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12:00 AM
I think Clam is the only one of my languages that handles floats at all
Oh cool Clam is broken on TIO
well anyway 1/0 in Clam
user image
maybe the marker can't give extra credit points, hence "if"
🤔 Then why didn’t you?
meybe there are strict criteria under which they can grant extra credit points
@lyxal Well he made the assignment so he has control over that
12:04 AM
granting extra credit might be controlled by faculty above him
@Skidsdev idk if they can give extra credit points at all but he could’ve given me 100%
10/15 is like a D
@Skidsdev This is a Canvas course at a school, so no restrictions like that here. I’m assuming it’s a typo, will talk to him tomorrow lol
@user Canvas? Is it any good?
Because I'm pretty sure that's what my uni is switching to next year
Damn, your uni teaches one of dzaima's esoteric langs?
Next year
We're still using blackboard this year. No esolang till next year :p
12:30 AM
my school system's switching to canvas too (next year)
@Wezl what do you currently use?
gOoGlE cLaSsRoOm
except this one teacher who's "doing us a favor" by switching early and it's really inconvenient (the inconsistency not canvas)
@Wezl oof
I've had to use quite a few different LMS in my time
Echo, iLearn, Blackboard, and probably a few others
but luckily I've never had to endure google classrooms
12:44 AM
My wife's uni had their own bespoke system
i think mine does too
although some of my classes aren't using it much
I wish SEChat showed message notifications in the favicon as well as the page title, I use vertical tabs so I only see favicons unless I mouse over the tab bar
anyone know if there's a userscript for that?
I always thought favicon can't be made dynamic, but I was wrong
but I guess you'd need to write one yourself for that
@Skidsdev I get a blue blob on the favicon when SEChat is pinned in FF.
@Adám yeah firefox does that with pinned tabs if their title changes. I used to do the same, but I don't use FF anymore
lets try pinning the tab anyway and see if Edge does a similar thing
New Posts is offline again?
Q: Self-referential triangle sequence

BubblerOutput the flattened version of the sequence A297359, which starts like the following: 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 3, 3, 1, 2, 4, 6, 4, 2, 1, 6, 10, 10, 6, 1, 1, 7, 16, 20, 16, 7, 1, 3, 8, 23, 36, 36, 23, 8, 3, 3, 11, 31, 59, 72, 59, 31, 11, 3, 1, 14, 42, 90, 131, 131, 90, 42, 14, 1,... ----------------...

