll)
@emanresuA It was 6 months ago
I forgor
@lyxal i just want the message id part
my brother says: @lyxal is an impostor. SUS
@PyGamer0 you get it all or you don't get it at all
5:13 AM
@lyxal NOOOOOoooooo......
I mean sure, you could edit it to only do ids, but it comes as a whole package
I didn't make it, so I haven't the foggiest how it works
@PyGamer0 dang it how'd he know?
@lyxal he says he is big brain
@PyGamer0 tell him that I know his friend Joe
@lyxal he has no friend as joe
@PyGamer0 That's not the point
@PyGamer0 yeah it looks a little different, but you get used to it
5:16 AM
^ i hate this
@lyxal my brother is asking you: do you like eating potatos
@PyGamer0 glass? not really. potatoes? yes
also, it looks like I gave you the wrong link
I forget which userscript does what
@lyxal phew the chat is normal
oh cool
@lyxal thanks
@PyGamer0 then tell him "Have you met Lyxal's friend Joe?"
and if he asks the fateful question "Who's Joe?", hit him with the iconic punchline
(that is, "Joe Mama")
@lyxal he said is your friend JoKing?
not Who is joe?
say "no, not JoKing. Joe"
5:26 AM
he said: correction you mean joe mama?
dang frick it
tell him I said "well played"
5:41 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerSelf-referential triangle sequence code-golf integer sequence Challenge Output the flattened version of the sequence A297359, which starts like the following: 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 3, 3, 1, 2, 4, 6, 4, 2, 1, 6, 10, 10, 6, 1, 1, 7, 16, 20, 16, 7, 1, 3, 8, 23, 36, 36, 23, 8, 3, 3, 11, 31, 59, 72, 59...

@SandboxPosts The shortest challenge body I've written so far, I think
Protip: Need a challenge idea? Open OEIS Webcam and blankly stare at it until you get one you can understand
6:01 AM
6:12 AM
Looks OK to me
:( They got rid of the 'main profile' / 'meta profile' buttons
@emanresuA they did?
It's now under Profiles dropdown
No, I mean the newer ones got removed
I just found this old message of mine:
Jun 26 at 10:45, by A username
@emanresuA ah yes the times where you had a .surge.sh RR script
@PyGamer0 should i post?
6:19 AM
@PyGamer0 looks fine to me
Q: Find the number of paths in a n×n grid

PyGamer0Information Given a non-negative odd integer (let's call it \$n\$), find the number of all possible paths which covers all squares and get from the start to end on a grid. The grid is of size \$n\$x\$n\$. The start of the path is the top left corner and the end is the bottom right corner. You ha...