Edge does not do a similar thing
@Bubbler your pascal's triangle is wrong. The outer-most numbers are always 1s, yours has a row that reads 2, 4, 6, 4, 2
1:15 AM
It is not a Pascal's triangle
Please read to the bottom
Oh I misread, generated like a pascal's triangle
@lyxal Integration with Google stuff isn’t great but overall it’s better than Google Classroom
Integrated inbox, easier way to see comments on submissions, and pandas
1:39 AM
challenge idea: print an ascii golden rectangle
like given n, draw n units of it, starting with a 3x3 box
specifically going to state that direction does not need be consistent so long as the output is correctly shaped
2:00 AM
Conceptually close but we didn't have that exact version so far, and yours would be cleaner to golf because we don't get multi-digit nonsense
thats why it didnt show up in search, i typed "rectangle"
graphical output makes that a completely unrelated challenge as far as programming goes i think
unless i dont know nothin :P
@Bubbler as for this one, hm
I don't like ascii art golfing :(
ok, then i wont post this :)
I mean don't hold back on my account, I'm sure other people have no issue with ascii art challenges
It's an interesting challenge, I just personally don't like ascii art challenges so I skip them
I don't particularly enjoy solving ascii art, but that doesn't mean I don't upvote
2:12 AM
ugh, there are some braingolf operators I'm really not looking forward to re-implementing
You're doing a rewrite of it?
> D - pops the entire stack, pushes every permutation of the stack as a new stack
yeah, the old python3 interpreter is literal hell and riddled with bugs, so I'm starting over
it was both the first python project and the first interpreter I ever wrote to be fair
originally I even used semicolons. I eventually removed them when Dennis protested
@Skidsdev I get what you mean
How many built-ins does braingolf have?
@Skidsdev actually, all challenges should be presented to you first before being accepted :P
@lyxal 48 operators; symbols that "do things", plus 5 modifiers; symbols that modify the way the next operator behaves, plus 11 flow control characters
and of course that stacks permutations operator was trivial in python because I just used itertools, JS has no such convenience
2:25 AM
@Skidsdev heh that's not too bad
Imagine how it'd be if you had a whole custom code page to re-implement
how to i write "n by n" for the actual challenge
is nxn ok
or is it n x n
im over thinking this but i dont know how loosely im allowed to write the challenge lol
You can just write "n by n"
or if you wanna go fancy then n×n or \$n \times n\$
@lyxal there's a good reason I didn't bother with a custom code page for braingolf
2:50 AM
Oh wait, for the golden rectangle: should i require it be like the spiral?
Because you can still form a rectangle shape without actually ordering the squares like a spiral
I’m not sure
is that even 1:1.618???
Or am I just missing something
Well, it's ascii-art, so no
Oh wait yes I am missing something
the whitespace inside each square is fibonacci n x n
but the border makes it bigger
It’s a little off too
Yeah, the +s are counted
so it’s not even a fibonnaci “approximate golden rectangle”
2:53 AM
oh, wait
that changes it a lot HAHA
Like the 3rd smallest square
or something
should be 1x2
but its 3x3
right, hell
2:54 AM
@Skidsdev can confirm that re-implmenting ~240 built-ins isn't the most fun thing
idk what to call this then, because it is consistent
A golden rectangle +1
because +1
you add 1 extra (by accident)
but the next square is + 2
1 1 (2+1) (3+2)
2:55 AM
Ok maybe “golden rectangle + T_(n/2)” ???
T_(n/2) = (n/2)*(n/2 + 1) * 1/2
Idk I’m just guessing at strings here
@lyxal I'm guessing, based both on your name and your aggressive war with aaron that you made Vyxal?
@lyxal ight fine I lied. It's only 228
yea this is kinda boned
@Skidsdev ;P correct
@Skidsdev also, it was a three way war with Aaron, emanresuA and me
<intense muffled noises that mean that I don’t want to implement 222 builtins>
2:58 AM
i think ill just post it in sandbox with the meta note saying "Note: This actually isnt the fibonacci sequence, since each new square is offset by the borders of the previous squares. How can i resolve this?"
since the challenge itself is pretty clear, its just a matter of properly phrasing it
@Bubbler REEEDDWOOOLLLLFFFFFF!1!!11!!11!11!11
Ping? @RedwolfPrograms
It worked!
3:01 AM
(Totally not a coincedence)
what worked
Oh wait, did you boot up your copies of the bots?
yes :P
3:03 AM
how can you have bot copies
the bot is just a normal account and whoever has the credentials can run a chatbot on it
i have a copy of redwolf's code and his bots' credentials
@emanresuA (In my new language, that means multiply by 19675, create a range of that length, and take the natural logarithm of each)
@hyper-neutrino wait redwolf made the bots?
we got tired of the feeds being too slow so new main posts, new meta posts, and new sandbox posts are now done via two bots that watch the websocket for new posts since SE chat RSS scans very infrequently
3:06 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

thejonymysterMake an ASCII Golden Rectangle While this challenge does involve making a golden rectangle, we're going to do something a bit different. Task Given an input n, using +s, |s, -s, spaces and newlines, generate a grid of n squares that form a golden rectangle. Rules Each square of your rectangle mu...