posted ^
6:37 AM
@PyGamer0 I didn't actually - I just had metastackexchange.surge.sh
7:07 AM
y'all ever just eat one of those big frozen vegetable lasagnas from wegmans for four meals over the course of two days
no, but I do eat normal lasagna for breakfast two mornings in a row
Looks like a verbosified APL with unnecessarily complicated syntax
is there a userscript that shows inbox notifications in chat?
doesn't chat improvements do that
that changes a lot of things
which i dont want
i am installing jelly so i can try bubbler's answer
n=5 will take >100 years on your machine, trust me
7:45 AM
i've got time
and that's assuming your computer's got enough memory to hold 23!×25 complex numbers
uh time to buy more ram
Random fact: 23!×25 is pretty close to Avogadro's number
and is greater than 2^64 so it won't run on any <=64-bit machine
8:04 AM
@Bubbler Uh, bigints?
I mean 64-bit machines can hold only up to 2^64 things in its address space
21 mins ago, by Bubbler
and that's assuming your computer's got enough memory to hold 23!×25 complex numbers
@emanresuA you need more than 64 bits of memory address space to hold 23!×25 of anything
(honestly circuit golf hasn't been asked for 3 years straight, so it might be possible that absolutely no one is interested in it now)
8:25 AM
what is circuit golf?
Designing an electronic circuit that does a certain job with smallest number of logic gates (usually NAND)
e.g. nandgame
On CGCC such challenges are tagged atomic-code-golf logic-gates
i might try to answer at least one of those
wait can you answer them in minecraft :p
If you mean redstone circuits, why not :P
8:36 AM
how would the score be then?
sorry caps locl
i can never press capslock
If you solely use 2-input NAND gate construction, the count of that construction
@Bubbler Nandgame is coo
coo; forget the (l)
8:39 AM
TIL Python has a built-in range syntax! ato.pxeger.com/…
(you just have to activate it, that's what the header is for!)
language idea: Gates, all operations are handled by logic gates
programs look like circuit diagrams
i   i
^ takes 2 inputs and outputs
(very useful for atomic-cg-lg)
There are something similar already: 1 2
there is no 3?
9:01 AM
@pxeger Cool! Is it proposed for a future version or something?
@emanresuA (to be serious, it is a joke)
@emanresuA unfortunately it's actually deprecated and is going to be removed in Python 4.20
9:18 AM
@Bubbler Oh. @pxeger you have trolled me
9:33 AM
^ @pxeger doesnt work
handle that case
9:44 AM
It appears to only work with variables ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
left side must be an int, right side must be a name. Otherwise it's a syntax error, no way around that
Oh I see, it's accessing a property of a float
10:16 AM
Sleep need so o/
You gave all the arms and heads back?
Actually o/
@emanresuA no, only to you and a few other people
10:39 AM
:59412308more cake
@emanresuA more cake
shhh dont tell my eld bro
user image
:39819556 tes
ig my brother came here
he spammed and left
1 hour later…
12:18 PM
star that so people will see it in the star tab and wonder what it is and then click the link and get rick rolled
12:30 PM
usually i can think of a witty way to announce that sleep is to happen but nah i can't tonight so here's an unwitty way of me saying it in a sorta meta way which kinda makes it funny but not really so eh
its probably cause youre tired
1:14 PM
g'morning guys, gals, and everyone else!
@Skidsdev good night :)
ah yes, timezones. It's 9:20am for me :)
@emanresuA I support this endeavor
1:47 PM
Well the college spam is growing in volume. At this rate it'll be hundreds a day by 12th grade :p
you must retaliate. send hundreds back
> -10: serial voting reversed
context? im noob
Wait...how is a single vote removed for serial voting...
@RedwolfPrograms maybe the serial voter voted on a bunch of answers to one question in a row, of which one was mine?
1:59 PM
I don't think that gets detected or reversed though
Maybe it was done by a mod?
oh, i see
i forgot 10 pts was 1 vote
Q: Non-serial voting corrected

GlorfindelYes, it's good that we have scripts to reverse serial voting and when it doesn't, I usually flag one of my own posts for moderator attention so that they can escalate. But just now, I got a rather strange one: That's only a single upvote and by definition it can't be serial. Either the script fo...

@RedwolfPrograms it does
we've had to warn people about it every RO election lol
Oh lol
Can mods see/undo things detected as serial voting?
2:02 PM
also idk if deleting a sock tells you it was serial voting or just user removed
@RedwolfPrograms we have some tools available but all we can do is delete socks, escalate to CMs, or wait for the script
@hyper-neutrino I could check if you want
If my inbox history goes back four years
ugh, coding in LMBM gives me such a headache, but it's so satisfying when it actually works
2:15 PM
damn, edits have to be at least six characters
cant fix <6 1 char spelling mistakes
Usually I just leave those as comments
just add <!----> at the bottom
and then do another edit to remove that
convenient that an empty HTML comment is 7 chars
@pxeger Nobody's going to approve that will they?
@pxeger ah, i considered doing something like that but i was worried itd be bad procedure to do randomly
2:17 PM
If I saw it'd I'd assume it was rep farming
@RedwolfPrograms I've had things like that approved before
but I have the rep now that it doesn't need to be approved
ill just put it in the edit summary that i needed to do it
@RedwolfPrograms If whomever's reviewing the edit can see that a legitimate correction was made, I doubt it'll be an issue
any if that gets struck down, Whell Then Shoowt Me
i got <6 chard after deleting the <!----> thingy
Might not count comments lol
2:21 PM
only for deletions though
Just leave the little comment thingy I guess, it doesn't hurt anything
it worked when i added it
yeah lol guess its staying
CMQ: ^
courtesy of Veritasium
I saw that, I voted D, but I don't know if he's posted the answer
2:23 PM
@PyGamer0 C was the most common answer
I voted B
i think it looks like D from what ive seen
C is the intuitive answer, but if the intuitive answer was correct, Veritasium wouldn't be asking the question
@pxeger i read that as veritaserum
i mean to me the intuitive answer would be an exaggerated form of B
its hard to imagine that any part of the rope would be straight vertical
@pxeger has to be A
2:26 PM
I could see it being B as well
it is the first letter of the alphabet
my problem is that every mental image I can construct involves it flapping in the wind
@PyGamer0 I think it would be A if it weren't for air resistance
It would be A in a vacuum I believe yeah
B occurs when the cable is just a long rod
I think it might be B actually
2:27 PM
looking at it again, D also seems correct
due to inertia
D during acceleration, C during decceleration, B during constant flight
I was gonna say C is what I think it would look like while accelerating
@Skidsdev but that was basically my thought process as well, in reverse
i think it looks like E when its not moving
It's F: A straight horizontal line trailing behind the vehicle. He said air resistance is not negligible, he didn't say gravity isn;t
2:29 PM
@Skidsdev this makes sense to me
@Skidsdev thiss makes most sense
If I was home I would open up Unity and create a physics sim to test, because my intuition is all over the place and B, C, and D are all in a superposition of correct and not in my head
this is what happens when I skip my morning coffee :(
we need an xkcd version of this with sillier options
does randall do commissions
I doubt it
but you could email it to him as a suggestion anyway
@pxeger D during accel because the top part of the rope would start moving first as the helicopter accels, and the reverse for C. I'm still unsure whether B is correct for constant speed though
2:32 PM
@Skidsdev real gamers use assembly to make simulations :P
@PyGamer0 Good thing I'm not a real gamer :P
@Skidsdev ah that makes sense actually
I think I was attaching my intuition to it descending (D) and ascending (C)
I've been listening to a podcast lately called Lets Learn Everything. In ep 1, host Tom Lum talked about his CogSci thesis about how we perceive temporal lag. Apparently our brains are really good at 'ignoring' temporal lag between events, especially if the lag is <250ms
If you have a light switch that always turns the light on 200ms after you flick it, you'll quickly adjust and perceive them as happening at the same time. If the switch is then fixed to be instant, you'll perceive the light as coming on before you flick it
finally, ftl
wait, no
ive confused myself
it makes sense because when you get down to the physics, the uncertainty principle states that simultaneity is physically impossible. So this temporal lag adjustment in our brain lets us perceive near-simultaneous things as simultaneous
2:38 PM
that rules
eg if you clap, the light from your hands travels to your eyes ~100,000x faster than the sound travels to your ears, but your brain perceives them as simultaneous
err, ~1,000,000x faster*
@RedwolfPrograms Another submission I'm working on for this
@RedwolfPrograms That's very pretty compared to most of the answers
2:41 PM
Thanks! Still experimenting with some stuff
I wasn't even entirely sure whether it was computer generated until you said what it was for
Based on a conversation from yesterday, I think these should all render for everybody:
̀ ́ ̂ ̃ ̄ ̅ ̆ ̇ ̈ ̉ ̊ ̋ ̌ ̍ ̎ ̏ ̐ ̑ ̒ ̓ ̔ ̕ ̖ ̗ ̘ ̙ ̚ ̛ ̜ ̝ ̞ ̟ ̠ ̡ ̢ ̣ ̤ ̥ ̦ ̧ ̨ ̩ ̪ ̫ ̬ ̭ ̮ ̯ ̰ ̱ ̲ ̳ ̴ ̵ ̶ ̷ ̸ ̹ ̺ ̻ ̼ ̽ ̾ ̿ ̀ ́ ͂ ̓ ̈́ ͅ ͆ ͇ ͈ ͉ ͊ ͋ ͌ ͍ ͎ ͏ ͐ ͑ ͒ ͓ ͔ ͕ ͖ ͗ ͘ ͙ ͚ ͛ ͜ ͝ ͞ ͟ ͠ ͡ ͢ ͣ ͤ ͥ ͦ ͧ ͨ ͩ ͪ ͫ ͬ ͭ ͮ ͯ ᷀ ᷁ ᷂ ᷃ ᷄ ᷅ ᷆ ᷇ ᷈ ᷉ ᷊ ⃰ ︠ ︡ ︢ ︣
Do any of them not show up for anyone?
They all render for me
they all render correctly for me
2:45 PM
We have a largest number challenge, but do we have a smallest positive number challenge?
How would that work?
output the smallest positive real number, score is bytes / output?
ohh I was thinking integers lol
yeah it'd be pretty boring for integers lol
Seems like the answers would mostly just be 1/ the submissions to that challenge though
2:47 PM
hmm, good point
Although the largest number challenge has additional constraints, such as no digits or constants >= 10
though I think the challenge would be even less interesting if you removed those constraints
ah well, one for the cutting room floor
I have a really cool idea for a tacit language, but I don't know if/when I'll ever actually get around to doing it. :/
I always have cool ideas for languages. The problem is I end up creating a new language for every answer I post, and flood main with disposable languages :/
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