very cool butter bot
Here’s a command: emacs C-x M-c M-butterfly -r -e -a -d -m -y -m -i -n -d it summons a butterfly that creates tiny wavelengths. That then disturbs the hospital’s top secret mind reading machine and then uses it to read your mind and do the command that is in your head
you can use that command to instantly fix bots btw
@hyper-neutrino were the bots always his? I remember the bots being around back in 2017 when I joined, but I don't remember redwolf. My memory isn't exactly reliable though. I could just be an idiot
@Skidsdev they were only relatively recently replaced with chatbot accounts. back in 2017 they still would've been built-in RSS feeds
ah gotcha
3:10 AM
CMQ: Should (-1) mod 10 be -1 or 9?
I remember depending on the day they were either very quick to post or took quite a while, so RSS feeds makes sense
0 <= a mod K < K
like 9 mod 10 wouldn’t be -1
unless you’re doing congruence or something
concurring 9, i think any mod that does the weird negative thing should be clearly notated as a separate command
signedmod or something
@Skidsdev Yeah, nowadays the challenge is to get New Posts or New Sandbox Posts to post something with a score greater than 0 :P
and I mean "post", not "edit to", hyper :P
3:12 AM
@DLosc if in doubt, ask apl
@cairdcoinheringaahing i was just about to mention that
10 | ¯1
why are you still up at (i think it's) 4
Because my brain seems to think that sleep is the enemy
3:13 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Returns an empty string
@thejonymyster maybe “Nearly Fibonnaci Golden Rectangle” ???
i mean for the title, sure
the actual rules are the real issue
@WD @thejonymyster @lyxal I agree! But Scala doesn't. :P
@DLosc Braingolf, aka python, agrees that it is 9
@DLosc how doesn’t it? I don’t do Scala so I have no idea
3:14 AM
i guess you could quick fix it by checking for a negative output and adding 10
what about -101 mod 10
@thejonymyster I'm writing a function to do that right now
@WD that will return -1, which you can add 10 to to get 9
if it doesnt, then the mod function just doesnt support negatives XD
@hyper-neutrino 4:15 to be exact. At least that's what github refined tells me
@WD Even more shocking is that Julia, a language that's a lot more angled toward math, also does it wrong: Try it online!
3:16 AM
well i was just too lazy to include that but yes 4:15 (well actually, 4:16 now)
For mod
Function mod_returns_pos
If LEFT is negative
Return mod_returns_pos ( negative 1 * LEFT, RIGHT )
Return builtin_mod( LEFT, RIGHT )
@hyper-neutrino I think you'll find its 4:17
@WD python3/braingolf still says 9
actually, it’s 16:17
3:18 AM
@WD That doesn't work, though, right? It'll give 1 instead of 9
@WD so -1 mod 10 =... 1?
yeah ahah
@lyxal Jelly also runs on python afaik
@cairdcoinheringaahing no, my clock says 4:18
3:18 AM
not 4:18
uh it's actually 23:18
For me it’s 14:18
@WD ooh, golden ratio
no I actually mean 4:18
3:18 AM
OI STOP WITH THE language says 9
but with the ratio bar moved a bit
It's 4:18 PM for me
and also wrong mathematically
because I am talking about caird where it is 4:18 and no I do not mean PM. it is 23:18 where I am
3:18 AM
@WD hey we're in the same timezone
or at least, i'm artificially in your timezone
I’m joking, I’m actually 3:19pm
im in all of your timezones because im in your computer
3:19 AM
@WD no, you're not JoKing.
You're WD
Oh wait
i can't believe you made that mistake
@WD it's 14:19 here though
@WD That unfortunately overflowed time, it is now -2147483648 o clock
the oldest trick in the book be like
@cairdcoinheringaahing correction: Infinity o’clock (maybe inf o’clock if python 3)
3:20 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing what is that with daylight saving
-2147483647 o'clock
To be 100% precise with the remainder thing, there are three different ways to do it: always positive, follow sign of divisor, follow sign of dividend
The second is C way, the third is Python way
average the positive and negative version
What about 100 mod 3 and 100 mod -3
I have a fourth: randomly choose one
3:21 AM
My fourth is always negative
I have a fifth: crash the computer
@Bubbler what does following a sign entail?
If it's negative, go backwards
A sixth way: positive and negative at the same time until you observe it
3:22 AM
check the wikipedia page for the visual graphs
#7: Make it positive if Lyxal's online, otherwise negative
I.e. quantum physics and superposition
@lyxal or positive and negative while you observe it, ± exists
#8: always return 42
#11: Positive aside from mod intervention
3:22 AM
@thejonymyster It defines the output of 100%-3 and -100%3
Former gives -2 if you follow the sign of the divisor, latter gives -1 if you follow the sign of the dividend
#-2147483647: always return -2147483647
@WD guaranteed to be modulo by fair supercomputer calculation
lol x36
@Bubbler QBasic does it C way and now I am sad :(
@DLosc no, you're not sad.
3:23 AM
#Infinity: return square root of -1 (= i)
@DLosc You're DLosc
I am DLosc and I am sad :(
Well, what do you expect from a pre-C language
I am saDLosc
@DLosc No, C does it QBasic way
3:24 AM
I have few doors
I have fe-WD-oors
IIRC the C way was determined by the x86 way
i cant do that with my name u_u
Well, let’s get back on topic as we always do in this totally always on-topic and well-moderated chatroom
12 mins ago, by lyxal
@DLosc if in doubt, ask apl
3:25 AM
@WD can I use you to make my Rubiks cube go faster?
I know how to solve them
but not really
@WD no. Curiously JS says -1
WD-40 is an American brand and the trademark name of a water-displacing spray manufactured by the WD-40 Company based in San Diego, California. WD-40 acts as a lubricant, rust preventative, penetrant and moisture displacer. == History == Different sources credit different men with inventing WD-40 formula in 1953 as part of the Rocket Chemical Company (later renamed to WD-40 Company), in San Diego, California; the formula was kept as a trade secret and was never patented.According to Iris Engstrand, a historian of San Diego and California history at the University of San Diego, Iver Norman Lawson...
More on topic, can anyone review this?
oh damn, I've never drafted a question and gotten only one "similar questions"
3:27 AM
OI STOP WITH THE <language> says <number>
I think that might be enough tho
@cairdcoinheringaahing Is it even possible?
(quote) “Well, let’s get back on topic as we always do in this totally always on-topic and well-moderated chatroom”
@WD You've gotten the cops and robbers the wrong way around
3:28 AM

-1 % 10

17 mins ago, 16 minutes total – 122 messages, 10 users, 3 stars

Bookmarked 5 secs ago by lyxal

@Bubbler Yes. Source: the question I'm drafting
@WD The cops should write a program, and the robbers should try to find a list of applicants that breaks it
@WD I was going to say that this seems like it would be better suited as a
Also, are you sure there isn't an optimal strategy?
you could just
3:29 AM
isnt there that e thing
Yes, but that isn’t perfect
that was in like numberphile or something
If there is, it doesn't work as a challenge
[200,199,198,197, …]
maybe allow repeated salaries
3:30 AM
maybe I’ll make it so people can have the same
@thejonymyster exactly, i will
@cairdcoinheringaahing Please use the sandbox first :P
If i allow repeated salary, robber could do [200, 200, 200, 200, 200 …]
@Bubbler no use, the sandbox is dying
just have it be based on difference from minimum
so if theres only 200s, 200 wins
oh, heres something
@Bubbler No, and this is why:
Q: Mathjax and image descriptions interact inconsistently between the edit preview and actual post

caird coinheringaahingWhen trying to edit the image description in this question to diagram showing an inclined plane at angle \$α\$ and an angry bird being fired at angle \$β\$ at speed \$u\$, (raw text is diagram showing an inclined plane at angle \$α\$ and an angry bird being fired at angle \$β\$ at speed \$u\$) ...

3:32 AM
@hyper-neutrino Bots still down?
up on my instance
now that you're here i can turn them off just lmk
@WD why doesnt if(salary = 100){accept}else{reject} work
> getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN openid.stackexchange.com
First time I've ever seen this error
Did you post on MM?
3:33 AM
My bug report?
No, cause I haven't verified it happens on other sites
@NewPosts StAtUs
RUNNING: [1] 1 1

[23:32:35] api.stackexchange.com/2.2/questions/23966?site=codegolf.meta
[23:32:35] request: chat.stackexchange.com/chats/240/messages/new
[23:33:04] 202-question-2140
RUNNING: [1] 1 1

[03:33:58] ws: wss://chat.sockets.stackexchange.com/events/240/1e686d571cad42c3a222e7a0f5ffc8f5?l=129421837
[03:33:59] opened: sandbox
[03:34:22] status: 240
3:34 AM
@hyper-neutrino My instance is working again, you can safely shut yours down now
@WD also, you left a "robbers" that should be a "cops"
NP/SP 2.0 should be finished soon, and it'll have the ability to ping other instances and auto-start when needed
Lol, two timezones for the same bot
wait what
3:35 AM
It'll also not be a hacked together and incredibly cursed italian pasta dish, which errors when you look at it funny
one is UTC, and the other is Texas time I think?
no, my instance is the one that's in my local time...
i think my friend configured our server's system time to our local time for convenience
it's redwolf's server that's in UTC time. which is a bit surprising to me - isn't your server just a computer in your house?
Oh right, and there's two instances of NP running
Yeah, my server's UTC, and 2332 is HN's time zone not mine
Or, there was when the status ping went out
3:38 AM
i mean i just pinged again in sandbox and verified which one's which :p
I love this answer to a bug report :P
> Hey so I was looking into this today, and it looks like this was fixed nearly two years ago and we just never said anything over here.
cops thread is missing an end to a sentence
also him/her -> them
(your questions should be golfed on cgcc)
There are so many questions about the Pascal's triangle. Should we add a new tag for that? — alephalpha 2 hours ago
3:54 AM
i feel like just sequence is fine, not sure what would be gained by being able to tag search for it rather than "pascal's triangle" search for it within [sequence]
i feel like pascal's triangle is more of a resemblance/association than an actual useful category
maybe a general 2d-sequence tag or something
that sounds cool, best to find non pascal examples though to go with it
i know there are some other infinite matrix read by antidiagonals challenges out there but i can't remember what
not that many though and it's ahrd to say it's that different from plain sequence
Yeah, sequence is just sequence
4:04 AM
uh i cant see anything on my screen, dont know if this message will even reach lol
that seems to be a bug with the chat userscript
no i am on my tablet
works fine in incognito mode
4:23 AM
But I haven’t answered before
so that will be my first answer
what do I do
theres a guide somewhere
@WD answer something else then
but I want to
Write a program (either a full program, or a function) in the language you're most comfortable with. Make sure it complies with all the rules in the challenge, and makes some effort to improve its score
I have one
4:24 AM
> Only accounts that submitted an answer before this question was posted are eligible to participate. Each user may submit only one answer.
one of the first answers is the format guide
@cairdcoinheringaahing Also, I should read the question first :P
4:25 AM
@lyxal aww indeed
that link i sent is to the format guide in case you still need it btw
or, well, the format guide is in one of the answers
Yeah, the welcome guide is, well, intended to be a bit of a how to get started guide as well :P
Of course, if a challenge requires you to have already answered before answering it, then, you have to answer something else first
Q: What reasons could a post have a greyed out OP name (not clickable, no rep/badges), but have no migration record in the post history?
do you have a link to an example?
preferably on this site so i can abuse my mod powers get some more insight
Yes, but I'm considering taking other moderation actions on it, and would like to be able to do so without other users doing stuff as well :P
Actually, meh
CMM: This post appears to almost be a post. I'm considering voting to close as "lacks winning criteria". Also, it appears that all but one answer are closer to standard SE answers, rather than answers we expect. Thoughts?
4:36 AM
... why are half of the answerers and commenters non-existent, but the other half are fine
I have no idea
It isn't dissociation, as that shows "anon"
this has to be a migration no?
well ik the timeline doesn't say so
but i feel like it's more likely that the record is just missing or smth
Even weirder, is that one of the answers was deleted by "Shuo", but said user doesn't have an account here
4:38 AM
also that's weird - i lost 10 rep on japanese SE for serial voting, somehow. it's my only upvote there since i only have one post. ??
the earliest post migrated here was on feb. 6 2011 from SO, so we know the records go at least that far back
so this post wouldn't have been before they recorded that (if that ever was a thing, which I don't think it was)
@cairdcoinheringaahing Wait no, the timeline is confusing, Shou is OP
4:59 AM
the only lead I have after a discussion with another mod is that potentially all code-golf tagged questions on SO were mass-migrated here by a developer and so instead of following the standard migration path they were just forcibly chucked here and thus look like they originated here

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